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o r g
The Episcopal Church of the Nativity 22405 North Miller Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85054 480.307.9216
New Sunday Service Schedule Begins May 25
Thanks to all of you who completed worship service surveys last month! It is clear from the survey results that most
of our people want to worship between 9 and 11 a.m. on Sundays. It’s hard work to fit two worship services, plus
Sunday school, into the time frame people prefer, but we believe we have found an excellent solution.
Beginning Sunday, May 25, our worship schedule will be:
9:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite II with Children’s Chapel and Music
10:00 a.m. Hospitality for Both Services
10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite II with Music
The two worship services will be similar in style, with traditional Anglican music, and we will include gospel music
from time to time, as we are now doing at 9:30. Article continues on page 4.
Mother's Day
On Mother's Day (May 11th)
the Children will be having a
special event during
education hour: Muffins with
Moms! All mothers and
mother figures will receive a
muffin from a child in the
parish. As you leave the 9:30
service, please have a seat at
the round tables and a child
will come to take your
muffin preference and then
bring it back to you on a
napkin. For those who attend
the 11:30 service, please join
us at approximately 10:45 to
have your muffin!
Presiding Bishop to Visit Nativity
Please mark your calendar to worship with us on Sunday, June
8, at 9:00 and 10:30, as Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts
Schori and Arizona Bishop Kirk Smith make an official
visitation to Nativity! It is a huge honor for us to host the
Presiding Bishop, especially on the major festival of
Pentecost. Come and meet her and hear her preach! We will
also be confirming fifteen people that day, both youth and
adults. Come and support your fellow parishioners in this step
of faith! A reception will be held between the services and
after the 10:30 service.
End of the Year Celebration!
The Sunday School Year will be ending on May 18th and we
will be having a grand celebration honoring the children and
youth of the parish as well as the dedicated leaders who
show them what God's love is like week after week! Please
join us at the 9:30 service where each child will be
recognized by name and given a small gift. This small
exercise makes a big impact on the children as their name is
flashed on the overhead and we want every child to
experience it if possible!

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Nativity Schedule
Take a moment to wish a
Happy Birthday To:
Nativity Staff
The. Rev. Susan B. Snook
The Rev. Dr.Wayne V. Whitney
Pastoral Associate
Dr. Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler
Director of Music Ministry
IlonaKubiaczyk-Adler @TheNativity.net
Shelley Byrnes
Director of Christian Formation
Susan Weidhaas
Mina Rafferty
Parish Administrator
Nativity’s Vestry
Senior Warden: David Bolger
480-945-3810 David@DJBolger.com
Junior Warden: Mark Miller
480-368-5530 msmiller@value.net
Treasurer Kara Erickson
480 518- 2683 theazericksons@hotmail.com
Tricia Beaird 480-699-7893 pbeaird@cox.net
Suzanne Cohen 480-586-6625 Secohenjd@yahoo.com
Jennie Dobbins 602-770-0513 jenniedobbins@gmail.com
George Hartz 480-513-3155 gehartz@yahoo.com
Kris Haugen 480-515-4803 kris.haugen@cox.net
Jane Heist 480-419-1229 Ljh0cpa@hotmail.com
Cotty Peabody 480-588-8328 Epeabody@earthlink.net
Lani Sambach 602-793-2808 wasjrra@cox.net
8:00 a.m. Rite I Eucharist
9:30 a.m. Rite II Traditional Eucharist
with Children’s Chapel
10:45 a.m. Hospitality and Christian
Education for all ages
11:30 a.m. Jazz/Gospel Eucharist
5:00 p.m. Youth Group, Grades 6-12
Sunday Schedule Beginning May 25
9:00 a.m. Traditional Worship
With Children’s Chapel
10:00 a.m. Hospitality
10:30 a.m. Traditional Worship
Hannah Smith 5/1
Katie Call 5/1
Warren Sambach 5/2
Dick Gillons 5/3
Drew Dunbar 5/8
Shelley Byrnes 5/8
Christine Appenzellar 5/11
Jennie Dobbins 5/13
Debra Bills 5/14
Michael Mettler 5/14
Chloe Hedden 5/16
Kathy Graf 5/18
Alexander Clarke 5/19
Elinor Foran 5/20
Bob Christopher 5/21
Jason Francis 5/21
David Deppen 5/22
Ben Gildersleeve 5/25
22405 N. Miller Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
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One of the more
exciting things I see
happening at Nativity is
the flourishing of our
partnerships with other
congregations. I get so
much out of these
relationships, which
deepen our understanding
of people who are different
from us, give us great opportunities to help others in
need, and help us grow in our faith.
