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The most bio-available

iron against anemia

About Ferrazone

Ferrazone is suitable for use in food and has been

recommended by the World Health Organization as the
only suitable iron supplement for the mass fortication
of high-phytate cereal ours and is recommended for
sugar, soy sauce and sh sauce. Ferrazone has already
been used in large scale food fortication initiatives in
Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.
Ferrazone has ofcially been approved for use in food
by the JECFA, the FDA and the EFSA.
Ferrazone is manufactured at AkzoNobels plant in
Herkenbosch, the Netherlands. This production facility
is certied according to the quality assurance systems
HACCP and FSSC22000. Ferrazone is also certied for
use in Kosher and Halal food.
Ferrazone is manufactured according to the specications
as outlined in the monographs for food-grade ferric
sodium EDTA by FCC 8th version and the JECFA.
There are three grades available
Grade Application

Food, beverages & supplements


XF Wheat and maize our


BP Pharmaceuticals
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How to combat anemia?
Iron deciency anemia is one of the major health issues
globally affecting as many as 2 billion people worldwide.
In general, iron deciency anemia causes a loss of physical
endurance due to reduced levels of hemoglobin and tissue
iron. During pregnancy, iron deciency anemia is associ-
ated with increased risk of maternal mortality. Iron de-
ciency in infancy and childhood is associated with signi-
cant loss of cognitive abilities and decreased resistance to
Iron requirements
Iron deciency is commonly associated with developing
countries, but even in developed countries a high percent-
age of adult women have iron intakes below the recom-
mended daily allowance. The source of iron in food that
is absorbed best by the human body is heme-iron present
in red meat. With all other forms of iron, indicated as
non-heme iron as present in grains and vegetables, the
level of absorption is much lower. Hence in case of low
meat consumption e.g. vegetarians, but also billions of
people in developing countries to-date, this implies a risk
of iron deciency anemia.
Food fortication
The most efcient way of preventing and treating iron
deciency anemia is through the fortication of food
products with a form of iron that is readily absorbed by
the body. AkzoNobels Ferric Sodium EDTA, Ferrazone,
has been demonstrated to be both safe and effective in
reducing iron deciency, even in inhibitory diets lacking
bioavailable iron.
3 Completely water soluble 3 No metallic taste
3 No teeth staining 3 No digestive effects
3 Virtually inert to almost all other food ingredients 3 High bioavailability
Food products
Ferrazone can be used in many food
products, but it is primarily used to
fortify foods that are stored in dry
form such as powdered beverages,
candy bars and our. Examples of
our-derived products are bread,
biscuits and instant noodles.
Colored drinks
Colored drinks and condiments, such
as cola or soy sauce, and functional
foods like fortied cereals or sport
drinks are also good targets for iron
Ferrazone can also be used in iron
containing food supplements under
various forms (like syrups, sprays,
tablets and powder sachets)
This iron works
The main advantages of Ferrazone for food fortication
Application examples Ferrazone