A l s o I n s i d e . . .
Investigative Report
PLUS. . .
by Dr. Namdi Okeke
There is a saying among Black elders that if you lie you'll
steal and if you steal you'll kill. George Bush stole the presiden-
tial election of 2000. He lied to the Country about weapons of
mass destruction being in Iraq and that Iraq was an imminent
threat to the national security of the United States. Then George
Bush willingly and knowingly sent American military service
members to needlessly die
and become wounded in an
unprecedented so called
"pre emtive" war in Iraq.
The Bush administration's
attack upon the sovereign
country of Iraq had three
main objectives: (1) to
carry out a Bush family
vendetta against the gov-
ernment of Iraq led by
President Saddam Hussein
(after supplyingHussien to wage chemicalwar against Iran and
the Iranian Revolution) ; (2) seize direct US control of the Iraqi
oil; (3) to eliminate a formidable foe of Israel. As the U.S. inva-
sion force took up quarter in the city last year the history comes
to mind the strategy that the Russians used in abandoning
Moscow to the invasion army of Napoleon Bonaparte in the 19th
Century that eventually led to the disastrous retreat of Napoleon's
army from Russia under non-stop guerilla attacks.
Once the invasion force was settled into Baghdad the strategy
of the Iraqi leadership to relinquish control of the capital and the
rest of the country without a major battle and then stage hit and
run guerilla styled attacks on the American/coalition forces
became more and more apparent as time passed. In the eyes of
the public the search for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was
carried on as if it was simply a matter of time before the evidence
against Saddam Hussein's government would be found. Small
mention was made of the 267 Americans who had lost their lives
in Bush's war of aggression at that point. (May 1st2003). Never
have any chemical, biological or nuclear weapons been found in
Then began the daily roadside bombings that have taken such
a toll in lives of US service members in killed and wounded.
This kind of attack coined a new military reference, "IED"
(improvised explosive device). These are essentially homemade
high explosive bombs are concealed along roads that US convoys
or vehicles pass and exploded either by contact or remote control
with devastating results that kill or maim with disfiguring burns.
Besides contend-
ing with roadside
bombs the Bush
occupation force
became the
stepped-up target
of the deadly
RPG (rocket pro-
pelled grenade)
made famous in
the movie
Blackhawk Down
about the US mil-
itary's most
shameful defeat in it's history at the hands of Somali warlords
armed with RPG's who in one day shot down three US helicop-
Dead US Soldier. Over 650
US Soldiers have been killed
in the unjust occupation of
ters, killed 18
Special Forces
Rangers and wound-
ed over 70 in
Somalia. At their
peak the US mili-
tary in Iraq was
coming under attack
from IDE's and
RPG's 80 times a
day. The US casual-
ty lists in killed and
wounded began to
rise. Adding fire
power to their
attacks the Iraqi resistance started using mortars, rockets, suicide bombers,
car bombs and traditional Kalishinokov (AK-47) rifle assaults in their
offensive against the occupation force and their collaborators both foreign
and Iraqi. In reminiscence of the movie Blackhawk Down the Iraqi resist-
ance began to fine a constant mark in US helicopters. Showing added
sophistication in their attacks the resistance began to take deadly aim at
low flying US and coalition aircraft with SAM's (shoulder fire surface to
air missiles).
Despite the capture of Saddam Hussien and the open display murder of
his two sons, the resistance against America and her conspirators has con-
tinued bloody and unabated. This has boggled the mind of the American
white man who deceives only himself into believing that the people were
fighting for Saddam Hussien rather that their national dignity, cultural
integrity and independent religious values.
The overwhelming majority of coalition casualties since the start of the
Iraq war, penned by the Bush Administration as Operation Iraqi Freedom,
have been American. There have been as of March 19, 2004 755 known
coalition deaths in Iraq among them 657 Americans, 63 Britons. The
army has sustained the largest amounts of casualties by far in dead and
wounded in Iraq, followed by the marines. The air force has lost 7 dead,
the navy 8 dead and the CIA has lost eight of its agents killed in Iraq.
Several top US officials in Iraq have had close calls when their aircraft or
residence in Iraq have come under attack, including Four Star Gen.
Tommie Franks and the US civilian administrator L. Paul Bremer.
The youngest US soldier to die in Iraq has been 18 year old black youth
David Evans, Jr. killed May 24, 2003 when an ammunition dump he was
assigned to guard suddenly blew up. His body was not immediately found.
David attended Kensington High School in Buffalo, N.Y. he left behind an
infant son he never saw. His father when notified of his son's death said
David joined the army to make something of himself.
The Department of Defense routinely does not report US casualties in
wounded service members unless there is a death involved. Therefore,
many US wounded service members in Iraq go unreported. Officially the
Department of Defense lists 3, 040 US wounded in the Iraq war. Several
reliable Iraq war tracking sources place the correct number of US wound-
ed in Iraq between 7,000 to 10,000. Many of the wounds are burn wounds
leaving the soldiers horribly disfigured. Also amputees abound from the
Iraq war.
10 US helicopters have been shot down killing dozens of U.S. Soldiers.
It has become common news to see the devils helicopters spinning out of
control, come crashing and burning to the ground at the hands of a com-
mon freedom fighter with fear of God alone in him.
The cost of the Iraq war to date stands at 104 billion and 100 million dol-
lars and counting.
Black Men fighting in a White Mans War.
See Ten Point Program Point #6
Bush’s Illegal Invasion Results In Complete Catastrophe
“Military Defeat” continued on page 3
Sec. of Def. Rumsfel d (l eft) Pres. Bush (ri ght)
Some 20 US military personnel have
committed suicide in Iraq or upon return-
ing home. (UPI) Many others have sud-
denly began showing signs of mental ill-
ness and are being treated in the United
There have been upwards of 20 suicide car bombings in Iraq and an undetermined
number of individual suicide bombings. On March 2, 2004 two female suicide
bombers reportedly blew themselves up in the midst of Shiite Muslim celebration of
their 3rd most holiest day. Some 140 Shiite Muslims are killed in a combination of
car bombings and individual suicide bombers and mortar shelling in today's bombing
attacks in Kabala and Baghdad. Over 1,500 Iraqis have been killed in suicide or mar-
tyr attacks that have been targeted at U.S. bases and police stations. It appears that
anyone cooperating with the Americans or near the United States risks death. Note
that Iraq had no suicide bombings reported ever in the previous century or back into ancient times.
Despite news media and government statements to the contrary the moral of US service personnel in Iraq is very low. Some soldiers are
shooting themselves to be sent home. Popular unrest and chaos is more apparent by the day in Iraq. March 2004 is rated as the bloodiest
month in the Iraq war when multiple bombings in Kabala and Baghdad have killed over 140 Iraqis and wounded thousands.
The United Stated illegal intervention is responsible for the chaos and violence into Iraq. An outside invader cannot maintain order in Iraq
and the country's decsent into total chaos and disorder is the hand writing on the wall. This war is a complete failure and disaster.
WASHINGTON -- President Bush's grandfather was a director of a bank
seized by the federal government because of its ties to a German industri-
alist who helped bankroll Adolf Hitler's rise to power, government docu-
ments show.
Prescott Bush was one of seven directors of Union Banking Corp., a New
York investment bank owned by a bank controlled by the Thyssen family,
according to recently declassified National Archives documents reviewed
by The Associated Press.
Fritz Thyssen was an early financial supporter of Hitler, whose Nazi party Thyssen believed
was preferable to communism. The documents do not show any evidence Bush directly aided that effort. His position with Union Banking
never was a political issue for Bush, who was elected to the Senate from Connecticut in 1952.
Reports of Bush's involvement with the seized bank have been circulating on the Internet for years and have been reported by some main-
stream media. The newly declassified documents provide additional details about the Union Banking-Thyssen connection.
Trent Duffy, a spokesman for President Bush, declined to comment.
Union Banking was owned by a Dutch bank, Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaardt N.V., which was "closely affiliated" with the German con-
glomerate United Steel Works, according to an Oct. 5, 1942, report from the federal Office of Alien Property Custodian. The Dutch bank and
the steel firm were part of the business and financial empire of Thyssen and his brother, Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, the report said.
The 4,000 Union Banking shares owned by the Dutch bank were registered in the names of the seven U.S. directors, according a document
signed by Homer Jones, chief of the division of investigation and research of the Office of Alien Property Custodian, a World War II-era
agency that no longer exists.
E. Roland Harriman, the bank chairman and brother of former New York Gov. W. Averell Harriman, held 3,991 shares. Bush had one share.
Both Harrimans and Bush were partners in the New York investment firm of Brown Brothers, Harriman and Co., which handled the financial
transactions of the bank as well as other financial dealings with several other companies linked to Bank voor Handel that were confiscated by
the U.S. government during World War II.
Union Banking was seized by the government in October 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. No charges were brought against
Union Banking's American directors. The federal government was too busy trying to fight the war, said Donald Goldstein, a professor of
public and international affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.
"We did not have the resources to do these things," Goldstein said.
Fritz Thyssen broke with the Nazis in 1938 over their persecution of Catholics and Jews, and fled to Switzerland. He later was arrested and
spent 1941 to 1945 in a Nazi prison. His brother lived in Switzerland from 1932 to 1947 but continued to operate businesses in Germany.
Helicopters are being shot down and despite so-
called superior technology, training and numbers,
America cannot suppress guerilla resistance in
“Military Defeat” continued from page 2
D R . K H A L L I D A B D U L M U H A M M A D
Decl assi f i ed Publ i c Report ( 4- 4- 04) news edi t
Was Dr Khallid Abdul Muhammad assassinated? How did
Khallid Muhammad die? This question has been asked by many
since the militant Leader of the New Black Panther Party, and the
former National Spokesman for Minister Louis Farrakhan passed
on February 17, 2001.
We, the New Black Panther Party investigation team, are offer-
ing this first Death Report to satisfy the legitimate queries of sup-
porters of Dr. Muhammad. This report is also offered to rebut the
half-truths, misconceptions, and even out right lies that have been
put forth by others. This information is declassified and intended
for public consumption and discussion. We affirm that the public
has a right to know.
While lengthy, we emphasize that this twenty-five page "Report
#1" is not a final Report. A 2004 Report entitled "Was Khallid
Muhammad Assassinated?" will be presented in detail in the
upcoming New Black Panther Newspaper to be released in April
2004, and in the upcoming book about the life of Dr. Muhammad,
called "The Truth Terrorist: Khallid Abdul Muhammad - The Life
of The Most Radical Black Man in Amerikkka." Also, this report
and subsequent clarifications and updates will be carried on the
Party's website at
This investigation is still ongoing, and some questions may take
years to answer. Still to this day, over 30 years later, we are wran-
gling over the deaths of Minister Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther
King, and other revolutionaries. Nevertheless, this report will shed
much light, avoid unnecessary speculation, and give the reader
critical information to draw reasonable conclusions.
One of the reasons that this report has taken time is because it
tends to indict certain individuals for certain actions or non-
actions, and a reasonable time was allotted for parties to be inter-
viewed. Another reason is that it takes time for the truth to come
out. We may have reasonably looked at Dr. Muhammad' s death
one way early on, but as strange occurrences took place, we had to
look in another direction. We expect some controversy to erupt
from this report and opportunities for any one to explain of defend
themselves will be made. We have taken great care to avoid slan-
der, defamation and false allegations against anyone. This Report
is not politically motivated, and not produced to settle any scores
or hurt anyone - only to find the truth. Interviews were carefully
conducted, and our objective findings to date are noted.
We believe this report to be landmark in its character because
we as a people have not properly investigated the deaths of our
How Did Dr. Khallid Muhammad Die?
Was He Assassinated?
The question of "how did Dr. Khallid Muhammad die?" is a valid and
legitimate one. For all those who loved our beloved Black Power
General, the pursuit of such question should be of paramount concern.
The ability to offer proof of such love for Dr. Khallid by any person who
loved him would arise the moment that person knew he was in a life
threatening condition in an Atlanta area Hospital. We have concluded that
attendance at the Hospital was mandatory for any individual or organiza-
tion who claimed to have loved Dr. Khallid. Unlike 1994, in Riverside,
California, where Muhammad's whereabouts were not widely known, it
was widely reported in the media as early as February 14, 2001, that
Muhammad was at Kennestone Hospital In Marietta Georgia. Also here,
unlike in 1994, security risks to the visitor was not a factor.
If you were: a) Concerned about his condition;
b) His possible recovery;
c) The doctors who were treating him;
d) The security around him;
e) His family;
f) His organization and most importantly-
g) Investigating the actual cause of death whether or not
this was an assassination on our leader…..
then you would have come directly to the hospital to get answers to these
critical questions. The knowledge that he was at Kennestone Hospital in
Marietta, Georgia was public knowledge. We have the list of those who
bothered to show up. We also have the list of those who did not, or
refused to show up, and have concluded that no excuse whatsoever suf-
fices for any true supporter from not dropping everything and rushing to
his side in Atlanta, and remaining until his expiration. It is well estab-
lished that any concerned person who was a friend of Dr. Muhammad
could come to the hospital, talk to the leader's family, talk to his doctors,
observe the security, and even see Dr Muhammad himself.
Background on Assassination Attempts
Against Dr. Khallid Muhammad
We find that Dr. Khallid Muhammad was a loved and hated man.
Muhammad rebounded after his suspension/isolation from the Nation of
Islam in early 1994, to great popularity and later convened the controver-
sial Million Youth March in Harlem, NY, in September 1998. Many
thought he was finished after the Marchers' notorious clash with NYC
police, but Muhammad resurfaced as the National Chairman of the New
Black Panther Party that was spreading rapidly at the time of his passing.
Despite growing pains, the New Black Panther Party under Muhammad's
leadership was probably his most threatening position due to his ability to
organize nationwide and implement his militant agenda in a tangible form
that had not been seen since he was a leader in the Nation of Islam. Now
that Muhammad was on his own, and his followers were organizing and
carrying guns, it is fair to say that by February 2001, Muhammad was in
his most powerful position yet, and the enemy was well at work trying to
undermine the fierce leader. “Death Report” continued on page 5
Khallid Muhammad was
feared and hated by the so-called Jews, hated by the Anti Defamation
League, Jewish Defense League, the Government, and hated by white
America. Dr. Khallid was feared and hated by more than a few Black
People. Khallid Abdul Muhammad was universally condemned for a
November 1993, speech at Kean College that harshly attacked whites,
"Jews," and Black Civil Rights leaders. Pressure was brought to bear on
the Congressional Black Caucus and its leader, Kwesi Mfume, for their
"sacred covenant" with the Nation of Islam, which was established at the
Caucus Convention in September 1993. In February 1994, after consider-
able public pressure, Minister Farrakhan suspended Dr. Khallid
Muhammad from the ministry of the Nation of Islam. Muhammad was
also condemned by every Civil Rights organization, and by a bevy of
white newspapers, organizations and leaders. Then Vice-President, Al
Gore, spoke out on behalf of President Bill Clinton. On February 23,
1994, Dr. Muhammad was officially condemned by the United States
House of Representatives in House Resolution 343; the first time a private
citizen's speech had been rebuked by the government body. Khallid
Muhammad would later say, "I believe it is one of the greatest honors that
a freedom fighter could be paid, to be condemned by his enemy in such a
Despite his suspension and public rebuke, his popularity continued to
grow, and so did his enemies. An April 1994, nationally broadcast "Black
Holocaust" Rally on C-Span at Howard University, with Dr. Leonard
Jeffries, Dr. Tony Martin, Brother Steve Cokely and student host Malik
Zulu Shabazz upped the stakes. Cleary Muhammad's suspension and
rebukes were not stopping his message. A spell-binding major network
interview with Phil Donahue where Muhammad crushed the white talk
show host displayed Muhammad's brilliance in debate, but also sealed
Muhammad's fate.
On May 29, 1994, an assassination attempt took place on Dr.