At the last Diocesan Convention, our bishop,
Kirk Smith, challenged every congregation to come up
with several partnerships – another congregation in the
diocese, a congregation in another diocese, and a
congregation in another country. We already had all these
partnerships in place – plus one more! Here’s a highlight
of some of the terrific things Nativity is involved in that
you may not know about:
Iglesia Santa Maria Phoenix. Our sister
congregation in our own diocese is this new Spanish-
speaking church plant in west Phoenix. Santa Maria is a
new Episcopal congregation led by my friend The Rev.
Canon Carmen Guerrero. The church meets at St. Mary’s
Episcopal Church, an older English-speaking
congregation. Santa Maria is growing fast, with many
children and youth, and diverse and active ministries.
Nativity members help out with their monthly food bank
that aids their members and their neighborhood. Coming
soon, we will be leading English classes for Santa Maria
adults. And a delegation of Santa Maria members will be
with us at our 10:30 service on June 8, as the Presiding
Bishop comes to preach. If you’re interested in ministry
with Santa Maria, please contact Don Balint at *add
contact email and phone number.
St. Mary’s of the Moonlight Navajoland. The
Worthington family has for several years led our ministry
with St. Mary’s, including mission trips to fix up the
church building and members’ homes, collection of gift
and clothing items, and a return visit from St. Mary’s
members to teach us about Navajo culture. We have had
a big impact on that church, enabling it to stay open by
making major repairs. For more information, contact Bill
and Barbara Worthington at *email and phone number.
Santa Maria Magdalena Veracruz. This
Episcopal church plant in the poorest neighborhood of
Veracruz has great ministries with the children of the
community, providing education, food, medical care,
vocational training, and school uniforms to help the
children get a start in life. With education and job
training, they can stay home in Mexico and make a living.
We have raised funds and sent mission trips to Veracruz
to help build a new community center and to provide
operational money for this great mission. For
information, contact Claire Smith at *email and phone.
Or Chadash Synagogue. I get so much out of
this evolving partnership with our sister synagogue!
Every time we worship or study together, I learn a lot
about both the Jewish and Christian faiths – and one of
my favorite things is our growing friendship with
members of the synagogue. Don’t miss our Wednesday
night discussion series during May, as we discuss
religious relationship in the Holy Land – Wednesday,
May 7 at 7:30 p.m., and May 14 at 7:00 p.m. at Nativity.
Our faith and ministry at Nativity is strengthened
by each one of these partnerships! I hope you will join
me in getting involved and learning how you can be part
of these growing relationships.
In Christ,
A not e f r om Pas t or Sus an
Page 3
Transforming lives with the love of God in Jesus Christ
Thanks to all who made Holy Week and Easter so beautiful!
