May 14, 2014

Contact: Gigi Ippolito (410.313.7808) or
ocation: C!ntral "ranch o# th! $o%ar& Co'nty ibrary (y)t!*
A Four Week Musical Journey for Preschoolers
Start your child on a lifelong musical journey with this four week session. Students ages 3-5 will
explore the music concepts of rhythm, tempo, pitch and key. The classes will present these
concepts in a developmentally appropriate manner through stories, music, play, and hands on
classroom activities.
Did you know:
• (t'&i!) )ho% that th!r! i) a )trong lin+ b!t%!!n music, brain development and academic
• M')ic !&'cation can strengthen the biological processes that are involved in developing
language and math skills.
• Music classes can complement the school curriculum as well as increase student
creativity and confidence.
• Public music education programs like those provided by schools and libraries provide
students with equal access to the benefits of music education and offset the gap between
rich and poor, leading to increased educational achievement and better workforce
opportunities for all.
Offered at two times (10:15 and 11:30) for 45 minutes each, once a week for four weeks.
Registration is required and will be limited to 15 participants. For more information, call
410.313.7808 or visit
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,r!)) -!l!a)!
A preschool music education series developed by Gigi Ippolito
How does this po!"# $it the HCLS #issio%&
.) part o# o'r *i))ion to o##!r high /'ality #r!! p'blic !&'cation #or all ag!), th! $o%ar& Co'nty ibrary (y)t!* ha) an o##icial 0.1 ,artn!r)hip2
%ith th! p'blic )chool). 3! )har! a 4i)ion o# l!a&ing !4!ry )t'&!nt to%ar&) aca&!*ic )'cc!)), an& *')ic !&'cation can b! a *a5or play!r in
r!ali6ing thi) 4i)ion. In a )!ri!) o# #o'r cla))!), 0M')ic "o72 %ill la'nch chil&r!n ag!) 389 on a li#!long *')ical 5o'rn!y l!a&ing to p!r)onal an&
aca&!*ic gro%th.
Wh"t is the %eed $o this po!"#&
(t'&i!) )ho% that th!r! i) a )trong lin+ b!t%!!n *')ic, brain &!4!lop*!nt an& aca&!*ic p!r#or*anc!. M')ic !&'cation can )tr!ngth!n th!
biological proc!))!) that ar! in4ol4!& in &!4!loping lang'ag! an& *ath )+ill), an& *')ic cla))!) can co*pl!*!nt th! )chool c'rric'l'* a) %!ll a)
incr!a)! )t'&!nt cr!ati4ity an& con#i&!nc!. ,'blic *')ic !&'cation progra*) li+! tho)! pro4i&!& by )chool) an& librari!) pro4i&! )t'&!nt) %ith
!/'al acc!)) to th! b!n!#it) o# *')ic !&'cation an& o##)!t th! gap b!t%!!n rich an& poor, l!a&ing to incr!a)!& !&'cational achi!4!*!nt an& b!tt!r
%or+#orc! opport'niti!) #or all.
0M')ic "o72 i) an intro&'ctory *')ic !&'cation cla)) #or ag!) 389. :hi) #o'r %!!+ )!))ion %ill !7plor! #'n&a*!ntal *')ic conc!pt) o# rhyth*,
t!*po, pitch an& +!y. :h! cla))!) %ill pr!)!nt th!)! conc!pt) in a &!4!lop*!ntally appropriat! *ann!r thro'gh )tori!), *')ic, play, an& han&) on
cla))roo* acti4iti!).
Steps $o set (p)
• ;i)play8"oo+), C;), an& toy) r!lat!& to th! )!))ion, all a4ailabl! #or ch!c+o't
• $an&o't)8('gg!)t!& acti4iti!) an& li)t o# boo+), C;) an& toy) #or car!gi4!r) to ')! on th!ir o%n to r!in#orc! conc!pt) intro&'c!& in )!))ion
• "oo+), t!aching tool), in)tr'*!nt), C&) an& C; play!r #or in)tr'ctor<) ')!
