In the early 1900s, when the Tatas were laying the foundations for a nascent Steel Industry

in India, a sceptic British bureaucrat Sir Frederick Upcott, then Chairman, Railway Board of India said:
“Do you mean to say that the Tatas propose to make steel rails up to British specification? Why, I will undertake to eat every pound of rail they succeed in making…”

The then Chairman of Tata Sons, Sir Dorabji Tata retorted:
“If Sir Upcott were to carry out his undertaking, he would be left with
quite a bit of indigestion…”

Tata Steel acquires Corus – formerly British Steel and
once the Crowning Glory of British Industrialization

to the New millennium's New order of

Globalized suite of Major facilities

• Tata Steel's products include:
– – – – – – – hot and cold rolled coils and sheets galvanised sheets tubes, wire rods construction re-bars rings Bearings

• The products are targeted at automobiles, white goods, construction and infrastructure markets.

• In an effort to de-commoditize steel, the company has introduced brands like :
– Tata Wiron (wire rods for farming and fencing segment) – Tata Steelium (cold rolled steel for auto ancillaries and the general engineering segments) – Tata Shaktee (corrugated galvanized sheets for rural house builder segments) – Tata Tiscon (re-bars for individual house-builder semi-urban segment) – Tata Pipes (pipes for individual house builder and farming segments) – Tata Bearings (bearings for original equipment manufacturer and replacement market) – Tata Agrico (agricultural equipment for farming and construction segment).

Guiding Principle followed by Tata

Establishing a B2B Brand- Branding steel based on customer focus
• Establishing B2B brands encompasses creating trust, confidence and comfort for all partners in the buying process • Even commodities can be branded- This was successfully demonstrated by Tata Steel • Tata Steel successfully branded its products and moved to high value added products (through internal Marketing focused on customers).

Distribution Channels

Selling Channels– Dealer Sale – Consignment Sale – Direct Sale

Key Automative Customers:

Competitor Competition

Pricing of Tata Tiscon
• Billing – Rs. 29,000 pmt • This includes– Primary Freight – VAT – Handling Charge – Sales Promotion Discount – Onward Freight – Advertisement Expenses – Excise Tax

Types of Discounts given
• • • • • • Cash Discount Quantity Discount Special Discount Administration Annual Monthly Credit



MetalJunction is a unit of mjunction services ltd that focuses on streamlining the selling processes for steel manufacturers and allied industries by applying innovative selling strategies, buyer discovery processes and utilizing tools like eAuctions. Metaljunction is now the largest e-marketplace for steel in the world, having sold over 4 million tonnes of steel for its clients and currently selling at an average rate of 150,000 tonnes per month. The buyer community of 5400 plus buyers comprising traders, fabricators, re-rollers and end-users have placed their confidence on metaljunction because of the operational efficiency, transparency and equal access that the platform provides. Metaljunction's clients have experienced significant benefits on migrating to online selling. Immediately on migration, from their traditional sale process, to the metaljunction online process, their price realizations increased by up to 23%.

• India’s first organized steel retail store.
– To catalyse steel consumption in emerging mass markets of India – To build downstream retailing excitement for steel as a category

• A unique shopping experience • A one stop shop

Tata Steels 3C model for excellence

Retail Value Management
• Tata Steel has redefined steel retailing in the country through its RVM initiative. • Has brought order and discipline into the hitherto disorganized retail steel business.


Sales Management Training

Approach: Retail Management Control System
Segment Manager
Segment Sales Target




Review Marketing Department

Manager Retail

Territory Sales Target

Retail Manager Contact Plan Direct Sales input

Segment Mgr Monthly Segment Mgr Score Card Review Weekly Score Segment Mgr Card Daily Score Review Card Retail Mgr Monthly Review Score Card Retail Mgr Review Weekly Score Retail Mgr Card Daily Score Card Review Review Review Distributor Daily Score Card Distributor Weekly Score Card Distributor Monthly Score Card

Distributor Quarterly ROI Analysis


Distributor Sales Target

Distributor Coverage Target

Review DSM Monthly Score Card

DSM Target

Route plan


Retailer / Customer Sales Plan Contact Plan

DSM Daily Score Card

DSM Weekly Score Card

Market Intelligence Retail Mgr
Marketing Ride with Retail Mgr Ride with

Customer / Retail Card

“Tata Steel believes that the primary purpose of a business is to improve the quality of life of people. Tata Steel will volunteer its resources, to the extent it can reasonably afford, to sustain and improve a healthy and prosperous environment and to improve the quality of life of the people in the areas in which it operates.”

Each member of Tata Steel Parivar will be given a smart identity card, which would contain all relevant information about the family members and would help to track each displaced family The members of the displaced families would be tracked at regular intervals for a period of five years to ensure proper rehabilitation and improvement in the quality of their lives.

The team apart from ensuring that each member of the ‘Parivar’ receives its due compensation and Rehabilitation and Resettlement benefits, is focusing on following activities for ushering in a new sunshine to the lives of each member of Tata Steel Parivar

• •

Increase in income levels of the family
Improvement in their quality of life Strengthening the cultural fibre of the community

We could have just built a Steel Plant Instead , we built Tata Steel Parivar


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