We had a week of amazing and lovely worship. Thanks to our choir, musicians, children’s and youth leaders, altar
guild, ushers, altar servers, and too many others to count! You all made it a very special worship experience for all of
us. Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 4 Information and Updates
!"#$%#&'( *+", -./' 0
!"# %&!'() %*+"'&,"- ./0120345
When fall programs begin in September, the schedule will look like this:
9:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite II with Children’s Chapel, Choir, and Traditional Music
10:00 a.m. Hospitality for Both Services
10:15 – 11:00 Sunday School and Adult Education
10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite II with Sunday School, Choir,and Traditional Music
11:30 Second Adult Education Offering
11:30 – 1:30 Youth Group (Grades 6-12)
For Children. Note that there will be an option for children at both services, which will provide more flexibility for
families. For those who attend both Children’s Chapel and Sunday School, they can still do so: these families can
attend church (with Children’s Chapel) at 9:00 and Sunday school/adult education at 10:15. For those children who
attend either Children’s Chapel or Sunday school, but not both, they may choose between the services. (Families with
children older than second grade will find their Christian education options increasing, because the 10:30 service will
include Sunday school for these children, who are too old for Children’s Chapel.) Sunday school students will either
join the 10:30 service in progress at the Peace, or will go home if their families have already attended the 9:00 service.
For Youth. Youth Group will be moving from Sunday evening to Sunday afternoon from 11:45 to 1:45, by vote of the
youth and their parents. This will help families who do not want to drive back and forth to the church twice in one
For Adults. There will be two education options beginning in the fall: one from 10:15 to 11:30 for those who
attended the 9:00 service, and one from 11:45 to 12:30 for those who attended the 10:30 service. Pastor Susan and Dr.
Wayne will trade off leading adult education.
We are really excited about the new schedule and all the options it offers! We hope you will be too!
Partnering with Jesus
Every day that passes brings with it another opportunity to reach out
and to share. I was struck by a question I heard recently. “Do you
know that you have two families?” The one you hold dear at home,
your related family, and the one you chose - your church. That really
was a completion of a thought to me. What do I call this place, these
people that week after week and month after month, give me comfort
and spiritual support. Well, you call them family.
That brings me to the title of this message, “Partnering with Jesus”.
As a part of Nativity, each of us has today’s obligations and
tomorrow’s. But how many of us have really stopped to think of our
obligation to “Partner with Jesus” long term? Has it become a part of
out estate planning, our long range plans? If not, stop for a while and
think what a profound good you can do to in Nativity Church with
your estate and trust planning.
Please think about, “Partnering with Jesus”. Please think about this
church family’s mission to “Transform lives through the love of Jesus
Christ.” In the weeks to come you’ll hear more about the opportunity
to build the partnership and to make a difference that will really
Mark Dobbins
Senior Warden Emeritus
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Wayne’s World                page 5
Once while visiting New York City I
won tickets to see The Late Show with
David Letterman by knowing how this
David Letterman quote ends, "There is
no off position on ___________?" The
answer is "the genius switch." As a
priest I am committed to offering a
weekly opportunities for, not only
Worship, but also Bible Study. A good
Dr. Wayne quote would be, "There's no
off-season when it comes to Bible Study." With the end of
the church's program year coming upon us in May we look
toward what WILL be available to foster your continued
growth and development in Christ. To this end I offer you
Bible Study Wednesday: "John, the Maverick Gospel."
This 7-week study of John's Gospel will commence May
21 and conclude July 2. After that, there will be a whole
other study on another topic of interest that runs from July
16 through September 3. These Bible Study opportunities
will be the sum total of Nativity's Summertime Bible Study
available for Adults as Sunday Morning's Power Bible
Study goes on hiatus till September. The Bible Study
Wednesday topic of John will look at the distinctive
theological motifs peculiar to the 4th Gospel. John's
reputation as a "Maverick Gospel" will be considered when
we notice that Jesus seems to visit Jerusalem multiple
times throughout his ministry while Matthew, Mark and
Luke only tell us of only one, the last one. Preregistration
for the class is requested because there will be a study
book "John, the Maverick Gospel (third edition)" by
Robert Kysar to accompany the class sessions. On the
registration form please indicate if you want Dr. Wayne to
reserve a book for you or if you will buy it on your own.
Join Dr. Wayne for this growth and learning opportunity in
the Music Classroom on Wednesday Nights from 6:30 to
7:15 beginning May 21. Come at 6:00 for an Evening
Prayer service that will further enrich your walk with
Christ this Summer. Remember there is no off-season
when it comes to Bible Study and growing in Christ.
