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Exercise planning instructions to the organising agency

Dear ____________________________

The requirements for organising a P-FiM exercise are:

One person within an agency based in the area of the proposed exercise to work as
organiser. The organisers role is to engage 24 participants to conduct field work;
organise a venue; disburse allowances (it may help to have a second person
responsible for this); mobilise communities; arrange transport to and from the field
and; arrange refreshments for field work. They should be respected, trusted, speak
the language, know the area, the agencies operating locally, and the people, well.

1. One venue close to the programme area booked for 5 full days for training (e.g.
Sunday through to Friday), de-briefing and presentations after field work. Daily
Lunch and 2 coffee / tea breaks (except on the mornings of field work) should
be provided for.

3 Participants should be people who live and work locally. For example staff or
volunteers of partner agencies, NGOs, local government, community members,
Red Cross / Crescent, UN, business staff. Not all have to have an association
with a particular programme or project. They must speak the local language/s;
understand the culture; speak and write the national language to a reasonable
level; be trusted and respected locally. They should be able to relate well to
people. There should be a good gender balance and different age ranges among

4 Participants will normally travel to and from the venue from their homes.
Accommodation is not normally required for most participants unless as an
exception to those commuting longer distances.

5 5 full days consisting of 2 days training; 1 morning for field work; 1 half day to
work on field work findings and; 1 day for group presentations of results.

6 Vehicles to transport participants to communities on the morning of day 3 and
day 5. The number of vehicles required will depend on the number of
participants, distances to selected community groups and routing. These will be
decided on the morning of the first training day. The organiser needs to be
present on the morning of the first training day when community groups and
locations are agreed by participants. After this the organiser begins mobilising
community groups and organising transport. Transport can include agency
vehicles, hired transport or by foot if communities are close by. The organiser
should be present again at the end of day 2 and day 4 to inform participants on
arrangements for the following days.

Yours sincerely,

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