Muhammad's life after a speech in Riverside, California. The assassin's
name was James Bess, a former Nation of Islam Minister. James Bess was
ultimately convicted of the murder attempt, and is now serving a prison
term. Dr. Muhammad concluded that James Bess did not act alone, and at
minimum, he had contacts with, and was ideologically inspired by some
active Nation of Islam members who were claiming Khallid Muhammad
was "the new Malcolm" and had "turned hypocrite on the Minister
(Farrakhan)." It is equally true that the overwhelming rank and file of the
NOI loved Khallid Muhammad and favored his teachings. Who exactly
was James Bess working for, if anyone is still a question that must be
answered. We have concluded that at least in part, James Bess acted upon
his belief that Dr. Khallid Muhammad was "messing things up for Minister
Farrakhan." But James Bess may also have been financed and supported
by major forces of white supremacy. Witnesses confirm that James Bess
was seen talking to Irv Rubin, the deceased leader of the Jewish Defense
League (JDL) of University of California at Riverside. The JDL also
bailed Bess out of jail.
Minister Hashim Nzinga, a Dallas, Texas, activist and leader of MAAT
(Metropolitan African American Think Tank) was with Dr. Muhammad at
this speech and the hospital, and effectively got the leader out of
California to safety. The security situation was a disaster at the hospital.
Official NOI security ended while Muhammad was in the hospital and pri-
vate soldiers in the NOI loyal to the former Los Angeles Minister provided
Dr. Khallid security and a safe house. Minister Nzinga ferried
Muhammad out of Los Angeles and hooked Dr. Khallid up with the New
Black Panther Party who gave the leader armed security and refuge in
Nzinga's hometown of Dallas, Texas. Muhammad continued to speak at
rallies and organize, even while on crutches and in a wheelchair recuperat-
ing from the assassination attempt.
We visit this assassination attempt for one obvious reason. Whoever
was trying to kill Muhammad failed. It was an "attempt," but it was
unsuccessful. If Muhammad remained a force and a threat, are we to
believe his enemies would give up on their attempts?
Dr. Muhammad's Health
No discussion of Dr. Muhammad's death can be discussed without
addressing facts about the Leader's physical health. It is a fact that Dr.
Muhammad had severe hypertension (high blood pressure)
*for complete analysis please see (
It is for these reasons that when it was reported that Dr. Muhammad
had a stroke or "cerebral hemorrhage," it was a shock, but not a complete
surprise to those in Dr. Muhammad's family, and close associates. The
investigation team in the early months determined, that "at this stage
of the investigation, Dr. Muhammad died of natural causes, but the
investigation is continuing." This determination was reached based
on his medical history, medical reports, and information at hand con-
cerning the cause of death. However, the question had to be
answered concerning whether or not his hypertension condition was
exacerbated, and whether his death was induced by conspiracy via
foreign substances, or otherwise.
Time Line Up To Dr Khallid Muhammad's
Falling Critically Ill
Dr. Khallid Muhammad gave his last speech at Harriet Tubman
School in Harlem, New York on February 10, 2001
*(Please see
This would be the last time that Malik Zulu Shabazz would see
Muhammad alive. Shabazz was a Howard University Undergraduate
when he met Dr. Muhammad in 1988, and would soon become his
most effective political supporter, lawyer, student and confidant. At
the time of Muhammad's death, Shabazz served as his National
Spokesman in the New Black Panther Party, after serving as his right
hand in Muhammad's Million Youth Marches.
Minister Hashim Nzinga met Dr. Muhammad in 1994, brought
him to Dallas several times, and became his personal assistant while
traveling the nation with Muhammad in that controversial time peri-
od. In a near to last speech in Dallas, Muhammad publicly appointed
Nzinga as National Chief of Staff, but Nzinga requested and was
appointed his National Assistant. In much of Muhammad's personal
business, he relied on Hashim Nzinga, even up to the time of his
Muhammad gathered his belongings from Sister Khali's house
and at about 3:00 am departed for Atlanta. The three-man team
stopped at Waffle House in South Carolina and ate about 11:00 am.
At 3:00 pm on Monday, February 12, Muhammad was delivered to
his wife Nefatari Muhammad, whose legal name was Keanne
Ambush. This was the last time Hashim Nzinga would see his leader.
Dr. Muhammad's wife Keanne Ambush
(Nefatari Muhammad)
It is the opinion of these writers that Khallid
Abdul Muhammad was in love at the time of his
death. From every account, they were in love and
headed for a great future. In 1999, he met
Ambush, who worked at a shoe store in downtown
Atlanta called Friedman's. Friedman's is owned
and operated by European Jews. Ambush worked
for them since she was a teenager and boasted fre-
quently that these European Jews called her "their
daughter," but that she "didn't give a damn about
them." According to Ambush, she ran Friedman's
business and did their bidding on shoes. She was close with the
father and owner of the store chain. She traveled extensively on their
Muhammad pursued Ambush for many months and she consis-
tently rebuffed him; then suddenly, one day she called him and told
him she was interested in being with him. They fell in love.
In December 2000, he took a trip to Egypt (Kemet) with Keanne
Ambush who took the name Nefetari Muhammad, and the two mar-
ried. She is very attractive and they looked good together.
Out of respect for our leaders feelings concerning his wife, we
have been very patient, and given her every benefit of the doubt. We
have attempted to contact Ms. Ambush over and over again to be
interviewed for this Report, but she has refused to respond. We have
thus concluded, that she has failed to live up to her obligation as the
wife of such a great man, and her corresponding duty to participate in
this investigation, let alone the furthering of his revolutionary
The Night Dr. Khallid Muhammad Fell Ill:
According to our immediate investigation at the hospital the week
Muhammad was ill, and a
“Death Report” continued from page 4
“Death Report” continued on page 26
The Source Magazine,
backed by an armada of
rappers and activists,
launched an all out assault
on Eminem, who's latest
transgression was the
revealing of rap tapes that contained racist lyrics.
The Source calls it's February Issue "The Most Explosive Issue
Ever" and it comes plastic wrapped with a 5 track CD called a
"Special Editorial Audio Supplement" which features Malik
Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party, Poet Nikki Giovanni and
Radio Host Bob Law all roasting White rapper Eminem over his
racist lyrics where Eminem explicitly declares that White women
are better than Black B****S and that Black B****S aint shit,
dumb, stupid and other racially defamatory statements.
On Malik Shabazz' track the "Hip Hop Lawyer' exposes
Eminem as "like an Elvis Presley who has "really ripped us off
and "exploited his whiteness and the usurpation of the hip hop
industry to garner himself millions and deceived a Black
Following. So this is good that (The Source) has come out so
Black People can see Eminem for what he really is"
The entire issue objectively
torches Eminem for his ripping
off of the Hip Hop Culture while
really being a racist and an
admitted "satanist" at the same
time. Hip Hop Claps Back on
page 80-81 of The Source where
every one from Styles P to Mack
10 to Suge Knight sound off and
declare war on Eminem.
Malik Zulu Shabazz again is fea-
tured in this section as he breaks
down the double standard in the
media when it comes to treat-
ment of Black figures like
Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant versus the
treatment Eminem receives. Shabazz also says"
He (Eminem) cant be allowed to get away with
a mere retraction when the evidence on him is
already in....His Black fans should remember
this and it should reflect in his future record
Shabazz says the New Black Panther Party is
spearheading a new rap music advocacy move-
ment called "Hip Hop 4 Black Unity". He says
the Movement will deal "head on with racism in
the Music industry, hold artists accountable,
produce better music, unite the dissatisfied and become a powerful force in
Hip Hop politics".
Shabazz also stated that he has "declared war on Eminem" and would
soon launch a "new shocking round of direct attacks" on the rapper at any
given point in the country with the help of the 44 chapters of New Black
Panther Party for Self Defense, a throwback group from the late 60's that is
currently filled with Black youth, ex-gang members, college students, hip-
hop heads and the like. Shabazz inherited leadership over the group from the
late Hip Hop icon Khallid Muhammad who died under controversy in 2001.
From the look of groups website at:
WWW.NEWBLACKPANTHER.COM, clearly this is an organization that
"Slim Shady " does not want beef with.
Attorney Shabazz, also a spokesman for the legal advocacy group Black
Lawyers For Justice is playing an ever increasing role in race, entertainment,
law and politics. The lawyer for the Southern rap group UGK was recently
a keynote speaker at the Michael Jackson arraignment in Santa Maria
County and has battled with talk show hosts Geraldo Rivera and Bill
O'Reilly around issues of racism and legal issues in the Jackson case.
Shabazz and the New Black Panthers music can also be heard on
The Source Magazine website is WWW. THESOURCE.COM
This Writer can be reached at
Eminem’s Lyrics in his own words...
Track 1
There's so many styles I might get thrown
And here's the place where I like to roam
And all the girls that I like to bone
Have the big butts, no they don't
'Cause I don't like that nigger shit
I'm just here to make a bigger hit
When I be kickin the hypest, dopest rhyme
Just say Eminem is the best of all times...Yeah!
I'm running out of breath so here's Chaos Kid with
the flow of death
Track 2
I seen a Black girlfriend and I kissed her
I kissed her; I placed it on her cheek
And she didnt come back til next week
Now It was next week and she was back again
Wanting to kiss a white kid
So she was my girlfriend, we started going out
But that's okay because we were black and
Blacks and whites they sometimes mix
But Black girls only want your money cause
they're dumb chicks
So I'ma say like this
Don't date a black girl, take it as a diss
If you want, but if you don't
I'ma tell you like this, I surely won't
Never date a black girl because Blacks only
want your money
And that shit aint funny
So I'ma say look honey
Why do you do this?
You know, you step up to me like you a
Then you try to grab my spinach
Because its green and that's cash
So get outta here, 'cause I don't need your
I said that before, but its okay because like I
said you're a whore
Black girls and white girls just don't mix
Because Black girls are dumb and white
girls are good chicks
White girls are good; I like white girls
I like white girls all over the world
white girls are fine and they blow my mind
Stay up to date on the Hip-Hop
Cracker Watch....
The Little Devil
The African Roots of the 5 Elements of Hip-Hop
by: Jamarhl Crawford (aka Nat Turner Devil Burner)
Historically there are 4 elements of Hip-Hop. Here, we have
added one correcting what we view as an oversight and unfair neglect
of a very important element in Hip-Hop. We have added the Beat
Box. There are others I have heard in discussion who seek to add
Fashion or Style as an element which may have some validity as
much like the DJ, through the use of African Innovation/Invention we
gave new use and “flavor” to something that was not intended for that
use, in this case items of clothing and various accessories that were
not intended to be Hip-Hop but when we added on they became Hip-
Hop by our individual tastes and our overall style as a people. Ex:
Adidas, Pumas, Kangol, Fatigues, Levis or Lees, Graffiti Jean Jackets,
Goose Down, Baseball Hats, Overalls, Hankerchiefs, etc.
(All elements of Hip-Hop are equal. There is no order of importance
or distinction of which element is best.)
1. The MC is the modern griot, storyteller, scribe, and oral his-
torian. The MC has roots in the Dozens, Scat, Doo Wop, Bee Bop, the
rhyming intonations of Preaching, the Pimp “Toasting”, the art of the
Con, Poetry. Modern Influences: The Last Poets, James Brown,
Reggae “DJs” who talked over sound systems, Chat & Dub
2. The Graffiti Artist or Writer is a modern day Pictorial story teller
and artist, hieroglyphics and developer of written scripts and varia-
tions of current script Ex: Arabic written language is not merely com-
municative but has actual artistic value depending on the style in which
the language is written. Comparable to calligraphy.
3. The B-Boy is the modern embodiment of Dance an integral part of our
culture. Break Dancing in particular has roots in Capoeira which traces its
roots to Africa as well as a host of other movements from a collage of
diasporic dance. Dance was and is central to African culture in Praise,
Expression, Celebration, Communication as well as Art.
4. The DJ is the spirit of African Innovation, Invention. The DJ and art of
scratching or blending or looping is the one of only a few musical
advancements in the last century. They created a new instrument by using
something that was only intended to play prerecorded music and making it
an instrument in and of itself by attaching pieces of other music to create
new music. (see note)
5. The Beat Box using the human body as an instrument and as a tool of
communication is very African indeed. From African tribes who use clicks
and whistles as a form of language to the modern jazz offerings of Bobby
McFerrin. From the guttural moans that birthed the blues and gospel to the
art of mimicking the sound of animals. The modern Beat Box illustrates
the point “necessity is the mother of invention” giving voice to many
urban hip-hoppers who did not have the financial means to invest in
equipment to produce music, so they used their bodies to make music.
Note: FYI the other modern innovations in music were also made by us….
The Steel Drum (Pan) in Trinidad turning the abandoned oil drums of big
white businesses from environmental hazards into instruments…. Jazz,
one of the few forms of music indigenous to America this is Black
Classical Music mathematically, aesthetically and audibly superior to the
compositions of Europeans supposed Classical music.
H I P - H O P
Hip-Hop For Black Unity is a movement that seeks to address the many problems faced by the Hip-Hop generation and to offer tan-
gible strategies to alleviate negative conditions that impact Hip-Hop as an Industry and as a component of a larger Black Culture as well as those
who practice it professionally and those who are affected by it, both locally and thus globally. In recognition of the global impact of Hip-Hop and
the critically serious ramifications of that impact we are determined to develop a network and coalition of individuals who seek to use their expert-
ise, influence and resources to create a radical and revolutionary change in Hip-Hop on several levels that parallel the same problems we deal with
as a people. Hip-Hop was not birthed in a bubble but rather is a microcosm of a larger society where problems such as racism and white supremacy
have affected everything from law to politics to business and banking and Hip-Hop did not escape these harsh realities. The Hip-Hop generation is
the offspring of the Soul/Funk Music generation of the 60’s & 70’s and the Civil Rights, Black Power and Black Arts Movements of the same peri-
od. We are the collective children of Reggae, Latin, Funk, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), Rock & Roll, we are steeped in the
ancient African Oral Traditions and the 1-2 Heart Beat of the African Drum.
log on... Change The Game.
Beg For Mercy
The Positive...
The beats are hot
The Negative...The
The Moral; Kill
‘Niggers’, Fuck
‘Bitches’, Sell Drugs, Shoot Guns, Front &
Stunt...make a million.
I really want to like this CD, but after all the
thug business... can we kill some white folks?
Just one? No More Niggers and Bitches. More
Crackers. More Fire.
H I P - H O P R E C O R D R E V I E WS
by UNO The Prophet aka Nat Turner Devil Burner
Not Black Enough
We expected much more from the
Jigga man on his exit from the
game he helped change.
*UNO The Prophet aka Nat Turner
Devil Burner - Split The Prophet
*COUP DA’TA - Executive Orders
Dare To
CD conceived
and created by Dr.
Mutulu Shakur
(Tupac’s Father)
from Atl. Fed
Prison where he is a political prisoner.
Nuff Said. go buy one. better yet buy
10 on GP. THUG LIFE.
GOP Operatives Fund Sharpton
Political candidates never cease to amaze us. The Village Voice recently ran
an article on Al Sharpton and his "little-noticed history of Republican machinations inconsistent with
his fiery rhetoric." Among other things, Sharpton endorsed Al D'Amato in 1986, appeared with
George Pataki two days before his 1994 race against Mario Cuomo, invited Ralph Nader to his head-
quarters on the eve of the 2000 vote, befriended Bill Powers when he was the state GOP chair and
now he is receiving funding from Roger Stone, long time Republican.
What is Sharpton thinking? How could he passionately push the Democratic agenda and then allegedly do business with a Republican
operative behind closed doors? Unfazed by allegations of "sleeping with the enemy," Sharpton declared that he could "talk to anyone I want,"
although he never denied that Stone helped generate monumental contributions and staff the campaign. Bush operative Roger Stone set up
Sharpton’s National campaign structure and secured the finance for the entire project.
We do not deny that Sharpton has carte blanche to talk to whomever he chooses, but why would he deal with a Republican operative,
namely the same man who played a pivotal role in shutting down the Miami-Dade County recount and helping make George W. Bush president in
Stone reportedly explained his interest in working with Sharpton by saying that they had "a mutual obsession: [They] both hate the
Democratic Party." Comments like these matched with Sharpton's behavior have us wondering what his true intentions are. These "Jekyll-Hyde"
actions have left us appalled and in a state of confusion.
