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Berde Rating Systems in the Philippines (alternative classes January 23, 2014)

This review is all about the ratings or the number of green buildings and how does it
affect the environment of our country and the whole world. The said alternative class where
preceded by Arch. Paolo Manalansan (FEU-IARFA Faculty) followed by Arch. Rowena C.
Ramos, UAP, CBP.
Green buildings refers to sustainable, economical and self-sustaining structures that
compromises the need of the future. On the first part of the lecture, Architect Paolo Manalansan
discussed some highlights that reflect on our countrys response to the gradual climate change.
He discussed the use of green roofing, heat acquisition from concrete, metal roofs and others.
Added to this, some of the main cause of climate change and the impact of climate change in the
Philippines are also discussed. Water scarcity, Sea level rise, coastal flooding, Coral reef
bleaching and Health are some of the examples that are affected by the climate change.
Architect Paolo also gave facts on how to combat climate change in the Philippines and
this will be thru sustainable developments and buildings and houses must be more
environmentally conscious. Charts such as paradigms about design and construction's decision.
The old Design construction paradigm consist of cost, schedule, quality that really make a
structure more functional and worthy. While the new design construction paradigm has cost,
schedule, human health, quality, ecology which is more precise and process oriented for a certain
There are also key value drivers for GREEN BUILDINGS such as the commercial real
estate that consist of occupancy rate, operating cost, tenant retention, tenant satisfaction, asset
value and shareholder value.
After Architect Paolos discussion, it was followed by the next topic which is about
GREEN BUILDING RATING SYSTEMS in the whole world and some of the names are
B.E.R.D.E., that stands for Building for Ecology Responsive Design Excellence is the system
that promotes green buildings here in the Philippines.
The B.E.R.D.E. lecture was discussed by Architect Rowena C. Ramos, UAP, and CBP of
the Ecotektonika, Inc. according to the lecture a rating system measures the performance of a
green building. It is also used to measure, verify and monitor the environmental performance of
buildings that exceeds existing mandatory regulations and standards.
There are so many facts that a green building must have. All of these, green buildings do
really big help in combatting the so called climate change. Theyre simply amazing because
climate change is not constant, so as the study. They improve more and study more which is not
that easy to impose. Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength
that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains
of nature -- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring
Far Eastern University
Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts


Alternative Class Review

Nardo, Martin Luther E.
AR0952/Prof. Ma. Theresa Vibar