Steven Carpenter

QR Code Quest Assignment
1. How does this code quest support your lesson?
This QR code quest supports the lesson that I created by providing the students with
support materials that they can go to at my ePortfolio
Once they have gone to this site, they will be able to see various QR codes that they can
access via a QR reader and be taken to the site that displays the material that can help
them study the topic more thoroughly.
2. How will you use this code quest in the classroom? (i.e. Will you post QR codes
around the room? Will you provide a handout with the QR codes as possibly a worksheet
to be completed?)
I intend to use my ePortfolio as the standard place where the students can go to find the
assignment and the accompanying QR codes. I intent to post this QR code prominently
on the door of the classroom. I will embed each assignment along with its QR codes
under the tab entitled “assignments” and the QR site will have its own tab for the students
to click on.
3. Which QR code creator did you use? -- I used KAYWA as my QR code creator.
Provide a very brief evaluation of the QR code creator. – I found this site to be very easy
to use. I decided to create my own account and now I can quickly see all of the codes that
I have created on the main screen after logging in.
4. Which QR code reader do you plan to use? – I plan on using the QR code reader that
my instructor put onto the iPod Touch that I used.
Provide a very brief evaluation of the QR code reader. – I found the Apple reader on the
iPod touch to be very easy to navigate and the response time was immediate.

“Tener” + que + infinitive (to have to) Spanish Lesson

My ePortfolio for QR codes – This QR code will take you to my ePortfolio site
where you can see QR codes that you can scan and open up websites that
contain supporting material to this lesson.

iPod uploaded voice recording – This QR code will take you to a voice recording
that will help you hear and practice speaking using the assigned verb.

YouTube Video by Maestro Kaplan – This QR code will take you to a YouTube
video that you can watch on the subject of this verb lesson and its uses.

 – This QR code will take you to an excellent website
depicting how “tener” + que + infinitive is used.

 – This QR code will give you grammar assistance as
you master the use of the verb formations in today’s assignment.

Study Spanish Quiz – This QR code will take you to a quiz that is pertinent to the
verb that is covered in this assignment.