3ds Max 2009 Readme

This document contains late-breaking information about Autodesk
3ds Max
2009 software. or new and
u!dated information about all Autodesk !roducts" #isit our website at$
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Installing Autodesk 3ds Max 2009
• %efore an end-user with restricted &indows
o!erating s'stem !ri#ileges can run Autodesk 3ds Max 2009" an
administrator with full !ri#ileges must install and start the software one time in order to generate the
o!erating s'stem registr' information needed to com!lete the install.
• %efore installing an' third-!art' !lug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max 2009" an administrator with full !ri#ileges must
start 3ds Max 2009 at least one time to generate the necessar' folders for third-!art' !lug-ins.
• (n the &indows )ista
o!erating s'stem users must first turn off *ser Access +ontrol ,*A+- before
attem!ting to install 3ds Max 2009.
• To work !ro!erl' on the &indows )ista o!erating s'stem" the .nfo+enter feature re/uires that 3ds Max 2009
must be started once with *A+ turned off.
• &hen 'ou install on the &indows )ista o!erating s'stem" a red 0x1 a!!ears when the installer reaches 0.2et
2.0 345.1 This ha!!ens because this u!date a!!lies onl' to the &indows 64 o!erating s'stem. The 7.2et
2.07 ser#ice !ack is alread' included in the )ista o!erating s'stem" so the 64 #ersion is not installed.
• .f 'ou install 3ds Max to a dri#e other than 'our s'stem8s main +$ dri#e" 'ou need to co!' the .nfo+enter 6M9
su!!ort files from the \help director' on the installation +: to 'our +$ dri#e. The director' de!ends on which
#ersion of 3ds Max 'ou are using" as follows$
&indows 64 o!erating s'stem" 32-bit #ersion$
C:\Documents and Settings###BOT_TEXT###lt;username> \Local Settings\Application Data\Autodeskdsmax00 !
&indows 64 o!erating s'stem" ;<-bit #ersion$
C:\Documents and Settings###BOT_TEXT###lt;username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodeskdsmax00 !
)ista o!erating s'stem" 32-bit #ersion$
C:\)sers###BOT_TEXT###lt;username>\AppData\Local\Autodeskdsmax00 ! 32"it\enu\plugc#g\$n#ocenter\%ml&iles
)ista o!erating s'stem" ;<-bit #ersion$
C:\)sers###BOT_TEXT###lt;username>\AppData\Local\Application Data\Autodeskdsmax00 !
Uninstalling Autodesk 3ds Max 2009
The !rocess for remo#ing Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 is described in the Autodesk 3ds *ax 200 and 3ds *ax
Design 200 $nstallation +uide. or information on remo#ing files that are left on 'our machine after an uninstall
!lease see the su!!ort website$ htt!$==www.autodesk.com=3dsmax-su!!ort. 3earch for 0remo#ing files after
Release e!sion with "eta
.f 'ou !re#iousl' installed an' beta #ersion ,including release-candidate #ersions- of Autodesk 3ds Max 2009" 'ou
must uninstall and delete all s'stem folders !ertaining to these !re-release #ersions before 'ou can install the
commercial #ersion. .nstructions on how to uninstall the software are !osted on the beta !ortal in the %eta=>+
>eadme files.
#nown $!o%lems and &imitations in Autodesk 3ds Max 2009
• The ;<-bit #ersion does not launch Autodesk :esign >e#iew when 'ou !ublish to the :&?
file format" in the wa' it did with the :& #iewer.
-tee!ing +heel
• The 3teering&heels? feature is not stable when it runs in (!en@9
dis!la' mode.
• There is no )>M9 .m!ort in the ;<-bit #ersion.
• &hen 'ou create a constraint" dashed lines are not drawn correctl' in #iew!orts. To sol#e this
!roblem turn off the )iew+ube? feature.
0xposu!e .ont!ol
• Ax!osure control is not full' su!!orted in #iew!orts. &hen control is enabled" under certain
conditions the #iew!ort and the rendered image might #ar' a lot in terms of brightness and
Running 3ds Max 2009
• 3ds Max 2009 cannot start u! from a ma!!ed network dri#e" e#en if that dri#e is actuall' on
the local machine. Attem!ting to run 3ds Max from a ma!!ed dri#e causes a securit'
• *ndo or >edo of ile 9ink o!erations on sa#ed files with radiosit' causes a crash.
,ile I/2
,"3 Impo!t40xpo!t
• To ensure backward com!atibilit'" use #ersion 2009 of the %6
file format !lug-in for all
a!!lication #ersions ,for exam!le" 3ds Max 9" 3ds Max 200B" Autodesk
B.C software"

