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A. Fill in the blanks with the correct word chosen from the words in the list below.
identified; phenomenon; configuration; filament; freely; electrons; insulator;
evacuated; thermal; liberated.
Electrons in a acuum
While e!perimentin" with different####.. of intandescent li"ht$ Edison
obsered and reported a bafflin" ####. . The #### space between a hot
####.. and a cold metal electrode was a perfect ###. %f the cold metal
electrode was ne"atie with respect to the filament. But if the cold metal was
positie$ electric current would flow ###. Across the eacuated space& Si!
'ears later$ when (( Thomson #### the electron as a mobile$ ne"atiel'
char"ed particle that could be ####. From a heated surface$ the Edison effect
was e!plained as the liberation of #### from a hot solid as a result of their
###. Ener"'.
B. Translate into Bahasa %ndonesia or e!plain the words in the list aboe.
). *ead the te!t carefull' and answer the followin" +uestions.
The Role of Electronic Devices in utomation
Automation is a word coined in the ,9-0.s to describe processor b' which
machines do tasks preiousl' performed b' people. The word was new but the
idea was not. We know the adance in the deelopment of steam en"ines that
produced automatic ales. /on" before that$ durin" the middle a"es$ windmills
hade been made to turn b' takin" adanta"e of chan"es in the wind b' means of
the deices that worked automaticall'. A ma0or deelopment in te!tile
manufacturin" was the loom deeloped in ,10, b' (oseph 2arie (ac+uard$ a
French inentor. %ntricate patterns woen into the cloth were controlled b' steel
carda with holes which were forerunners of the modern computer punch card.
We now use the term automation for specific techni+ues combined to
operate automaticall' in complete s'stem. These techni+ues are possible because
of electronic deices most of which hae into use in the last thirt' 'ears. The'
include pro"ram$ action$ sensin" or feedback$ decision$ and control elements as
components of a complete s'stem.
The pro"ram elements determine what the s'stem does and the step3b'3step
manner in which it works to produce the desired result. A pro"ram is a step3b'3
step se+uence that breaks a task into its indiidual parts. Some steps in an
industrial automation pro"ram direct other parts of the s'stem when and how to
carr' out their 0obs.
The action elements are these which do the actual work. The' ma' carr' or
materials to specific places at specific times or the' ma' perform operations on
the materials. The term mechanical handlin" deice is also used for the action
4erhaps the most important part an automated s'stem is sensin" of
feedback. Sensin" deices automaticall' check on parts of the manufacturin"
process such as the de"ree of eat or the thickness of a sheet of steel or paper. This
is called feedback because the instruments return or feedback this information to
the central s'stem control.
The decision element is used to compare what is "oin" on in the s'stem
with what should be "oin" on it receies information from the sensin" deices
and makes decisions necessar' to maintain the s'stem correctl'. %f some action is
necessar' the decision element can "ie instruction or commands to the s'stem.
ns!er the follo!ing "uestions based from the te#t above
a. When and wh' was the word automation coined 5
b. 6ie some e!amples of automation that were in use before the word itself
c. 2ention some elements of an automated s'stem.
d. What does a pro"ram do in an automated s'stem 5
e. 7ame two terms used to describe the elements which do the actual work.
f. What 0obs ma' these elements do 5
". What thin"s do sensin" deices do 5
h. 8ow do sensin" deices act on he information the' receie 5
i. What is the function of the decision element 5
0. What can the decision element do 5
$ind the !ords%terms for the meanings in the te#t.
a. The process of operatin" and controllin" mechanical deice b' automatic
means without action b' human bein"s.
b. A step3b'3step se+uence that breaks a task into its indiidual parts.
c. The components of an automated s'stem that perform the actual work.
d. Another term for the action elements in an automated s'stem.
e. 9eices that measure the alue of an ph'sical +uantit' such as a temperature$
pressure$ flow rate$ or thickness.
9. Based on the content of the te!t$ complete the followin" sentences with the
appropriate words from list.
,. The word :automation. was ###.. in ,9-0.s to describe processes b' which
tasks are #####. b' machines.
;. ##### the word was new$ the idea was not.
<. The steel cards #####.. the weain" of #### patterns into the cloth
were forerunners of the modern computer punch card.
-. What is done b' the s'stem is #####.. b' the pro"ram elements.
=. 2aterials #####. Be carried out or cone'ed to specific places at
specific time$ b' the action elements.
>. 9ecision element is the part of an instrument #####. %s used to compare
what is "oin" on in the s'stem with what should we "oin" on.
?. %n order to maintain the s'stem correctl' the decision element makes
#### the decision based on the information from the sensin" deice.