MEETING IN PORTUGAL from 15th to 19th January 2014


Şeyma Günsel ÇELEN
1. At the meeting I learnt the importance of our nature and natural sources, how to be a useful person
for our world.
2. I was good at communicating with the other people coming from other countries.
3. I appreciated most; our first day in Portugal, teachers’ taking us to a thematic farm which was really
a good and funny experience for us.
4. I will improve my recycling actions and my English to communicate better with people.

1. At the meeting I learnt to make presentations. I learnt how to express myself. I had a chance to
make a presentation in a different language.
2. I was good at communicating with my host family, my friends' host families and Portuguese
students at Colegio Guadalupe.
3. I appreciated the farewell party. I was happy about the warm welcome from students.
4. I will improve my vocabulary in English.

1. At the meeting I learnt other countries' problems about environment and I learnt Portugal's
geographical location and their education system and their precautions against these problems. I learnt
Portugal's culture and historical places.
2. I was good at friendship with other students and I taught our culture to the other students and we
communicated with other students.
3. I appreciated this project because Portuguese people are charitable,sincere and friendly. All host
families are charitable,hospitable,friendly,sincere and perceptive.
4. I will improve to speak English very well and I will improve our friendship with all the students in
Comenius project. I will contiune friendship with my host family.
1. At the meeting, I learnt to respect other cultures, beliefs and religions. I also had information about
Portugal History.
2. I was good at communicating with other students and adapting to another culture and its meals.
3. I appreciated my host family, their hospitality, and hosting teacher because they did a lot of things
to please.
4. I will improve my pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in English.





1. At the meeting I learnt to understand English, and to speak a little with the others.
2. I was good at watching TV with my host family, laughing with everyone, eating
chocolate walking, listening to each other and dancing, singing « in my corner » (with
3. I appreciated everyone, they (students, teachers, host family) were very friendly,
sweet and full of attention to each other. I also loved many landscapes, cities,
beaches. The houses were great and I always dream to drive on this great bridge It
was great ! I really loved the farewell party at the end of the stay, I had a lot of fun,
everyone had fun on the dance floor, it was an unforgettable evening.
4. I will improve my English, my shyness, my confidence. Because all the other countries
are comfortable with English. This is their 2nd language, and I think if we really want
to have an excellent work one day we really need to improve in this language.
I am very pleased to have been able to make this trip. I'm glad I have met these wonderful
people. I want them to know that I will never forget them !

Ingrid and Gwenaëlle (Palacio da Pena, Sintra) Ingrid and Gwenaelle and Turkish students (Cabo Da Roca)

At the meeting I learnt that I was in a city of 10 000 people and over 2 million in Lisboa. The
capital city is really great. People in Portugal speak Portuguese, English and a little French.
Before, the Portuguese speak French a lot. And I also learnt that the Portuguese adore
cinnamon !
I appreciated the visits in Lisboa, the Palace (Palacio Da Pena) and eating at the
restaurant with the people of other countries. Lisboa is beautiful at night, there are
plenty of lights throughout the city.
I will improve my English because everywhere I went, everyone speaks English and
sometimes I didn't understand and that prevented me from communicating.
Gwenaelle, Ingrid and their teacher at With the other students at Colegio
the organic farm Guadalupe

Student 1 :

At the meeting I learnt how people live in other countries and how they recycle and
how they care about the environment.
1. I was good at watching a football match at Luz stadium with my partners.
2. I appreciated how to work at an ecological farmand the visit to Da Pena´s
castle. I will improve my English and my knowledge about the environment and the
global warming.

Student 2

1. At the meeting I learnt that we should arouse with the environment because
it is an important thing to have a good fututre.
3. I was good at visiting Lisbon with our Portuguese friends.
4. I appreciated the very great treatment which I received from my host family
and the incredible views in the Cabo di Caparica.
5. I will improve my English, I learned a bit of Portugues and to become more

Student 3

1 At the meeting I learnt how people live in other countries and how they recycle and
how they care about the environment.
2 I was good at watching a football match at Luz stadium with my partners.
3I appreciated how to work at an ecological farmand the visit to Da Pena´s castle.
4 I will improve my English and my knowledge about the environment and the global

Student 4:

1. At the meeting I learnt to save the environment, I learnt to cultivate,about animals
and ecological camping.
2. I was good at to awareness the people about the environment.
3. I appreciated the work of students and teachers who make possible these trips
4.I will improve in activities such as energy saving, recycling...


1. At the meeting the students learnt more about Portugal, especially the Lisbon area, the way
ecology and sustainability are addressed elsewhere in Europe, the Portuguese way of life,
school system , saw some good presentations and got the basis for the future meetings.
2. They were good at eating, drinking, dancing, communicating in English,interacting with
people in foreign languages, acquiring useful information…
3. They appreciated the given opportunity to co-operate in this project, to meet new people
and travel the world, a warm welcome and really nice families, the Portuguese hosts'
hospitality, the readiness of the Portuguese students to aid us in whatever we requested …
4. They will improve their level of English language and the way to contact other people .

Student 1 : Jeppe
1. At the meeting I learnt some new cultures and things about other countries.
2. It was good because i learned new things and new people, and saw a new country.
3. I appreciatedThat all the people was so nice and helpful.
4. I I would love to know more about the program, because the one we got was the teachers
Student 2 :
1. At the meeting I learnt about new cultures.
2. I was good at enjoying all the good experiences I’ve had on this trip.
3. I appreciated the kindness from all the participants and from the host families.
4. I will improve my presentation about Green Skills for a Global Change.

