Documents are the lifeblood of an enterprise because information eventually takes the shape of a

document, be it a form submitted by a customer, an email or even fax. Managing these documents
and extracting their information value, though challenging, is critical to the success of an enterprise.
More so because documents come from every touch point and in myriad formats.
Intense’s Dox for document management ushers in process intelligence and enables business users
with rapid information access, service availability across the span of their operations. The solution
deploys technologies that capture, manage, store and deliver documents and content effectively to
all enterprise processes. Dox is a highly scalable and feature-rich, cross-vertical document
management solution, for telecom, insurance, banking, utility companies, powered by electronic
document management system, workflow and eForms modules.
Comprehensive document management
and process intelligence with Dox
Document Management
Enterprise Agility | Dox
Rapid information access and service availability

Integrate structured and unstructured data and make knowledge
available on Tap

Achieving consistent information categorizations across business lines

Eliminate costly and voluminous paper trails and error-prone manual
data routing

Achieve ‘One Team’ knowledge access across multiple enterprise

Disaster-proof your enterprise knowledge from hazards and sabotage
Knowledge for the enterprise
Reduce risk and ensure compliance

Ensure employees do not leave with enterprise assets

Controlling indiscriminate e-mails

Fortifying digital assets across distributed Networks

Eliminate obsolete information and stay abreast always

Hack-proofing digital assets and ensure transparency

Enable a strong legal department and with efficient contract
management practice
Secure your enterprise assets
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Drive more efficient operations

Enables enterprises to easily collect information through online forms
and process the same in accordance with defined business procedures

Compressing processing cycles through intelligent automation to
shorten response time

Usher in user and rule based channel movement of work

Ushering in metric-based and process-driven transparency and

Integrating Information silos created by heterogeneous technologies

Automatically archives/disposes documents once the retention period is
Process intelligence
Collaborate faster and better

Better control and tracking of enterprise data, and accelerated delivery
and processing information

Automate communication processes across stakeholder ecosystems –
customers, suppliers, employees, investors, etc

Eliminate physical forms and documents to achieve faster distribution of
data across departments and for quicker processes

Obviate costs on physical storage of enterprise data and eliminate
pilferage/disaster risks

Leverage existent IT investments and evolve a new paradigm of
document management
Data agility
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Efficiency, transparency and response

Unleash a collaborated enterprise across businesses and ecosystems

Ensure transparency and accountability of jobs and results

Institutionalize metrics-based performance monitoring

Simplify approval mechanisms and job monitoring

Eliminate paper, power, printing and storage costs by way of electronic

Usher in the benefits of Green IT
Integrated workflows
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