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Ive always found the theatre an enticing space; the heat of the spotlight, the

lump in the back of the throat caused by the possibility of a world created on top
of an empty floor. The space in which an actor can become another entity or
change the world all in the drum of a heartbeat, is like no other.

When I was thirteen I was cast as my first lead role. I played Seaweed, an
American teenager, in my high schools production of Hairspray. Although the
role isnt something I could perform professionally for ethnicity reasons I
enjoyed the opportunity to explore a character that I ordinarily wouldnt get the
opportunity to. It was that week when I heard the roar of the crowd every night
that I realised the stage is where I belong.

Growing up in Norwich, I have had the opportunity to indulge myself in a range
of theatre and art related activities. My love for theatre sparked in high school
where I was able to appear in numerous musicals and plays both backstage and
on stage. This was also the first chance I had to showcase my writing and
directing talents with two pantomimes that I produced as part of an on going
charity project. Both shows were an enormous success and enabled a group of us
to travel to Kenya and continue the communitys charity work. This experience
of a different culture has helped me to grow with an open mind and to have a
positive outlook on life.

During the last few years I have also formed two theatre groups that have
showcased local talent and given those who wish to an opportunity to express
their individual talents and their ability to come together and create art. One of
my companies, Pure Magic Theatre has brought three of my creations to the
stage and we have another production in progress for the Edinburgh Fringe in
2014. The second company, Shoestring Productions is a new venture aiming to
bring unknown musical theatre to the community. We currently have plans for a
concert to showcase our talent and a production of the American musical
Ordinary Days.

Art is also a huge part of my personal identity. I studied Fine Art at GCSE and
Fine Art, Art Textiles and Graphic Communications at Sixth form. I have always
found that my main two areas of interest tie in perfectly and have been able to
create work in both disciplines to compliment my other subject and to further
improve it. I have found my abilities in Graphic Communications to be
particularly useful; as it has enabled me to create effective brands for
productions I am involved with, particularly in the case of posters and

This year I have appeared in a wide range of musical theatre productions - most
notably Sweeney Todd at Norwich Theatre Royal, The Wedding Singer at
Norwich Playhouse and the Norfolk premier of RENT also at Norwich Playhouse.
Performing in a large range of roles and production styles has given me the
chance to experience everything the industry has to offer.

A level drama has also given me the chance to perform in plays that I ordinarily
wouldnt have had the opportunity to appear in. This year I have played
Sprenger in Vinegar Tom and Gregor Samsa in Metamorphosis. These roles have
been particularly challenging because they both include an incredible amount of
physical theatre and require a high level of fitness and flexibility, which is
something I have particularly focused on this year.

I want to do my BA in musical theatre because I feel that this is the best way for
me to pursue a career and continue my training in the theatre. I have a definite
drive and passion for my subjects and am determined to develop a career in the
industry which I hope will lead on to directing or teaching in a higher education


Hairspray Seaweed
Michael Jackson: Is This It? Michael, Director, Producer, Deviser and Designer
We Will Rock You Galileo
Grease Kenickie
Cinderella Shanequa, Drusilla, Director, Producer, Author and Designer
We Will Rock You Killer Queen, Director, Producer and Designer
Peter Pan Captain Hooker, Director, Producer, Author and Designer
Sweeney Todd Ensemble and Understudy Vocal Captain
The Wedding Singer George
Rent Ensemble, Set Dresser, Graphic Design and Understudy Angel
Alice in Wonderland March Hare
The Pied Piper The Pied Piper
Top of the World Darren, Author, Designer and Director
A Thousand Tiny Plays AJ and Co-Director


Much Ado About Nothing Leonato, Co-Director
Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa, Director and Designer
Vinegar Tom Sprenger, Co-Designer and Co-Director


Jekyll and Hyde Stage crew, Norwich Theatre Royal
Grease Stage crew, Norwich Theatre Royal
National Ballet of Spain Stage crew, Norwich Theatre Royal
Ali Baba Lighting Design
Alice in Wonderland Costume Design
Go for Gold Lighting Design