Pax et Lux,
Dr. Wayne
John, the Maverick Gospel
Bible Study Wednesdays
on the Fourth Gospel
with Dr. Wayne
7 Wednesday Nights beginning May 21
6:30 - 7:15 p.m.
Concluding on July 2
Yes, Count me in!
My name is ______________________
My email is ______________________
Circle either (1.) OR (2.) below
(1.) Please reserve me a copy of
Robert Kysar’s “John, the Maverick Gospel” (3
and I’ll pay Dr. Wayne the $18
(2.) Don’t bother, I’ll get my own copy of
Robert Kysar’s, “John, the Maverick Gospel (3
Please let Dr. Wayne know if you will be needing child care
Don’t forget Evening Prayer featuring
Prayers for Healing in the Prayer Chapel at 6:00
Sunday Liturgical Ministers
Do you want to be an Acolyte, Crucifer, or
Chalice-bearer for Sunday Eucharist or maybe a
Reader of our Bible Lections or even the one who
offers our Prayers of the People, an usher, greeter,
or projector operator? Send Dr. Wayne an email at
waynewhitney@thenativity.net stating what you
would like to do as well as any questions you
might have. Serving as a Liturgical Ministry
volunteer is a great way to be of service to God
and God's people.
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
The choir is taking their well-deserved
summer break in the end of May, and
thus May is always a month of
reflection on the last season in the
music ministry. On May 18th we will
recognize all those who took active
part in bringing beautiful music to our
Starting with the Adult Choir, the core
of the music ministry at Nativity, the
2013/2014 season was their most challenging and most
exciting so far. They performed a wide variety of anthems:
from such gospel classics as "Praise His Holy Name" and
"True Light" by K. Hampton, through such masterpieces
of classical choral music like: J.S. Bach/Gounod's "Ave
Maria", "Sanctus" and "In Paradisum" from Faure's
Requiem, "Ubi Caritas" by Maurice Duruflé, "Agnus Dei”
from C. Saint-Saëns' Requiem, "God so loved the world”
by J.Stainer, W.A. Mozart's “Ave Verum”, and finally G.F.
Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus from "Messiah". They
worked very hard to learn this music and progressed
immensely. I will continue to challenge them and explore
the vast choral repertoire in September!
The exceptional talent of our leading soprano Suzanne
Rovani shined in the following pieces from the high end
classical repertoire: "Pie Jesu" from Faure's Requiem, "Bist
du bei mir", Aria “Et exultavit” from Magnificat, Aria
“Erbarme dich, mein Gott, um meiner Zähren Willen!”
from St. Matthew Passion by one of the greatest composers
of all times (and one of the hardest to perform), Johann
Sebastian Bach. She also performed all the solos, arias and
recitatives in many of the choir anthems, hymns and choir
The Choir accompanied by guest musicians delivered a few
successful concerts: Veteran's concert in November with a
variety of music styles, which honored those who fought
for our freedom; Christmas concert in December with our
favorite music of the year; and dramatic and monumental
musical rendition of Christ's Passion "Olivet to Calvary"
with excerpts from oratorios by J.H. Maunder and J.
Stainer in April. All the choir concerts were created in a
close collaboration with our very talented parishioner Joyce
Ditzler, who is not only a skilled musician, but also a great
The Adult Choir members this season: Kazue Balint,
Brenda Burke, Cindy Cohen, Mary Dexter, Joyce Ditzler,
Mark Dobbins, Jeff Jameson, Mark Miller, Martha Miller,
Polly Miller, Lynda Orescanin, Jan Parisian, Suzanne
Rovani, Brenda Russell-Basso, Claire Smith and Steve
Smith, Destiny and Jeremy Spencer-Treinen.
I was also leading two children groups: Children Choir
which rehearsed on Wednesday evenings, and The Sunday
School Children Choir which rehearsed during the Sunday
School time. You had a chance to hear the angelic voices of
our very talented brother-sister duo, Jeremy and Destiny
Spencer-Treinen, singing "Do You Know Your Shepherd’s
Voice?” in the end of March, as well as the Sunday School
kids making a joyful noise a few times during the year.
