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Case Study Unscrupulous Programmer, Francisco Totti who is a friend of mine spends all his free

time writing computer programs that interact with the Windows operating system. Recently, he
informed me that during the mid year break he had written malware that randomly delete files and
displays weird messages the day before New Year Celebration Day (December 31) at exactly 1.00
For this improper or inappropriate task that Totti planned should be impede before (as soon as
possible) he launch the program. This is very dangerous program that will incriminate millions of
user that are using the internet at that time, and of course that will effect millions user as we know
people nowadays are connecting their life all over internet. Internet is the most necessity in humans
- probably. It also defines as the symbol of connecting people, earning money online shopping,
education or gaining knowledge online tuition / tutorial, and sharing information easily.
To prevent Totti from continuing all the things that he has planned, we must arrange and follow any
suitable and proper methods / steps to be taken. But firstly, let me explain more deeper about the
unscrupulous programmer. As we can see it is a crime. For a professional programmer, he / she must
has already informed and understood the rules in becoming a programmer the should and should
not do list. There are several steps the unscrupulous programmers will do. Firstly, they will create a
virus program that erases all files as it happens by hidden the virus in a word processing document
and attach the document to an e-mail message. Secondly, they will send the e-mail message to
thousands of users around the world and surely these users do not recognize the name of the
sender of the e-mail message. For those who do not open the e-mail message or for some users who
are instead immediately delete the e-mail message and continue using their computers, these users
computers will be not infected with the virus that is sent by the unscrupulous programmer. But it is
become worse if some users open the attachment and their computers will become infected with
the virus or malware. It usually happens on users who not know on using internet pretty well or it
might be happens by the kids interrupted kids are learning and understanding pretty fast and can
adapt information well. In this global era, mostly kids around age three years old they can using
internet on computer or tablet or cell phone efficiently.
The answer for the question of whether or not it should be inform to Totti when there is no earning
of profit that will be involve or gain in the crime is it should be. It should be tell to him because he
surely aimed a great profit on this program works and this might disappointed him if it isnt
successful. So I think it is the right way and as might as well to avoid any unexpected physical and
mental conditions for him. As we know, many computer security risks has been gotten. A computer
security risk is any event or action that could cause a loss or damage to computer hardware,
software, data, or information. Some breaches to computer security are accidental, but some are
planned. There are some of the more common computer security risks which are computer viruses,
unauthorized access and use of computer systems, hardware theft and software theft, information
theft and information privacy, and system failure. A secure system should be hard for unauthorized
person to break into such as the value of the work necessary for an unauthorized person to break in
should exceed the value of the protected data. This can be done by increasing attacker workload and
the risks of detection are critical elements computer security. So that, system security is define as
the on going and redundant implementation of protections for the confidentiality and integrity of
information and system resources, therefore, an unauthorized user has to spend an unacceptable
amount of time or money or absorb too much risk in order to defeat it; with the ultimate goal that
the system can be trusted with sensitive information. There are many cyber crime that happen in all
countries around the world such as theft of telecommunication services, communications in
furtherance of criminal conspiracies, telecommunications piracy, dissemination of offensive
materials, electronic money laundering and tax evasion, electronic vandalism, terrorism and
extortion, sales and investment fraud, illegal interception of telecommunications, and electronic
funds transfer fraud.
So for starting the actions that must be taken to a friend, Totti; is giving him an advice on the
possibilities that he will face onwards - it may affect his carrier too. Makes him remember how hard
he had been through to achieve that programmer title as his carrier, and also his source of income to
live. It will even affect his life! Tell him to open all notes or refresh of what he had learnt on
becoming a good, faithful programmer. I am sure there is also a certificate of willingness to take this
huge responsibility and Totti should not easily terminate or ignore or forget the swear that he has
kept. Furthermore, warn him that the program that he has planned will be telling to his parents,
friends, and in the worst is to the police. He must be feels a bit afraid. So then, he will rethink
whether he should keep going the planning or just stops. Giving him some time to think on his
doings is an appropriate and manner ways on respecting a friend. And of course we love our friends,
we could not stand seeing our friend in prison by his own crazy or unnecessary works. We can still
save our friends.
