Comparatives and Superlatives of Adjectives

A Choose the correct alternative for each sentence. (Comparatives or Superlatives)

1. I think that’s _____ film I’ve ever seen
a) the funnier than b) the funny c) the funniest d) the funnier

2. Is football the _____ sport in Chile?
a) popular b) more popular c) popularest d) most popular

3. Vegetables are _____ last week
a) expensive than b)more expensivr than c) more expensive than d) most expensive

4. I think Vladimir is _____ intelligent person in the class
a) more than b) the most c) most d) the more

5. Don’t you think there are _____ things to do on hokidays than watching tv all day?
a) best b) bestest c) better d) better than

6. Summer is _____ season in our country
a) the hottest b) hotter than c) the hot d) hot

7. Groenland has the _____ weather of the world. It’s always raining and snowing
a) bad b) worse than c) worst d) worsest

8. The Everest is _____ the Aconcagua
a) the highest b) highest than c) the higher than d) higher than

9. Last week we had _____ day in Santiago, the temperature was –18ºC
a) the colder b) the coldest c) the cold d) colder than

10. To fall from a motorcycle is _____ to fall from a bicycle.
a) more painful b) more painful than c) painfuller than d) the painfullest

11. If you suffer asthma, don’t go to Mexico City. It is one of the _____ cities in the world
a) pollutest b) more polluted c) polluter than d) most polluted

12. The _____ place from Chile is Australia. It’s on the other side of the world.
a) farther b) farthest c) farther than d) farthest than

13. I don’t think your bike is _____ mine.
a) fastest than b) faster c) fastest d) faster than

14. Michael was _____ basketball player in the world
a) taller b) tallest c) the taller d) the tallest

15. Speaking Japanese is _____writing it.
a) the easiest b) easy c) easier than d) easyer than
B Write the following sentences using the correct form of the adjective (comparative or superlative)
1. Clare is __________________________________________________ Mike. (old)
2. Jane is ________ of the four. She eats very well and does a lot of sports, (healthy)
3. The coach thinks that Peter is the __________________ player of the team, (fast)
4. The teacher doesn't think Christopher is ________ the other students. (intelligent)
5. Kamilla is ___________________ girl in the class. She is always laughing. (happy)
6. The Sahara desert is one of the ___________________deserts in the world. (hot)
7. The climate in the North of Chile is _______________________ in the South, (dry)
8. Asia is _________________________________________________ Europe. (big)
9. A Rolls-Royce is one of _______________________ cars in the world. (expensive)
10. Nights with no moon are _______________________ nights with full moon. (dark)
11. ____________________________ hurricanes are developed over México, (violent)

12. Diamonds are ______________________________ jewels in the world. (precious)
13. History classes are _________________________ chemistry classes. (interesting)
14. Belize is one of _______________________________ cities I’ve visited (beautiful)
15. Rachel is _____________________________________________ me, but... (thin)
… Grace is __________________________________________________ girl in my class (thin)

C. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives below.

example: big / bigger / biggest or important / more important / most important







1. tall

22. far

2. cheap

23. bad

3. expensive

24. fat

4. good

25. interesting

5. lazy

26. narrow

6. pretty

27. safe

7. beautiful

28. dangerous

8. difficult

29. messy

9. boring

30. handsome

10. shy

31. attractive

11. happy

32. delicious

12. short

33. useful

13. famous

34. easy

14. comfortable

35. lucky

15. ugly

36. quiet

16. warm

37. noisy

17. long

38. modern

18. intelligent

39. patient

19. wide

40. convenient

20. thick

41. accurate

21. smart