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Game System - Story Mode
The left image above shows the game screen in Story Mode, where charac-
ter interaction events take place throughout the game. The name of the character
currently speaking will appear on the lower left side of the screen, and the transla-
tion for their text will show in the attached text box. At various times, you will be
presented with choices which will affect the progression of the game story. Note
that you may have to select the same option multiple times for the story to progress.
On-screen menu buttons are, from left to right, Exit (exits the game), Title (returns
to the title screen), Opt. (displays the option menu), Log (shows the conversation to
this point), Skip (displays text at the fastest possible speed), Auto (a hands free
mode), Load (displays the load game screen) and Save (displays the save screen).
The right image above shows the games world map, including the town
of Lake Blue and its surrounding wilderness. Navigate the map
by clicking on the point of interest you wish to explore, including
the town shops, inn, and tavern, as well as any dungeons youve
discovered. Entering a shop will offer the option to buy and sell
items associated with the shop type (weapons and armor, or consumable items) via
the shop menu displayed at right.
Game System - Adventure Mode
Upon choosing to enter a dungeon from the world map the game
switches to Adventure Mode, in which you must explore the environment, fight
monsters, claim treasure and solve puzzles to defeat the dungeon bosses and
uncover the secrets behind the bandit incursion of Lake Blue. Game terrain
is presented in a 3D first-person perspective map, which can be navigated by
using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the on-screen movement buttons.
While exploring, in addition to the story mode menu buttons there are
five Adventure Mode commands accessible on the lower right. When a monster
appears (either via random encounter or as a floor boss) and combat mode is
engaged, a different set of combat menu options becomes available:
The left group of icons above is present on the standard Adventure
Mode screen, while the right group appears when combat is engaged. From left
to right, the icons call up the following menus or actions:
Important informationPlease Read
This computer game contains artistic, fictional portrayals of sexually explicit
material. You must be 18 or 21 years of age or older to play this game and/or view
the images inside. No character engaged in any sexually explicit event is intended to
be portrayed as being under 18 years of age, and no actual or identifiable minor was
used during the process of creating the artwork or characters portrayed in this game.
This computer game presents artistic accounts of sexual relationships designed
solely for adult fantasy entertainment. Further, it asserts that sex is an important
aspect of adult relationships. This game contains anime-style, artistic portrayals of
sexual interactions and fantasies using various fictional settings and events, and
is intended to be enjoyed only by mature, adult individuals. Please note, however,
that the completely fictional sexual relationships portrayed by this game's artwork
do not always exhibit safe sex practices. This game is a fantasy that is completely
separate from reality, and should be viewed as such by mature adults only.
This game is copyright 2010 ZyX and G-Collections, all rights reserved.
G-Collections needs your support if were to bring you great English-translated
dating-sim games in the future. Software piracy is the #1 barrier keeping us from
making these fantastic games available to you, and we ask that you support us so
we can help to make this unique genre of entertainment available to more and more
fans. If you see our games being pirated, please let us know via e-mail, and use
frown power to let the individuals know that doing harm to the fledgeling English
dating-sim market by stealing games is not okay with you. Thank you.
To install Lightning Warrior Raidy II, insert the
install DVD into your computer. The installer should start
automatically, but if it doesnt, open the volume via My Com-
puter and click the Setup icon. Follow the instructions in the
installer, placing the game DVD in the drive when prompted.
The first time you run the game you will be prompted to input
your Software Defender activation code (printed at right). An internet connection is
required at the time of sctivation, but not again. For more information, see http://
Game Play
Launch the game by selecting it in the Win-
dows Start menu. The main menu options are Start
(starts a new game), Continue (loads a saved game),
Extras (view game CGs, listen to game music, replay
favorite scenes - not accessible until game is won),
Options (change game options), and Quit.
To play, choose the Start option. You take
the role of Raidy, a swordfighter wandering the
continent of Els in search of the secret of her past and
of the mysterious power she wields over lightning.
As the game opens Raidy finds herself in the oasis
town of Lake Blue, hoping to relax from her earlier
adventures. But when a gang of slave-trading bandits
attempts to kidnap the towns beautiful innkeeper,
Raidy must spring into action! Can you wield her
combination of sword, sex, and sorcery to uncover the sinster slavers plot and save
the continents beautiful girls from captivity?
The Options menu, seen at right, governs the parameters of text and audio
display as experienced throughout the games Story Mode (detailed below):

Adventure Commands
Map Display, shows or hides the on-screen dungeon minimap
Equipment Screen, allows you to view and change your equipped gear
Use Item, allows you to choose and drink potions
Events Menu, allows you to view the quest items youve found
Status Menu, allows you to see Raidys current condition (see below)
Combat Actions
Attack command, attacks with the currently equipped weapon(s)
Defend command, forfeits action for a turn to raise defense
Use Item, allows a single item to be used per turn
Flee command, attempts to escape the current combat
Thunder Slash, charge lightning power or release it in an explosive burst
In Adventure Mode, Raidys status is always
summarized in the upper left of the screen. Details
of her status are available in the Status Menu,
which lists the character name, current level, Hit
Points (current/maximum), Mental Points (current/
maximum), Conditions (includes Normal, Poisoned, and Paralyzed), AP (attack
accuracy) and DMG (attack damage rating) of both the right and left-handed
weapon (if applicable), DEF (defensive rating), PP (attack speed), EXP (cur-
rent experience/to next level), and currently equipped gear.
Gameplay Tips
Save early, save often! As Raidy advances, the dangers posed by dungeon
denizens and the very walls of the dungeon itself become increasingly deadly.
Carry a healthy supply of potions. Theyre the only way to heal from dam-
age and poison attacks when out in the field. When your health is low, consider a
night at the inn as a cheap alternative to regain lost health.
Boss monsters require special strategies to defeat, and may be invulner-
able until you learn their weaknesses. Remember though: for our protagonist Raidy,
rewards come from both wins and losses.
When all else fails, gain levels! A few stat increases can make the differ-
ence between a nearly impossible encounter and one you can easily handle.

For additional help, including level maps and strategy advice, the Dat-
ing Sims support at is available to answer your questions.
Thanks for supporting Japans amazing dating-sim games, and enjoy!
Game Activation Code
The activation code for this game is printed below: