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Lesson Topic: Resilience (Circle Time

VELS domain: Personal Development

Interpersonal Development
Grade: 3/4
Duration of the lesson: 40 minutes
Date: Friday 22

Lesson Outcomes/standards

- Students understand what it means to be resilient
- Students understand how the man in the video clip demonstrates resilience


- Students understand that resilience is bouncing back in times of challenge
and or difficulty.
- Students suggest ways in which they will show resilience leading up to the
end of term

Assessment: Criteria

- Students are actively engaged in discussion with their partner during the pairing up
- Students understand the importance of being resilient and set personal goals for

Teaching Focus:
A) chosen by associate teacher
To teach informally where students are not assessed on the physical responses they
produce on paper but rather their verbal responses and engagement in the activity. This is
the most difficult type of learning to access as it needs to be conducted at the time as there
is no written proof of what they have learnt. My associate teacher has recommended that I
use sticky notes to take anecdotal notes of how the students learn that can later be
elaborated on to access their understandings and achievement.

B) Your personal choice of skill development
To practice teaching through a student-centred approach where students responses, ideas
and capacities direct the path of the session. As I have not have much practice in teaching
through this type of approach I find it difficult to maintain focus of the class and steer their
thoughts towards achieving learning outcomes intended for the lesson.

This evidence demonstrates my understanding of focus area 4.4 as this session aimed to
improve student wellbeing and safety through developing awareness of resilience.
My associate
teacher had
identified that
resilience was
an area that
these students
needed to be
addressed. He
had identified
that circle time
had proved to
method for
values such as
Background to the learner
A) Teacher
I have observed circle time in weeks prior but this will be my first opportunity to direct the
session. From what I have observed circle time is student-centred and involves the teacher
facilitating students to understand and develop their emotional and social development.

B) Pupil
Students engage in circle time on a weekly basis. Circle time in previous weeks had focused
on persistence, sympathy and confidence. Students had also had a guest speaker the day
prior who talked about resilience being a quality of great leaders.

This lesson on resilience addressed
the Australian Curriculum in
domains of Interpersonal Learning,
Interpersonal Learning and Civics
and Citizenship.
The school also is involved in the Bounce Back program from foundation year to
year 6. This lesson therefore reflects school curriculum by extending on this
program which also addresses well being and safety of students within school.