"teaching the truth to the youth"
Father Equality Born 48 AWM
The mission of the "God Speaks
Newsletter" is to inform all those who are
in need of refinement and enlightenment,
primarily through proper education,
practical thinking, and spiritual guidance,
to assist the unconscious man or woman
find the divinity that exists within
themselves, thus empowering them to
elevate to their highest potential as they
become energetic, intelligent, loving,
builders of self, family, community, and
nation. .!.".#.!$$$
Peace to Man, Woman, and Child,
This is the First issue of the GOD SPEAKS
EWS!ETTE", in the month of Father E#ualit$
%orn &hich is onl$ fittin' considerin' that this is
%lac( )istor$ Month* %lac( +),S-STO"./
Month* )istor$ means +his-stor$/ de0endin' u0on
&ho is tellin' the stor$*
%lac( )istor$ Month is a 'ood thin' for our
0eo0le althou'h &e should ta(e the res0onsi1ilit$
to teach our o&n 234 da$s a $ear* This month is
also the month that our Father, Allah, the man that
histor$ for'ot, &as manifested on the 0h$sical
0lane of e5istence, Fe1 66, &hich is ironicall$ the
same da$ the Geor'e Washin'ton &as 1orn* So t&o
founders of t&o Great ations here in the
Wilderness of orth America &as 1orn on the
same da$* ,f the success of Geor'e Washin'ton7s
ation is an$ indicator of the future of our ation
&e ha8e a 8er$ 1ri'ht future ahead* An$&a$ &e
here at GS are dedicated to our 0rimar$ o19ecti8e
&hich is +teachin' the truth to the $outh/ 1$
follo&in' our official mission statement:
“The mission of the "God Speaks Newsletter" is
to inform all those who are in need of refinement
and enlightenment, primarily through proper
education, practical thinking, and spiritual
guidance, also to assist them find the divinity that
exists within themselves, thus empowering them
to elevate to their highest potential as they
become energetic, intelligent, loving, builders of
self, family, community, and nation/
Our means of accom0lishin' this 'oal is directl$
ins0ired 1$ the teachin's of the ation of Gods and
Earths, &hich &e feel is the most rele8ant ;
effecti8e method of a&a(enin' the $outh in this
Durin' this month &e ha8e had t&o entertainment
'iants return unto their essences, Don Cornelius
the founder, and host, of the le'endar$ dance sho&,
SO<! T"A,, that 1run' +!o8e, Peace, and
Soul=/ to tell-,-8ision screens across the nation
e8er$ Saturda$ afternoon, and the 'olden 8oiced
%lac( >ueen Whitne$ )ouston* We lo8e $ou= The
1oth of $ou 'a8e us man$ 'reat memories= Ma$
$ou 1oth "est ,n Paradise=
This month P*%*S* Aired a 0ro'ram called
+Sla8er$ 1$ an$ other name/ &hich &as an e50ose7
on ho& the South (e0t %lac( 0eo0le in +0eona'e/
1$ loc(in' them into so-called de1tors 0risons
&ron'full$ ?&or( cam0s doin' un0aid &or( for
ma9or cor0orations@ throu'hout the south, after
sla8er$ &as su00osedl$ o8er, and the <S
'o8ernment at times turned it7s head, and e8en
enacted la&s that hel0ed 0eona'e to flourish, this
s$stem e5isted all the &a$ u0 into 1AB6* This
0ractice &as ne8er full$ a1olished, and it 1ecame
the foundation of the American st$le of
incarceration es0eciall$ &hen concernin' the %lac(
; %ro&n 0eo0le in our communities*
Do some research on the P",SO ,D<ST",A!
COMP!EC, and it &ill ma(e itself %orn to $ou
&h$ so man$ of our 0eo0le are in the +%ell$ of the
%east/ ?DA,!@* There is much mone$ to 1e made
for the 1EF 1$ !OCK,G .O< <P== The
Pri8atiGed Prison ,ndustr$ is on the stoc( mar(et
on Wall Street, and the$ are often the 0eo0le &ho
lo11$ 'o8ernment for more e5treme sentencin' for
non-8iolent offences* !OOK ,T <P FO"
.O<"SE!F== The <nited States incarcerates
a1out t&o million inmates in State, Federal, and
Pri8ate 0risons all o8er the countr$* There has
ne8er 1een an instance in the histor$ of man that a
nation has ca'ed so man$ of its o&n citiGens* The
<nited States has 9ailed more 0eo0le than an$ other
countr$ on the 'lo1e* Prisons are 0ri8atel$ o&ned,
The Go8ernment 1asicall$ rents $ou out to sta$ in
a coo0erate facilit$ &here $ou ma(e 1B cents an
hour to ma(e militar$ e#ui0ment, under&ear for
Hictoria Secret, 0aints and 0aint1rushes, A6F of
sto8e assem1lies, I3F of 1od$ armor, 23F of all
home a00liances, 2EF of all micro0hones,
head0hones, and s0ea(ers, and the$ e8en
manufacture61F of all office furniture*
E8er$thin' from 0arts for air0lanes to medical
su00lies, and license 0lates, 0risoners 0roduce
e8en more than this, the$ are e8en used to train
seein' e$e do's for the 1lind* AD T)E. SA.
T)AT T)E"E A"E O DO%S=== So remem1er the
ne5t time $ou see all of these 0roducts that sa$
+MADE , <SA/ on the ta', as( $ourself +Where
the )E!! are all the manufacturin' 9o1s 'oin' toJ/
DA,!= The same 0lace &here our $oun' %lac( and
%ro&n 1rothers are 'oin'* Ma$1e that is &h$ the$
are so ea'er to P<T .O< O !OCK DOW=
The list of companies participating in this kind of labor
schemes comprise some of the nited !tates leading
,%M, %oein', Motorola, Microsoft, AT;T,
Wireless, Te5as ,nstrument, Dell, Com0a#,
)one$&ell, )e&lett-Pac(ard, ortel, !ucent
Technolo'ies, 2Com, ,ntel, orthern Telecom,
TWA, ordstrom7s, "e8lon, Mac$7s, Pierre Cardin,
Tar'et Stores, amon' man$ others*
!oo( at the rate of 1uildin' ne& 0risons in
California* The$ are so successful &ith 0rison
la1or that no& the$ are 1rin'in' 9o1s that &ent
o8erseas 1ac( here, 1ecause it7s chea0er to shi0
from Folsom Penitentiar$ than China* !oo( at the
0assin' of ne& la&s on the 1oo(s e8er$ da$ to
incarcerate* The 1
%lac( President %arac( O1ama
silentl$ 0assed a la& on e& .ears Da$ called the
DAA act &hich 1asicall$ ma(es A.OE &ho
is considered an so-called undesira1le, or
1elli'erent ?i*e* GAG MEM%E"S, or PO!,T,A!
"AD,CA!S@, a terrorist, e8en if the$ are a citiGen
of the <S, secretl$ im0risoned &ith O
WA""ET, O T",A!, AD O !EGA!