Both groups combined for the last Easter Vigil and
performed the joyful "Sing, Sing, Sing" which was so
warmly received by you!
Some of our favorite guest musicians came back this year
to bring high quality instrumental music: volinist Dagmara
Suchon Hobbs, saxophonist Ryan Bledsoe, flautist Monica
Sauer Anthony, hurdy-gurdy and early instruments player
Stefan Dollak, the woodwind quartet. Alastair Longley-
Cook, Noah Simpson, and Julian Peterson were rocking at
all the jazz/gospel services. Our very special Nativity
treasure is Ann Phillips, who regularly plays the Native
American Flute during the Communion time at our 9.30
a.m. services. She took up the flute only a few years ago
and now she does not only play composed pieces, but also
improvises her own music on it. Way to go, Ann!
Now, there is one more piece of news: our dear leading
soprano, who we grew to love and appreciate so much,
Suzanne Rovani, is leaving for half a year to Chicago. She
is one of the best singers I had an opportunity to work with,
and thus this is a sad news for us. It is a wonderful step for
her, though. She decided to invest in her career and take up
lessons with a well-respected and internationally known
voice teacher who resides in Chicago. We all support her in
this thoughtful decision, although we will miss her terribly.
She promised she will be back with us in January 2015 and
stay until the end of the next season. Meanwhile we are
looking for a substitute singer to join our choir - I will keep
you posted about the outcome of our search. Her last
Sunday will be May 18th, so please take time to wish her
all the best on her leave and thank her for the wonderful
music she brought to us.
We are constantly looking for new choir members, so if
you are interested in joining our exciting, energetic and
always progressing group, please contact me at
ilonakubiaczyk-adler@thenativity.net, or simply talk to me
after one of the services.
Dr. Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Updat es and Oppor t uni t i es Page 7
Many thanks to all who helped lead the
Rummage Sale! We raised over $3,300 with a
few more items left to sell. Thanks to the chair,
Jen Goins, and her crew:
Mother’s Day is Sunday,
May 11!
Join us for “Muffins with Mom” between the
9:30 and 11:30 services on May 11! Nativity
children will honor mothers and other women
supporters and role models by offering flowers
and a special muffin to all the ladies of
Nativity during hospitality hour. We will also
offer a special blessing for these special
women during the services that day.
End-of-Year Celebration Sunday,
May 18!
Nativity celebrates the end of a great program
year on Sunday, May 18 at our 9:30 service.
On that day, we will recognize students,
teachers, graduating seniors, and choir
members, and thank them for their great
service this year! All students will be
recognized by name and will receive a special
gift. Don’t miss your chance to say “thank
you” to teachers, choir members and other
special Nativity folks!
Bill and Joyce Ann Deihl
Jeff Jameson
Millie Murphy
Kellie Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Claire Smith
Pat Shaler
Jan Turner
David Bolger
Heidi Francis
Sylvia Norrell
Bob Schoenbachler
Don Balint
Debbie Myrick
Darrell Spencer
Sandy Spencer
Austin Spencer-Treinen
Colin Goins
Emily Pierson
Shelley Byrnes
Debra Williamson
Emily Weidhaas
Wayne Whitney
Jim Tuffin
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 8 More Updat es and Oppor t uni t i es
It is such a blessing that our new building has brought new faces. It is great to see so many people
coming to worship Sunday Mornings. We on the hospitality committee would be so grateful for
some volunteers to help with morning duties. It is a great way to meet people. Hospitality hour is
after the 9:30 service. But, if you are an 11:30 person we could also use your help- we always
have clean up to do:) We have 4 teams so that if you join you would only have to help one time a
We also always need people to bring in treats!
