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An Effective & Safe Heavy Metals Detox
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How To Chelate <>
Posted on November 18, 2013
<>by Ian Solley
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How To Chelate
<>In order
to *chelate* (key-late) heavy metals you will need to decide upon which
chelation method is best suited to your needs. Professional medical
supervision is *strictly advised* and I do not endorse the taking of
heavy metal chelators without such supervision, or for the purposes of
clearing arterial plaque.
The word chelate comes from the Greek word claw and chelation therapy
is the process where heavy metal ions (molecules) are encircled and
bound to the chelating agent. The agent then mobilises the heavy metal
ions, transporting them through the bodies usual detoxification pathways
(liver, kidneys, gut) to be removed by excretion via the urine and stool.
You can establish whether you have heavy metals toxicity by taking a
hair, blood or urine test to check your heavy metals levels. Because
heavy metals may not always show up on a test results it is important to
first understand why this is.
Heavy metals typically become sequestered in the bodies lipid (fat)
cells. Particularly those cells of the brain, nervous system, liver,
kidneys, gall bladder, gut and soft tissue and are not always always
freely available to be picked up and tested for in the hair, blood or urine.
To get a truer understanding of your bodies full body burden of heavy
metals this following test will more likely guarantee that you don't get
negative results despite being toxic with heavy metals.
If you go on a low carbohydrate diet for 8 weeks you will burn off some
of the bodies fat cells, this then will release stored heavy metals into
the hair, blood and urine where they /can/ then be picked up and tested.
*How To Chelate Considerations*
*A) Type of Heavy Metals*
Whether you need to chelate for example, lead or mercury will
determine which method or product is better suited.
*B) Location*
The efficiency of heavy metal chelators to achieve intracellular (of the
cell) and extracellular (outside the cell) cleansing is important. To
/chelate heavy metals/ you are concerned with removing heavy metals from
two locations.
* Cell wall, where heavy metals become attached to receptor sites
knocking off the beneficial healthy metals (in the right amount)
like iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and manganese.
* Inside the cell, where heavy metals damage the mitochondria
(cellular energy production) and D.N.A.
* In the fluid (outside the cell wall) that contains amongst other
components: proteins, metabolites and ions.
*C) Speed / Dosage*
When you chelate you are also concerned with the pace with which this
process is carried out. This is because /chelating heavy metals/ at a
too higher rate in comparisons to your liver and kidneys ability to
remove toxins is detrimental to your health and can lead to kidney
damage or in extreme incorrect dosing, *fatality*.
I have heard stories where people have either *permanently damaged*
their kidneys and had terrible detox symptoms. (more likely if
intravenous (I.V.) methods have been employed at the wrong dosage.
I hear of I.V. challenge tests that administer as much as 3000mg of the
chelator over 6 hours, so they can then measure how much heavy metals
have been excreted in the urine. *I would consider this risky and far
too high. *
*WARNING:* Heavy metal chelation administered by I.V. that is
undertaken in a very short time frame minutes -*can lead to heart
failure and fatality due to decreases in blood calcium levels.*
I would advice */caution/* if you are very toxic, weak, have
sensitivities to medications and vitamins. If you do need to chelate
hold off and take supplements that will support the liver and kidneys
first. I would recommend taking lower levels of the chelator and to
chelate over a longer time frame rather than aggressive high dosing over
short periods of time.
*D) Half Life*
The time that it takes for the metal chelator to break down and be
eliminated from the body. If the product has a longer half life
subject to the chelators clathrating, claw like ability to remove more
heavy metals per time period there is a greater ability for heavy
metals that are now mobilised from there stores, to be removed before
they are re-released and re-absorbed (re-toxification) back into the
blood or tissue.
*E) Blood Brain Barrier*
Consideration needs to be given as to whether the chelator crosses the
blood brain barrier in order to pull toxic metals. The brain is made up
of approximately 60% lipid (fat), other major organs as well as those of
the hormonal system and nervous system are also rich in fats. Heavy
metals lipid soluble characteristics allow them to be stored in those
parts of the body.
*F) Amalgam Fillings*
Do *not* use synthetic chelators or cilantro (see below) with amalgam
fillings in place. Replace mercury amalgams with porcelain fillings
before you chelate.
Heavy Metal Detox Symptoms
can include but are not limited to:
* Extreme Lethargy
* Headaches / Dizzyness
* Tissue / Muscle / Joint aches
* Skin Irritation
* Bleeding Gums
* Loss of Appetite
* Stomach Upsets
* Nause / Vomiting
In such circumstances it is important to /*cease chelating heavy metals.
*/Increase the amount of water, chlorella, magnesium and vitamin C and
undertake coffee and butyrate enemas to relieve the liver. (Do NOT do
enemas until you have taken butyrate for 2 weeks Do NOT risk blocking
your biliary tree / bile ducts with sludge). Allow a suitable time for
the body to recover one week or more. It is not a race!
Methods / Products used to Chelate Heavy Metals
*Natural Chelation Methods*
1) *High Fats, Low Carb (H.F.L.C.), High Protein Diet*: This is a safe
and natural way to chelate heavy metals. The results take a longer time
to achieve. (I was still showing tiny amounts of the heavy metal lead
using the Best Machine computer diagnosis after two years).
The aim is to burn fat cells and dump toxins whilst eating a low carb,
high protein diet and to take extra fats (lipids) to help improve the
cell wall (membrane) integrity and functioning.
Repairing the cell membrane (wall) removes heavy metals that get
attached to the cell walls receptor sites. This enables better oxygen
absorption and nutrition and waste disposal at the cellular level. i.e.
allow the nutrients to get into the cells and allow waste out.
