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Grade 10 Science Name:

1. Magnetism is one of the forces which can act at a distance producing non-contact forces.
Two other forces which can act in this way are and
. Magnets have a South Pole and a
Pole. Magnets create a magnetic around them in which the field lines run
from to . In a strong magnetic field the
field lines are together. A compass points in the of
the field. The earths magnetic field suggests that its iron core ehaves li!e a giant magnet with
a Magnetic pole close to the "orth #eographic pole.
(field, gravitatinal frce!, electrical frce!, Nrt", Nrt", S#t", S#t", cl!e, directin$
$. %hen a wire carries an electric current it generates a magnetic field around itself.
&a' (ne of the conventions we use in diagrams is a circle to show a wire in cross-section. State
whether the current is coming out up out of the page or down into the page in these two
&' "ame the rule you use to find the magnetic field direction produced y a current.

&c' )raw the magnetic fields generated y the indicated flow of current in the following wires.
&d' )educe the direction of the current in the wires elow &from the given magnetic fields' and
indicate this on the diagrams.

*. The coils shown in the diagram are wound around a soft
iron core. The current direction is indicated y the arrows.
&a' %rite an " or an S in the end of each electromagnet
core to indicate its polarity when the current flows.
&' Suggest two ways that the strength of the electromagnets
could e increased.

+. A current passes through the wire
in the direction A to ,. )raw an
arrow on the diagram to show the
force on the wire
-. A single length of wire in the coil of an electric motor is shown in cross-section elow and the
magnetic field from the magnets is shown as cutting through the wire from left to right.
&a' )raw a laelled arrow on the aove diagram showing the direction of the force acting on
the wire.
&' If the length of the wire is ../ cm and the strength of the magnetic field is /./0 T1 calculate
the force on the wire produced y a current of *./A. 2se the e3uation 4 5 ,I6.

Magnetic field lines