Please contact the Hospitality Committee Chair, Suzanne Cohen at: secohenjd@yahoo.com
Join your movie and music-loving friends for a spectacular conclusion to this first season of Nativity’s Big Fun Bible
Movie Night: a “made for television” production of Richard Strauss’ one-act opera “Salome,” starring the great
Teresa Stratas as Salome, Bernd Weikl as Jokanaan (John the Baptist) and an equally-powerful cast, with Karl Böhm
conducting the Vienna Philharmonic. (Sung in German with English subtitles; approx. 100 minutes.) Inspired by
Oscar Wilde’s controversial play, the opera premiered in 1905, and it is definitely not the “traditional” kind of opera.
Because it was filmed like a movie (not a filmed version of a staged production), the production values are very high.
The opera tells the Biblical story of the martyrdom of John the Baptist in gripping, “make the hair on the back of your
neck stand up” staging, acting and music. Salome’s “Dance of the Seven Veils” is a frequently-played concert piece.
Whether you’re an opera buff or this is your first venture into the art form, you are in for a musical and theatrical
treat. It’s opera, but don’t be afraid! Dr. Wayne will provide Biblical analysis and Opera Maven David will furnish a
quick synopsis you can read in advance. You will definitely want to bring the libation of your choice and
accompanying munchies (although you will probably not be able to take your eyes off the screen to go back for
seconds!). Let us know if you’re going to part of the last show of Season One of BFBMN.
Flower Dedications
The Nativity flower guild wants everyone to have an opportunity to participate in this lovely
ministry - but there are only a few more days available for 2014!
The flower guild provides the altar flowers each Sunday, and also the flowers that adorn our
worship space for special holidays and events such as Christmas and Easter. The flowers may be
dedicated in thanksgiving for blessings received or in memory of a loved one.
There are a few Sundays still available for your dedications:
6/22 - 6/29 - All of July - 8/3 - 9/14 - 9/21 - 9/28 - 10/5 - 10/12 - 11/2 - 11/9 - 11/30 - 12/28
Once you have decided which date you prefer, simply write your name on the Flower Chart
(located on the wall near the office door) and complete the form provided, and return it to the
church office. If you have any questions please contact Kathy Graf at kgraf518@aol.com.
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Nativity Scene Jr.
BySHELLEY BYRNES, Director of Christian Education
Page 9
Thank you to all the youth and older elementary students who participated in the
Good Friday Walk With Jesus! It was a gift to many parishioners. Thank you to
Darrell Spencer who wrote and directed the whole walk!
Thank you to the Link Family for stuffing all the Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg
Thank you to the youth and older
elementary students who:
* hid the eggs and helped supervise the hunt for the younger
* created the red sea for the parish to walk through!
* read the lessons so beautifully!
* made us all happy with hugs and smiles!
Thank you to the younger children for helping the parents say their part
during the first lesson, singing so beautifully and putting the flowers in our
Easter Cross so that we could see that Easter is about Resurrection!
Youth Camps - Grades 7-8 and 9- 12
June 1 - 7
June 8 - 14
Wilderness Introduction to Leadership Development-
Grades 9 - 12
June 1 - 7
June 8 - 14
June 22 - 28
June 29 - July 5
Children's Camp - Grades 3 - 6
June 22 - 28
June 29 - July 5
Little Kid's Camp - Grades K - 3 (two options):
Ankle Biter's Camp - Grades K- 2 with parent
June 22 - 28
Mini Camp - Grades K - 3
June 25 - 28
Register before March 31st for a $20 discount!
Chapel Rock for Kids!
Church camp is a wonderful experience
where children explore and deepen their
relationship with Christ and other
Christians. Kids make Life-long
memories and friendships at Chapel Rock!
Consider giving your child an amazing
camp experience in the cooler weather of
Prescott this summer! More detailed
descriptions of each camp, costs and online registration can be found at http://www.chapelrock.net/camps.htm!
The dates for camp are:
The Easter Egg hunt was a lot of fun for all,
Sam Basta found a few.
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 10 Children and Family Ministry LENT Activities
WELCOME to Luca and Olivia Brack, Braden
and Savannah Goble and Ali and Priscilla Cowen-Byrne, the
newest members of our Christian Family!
