Schools Precedent Study

Presented to Dr. Ivan Shumkov, Illac Angelo Diaz, and our fellow classmates
Designing Resilient Schools –
Sumitted y !eam "Pro#ect $ari%osa"
Aizza Soerano
Az Aldean &ossin
David !adeusz 'hudak
Ivan Paolo 'oronel (alencia
)aren $ae *a#ador
S%artak +e#za#
(eronica ,af
Precedent Study- .reen School – *ali, Indonesia
!he green school in *ali, Indonesia, is a great e/am%le of using local materials to uild a strong, sustainale uilding. !he ".reen School" was voted 01231 .reenest School on 4arth0 y the
5.S. .reen *uilding 'ouncil6s 'enter for .reen Schools. 7e elieve that we can draw some im%ortant e/am%les from this school, ut as a grou% we feel that for duraility reasons we will likely
use concrete for our design – nonetheless, there are many things to consider when taking a holistic a%%roach to %lanning and designing a school, and we feel this school has a lot we can learn
8ur grou% also e/amined the Panyaden School in !hailand, and %re%ared research on this as well, to hel% aid us in the sustainale design elements of our design. 8ur grou% has een very
thorough in oth case studies, ut ultimately we had to choose one school for the %recedent study, so we chose the ".reen School".
1. Programmatic Affiliations
!he sustainale cam%us uildings include various classrooms, gym, assemly s%aces, faculty housing, offices, cafes and athrooms. A range of architecturally significant s%aces from large
multi9store communal gathering %laces to much smaller classrooms are a feature of this great cam%us.
Se%arate class rooms are located on the terrain of the cam%us to offer com%lete freedom to the students to learn in harmony with nature without disturing sounds from other uildings.
!he newest addition, the $e%antigan 4vent 'enter, is a common hall for the school and community to hold festivals, reunions and activities.
2. Site Strategy
!he school lends into the tro%ical vegetation much in the way that %urely indigenous architecture might.
!he ma% shows that the schools main structure is oriented in a ,orth94ast to South97est direction, therefore in the same direction as the tro%ical %revailing wind. !his is im%ortant to note.
Several rice fields, gardens, a fish %ond and com%ost toilets allow the institution itself to ecome a teacher of sustainaility for the village.
3. Geometry and Morphology
!he school lends into the tro%ical vegetation much in the way %urely indigenous architecture might. $odulated uilding sizes and the materials em%loyed assure this symiotic a%%earance.
!he design of the large arching roof rings to mind very modern design.
7ith its generous o%en walls and high ceilings, the .reen School certainly defies the usual image of sustainale architecture.
4. Circulation
Staircases serve three floors with multi9functional areas and varying levels of %rivacy to accommodate the various activities.
5. Structure and nclosure
!hey called on *alinese %ractice P! *A$*88 P5R4 to work out the technical design as%ects of the entirely amoo structure.
!he %lentifully su%%lied Asian wood, i.e. *amoo, was utilized to enefit from the %otential of all its %ro%erties to ecome structural, decorative, recreational, used as flooring, seating, tales and
several other fi/tures. the local vernacular finds a new relationshi% fused with contem%orary design strategies throughout the assemly of the com%onents that make u% the entire cam%us.
*undled and assemled in a s%iralling %attern, amoo %oles offer an ovious lightness and strength of the uilding.
*amoo columns are set on to% of natural river stones to avoid insect and humidity related degradation of wood.
Steel ars drilled through su%%ort rocks connect columns to the foundation.
8utward leaning columns and large roof overhangs reduce solar gain.
'urvature and slating of the roofs assures that %otentially heavy monsoon rains can e carried off without overloading the structure.
!. "ighting
7ith it"s generous o%en walls and high ceilings, the .reen School certainly defies the usual image of sustainale architecture, which might e imagined as eing dull and dark.
Daylight and +resh Air are also omni%resent in this structure.
4ach main vertical su%%ort corkscrewing to allow light to reach every s%ace, with dee% overhangs to %rotect the o%en air interior.