Apple Company

I chose the company because Apple is a multinational company based in
United States cupertino, I find it interesting how this company ventured into
other countries like ours and as technology makes progress every day.
Company´s name

CEO or Founder (describe the person)
Founders: Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, Stephen Wozniak
 Steve Jobs-businessman

Steven Paul Jobs, San Francisco, California, February 24, 1955 - Palo Alto,
California, October 5, 2011), 8 9 10 11 better known as Steve Jobs was an
entrepreneur and business tycoon in the computer industry and the entertainment
industry U.S.. He was co-founder and CEO of Apple subsections 12 and maximum
individual shareholder of The Walt Disney Company better known as Steve Jobs
was an entrepreneur and business tycoon in the computer industry and the
American entertainment industry. He founded Apple in 1976.

 Ronald Wayne

Ronald Gerald Wayne is the third and least known co-founder of Apple
Computer Computer. It was he who illustrated the first Apple logo. He also
wrote the manuals for the Apple I and the cooperation agreement

 Stephen Wozniak

Stephen Gary "Woz" Wozniak is an engineer, philanthropist, entrepreneur
and inventor, Apple co-founder

Based in
Headquarters: Cupertino, CA, USA
Branches in
In November 2010, Apple had opened 376 stores, of which 250 are in the U.S.,
33 UK, 25 in Canada, seven in Japan, fifteen in Australia, three in Switzerland,
nine in Germany, twelve in Italy, eleven in France, five in China, ten in Spain,
one in Brazil and one in Turkey.
Company´s sructure (how many departments)
 Hardware Engineering
 Software Engineering
 marketing
 design
 Merchandising
 Product Management
 Customer Service and Support
 finance
 human resources
 Technology and Information Systems
 Legal Department
 operations
 Real Estate Development
 sales
 administration
Type of company
Service provider
Main activity
designs and manufactures electronic equipment and software.3 Among the
best-known hardware products the company has Macintosh, the iPod, the
iPhone and iPad devices. The software of Apple's Mac OS X operating system,
the iOS operating system, the iTunes media browser, the iLife (multimedia and
creativity software) suite, the iWork (productivity software) suite, Final Cut
Studio (found a suite of professional video editing), Logic Studio (audio editing
software for audio tracks) Xsan (software for exchanging data between
servers), Aperture (software to edit RAW images), and the Safari web browser.
Main competitors
Apple's main competitors are samsung, microsoft, toshiba, sony, google etc
Number of employees
The number of employees has grown from 72,800 Apple held in 2012 to the
80,300 it currently has.