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Primary Elections are about electing the best person for the ofce.

In the general
you can pick the lesser of two bad choices if you don't get someone who walks
the talk through the primary options... Happy campaigning out there! Don't forget
to have fun and make friends while you are on the campaign trail. #R3s #4life
@scrosnoe on twitter

This flyer is a snapshot of real grassroots candidates and champions of liberty going door
to door. Would you like to help? Or should we let the media and the out of state money
decide who best represents us?

If you havent met these candidates and want to do so please come join our Rock the
Vote event May 18th at Sooner Park in Bartlesville from 2-5PM details on facebook event

Governors Race: Mary Fallin and her support of
Common Core and lack of support of civil liberties
recent vetoes causes many of us to be unable to
support her. Dax Ewbank on the other hand is run-
ning on a very simple platform which may strike a
cord with people who truly want less government.

US Senate Race: Several candidates are in the race
but the choice is clear to most of the grassroots people I know. Randy Brogdon served us
well in the Oklahoma Senate and will carry the message of limited constitutional govern-
ment to DC.

Congressional Race (CD01): Congressman Jim Bridenstine did not pull any opposition
in the primary. Wonder why? He is a principled man with backbone! Please thank him for
his service!

State Representative HD10: This is an open seat vacated by Steve Martin. Randy Bar-
nett is uniquely qualified to serve this district. Randys bio and contact info here. More
available on his website

Sincerely yours,
Sandra Crosnoe
Vote in the Republican Primary on June 24, 2014
Walk blocks; make phone calls; make friends = Elect People of Principle.
To volunteer to help use the links above to plug in!

Washington County Oklahoma Grassroots Sample Flyer