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Product description
Rubble Virgin stone
Concrete Bri cks
Flexible, powerful and reliable
Due to ever-increasing land fill taxes, tipping
charges, rising fuel prices and the shortage of
raw materials, a modern NON-POLLUTING
recycling solution is required. The recycling
and reprocessing of construction debris in
today’s society is getting ever more important!
Introducing the 'Rockster R800'.
This mobile, track-mounted jaw crushing plant
is the IDEAL solution for any applications which
demand higher than usual wear costs. Besides
recycling in ‘Construction and Demolition’ (C&D)
rubble, this robust crusher can perform on the
toughest of aggregates in the hardest and most
abrasive of conditions.
The R800 is the optimal solution for recycling and crushing procedures of:
Feed hopper:
Feature: Hardox 400
Volume: 4 m³
Feeding length: 3800 mm
Feeding width: 2500 mm
Feeding height: 3200 mm
Vibration channel with pre-screening:
Feature: Hardox 400
Length pre-screening: 1200 mm
Width: 900 mm
Gap width: 30/35 mm
Drive: hydraulic
Transport dimensions: Feeding height: 3200 mm
Length: 9600 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 3200 mm Discharge height:
Main discharge belt: 3200 mm
Transport weight: 25 to Side discharge belt: 2300 mm
The ‘Rockster R800’ is a fully hydraulic
crushing plant, driven by a powerful,
electronically regulated CAT/JOHN DEERE
motor. The jaw crusher itself is driven via a
hydrostatic motor, and the gap adjustment is
hydraulically governed. Material is fed into
the crusher over a hydraulically powered
vibration channel.
The ‘grizzly’ section – situated at the end of
the vibration channel - is fully interchangeable
and guarantees reliable pre-screening of the
material. This material falls into an adjustable
by-pass chute and can be sent forward with
the crushed product - or scalped via the side
discharge conveyor - all at the pull of a lever.
Maximum flexibility
Main discharge belt:
Belt width: 1000 mm
Discharge height: 3200 mm
Angle: 26°
Drive: hydraulic
For transport the main discharge belt
folds hydraulically
Side discharge belt:
Belt width: 500 mm
Discharge height: 2300 mm
Angle: 20°
Drive: hydraulic
For transport the side discharge belt
folds hydraulically
Jaw crusher:
Entry opening: 800 x 500 mm
Crushing ratio: 1:8
Gap adjustment: hydraulic
Output: up to 120 t/h
Weight: 8.000 kg
Drive: hydrostatic
Free discharge height: 420 mm
Caterpillar crawler:
Tread width: 400 mm, slanted
Number of treads: 49
Wheel base: 2900 mm
Surface: triple ribbed pads
Climb: 34°
Drive: 2-speed hydraulic
Magnetic separator:
Type: Permanent magnetic separator
Belt width: 750 mm
Wheel base: 1700 mm
Weight: 1200 kg
Drive: hydraulic
Motor: CAT
electronically regulated
Cylinder: 6
Cooling system: water
The drive system is located at the rear of the
machine, enclosed in a sound-proofed housing.
For maintenance and repair purposes the casing
can be opened completely on all sides.
The hydraulic pump for all auxiliary drives (main
discharge belt, side discharge belt, vibration
channel, crawler gear ..) as well as the pump
for the hydrostat, are driven via a distributor
gear unit which is flange-mounted on the drive
The hydrostat activates the crusher via a
V-belt-drive and replaces the usual clutch.
Environmental Compatibility:
Reduction of emissions through:
effcient dust suppression and
sound-proofed housing
Fully hydraulic drive system:
Hydrostatic Drive:
Adjustment of rotating direction
Individual adjustment of crusher speed
No wear clutch
Expandibility: Duplex-System
Material feed, chassis frame and drive system
of the R900 are identical to those of the R800.
This allows for interchangeability of the crusher
units on the models R900 and R800 (impact
crusher and jaw crusher). For this reason, the
machine can be used - fast and efficiently - on
many different applications.
Screening in only one step
The circular motion vibrating screen RS83 with a
weight of only 1,9 tons is the perfect option for
the track-mounted impact crusher R900 and can
be assembled directly on the main discharge con-
veyor of the machine.
For activating the screen box, no separate drive
system is requested. The RS83 is driven by the
addi ti onal hydraul i c uni t of the R900.
Screen surface: 1800 x 1200 mm
Standard screens for final grain: 16, 22, 32, 40
Options for final grain 4, 8, 45, 50, 60, 70
Output: up to 180 t / h
Discharge conveyor final grain:
Discharge height: 3100mm
Belt width: 800 mm
Discharge conveyor oversized grain:
Discharge height: 1900 mm
Belt width: 500 mm
Transport dimensions:
Length: 4,60 m
Width: 2,30 m
Height: 1,60 m
Weight: 1,9 t
OPTION return belt oversize:
Belt width: 400 mm
Weight: 620 kg
Kormann Rockster Recycler GmbH
Wirtschaftszeile West 2
A-4482 Ennsdorf
Tel.: +43 (0) 7223 81 000
Fax: +43 (0) 7223 81 000-329
E-Mail: office@rockster.at
The company Kormann Rockster Recycler
GmbH specializes in the development and
production of mobile crushing and screening
systems. The "Rockster Team" consists exclusi-
vely of long-time market insiders, each bringing
years of experience into perfecting the
Rockster design concept, as well as being per-
sonally available to share their expertise with
Customer orientation and maximum customer
care is the ultimate ambition of all Rockster
products and services.
The key criteria specified by Rockster are ma-
ximum performance and quality, operating
and maintenance friendliness as well as smooth
transportation due to compact dimensions
and low weight.
The Company
The ROCKSTER Concept
Reliability - maximum reliability due to highest product quality, full hydraulics
and minimum electronics.
Operating efficiency - highest efficiency due to problem-free transport (no
special permits), simple maintenance and handling.
Capacity - highest capacity due to high speed rotor and enormous power
reserves for the drives.
Knowledge - Realization of practical experience of many years in a progressive
machine concept.
Service - 24/7 service for rapid support for problems as well as immediate
availability of all spare and wearing parts.
Technology - Production of high-quality crushing product due to optimal
organization of the crushing procedure. The use of exclusively long time approved
market components guarantees highest technical standard.
Environment friendly - Fulfilment of highest environmental standards due to
installation of low-pollution engines as well as complex acoustic insulation.
Revenue - Shortest amortization due to small investment and operating costs.
Unique possibility of additional increase of machine efficiency due to the Rockster
Duplex System.