By accepting funding from Stone, Sharpton has proven himself to be hypocritical. We have a problem with him pushing the black commu-
nity to follow and support him when is his making himself a puppet to a man who is most likely trying to undermine the democratic party.
He has proclaimed himself a leader of the black community and has tried to distinguish himself, but he needs to make us take him serious-
ly. It is hard to put faith and trust in a man who makes emotional speeches about what he does and is going to do, but for money will succumb to
outside pressures.
Election year 2004 has gotten off to a fast start with candidates scurrying to replace George W. Bush as commander in thief. Any misguided
hopes that Bush would be a moderate were quickly dashed on the rocks of his acrimonious position on policies affecting most Americans and
world citizens. Beginning with his unsubstantiated rejection of the United Nations conference on race in September 2001, George Bush declared
he would not even consider reparations for Africans in America and declared himself to be the unwavering ally of the zionist bastard state of
Israel. Bush then deliberately ignored warnings of an imminent terrorist attack on U.S commuter airlines or Government facilities which resulted
in the events of September 11th. The commander in thief then plotted a course that would use radical policy
responses to the terror attacks. Bush moved to solidify a repressive domestic agenda and an unprecedented
aggressive and repulsive foreign policy. Giving "the finger" to the world, Bush invaded Iraq after intentionally
lying to the world and the American People about Saddam Hussein and his 'weapons of mass destruction' which
were allegedly threatening America. The Unites States military, under the direction of this bald faced liar-
George Bush, unleashed an illegal invasion on Iraq that will prove to be as successful as Napoleon at Waterloo,
Hitler's invasion of Moscow in 1941, or Johnson's escalation of the Vietnam war.
George Bush is the most hated president of all time worldwide. His US approval rating is only 40% and
just 5% in the Black Community. He has no domestic agenda and he has inspired a litany of enemies to come
against America. He is the worst that white supremacy can produce. The President Of the United Snakes is a
liar, a devil in human form and a no-good bastard.
Black People as a result are lining up in waves to support the Democratic nominee John Kerry (D-Mass) falsely believing that the only
option is supporting some one who is 'electable' and can 'Beat Bush' in November.
Disunited, Black Elected officials are lining up to endorse Kerry and not articulating or holding the Democratic party to any agreement on
the Black Agenda and
the critical problems
facing Blacks in America and the world. Gentrification, the warehousing of Black Youth in prison, poor education, Police Brutality, racism, and
reparations are all core Black Agenda issues that have gone undressed in this election season where it appears that Black People will be the politi-
cally exploited whores of the Democratic Party.
"Reverend" Al Sharpton has not even attempted to represent a Black Agenda. He has consistently pandered to white folks and tried
to represent "all Americans", not daring to mention any racially divisive issues. Cracking jokes, bufooning on 'Saturday Night Live' and champi-
oning gay marriages has gotten him about 27 total delegates out of 3,000 at last count. His campaign has failed to excite the Black electorate and
the white man has not voted for him at all. In his own home state he managed a paltry 8% of the vote and never seriously competed in any state
primary, often drawing goose eggs on the scoreboard. Clearly Sharpton's agenda is just to speak at the Democratic Convention and get a few
crumbs that fall from Kerry's table.
John Kerry without a doubt, is just another northern wealthy liberal cracker who will continue the same dis-
respect of Blacks in the Democratic Party as his predecessors. This devil (Kerry) voted to finance the war in Iraq
at the tune of 80 billion dollars. America is run by bankers and corporations. All of these devils who are running
will do the will of the corporations and special interests. One alternative for Black People in this corrupt and deca-
dent political season is to collectively unite and say 'WE WILL WITHOLD OUR VOTE" until guarantees that our
Black Agenda political interests will be met. The Democratic Party can not win without Black support. Either
way, with George W. Bush or John F. Kerry, both of them are devils and like Satan Or Lucifer either which way
we go (at the present rate) we are going to end up in hell.
National Field
National Youth
w h e r e v e r
our peopl e are
S. America
*Cincinnati, Ohio
*Chattanooga, Tennessee
*Raleigh, NC
*Vicksburg, Mississippi
*London, England
*Brooklyn, New York
*Harlem, New York
*Providence, Rhode Island
*Boston, Massachusetts
*Trenton, New Jersey
*Newark, New Jersey
*Patterson, New Jersey
*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
*Baltimore, Maryland
*Washington, D.C.
*South Carolina
*Atlanta, Georgia
*Augusta, Georgia
*Savannah, Georgia
*North Alabama
*Birmingham, Alabama
*New Orleans, Louisiana
*Baton Rouge, Louisiana
*Dallas, Texas
*Jasper, Texas
*Memphis, Tennesee
*St. Louis, Missouri
*Chicago, Illinois
*Rockford, Illinois
*Cleveland, Ohio
*Detroit, Michigan
*Pheonix, Arizona
*Las Vegas, Nevada
*Los Angeles, California
*Villejo, California
*Inland Empire, California
*Lancaster, California
*Tuscaloosa, Alabama
*Rome, Georgia
*Prince George’s County,
and growi ng!
N E V E R T O F A L L A G A I N ! !
Sin-Cinatzi Racist Pigs at
War wi t h Bl ack Communi t y
left: The now infamous beating
below: local youth hold signs that read
“Cincinatti Police are murderers”
The Police Murdered
Their Father.
18 Black Men Killed
by Cincinnati Pigs in
the Last 8 years
Shabazz, Fred Hampton Jr. and other visiting
activists from Chicago and Atlanta organized
Sunday's rally at police headquarters, but
Shabazz said, "We are not outsiders -- we
have been invited to Cincinnati by suffering
Malik Shabazz (R), National Chairman of the
New Black Panther Party, speaks to the crowd
December 7, 2003 not far from the location were
Timothy Thomas was killed by the Cincinnati
police in April, 2001, as they protest the police
department and remember the death of
Nathaniel Jones in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio,
December 7, 2003. 41 years-old Nathaniel Jones
died on November 30, 2003, after a violent strug-
gle with Cincinnati police officers at a fast-food
N B P P Organi z es
agai nst Ci nci nnat i pol i ce
By TOM BEYERLEIN Cox News Service
CINCINNATI -- Flanked by men in paramilitary garb shouting "black power" and "freedom
or death," the national chairman of the New Black Panther Party on Sunday demanded crimi-
nal charges against police and paramedics in connection with the death of Nathaniel Jones,
who died in a Nov. 30 struggle with police.
"We charge the police chief with running a criminal organization that has the blood of 19
black men on its hands," Malik Shabazz of Washington said at a rally outside Cincinnati
police headquarters. "We as a jury have already determined our finding."
"Guilty!" yelled many of the several dozen demonstrators.
The rally had an aggressive edge, as Shabazz called Cincinnati police "pigs" and racists and
described the city's 2001 rioting as "a righteous rebellion against police murder, police brutal-
ity, police terrorism." He called upon black Cincinnatians to "resist by any means necessary."
Jones, 41, died after police used nightsticks to subdue him in a restaurant parking lot as a
police video camera recorded the struggle. The tape has been seen nationwide.
Jones was the 19th black man to have died in encounters with Cincinnati police since 1995.
One white man was also killed during that period.
The death of an unarmed Timothy Thomas while fleeing police touched off the 2001 riots.
K e n n e t h Wa l k e r mu r d e r e d b y GA P i g s ! !
Blacks In Columbus, GA Protest Police Brutality
Hundreds gathered outside the Columbus Consolidated Government
Center in Georgia to listen to speakers addressing the death of Kenneth
B. Walker, who was shot by a Muscogee County Sheriff in December.
The deputy shot Walker in the forehead after deputies pulled over the car
he was riding in on Interstate I-85. The local coroner has said there were
two shots found in the body, both in the head.
Wayne Baker, pastor of Spirit Filled Methodist Church, was the first to
speak to the crowd following the opening prayer.
"I share your grief, I feel your pain," said Pastor Baker. "On (Dec. 10) a
grave injustice was done in this city. Four young men were dragged out
of their car, beaten like animals, dragged in separate directions. Three
survived to tell the story. Unfortunately, Kenny did not survive to tell his
story. Murder was committed. There is no doubt this was a homicide."
Pastor Baker's message was interrupted several times with amens and
applause from the listeners.
NAACP President Edward DuBose told the crowd, "Today, there are
tears in my eyes, tears of anger and tears of frustration. In 10 seconds, a
daughter became fatherless, a wife became a widower and a mother lost
her son. After this gathering today, we want action and God knows it's
about time. We have been patient, we have been on our best behavior,
but now it is time for action. It's too late for Kenneth, but if we don't do
something now - whose son is next?"
On Wednesday, Dec. 16, four professional African American men were
supposedly identified by a police informant as drug suppliers from
Miami who were heavily armed. Who really was inside the vehicle were
four friends en route to a local restaurant to continue their weekly ritual
of male/friendship bonding.
All of that changed when the gray Yukon was pulled over. Eyewitnesses
recounted the incident as the men were being physically snatched from
the car, guns pointed directly in their faces and to the head area, being
thrown to the ground and not being allowed to ask even the simplest of
questions: Why?
It was during this time that 39-year-old Kenneth Walker was shot.
According to the sheriff, he was shot after failing to show both of his
hands. "Mr. Walker refused to follow a direct command from the
deputy." The deputy in turn felt his life was threatened and therefore he
fired two bullets that would end Walker's life.
When the dust settled, a terrible mistake had been made. Walker and his
companions were not drug dealers and they were not armed. The car was
searched and no drugs were found.
Sheriff Johnson has stated on several occasions that Walker was not
under any type of investigation. He was not armed during the time of the
shooting. There were no drugs found on his person, nor were there drugs
found in the car in which he was riding.
Walker did not resist arrest. He was shot twice by a deputy who the
Sheriff's department refuses to name. Walker was taken to the hospital
where he was pronounced dead at around 2:25 a.m. on Thursday, Dec.
The Sheriff's Department has since admitted it made a mistake in the
identity of the vehicle under suspicion, saying a grave mistake was
made. The deputy involved in the shooting has been placed on adminis-
trative leave with pay. Even more tragic, this case of mistaken identity
has left a 3-year-old without her father, a young wife, a widower, a
mother without her son, a community without one of its most ideal citi-
zens and the African American community in turmoil, yet again, over a
killing that did not have to happen.
This story comes from the Columbus (Ga.) Times.
Timothy Stansbury killed by New York Pigs
A white New York cop shot and killed a Black Youth, Timothy
Stansbury Jr., 19, early in the morning of Jan. 24 as he opened the door
to the roof of his building in Brooklyn's Louis Armstrong housing proj-
ect. Stansbury was on his way to a birthday party with two friends. He
was used to crossing the roof to get to the adjoining building because the
front-door intercoms to let people in seldom work, according to neigh-
A white officer Richard S. Neri Jr. shot the unarmed teenager in the
chest before Stansbury even got through the door, said witnesses.
Neri and another cop had been patrolling the roof; Neri admits to having
his gun drawn before the shooting and says he fired it because he was
startled when the door opened, according to an account in the Jan. 26
Newsday. The two police officers are white.
Trying to quell the storm of community protest that followed, Police
Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly the next day admitted that the shoot-
ing was "apparently unjustified." He announced that he would convene a
panel to review the tactics police use while patrolling apartment build-
ings' roofs and staircases.
For City Councilmember Charles Barron of Brooklyn, that wasn't nearly
enough. "People should be indicted, convicted and sent to jail," he said.
Barron compared this shooting to that of Amadou Diallo, an immigrant
worker from Guinea killed in a hail of police bullets in the vestibule of
his Bronx apartment building in February 1999. The four plainclothes
cops said they mistook his wallet for a gun. After many protests and sit-
ins, the city paid a settlement of $3 million to Diallo's parents, but
refused to admit any wrongdo-
“Brute Beasts” continued on page 30
A Tribute to Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad
Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad was a general, a mentor, a teacher, and a strong Black man who epitomized the
tenacity of our liberation struggle. Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad represented to many of us as a father, brother, com-
rade, trainer and uncompromising leader who lived and gave his life for the liberation of African people all over the world.
He stands in the great revolutionary line of divine with courageous African Ancestors like Nat Turner, Sojourner Truth,
Denmark Vessel, Kwame Nkrumah, Queen Nzingha, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton,
Kwame Toure', Louis Farrakhan and many others who organized to free our people from a wicked and cruel enemy. He was
proud, strong, dignified, and a man of great character, with a beautiful heart. He loved his people and fought day and night
to move us closer to victory over our enemies. He will be remembered as a great field marshall, captain, trainer of men, and
one who would not turn heels and run from our enemy- even when under fire.
"We bear witness that we are nothing but links in the chain called life. We do not fear death, for
Jesus, the Black revolutionary Messiah, y'all didn't hear me, I'm not talking about no blond-
haired blue eyed pale skin buttermilk complexion cracker Christ, I'm talking about as Black
Lord a Black Savior, A Black Master and Black Redeemer. Jesus the Black Revolutionary
Messiah said 'he or she who seeks to save their life shall lose their life. He or she, yet out of
wisdom, but he or she who does not fear death shall save their life.' A coward dies a death a
thousand times maybe in one day, a coward is dying all the time but when you can look death in
the face and snatch deaths tongue out of deaths mouth and rebuke the grave, rebuke the grave!
We used to sing a song in the church 'caint no grave hold my body down, when that great trum-
pet sound I'm gonna get up out of the ground, caint no grave hold my body down''. What do
you mean can't no grave hold my body down? What is this thing called death we need look at?
The Honorable Marcus Garvey said 'look for me, look for me in an earthquake, look for me Ill
be returning Mr. Garvey said I'll be returning in the Red the Black and the Green. The Most
Honorable Elijah Muhammad rebuked the grave. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
rebuked death and said "Ill be the winner, living or dead. Ill be the winner living or dead"
The Holy Quran say's speak not of the righteous (we paraphrase 'speak not of the righteous')
speak not of the revolutionary, speak not of the freedom fighter, as dead for they are not dead,
for you perceive not, they live on. The Bible goes on to say that on that day you will see Saints
and the Prophets of God return on that day If they return should we expect to see them in the
bodies they were in 2,000 years ago, 3,000 years ago? No, but all energy is constant it just
changes form.
Death is a cycle of life. You can shoot the revolutionary but you can't kill the revolution. You can jail the revolutionary but
you cannot jail the revolutionary. You can lock up the countless freedom fighters and political prisoners in the hell holes of
North America but you can not steal the voice of the revolution. When they locked Mr. Garvey up, the Jews who worked to
lock him up the said 'we have the tiger, and the lion is in the cage. Mr. Garvey said ' yes you have the lion but I left many
cubs in the bush!" These are some of the cubs of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. I DON'T FEAR DEATH!
Transcribed by sister Janice Muhammad.
Dr. Khallid Muhammad
Enough with the white
Jesus already!
by: Jamarhl Crawford, NBPP Boston Chairman,
National Minister of Info
On February 25th, Ash Wednesday, theaters across
America were subjected to the Mel Gibson written,
directed and produced "The Passion of The Christ'
film, being called by critics the 'Gospel according to Mel'. Supporters of the film describe it as the most
historically accurate depiction ever made on the last 12 hours of the life of Christ.
'Passion' has been previewed by individual religious leaders and entire assemblies of clergy and as a result, many notable figures have issued
public statements in support of this film. Among them, Billy Graham, The Pope and every fundamental Christian Preacher you can think of.
Jewish leaders and organizations have called it 'anti-Semitic' and groups of Jewish and Christian Theologians and Scholars who have previewed
the film have identified both historical and Biblical inaccuracies present in the film.
Obviously, we must agree with these scholars and theologians on the basic point that the film is
historically inaccurate. Strangely absent from the debate is one very basic inaccuracy which has
been long promoted in order to bolster White Supremacy and maintain a revisionist History that
is beneficial to only people of European descent. This purposely omitted fact is that Jesus was
not a European, Aryan, Caucasian Male. Jesus Christ was a Dark Skinned Hebrew Israelite
from Northern Africa and even the only Biblical physical description confirms this (Rev. 1:14).
