Tom Eckenrode

Carroll County Public Library
Programming Vision
The vision of the proposed program is to expand the concept of “library” to the detention
center customers The program idea is to share an evening !here selected inmates !ill be
invited to a vie!ing of the video My Life As A Turkey, this video is based on a true
story and book Illuminations in the Flatwoods" by #oe $utto %n addition to expanding
customer appreciation for library opportunities" this program also supports the Carroll
County Public Library mission to Promote Lifelong Learning
&esired 'utcomes
%t is my hope that the participants !ill be able to appreciate the multiple positive
messages that supported in the video
• 'ne man(s search for truth
• 'pportunities to learn from nature
• )ealities of nature
• Living in the present
• Positive discussion related to literature
Community Partner
The detention center library(s community partner is the staff at the detention center %t is
essential that the library program and the detention staff !ork in a partnership and have
an understanding of each other(s goals and mission
%n developing my program % needed to get permission to have a program outside the
routines of the detention center % needed to reserved the multipurpose room and have it
set up for the program The video !as previe!ed for content and a rationale !as
presented for the purpose and value of the program *ttendees !ere screened and cross+
referenced for suitability for participation
%n preparation for this program there is significant coordination regarding participation
,y community partner" the detention center staff" due to security" does all of preparation
and screening
&etention Center Library Programming Philosophy
“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always
Library programming for the detention center population should have a value added
component %t is important that programming done for the incarcerated reflects a
component that allo!s the participants to gro! in some manner for their time spent %t is
my hope that those !ho attend the program take a!ay several “think abouts” Customers
may learn about nature" raising !ild turkeys" en-oy a video in the company of others"
!atch and en-oy a documentary for the first time" engage in meaningful discussion There
!ill be some !ho !ill understand the deeper message about access to reality through the
simple yet profound experienced depicted in the video
'ne of the !ay that % !ill evaluate the success of the program is by the number of people
!ho attend the program * second evaluation tool !ill be to survey the attendee(s to ask
if they thought the program !as !orth!hile * third evaluation !ill be if the evening is
complete !ithout customer incident
Event *nnouncement
.pcoming events are posed on the Library !ebsite !ith a brief description of the activity
and time and location of the event * detention center activity !ould not be open to the
public or posted on the !ebsite % !ould share the highlight of this program !ith the
'utreach staff at the monthly staff meeting