CO<C,!, for an undetermined amount of time*
More &or(ers at 1B cents an hour ?thin( of ho&
much sla8e &a'e la1or can 1e e5tracted in an
undetermined amount of time@*
Our Father, Allah told us to sta$ out of Dail, finish
school, 'et a 9o1, 'et a trade s(ill, or 9oin the
militar$, this &a$ &e &ill 1e a1le to a8oid the 1EF
in their attem0ts to use our 0eo0le ?%lac( ;
%ro&n@ for a tool and a sla8e* o& is the 1est time
to come to'ether and %<,!D as one 0eo0le: if &e
can come to'ether and co0 do0e chea0 as &e can,
then sell it for a 0rofit in our nei'h1orhoods, &h$
not 0ool our resources, 1u$ soc(s, shoes, so&
clothin', 1u$ fresh foods &holesale, etc* then sell it
in our communities, or rent a 1oth at the SWAP
KO"EAS=== ,f $ou don7t do it, $ou can7t 1lame
them for doin' &hat $ou &on7t do for $ourself=
Don7t 1lame the W),TE MA= )E A,7T
O%OD.= The onl$ De8il that is sto00in' $ou
from ma(in' the Father7s E#ualit$ %orn is the
De8il that $ou ha8en7t ta(en off of $our 0lane=
T)E %!ACKMA ,S GOD==== A.T),G T)E
!"#$%&'( $)'*+T,"N +(#+-S *+'S$S $($.+T,"N
Cro&n Prince Allah
We the ation of Gods ; Earths also
(no&n as the Fi8e Percenters are not reli'iousl$
inclined, nor are &e an Kor'aniGation*K We are a
nation &ith (no&led'e and understandin' of
oursel8es ?as a 0eo0le@ &ho stri8e to 'uide our
0eo0le to &ho the$ are and &hat their 0ur0ose in
this life is 1$ teachin' the culture of !i8in'
Mathematics* Mathematics is the foundation of all
thin's in e5istence*
Our conce0t of God is that the Ori'inal
man, the Asiatic %lac( Man, is the true and li8in'
God on this 0lanet Earth* Our %lac( %odies are the
0h$sical manifestation of the e5istence of the
Su0reme %ein' (no&n as Allah* Allah 1ein' all
Ori'inal Peo0le as a &hole, %lac( meanin' Asian,
!atino, and so-called African* Our different
character traits, ca0a1ilities etc*, are the man$
Godl$ attri1utes ; 0o&ers that com0ose the
Su0reme God, Allah*
Our chief mission is to teach others the true
(no&led'e of themsel8es, to restore the 0ride that
has 1een missin' from the %lac( Man for
centuries, in ho0es of 1uildin' a nation of stron',
&ise and disci0lined 0eo0le so &e ma$ someda$
all li8e a life of Freedom, Dustice, and E#ualit$*
We unli(e others do not 1elie8e in
se0aratin' oursel8es from %lac( Peo0le &ho do not
manifest the attri1utes of 0eo0le &ith (no&led'e of
themsel8es, and &ho constantl$ die &ra00ed u0 in
the &a$s and actions of unci8iliGed 1ein's* ,nstead
&e 0ractice our teachin's 1$ sta$in' amon' our
0eo0le in the 0it of o00ression to hel0 and 'i8e
them &hat is necessar$ to raise themsel8es from
the hells of ini#uit$ and falsehood, into the hea8ens
of truth and 9ustice*
We lean on the 0ro0er de8elo0ment of our
%lac( men and &omen 8er$ hea8il$ toda$, for the
true and 9ust Freedom of our children tomorro&*
We stress the im0ortance of education to all
&e teach* As all thin's in e5istence are 1ased on a
0articular science, &e are o1li'ated to learn and
full$ understand all e5istin' sciences, so &e can
0ro0erl$ handle all 'i8en situations at an$ 'i8en
time and therefore 1ecome a self-sustainin' ation
of 0eo0le*
We are in essence a ation of 0eo0le &ho
are stri8in' for the total Freedom of our 0eo0le in
the Wilderness of orth America as &ell as all o8er
the 0lanet* We are a Freedom Peo0le*K
1. Born on February 22, 1928 in Dansville, Pennsylvania County,
2. In 1944, at the age of 1, he along !ith several "e"bers of his
fa"ily "ove# to $arle" %&e''a(, )e! *or+.
,. $e ha# 'o"-lete# t!o years of high s'hool.
4. .n .'tober ,/, 1902, he !as in#u'te# into the 12 3r"y.
0. 4hile in the "ilitary servi'e, he !as a 5ight 4ea-ons
Infantry"an an# a "aster of 6ung7fu, 8u#o, an# 6arate.
. .n 3ugust 21, 1904, he re'eive# a #is'harge after having ha#
Foreign 2ervi'e in 8a-an, an# 6orea. 3n# he !as a!ar#e# then
6orean 2ervi'e &e#al !ith one Bron9e 2ervi'e 2tar, the Co"bat
Infantry"an:s Ba#ge, the Presi#ential 1nit Citation, the 1nite#
)ations an# )ational Defense 2ervi'e &e#als, also a &e#al of
Bravery for saving the lives of "en belonging to his 2;ua#.
<. In 19/, he entere# te"-le =< of the )ation of Isla", lo'ate# on
!est 11 2t. )*C. 4hile in the )ation of Isla" as a stu#ent, his
'ontributions an# his $onorable behavior earne# hi" the trust of
his asso'iates, allo!ing hi" to be'o"e a "e"ber of the Fruit of
Isla", as Brother Claren'e 1,>.
8. In no ti"e he "ove# u- in the ran+s of the F...I. to be'o"e
lieutenant an# one of the to- instru'tors of the 3#van'e# F...I.
%bo#yguar# of &al'ol" >(.
9. In 19/ he !as given the Isla"i' attribute ?3b#ullah@ %servant of
A.D( by the $onorable BliCah &uha""a# #uring the 2aviors: Day
festivities of the year.
1/. In 19,, he left the !o"b of Isla" to ta+e the +no!le#ge that
he ha# learne# to the youth. Dhe 2 'o"-anions an# 'o7foun#ers
of the 0E )ation isF Bro 8.$) ,<> or %3bu 2hahi#(, an# Bro. 8a"es
$o!ell or 363 812DICB CBB.
11.Dhe , Bl#ers of the 0E )ation of Ao#s an# Barths areF 3bu
2hahi# %Bro!n 2ee#(, Free Ci-her 3+bar 363 812DICB CBB %Bro!n
see#(, an# $ebe+a, no! +no!n as I"a" Gafi; Gasul %Bla'+ see#(.
12. In the latter -art of 19,, he an# his 2 'o"-anions 'oul# be
seen !al+ing the streets of $arle" tea'hing the youth of the
6no!le#ge of 2elf, the Devil, an# the reality of Ao# %3llah(.
1,. In 194, he began to establish the foun#ation for the
i"-le"entation of his #eter"ine# i#ea. It on .'tober 1/
of this
year that he for"ulate# the bo#y of the FIVB PBGCB)D )3DI.).
14. Dhe first ?)I)B B.G)@ areF 6aree" %Bla'+ &essiah(H3l7
2alaa"H3l78abbar %Prin'e 3llah(H)ihie" %Bis"i7
3llah(H3+barH6ihie"HBilal later 8iha# then %3.B.A.<(H 3l7
10. Dhe first sisters, or &oons, as they !ere 'alle# then !ereF
1. Dhe year 194, is re'ogni9e# as ?year one@ or the birth of the
Five Per'ent )ation. .n De', 8
of that year, the first atte"-t !as
"a#e to assassinate hi" by a )egro na"e# Carlos !ho shot hi"
!ith a high7-o!ere# rifle !hile he !as in a base"ent on 12<
1<. .n &ay, ,1, 190, at 9F10, !hile s-ea+ing at a rally in front of
the $otel Dheresa, lo'ate# at 2/9/ <
3ve., t!o -oli'e offi'ers
atte"-te# to brea+ u- the rally, as a result, a #isturban'e !as
brought about. $e along !ith several other "en !as arreste# forF
unla!ful asse"bly, #isor#erly 'on#u't, an# -ossession of
18. .n 8une 2, 190, at the arraign"ent in the 'ri"inal 'ourt
before the 8u#ge Fran'is >. .:Brian, he tol# the 8u#ge that he !as
!rong for a''using the Gighteous -eo-le an# that the 'ity !oul#
?Blo! 1-@ an# !hen offere# a la!yer, he tol# the Cu#ge that he
!as 3llah, an# that he !oul# re-resent hi"self. Dhe Cu#ge then
or#ere# that he be ta+en an# hel# in 'usto#y on a I9,0//.// bon#.
19. .n 2e-te"ber 2,, 190, the Cu#ge in the 2u-re"e Court -art
,/, or#ere# hi" to be -la'e# in the 'usto#y of a -sy'hiatri' unit of
Bellevue $os-ital for -sy'hiatri' treat"ent. Dhis !as the result of
hi" -ro'lai"ing hi"self as 3llah.