And, if Francisco Totti still does not listen to what I have explained to safe him, to not make him
regrets for his own doings; I will tell to his parents. It is because parents is the among of closer
persons for human beings. When his parents know, he might rethink again and again. What will
happen if he get arrested? Mom will get sad. As a man in his family, he wants the best for his parents
giving them a comfortable place to stay, food, and other necessary things that will complete his
parents need. The dean of students may be one of group person that helpful to change Tottis
thinking. They will tell any circumstances that may affect to him, good one and bad one either. Of
course we can see many bad sides rather than good sides. It is obviously a crime. It involved many
people and just imagine how people will react when they get the malware. Maybe for Totti, he was
not think this further. For some people who are having great authority or important task that must
be done on that day or must be send on that day, that time; and it affect their carrier. So what
should we think about this? Totti has just makes them losing their jobs, their carrier, their main
income or might just the only income to them to live; they has just lost life! It is so hard for me,
myself to report all Totti, my friend on his wrongdoings to the police. It must have true proofs to
make them believe what I say and tell. So it quite hard by just saying. Well said. A large software
company offers a hefty reward of RM 250, 000 for turning in unscrupulous programmer. This
information is so not me to get into. It does attracts people with money but not for me. If I would be
choose between report it to the police or this company, I would rather choose reporting him to the
police. I do not think and not agree with the use of money to get an unscrupulous programmer, it
wont solve the problem. It is more to bribe. But I think this is the need for people nowadays, they
tend to do anything that will give costs, no futile, and no regrets. And I cant fully put a blame to the
manager of this type of company. It depends on situation and forces. This company may feel
burdens and challenges for them by get an attack or surprise like that, might as well affect it
business reputations. But, if we look into at the other side the good side, what does it makes the
company offers such things, money like that? They might need that person - that unscrupulous
As the Internet becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives, we must all learn how to
defend against new types of online attacks. While viruses remain a threat, todays hackers
commonly use vicious multi-layered attacks, such as a worm in a chat message that displays a link to
a web page infected with a Trojan horse. Worms have been found that tunnel though programs,
uncovering new vulnerabilities and reporting them back to hackers. The hackers then quickly
assemble malware (malicious software) from pre-made components, exploiting the vulnerability
before the majority of people can download a fix. To make it in better understanding, better using in
internet, many suggestions can be develop on how can users safeguards against these various
internet and network attack while in use. There are basic rules that will be useful, helpful to
protect our computer whenever we go online. Firstly, use a strong security software and always
keep it updated. For example, McAfee Total Protection provides proven PC protection from Trojans,
hackers and spyware. Its technologies work together to combat todays advanced multi-faceted
attacks. Secondly, use a security conscious Internet Service Provider (ISP) that implements strong
anti-spam and anti-phishing procedures. Thirdly, enable automatic Windows updates or download
Microsoft updates regularly. This is to keep operating system patched against known vulnerabilities.
Fourthly, use great caution when opening attachments by configure anti-virus software to
automatically scan all email and instant message attachments. Fifthly, be careful when using P2P file
sharing because Trojans hide within file-sharing programs and waiting to be downloaded. Sixthly,
use security precautions for PDA, cell phones, and Wi-Fi devices. Seventhly, configure instant
messaging application correctly. Eighthly, beware of spam-based phishing schemes. Make sure do
not clicks on links in e-mails or IM. Ninthly, back up files regularly and store the backups somewhere
besides computer. Lastly, stay aware of current virus news by checking sites like McAfee Labs Threat
To be conclude, this activity should not and must not be carry out by such any programmers.
Programming as an intellectual activity is the only art form that allows to create interactive art. We
can create projects that other people can play with, and we can talk to them indirectly. No other art
form is quite this interactive. Movies flow to the audience in one direction. Paintings do not move.
Code goes both ways. Programming as a profession is only moderately interesting. It can be a good
job, but we could make about the same money and be happier running a fast food joint. We are
much better off using code as our secret weapon in another profession. People who can code in the
world of technology companies are a dime a dozen and get no respect. People who can code in
biology, medicine, government, sociology, physics, history, and mathematics are respected and can
do amazing things to advance those disciplines. There is a quoted as saying by Albert Einstein,
there's two ways you can live your life as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle.
The matrix we live in can be challenging as everywhere around us theres oodles of reasons why to
be invested in the drama? It seems everybody else is doing it. The world of physicality is so alluring
with its tantalisations and temptations. We should know society has really perfected the art of
pulling us into illusionary entertainment , but what if we resist that?

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