Not only does this film wrongfully depict Christ as white but all the disciples and Israelites are
people of European descent, which presents a Historical and Physical impossibility.
The true controversy surrounding "The Passion of The Christ"
lies in the maligned History of African People throughout the
World and the continual inaccuracies presented in every
Hollywood production to date of any Biblical Story from the 10
Commandments to the Christmas Story. These false images pre-
sented are 'anti-black' and these false images and interpretations
only seek to further the racist and White Supremist idea that God
and Jesus Christ 'The Messiah' or 'Savior' is European and White.
Black Historians and Scholars like Yosef Ben-Jochannan have long addressed these fallacies in books such as "African Origins of Major
Western Religions" and "A Chronology of the Bible" even well respected mainstream Christian leaders like Billy Graham, when asked admitted
that Jesus was "…of a swarthy complexion" all throughout Europe images of the Black Madonna and child are common it is said that even the
Pope prays before a Black Madonna in the Vatican. Only here in America would such a well-established fact be overlooked in a debate claim-
ing to be about accuracy and history when the truth is it is racism which prevents accuracy and interprets history in its favor.
To Jews this film is clearly Anti-Semitic, historically inaccurate
and places the blame for the Death of Christ solely on Jews.
To Christians the film is important because they view it as an evan-
gelical tool, strategically scheduled to be released on Ash
Wednesday as a precursor to Easter.
To Blacks this film is one more slap in the face as we are discon-
nected from our own History, yet again subjected to its retelling
and all this strategically happening during Black History Month.
(note: Women may also be concerned as the film also depicts Satan
as a woman, in keeping with the misogynist view of women as the
cause of the fall of man.)
This is clearly one more example of how Black People in this country are treated unfairly. Black/African History has and continues to be mis-
represented, Black People worldwide are subjected to the psychologically abusive images of White Supremacy and have no collective voice to
defend themselves from the vicious and relentless attacks of White Supremacy.
Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz
New Black Panther Party Chairman
"The True story of this movie is not how the Jews and rabbis
conspired to kill Christ, the true story is how Mel Gibson
conspired to keep alive the old lie that Jesus is White"
Min. Paul Scott, Messianic Afrikan Nation, Durham, NC
"Yet another propaganda mechanism promoting the domi-
nance of Euro-Christianity and the manipulation of histori-
cal facts by white folks."
"The image of a white Jesus is more dangerous to black
children than so called gangsta rap."
Mel Gibson
"I want to show the humanity of
Christ as well as the divine aspect.
It's a rendering that for me is very
realistic and as close as possible to
what I perceive the truth to be."
New Black Panther Party National Summit
S e p t e mb e r 4 - 5 - 6 i n A t l a n t a G A
Unity and the
Black Agenda 2004
2004 is another critical year for African People the world over. AIDS and warfare is ravaging Africa, Black males are fill-
ing the jails in the hells of North America, and our leadership is scattered like dry bones in the valley. Yet, in the midst of these
problems we find ourselves, once again with no Black Agenda! Self Determination, Reparations, and Black Power are removed
from the lips of most Black leaders. We lack leadership that is unafraid to tackle Black issues the world over from an uncom-
promising Black perspective. Most of these spineless, weak-kneed politicians and leaders are licking the boots of the slave-
masters children with their all-American agenda, begging to be accepted by white folks. We have very little land here and are
not making much use of our land abroad. Black Youth are still killing each other at record rates. We are indispensable to the
music industry but are exercising no control over the direction of the industry. We are the key swing vote in the 2004 election
but have no Black Agenda to hold the Democratic Party accountable in the election. We beg Black leadership, stop trying to
please the white man and unite to implement a Black Agenda! In 2004 the New Black Panther Party will continue the works
of the Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Stokely Carmichael and the early Black Panthers to unite our people and implement
a Black Agenda.
The Khallid Muhammad
D e a t h R e p o r t
Long live Khallid Abdul Muhammad. He was one of the
greatest warriors ever born and much under appreciated. As
painful as it is to recount the circumstances of Dr. Khallid Abdul
Muhammad's death we recognize our public duty to those who
supported him. Dr. Muhammad had many who loved him and the
fundamental question of "what happened?" must be answered.
There are others who merely use the issue of his death to snipe at
the New Back Panther Party and its leadership. These hypocrites
did not actually follow Dr. Khallid when he was alive- cheerlead-
ing does not count. Others are looking for any excuse to say, "If
you stand up to the white man you will be killed", drawing the log-
ical cowardly conclusion that we are not to organize or confront
this enemy because this enemy is so powerful. We reject such
weak, chicken- hearted conclusions. If you conclude that Khallid
Muhammad was targeted and assassinated then you should be on
your feet giving the current NBPP administration a rousing round
of applause for continuing the work of and assassinated man in the
face of an even worse enemy. If any conspiracy was or is involved
in the death of Dr. Khallid Muhammad you had better believe the
New Black Panther Party will get to the bottom of it. We must
learn all the lessons of the life and death of Dr. Khallid
Muhammad so we can amplify his success and learn from the rest.
To Hel l Wi t h
America is a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah and
Babylon. She has become the habitation of devils (Rev.
18:2). It is a pitiful shame today to see grown men in
public kissing and hugging and claiming they are married
as 'man and wife'. It is terrible to see two grown women
claiming they are entering into 'holy matrimony'. You are
sending yourselves straight to hell. We warn Black peo-
ple to stay out of the White Mans filth and debauchery of
homosexuality & the faggot lifestyle. We must have a
strong Black Family and Nation. Our young men and
women can not have role models like this if we are to
escape the divine doom that is set on the White mans
world. This is a European deviation it is not African- To
Hell With Gay Marriages!
T h e E n e mi e s o f t h e New Bl ack Pant her Par t y
The enemies of the New Black Panther Party are many, and in one way or the other, they are all working together. These enemies
include Anti-Defamation League (ADL), FBI, White racist Government and State officials and the White Press. The ADL (led by a devil
named Abraham Foxman) is a Zionist racist, criminal, propaganda outfit that defends the wicked, illegal, criminal settler colony called
Israel and all Zionist activities worldwide. The FBI under the immoral legacy of Jay Edgar Hoover has never been a friend to the libera-
tion movement nor Black People in general, but rather an instrument of our oppression. White racists in power, and White Press all over
America and England are hostile or opponents to the New Black Panther Party. Why? Because we are criminals, terrorists, or anti-sem-
ites? No- it is because we speak the truth, have a growing influence and practice armed self-defense. National Chairman Malik Zulu
Shabazz (like his mentor Khallid Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X before him) has been slandered in the White (Zionist)
press and targeted by these other devils, but is not backing down one inch. Two of the denial objectives of the FBI were to "prevent the
Panthers from gaining credibility in the mainstream black community" also "to prevent the Panthers from attracting Black Youth" Clearly
the enemy is failing on both counts as Shabazz, and the NBPP appeal is growing broader everyday. As for our Negro enemies: Stop wast-
ing your time hoping and plotting for our demise and carry out an agenda for the liberation of our people, lest your actions result in catas-
trophe. May the Most High God Bless the New Black Panther Party and its leadership with continued success!
C a l l : 2 0 2 - 6 1 0 - 0 0 0 8
The New Black Panther is published as a Community Service of
The New Black Panther Party
Founder: Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz, NBPP National Chairman
Managing Editor: Jamarhl Crawford, NBPP Minister of Hip-Hop
Editorial Board Director: Minister Hashim Nzinga
Contributors: Imam Akbar Bilal, Min. Najee Muhammad, Min.
Zayid Muhammad, Dr. Namdi Okeke, David X, Artaymis Ma’at
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The War On Totalitarianism
Edited by Imam Akbar Abdul-Karim Bilal
Since 9/11/2001 life in Amerikkka has been overshadowed with the idea of "Fighting The War On
Terrorism". From this writer's perspective, the concept of terrorism indicates the white man is in
trouble with the Afrikans, The Muslims or both. The thing he's most terrified about is loosing psy-
chological and spiritual control of the Black Man, Woman, and Child. If G. W. Bush signals Tom
Ridge (Home Land) to send out an alert from teal to turquoise to canary yellow or from burnt
orange to bright fiery red, life in Urban Amerikkka (Which Has Separate Laws) remains the same.
We're not yet politically astute to the point of questioning: Why, suddenly does Tom Ridge appear
so brilliant and Why does Colin Powell (Who started with more Political Diplomacy than GW),
Condelesa Rice (Who is much brighter than GW) and Judge Clarence Thomas (Who does not feel threatened by terrorism),
appear so politically stupid? This is a code language speaking to those who hide in Urban Amerikkka and live in the vanilla
suburbs. It's a form of Puritan Preventive Maintenance & Security (PPMS) on White Supremacy in disguise of preserving
Amerikkkan Patriotism. Far too many Black Men, Women, and Children have been in denial of the facts, far too long.
Denial of the truth can only manifest a continuity of stagnation of our social, economic and political progress here, which
affects us globally. If no leader has the political or social testicles, then this day I declare "WAR ON TOTALITARINISM".
As I Buck Danced with Elijah Cummings and the Congressional Black Caucus to the music of Jeffery Osborne in
Washington, DC, he had announced the first monolithic vote in the history of the organization. The vote was on withholding
the $87 Billion Dollars requested by G. W. Bush to fight and kill in the nation of Iraq. Within a few days G.W. Bush was
chillin' in Japan eating sushi and on the way to The Philippines counting the $87 Billion Dollars. The only question on the
table was: should the money be paid in the form of a grant, a loan or does shares of stock have more appeal? The proof and
evidence has been in for quite some time, so I'll seek to articulate it in the remainder of this editorial. When it comes to mat-
ters of importance, The Black Man and Woman have no vote in AmeriKKKa. These matters include the presidential elec-
tions, nominations, judges, US Attorneys, and the $87 Billion Dollars for even more war. One of the jobs of The Leadership
of The New Black Panther Party For Self Defense is to put the facts on the table. Ponder the question; should you get on the
Political Bandwagon of GWBush, get in the Political Pork Barrel with Dean or win with Kerry. Our political leadership
Jesse Jackson Jr. & Sr., Reverend Al Sharpton, and Elijah Cummings should spend time giving Political Science Education
Seminars if they are sincere. The breaking question of today is: "Can we get a decent Political Science Education listening
to them? Now it's up to you what you do with the facts. You should begin by arming yourself with the artillery necessary to
fight "The War On Totalitarianism". It has been proven again and again, there's no benefit in compromising our principles
and dignity to appease the powers that be. We have no problem exposing the naked truth. What are you doing with your
knowledge, your time and your wealth? Look for more breaking with tradition information in this editorial column or in my
book, soon to be released entitled "The Chronicles of Truth".
Imam Akbar Bilal
The Nubian Eye
for all of your herbal, health
and nutrition needs
located at: 137 Kennedy St. NW
Washington, DC
Call: 202-726-0029
DIVINE DESIGN - Graphic Design Services
“Let us take your project from concept to completion
and you too can say it was done by divine design”
email: call: 800-974-2706
NBP News: How is
the New Black
Panther Party doing
since the passing of
Dr Khallid Abdul
MZS: Excellent, by the
grace of the Most
High. The New Black Panther Party is in over 44 cities,
including London England, Germany and Guyana South
America. We have been on the forefront of countless
issues facing our people since the departure of our leader,
Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad. As young men and
women, we have matured greatly since February 2001 and
now have a National Operations Manual, a National-
International Newspaper, and Website
( that is receiving rave reviews.
We have more members, more influence than ever and
possess a sound cadre of young revolutionary leadership.
I miss Dr. Khallid Muhammad and doing this work is not
the same without him. I thank Allah for the training and
mentorship I went through with him for 13 years that pre-
pared me for this assignment. I thank Allah for Minister
Hashim Nzinga, our National Chief of Staff, Captain
David Foreman, Field Marshall Najee Muhammad,
Minister Divine Allah and every laborer that has fought
this hard battle since Dr. Khallid left us. We are the real
deal, Dr. Khallids true successors, and have proven this
over time.
We will never let Khallid Muhammad's legacy be cast into
the dustbin of history like some wish we would.
NBP News: What about your beefs with Eminem and
Russell Simmons?
MZS: I blasted Eminem (In the Feb 2004 issue of Source
Magazine and accompanying CD) because I am a defend-
er of the Black Woman and we should never allow a little
devil like Eminem to get away with calling Black Girls
"Bitches". We should shut him down also to preserve the
integrity of Hip Hop and to check the Elvis Presley syn-
drome that results in the blood sucking manipulation of
our culture. I am already consistently on record against
Black Artists who use the same language and Sisters who
accept it, but that is a family matter- Eminem is not a fam-
ily member and should meet the wrath of an enlightened
Black Hip Hop consumer who will used their dollars to
force change in the industry. We are going to be encour-
aging Lil' Jon, Lil' Flip, Ludacris and those that we know to be
more balanced and add some Black Power and Revolution to
their music. Right now Black Music and entertainment is real-
ly a monkey and minstrel show. If these artists don't do some-
thing we are going to go to war on the industry from top to
As far as Russell Simmons is concerned I have no beef
with him or his movement. If he gets connected with the street
better he could make real change. Two Black Leaders should
not be fighting in the public. He may have the money and the
influence, but don't take me lightly. I have been out here fight-
ing for years and have never compromised.
NBP News: How Do You Feel About The President of the
United States, George W. Bush?
MZS: I feel that President Bush is a cold blooded liar, and a
no good bastard. He is not from the family of the Most High
God he is a fruit of, and key operative of this Satanic race that
has terrorized our people and the planet ever since they
emerged from the caves and hills of Europe 4,000 years ago.
This President lies as a matter of course and is arrogant and
stupid enough to believe that civilized people will accept his
childishly wicked behavior. George W. Bush will not be re-
elected because his mental capacity and political skills are so
diminished that the average white person in America can
quickly realize that Bush is not qualified for public office and
has a juvenile leadership mentality. Bush war in Iraq will con-
tinue to result in high American troop casualties as well as
general mayhem and deterioration of life for the average Iraqi.
Everywhere the white man and his colonialism have gone hell
and death have followed behind (Rev 6:8). I, by the grace of
Allah, came out early on this beast-President Bush- soon after
9-11 when most other Black leaders were apologizing and
singing "god bless America". I blamed September 11th on his
foreign policy and the unjust foreign policies that he inherited
from every other president that came before him. I believe
that before it is all over with Allah will make a total mockery
of him.
NBP NEWS: How would you define progress for the
NBPP at the end of 2004?
MZS: I would say we are making the necessary progress at
the end of this year for our party and nation when have clearly
moved forward to establishing a broad mass movement like
the Honorable Marcus Garvey's, coupled with structure and
discipline of the Nation Of Islam, and infused with the
Revolutionary Nationalism, public service and militancy of the
early Panthers. As the chief inheritors of the Black Nationalist
movement this is where the Party stands right now. We will
this year lay the base for really building a Nation and a Pan
R A P , W A R A N D
Man and woman to ignore. I have much respect for the mem-
bers of the National Action Network, but I also must invoke
the rule here of Black Politicians being held accountable and
tell the truth. Right now the only politician that I can
endorse is Charles Barron for Mayor of New York in 2005.
Expect soon, in some cities to see then New Black Panther
Party emerge as a ballot box political party like the Lowndes
County Freedom Organization and run candidates, or for
party members to capture office on the local level to further
Black Power Politics.
As far as Minister Farrakhan is concerned, I support his
thrust in the reparations movement. He has the capacity to
unite and expand the movement and this is sorely needed.
NBP News: Any significant changes in the New Black
Panther Party?
MZS: We will attack local issues more, have a tighter admin-
istration, and do more studying. We want all members to get
a copy of Black Studies by Dr Maulana Karenga. Black
Studies will root you in the broadest range of Black
Conscious knowledge and give you the depth to understand
what we are fighting for. Because we are building a Nation
and a mass movement we have adopted a "come as you are
policy", meaning that any Black person of African descent
can join even if they do not wish to wear paramilitary gear.
