Apartment Checklist

Clean, lighted, lobby & halls
Good locks on doors & windows
Garbage & Recycling (who’s responsibility)
Parking (street parking)
Secure mail bo
!aundry "acilities# washer$drier hookup%
&oes doorbell and intercom work%
Snow remo'al dri'eway$walkway ((ho is responsible%)
)owing ((ho is responsible%)
*ccess to bus$groceries$schools
!ead Paint (children under +)
Smoking Policy
Pet Policy
Condition o" stairs
Cable and$or satellite dish allowed
(orking ,le'ator
-s the apartment clean and ready to go%
.o dra"ts around windows & doors
Screen and storm windows
,nough natural light
Smoke & Carbon )onoide &etectors%
.o roaches or mice/ *sk about bed bug history/
Storage ade0uate closet$storage space%
.o water stains on walls$ceilings$"loors
Carpeting% -s it clean & in good condition%
*re the "loors le'el%
(orking door locks, window latches & other hardware%
Paint Condition%
,'idence o" )old%
Condition o" sink, (scratched$stained$rusted$dented)
1aucets & controls working% *ny dripping%
&oes the sink drain well%
-s the sto'e clean% &oes it work%
*re there ade0uate kitchen cabinets & countertops%
Can the kitchen be 'entilated (window or 'en "an%)
Check the re"rigerator & "ree2er/
-s there enough water pressure$hot water%
-s the sink clean% &oes the drain leak%
&oes it drip% *re there rust or water marks in the bowl%
&oes toilet "lush completely% &oes it run continuously%
-s the toilet seat clean & in good shape%
-s the bathtub clean, unstained, & properly caulked/
&oes the tub drain work% &oes it leak%
-s there a working showerhead%
-s there a shower curtain rod%
-s there a medicine cabinet% *re there mirrors% 3owel rods%
*re the lighting & electrical outlets usable & sa"e%
-s there enough water pressure$ hot water%
,nough electrical outlets (all working)
(ill outlets take grounded (three prong) plug%
,posed wiring%
(here is the circuit breaker$"use#bo located%
(hat kind o" heating system is in the place% ,lectric or gas%
(ill the landlord charge you "or water%
(here is the hot water heater (gas or electric)/
(ho pays "or heat & electric, budget amount?
(orking air conditioner
,nergy e""icient impro'ements such as windows, "urnace,
appliances, insulation%
(ho controls temperature$thermostat%

1or more in"ormation4
Copyright 5678 by the Greater Syracuse 3enants .etwork, -nc/
Permission granted "or non#commercial reproduction/ Please credit

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