On Mother's Day (May 11th) the Children
will be having a special event during
education hour: Muffins with Moms! All
mothers and mother figures will receive a
muffin from a child in the parish. As you
leave the 9:30 service, please have a seat
at the round tables and a child will come
to take your muffin preference and then
bring it back to you on a napkin. For
those who attend the 11:30 service, please
join us at
10:45 to have
your muffin!
The Sunday School Year will be ending on May 18th and we
will be having a grand celebration honoring the children and
youth of the parish as well as the dedicated leaders who show
them what God's love is like week after week! Please join us at
the 9:30 service where each child will be recognized by name
and given a small gift. This small exercise makes a big impact
on the children as their name is flashed on the overhead and we
want every child to experience it if possible!
Additionally, we will have a reception after the 9:30 service
with a salad lunch provided by the families of the youth group
which will be a fundraiser for our Mission Trip! There will be
all sorts of salads available for you to nibble and our Youth
Group Mission Trip Thank Offering baskets will be out for the
last time before our trip in June! Enjoy!
We will also have a cake to honor our amazingly gifted and
dedicated Sunday School, Children's Chapel, nursery, pageant
and youth leaders. These men and women love your children
and youth and volunteer a minimum of one Sunday a month for
which they prepare and practice before they greet your children
with a smile and a lesson showing that God loves them! Please
make sure to join us showing our appreciation to these leaders.
Remember to mark your calendars for July 14-18 for VBS for children who have just finished K- grade 5! We'll be
doing Workshop of Wonders and learning how to Imagine with God, Build with God, Grow with God, Work with God
and Walk with God! More information will follow soon!
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Easter Was A Blast at Nativity -
Children’s choir ( Front row left to right Justin Horsman,
Joey Creamer, Ali Cowan-Byrne, Jack Moyer, Nick Francis.
Second row L to R:, Hawkes Pillsbury, Keira Myrick,
Raphael Valles. Last Row: Destiny Spencer-Treinin.
Baptism of Savannah Goble, one of our six baptisms
on Easter
Jack Moyer brought his little lamb
and his mom Suzanne
Cammie and Cassidy Walukiewicz, in their lovely outfits,
brought their bunnies.
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There will be NO youth group on May 11 - please enjoy time with your family!
Jaclyn Fishbach will be confirmed at the Cathedral on May 10 at 10:00 am. Anyone who
wants to go support her should contact Shelley Byrnes (shelleybyrnes@thenativity.net) so
we can arrange carpools!
The rest of our confirmands will be confirmed at Nativity on June 8 at the 9:00 service!
Please join us!
Our final youth group meeting will be a party on May 18th! All
youth, please email shelleybyrnes@thenativity.net with the name
of one or two of your favorite songs so we can put together a CD
to play that night! We might even take it with us as our road trip
music for Mission Trip! Bring friends, bring food, bring your
smiles and we'll play games and have some FUN!
May 18th Salad Sunday! Remember to bring a salad for a Mission Trip Fundraiser!
Contact Shelley to say what kind of salad you'll bring (e.g., fruit, veggie, pasta, etc.)
Remember the youth will be going on Mission Trip to San Diego June 22 - 27. If you'd
like to support them in this endeavor, please come eat Salad with us on the final day of
Sunday school and fill up our donation baskets! We are trying to make sure that all the
kids who want to go on Mission trip can go, regardless of financial situation, so Thank you
to all the parishioners who have supported our fundraising causes this year!!!!
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
The Episcopal Church of the Nativity
Mailing Address:
22405 North Miller Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Worship Sunday
8:00 & 9:30 & 11:30 a.m.
Beginning May 25th
9:00 & 10:30 a.m.
Join Us!
5/10 Confirmation at Trinity Cathedral
5/11 Muffins with Mom
5/18 End of Sunday School Celebration
5/25 New Sunday Service Schedule
6/8 Presiding Bishop Visits Nativity
(Fourteen Confirmations and Four Baptisms)