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Minutes of the 303
By the grace of God
Conducted Sunday, May 18, 2008
at the parish of St. Joseph, in an!i""e, #ennsy"!ania
in St. $u%ert&s $a"",
may the saints a"'ays intercede for us.
OPENING PRAYERS( )ed %y *r. +eary at 2(03pm.
SPIRITUAL READING( ,he )egion $and%oo-, Chapter 20 ./,he )egion System 0n!aria%"e12.
MINUTES: )ast month3s Minutes 'ere read %y the Secretary, Br. 4ed. 5fter certain corrections, upon a motion
du"y seconded the Curia !oted to appro!e the minutes as corrected.
TREASURERS REPORT( Sr. 6!onne de"i!ered the ,reasurer&s 7eport for the period since the "ast meeting.
#re!ious Ba"ance( 829.91
,ota" 0ncome( 88:.00
,ota" ;<penses( 88:.00
#resent Ba"ance( 829.91
Sr. 6!onne noted that the B"ooms%urg *air *und no' tota"s 8930, 'hich inc"udes 8:00 donated %y the $arris%urg
Comitium. ,he fee for the space at the fair is 8=:1, and is due in June. >pon a motion du"y seconded, the Curia
!oted to appro!e the report.
CORRESPONDENCE: Br. 4ed read e<cerpts from the minutes of the Senatus 5pri" meeting, and Sr.
6!onne read e<cerpts from the March Conci"ium %u""etin.
ANNUAL REPORTS( Sr. Mary Bur-"and de"i!ered the report of $eart of Mary praesidium of St. Joseph
parish in an!i""e, for the period from 4o!em%er 200? to 5pri" 2008. ,he praesidium has : acti!e mem%ers of
'hom none are praetorians, and 8= au<i"iary mem%ers of 'hom one is an ad@utorian. .Copy attached.2
Comments( Sr. 5nn noted that she and Sr. 6!onne !isited $eart of Mary on 5pri" 28, that the meeting
room 'as perfect"y arranged, and that the meeting fo""o'ed a"" the )egion reAuirements. Br. 4ed noted that 'hen a
praesidium ma-es its report, a copy of the report shou"d %e gi!en to each of the Curia officers at the %eginning of
the Curia meeting.
CATENA LEGIONIS( Mem%ers stood to recite the Catena at 2(=? #M "ed %y *r. +eary.
ALLOCUTIO %y *r. +eary on the $and%oo- reading. 0n this age of po"itica" correctness, our society is im%ued 'ith
the idea that 'e shou"d ma-e things easy, that 'e shou"d /go 'ith the f"o'1 B Auite contrary to the reading today.
*ather noted that o%edience is a %"essing and a !irtue. Stic- 'ith the structure 'i"" -eep us on the straight and
narro'. Being faithfu" in sma"" things, %eing patient 'ith the structure and fo""o'ing it carefu""y is a sign of "oya"ty,
faithfu"ness and o%edience. ,his is a-in to the faithfu"ness to the ru%rics of the Mass. *or e<amp"e, Cardina" Cee"er
of Ba"timore insisted on the 'ashing of the hands 'here that had %een omitted %y some priests.
*ather noted that he 'i"" %e gone for se!era" 'ee-s, from ear"y June to 5ugust, for a )atin c"ass. $e 'i"" %e %ac- in
time for the 5ugust Curia meeting.
ATTENDANCE: Based on the attendance signDup sheets circu"ated during this meeting, attached, fi!e of
fi!e praesidia 'ere present, represented %y 12 of 18 officers, a"ong 'ith 10 guests. ,here 'ere = officers of the
Curia presentE Br. on 'as e<cused.
Prayer List: ,he prayer "ist 'as circu"ated and 'i"" %e gi!en to the Carme"ites.
Recriti!": Br. 4ed as-ed a"" present to raise hands to sho' any indi!idua" recruiting effort since the "ast
meeting, and t'o of the t'enty "egionaries present raised a hand.
E#te!si$!: ,here 'as no report.
B%$$&s'r" Fair: Sr. 5nn reported on the 5pri" 28 meeting 'ith *r. +eary regarding the fair. ,hose present
se"ected !arious pamph"ets as appropriate for distri%ution at the fair. Sr. 5nn 'i"" send a "etter to the Comitium
reAuesting their commitment to staff the %ooth for specific days. Sr. 6!onne has contacted *ortney #rinting to order
copies of /,he +ho"e ,ruth1, and 'i"" a"so order /#i""ar of *ire1 from Catho"ic 5ns'ers. Srs. 5nn, 6!onne, and 5"-a
'i"" %e going to the 6or- *air on Monday, Septem%er F to !o"unteer and to %ring %ac- o%ser!ations to impro!e our
efforts at the B"ooms%urg *air. Sr. 5nn noted to a"" that the Septem%er Curia meeting fa""s on the first 'ee-end of
the fairE after a discussion, it 'as agreed to -eep that date for the meeting.
4e<t Meeting( Sr. 5nn reminded e!eryone that the ne<t meeting 'i"" %e he"d at St. Co"um%a&s parish.
CONCLUDING PRAYERS 'ere "ed %y *r. +eary, and the meeting ended at 3(0: #M.
7espectfu""y su%mitted( 5ppro!ed %y(
Br. 4ed Shanahan Sr. 5nn ;ustace
Secretary #resident