Ma'a 200B software-.
• &ith the %6 !lug-in" 'ou should onl' read or write to network locations that are ma!!ed as a
drive letter ,as o!!osed to a *2+ !ath-.
&oading 3ds Max 5iles
• 3ds Max 9 *)& animation is lost when 'ou o!en a scene file in 3ds Max 2009
Re6it Inte!ope!a%ilit/
• (nl' the current 3: Autodesk
software #iew is im!orted into 3ds Max 2009
• >e#it alwa's ex!orts units in feet to %6" e#en when the >e#it scene is metric units
• All lights im!orted from >e#it ha#e the same name
• The !hotometric file ,.ies, of a light im!orted from >e#it into 3ds Max 2009 has a different
name than the one dis!la'ed in >e#it. The file used b' the light in 3ds Max 2009 is otherwise
identical to the one used b' the light in >e#it
$!ocedu!al and 0ssential -kills Mo6ies
• The 4rocedural and Assential 3kills Mo#ies shi!!ed with 3ds Max 2009 are o!timiDed for
&indows 32-bit machines. .f 'ou ha#e an' issues #iewing the Assential 3kills Mo#ies we
recommend that 'ou tr' #iewing the lash
mo#ies a#ailable on autodesk.com. Eou can #isit
htt!$==www.autodesk.com=3dsmax-essentials to #iew these mo#ies.
$hotomet!ic &ights
• The !re#iew of !hotometric web distributions is fli!!ed b' 5B0 degrees. The !hotometric web
does dis!la' correctl' in #iew!orts and does render correctl'.
.olo! .o!!ection
• There is a crash in the 9ightness rollout of the new +om!osite Ma!. .f 'ou switch from
3tandard to Ad#anced and then re!eat the same switch" 3ds Max 2009 will crash.
• *sing Mono+hrome" .n#ert" or +ustom radio buttons causes a !rogram error. Also" if 'ou
a!!l' a +olor +orrect ma! to the diffuse com!onent" close the Material Aditor" and reset 3ds
Max 2009" 'ou will get a !rogram error.
.omposite Map
• &hen used in a bum! channel" onl' the 2ormal %lend Mode is su!!orted.
• This feature works well if the s!line is inside the mesh. .f the s!line is outside the mesh or
on the surface" it will be un!redictable or will not react at all.
• &hen working with com!lex scenes that cause 'our machine to run out of resources" the
Auto+am feature can cause noticeable !erformance degradation. .f 'ou encounter this
issue it is suggested that 'ou full' disable the Auto+am !lug-in.
8o disa%le the Auto.am plug)in:
5. +lose Autodesk 3ds Max 2009.
2. .n the Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 root folder ,:efault !ath C:\-rogram &iles\Autodeskds
*ax 200- o!en the \stdplugs folder in &indows
3. 9ocate the file called AutoCam*ax.gup.
<. >ight-click the file and select >ename.
C. >ename the file to AutoCam*ax.gup."ak.
;. >estart Autodesk 3ds Max 2009.
2ote$ To re-enable this feature rename the file to AutoCam*ax.gup.
,inal 1athe! Rollout
• (n the >ender dialog F .ndirect .llumination tab" when the readGwrite file checkbox in the
inal @ather rollout is enabled" an automatic !ath and file name will be assigned. This default
&+map file is onl' a#ailable for the current session" and will not be usable in future sessions.
To fix this !roblem rename the file so that 'ou can reuse it in future sessions.
• .f 'ou change the initial settings for tool o!tions and *. la'out to 3ds Max mental ra'

software and then restart 3ds Max 2009" 'ou might run into render !roblems with the Hair
shader if 'ou set the acti#e renderer back to scanline.
mental !a/ $!oxies
• Eou can a!!l' modifiers to mental ra' !roxies. The modifiers do not affect the render" and
usuall' do nothing to !rox' geometr'. As of now" the onl' known modifier that alters the !rox'
is 3kew.
Rende!ed ,!ame +indow
• &hen 'ou use the 32-bit floating-!oint frame" the following render effects are incom!atible$
 All lens effects
 %lur
 %rightness and +ontrast
 ilm @rain
 Motion %lur
 :e!th of ield
-cene 3Re5
• .f 'ou render a master scene file that contains scene 6>efs" disable the 0Automatic *!date1
o!tion on all 6>efs before 'ou render.
Autodesk/ D0&/ 1xposure/ &2%/ *a3a/ 4e5it/ Steering0heels/ 6ie7Cu"e/ and 3ds *ax are trademarks or registered
trademarks o# Autodesk/ $nc. in the )SA and other countries. mental ra3 is a registered trademark o# mental images +m"8
licensed #or use "3 Autodesk/ $nc. All other "rand names/ product names/ or trademarks "elong to their respecti5e holders.
Autodesk reser5es the right to alter product o##erings and speci#ications at an3 time 7ithout notice/ and is not responsi"le #or
t3pographical or graphical errors that might appear in this document.
9 200: Autodesk/ $nc. All rights reser5ed.