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The Hunt
A Swords & Wizardry Quick-Play Adventure
A simple boar hunt in Mystwood sees the heroes go rom
hunters to prey!
"ou#ve agreed to $oin Sir %udrigg& a aradanian nobleman& as
his retinue on a boar hunt within Mystwood! 'he Mystwood
(unt is a yearly event held amongst the minor nobles and
merchant-lords o the region! 'he ob$ect o the hunt is to ell
the largest boar beore day#s end! 'he winner o the hunt
receives )** pieces o gold& with another )** to be divided
among his retinue!
Sir %udrigg has e+uipped you with boar spears ,-d.& /- i
used 0(1 and loaned you leet ooted steeds ,A2 3 4-05& 0
(61 to aid you in your trek through 7ldwood!
8n the chill o the early autumn morning you set o with Sir
%udrigg and the other noblemen& along with their respective
parties! towards the woods!
9nbeknownst to the players& Sir %udrigg hides a dreadul
secret! 9pon last year#s hunt& Sir %udrigg became separated
rom his retinue while chasing down a particularly large boar!
8n a small clearing in the woods the nobleman and boar
clashed! Sir %udrigg sustained near atal wounds at the end
o the huge boar#s tusks yet managed to escape back to his
keep! 9nortunately or Sir %udrigg the beast he aced within
the clearing in the woods was no mundane boar& but a
lycanthrop named 6erius! 6erius managed to inect %udrigg
with lycanthropy& turning the nobleman into a wereboar!
:ow& 6erius and %udrigg wish to use this year#s hunt to inect
more humans& thus increasing their numbers! With the
coming years& 6erius hopes to use the lycanthropic party-
members& noblemen& and merchant lords o the region& to
covertly take the area and establish it as a wereboar bastion!
6erius# plan calls or %udrigg to lead the players within a
clearing in the woods! 'here& 6erius and %udrigg will attack
the party& hoping to inect them with the Disease& thus
increasing their numbers!
'he aternoon drags on and still %udrigg and his party have
spotted no prey when all o a sudden the nobleman lets out a
cry o e;citement! Pointing westwards he urges his retinue to
ollow as he dashes madly through the trees! 8n a ew short
moments though& it will +uickly become apparent to the
players that the nobleman has greatly outdistanced them!
'rying to track the nobleman#s direction will at irst reveal a
westerly route yet soon enough apprehension sets in as the
players discover %udrigg#s steed& yet the nobleman is
nowhere to be ound! 'rekking urther westwards reveals
additional discarded ob$ects which belonged to the nobleman
,tabard& spears& chain shirt1! <ollowing these items will
eventually lead the players into a clearing at the center o
which they ind %udrigg#s clothing!
Suddenly& rom the encircling trees& two huge humanoid
boar-like creatures ,%udrigg and 6erius1 spring into the
clearing! 'he porcine monstrosities move to attack&
assaulting the party with their inective bite& hoping to inect
as many party members as they can beore retreating back
into the orest!
8 %udrigg and 6erius manage to seriously wound ,)*=/ o
each players# ma; (P1 most o the party& they will retreat
back into the orest and let the Disease run its course ,see
S&W p!)-1! 8 the inection is successul the >M may allow a
Cure Disease spell ,?rd level cleric spell1 to cure the
8 the players manage to slay the were-boars& they will be
surprised by the strange transormation that overcomes the
two large beasts! 9pon death both shed their @animal-like@
orms and assume their human appearances! Although one
o the shape-shiting beasts is unknown to the players
,6erius1& the second creature#s human orm reveals itsel to
be none other than Sir %udrigg!
Wereboars (Derius & Rudrigg): (6 )/0 A hp ?3B0)A A2
C4-)5A Atk - bite ,0d.1A Save -0A Move -0A 2DBEP .BC**EPA
SpecialF Dycanthropy!
Within %udrigg#s discarded items the players will ind a Potion
o (ealing ,cures -dG/- hit points o damage1& as well as a
magic boar spear ,/- to (it and damage1!
'hese two items may be ound wherever the >M wishes&
between the time the player ind %udrigg#s riderless horse up
until they happen upon his discarded clothes within the
Should the players think o checking %udrigg#s steed& they
may discover the ollowing itemA
Horseshoes of Speed: 'hese double a horseHs movement
rate! 9sable byF horses!
8 the players return to town and relate their adventure to the
proper authorities& they will still receive the )** gp they were
promised and will be entitled to keep %udrigg#s loaned