Melanie Cruse
Mr. Isdell
English IV
4 December 2013
High School Drop!u"s
#hin$ abou" %ha" &ou could do in 2' seconds( no" a lo". )ccording "o DoSome"hing.!rg *11
+ac"s )bou" High School Dropou" ,a"es- abou" .(000 people a da& ma$e "he li/e al"ering decision o/
dropping ou" e0er& 2' seconds. In #he 1ni"ed S"a"es o/ )merica &ou are no" considered legal un"il "he
age o/ 12( "ha" means e0er& &ear roughl& 2.3 million minors are ma$ing a decision "ha" is going "o
nega"i0el& change "heir li/e based on 45ha" seems good righ" no%.6. #he mis"a$es "ha" "hese dropou"s
ha0e made do no" onl& e//ec" "hem and "heir curren" or /u"ure /amilies( bu" i" e//ec"s "he na"ion as a
%hole( ma$ing e0er&one pa& /or a choice "he& ha0e made as a harebrained adolescence.
I" is no" an& surprise "ha" s"uden"s do no" /ind school in"eres"ing. #oda&7s genera"ion o/ "eens see
school as an irrele0an" s"ep in "he process o/ li/e. Man& s"uden"s /ind school repe"i"i0e( gro% "ired o/
doing "he same "hing &ear a/"er &ear( %hich is %h& boredom and being unin"eres"ed in school is ano"her
huge percen"age o/ %h& s"uden"s do dropou". 5h& bo"her %i"h school( once &ou learn basic ma"h( and
grammar8 Coun"less s"uden"s belie0e school has no o"her bene/i"s( and "ha" "he& can 9us" go in"o "he
%orld and carr& "he %eigh" o/ i" on "heir shoulders %i"h no bumps in "he road. School "eaches &ou
o"her%ise and "ha" is %h& man& schools ha0e decided "o add special"& classes and magne" programs( "o
help $eep s"uden"s a""en"i0eness in school. High school also "eaches &ou %ho &ou are as a person( i"
"eaches &ou "hings &ou ne0er $ne% abou" &oursel/( and i" sho%s &ou ho% "o main"ain rela"ionships.
)s s"a"ed earlier high school dropou"s nega"i0el& e//ec" "he econom& also( DoSome"hing.!rg
*11 +ac"s )bou" High School Dropou" ,a"es- also s"a"ed "he& earn :200(000 less "han a high school
gradua"e and almos" :1(000(000 less "han a college gradua"e in "heir li/e"ime( pu""ing less mone& in "he
econom&. ;o" "o men"ion "hose %ho end up on go0ernmen" assis"ance such as /ood s"amps( %el/are(
and o"her public assis"ance programs. DoSome"hing.!rg also goes on and con"inues %i"h "he /ac" "ha"
.3 percen" o/ all crimes cause in "he coun"r& are cause b& high school dropou"s( lea0ing onl& 23 percen"
"o "hose %ho do ha0e a high school diploma or <.E.D.
In 2013 celebri"ies ma& ha0e more o/ an in/luence on "oda&=s "eens and children "hen
e0er be/ore. >ids see "hem and %an" "o mimic %ha" "he& ha0e( and %ill do almos" an&"hing "o achie0e
i". #oda& $eeping "ags on i" is easier "han e0er be/ore. Man& celebri"ies ha0e comple"ed school( bu" i" is
no" "he ones %ho ha0e "ha" &ou hear abou". #he ones "ha" &ou hear abou" are "he ones %ho dropped ou"
and %as "he luc$& one in a million people "o achie0e grea"ness /rom an ac"ing or musical career and
ha0e e0er&"hing %or$ ou". ?es( "here ha0e been se0eral no"able public /igures "o be high school
dropou"s. +or e@ample( a 0er& popular one is Da0id #homas "he crea"or o/ "he 5end&7s res"auran"
chain( he le/" high school in his "eenage &ears bu" decided "o go bac$ and /inish school( due "o "he /ac"
"ha" he did no" %an" people "o "hin$ o/ him as a popular dropou" success s"or&. Aeople li$e him are "he
ones "ha" /u"ure genera"ions should loo$ up "o. His message sa&s "ha" e0en "hough he did ma$e a
mis"a$e he correc"ed i"( did %ha" %as righ" and be""ered himsel/ and he %an"s o"hers "o do "he same.
)l"hough some dropou" due "o /amil& needs( such as ha0ing a bab&( i/ an&"hing "ha" is an e@cuse
"o $eep going. #een paren"s ha0e "he oppor"uni"& "o pro0e s"a"is"ics %rongs and sho% e0er&one "ha" he&
can rise abo0e "he challenge o/ ha0ing a child a" a &oung age and con"inuing on %i"h "heir o%n personal
educa"ion. Aeople ha0e also been $no%n "o drop ou" due "o /amil& /inancial needs( bu" in "he long run
s"a&ing in school is enough "o "urn "he mone& si"ua"ion around. S"a&ing in school un"il "he end %ill earn
&ou an e@"ra :200(000 in &our li/e"ime.