Every nation has an army, but the Nation is bigger than just
the army. We always
will have our core of
soldiers, representatives
and defense personnel
that will effectively
serve as a Black
Liberation Army, but
we also need a broader
range of members that
reflect the diverse range
of talent in the Black
Nation. We are after
more sisters, doctors,
gang members, church-
goers, continental
Africans, rappers, busi-
nessmen, activists, lawyers, working class folks, and straight
up revolutionaries who want to undermine this beast.
Again, we have now opened up the membership to the
masses of African people who believe in our program and
leadership, please "come as you are"
A R 2 0 0 4
Attorney At War
Malik Zulu Shabazz
Africanist organiza-
tion. We are going
after Black Power
Companies, Import
Companies, Record
Companies, Real
Estate Companies,
Companies, Land
Cooperatives and
the like. We are
recruiting qualified
personnel to carry
this out and also set
up Saturday
Schools, other After
School Programs,
regular free food
programs, Black
Male mentoring and
training classes and the like. We have some of this in place
Hip Hop and Reparations will get a lot of attention from
us this year Of course we expect to be on the frontlines of
the major battles against racism, gentrification, white
supremacy, police brutality, the school system and in gener-
al against the wickedness of the United Snakes Of America
and the devils who run it.
NBP News: What is your opinion of Al Sharptons
Presidential Campaign and Minister Louis Farrakhan's
thrust on Reparations:
MZS: Rev. Sharpton' campaign is a disappointment to me.
I wrote Rev. Sharpton when he was in jail advising him of a
political path to take as well as offering him support. He
accepted neither, and it appears his campaign is devoid of
sound principles, organizational structure, and does not
represent a real BLACK AGENDA. He stopped dealing
with racial profiling and racism in order to appeal for "ALL
AMERICANS". It appears that his campaign has been
mostly a publicity stunt that is leading our people into the
sand pit of Democratic Party political prostitution. As a
minister, his endorsements of Gay marriages and comparing
the gay rights movement to the civil rights movement is
blasphemous, and being financed by GOP operatives like
Roger Stone raises too many red flags for a conscious Black
By Artaymis Ma'at (photography by: Artaymis Ma'at)
On Saturday, December 13, 2003, The Black Power
Movement in conjunction with others, sponsored a work-
shop called "City Wide Conference on "Gentrification." It
took place at Baptist Temple Church, 116th Harlem Street,
New York. It was well attended by a variety of people who
voiced their concerns. The workshop was thought provok-
ing, soul-stirring and a very much-needed workshop.
Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, National Chairman of The
New Black Panther Party For Self Defense, convened the
event. Admission was free to all.
The topics of discussion were listed as:
WORKSHOP #1-"What is Gentrification?" "How and why
whites are taking over the black community" (Jim
Harbaugh, Morris Powell, Delois Blakely, Divine Allah.)
WORKSHOP #2----"Money, Land and Property:" The Economics of
Gentrification (Buying Property; Avoiding Foreclosures; Mortgages;
Tenants Rights; Renovations and Development) (Kermit Eaddy, Nelly
Bailey, Florence Rice, Yvonne Stafford.)
WORKSHOP #3 ----"The Politics of Gentrification:" From City Hall
down to the blocks and streets (Paul Washington, Atim Furgeson,
National Action Network, Dr. James McIntosh, Councilman Bill Perkins)
TOWN HALL MASS MEETING: Nelly Bailey, Pastor Anthony Mann,
Honorable Councilman Charles Barron (Mayoral Candidate), And
Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz.)
What is Gentrification?
Below are some definitions that best describe gentrification:
Thutmosis Powell, The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, and
the Afrikan Nationalist Pioneer Movement, commented that the gentrifi-
cation workshop was like a "Million Youth March" of the year because of
its importance and historical significance. There were some good points
made such as; what is being done and how to resolve it. This wasn't a
feel-good meeting where you finish up and everything is over, and noth-
ing amounts from it. It was a matter of will. I think this is going to be an
ongoing thing and there will a follow-up until we get the job done.
Thutmosis explains that greed has a lot to do
with this. It is a racial competition. In the
end, the white man wants it all - they don't
want us to have nothing! The bottom line is
race-period. Gentrification is a form of
aggression from the power group, white
structure and white status quo, to maintain
power at the expense of others, mainly black
folks. We must defend ourselves and depend
on ourselves. We have to come to the table
on how we are going to make our move.
A conference attendee. Ray Richardson,
Home Grown Inc. expresses that we must
think collectively in everything we do.
"What we can do collectively can make the
difference. It's not a "me" issue, but a "we" issue. "We" must be economi-
cally independent as a collective to stop gentrification. For example, fight
gentrification by collectively producing and owning our own media pro-
grams (television shows in which we can name names, discuss with
judges, politicians, officials and such, about our issues and to specifically
name cases). We must do this collectively-key word. The problem with
individualism is… there is no back up. It's all dependent on you.
Richardson paves over some forms of gentrification and the statistics.
"Lets take The Administrative
Children's Services (ACS).
The status is 70% black that
are taken from their families.
There's the criminal and jail
system. The status is about
85% black and Hispanic that
are in jail; Land and Tenants,
which is 70% or better involv-
ing people of color. There's
the u.s. military, (fighting in
Iraq) 50-70% are people of
color. Then, there is the home-
less. The status is at least 80%
Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, National Chairman of the New Black
Panther Party for Self Defense (who also owns several multi-unit
apartment buildings), emphasizes, "Whites are taking over blacks
with a process called gentrification. Everyday real-estate deals are
going on and we are not at the table. We know nothing about it.
When we become property owners, we must invest. Once I spend
my money with the white man, that money is gone versus spending
money on money I will eventually own. I spent too many years out
of the real-estate business. I was talking black power and making
the white man rich. Let's not think the game is being played fair.”
Shabazz urged, "Join an anti-gentrification coalition. Get involved
and change the political process. Move from being tenants to own-
ing some property. It is
not just about gaining an
immediate profit. Land
is the basis of independ-
When you have equity
in the land, you have a
much more powerful
position. If you don't
deal with politics, politics will deal with you. If you don't know the
terms they use, the white man will continue to steal from your fore-
fathers. We should have been on this (gentrification) years ago.
Gentrification isn't over til it's over. It only speaks to the urgency of
what we have to do."
Pastor Anthony Mann, Baptist Temple Church, reveals his own
battle of gentrification and how the system is trying to take his
church away.
He says, "Own something! Cause it's going to be valuable. We must
own land! We must look at technology and computers. This is a
global market. We should not have to ask the white man for nothing!
Minister Kevin Muhammad,
Nation of Islam Mosque #7, says,
"Land is everything. Stop buying
the jewelry and material things
and get some land! You have
everything thing on your "ass",
but you have no "assets?" We
must pool our resources and learn
to trust one another. Learn, study
and become successful in every-
thing we do. What can we offer someone? What can we bring to the
table? We need to have something! We have to get into property
acquisition now!
NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz (left)
with NYC Mayoral Candidate and City
Councillor Charles Barron (at podium)
T h e Bl a c k Co mmu n i t y
U R B A N R E P O R T : G E N T R I F I C A T I O N
“Gentrification” continued on page 31
Black Press to fight for
Marcus Dixon
By Stephanie A. Gadlin
We were
created to
plead our
own cause.
the viper of
raised its
head, the
Black Press
has been
vigilant in
picking up
the persua-
sive sword
of truth and
striking a definitive blow for justice. It is upon our pages our people
turn for news and the truth in issues that concern us. It is upon our
pages that we educate, organize, demonstrate, and reconcile our
Today, the Black Press is called again to unite to save a life. Once
again it is time we said “NO MORE” It is time we used our collec-
tive voice to right an egregious wrong. It is time that we sparked yet
another crusade for justice. Once again, we are fighting for equal
protection under the law, as we simultaneously fight against
inequality, prejudiced and the abuse of laws racially applied.
The story is nothing new: A Black male is falsely accused of raping
a white woman and is either put to death or worse. In this case,
Marcus Dixon, an 18-year-old Georgia honor student is lucky. He
did not face a noose, a bullet or the bottom of a river. Unlike
Emmett Till, some 50 years before him, he faced a
judge in Rome, Georgia. Today, he sits inside a maximum-security
prison cell just one year inside a 10-year sentence for having sex
with a white girl who falsely accused him of rape.
Marcus was not only an honor student with a near perfect grade
point average; he was set to be somebody. An outstanding defensive
lineman with his high school football team, colleges and universities
from across the country were recruiting this boy to help them fulfill
championship dreams. He chose Vanderbilt
University. By all accounts, he would have entered the NFL. He
wanted to be a math teacher. He wanted to change lives, give back
and make his grandmother and parents proud. But the deceptive, 15-
year-old white girl, a vindictive prosecutor, a Georgia judge and
white racism had other plans.
Acquitted by a mostly white jury of rape and kidnapping and three
other violent acts, Marcus was convicted on a single count of aggra-
vated child molestation because the girl was 90 days shy of the age
of legal consent. Friends said, the accusers father is a known
Klansman and that the girl made up the story for fear of being beat-
en for having intercourse with an African American.
The jurors thought he was going home; he had suffered enough.
People were calling him “nigger rapist” and the police had not
allowed him to go home. The jurors were not told the sentencing
guidelines. In a trial that took less than a 100-days from start to fin-
ish, Marcus was sentenced to a mandatory ten-years with no chance
L A W a n d I N - J U S T I C E
of parole or pardon. The court tacked on another five
years probation, which becomes active if he is “not a model prisoner.”
As a juvenile, he is the first person in the country to be harshly convict-
ed by such a law. For this, Georgia must be proud.
For a lapse in judgment Marcus was not allowed to graduate, stripped of
his scholarship offers and sentenced to a decade in prison. Cruel and
unusual punishment is no stranger to our experience in America. It has
simply transformed itself from being administered by white sheets and
juniper trees to black robes
and legal precedence. ‘Legal lynching’ is still a lynching just the same.
The NAACP and local leaders such as Rev. Terrell Shields has taken up
cause. His legal guardians, Ken and Perri Jones, both of whom are
white, have
criss-crossed the country trying to garner support for his case. Janitors,
housekeepers, hospital workers, students, and other every day people
have donated money to a legal defense fund in a simple act of support.
Heavyweights such as Oprah Winfrey, Bryant Gumble and Marian
Wright Edleman have effectively used their voices in mainstream media
to shed light on this case. It is time the Black Press lends its voice and
prolific muscle to this cause.
For all of this, Marcus is not bitter. “I feel God is using me so no other
kids will have to suffer like this,” he told API. Some days on lock down
in Burriss Correction in Forsyth, Georgia, are better than others. Because
the school board did not allow him to graduate, he obtained a GED,
scoring the highest in the state. He reads his bible and tries to stay posi-
tive. Maybe God will spare him in 2004, in the same country that could
not save Emmett Till, Michael McDonald, the Scottsboro Boys or the
countless other nameless brown faces whose spirits have crossed to the
other side.
The legal system in Georgia has fought to “protect its white girls” and
we must fight to “protect our Black boys.” When a crime is committed,
our community stands firmly with the legal system to make sure justice
is served. Yet, we are ever vigilant in our requests that the punishment
must indeed, fit the crime. Marcus Dixon committed no crime.
“The conviction of young Marcus Dixon is an extremely unfortunate
example of what can happen to young Blacks, Latinos and poor whites
when punishments for offenses are unfairly and unevenly applied,” said
NAACP President Kweisi Mfume. “We recognize this could be any-
body’s son or daughter and that teenagers don’t always make the right
decisions when it comes to sex, but we appeal to the Georgia Supreme
Court justices to show mercy in this case and order Marcus’ release from
The Black Press joins the appeal to free Marcus Dixon. We will not lose
another Black boy to institutional racism. We call on the Georgia
Supreme Court, which plans to rule in Dixon’s case between now and
June, to let justice prevail. As a group, we call on the African American
community of conscience to join this crusade by supporting the teenag-
er’s legal defense fund. Write Marcus Dixon Trust, P.O. Box 102812,
Atlanta, GA 30368-2812.
The Black Press is not dead. It is alive and vibrant, and it is watching.
There will be no more Emmett Tills or Marcus Dixons in our America.
EDITOR’S NOTE: API recently dispatched a correspondent and photog-
rapher to Rome, Georgia, to cover firsthand the Dixon saga. It will
release a complete editorial package on the case, including recent inter-
views with the teenager, articles, a feature, editorial and photographs.
Please contact Amalgamated Publishers Inc. at 212-904-1880 or email
(APIeditorial @ to receive the Marcus Dixon editorial package.
MAÁT: The symbolic representation of Maát as a human
figure with outreached hands and wings, is the Netcher of
the weighing of the soul in ancient Kemet. The heart of the
deceased was believed to be the seat of the soul and it was
weighed on the scale of the Netcher Maát, against a feather,
which represented the principles of truth and righteousness
(the seven cardinal virtues). This symbolic weighing of the
heart against the feather of truth (Maát) was performed to
established the righteousness of the deceased. The scale of
Maát was balanced after the recitation of the "42"
Declarations of Innocence or Admonitions of Maát. pg. 91,
The Neophyte or students ultimate aim in Kemet was for a
person to become "One with God" or to "become like God."
The path to the development of godlike qualities was
through the development of virtue, but virtue could only be
achieved through special study and effort. According to
George G. M. James in his timeless work Stolen Legacy
writes: The following of the 10 virtues were sought by the
Neophyte in ancient Kemet. In the final analysis, the
ancient Kemites sought Maát or to be more correct they
sought to become one with Maát, the cosmic order.
(1). Control of thoughts
(2). Control of actions
(3). Devotion of purpose
(4). Have faith in the ability of [your] [teacher] to teach
[you] the truth.
(5). Have faith in [yourself] to assimilate the truth
(6). Have faith in [themselves] to wield the truth
(7). Be free from resentment under the experience of perse-
(8). Be free from resentment under the experience of wrong.
(9). Cultivate the ability to distinguish between right and
wrong and
(10). Cultivate the ability to distinguish between the real
and the unreal
- Gerald Massey.
A d m o n i t i o n s o f Ma á t
(Concepts for Living in Balance)
1 I have not committed sin
2 I have not committed robbery with violence
3 I have not stolen
4 I have not slain men and women
5 I have not stolen food
6 I have not swindled offerings
7 I have not stolen from God
8 I have not told lies
9 I have not carried away food
10 I have not cursed
11 I have not closed my ears to truth
12 I have not committed adultery
13 I have not made anyone cry
14 I have not felt sorrow without reason
15 I have not assaulted anyone
16 I am not deceitful
17 I have not stolen anyone's land
18 I have not been an eavesdropper
19 I have not falsely accused anyone
20 I have not been angry without reason
21 I have not seduced anyone's wife
22 I have not polluted myself
23 I have not terrorized anyone
24 I have not disobeyed the law
25 I have not been excessively angry
26 I have not cursed God
27 I have not behaved with violence
28 I have not caused disruption of peace
29 I have not acted hastily or without thought
30 I have not overstepped my boundaries of concern
31 I have not exaggerated my words when speaking
32 I have not worked evil
33 I have not used evil thoughts, words or deeds
34 I have not polluted the water
35 I have not spoken angrily or arrogantly
36 I have not cursed anyone in thought, word or deed
37 I have not placed myself on a pedestal
38 I have not stolen that which belongs to God
39 I have not stolen from or disrespected the deceased
40 I have not taken food from a child
41 I have not acted with insolence
42 I have not destroyed property belonging to God
An Interview With New Black Panther Party
National Minister of Culture Zayid Muhammad
The MediaCletic Moment
Andreas: Let’s get down to business. What exactly is the role of Minister of Culture within the New Black
Panther Party, and how long has this position been in existence?