2/. 4hile at Bellevue he 'ontinue to tea'h the youth an# the
authorities transferre# hi" to &atta!an as a "eans of se-arating
hi" fro" his gro!ing nation, but the nation 'ontinue# to gro!. It
!as in the year 19 that the first house Parlia"ent !as hel# at
?first born@ 3llah B:s 6ing#o" %ho"e(, lo'ate# at 12/
street at <
3ve. in ).*.C.
21. .n &ar'h 24, 19<, he !as release# fro" 'usto#y.
22. .n &ar'h 20, 19<, he "a#e his first -ubli' a--earan'e to
the )ation in front of the Ala"or Inn on <
2,. In 19<, he foun#e# the e#u'ational 'enter for the )ation,
lo'ate# at 2122 <
3ve. Calle# the 2treet 3'a#e"y.
24. In 19<, the 1niversal Flag !as -resente# by 1niversal
2ha"gau## 3llah, an# or#aine# by 3llah as the offi'ial e"ble" of
the )ation.
20. In 198, Dhe ?Bnlightener@ !as 'o"-ose# by Dihoo
%6no!le#ge Ao#( an# 3"ar B#u'ation 3llah, an# or#aine# by
3llah as the offi'ial anthe" of the )ation.
2. In 198, he re'eive# -ubli' 'o""en#ation fro" &ayor
5in#sey an# "any other 'o""unity offi'ials for the outstan#ing
Cob in !hi'h he !as #oing in -rovi#ing, "otivating, e#u'ating, an#
vo'ational gro!th !ith the youth, as !ell as -ubli' an# "e#ia
-raises for his unselfish 'o""unity -arti'i-ation in "aintaining
-ea'e an# or#er.
2<. .n 8une 1,, 199, at a--roJi"ately 4F10 a". $e !as
assassinate# after being shot seven ti"es, by t!o or "ore assailants
in the buil#ing of his !ife Dora at 21 !est 112 st. ).*.C.
B*F 3553$ B K 2$3B3LL 3DB4 3553$
),) /$S'S $+T
!"%01 Part 1*
#e$iticus %%"&'8 (And the pig) because it parts the hoof
and is clo$en'footed but does not che* the cud) is unclean to
you+ ,ou shall not eat any of their flesh) and you shall not touch
their carcasses- they are unclean to you+ (
.saiah //"%& (Those *ho sanctify and purify themsel$es
to go into the gardens) follo*ing one in the midst) eating pig0s
flesh and the abomination and mice) shall come to an end
together) declares the #ord+1
Peace Famil$= , (no& as $oun' Fi8e Percenters
&e are sometimes as(ed #uestions 1$ our 0arents,
famil$ mem1ers, and friends, a1out &h$ &e don7t eat
certain foods, es0eciall$ PO"K== %acon, 1a1$ 1ac(
ri1s, sausa'es, and the li(e* Some 0eo0le reall$ don7t
understand our &a$s* Well the reason the$ don7t
understand us is 1ecause the$ ha8e 1een mis-educated
as to the la&s of the %i1le, the Old Testament as &ell as
the e& Testament in re'ards to the dan'ers of eatin'
0or(* The$ ma$ claim that +onl$ De&s and Muslims
don7t eat it, 1ut Desus made it clean*/ ot True= As a
matter of fact $ou can as( them this #uestion +Did Desus
Eat Por(J/ Of course he didn7t 1ecause he follo&ed the
dietar$ la& of Musa ?Moses@* o& if Christian means
to 1e +Christ-li(e/ and Desus ne8er ate 0or(, also
Christians are su00osed to loo( to Desus7 life as the
0rime e5am0le of ho& to li8e, then &h$ &ould the$
then turn around and eat somethin' &hich Desus himself
ne8er ate 1ecause he follo&ed the Mosaic !a& out to a
At Matthe& 4:1B Desus said +Thin( N"T that ,
am come to destro$ the la&, or the 0ro0hets: , am N"T
*"2$ T" )$ST%"-, 1ut to fulfill*/
fulLfill means:
• To 1rin' into actualit$M effect: fulfilled their
• To carr$ out ?an order, for e5am0le@
• To measure u0 toM satisf$*
• To com0lete*
So if Desus in his o&n &ords accordin' to the
%i1le sa$s that he came N"T to destro$, 1*u*t* to fulfil
the la& then that means that he came to measure u0 to,
to com0lete, or carr$ out, or 1rin' into actualit$*
Mar( B:1N-1A has 1een used 1$ man$ to
su00osedl$ 9ustif$ eatin' unclean meats*
+Then Desus said,
***Do $e not 0ercei8e, that &hatsoe8er
thin' from &ithout entereth into the man, it
cannot defile himM %ecause it entereth not
into his heart, 1ut into the 1ell$, and 'oeth
out into the drau'ht, 0ur'in' all meatsJ/
Some 1i1le-8ersions add &ords to 8erse 1A,
such as ?Kthis he said, ma(in' all meats clean*K@
&hene8er $ou see 0arentheses or 1rac(ets in a #uote,
that means that someone else is addin' their o&n &ords
and 0ersonal inter0retation to the #uote* DES<S
%. T)E T"AS!ATO" , O"DE" TO D<ST,F.
The Gree( te5t of that 0assa'e, the oldest
(no&n 8ersion, does not contain the &ords Kthis he
saidK* The Gree( te5t sa$s, 1asicall$ translated, "3ut it
does not enter the heart but the stomach, and then it
goes out into the waste, purging all that was eaten"* ,n
a nutshell: Desus &as OT tal(in' a1out Kma(in' foods
cleanK, 1*u*t* that Kim0ure thin'sK come out, after&ards*
The 0ro0er conte5t of this 1e'ins at Mar( B:1-
4, &hich descri1e the PhariseesO 0ractice of al&a$s
&ashin' their hands u0 to their el1o&s 1efore eatin',
and other traditions of &ashin' 0ots and cu0s* THE
Desus sho&ed and 0ro8ed that unclean thou'hts are the
thin's that most defile a man, not 9ust ceremoniall$
un&ashed 4+N)S in 8erses 6E-62* The 0arallel
0assa'e to Mar( C)APTE" B is Matthe& C)APTE"
14* After e50lainin' that defilement of the mind is far
&orse than defilement of the 1od$, Desus ends &ith,
KThese are the thin's &hich defile a man Pe8il thou'hts,
adulteries, etc* descri1ed in Matthe& 14:1N-1AQ:but to
eat !t" u#a$"e# HANDS %e&!'et" NOT a (a#,) in
8erse 6E* So &e can see here that at Mar( cha0ter B
Desus7 issue &as 23T the eatin' of unclean food, 1*u*t*
the issue of &hether ritualisticall$ &ashed hands made
one defiled* o& , don7t thin( that Desus &anted 0eo0le
to 1e dirt$, the 0eo0le &ho &ere accusin' him &ere
referrin' to a 0articular traditional st$le of &ashin',
N"T +!+%T "& T4$ 2"S+,* (+#, to 0ut on airs
as if the$ &ere clean &hen in fact the$ &ere unclean
?mentall$@ in their &a$s, and actions*
The Pharisees constantl$ &atched Desus e8er$ mo8e* )e
a1ided 1$ the Mosaic !a& ?the la& of Musa@* The$
&ere constantl$ falsel$ accusin' him of some sort of
minor infraction of one of their ?Pharisee@ traditions,
B.u.t. #e*e+ %!% a#, -e a..u$e -e$u$ o& eat!#/, o+
e*e# "e# t"e, b+u#/ ."a+/e$ be&o+e Po#t!u$ P!'ate the
eating of unclean foods #+S N"T on that list Desus
said he did not come to destro$ the !a& 1ut to fulfil and
(ee0 it, therefore &e can conclude that O= Desus did
not eat 0or(=
Accept it or re4ect it5
Cro&n Prince Allah
The 2aking "f + Slave
This s0eech &as deli8ered 1$ Willie !$nch on the 1an(
of the Dames "i8er in the colon$ of Hir'inia in 1B16*
!$nch &as a %ritish sla8e o&ner in the West ,ndies* )e
&as in8ited to the colon$ of Hir'inia in 1B16 to teach
his methods to sla8e o&ners there* The term Kl$nchin'K
is deri8ed from his last name*
+Greetin's Gentlemen* , 'reet $ou here on the 1an( of
the Dames "i8er in the $ear of our !ord one thousand
se8en hundred and t&el8e* First, , shall than( $ou, the
'entlemen of the Colon$ of Hir'inia, for 1rin'in' me
here* , am here to hel0 $ou sol8e some of $our
0ro1lems &ith sla8es* .our in8itation reached me on
m$ modest 0lantation in the West ,ndies, &here , ha8e
e50erimented &ith some of the ne&est and still the
oldest methods for control of sla8es* Ancient "ome7s
&ould en8$ us if m$ 0ro'ram is im0lemented* As our
1oat sailed south on the Dames "i8er, named for our
illustrious Kin', &hose 8ersion of the %i1le &e Cherish,
, sa& enou'h to (no& that $our 0ro1lem is not uni#ue*
