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No. 69 May—June 2014
Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor
how it basically was like Hayward did the silent ver-
sion all over again, in the same stagey dramatic style.
Quite bizarre, considering the quality of filmmaking
that already existed at that point from America and
Great Britain. And to think he was editing that when he
accidentally set some nitrate film stock alight in the
Avondale Town Hall cinema in 1939 and set it alight!
The 1940 movie looked like it was specially rushed out
in time for the centennial celebrations.

Next meeting of the
Avondale-Waterview Historical Society:

Saturday, 7 June 2014, 2.00 pm
At St Ninians, St Georges Road, Avondale
Whau Local Board Guest Speakers
Contact Alison Turner, 825-0300, if you have any
suggestions for our Guest Speakers schedule for the
new year.
Next speaker in June: Tony Goodwin, on his life in
Waterview and Avondale
The Board’s review of previously researched sites in
the area is now with Auckland Council. The Board
have also approved a project for interpretive signs at
Tait Park (pending since two years ago), Riversdale
Reserve, Arthur Currey Reserve in New Windsor, and
Saunders Reserve beside the Whau River.
NZ Federation Conference and AGM,
Te Awamutu April 2014
My thanks to the AWHS for helping to pay for my ac-
commodation at Te Awamutu and the conference regis-
tration. It was, by and large, a successful conference.
The business was carried out in the Waipa District
Council’s chamber — an excellent room with circular
table for carrying on discussions and deliberating over
matters such as the Federation’s change of name (to
become New Zealand History Federation), and matters
regarding IT requirements for museums and databases.

Those who went on the bus tour of the Waikato War
sites reported that they had a wonderful time, with ex-
cellent commentary from Robin Astridge. In the coun-
cil chamber itself, and the foyer, displays were put up
featuring the First World War/Anzac theme and reflect-
ing on Royal Tours past (considering the Tour was hap-
pening close by in Cambridge, most apt).

After dinner, the day ended with a showing of Rudall
Hayward’s 1940 “The Last Stand”, a remake with
sound of his silent movie “Rewi’s Last Stand”. I can’t
say the movie has aged well at all — I was struck by
The times are a’changing
In recent news, the property at Avondale Road formerly
owned by the late AWHS member Kurt Brehmer is
being sold as this newsletter is going to print. This
property was the last remnant of the total site of Hay-
ward Wrights nursery on Rosebank.

Also, Robert Bruce Connell has passed away on 2 May
2014, aged 91, one of the last of the Rosebank market

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