Bro. Zayid: I appreciate that question. I really enjoy being on this particular post. The minister of culture is
post of cultural direction…it is my responsibility to give cultural direction to work of the party…I’m kind
of a jalee or griot for the party on matters like these…its fun also because it gives me the task of fulfilling
(or trying to anyway) that underappreciated aspect of the legacy and persona of the late Khallid Abdul
Muhammad…Khallid was most astute culturally, and it was one of the things that he also admired in
me…He knew that as a peoples artist with a strong nationalist orientation, that that would be another very
particular way that I cd help him with the work of the party. I’m the one who is often called on to give
meaningful direction on how to apply Ma’at, the Nguzo Saba, and the high moral and spiritual code of our
ancestors to our day to day work…
Before I was given the post, I was the one who instituted the presentation of Kwanzaa to the people in a
truly revolutionary way…I was the one who instituted Gye Nyame (pronounced gee nah may), Khallid’s
New Afrikan alternative to the amerikkkan holocaust holiday, Thanksgiving in the party…I’ve done at least
six since my late leader’s passing…My new chairman, the blazing young warrior Malik Zulu Shabazz,
insisted that I take responsibility for the post…I believe I’m the party’s first to hold this post…
Andreas: How long have you been involved with the Party?
Bro. Zayid: About three years….Bro. Khallid asked me to join the Party and become Nat’l Chief of Staff in March 2000…I shared the position
with a tough sista from Philadelphia by the name of Malika Muhammad, somebody he loved and trusted deeply…Upon Khallid’s passing, I was
originally asked to be national field marshal by Bro. Malik, but that particular post requires more travel than any other post in the party but nation-
al chairman…I couldn’t do that although I would loved to…so I just stayed on as regional chief of staff for the greater New York-New Jersey area
until Malik insisted I return to our national central committee as the party’s national minister of culture in November 2001…I ‘ve held that post
ever since…
Andreas: This interview would not be complete without the clichéd, rhetorical question, How do you feel about the current state of Hip-Hop?
Bro. Zayid: Follow the money…Hip-Hop is a black art form that has had an incredible impact on global popular culture…but it is not black con-
trolled…as a consequence, its most informed voices, its most empowering voices, are those least heard tragically…Put it another way, Hip Hop
had a golden age…the late 80s thru the early 90s…its impact was broadest and at its height, and at its center was its most informed and most
empowering voices, but that golden age was organically linked to black owned radio…the white power structure in the entertainment industry,
wanting to control this powerful new cultural phenomenon and all its money making potential like the bloodsucking vampires they are, they flew
right into the hearts and ideological bare necks of black radio station owners and bought out the majority of them for chump change…now most
hip hop is heard on outlets that are not black owned and have no regard for how the music is impacting on the black community, especially when
that impact is negative, destructive and disempowering…more to the point, the least informed voices in Hip Hop, the least empowering voices are
now at the center…many of those more mature and informed voices have been virtually pushed underground wearing a tag on them put on them
by the industry which says ‘if you tell the people the truth through Hip Hop, you know you aint gonna get paaaaid’…what is good is what is hap-
pening away from the white establishment…what is good is that voices like yours and mine in Hip Hop, although we are not widely known like a
Jay-Z or a 50 Cent are, we are organized…we are organized to exposing the next generation to more, to the powerful truth made plain by Dead
Prez that in the end…It’s bigger than hip hop…
Andreas: To whom do you give credit to if anybody, within the realm of Hip-Hop Activism?
Bro. Zayid: To any voice that is sincere, and who demonstrates their sincerity through what they produce artistically and through organizing…
Andreas: Has the New Black Panther Party ever attempted to reach out to any particular Hip-Hop artist to offer advice, settle disputes, or just col-
Bro. Zayid: In this respect, most of the voices that we have worked with in hip hop are lesser known, more underground voices…although we
have respectful relationships with some of the more known voices, like with Erykah (Badu), like with Dead Prez, most of our collaborations have
been with more local voices…to be sure, it must also be said that the majority of our party’s membership are Hip Hop aged and we making our
own voices heard in our own way, through community organizing and through performance…
Andreas: You dabble within the arts yourself correct?
Bro. Zayid: I am a performance poet and an actor…
Andreas: Are you working on any personal projects at this time?
Bro. Zayid: My personal projects are not getting the time that they should, but they are there in the kut waiting for some attention… I’m working
on a volume of writings celebrating black women in struggle…the powerful and beautiful Barbara Horne has agreed to work with me as an editor
on that…I need a producer badly ‘cuz I wd love to drop a spoken word cd…I am trying to develop some one man show one act revolutionary
monologues for the stage…I have an unfinished volume on Malcolm…one on the so-called new world order…one on Paul Robeson…a lot of
undone stuff…
NBPP National Minister of
Culture Zayid Muhammad
POB 150160
601 McDonough Blvd. SE
Atlanta, GA 30315
Sekou Odinga #05228-054
USP Lompoc 3901 Klein Blvd.
Lompoc, CA 93436
P.O. Box 3000
White Deer, PA 17887
Georgia State Prison
100 Georgia Hwy. 147
Reidsville, GA 30499
Richard Mafundi Lake
100 Warrior Lane 4-42C
Bessemer, AL 35023
United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
A Brief History of the Black Panther Party and
Its Place In the Black Liberation Movement
By Sundiata Acoli
The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was founded in October, 1966,
in Oakland, California by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. The name
was shortened to the Black Panther Party (BPP) and it began spreading
eastward through the Black urban ghetto-colonies across country.
In the summer of '68, David Brothers established a BPP branch in
Brooklyn, New York, and a few months later Lumumba Shakur set up a
branch in Harlem, New York. i joined the Harlem BPP in the fall of '68
and served as its Finance Officer until arrested on April 2, 1969 in the
Panther 21 Conspiracy case which was the opening shot in the govern-
ment's nationwide attack on the BPP. Moving westward, Police
Departments in each city made military raids on BPP offices or homes in
Philadelphia, Chicago, Newark, Omaha, Denver, New Haven, San
Diego, Los Angeles, and other cities, murdering some Panthers and
arresting others.
After i and most other Panther 21 members were held in jail and on trial
for two years, We were all acquitted of all charges and released. Most of
us returned to the community and to the BPP but by then COINTELPRO
had taken its toll. The BPP was rife with dissension, both internal and
external. The internal strife, division, intrigue, and paranoia had become
so ingrained that eventually most members drifted or were driven, away.
Some continued the struggle on other fronts and some basically cooled
out altogether. The BPP limped on for several more years, then died
what seemed a natural death.
History will be the ultimate judge of the BPP's place in the Black
Liberation Movement (BLM). But in these troubled times Afrikan peo-
ple in the U.S. need to investigate both the positive and negative aspects
of the BPP's history in order to learn from those hard lessons already
paid for in blood. In particular We need to learn the reasons for the
BPP's rapid rise to prominence, the reason for its ability to move so
many Afrikans and other nationalities, and the reason for its demise dur-
ing its brief sojourn across the American scene.
(excerpted from Sundiata Acoli writings, Marion Penitentiary, 4/2/85)
Charles Sims Africa
SCI Graterford,
Box 244
Graterford PA 19426
Delbert Orr Africa
Drawer K
Dallas, PA 18612
Edward Goodman Africa
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932
Janet Holloway Africa
Janine Phillips Africa
SCI-Cambridge Springs
451 Fullerton Ave
Cambridge Springs, PA
William Phillips Africa
1000 Follies Rd.
Dallas, PA 18612
Michael Davis Africa
f or more i nf o go t o
www. onamove. org
Long Live John Africa!
O n A M o v e !
Philly Chapter Chairman
King Samir Shabazz
Separat i on i s t he best sol ut i on
By Cindi John BBC News Online community affairs reporter
The NBPP wants to set up a 'nation within a nation'
It's easy to see why Hughie Rose didn't really fit in
with the Liberal Democrats. Dressed in a black quasi-
military outfit adorned with "black power" emblems,
he probably would have stood out a bit. He also doesn't
sound much like a former leading light of the Lib
Dems' ethnic minority section. "We've found out that if
we cannot get along on the lines of integration the only
best solution is for us to separate. "We cannot keep on
depending on the white man, depending on the govern-
ment to do for us something which we can get up and
do for ourselves," says Mr Rose, chairman of the
recently-established New Black Panther Party. Mr Rose
and the Lib Dems parted company soon after his role
in the NBPP was revealed - and it's not hard to see
why. The NBPP's parent organisation in the US has
been criticised for anti-Semitic views and being a divi-
sive force. We will encourage our youth to exercise
their right to defend themselves.
Representative and
London Chairman
Hughie Rose
The Committee to Honor Black Heroes,
CEMOTAP, Councilman Charles Barron,
Dr. Delois Blakely, the underground
rappers and all the others who helped
make this a memorable day in the legacy
of Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.
“NBPP England” continued on next page
National Chief of Staff
Min. Hashim Nzinga
Keeps the Mission of
his leader
Dr. Khallid
Going Strong!
S E L F - D E F E N S E
The original
Black Panthers of the 1960s - one of the first "black power" move-
ments - have denounced the NBPP, which was set up in 1990. But
Hughie Rose is unrepentant, insisting neither he nor his party is
anti-Semitic in any way. He says the NBPP is merely critical of how
the state of Israel treats Palestinians. "Those people who control the
media in America, if they realise anybody has been critical of the
treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government they would be
deemed anti-Semitic. We will never be anti-Semitic," he says. 'State
oppression' Mr Rose, who describes himself as "being in the sales
industry" seems a mild-mannered man and an unlikely revolution-
ary. But revolution - which he defines as "complete constructive
change" - is exactly what he wants to bring about in the UK.
The NBPP's primary aim in the UK is to "liberate" black people and
improve their social and economic conditions. He says the organisa-
tion will concentrate on implementing community-based pro-
grammes to make Africans in the UK able to form a 'nation with a
nation' and ready to return to Africa at some as yet undetermined
time. The original Black Panthers used their constitutional right to
bear arms and many were shot dead in violent confrontations with
the US authorities. The NBPP - whose motto is "Freedom or Death"
- adopted the militant attitude and that remains visible, in a diluted
form, in the UK branch. While not advocating aggression, the
NBPP takes the controversial position of not advocating passive-
ness. Mr Rose claims says that "in today's society there seems to be
some state oppression", and he believes that the police "seem to be
waging war on the youth". He says his party would "never encour-
age our youth the turn the other cheek". 'Anachronism' On Thursday
the NBPP, which until now has focused its recruitment in south
London, turns its attention to the north and east of the capital with a
public meeting in Stoke Newington.
It's not the first time Black Panthers have been active in the UK.
The original Black Panthers set up a branch in the UK in the 1970s
but it didn't last long. Ken Martingdale of the Black British Heritage
group, who was active in the black political scene during the 1970s,
says the movement in "just fizzled out". He attributes its disappear-
ance to a growing acceptance of black groups by the authorities.
"One was able to get funding for various types of organisations in
areas such as education and employment . "But militant organisa-
tions like the Panthers would not have been funded by formal
means. I think people just drifted away and lost interest in that type
of approach to achieving equality," he said. It's a complete anachro-
nism, the time for it has passed
If the NBPP had the same ideals and goals as the original Black
Panthers, he did not see how they would survive, Mr Martingdale
added. Novelist and historian Mike Phillips also thinks the NBPP is
unlikely to become a major force among the UK's black community.
He says if the Black Panthers couldn't survive in a more radical era,
it's unlikely they'll flourish now: "It's very hard to see because so
much has changed, that a party which wasn't successful in a climate
more ready for them could succeed now. It's a complete anachro-
nism, the time for it has passed," Mr Phillips said. Sabotage Hughie
Rose thinks differently but is cagey when pressed for membership
figures. However, he insists meetings are well-attended and the
"party is growing week by week". And he has his own theory as to
why previous black revolutionary groups didn't succeed in the UK:
government sabotage. "They set up infiltration, they tapped your
phones, they would follow you, they would make sure the head of
the organisation would be vilified. "And obviously around that time
they introduced heroin into the black community and in the 1980s
they introduced crack cocaine. That sort of thing dumbs down any
sort of revolutionary organisation."
“NBPP England” continued from previous page
Hands Of f The Hood
By: Dawoud Afrika aka David X
Minister of Defense - NBPP Harlem, NY Chapter
Once again white folks have infiltrated in black folks affairs in the
form of gentrification.
As we planted the seeds, toiled the land, for prosperous crops to grow in
the form of community revitalization they seek to settle in and reap the
rewards of our labor.
Our neighborhoods now blossom. In their minds these are the same
neighborhoods that they considered slums and ghettos. But we have
always called it home.
Our land is being dumped on with co-ops, condominiums, townhouses
and brownstones.
Now home is becoming unaffordable housing in this gouging economic
Even our tenements, where childhood memories are stored are being
plucked away from us or just simply sprinkled with a dash of white
And now we don't have to predict the next move of divide and conquer
of the Projects.
Once considered the killing fields and danger zones in their minds, to
us a spacious place of togetherness and freedom from outsiders. We
knew white folks will not trespass there.
With a little elbow grease of rehabilitation, the projects are starting to
look like high-rise luxury apartments in their eyes.
Corporate and commercial businesses and other not by us venues are
pushing our mom and pop stores out of business. It is definitely no
secret that this extortion and blatant pilferage is taking place right
before our eyes.
We must let white folks know that we're not just black folks, but true
We must take back what is rightfully ours. Hands off the hood!
Remember, we must protect all black nation property in view.
Not just by any means necessary, but by all means necessary.
Free the Land! Black Power!
MI N . Y u s u f S h a b a z z
SE Regional Rep. NBPP Savannah, GA.
Named amongst “40 to Watch” for “Fighting Whitey”
NBPP National
Hip-Hop Ambassador
Managing Editor,
New Black Panther
Jamarhl Crawford
subsequent conversation
shortly after the funeral, this is what happened to Dr. Khallid
Muhammad the night he passed, according to his wife. In the day-
time they went to eat at a Chinese Restaurant. They were preparing
to move in a new home and Muhammad and Ambush went to pick
out furniture for their huge new home/ New Black Panther
Headquarters in the Snailville section of Georgia. Muhammad was
planning a Panther summit in April and was requiring every member
to stay at the huge
home. Late night
February 12th,
according to Ambush,
they made love.
According to
Ambush, she was
tired and he was tired
"but he had to have
it." After they made
love, according to
Ambush, it was
around 12:00 mid-
night. Ambush states
that Muhammad sat
up on the side of the
bed and began behav-
ing strangely, and
then urinated on the
floor on the side of
the bed. She then
stated that
Muhammad got up to
walk, but was "walk-
ing funny," and she
began asking him what was wrong, but that he would not respond.
Ambush also informed Muhammad's son that his father walked into
the room across the hall and vomited. Muhammad was stumbling
about, then went into the bathroom and attempted to use the toilet
but made a mess of himself, defecating on part of himself and uri-
nating on himself while the bathroom. She stated that she became
concerned, and asked him what was wrong, and Muhammad's only
response was to mumble, "don't tell them my name," and that his
"eyes were rolling in the back of his head." We have concluded that
Muhammad knew he needed medical treatment but wanted to pro-
tect his identity. Muhammad at some point fell over onto the bath-
room floor. He would not speak or respond to any of her questions.
Ambush said that at this point, she concluded that Muhammad was
extremely fatigued and brought a pillow and placed it under his
head, and laid with him for some time in the bathroom. She then
went back to bed, leaving Khallid in the bathroom.
Dr. Khallid Muhammad Laid in That Bathroom in That Condition
All Night Long for Over Seven Hours!
At around 7:00 am sister Ambush, the Minister's wife reached
Minister Hashim Nzinga who told her to call 911 immediately. The
exact time 911 was called, and responded is not clear, and sister
Ambush has been unavailable for questioning. Khallid Muhammad
was found unresponsive by emergency medical services who trans-
ported him to nearby Douglass Hospital, which is major hospital in
Douglassville Georgia. Medical Records have his arrival time at
close to 9:00 am. We have calculated the rush hour time to drive
from the home to the hospital with emergency lights flashing at
approximately twenty to thirty minutes, which means that
Muhammad was picked up at approximately 8:30 am. Douglass
Hospital was the closest hospital.