While "ome used cords of &ood as crosses for standin'
human 1odies alon' its hi'h&a$s in 'reat num1ers, $ou
are here usin' the tree and the ro0e on occasions* ,
cau'ht the &hiff of a dead sla8e han'in' from a tree, a
cou0le miles 1ac(* .ou are not onl$ losin' 8alua1le
stoc( 1$ han'in's, $ou are ha8in' u0risin's, sla8es are
runnin' a&a$, $our cro0s are sometimes left in the
fields too lon' for ma5imum 0rofit, .ou suffer
occasional fires, $our animals are (illed* Gentlemen,
$ou (no& &hat $our 0ro1lems areM , do not need to
ela1orate* , am not here to enumerate $our 0ro1lems, ,
am here to introduce $ou to a method of sol8in' them*
,n m$ 1a' here, , )AHE A F<!! P"OOF MET)OD
FO" COT"O!!,G .O<" %!ACK S!AHES* ,
'uarantee e8er$ one of $ou that if installed correctl$ ,T
)<D"EDS .EA"S* M$ method is sim0le* An$
mem1er of $our famil$ or $our o8erseer can use it* ,
P<"POSES* These methods ha8e &or(ed on m$
modest 0lantation in the West ,ndies and it &ill &or(
throu'hout the South* Ta(e this sim0le little list of
differences and thin( a1out them* On to0 of m$ list is
KAGEK 1ut it7s there onl$ 1ecause it starts &ith an KA*K
The second is KCO!O"K or shade, there is
P!ATAT,OS, STAT<S on 0lantations, ATT,T<DE
of o&ners, &hether the sla8es li8e in the 8alle$, on a
hill, East, West, orth, South, ha8e fine hair, course
hair, or is tall or short* o& that $ou ha8e a list of
differences, , shall 'i8e $ou a outline of action, 1ut
1efore that, , shall assure $ou that D,ST"<ST ,S
ADM,"AT,O* The %lac( sla8es after recei8in' this
indoctrination shall carr$ on and &ill 1ecome self
refuelin' and self 'eneratin' for )<D"EDS of $ears,
ma$1e T)O<SADS* Don7t for'et $ou must 0itch the
O!D 1lac( Male 8s* the .O<G 1lac( Male, and the
.O<G 1lac( Male a'ainst the O!D 1lac( male* .ou
must use the DA"K s(in sla8es 8s* the !,G)T s(in
sla8es, and the !,G)T s(in sla8es 8s* the DA"K s(in
sla8es* .ou must use the FEMA!E 8s* the MA!E* And
the MA!E 8s* the FEMA!E* .ou must also ha8e $ou
&hite ser8ants and o8er- seers distrust all %lac(s* %ut it
AD T"<ST O!. <S* Gentlemen, these (its are
$our (e$s to control* <se them* )a8e $our &i8es and
children use them, ne8er miss an o00ortunit$* ,F <SED
D,ST"<STF<!* Than( $ou 'entlemen*K
!olution To The Willie
#ynch !yndrome56 7t+%
,n 1B16 there &as an declaration of the
elimination of the Ori'inal %lac( famil$ structure
that too( 0lace durin' an meetin' 1et&een sla8e
o&ners and someone &hose res0onsi1le for 'i8in'
them the science of 1rea(in' our 0eo0le do&n
0s$cholo'icall$* This mans name &as William
!$nch &ho &as an En'lish man that realiGed the
ad8anta'e of re8ersin' the natural roles of the
%lac( Man, Woman ; Child throu'h the 0rocess of
a00l$in' the same tactics on us as the$ do horses*
The %lac( Man &as 1ro(e do&n to the 0oint &here
he 1ecame mentall$ &ea(, 0h$sicall$ stron' and
de0endent u0on the %lac( Woman &hile she
1ecame inde0endent of him also mentall$
neutraliGed of all attachment &ith his Mind thus
ma(in' her non-su1missi8e and non-com0liant to
his &ill therefore she &as in total su1mission to the
&hite mans &ill or else she, her hus1and, and her
child, or children 0aid &ith their li8es for her
diso1edience to him as her sla8e-master* The %lac(
Woman &as then 0laced o8er the %lac( Man as his
informant also ad8ocate to hel0 usher in his &ic(ed
scheme of underminin' Almi'ht$ Gods natural
order of thin's &ithin the famil$ structure &hich
caused the destruction of a once 'reat 0eo0le &ho
&ent from 1ein' Kin's and >ueens to 1ecomin'
ni''ers and 1SJches*
The %lac( Woman &as then 'i8en 1irth
control methods, ad8ised to acce0t a1ortions,
0rostitution and other immoral acts as her &a$ of
life* Puttin' the Woman o8er the Man is &h$ the
%lac( communities are &ar torn, corru0ted,
dismantled and unstructured due to the inhumane
la&s enforced u0on us 1$ Willie !$nch durin'
646 $ears later a Knatural 0henomenonK
occurred &hen Almi'ht$ God emer'ed on the
scene in )arlem, e& .or( in 1A3I as he re8ealed
himself to the $outh and 'i8in' them the di8ine
teachin's that included definin' of the roles of the
Man also the Woman* Almi'ht$ God &as
0ro0hesied to come ?"e8elations 1E:B@ so that he
could 0ut e8er$thin' into its 0ro0er conte5t
es0eciall$ the d$sfunctional families in the %lac(
communit$* Without the ori'inal function of the
famil$ structure &e &ill continue to see the results
of this e8il 0lot &hich &as used to destro$ our
0eo0le and e5terminate the future of our e5istence
&hich is e5tended throu'h our children &hen the
0reser8ation of the famil$ unit is destro$ed 1e$ond
o reli'ious ideolo'$ can sa8e us from our
0itiful condition 1ecause the 0o&er &ithin must 1e
full$ realiGed, actualiGed and materialiGed, then
God &ill 1e seen also heard from &ithin the form
of a %lac( Man then as the Man 1e'ins to
reco'niGe his 1ein' su0reme the %lac( Woman &ill
also 1e'in to ac(no&led'e &ho the su0reme
authorit$ and 0o&er o8er her is &hen the 1 is
0laced 1efore the 6 so that a su0reme
understandin' can 1e made manifest* Man is o8er
the Woman and God is a Man and not a Woman for
that misunderstandin' is &h$ &e are in the current
state of 1ein' &ere in no&* The Man must "ule
and the Woman must su1mit, for that7s the &a$
Almi'ht$ God desi'ned it to 1e=

T4$ 3(+*0 2+N
+Princes shall come out of E'$0tM
Ethio0ia shall soon stretch out her hand to God*K
– !salms 56789
+Ethio0ia and E'$0t &ere her stren'th, and it &as
Phut and !u1im &ere th$ hel0ers*/ : Nahum 87;
K, 1eheld till the thrones &ere cast do&n, and the
Ancient of Da$s sat do&n, &hose 'arment &as &hite as
sno& AD T)E )A," OF ),S )EAD !,KE T)E
P<"E WOO!* )is throne &as li(e the fier$ flame, and
)is &heels as 1urnin' fire*/ :)an <7;
+)is head and "!$ hairs e+e &hite like wool, as &hite
as sno&M and his e$es e+e as a flame of fireM And his
feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a
furnaceM and his 8oice as the sound of man$ &aters*/
:%$. 979=,9>
“, +2 3(+*0, 1ut comel$, O $e dau'hters of
Derusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of
Solomon*/ -Song of Solomon 975
And he said unto A1ram, Kno& of a suret$ that th$ seed
shall 1e a stran'er in a land t"at !$ not theirs, and shall
ser8e themM and the$ shall afflict them =?? yearsM And
also that nation, &hom the$ shall ser8e, &ill , 9ud'e:
and after&ard shall the$ come out &ith 'reat su1stance*
:Gen 9>798,9=
+And God s0a(e on this &ise, That his seed should
so9ourn in a stran'e landM and that the$ should 1rin'
them into 1onda'e, and entreat t"e( e8il four hundred
years@ :+cts <75
+And &as there until the death of )erod: that it mi'ht
1e fulfilled &hich &as s0o(en of the !ord 1$ the
0ro0het, sa$in', Out of $G-!T ha8e , called m$ son*/
:2att A79>
+And Moses &as learned in all the &isdom of the
EG.PT,AS, and &as mi'ht$ in &ords and in deeds/*
:+cts <7AA
It !$ !%e', 0#o# t"at t"e 1!$%o( o& t"e E/,2t!a#$3
a$ a $e.+et, u#0#o# to but a &e. T"e$e 1$e.+et$3
e+e .o#.ea'e% !# $,(bo'!. &o+($. T"e 0#o'e%/e o&
t"!$ !$%o( Mo$e$ !$ be!#/ 2+a!$e% &o+ !# t"e b!b'e. T"e
&!+$t &!*e boo0$ o& t"e b!b'e a+e att+!bute% to Mo$e$.
