Purple Heart award is for sacrifice rather than bravery.

Sandel's main point in the “Bailout rage” section is N! that Bush should not have as"ed congress for bailout.
Pentagon reserves the purple heart for physical in#uries.
!he purple heart discussion illustrated conflicting intuitions about virtue.
$hich is not true of the bailout case%& 'reed is the most li"ely cause of the mar"et failures.
People who favor laws against price gaouging (N'! argue that we should allow the mar"et to set prices.
!he need to preserve supply and deman as the determiner of price is cited as a reason for allowing price gouging.
!he case for "illing goatherds is stronger than the case for pushing the hi"er off the bridge)!.
!he fact that *+s used govt money is irrelevant,always !.
!he most important change in our attitudes has N! been an increase in greed.
$e should N! endorse mar"et triumphalism.
!he greater the range of things that are commodified- the greater economic ine.uality matters.
!hose who argue price gauging is o"ay tend to de)emphasi/e 012!3+.
!hose who argue ptsd is not an ade.uate basis for awarding a purple heart argue on the grounds of 012!3+.
Bailout firms should not get bonuses because 45!hey are greedy 65rewarded for failure.
1ndividual #udge about ethics are prevented from being sub#ective opinion b7c moral reflection is N! a solitary pursuit.
Price gouging could be considered helpful because it brings resources to an area.
!rolly case illustrates the ppl& treat li"e cases li"e.
!he state of our public discussion parlous b7c we thin" our moral convictions are fi8ed.
!he argument that is it always o" to charge a mar"et price is based on reasons of welfare more than virtue is 9:;S+.
!he argument “ta8 brea"s for the rich create investment that helps the economy” is utilitarian.
!he utilitarian must give greater weight to someone else's pleasure than to his own is 9:;S+.
<ill did N! agree with Bentham if actions : and B yeild an e.ual .ualtity of pleasure- then : and b are of e.ual value.
Bentham held that if actions a and b yeild an e.ual .uantity of pleasure- then they're of e.ual value.
<ill did N! hold that : is higher than B if : is preferred out of a sense of obligation.
<ill did N! hold that : is higher than B if avg person prefers : over B
is it N! characteristic of utilitarians to appeal to fundamental human rights
<ill's ppl of liberty& people should be free to do whatever provided no harm to others.'ovt can't improse ma#ority's beliefs
on how best to live. <ill thin"s respecting individual liberty leads to greatest human happiness. Sandel thin"s <ill uses
facts beyond utilitarianism to #ustify behavior.
Bentham argued that the only morally relevant difference is .uantity of pleasure.
1f Benthams hedonism is true then reading sha"espeare must be valued less highly than watching simpsons is 9:;S+.
<ill held that : is a higher pleasure than B only if : produces more pleasure than B is 9:;S+.
!wo main types of ob#ection Sandel levels against utilitarianism& 45 individual rights 65common currency of value.
1f there are long lines for a good or service then prices are not aligning with supply and demand.
=ueues are more democratic than scalpers.
<ar"et values are best e8pressed in .ueues is 9:;S+.
Strong ob#ection to paid line standers& put less well off at disadvantage
People with e8perience in two pleasures can determine whether a pleasure is higher or lower than another.
!he volunteer army is considered volunteer b7c its based upon donating one's services is 9:;S+.
!he argument that from economic coercion is used to attac" the draft is 9:;S+
!he surrogacy contract was N+0+2 1N0:;1(:!+(
(egredation arguments against surrogacy conflict with utilitarianism
9or libertarians- the income ta8 is N+0+2 #ustified
*hec" the one that is not a characteristic reason against surrogacy offerred by those who argue surrogacy is degrading&
surrogacy contracts are coerced by economic necessity.
!he most basic premise in the libertarian argument that a person has an absolute property right for the fruits of his labor is
that P+P;+ $N !H+<S+;0+S.
1n order for a trade to be valid- three conditions must be met& 45the parties involved are not coerced into ma"ing it 65is must
be morally o" to trade the commodities involved >5both parties are fully informed
Both ;ibertarians and utilitarians may favor tic"et scalping.
Bribery occurs whenever a person is forced to sell something under coercion is 9:;S+.
!here is nothing wrong with economic ine.uality as such is !23+
<inimum wage is un#ust by ;ibertarian ppls
!o ;ibertarian- gov't should e8ist to enforce contracts