2) *Organic Chlorella*: Green single celled freshwater micro-algae
composed of proteins, that binds with metal toxins and transports them
out of the body. Increases the bodies glutathione output and repairs
detoxification pathways.
3) *Cilantro*: This is a herb capable of mobilizing mercury, cadmium,
lead and aluminum in both bones and the central nervous system. Can
remobilise more metal toxins than it can carry risking flooding of
toxins into the surrounding tissue as metal ions break free from the
4) *Wheatgrass*: Primarily composed of chlorophyll, wheatgrass is rich
in nutrients, vitamins and amino acids which bind to heavy metals and
help to chelate them out of the body,
5) *Pure Body Extra Strength*: These zeolite minerals suspended in
water work by the process of clathration forming an attachment to toxic
metals and chemicals with stable bonds. This prevents additional
reactions with tissues or organs as the heavy metals are eliminated from
the body. Research shows clinoptilolite zeolite selectively binds to
toxins including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, radioactive particles,
pesticides and volatile organic compounds, and this zeolite is granted
GRAS status by the FDA.
6) *Alpha Lipoic Acid*: This sulphur containing amino acid binds with
heavy metals such as copper, iron, mercury and cadmium. Being both water
and lipid (fat) soluble it has good bioavailability in the body. This
can be taken with synthetic or natural chelating agents.
*Synthetic Chelation Methods*
If you are going to chelate using synthetic chelators first consult with
a healthcare practitioner, especially if taking *prescription medicines*.
The following can be taken either as a suppository, orally or used in an
I.V. to be administered over a short time period.
The two products below (D.M.S.A. and D.M.P.S.) I have no experience with
as I was put off using them to chelate with by reading
*1) D.M.S.A. Dimercaptosuccinic Acid*
This is a sulfur-containing organic amino acid compound. In America it
is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (F.D.A.) for the
treatment of lead and mercury toxicity both in children and adults.
D.M.S.A. is a sulfur-containing compound that has the ability to bind
and remove heavy metals. It can be administered orally and as a
In a healthy body, there are natural sulfur-containing compounds which
perform remove heavy metals. They include N-acetyl-Cysteine (N.A.C.),
R-Lipoic Acid, A-Lipoic Acid, S-adenysl methionine (S.A.M.e), and
reduced glutathione (rG.S.H.).
Along with D.M.P.S these two chelators appear to deplete cysteine which
is an important amino acid precursor for the cells production of the
bodies own natural anti oxidant, glutathione. (Typically already at low
levels in toxic individuals).
*2) D.M.P.S. Dimercaptopropane Sulfonate*
This is an amino acid. In America this is *not* approved by the Food &
Drug Administration (F.D.A.). However in Germany due to it's safety
record it is sold over the counter. It is regarded as a more potent
agent in the removal of mercury. The potency I believe maybe a reason
for problems if the dose is incorrectly administered and too high.
If heavy metals are pulled at too fast a rate they can damage tissue.
As an analogy think of trying to push an orange through a hose pipe!
The orange being the heavy metal toxins and the hose pipe as your
bodies eliminative capacity.
Your kidneys and liver can only chelate (or process) so much toxin
removal. Any flood of toxins will result in the metals being
re-dumped between the liver and the bowel and not completely eliminated.
*3) E.D.T.A. Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid*
This is an amino acid. In America this is a Food & Drug Administration
(F.D.A.) unapproved drug due it seems mainly due to marketing claims.
It is more effective at removing heavier metals like lead and cadmium
than removing mercury where it is not as effective in breaking the bonds
formed between proteins and mercury. It will chelate in order of the
heaviest metal (in the atomic table) to the lightest.
It can be administered by I.V., orally and as a suppository. In
suppository form it is time released and at a gentler, lower dosage (up
to 2000mg) than those administered by I.V.'s. Generally regarded as the
safer of the synthetic chelators, in the past controversy has been
created due to incorrect dosages (I.V. administered) and fatalities.
*WARNING:* Synthetic Heavy Metals Chelators do carry risks. Please
*consult with your healthcare practitioner before undertaking Chelation
Therapy. Your Health is Your Own Responsibility*. I believe that it
is/far more sensible and safe/ to take a long term approach to chelation
therapy (6m to 1yr or longer) using /*low doses*/ rather than trying to
detox too fast in a short time frame using high dosages.
NOTE: The older you are the less efficient your kidneys will be and so
age, amongst other factors, must be taken into consideration when chelating.
As mentioned above misuse can result in *kidney damage*, a* sudden drop
in blood pressure*, *low calcium levels in the blood* and *heart
failure*, which could be *potentially fatal*. The problem is regarding
*safe dosage levels versus the time period the chelator is administered
over, which is why fast high dose I.V. chelation has caused rare
In case of uncertainty take a very small amount 100-200mg and wait for
a week for any side effects before taking anymore.
*When you Chelate side effects can include:*
1) Upset stomachs, fatigue, headaches, nausea and vomiting. At my
weakest taking EDTA caused extreme tiredness for 2 to 3 days after
taking it. The next day (EDTA was taken overnight) I would also suffer
from a mild upset stomach. These symptoms are to be expected. I
suffered no other side effects. I have no experience with DMSA or DMPS
but similar reactions are possible.
2) Synthetic chelators bind with healthy minerals (e.g. calcium,
manganese and zinc) and remove them so vitamin and liquid mineral
supplementation is essential whilst doing chelation therapy.
3) Kidney Failure. There is a risk of overworking the kidneys as they
filter minerals that are being pulled by the chelating agent causing
possible permanent damage. Typically when incorrectly administered at
too high a dose or without first testing kidney functioning.
4) Sudden drop in blood pressure causing dizziness or unconsciousness.
/For More Info Go To:/ /How To Detox Heavy Metals/

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