Mo$e$ !$ t"e &ou#%e+ o& t"e -e!$" +e'!/!o#. Mo$e$ !$
.o#$!%e+e% t"e La4G!*e+ 5o+ .!*!'!6e+7 o& t"e -e$.
+And &hen th$ !ord said to the an'els: , am 'oin' to
create a mortal of soundin' cla$, of 3(+*0 2')
&+S4,"N$) ,NT" S4+!$*/ '8+9+ !ura %:";8
,S G")
1I "a*e $a!%, -$ +%$ G")S8 a#% a'' o& ,ou a+e
."!'%+e# o& t"e (o$t H!/".3 :!salm 6A7 /
+And &hen he &as demanded of the Pharisees, &hen
the (in'dom of God should come, he ans&ered them
and said, The (in'dom of God cometh not &ith
o1ser8ation, Neither shall they say, (o hereB or, lo
thereB for, behold, T4$ 0,NG)"2 "& G") ,S
#,T4,N -"'@ :(uke 9<7A?:A9
+The De&s ans&ered him, sa$in', For a 'ood &or( &e
stone thee notM 1ut for 1las0hem$M and 1ecause that
thou, 1ein' a man, ma(est th$self God* /esus answered
them, ,s it not written in your law, , said, -$ +%$
G")S1 ,f he called them gods, unto whom the word
of God came, +N) T4$ S*%,!T'%$ *+NN"T 3$
3%"0$NM + :/ohn 9?78=, 8>
KKno& $e not that .E A"E T)E TEMP!E OF GOD,
and that the S0irit of God d&elleth , .O<J ,f an$
man defile the tem0le of God, him shall God destro$M
for the tem0le of God is hol$, &hich tem0le W),C)
.E A"E*K '% <orinthians ="%/'%&
+Then Moses &ent u0, also Aaron, ada1, and A1ihu,
and se8ent$ of the elders of ,srael, and the$ SAW T)E
GOD OF ,S"AE!* And t"e+e a$ under )is feet as it
&ere a 0a8ed &or( of sa00hire stone, and it &as li(e the
8er$ hea8ens in !t$ clarit$* %ut on the no1les of the
children of ,srael )e did not la$ )is hand* SO T)E.
:$xodus A=7;:99
+And the !O"D SPAKE <TO MOSES &+*$ T"
&+*$, AS A MA SPEAKET) <TO ),S F",ED*
And he turned a'ain into the cam0: 1ut his ser8ant
Doshua, the son of un, a $oun' man, de0arted not out
of the ta1ernacle*/ 'E>odus =="%%
+Heril$, 8eril$, , sa$ unto $ou, )e that 1elie8eth on me,
the works that , do shall he do alsoC +N) G%$+T$%
#"%0S T4+N T4$S$ S4+(( 4$ )"M 1ecause , 'o
unto m$ Father*/ '?ohn %4"%;
%ehold, th$ !ord said to the an'els: K, &ill create A
8ice'erentS on earth*K The$ said:
KWilt Thou 0lace therein one &ho &ill ma(e Mischief
therein and shed 1loodJT
Whilst &e do cele1rate Th$ 0raises And 'lorif$ Th$
hol$ ?name@JK
)e said: K, (no& &hat $e (no& not*K '8+9+ !@ra ;"=A
D.icegerent !$ t"e o&&!.!a' a%(!#!$t+at!*e %e2ut, o& a
+u'e+ o+ "ea% o& $tate9 *!.e 5Lat!#9 in place of7 : /e+e+e
5Lat!#9 to carry on, conduct7.
Words of Allah) the
"P+ote.t t"e ."!'%. S"o "!( "e+e !& "e %oe$#;t %o
+!/"t "e !$ /o!#/ to /o to <a!'.)
) I %o#;t "a*e #o +e'!/!o# be.au$e t"at %oe$#;t %o
a#,t"!#/ &o+ "!(. No !& ,ou tau/"t t"e ."!'% u#%e+
+e'!/!o# '!0e t"e Mu$'!($, t"e, $a, #o $(o0!#/ a#% !&
,ou %o $(o0e t"e, $e#% ,ou out. T"e, .a# &o+.e "at=
Re'!/!o#> ?ou .a#;t !# #ot"!#/ b, &o+.e. I& ,ou /!*e t"e
."!'% $o(et"!#/ to &!/"t &o+, t"e# $"o "!( "at "e !$
&!/"t!#/ &o+, "e;'' !# "!$ a+.)
) We %o#;t ta'0 about #obo%, o# +e'!/!o#, 2o'!t!.$, a+
a#% 2+ote$t !# t"e U#!te% State$.)
)Re'!/!ou$ 2eo2'e &!/"t a/a!#$t o#e a#ot"e+. ?ou .a#;t
te'' (e t"e, %o#;t be.au$e t"e, %o. T"e,;'' te'' (e t"at
)", $"ou'% ,ou te'' t"e ."!'% #ot to eat $!#e=) I $a,
", !t;$ !# ,ou+ B!b'e !# Le*!t!.u$ @ Deute+o#o(,. I;''
$"o t"e( "e+e t"e, a+e #ot e*e# /oo% +e'!/!ou$
2eo2'e. A#% t"e, $a, t"e, be'!e*e !# t"e $.+!2tu+e$ t"at
t"e 2+o2"et$ b+ou/"t to t"e 2eo2'e. ?ou u#%e+$ta#%=
T"!$ !$ #ot o#', "u+t!#/ t"e( but !t "u+t$ ,ou. It "u+t$
e*e+,bo%,> So t"e$e a+e t"e t"!#/$ ,ou;*e /ot to 0ee2
aa, &+o( ,ou+ 2eo2'e, t"e!+ 2eo2'e, (, 2eo2'e to
(a0e a $t+o#/ #at!o#. A#% +e'!/!ou$ 2eo2'e %o#;t
be'!e*e !# 0!''!#/. I %o. ?ea+$ a/o t"e 2eo2'e ou'% &o+(
a *!/!'a#te to /et t"e ot"e+$ t"at %!%#;t a#t to /o a'o#/
!t" t"e +e$t o& t"e 2eo2'e. D!%#;t t"e,= I& ,ou "a%#;t
%!% t"at ou'% ,ou "a*e bu!'t= Hu"= Wou'% ,ou bu!'%=
No> ?ou .ou'%#;t "a*e bu!'t be.au$e $o(eo#e a$
"o'%!#/ ,ou %o#.)