Student 3 : - Anna
1. At the meeting I learnt a lot about other cultures, and how other students at my age
have fun.
2. I was good at making new friends.
3. I appreciated my host family's hospitality and that I got the opportunity to meet
students from other countries.
4. I will improve my presentation skills about Green Skills for a Global Change.

Student 4 :
At the meeting
I've learned some new cultures to learn and learned how different we are.

It was really cool because I've got a lot of new friends and got some new experiences for
I was very over asket over how friendly and helpful they were.

I would love to know more about the program, because the one we got was the teachers

Green skills for Global Change
Participate in this project to get students was a great experience I could live with numerous people of
different languages, cultures and custumes and learned a lot, especially with the student I've had in
my house. It was fantastic and an experience to repeat!
Maria Inês Santos 10ºC

From my personal point of view, this project was fantastic. It was amazing how all the students from
foreign countries were able to adapt and socialize with each other. Everybody made lots of friends and
we got along very well.
The teachers in our school were very nice and welcoming, allowing the foreign students to attend
classes together with the Portuguese students.
I’m sure that everyone had a lot of fun, made a great number of friends and learned very much
about Portugal and Planet Earth’s ecological situation.
Miguel Nunes Nº16 10ºA

Those five days were amazing for me! We all had the opportunity to share stories ,moments,
cultures and also make new friends! Everybody was nice and helpful. This was an experience
that I will never forget.

Beatriz Almeida 10ºC

Between the 15th and the 19th of January of 2014, twenty students from Colégio Guadalupe received
in their homes students from six European countries (France, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark,
Slovenia and Turkey), under the Comenius project. It was a very positive experience because we had
the opportunity of visiting an ecological farm, walking in the city of Lisbon and sharing our culture and
our way of life with the foreign visitors. I hope to participate in more activities related to this project in
the future.
Vítor Leitão 10º B

Comenius helped me improve my English, and furthermore i gained experience and learned so
much more about other cultures, so i think the only thing left to sai is that i am thankful for this
opportunity. Thank you Comenius.
João Silva 10ºA

It was a very nice experience hosting Berkê, I enjoyed a lot, and I understood the very
diferences beetwen our cultures.
Rodrigo Matias 10º C

Comenius project really helped me improving my English, meet new people and expect more of
the EU projects. I'm totally thankful to my school for let me be part of this amazing project.
Want to say a big "thanks" to everyone that made this come true.
Francisco Cruz 10ºA

I really enjoyed my time with Ingrid and Barbara. They were really nice, and kind.
I would like to meet them again.
Gaspar Teixeira 10ºB

Hello! I really like to be with people from other countries and cultures so I really enjoyed to
receive Gwen and I would like to be with with her again..
Caetana Serra 10ºB

Having students at my house was really great , we had a great time together and we got along
very well , we played games , went out and also had a city tour in Lisbon and that was a really
nice time I just hope to have more students in my house.
António Almeida 10ºA

I really enjoyed to meet Jasmijn and the other foreign people, because I like to speak english.
I had the opportunity to practise my english and to learn somethings about other cultures. I
would like to be with that foreign people again and repeat all the experience.
Joana Marouca 10ºB

The ability to take part of a project like this was amazing. The exchanged student was named Justin
Kloese, while staying with me, he always said that Portugal was a different place and liked all of the
sightseeing that we did with the school and with our one day with the families, while here he
experienced a new culture as well as I did, I learned knowledge that I didn’t even knew. So overall, this
opportunity was one of the best for both of us, and a fun experience as well.
Tiago Filipe 10ºC


Students: Jasmijn Brouwer, Justin Kloese, Thomas Fuhler, Deli Issa.
1.At the meeting we learnt: At the meeting we learned that there are a lot of different
cultures in Europe and the Dutch culture could learn something from other cultures. We’ve
also learnt that the Netherlands is quite boring for us now and that we want to go back to
Portugal. But the most important thing is that we learned that we should be open to people
and get to know them, because you might not like them on first glance, but if you really get
to know them they are not so bad after all.

2.We were good at: talking to people, normally it's really difficult to make new friends, lay
contact with strangers. But everyone was really open and wanted to talk, and so we did. We
tried to talk to as many people as we could and we made many new friends, we're really
happy with all the new friends, we're actually still in touch with them since we returned and
hopefully that won't change quickly! Now we have friends that live all over the world.
Hopefully we'll see them sometime again. We wish we could say we were good at talking
Portugese but sadly we've only learnt a few words, more next time!

3. We appreciated: We appreciated their hospitality. They were very nice and always asked
us to feel home. We got a lot of nice food as well. Everything was nicely coordinated,
everything was done by schedule. Also when we went to a birthday dinner they paid for us,
because they took us there. They also took us to other things. Thomas went for example to a
Benfica game and Justin went to Cristo Rei, which is a big statue of Christ.

4. We will improve: Our behaviour to people who we don’t know, these 5 days really helped
us to make new friends which some of us usually aren’t not very good at. So this experience
helped us to improve our confidence. We learned that we shouldn’t be afraid to talk with
people we’ve never met. Because if you are nice to them they will also be nice to you.
We want to improve our ability to dare more, because of this experience we want to do
more such things as exchanges, because not only is it a nice opportunity to make new
friends, it’s also interesting to learn about the cultures of all the different countries.
Another thing we want to improve is our knowledge about other cultures, it was great to be
with so many people with different cultures. Especially to stay with a family with such a
different culture, it was really interesting. It made us want to improve our knowledge of
foreign cultures, especially the Portuguese culture.

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