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9605 NE 24

Street Clyde Hill, Washington 98004
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Variance #514

Derek & Kellie Yurosek
1615 90
Ave NE

General Information:
Property purchased by Yuroseks in March 2013
Daylight basement two-story home built in 1958, with excellent views to the west.
13,799 square foot lot.
Standard rectangular lot with the front yard on 90
Ave NE.
There are no known existing variances on the lot.

Staff Report - Variance #514
6/27/2013 Page | 2

Project Description & Comments:
The owners wish to remove the existing garage and build a new one, put a small addition in the
rear and remodel the interior of the home. The value of the project exceeds the substantial
remodel threshold of $421,000. In order for the building permit to be granted, they must bring
the property into compliance with current zoning codes per CHMC 17.60.030.
The existing northern corner of the home encroaches into the side yard setback by 7.5 feet.
The existing garage also encroaches into both the north side yard and the east front yard setbacks;
however, the proposed changes would eliminate this structure and both encroachments. The new
garage will comply with current zoning code.
Staff Report - Variance #514
6/27/2013 Page | 3

Variance Analysis:
CHMC Section 17.16.050 requires a 10-foot side yard setback for lots larger than 10,000 square
feet but smaller than 15,000 square feet.
Variance Request: For an existing triangular portion of the home to encroach 7.5 feet into the
north side yard setback.

Criteria #1 17.72.030 A (No Special Privilege)
The applicant wishes to remodel the interior, demolish the existing garage and rebuild a new
garage: these are permitted uses in the R-1 zoning district.
Criteria #2 17.72.030 B (Extraordinary Situation)
The existing structure creates an extraordinary situation. To correct the non-conformities would
require removing portions of the foundation and roof which would be detrimental to the
structural integrity and function of the existing structure. Discontinuing the eave and shape of
the gabled end wall could be considered unsightly.
The lot has 90 feet of frontage on 90
Ave NE, less than the currently required 100 feet of
frontage on a right-of-way.
All new construction would comply with current code requirements.
Staff Report - Variance #514
6/27/2013 Page | 4

Criteria #3 17.72.030 C (Not Detrimental)
It does not appear that the granting of this variance to continue the use of an existing non-
conformity will create any view conflicts, as the structure already exists.
The granting of the variance does not appear to be offensive to any of the neighbors as the
non-conformities already exist.

Meeting Notice:
The following notice was mailed to all properties within 300 feet of the subject property, was
displayed on a sign board in front of the property, was posted on the website and posted in the
Kiosk in front of City Hall.

Staff Report - Variance #514
6/27/2013 Page | 5

Mailing List:
Parcels within 300 feet of 1615 90
Avenue NE
List extracted from King County Assessor on 6/19/2013
Notices mailed by the Deputy City Clerk, on: 7/3/2013
Rec Parcel Address Homeowner
1 1652000010 1709 89TH PL NE Peter & Ayleene Main
2 1652000020 1725 89TH PL NE ES Kleiner
3 1652000030 1735 89TH PL NE John Vachal
4 1652000040 1745 89TH PL NE Rick & Brooklyn Snowden
5 1652000050 1746 89TH PL NE Ellen Huff
6 1652000060 1736 89TH PL NE Roger & Patricia Zundel
7 1652000070 1728 89TH PL NE Satya & Anu Nadella
8 1652000080 8900 NE 16TH ST RV Valluzzo
9 1652000100 8909 NE 16TH ST Robert & Leslie Haeger
10 5461300100 1816 90TH AVE NE Robert & Marian Webb
11 5461300110 1815 90TH PL NE Josh Beloff & Eva Corets
12 5461300120 1845 90TH PL NE Bruce Ries
13 5461300140 8875 NE 19TH ST Fred Maxam, Trustee
14 5461300150 8818 NE 19TH ST William Hay
15 7490000010 1525 90TH PL NE
Thomas & Sandra Goodenow
8901 NE 34
Yarrow Point, WA 98004
16 7490000070 1526 90TH PL NE Hans & Irina Mauritzen
17 9323800025 9006 NE 17TH ST David & Eileen Stempel
18 9323800030 1735 90TH AVE NE Marnix & Elisabeth Bosch
19 9323800035 1717 90TH AVE NE Ivan & Christina Mendoza
20 9323800040 1701 90TH AVE NE Liang Guanghua & Wang Yachao
21 9323800045 1615 90TH AVE NE Derek & Kellie Yurosek
22 9323800050 1601 90TH AVE NE Robert Aigner
23 9323800055 1715 91ST AVE NE Jung & Hyon Chang
24 9323800060 1713 91ST AVE NE
Hilltop MRV LLC
1505 90
Place NE
Clyde Hill, WA 98004
25 9323800065 1605 91ST AVE NE
Robert & Barbara Bridge
PO Box 1864
Bellevue, WA 98009
26 9323800070 9007 NE 17TH ST Alireza Saber & Esmat Mostofi
27 9323800075 1624 90TH AVE NE Huaying Sun & Jie Ying
28 9323800080 9002 NE 16TH ST Kenneth & Dorothy McGowan
29 9323800110 9037 NE 16TH ST Saman Azodi & Azar Dehkordi
30 9323800115 9029 NE 16TH ST Charles Orrestad
31 9323800120 9017 NE 16TH ST Robert & Sharon Coyle
32 9323800125 9001 NE 16TH ST Nancy Bradley

Staff Report - Variance #514
6/27/2013 Page | 6

Newspaper Notice:
The following Legal Advertisement was published in the Seattle Times on: 7/5/2013
The Clyde Hill Board of Adjustment will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, 7/18/2013 at 7:00pm at City Hall,
9605 NE 24th Street, to consider Variance #514 for 1615 90
Avenue NE; the owners are Derek & Kellie
Yurosek. In conjunction with a substantial remodel, a variance is requested to CHMC 17.16.050 to permit the
continued use of a structure that encroaches up to 7.5 feet into the north side yard setback. All new
construction will comply with current zoning code. This hearing will be open to the public and public
testimony will be permitted. Written comments will be accepted at City Hall up until the time of the hearing. A
copy of the application, all documents and evidence relied upon by the applicant and applicable criteria are
available for inspection or copying at the cost of the requestor. A copy of the staff report will be available for
inspection at no cost at least seven days prior to the hearing and copies will be provided at the requestors
cost. If you have any questions about this application, please contact Teri Tupper, Deputy City Clerk, at