)Fee% t"e( t"e +!/"t &oo%$. Do#;t tea." +e'!/!o#.)
)Do#;t eat t"e $!#e>) Do#;t eat #o $"+!(2. Do#;t eat
#o .+ab$.
)I a#t t"e( to '!*e !# A(e+!.a a#% "e'2 2+ote.t t"e!+
.ou#t+, !& t"e /o*e+#(e#t %o +!/"t b, t"e(. T"e o#e$
t"at "e'2 2+ote.t t"e .ou#t+, t"e /o*e+#(e#t $"ou'% %o
+!/"t b, t"e$e. T"e o#e$ t"at %o#;t t"e /o*e+#(e#t
$"ou'% %o aa, !t" t"e(.3
)A#% a#,bo%, .a# be a F!*e Pe+.e#te+, "!te, I %o#;t
.a+e "o t"e, a+e .a# be a F!*e Pe+.e#te+. Be.au$e a
F!*e Pe+.e#te+ !$ o#e t"at !$ .!*!'!6e%. We %o#;t ta'0
about #obo%,)
)U#!te. Let ,ou+ ."!'%+e# a#% t"e( u#!te to/et"e+ a#%
.+eate #e !%ea$. W"e+e t"e o+'% !$ bu!'%!#/ a $Aua+e
#o !t;$ /o!#/ to be bu!'%!#/ a .!+.'e. A#% t"e, %o#;t
#ee% ,ou+ !%ea$ #o (o+e. ?ou+ !%ea$ %!% "at ,ou a$
$u22o$e% to %o. A'' ,ou /ot to /!*e t"e( !$ t"e ba$!$
be.au$e t"e,;'' %o !t t"e( "at= Se'*e$> See ,ou .a#
$ee "e+e !%ea$ "a*e t+a*e'e% &o+ (a#, ,ea+$ .au$e
"e# ,ou &!+$t .o(e to t"!$ .ou#t+, t"e+e e+e #o
"ou$e$. It e#t &+o( t"e 'o/ .ab!# to t"!$. So ea."
/e#e+at!o# b+ou/"t t"!$ about +!/"t= So 'et t"e ."!'%+e#
b+!#/ about a#ot"e+ #e o+'%.)
)I;( #ot a/a!#$t #obo%,. I;( o#', t+,!#/ to (a0e t"e
,ou#/ 2eo2'e $t+o#/ to/et"e+ $o t"at t"e, .a# 0ee2 t"e
.ou#t+, $a&e. Be.au$e t"!$ !$ a #e .ou#t+,. I$#;t !t=
?ou %o#;t 0ee2 !t $a&e, ,ou a!#;t /o!#/ to +ea2 t"e
be#e&!t$ &+o( !t. Be.au$e !t;$ a #e .ou#t+,.)
!$+*$ T" T4$ &+T4$%
In Loving God
,E+Fiyah +li
,n the name of the True and !i8in', to &hom all
0raises are due, , 'reet $ou all in the Su0reme 'reetin'
and res0ect of PEACE= , fast and meditate that m$
Wisdom reaches $ou in harmon$, and allo&s an o0en
mind, as , ma(e (no&led'e 1orn on a to0ic, that has
1een some &hat Kcontro8ersialK, not onl$ in the World
at lar'e, 1*u*t also amon'st Allahs 4F* ,n accordance to
li8in' 0ure Mathematics, We teach Matematics as a
atural &a$ of !ife=
KA &ife7s mind should 1e to console her
hus1and7s mindK ?Eli9ah Muhammad@* The teachin's of
The )onora1le Eli9ah Muhammad teaches that the
&oman, is the second self of Man, ; that she is KP***Qthe
atural Producer of ationsK* Thus, leadin' us to
discuss S<%M,SS,OM of a &oman to her man, or in
our Culture, We sa$ GOD and EA"T)* Su1mission is
the act of su1mittin'U$ieldin' to another7s &ill and
authorit$* ,t is the a1ilit$ to 1e hum1l$ o1edient, and
free from resistance* A &oman or Earth, (no&s that in
order to 1e 1EEF in accord &ith Su0reme Mathematics,
she must o1e$ the !a&s of GODM her True and !i8in'
The s0ecific 'ender roles of man and &oman,
ha8e al&a$s e5isted* The 0osition of the &oman, is
al&a$s one of a more nurturin', motherin', and hel0in'
nature* Women are su00osed to 1e li'hthearted, softer,
and mild natured* ot as this harsh, a1rasi8e creature,
that is 0ro0osed and dis0la$ed in the Western World, as
an K,nde0endent &omanKM free from the 'uidance of
man* To understand the roles, as tau'ht since the
1e'innin' of time, one must first understand the
#ualities and 8irtues of a &oman* KMen are the
maintainers of &omen 1ecause Allah has made some of
them to e5cel others***the 'ood &omen are therefore
o1edient***K?Surah I:2I@*
What is the meanin' of M*G*T and G*C*C*J
?1Ith de'reeM !FM! o*1@
Ans&er: Muslim Girl Trainin', and General
Ci8iliGation Classes* This is the name 'i8en to the
&omen, and $oun' 'irls of ,slam in orth America
teachin' them ho& to (ee0 a home, ho& to raise their
children, ho& to ta(e care of their hus1ands, se&, coo(,
and in 'eneral ho& to act at home, and a1road*
These trainin' units &ere named 1$ our Pro0het
W*D* Fard*
What is the &oman7s main role and 0osition in
relation to that of a manJ She is his hel0meet* KA
Woman is the onl$ hea8en a man hasK?Eli9ah
Muhammad@* ,n (no&in' this, shouldn7t We, as &omen
and mothers, 1e more attenti8e to the needs of our
GOD?)us1and@J We should 1e sure to loo( nice, smell
nice, 1e neat, and cleanM sho&in' 0ride in our
a00earance* We should comfort him, and 1e concerned
&ith his da$-to-da$, not as a &a$ of (ee0in' u0 &ith his
1usiness, 1*u*t enou'h to 1e a1le to 0ro8ide a home
en8ironment, suita1le enou'h to ma(e life7s 1urdens
and o1stacles less concernin' to his mind, &hile in our
home* Do $ou a00reciate himJ )is dedication to 1ein'
a 0ro8ider, to 1ein' a leader of $our famil$M the head of
household* Are $ou #uic( to s0ea( of or announce his
shortcomin'sJ Or is $our tone and 0resentation, more
of one that is understandin', and of res0ect for his
duties as a man, first and foremostM 1ein' mindful not to
ha8e an ar'umentati8e stance* ,s $our GOD 0raised 1$
$ouJ Do $our children see this 1eha8ior from $ou, and
then sho& honor to himJ "emem1er all that We do is
follo&ed 1$ our children, e8en in infanc$* Our children
loo( to us, as mothers, to 1e their e$es, 1efore the$ can
focus on o19ects, and their translators, 1efore the$ can
com0rehend sim0le instructions* All that We do, should
1e ci8iliGed, and of &orth$ character, to 1rin' a1out
health$ 0atterns of 1eha8iors, and to rear res0onsi1le
and ci8iliGed adults, that our children &ill 1e in
Accordin' to the %i1le in the 1oo( of Pro8er1s,
Cha0ter 21, 8erses 1E-21, there are s0ecific 8irtuous
characteristics of a &oman* Cha0ter 21 mentions 1E
8irtues: FaithM Marria'eM Motherin'M )ealthM Ser8iceM
FinancesM ,ndustr$M )omema(in'M TimeM and %eaut$* ,n
a later article , &ill discuss all of the a1o8e in len'th*
.et, , su''est readin' a 1oo( 1$ )elen Anderlin, titled
Fa$.!#at!#/ Wo(a#"oo%, and T"e Ma#!2u'ate% Ma# 1$
Esther Hilar* Also, the Boo0 O& Fe(!#!#!t, 1$ The
)onora1le Eli9ah Muhammad* Mathematics teaches us
throu'h a00lication, to ta(e the K1est 0artK, a00l$ &here
We see fit, no matter the source* Peace ; %lessin's
?to 1e continued***@
The story of Jimmy Jam
Dimm$ Dam ?The Old Man@
***Reprinted by Allah's Oasis word for word as it was
written by Allah Sha-Sha***
The follo&in' article is 1ein' &ritten for the sole
Pur0ose of enli'htenin' all those &ho do not ha8e the
(no&led'e a1out a man &ho &as called Dimm$ Dam 1$
the Su0reme of all 1ein's ?Allah@ and the reason &h$
he &as called that 1$ his main man ?ma$ 0eace and
1lessin's of Allah fore8er and hereafter 1e u0on him*@
o& 'ettin' do&n to the science of his truth and facts*
M$ dear readers, there are some &ho did not (no& him,
and there are others &ho did not understand ?the
meanin' to his lo'ic@* To $ou , sa$ that there &as more
to this man than that the na(ed e$e can hardl$ detect*
This 0erson , &ho , am a1out to manifest his truth a1out
his name, is none other than KDustice C* AllahK*
, am usin' Allah 1ehind his name 1ecause it is our
famil$ name, ne8er the less KDustice CK, or the Kold