#he demographics in dropou" ra"es in "he &ear o/ 2012 according "o *High
School Dropou" ,a"es- s"a"e "ha" )/rican)merican and Hispanic &ou"h are more li$el& "o dropou" "han
)sian)mericans and Caucasians( and "ha" 4 percen" o/ %hi"es school age %ere no" enrolled no"
a""ending school compared "o B percen" o/ )/rican)mericans and 13 percen" o/ Hispanics( and )sian
)mericans %ere "he lo%es" ran$ing in a" 3 percen". In "he gender demographic males ran$ed . percen"(
%here as /emales ran$ed in a" ' percen". In "he 43 &ears proceeding 2012( "he "o"al dropou" ra"e dropped
/rom 1..0 percen" "o '.' percen"( a 10.4 percen" di//erence in 43 &ears. #he dropou" ra"e no% s"ands 3.1
percen" lo%er "han i" did a &ear and a hal/ ago and hope/ull& %ill con"inue "o go lo%er un"il i" reaches 0.
Aeople in o"her coun"ries dream and %ish "ha" "he& had "he oppor"uni"ies "ha" %e ha0e access "o
in "he 1ni"ed S"a"es( &e" %e "a$e i" /or gran"ed repea"edl&. S"a"e Mas"er repor"ed "ha" onl& 2'.3 percen"
o/ )mericans gradua"e /rom high school( %hich doesn7" seem li$e a horrible number( bu" %hen &ou loo$
a" "he /a0orable circums"ances "ha" %e ha0e "here is no e@cuse /or us "o no" "a$e ad0an"age o/ "hem.
Mos" s"uden"s claim "ha" %hen "he& dropou" "ha" i" is because o/ lac$ o/ adul" in0ol0emen"( %he"her i" is
/rom a school /acul"& member or paren"C guardian member. Schools agree and 1ni"ed 5a& o/
S"anislaus Coun"& *3 ,easons S"uden"s Dropou" o/ High School - repor"ed 4Aaren" engagemen" %as
mos" o/"en repor"ed as a necessar& /ac"or /or a child "o be success/ul in school. D. educa"ional suppor"
*bo"h /inancial and emo"ional- /rom paren"s is $e& "o a child "o a child being success/ul and s"a&ing in
school.6. Sa&ing "ha" i/ paren"s gi0e "heir $ids some"hing as simple as "he lo0e and a//ec"ion "ha" "he&
are supposed "o alread& gi0e and /eel "o%ards "heir child( could s"op high school dropou"s %hich raises
our gradua"ion ra"e( and ha0e "he e//ec" o/ also raising our econom&.
#o /i@ "he problem %e need "o ma$e i" harder "o dropou" o/ school in "he na"ion. Drop !u"
Are0en"ion *E//ec"i0e S"ra"egies /or Dropou" Are0en"ion- sa&s "ha" %e need "o ma$e sure "ha" ou" /u"ure
leaders ha0e sa/er learning en0ironmen"s( adul" in0ol0emen"( men"oring( "u"oring( ac"i0e learning( and
oneonone in"erac"ion( 9us" as a /e% sugges"ions in ma$ing s"uden"s /eel li$e "heir educa"ion is
impor"an" and i"s no" 9us" some"hing "ha" is useless and some"hing "ha" is going "o be "hro%n "o "he side.
)dding in special"& and "rade classes so s"uden"s can learn a cra/"( or enhance a old one. 5hich in "he
long run %ill ma$e "hem en9o& school more as a %hole.
In pre0ious genera"ions %hen dropping ou" o/ high school i" %as easier "o /ind a 9ob or career(
bu" in "oda&7s econom& "he need /or a diploma is almos" necessar& and according "o Statistics Brain( B0
percen" o/ 9obs in "he 1ni"ed S"a"es a high school dropou" is no" eligible /or *4High School Dropou"
S"a"is"ics6-. #oda& a high school diploma can barel& ge" &ou a 9ob a" "he all /amous e@ample o/
McDonald=s. #he mili"ar& %on7" e0en accep" "hose %ho do no" ha0e a diploma /rom high school and
limi"s "hose %ho ha0e a <eneral EEui0alenc& Diploma *<.E.D.-. )s a na"ion i" is our du"& "o do
%ha"e0er %e can "o ma$e a coun"r& be""er as a %hole( s"ar"ing %i"h educa"ion o/ curren" and /u"ure
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