Minister Hashim Nzinga arrived at Douglas Hospital about 9:00
am, and was in the room the whole time. His wife was "losing it"
according to Nzinga, and had to be placed in another room.
Khallid Muhammad was admitted under the name Harold
Ambush. Muhammad's birth name is Harold Vann Moore. Hospital
records show that from 9:05 am to 1:10 pm consistent medical
efforts were made to stabilize his blood pressure. At 9:05 a series of
tests (brain scans, ect.) were conducted to analyze Khallid
Muhammad's condition. According to medical reports, Keanne
Ambush reported that she knew Muhammad had hypertension and
was not on any medication. During the transport Muhammad's
“Death Report” continued from page 5
blood pressure was 250/120. On arrival at Douglass, his blood pressure
was 280/140 in the right arm, and 280/150 in the left arm.
(For a Full Analysis of Dr. Muhammad's Hospital Procedures, go to
At 1310 or 1:10 pm Nzinga is given bad news about Muhammad's
condition; that he has suffered a stroke, that their Neurological team had
been consulting with Dr. Omar Jiminez of Kennestone Hospital, a noted
area Neurologist. Khallid Muhammad's Neurological (Brain) condition,
they said, was so severe that a superior neurological facility was needed
and possible surgery could be done, but that Muhammad's chances of
recovery "were almost zero".
At 13:20 (1:20 pm) Khallid is transported via Wellstar Emergency
Services to Kennestone hospital in Marrietta Georgia. Dr. Jiminez informs
the wife that the blood vessel burst so deep in Khallid's head, that the sur-
gery would certainly kill him.
Man by man the security is placed at the hospital and by 3:30 pm, the
hospital is totally locked down by security from the Atlanta Chapter
NBPP. At 3:00 pm Feb 13th, the Doctors give bad new about Dr.
Muhammad's condition; that he has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, a
stroke of the brain, and his chances of survival are minimal. Around
12:00 noon, Nzinga reached Shabazz with the news, and by 5:30 pm
Malik Zulu Shabazz was at the Kennestone Hospital. Dr. Omar Jiminez, a
senior Neurologist, and a Black man, was in charge and he had x-rays and
bad news. Muhammad had bust a major a vessel in his brain and his brain
was covered in blood, that his chances of regaining consciousness were
slim and none.
Keanne Ambush’s Actions That Night:
Before we go further we have to ask and answer the following ques-
"What if Khallid Muhammad had received prompt medical treatment earli-
er; and why didn't he?"
" How can you, Keanne Ambush, watch a man who was meticulously
neat and tidy, defecate, urinate and vomit on himself, who clearly
appeared to be seriously ill, and then do nothing about it?"
"How can you (Ms. Ambush), wait seven whole hours and not call the
As loyal soldiers to our Leader's feelings about his wife, we kept
these questions to ourselves in the short term, and consoled his widow.
The Minister's sons and sisters know these facts. Ms. Ambush's actions
since then have been so weird that we can no longer keep silence. She has
asked not one question about our Leader's death. She has not exhibited
any care about his legacy or his organization. Is this just grief or is this
something bigger on her part?
We Hereby Find Keanne Ambush Was Grossly Negligent In Her Conduct
On The Night Of February 12th Through The Morning Of February 13th,
Pertaining To The Medical Needs Of Khallid Abdul Muhammad
When Ambush went to aid Khallid Muhammad she had a duty to aid
him in the proper manner. Ms. Ambush breached her duty and failed to
act as a reasonable person or wife would and that is to call 911 and get the
man to the hospital. His condition was obvious.
We will never know what could have happened if he had reached the
hospital earlier. According to one of the Minister's sons, the Doctor told
him that Muhammad's condition was that the blood sat on his brain too
long! Perhaps Muhammad could have been saved. Perhaps he would
have been crippled for life and unable to talk. Perhaps he could have
made a full recovery. We will never know, and we would rather have had
the benefit of Dr. Muhammad receiving immediate medical attention
rather than the other way around, and only having the ability to speculate.
There is considerable debate around Ms. Ambush. Initially she was
viewed by some as a loving wife who was just confused the night of
February 12th, and afterwards as being hurt, in grief and under no suspi-
cion. Some in the Minister's family have viewed her far less favorably,
and possibly as "acting on the instructions of influential Jews." According
to family members, Ms. Ambush stopped wearing her wedding ring the
night of the funeral, and has supposedly remarried, or is dating a Christian
“Death Report” continued on next page
causes' but the investigation continues.
The Minister's body was guarded overnight in the storage area
and moved the next day under armed guard to Cobb Hospital for the
autopsy. The autopsy was conducted and witnessed by key NBPP
members. The body was moved under armed guard to the funeral
FEBRUARY 23, 2001
The Minister's body was washed at 1:00 am. A toxicology test
was ordered by Shabazz and Nzinga. This toxicology test was to be
performed by the State of Georgia - GBI. The purpose of the toxi-
cology test was to determine whether or not Muhammad was poi-
soned, or whether something was put in his system to induce a
stroke or kill him. The toxicology test is ordered through Dr.
Jiminez and the Hospital. The blood used was the blood drawn from
Muhammad at the time of admission to the hospital.
Importantly, a second toxicology test was arranged by Shabazz
and the remaining blood from the time of admission was ordered
held for pickup by "Sister Atlanta Chapter" who offered to take the
blood to an independent Black toxicologist . Confirmation was
made that "Sister Atlanta Chapter" had picked up the blood and was
going to deliver to a Black toxicologist she had researched.
T H E D I S S - R E S P E C T O F
The week of February 19 -23, 2001, was marked by strange
events and occurrences, particularly in the area of security. While
Dr. Muhammad's body was under tight security in Atlanta, the man
named "Akhee" from Atlanta NBPP suddenly popped up in New
York early in the week, claiming to be in charge of security.
"Akhee" found the Unity Funeral Home in New York and befriended
the leadership and began moving around New York with the savvy
of a life long resident. Although he was not even a local official in
Atlanta, he wore five stars on his shoulder and cap to perpetrate
falsely, himself as a five star general in the NBPP- the highest of
WE FIND 'Akhee' from Atlanta Was An Agent In The New
Black Panther Party To Stir Up Mischief And Confusion. We have
concluded "Akhee" to be an agent and will refer to him further as
"Agent Akhee".
His actions here are classic infiltrator-operative actions designed to
disrupt black organizations that were notorious under the
Counterintelligence program under Jay Edgar Hoover that still con-
tinues in other forms today.
This is the same man
(Akhee) who promised Dr.
Muhammad he could provide
sound for the Million Youth
March anniversary in 2000,
was paid in advance, but not so
mysteriously timed his trip so
he showed up two and a half
hours late into the event embar-
rassing everyone. Agent
Akhee never could follow
orders and always had trouble
with Dr. Muhammad and the
Atlanta Chapter in terms of following orders. He claimed he had a
hearing problem, but we determined at the hospital that this was a
ruse. Agent Akhee was never ever given any permission to carry out
any assignment other than holding the wall in Atlanta, but all of a
sudden after Dr. Muhammad's death he pops up in New York and
starts wreaking havoc.
Agent Akhee (left) conspiring
with Eric Muhammad (right)
from confiscated film reel of
Eric Muhammad’s camera.
Preacher in Atlanta.
Were her actions just grossly negligent, or intentional? We do not
accept that her actions were just plain stupid. The investigation contin-
Dr. Muhammad at Kennestone Hospital
The word got out quickly about Dr. Muhammad's condition.
People began calling the hospital, and coming in early February 14,
At 3:30 pm on Feb 15th, NBPP National Central Committee
Members met. The Central Committee members were informed by
family members that Dr. Muhammad's consistent words and wishes to
them were that Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz take his place if anything
happened to him. After a supplemental vote of the National Central
Committee, a reluctant Shabazz assumed Muhammad's authority over
the leadership of the New Black Panther Party.
At about 11:00 am, Minister Nzinga called noted Black Neurologist
Dr. Ben Carson in Baltimore to (Feb 15th) consult with him on Dr.
Muhammad's case. Al Sharpton stopped by to see Dr. Muhammad and
talked with family and Shabazz. Quanell X left to go back to Houston.
At this point, the medical situation is bleak based on the results of
CAT -scans and MRI reports that showed Muhammad's brain bathed in
blood. Khallid Muhammad was not doing anything but breathing. He
responded to nothing at all. The decision on life support rested with the
wife and family, not with the NBPP. The security remained tight and a
few white reporters were ejected from the hospital. The NBPP literally
took over the entire floor. Anyone who tried to get to Dr. Muhammad
would be punished severely.
Dr. Malachi York, Leader of the Nuwabian Nation of Moors, sent a
representative who is also a medical Doctor……..
Later that evening the wife and family met with Dr. Jiminez and
based on medical evidence, decided to end life support on Saturday,
because Muhammad is not going to come back and he is brain dead,
only breathing. NBPP command conducted independent medical
review with a medical doctor of Nuwabian Nation using Muhammad's
up-to-the minute medical records to date. Dr. Jiminez also answered
questions of NBPP about Dr. Khallid's chances of survival.
At this point two NBPP people need to be watched. #1 is a rank
and file security man named "Akhee" who on one day wore a uniform
with six big stars and on the next day in a full red suit. This man was
very erratic and claimed to be a Khallid Muhammad zealot. He also had
a history with Dr. Muhammad in Atlanta about following instructions.
He cannot follow instructions and did everything he could to befriend
Khallid Muhammad's wife and family. #2 is "Sister Atlanta Chapter"
who was the Atlanta Chapter NBPP leader. Her name is classified at
this time, but she will be named and exposed as soon as this investiga-
tion concludes. According to Dr. Muhammad, " Sister Atlanta
Chapter" was "100 percent dedicated," and she in fact performed well
at the hospital, carried weapons and the like. She won the confidence
of the family, Shabazz and Nzinga in terms of the investigation and
handling NBPP affairs. Later on, very serious questions about her con-
duct will be raised.
At 11:00 am, Dr. Omar Jiminez met privately with the family about
the decision to unhook the life support. Dr. Muhammad and those who
remained or came by gathered to give Dr. Muhammad his final prayers
and rituals. It was a very sad time. Everyone was overcome with grief.
This was the worst time. At 11:30, the decision was made to unhook
the life support. Shabazz demanded an autopsy. The autopsy is sched-
uled for the next day. A press conference was held that afternoon at the
hospital. At that point, the public was told Muhammad died of 'natural
“Death Report” continued on page 28
“Death Report” continued from previous page
Agent Akhee hooks up with Eric Muhammad. Agent Akhee begins
uniting and organizing with Eric Muhammad and another former Khallid
Muhammad affiliate "Barry".
Eric Muhammad is a former ally of Khallid Muhammad and a former
writer for the Final Call Newspaper. The last we saw of him in our ranks
was in 1994, when he was helping Dr. Muhammad set up speaking
engagements. Pressure was put on him in New York about his allegiance
to Dr. Khallid, and he defected and joined with Minister Farrakhan, and
he hadn't backed Khallid Muhammad since.
"Brother Barry" used to drive for Dr. Muhammad in 1996. According
to Muhammad, he proved himself over the years as just a man who want-
ed to be seen with anybody popular and was found around Jesse Jackson,
Al Sharpton and anybody he could be with in the spotlight regardless of
their political position.
An unknown man is also on the scene.
Agent Akhee was now in New
York acting very weird. Although he
is from Atlanta, he began running
around New York and contacting
certain activist figures like an experi-
enced veteran, falsely wearing the
mantle and rank of a National
Security official. Agent Akhee
hooked up not only with Eric
Muhammad and Barry, but several
others including Delois Blakely
(Community Mayor of Harlem) and
popped up at NOI Mosque #7 where his efforts to involve Blakely and
Mosque #7 with Dr. Muhammad's body were wisely rebuffed. With the
New York NBPP Chapter in depleted condition, security in the New York
was in terrible shape and being taken advantage of by agents. On
Thursday, the National Youth Minister Michael Muhammad showed up,
was appointed "assistant National Minister of Defense" to cure security
problems. The National Chief of Staff, Malikah Muhammad, and her
husband Luqman, arrived in New York on Thursday with explicit instruc-
tions to secure Khallid Muhammad's body which was to come in that
Thursday night February 22nd.
The weather was bad and the flight containing Muhammad's body
was delayed until early Friday morning. Agent Akhee managed to
befriend the funeral home personnel and arranged to sleep overnight in
the funeral home.
The weather was bad and it was snowing. There is confusion about
the flight containing Khallid Muhammad's body. The flight, due to
weather conditions was re-routed
into La Guardia Airport and arrived
earlier than scheduled. Agent
Akhee had the inside information
and rode with the Funeral Home
hearse. Eric Muhammad and Barry
followed the hearse to the La
Guardia Airport. Incredibly no
NBPP personnel rode with the
hearse except the agent.
When the Minister's body finally
arrived it stayed in the airport cargo
area much longer that it should
have. Agent Akhee, Eric Muhammad with Barry got to the body first
when it came out of the cargo deck. Eric Muhammad then opened up the
casket and opened Dr. Muhammad's shirt and began to feel on Khallid
Muhammad's chest, according to those interviewed who were on the
scene. Eric Muhammad also took out his camera and started photograph
Muhammad's body in the airport cargo area. This is a complete desecra-
tion of our Leader's body! The Funeral home hearse, the agent and
the intruders then made their way to Newark to pick up Muhammad's
Family who were coming out of Atlanta. Chief of Staff, Malikah
Muhammad and other NBPP arrived to pick up members of the Leader's
family (not his wife) from baggage claim. The hearse, containing
Muhammad's body pulled up (still unattended by NBPP security),
and agent Akhee was in the hearse, with Eric Muhammad, and Barry
drove behind in an SUV. Eric Muhammad took pictures of every-
one, including the Minister's Family. NBPP Youth Minister, Michael
Muhammad was on his way to
the Newark Airport with another
NBPP team after some confu-
sion about the actual time and
airport that Dr. Muhammad's
body was coming in. Michael
Muhammad informed the NBPP
that agent Akhee should be
removed from the scene. The
NBPP failed to remove Akhee
from the scene and failed to
deal with Eric Muhammad and
his strange activities. All NBPP
Security on the scene knew very
well from Atlanta that strict orders were in place that no one was to
photograph K.Muhammad and no one to go near him without
explicit authorization from our chain of command.
The hearse, with agent in tow, followed by Eric Muhammad,
NBPP personnel and family, left Newark Airport and traveled to un-
secured Unity Funeral Home. Inside the Funeral home security was
totally breached and, according to witnesses, Eric Muhammad again
defiled Khallid Muhammad's body by opening up his shirt, feeling
on his dead body and taking pictures. NBPP security was ridiculous
at this point to allow criminal acts of desecration of our Leader's
dead body which are against all the laws of Islam and African tradi-
tion. Never did Eric Muhammad request of the family or anybody
in authority to see, or touch Khallid Muhammad's body.
Malik Zulu Shabazz went to New York for the wake and was
livid when told about the security breach by Minister Michael
Muhammad who had now
returned from the airport to
Funeral home. The apprehen-
sion of Eric Muhammad, Barry
and Agent Akhee was ordered.
Eric Muhammad, now under
physical pressure, informed the
NBPP that he was acting "on
orders of Farrakhan." A call by
Michael Muhammad to NOI
Supreme Captain Mustapha
Farrakhan quickly proved Eric
Muhammad's claim of acting on
Farrakhan's behalf a lie. The
Supreme Captain screamed into the receiver, "deal with the nigger!"
Several NBPP then surrounded Eric Muhammad and Barry and only
took their cameras. Unfortunately Eric Muhammad and Barry got
away un-punished, but Muhammad's camera was confiscated. Agent
Akhee got away momentarily, returned later, and was not nearly as
lucky as Eric Muhammad and Barry.
Eric Muhammad knew he was way out of bounds, given his own
training in Nation of Islam.
These lapses in security are
totally contradictory to the
training these NBPP members
received under former NOI
Supreme Captain, Khallid
Abdul Muhammad.