manK as &e called him ne8er li(ed an$one to call him
KAllahK 1ecause he did not li(e it* )e used to sa$ that
he &as not KAllahK 1ecause KAllahK &as his man* )e
&ent on to sa$ that his name &as KDusticeK* !ater on in
$ears, that follo&ed him* )e 1ecame KDustice CK
1ecause he said that there &ere too man$ 1rothers &ith
the name KDusticeK so he said he added a KCK to his
name so that the 0eo0le &ould (no& &ho he is and not
some other 1rother &ith the name KDusticeK* o&, there
are 0eo0le &ho &rite or &ho ha8e &ritten a1outK the
old manK &ithout reall$ doin' an$ research on the man*
.ou &rite not &hat $ou (no&, 1ut &hat $ou ha8e 1een
told a1out him*
M$ dear reader, o18iousl$ &hat $ou ha8e 1een told
a1out the old man &as not ri'ht and e5act, 1ecause the
truth of the matter is that ?and , s0ecif$@ that KDustice CK
the honora1le KDames )o&ellK &as ne8er in the
mos#ue* %rothers and sisters, , am not ma(in' an$ of
this u0* This came out of his o&n mouth, the $ear that
he died ?from a seiGure@ months 1efore* )e had
re8ealed to a fe& of us that he &as a merchant seaman*
The 1rothers &ho &ere 0resent at the time of him
tellin' us this &ere Shaam'audd ?first 1orn@, Kaheen
?0on$ tail@, "alea( ?first 1orn@, Siheem ?first 1orn@,
Alim Su0reme and his 1rother !i8in' Truth* Du1ar, ,-
'od, Tamari ?from Mass@, Dust Allah, Willie, m$self
?Allah ShaSha@ and there &ere other 1rothers 0resent
&ho ri'ht no& , cannot recall*
)e ?the old man@ 1e'an to tell us ho& he met KAllahK
?the su0reme of all 1ein's@* )e said he met KAllahK on
11Bth Street and !eno5 A8enue* This &as in 1A36,
sometime in one of those summer months* )e said that
KAllahK &as sellin' KEli9ah7s ne&s0a0erK 1ac( then, he
said that their &as another Muslim 1rother had sto00ed
him and &as tr$in' to sell him a 0a0er* KThe old manK
said that at the time he had no mone$* This is &hen
KAllahK came o8er and s0o(e to him ?Dustice@* )e said
that KAllahK had shorts on and a shirt* )e as(ed him
&hat did he ha8e and KDusticeK told him that he had a
stic( of )ashish* )e said that KAllahK too( the stic( of
hash and 'a8e him a ne&s0a0er*
o&, 1ein' he &as a merchant seaman ?let me also sa$
that he &as Chief of the Chefs@, his shi0 &as headed for
Mecca ?the hol$ cit$@* )e said that he s0ent time in the
east and that he felt li(e he &as 13 $ears old* %esides
from him readin' the K)onora1le Eli9ah Muhammad7s
e&s0a0erK and 1$ him 1ein' in the hol$ cit$, he 1e'an
to loo( for this 0erson called KAllahK 1ecause the
messen'er tau'ht that the %lac(man is God and the
ma(er and o&ner of the earth* KOld Man Dustice7 told us
that he s0ent 2 da$s some&here in a 8illa'e ?, can7t
recall the name, 1ut , 1elie8e first 1orn Siheem Allah
remem1ers the name@* )e told the (in' of the 8illa'e
that he &as read$ to meet KAllahK* The (in' told him
that he &as in the &ron' 0lace* %rother7s and sister7s, as
re8ealed to us, accordin' to the 1i1le and its 0ro0hec$
in the 1oo( of St* Matthe&, Cha0ter 6IMHerse 6B:
KFor as the li'htenin' cometh out of the east, and
shineth e8en unto the &est: so shall also the comin' of
the son of man 1e*K
This is a reference to &hat the (in' told old man
KDustice CK, so the old man came 1ac( to e& .or(
Cit$ ?Mecca@ as the Father named it* Onl$ this time, he
seen KAllahK on 16Ith street and !eno5 A8enue* At this
time, )e ?Allah@, &as no& Kthe Su0reme of Allah
%ein's*K The old man told us that he 1e'an to ha8e a
con8ersation &ith KAllahK* !et us remem1er at this
time, KAllahK &as no lon'er in the Mos#ue* )e ?the
Father@ &as sa$in' no& that he &as KAllahK ?the true
and li8in' God@*
Dustice, the old man 1rou'ht 1ac( to his mind, the
incident a1out the e5chan'e of the 0a0er for a stic( of
hash* As KAllahK listened to him, it came 1ac( ?the
incident@ to his mind* )e told the old man &hat had
ha00ened to him and &h$ the$ ?the Muslims@ e50elled
him from the mos#ue* KAllahK &ent on further to sa$ to
him ?Dustice C@ that his realiGation of the truth of &ho
the %lac(man is, &ould ena1le him to teach the children
a1out &ho the$ are and their aim in this &orld* )e also
1e'an to tell him a1out ho& he &as 'oin' to sa8e the
&orld ?throu'h the children@ 1ecause all the churches
and e8en the Muslims do not teach the 1a1ies* All the$
teach is the old and ho& to clean themsel8es u0, 1ut
the$ do not teach the children 1ecause throu'h the
children, the &orld shall 1e sa8ed from all the
confusion and crime that (ee0s us 1ein' a sla8e from a
mental death and 0o&er ?1Ith de'ree in the 1-IE@*
"emem1er, the &ealth of an$ nation is the children* As
the old man listened to KAllahK he 1e'an to see ho& this
man ?&ho he hadn7t seen in o8er one $ear@ &as 'oin' to
'et rid of all the sins in )arlem ?Mecca@ sim0l$ 1$
teachin' the children that there is some1od$ &ho lo8es
them and that he is &illin' to fi'ht for them ?throu'h
education@ e8en if it meant la$in' do&n his life for
them* ?Who is us, the fi8e-0ercenters@* At this time he
?Dustice C@ &as as(ed 1$ KAllahK, Kdid he understand
&hat he &as sa$in'K and the old man re0lied, K$esK, and
KAllahK told him, and , #uote Ko& $ou are do&n &ith
me* M$ name is KAllahK and $our name no& is
KA(1arK* To'ether, &e shall 1e'in teachin' the $oun'
1rothers and create us a ation*K
To the 1est of m$ (no&led'e ?&hich is ri'ht and e5act@,
&e, the Gods &ho , mentioned earlier in this article, and
an$ other 1rothers &ho (ne& KDimm$ DamK, the old
man, (no& a1out this man and 0ro1a1l$ (no& more
thin's 1ecause there &ere 1rothers, e8en sisters ?sisters
&ho &ere earths of the first 1orn Gods from Medina@
&ho too( care of the old man, and , (ne& 1ecause ,
(no& KDimm$ DamK, and there are still some of $ou
around 9ust li(e him* %elie8e me &hen , tell $ou Kthat
manK &as and still is Kone of a (indK* )e is trul$ lo8ed
and missed, 1$ those &ho (ne& and (no& KDimm$
DamK, the old man* ot ta(in' an$thin' a&a$ from this
man, Kthe su0reme of all 1ein'sK, our Father, KAllahK,
1ecause he had ma'netic 0o&er* M$ dear reader, $ou
ha8e to chec( out $our mathematics, onl$ to see li(e ,
see that KAllahK &as trul$ and &ithout a dou1t, the
0iece &ith the ma'netic in it*
Gods and earths, chec( out the 0ro0hec$ of Matthe&*
The old man ?Dustice C, after 1ein' told that $ou are in
the &ron' 0lace loo(in' for KAllahK, left on the ne5t
thin' smo(in'* .ou see, he &as the li'htnin' that
shined out of the east* ?)e came &ith &isdom@ out of
the east* Onl$ to come a1out and find out that it also
?li'htnin'@ shined on the &est Kand this is &here he
came to meet the son of manK* The same man that he
