As part of our coursework fulfillment for the subject Microprocessor (INB 22603),
we are conducting a lab project assignment. The project was supposed to make sound
output based on an input sensor detected from a vibrating or pressure. It’s like the same
thing as alarm system that being used for the houses as a security purpose. The main
objective of this project is to learn on how to implement the input sensor to make the
sound as an output.
Brief Explanation on Previous Work.
Our project planned was inspired by a project that we found on Youtube that
published on Aug 12, 2012. That project have been done by Lucas Zanella which is a
person that work in developing applications with AIR technology integrated with PHP
and MySQL, and also Python. He also has a corporation (Zanella Corp) where his
applications were hosted. As he stated, his project had been made with arduino (the
microcontroller), transistors for body signal amplification and an arduino-to-flash
communication interface programmed by him. The arduino reads the keys pressed,
sends it to the his macbook that running a flash application which load the right pack OS
sounds and plays it.
The project called as “Paper piano with arduino” inspired us so much that we
would like to do slightly the same as the “Paper piano with arduino” type of project. This
is because the “Paper piano with arduino” project has been our interest to learn more on
how to implement the project using a microcontroller. Furthermore we can learn from
this project basically on how the operation works and to know what operation that needs
to be done to produce the sound using the microcontroller. We also can learn on how to
apply microcontroller in the operation which is when the sensor input that we apply
detects vibration or pressure, the microcontroller automatically will triggered and
produce the sound as and output.

Project Methodology
Step 1: Plan
 Identify and understand on how to use the microcontroller and other component
or requirement to complete this project
 Complete the project plans
Step 2: Architecture & Design
 Design or create the base of the input sensor so that the input sensor can sense
the pressure or vibration
Step 3: Develop
 Construct the circuit and microcontroller
 From the input sensor, apply it to the circuit
 From the circuit, we need to program to produce different type of sound using
 Speaker for the output to produce sound
Step 4: Test
 Execute and test the project