In defense of the NBPP
security officials there was
ample confusion at the time of
Muhammad's passing. We are
not faulting or casting any
adverse suspicions on any
NBPP member mentioned in
specific. All factors considered, as an entire organization, we did
Agent Akhee and Eric
Muhammad pose for photos.
from confiscated film reel of
Eric Muhammad’s camera.
Agent Akhee (left), Eric
Muhammad (center) and
“unknown” man (right) from
confiscated film reel of Eric
Muhammad’s camera.
Conspirators chat it up with
police. from confiscated film
reel of Eric Muhammad’s
Eric Muhammad and Agent
Akhee surround Dr. Khallid’s
casket. from confiscated
film reel of Eric
Muhammad’s camera.
“Unknown” man and Agent
Akhee with Dr. Khallid’s cas-
ket open. from confiscated
film reel of Eric Muhammad’s
“Death Report” continued on next page
“Death Report” continued from page 27
not cover down and
perform as we should have on this important matter.
WE FIND "AKHEE" WAS An Agent Placed In The New Black
Panther Party To Stir Up Mischief And Confusion.
His actions are classic infiltrator-operative actions designed to dis-
rupt black organizations that were notorious under the
Counterintelligence program under Jay Edgar Hoover.
WE FIND that Eric
Muhammad is GUILTY of:
Associating with suspected
agents, Violating the sacred pre-
burial state of Dr. Khallid Abdul
Muhammad and, GUILTY of
disrespecting our Leader and our
organization as well as Dr.
Muhammad and his family.
WE FIND that Eric Muhammad did not act on behalf of the NOI,
but that he acted on his own.
WE FIND Barry and the unknown man co-conspirators with
Eric Muhammad.
WE FIND the New Black Panther Party Negligent in securing
Khallid Muhammad's body in New York and breached their security
duties by not securing the hearse at first, by not getting the body
immediately out of the cargo deck; and by not expelling these intrud-
ers on first sight. Specifically, our security failed to carry out the
following NBPP General Orders:
#1. To Take Charge Of My Post and All Black Nation Property in
#2. To Walk My Post In A Perfect Manner, Keeping Always On
The Alert
#9. To Allow No One To Commit A Nuisance On Or Near My
WE FIND This Entire Episode Compelling Evidence Of A
Possible Conspiracy Involving All Of The Above. The Purposes Of
This Conspiracy May Have Been To:
a) Destroy the New Black Panther Party from within and with-
out by instigating or allowing massive confusion and disruption.
The destruction of the NBPP perhaps was an intention of the enemy
BEFORE Muhammad passed and these strange activities are fruits of
such wicked plan.
b) Show that Malik Zulu Shabazz was trying to cover up or lie
about the autopsy being done on Khallid Muhammad therefore put-
ting Shabazz's life and credibility at risk, and destroying the continu-
ity of the NBPP leadership. If a successful plot could be launched
against Shabazz, the enemy knew that the NBPP as a national force
was history.
c) Start a war between the Nation of Islam and The New Black
Panther Party
Note: We are not at all paranoid or exaggerating about agents.
The Cleveland Free Times News Magazine in a Fall 2002, story,
chronicles how agents were infiltrating the NBPP in Cleveland,
Ohio. The article shows an admitted FBI agent named Billy X had
infiltrated the Cleveland Chapter, traveled all over the country, and
while claiming to be NBPP, set up members of the Black Stone
Rangers in attempts to rob drug dealers. This article will reappear in
the upcoming New Black Panther News Magazine and on our web-
site at
Add to this the factual history of agent infiltration in the Black
Panther party in the 60's and 70's and you can glean how reasonably
we arrive at our conclusions.
Eric Muhammad from con-
fiscated film reel of Eric
Muhammad’s camera.
The actual wake on Friday February 23rd took place at Unity
Funeral Home without any relevant facts that would add to this investi-
gation. An investigation took place on the security breaches, all
National Officials were present and order was restored by the NBPP
high command.
The funeral took place at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem and
a post funeral procession took place down 125th Street without any rel-
evant details pertaining to the cause of death or suspicious activity. Dr.
Muhammad was laid to rest not too far from Malcolm X, at Ferncliff
Cemetery in New York.
After the Funeral, the NBPP met in the Harlem
Autopsy Report: The Autopsy Report was finished on 3/02/01
Toxicology Report: The toxicology report results done by the State of
Georgia/GBI were NEGATIVE for any foreign or poisonous sub-
stances. This report was completed on 4/05/01
Both of these reports include the medical records from Douglass
Kennestone Hospital.
Both of these reports conclude that Muhammad died of a cerebral
hemorrhage and internal damage to his brain, not of an aneurysm as
widely reported. In layman's terms a cerebral hemorrhage is a brain
Investigation Sabotage and More
Government Involvement Out Of Atlanta:
We knew that we could not rest on a GBI (Georgia Bureau of
Investigation) Toxicology Report alone. Anything that the GBI or FBI
did could not be relied upon exclusively because they are our enemies,
and if they had a hand in Dr. Muhammad's death certainly they could
not be relied upon a final fact finder. Immediately after the autopsy,
the search for an independent toxicology report was set in motion.
The independent toxicology report was sabotaged. It took several
months to reach this conclusion.
*please see for full details
We Find That The Conduct of "Sister Atlanta Chapter" Proves That She
Was Working With The Enemy To Sabotage The Investigation And
Probably Was In The NBPP Chapter As An Infiltrator Under Dr.
1. Dr. Khallid Muhammad was a popular, loved feared and hated man
who was at the helm of a militant Black Army that was growing in
“Death Report” continued from previous page
“Death Report” continued on page 30
strength and size.
2. WE FIND that Dr. Muhammad had severe hypertension. He was
advised to take medication for his high blood pressure but did not like
taking the medicine.
Her Conduct On The Night Of February 12th Through The Morning Of
February 13th. When she went to aid Muhammad she had a duty to aid
him in the proper manner. Ms. Ambush breached her duty and failed to
act as a reasonable person, or wife would, and that is to call the damn
hospital and get the man to the hospital. His condition was obvious and
she apparently had foreknowledge that he had hypertension.
4. AUTOPSY REPORT: The results of the Autopsy did not show any
other cause of death other than cerebral hemorrhage.
5. TOXICOLOGY REPORT: The toxicology report results done by
the State of Georgia/GBI were NEGATIVE for foreign or poisonous
6. WE FIND that 'Akhee' from Atlanta, Was An Agent In The New
Black Panther Party To Stir Up Mischief And Confusion
His actions are classic infiltrator-operative actions designed to disrupt
Black organizations that were notorious under the Counterintelligence
program under Jay Edgar Hoover.
8. WE FIND that Eric Muhammad is GUILTY of: Associating with
suspected agents, Violating the sacred pre-burial state of Dr. Khallid
Abdul Muhammad, and GUILTY of disrespecting our leader and our
organization as well as Dr. Muhammad and his Family.
9. WE FIND that Eric Muhammad did not act on behalf of the NOI,
that he acted on his own.
10. WE FIND Barry a co-conspirator with Eric Muhammad.
11. WE FIND THE New Black Panther Party Negligent in securing
Khallid Muhammad's body in New York, that they breached their secu-
rity duties by not securing the hearse at first, getting to the body right
out of the cargo deck, and by not expelling these intruders on first
Specifically, our security failed to carry out the following
NBPP General Orders:
#1. To Take Charge Of My Post and All Black Nation Property in
#2. To Walk My Post In A Perfect Manner, Keeping Always On The
#9. To Allow No One To Commit A Nuisance On Or Near My Post
This investigation is by no means over.
All the intricate details of the life and death of this
warrior will come out in the forthcoming book...
The Truth Terrorist: Inside the Life of the Khallid Abdul
Muhammad, The Most Radical Black Man in America
Khallid Muhammad's Work Lives On!
B L A C K P O WE R !
ing. The police walked.
The day after Stansbury was gunned down, tenants of the Louis
Armstrong Houses marched to their local police precinct carrying
signs that read "Black does not equal criminal" and "This is home-
land terrorism."
"We want justice now!" they shouted.
Cop charged wi t h murder
A Louisville Metro Police detective who shot and killed a fleeing 19-
year-old suspect in January was indicted yesterday by a Jefferson
County grand jury on charges of murder and wanton endangerment.
After meeting for more than five hours to hear witnesses and deliber-
ate, the grand jury followed the recommendations of
Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Stengel, deciding enough evidence
exists to have Detective McKenzie G. Mattingly stand trial for killing
Michael Newby and allegedly endangering the lives of five people
who were nearby when he fired his weapon.
"This one we felt strongly about," Stengel said. "Nobody is above
the law. ... It's a very difficult situation; (police) have to make split-
second judgments, but at the same time, just because you have a
badge on your chest does not give you the right to just shoot any-
body at will."
Stengel said he didn't know how the grand jury voted. Nine of 12
members must vote to return an indictment, but that is done outside
the presence of prosecutors.
Stengel said his office did recommend that the jury - two African
Americans and 10 whites - indict Mattingly, but not because of pub-
lic pressure over the seventh shooting of an African-American man
by Louisville or metro police since 1998.
From the first day, this "sounded like a bad shooting," Stengel said at
an afternoon news conference. "That's the way it looked to us all the
way along."
Newby was the second man, and first African American, fatally shot
by Louisville Metro Police since the city and county departments
merged Jan. 3, 2003. Since 1998, 11 men have been fatally shot by
police in Louisville. Mattingly is the first officer to have been
charged in any of the shootings.
The charge of wanton endangerment stems from the alleged danger
Mattingly's shots created for five people who were in the area: Hill,
Donitra Mullins, Alonzo Mullins, Shanicqua Brown and Brandon
Mullins, who were in a car in the drive-through of the liquor store.
None of them, besides Hill, could be reached for comment.
Wanton endangerment is a Class D felony with a penalty of one to
five years in prison.
Stengel would not provide specifics about the case and said he is
prohibited by law from discussing grand jury testimony. But he said
indicting Mattingly on a murder charge will allow the jury to consid-
er "a range" of lesser charges, including manslaughter and reckless
LEGAL EXPERTS say indictments of police officers are rare, with
juries often finding that the officer had some reason to be afraid.
For example, in a similar case in November 1989 a white Jefferson
County police officer shot and killed a fleeing black teenager, who
was unarmed. The officer, Larry Bush, said he shot John "Jay"
Lewis, a 17-year-old restaurant employee, when Lewis put his hands
up to his chest. Two grand juries declined to indict Bush.
But some legal experts suggested in recent days that an indictment
was more likely in the Mattingly case given the current racially
charged climate and the past shootings.
Morris said it was a "sigh of relief for everybody else," and then
thanked the grand jurors for their deliberations.
"I know it's not an easy task, but thank you very much on behalf of
the citizens within this community."
Staff writers Jessie Halladay, Gregory A. Hall, Peter Smith and
Joseph Gerth contributed to this story.
“Death Report” continued from page 29 “Brute Beasts” continued from page 11
Dr. James McIntosh, (psychiatry) student of the late John Henrik
Clarke, defined gentrification as corruptive, deceitful and nothing
more than colonization.
Councilman Charles
Barron, (New York) says
the gentrification work-
shop was timely. "It was
right on time."
Gentrification is coming to
Harlem." Councilman
Barron doesn't believe it is
a form of genocide as it
relates to killing, but does believe re-gentrification or gentrification is
another name for racism. The white people know many of us can't
afford the high housing prices. Most black peoples income is in the
$30,000-$35,000 range. Much of the housing is priced at $60,000 and
up, therefore you can't afford to buy a home.
We are never eligible and that is where the racism comes in. They
don't kill you- they just price you out! Councilman Barron explains
what re-gentrification means. "Gentry," means elite. "Re-gentry,"
means to bring back the elite. Re-gentrification means they were here
before and now want it back, whereas gentrification means to move in
the elite.
The white population wants to come back to the inner cities and
reside close to their businesses. This causes a displacement of the peo-
ple who already reside there. We must fight it! Continue to organize,
and mobilize (collectively) around this issue. We need the power
equation in New York to change because the white men have too
much power in this city. There needs to be a balance. We must make
sure HPD (Housing Preservation and Development) changes their
policies regarding "affordable housing," quality and availability. Their
(HPD) income requirements for purchasing a home are too high.
HPD, which is the largest developer of affordable housing in the
nation, has provided over $5.6 billion toward rehabilitation and con-
struction of housing. (HPD) plans to spend at least a billion more.
Half of that funding for housing should go to low-income people."
There are many variations, classifications, forms and interpretations
pertaining to the definition of gentrification, depending on the people
you ask. I am steadily learning more and more about this subject and
there is a great need to do so. To my understanding, gentrification or
re-gentrification is not new. A common conclusion is that gentrifica-
tion is not a positive experience for black people, minorities, senior
citizens, and low-income occupants. Gentrification has been in exis-
tence since the beginning of time. Whites invaded the indigenous
Native Americans, Afrikins, Hispanic and many others without the
blink of an eye.
It is crucial that we move on understanding why and HOWgentrifica-
tion takes place so we can properly identify the problem, define the
problem, collect the proof and move on a solution. There are impor-
tant steps and strategies to take. We must communicate, support and
network. Extensive and progressive research on gentrification and the
statistics that revolve around it is one defense. What percentage or
how many of the victims are black, white, Hispanic, senior citizens, et
cetera? What are the pro's? What are the con's? Who is doing what?
How is it being done? Are we involved in the law making procedures
and in the committees that have the influence? Make it your business
to get involved. If you don't know something…find out! Go to the
meetings. Observe, educate, re-educate and bring it back home.
Whites, who say they are not gentrifiers, are beneficiaries of gentrifi-
cation and re-gentrification. It is like saying that a dog doesn't bite or
a snake isn't a snake. It is like saying, during enslavement, that you
were fed and clothed and not beaten, so it was not a bad thing- and
the ones who tried to run away were troublemakers.
Some say gentrification is about class, race and land. Some say race
isn't the issue. Is gentrification a form of racism; invasion; renovation;
genocide…? We must define each term.
What is interesting to note is, gentrification is not an automatic occur-
rence just because whites and upper class move in to a lower class or
lower income area. There are certain conditions to be met in which gen-
trification takes place. First, there has to be a displacement of original
residents in order to attract those who have a higher standing (elite).
This is accomplished by making it unaffordable for the low-income peo-
ple. Many of the upper-class people are attracted to the area. Second,
there has to be a physical upgrading or renovation to increase property
value and bring more business into the area or community- thus attract-
ing more affluent people. Third, there has to be a change in character or
flavor in a neighborhood in particular that no longer caters to the origi-
nal residents, but now caters to a more affluent clientele.
There is another form of gentrification called re-zoning that is going on
in Washington state. The elite, whites, or upper class use the land like a
drug operation in which they pay certain influential people vote a cer-
tain way or to look the other way while they declare a certain
industrial or residential area unfit to live in by a coding system.
They buy cheap, build an area up to code, rezone the area and increase
the prices (high priced). In one situation a sewage area where people
live was voted and zoned as unlivable. The people were relocated (Like
Native Americans on a reservation camp). The houses were torn down.
They rezoned the area from a residential to an industrial area. They built
parking lots where the houses used to be.
As John Henrik Clarke said, "the best way to get something off your
back is to stand straight up!" Only as a unified force, can we eliminate
the forms of gentrification and re-gentrification that continue to elimi-
nate us. We must fight and protect ourselves, no matter how well the
intentions are of the gentrifiers. We must stand for something, because
we are responsible for "US." Until we act as ONE and form a collective
action movement, gentrification will continue to happen and we will not
survive or thrive! Be ready to make a move to come together, have a
plan of action and make a positive difference to keep what is ours and to
build our magnificent kingdoms- once again-just as we have built this
nation in America! We are on a move!
all photos by:
Artaymis Ma'at
“Gentrification” continued from page 18
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3. We want tax exemption and an end to robbery of THE BLACK NATION by the CAPITALIST. We want an end to the capitalis-
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History has proven that the white man is absolutely disagreeable to get along with in peace. No one has been able to get along with
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