&as learnin' a1out in the east, &as ri'ht here in the
&est all the time*
o&, remem1er his ?Dustice C@ li'htnin' ?&hich &as
no& his &isdom@ came to shine it on in the &est* o&
he met the 0iece &ith the ma'netic in it ?here in the
&est@ &hich &as also K&isdomK* o& &e loo( in our
66nd de'ree in our 1-IE and &e &ill see &h$ his
?Dustice C@ &isdom and to'ether the$ 'a8e us a
KCulture that 1ecame ,-GodK* ot ta(in' an$thin' from
the old 0ioneers of our nation* , am 9ust s0ea(in' a1out
m$ e50eriences a1out Allah -n- Dustice*
o& to e50lain m$ to0ic KDimm$ Dam the Old ManK to
those of $ou &ho did not (no& him or of him* The
reason &h$ he &as called KDimm$ DamK &as 1ecause his
honora1le name &as Dames, and 0eo0le &ho are named
Dames are sometimes called KDimm$K* The KDamK 0art
comes from the sa$in', &hen $ou do not ha8e the
(no&led'e a1out somethin' and some1od$ 'ets $ou
cau'ht u0 in some (ind of 9i8e mess, $ou are forced to
sa$ thin's that $ou don7t &ant to sa$, 1ut 1ecause this is
$our man, $ou ha8e no other choice in the matter 1ut to
1ail him out* And $ou all can7t tell me that some &here
alon' do&n the line $ou ha8en7t done it for $our seed*
That is &hat is called Ka 9amK* %ein' KDustice CK (e0t
KAllahK in this (ind of 0redicament, he called him
KDimm$ DamK and &e ?the Gods@ called him the Old
o& for those of $ou &ho do not (no& him ?Dustice C@,
and &rite thin's a1out him that $ou (no& not of, to $ou
, sa$, 1efore $ou &ent to 0rint an$thin' a1out him, $ou
should 9ust con-front the first 1orns or the elders of our
ation* Please do not &rite that &hich $ou (no& not of
1ecause $ou are ma(in' a moc(er$ and that is also
called 1las0hem$ a'ainst a man &ho had KDusticeK for
Ma$ the Peace and 1lessin's of Allah, fore8er 1e u0on
him and in the hereafter*
So until our minds meet a'ain, ,7ll sa$ ma$ the 0eace
and 1lessin's of the Su0reme of All %ein's ?Allah@ 1e
u0on us fore8er and hereafter*
!et us not also for'et that on the Wisdom E#ualit$ da$
of the De&s-lie, Children7s Da$ rall$ &ill and shall ta(e
0lace* As &e, ?the 'ods from or of Medina@ still &ill
state or sa$ that there shall 1e no 0ictures, 0a0ers or an$
other items sold on this da$* ,f $ou cannot 1rin'
an$thin' free for the children, 9ust sta$ home, 1ut send
$our children, sim0l$ 1ecause it is their da$*
Peace and )a00iness
.our %rother
Allah Sha-Sha
?The Sa8ior@
The Enlightener
"The NationEs +nthem"
14,E4I A*C*U1A3N A*D*: Kno&led'e Allah ; Amar Education Allah com0osed the son' +T"e E#'!/"te#e+3
<horus '
Pea.e A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
Pea.e A'(!/"t, A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
Each and e8er$ da$,
Each and e8er$ &a$
,Om 'oin' to sho& and 0ro8e,
And teach the ri'hteous &a$
' <horus '
Pea.e A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
Pea.e A'(!/"t, A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
The (no&led'e is the foundation,
The &isdom is the &a$,
The understandin' sho&s $ou
That $ou are on $our &a$
' <horus '
Pea.e A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
Pea.e A'(!/"t, A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
The culture is ,-God,
The 0o&er is the truth,
The e#ualit$ onl$ sho&s $ou
That $ou ha8e 0lanted $our roots
' <horus '
Pea.e A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
Pea.e A'(!/"t, A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
God came to teach us
of the ri'hteous &a$,
)o& to 1uild to 1e 1orn
on this 'lorious da$
' <horus '
Pea.e A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
Pea.e A'(!/"t, A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
The (no&led'e of the ci0her
is to enli'hten $ou,
To let $ou (no&
that God is ri'ht amon'st $ou
' <horus '
Pea.e A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
Pea.e A'(!/"t, A''a", A''a"4U4-u$t!.e 5O"7, A''a"4a#%4-u$t!.e
%hat %e Teach
1.That black people are the original people of the planet earth.
2.That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.
3.That the science of Supreme Mathematics is the key to Understanding mans relationship to the universe.
!.Supreme Mathematics is a natural "ay of life# not a religion.
$.That education should be fashioned to enable us to be self%sufficient as a people.
&.That each one should teach one according to their kno"ledge.
'.That the (lack man is )od and his proper name is *++*,- *rm#
+eg# +eg# *rm# ,ead.
..That our children are our link to the future and they
must be nurtured# respected# loved# protected and educated.
/.That the unified black family is the vital building block of
the nation.
%hat %e %ill "chieve
1* National Consciousness- 0ational 1onsciousness is the consciousness of our origin in this "orld# "hich is divine.
*s a nation of people "e are the first in e2istence and all other peoples derived from us. 0ational 1onsciousness is
the a"areness of the uni3ue history and culture of (lack people and the une3ualled contributions "e have made to
"orld civilization# by being the fathers and mothers of civilization. 0ational 1onsciousness is the a"areness that "e
are all one people regardless to our geographical origins and that "e must "ork and struggle as one if "e are to
liberate ourselves from the domination of outside forces and bring into e2istence a Universal )overnment of +ove#
4eace and ,appiness for all the people of the planet.
6* Community Control- 1ommunity 1ontrol of the educational# economic# political# media and health institutions on
our community. 5ur demand for 1ommunity 1ontrol flo"s naturally out of our science of life# "hich teaches that "e
are the Supreme (eing in person and the sole controllers of our o"n destiny6 thus "e must have same control on
the collective level that "e strive to attain on the individual level. 7t is prere3uisite to our survival that "e take control
of the life sustaining goods and services that every community needs in order to maintain and advance itself and
advance civilization. 5nly "hen "e have achieved complete 1ommunity 1ontrol "ill "e be able to prove to the
"orld the greatness and ma8esty of our 9ivine 1ulture# "hich is :reedom.
3. Peace. 4eace is the absence of confusion ;chaos< and the absence of confusion is 5rder. +a" and 5rder is the
very foundation upon "hich our Science of +ife rest. Supreme Mathematics is the +a" and 5rder of the Universe#
this is the Science of 7.S.+.*.M.# "hich is 4eace. 4eace is Supreme Understanding bet"een people for the benefit
of the "hole. =e "ill achieve 4eace# in ourselves# in our communities# in our nation and in the "orld. This is our
ultimate goal.