• M')ic r!lat!& han& )ta*p an& )ta*p pa&
• !))on plan) po)t!& on cla))roo* &oor an& in #ront o# cla))roo*
E*"+("tio%8%ritt!n an& 4!rbal c')to*!r #!!&bac+
Pote%ti"+ Co##(%it, P"t%es)$o%ar& Co'nty ,'blic (chool (y)t!*, ho*! )chool n!t%or+), an& pr!8)chool organi6ation).
E*e, '+"ss i% this $o( wee- sessio% wi++ "ddess M",+"%d St"te Pe). St"%d"ds/ The st(de%ts wi++0
• !7plor! )o'n&) in )!l!ct!& !n4iron*!nt),
• !7pr!)) an& r!)pon& to *')ic thro'gh *o4!*!nt, &!4!loping th! conc!pt o# p!r)onal )pac!,
• !7plor! *')ic ')!& in &aily li4ing,
• b!co*! ac/'aint!& %ith th! rol! o# *')ic in th!ir li4!) (!g l'llabi!), c!l!bration )ong)),
• !7p!ri*!nt %ith )o'n& patt!rn) thro'gh !7ploration o# cla))roo* in)tr'*!nt),
• ')! th! 4oic! to i*pro4i)! ani*al an& !n4iron*!ntal )o'n&),
• ')! bo&y p!rc'))ion to cr!at! )o'n& patt!rn), an&
• !7pr!)) pr!#!r!nc!) abo't )!l!ct!& *')ical co*po)ition).
E"'h '+"ss wi++ $o'(s o% " di$$ee%t #(si'"+ 'o%'ept:
• C+"ss 1)Rh,th#: (t'&!nt) %ill l!arn that rhyth* i) th! organi6ation o# *')ic into patt!rn) o# b!at). :h!r! ar! )trong b!at) an& %!a+ b!at).
(t'&!nt) %ill !7plor! rhyth*) #o'n& in %or&) an& !n4iron*!ntal )o'n&), a) %!ll a) in *')ic.
• C+"ss 2)Te#po: (t'&!nt) %ill l!arn that t!*po i) th! )p!!& o# a pi!c! o# *')ic. Co*po)!r) *a+! choic!) to g!t th!ir *')ical i&!a) acro)) an&
th! t!*po o# a pi!c! i) on! o# tho)! choic!). (t'&!nt) %ill b! intro&'c!& to 4ocab'lary that r!lat!) to t!*po, )'ch a) pr!)to ()'p!r #a)t) an&
l!nto ()'p!r )lo%).
• C+"ss 3) Pit'h: (t'&!nt) %ill l!arn that )o'n&) can b! high, lo%, an& in b!t%!!n, an& th! )o'n& o# a not! i) call!& it<) 0pitch2. :h!y %ill
!7plor! th! &i##!r!nt pitch!) that th!y can *a+! %ith th!ir 4oic!), an& th!y %ill li)t!n to !n4iron*!ntal )o'n&) that ha4! &i##!r!nt pitch!).
(t'&!nt) %ill al)o l!arn that co*po)!r) can !7pr!)) th!ir *')ical i&!a) ')ing in)tr'*!nt) an& 4oic!) that ha4! &i##!r!nt pitch!).
• C+"ss 4) .e,: (t'&!nt) %ill l!arn that !4!ry %or+ o# *')ic i) ba)!& on a partic'lar #a*ily o# not!) (al)o +no%n a) a )cal!) call!& a +!y.
(t'&!nt) %ill &i)co4!r that *')ic in a *a5or +!y )o'n&) happy, !7cit!&, )illy, !tc. an& *')ic in a *inor +!y )o'n&) )a&, angry, )cary !tc.
Co*po)!r) can ')! &i##!r!nt +!y) to &!)crib! a 4ari!ty o# !*otion) thro'gh *')ic.