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In the Name of Tolerance

Isnt it funny that most who advocate tolerance are so intolerant? True, Donald Sterling may be
a racist and deserving of punishment. But, the truth of the matter is that the majority who
condemn him and are asking for his head on a platter are just as evil: some even bigger devils;
just in a different way. In fact, most Sterling haters are at war with God in the name of love and
From preachers to teachers, basketball legends, the NBA, presidents of companies and of our
country, and your average American (especially those under 30 who have been cursed by
parents who have refused to train their children from the Bible), all want to cast the first stone.
For many it is personal. Most are on the right side of the issue for all the wrong reasons. If not
for being minorities themselves, they would look in the other direction while twiddling their
thumbs. When was the last time that president Obama spoke out because of the desire to
protect Gods laws or decrees? When was the last time that Al Sharpton, Michael Jordan, Magic
Johnson, Charles Barkley, the NBA, the NFL, Michael Irving, Supreme Court Justices, the United
Church of Christ, Anglican Church, Lutheran Church, Jars of Clay (lead singer), Soledad OBrien
and others stood up for God to carry out His will and divine purpose? Just last week Supreme
Court Justice Sonya Sotomajor passionately defended Affirmative Action because it was
personal. I wonder if she has enough love, reverence and loyalty for God to rule based on His
commands, His sovereignty and to defend the intent of the constitution: that is to be, One
nation under God?
Yet, concerning something infinitely more serious, one of the most devastating threats to our
countrys well-being, prosperity, and survival; most of us are silent (especially minorities). The
sin of homosexuality like a deadly cancer is eating away the very soul of our nation. This issue is
not about one mans evil actions or comments, but about an entire nations transgressions!
And, for most of those who are vocal in favor of legalizing same sex marriage it is again
personal. This time advocates and sympathizers are on the wrong side of the fence for what
they claim are the right reasons. The devil has duped us into believing that a counterfeit
relationship, namely a homosexual union is not only okay, but designed and approved by our
Creator. Consequently, those who try to proclaim the scriptures and protect others from
cleverly devised fables are attacked with a barrage of intolerant schemes.
As a minority I agree that racism is wrong and a sin. But, so is murder, fornication, adultery,
homosexuality, (Notice if homosexuality was created and endorsed by God the scriptures would
just say fornication and adultery to cover all sexual sin. However, even if the word
homosexuality is not used the Creator still classifies male/male, female/female sexual
relationships as a distinct sin indicating that such unions are different and not legitimate in His
eyes.) coveting, reviling, stealing and other sins that many of our leaders who are trying to oust
Donald Sterling are still engaging in on a frequent basis. In truth, many of those involved only
want tolerance extended to them as it applies to their sins; and for the other iniquities that
they endorse. How the pot loves to call the kettle black!
Being evil or sinful is not just about what one says or does; but what one doesnt say or do
despite knowing that the truth is being hidden, suppressed or manipulated. So, the next time
youre trying to decide who the most evil person you know is, it might be the person you see in
the mirror.
A prophet of the Living God,
Daniel Delancy.

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