Solons seek probe of release of high-powered firearms to

police auxiliaries and private security agencies
Police generals-turned-lawmakers are urging Congress to investigate the veracity of the
reported dubious release by a unit of the Philippine National Police (PNP) of around 900 high-
powered firearms to police auiliaries and security agencies!
"n #ouse $esolution %%&' $eps! $omeo (cop (&
)istrict' (ntipolo City)' *amuel
Pagdilao +r! (Partylist' (C,-C"*) and -eopoldo .ataoil (&
)istrict' Pangasinan) asked the
#ouse Committee on Public /rder and *afety to determine the implications of the reported
release of the high-powered firearms to the government0s campaign against loose firearms!
,he lawmakers sought the probe after President .enigno (1uino """ publicly revealed that
a certain unit of PNP in Camp Crame has reportedly released up to 900 high-powered firearms to
various groups!
President (1uino said the released firearms consisting of (23% and 456 assault rifles
were 7ecessive8 and 7apparently were not meant for the recipients!8
)irector 9eneral :elipe $o;as +r!' )eputy Chief for (dministration' denied any
involvement by the PNP and suggested that the private groups themselves might have imported
the firearms!

(cop epressed concern over the repercussion of the reported incident!
7,he alleged dubious transfer of such high-powered firearms to private groups is
particularly disturbing as it came in the heels of a successful crackdown by the PNP on loose
firearms dubbed /plan 2atok'8 (cop said!
7"f there is some truth to it' it will cast a lingering doubt on the sincerity and capability of
the PNP to effectively implement $epublic (ct No! 50<95' or the Comprehensive -aw on
:irearms and (mmunitions recently passed by Congress aimed at arresting the proliferation of
illegal firearms to protect the people against violence and maintain peace and order'8 (cop
(cop stressed the immediate need for Congress to conduct an in1uiry on the alleged
#e also urged Congress 7identify and adopt measures to strengthen the PNP0s capability to
address the problem of loose and unlawful firearms in the country' reduce the incidents of
violence and crimes committed with the use of firearms and to discourage or prevent the
occurrence of similar incidents!8 (=0) mrs
NR # 3466
MAY 14, 2014