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Holden Assist
The ultimate in safety, security
and in-vehicle services
Holden Assist service is dependent on the availability and functionality of the GSM network and GPS system. The availability may also be limited by circumstances owing
to, for example: your location (if in a remote or undercover area), adverse weather conditions, your vehicle being involved in a collision where the hardware or electrical
components are damaged, and more. For more information, refer to the Service Subscription Agreement, available from your Holden Dealer or Holden Customer Assistance.
A word about this catalogue. We have tried to make this catalogue as comprehensive and factual as possible. However, since the time of printing some of the information you’ll fnd
here may have been updated. Also, some of the equipment shown or described through this catalogue may have been changed and / or is available at extra cost. Further, GM Holden
Ltd ABN 84 006 893 232, reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, in prices, colours, materials, equipment and models. Your Holden Dealer has details, and
before ordering, you should ask them to bring you up to date. No Holden Dealer or other person is authorised or permitted to give or make any statement, assertion or undertaking
in relation to the quality, performance characteristics, descriptions or ftness for any purpose of any Holden product which is at variance with any written statement, assertion or
undertaking on any of these subjects given or made by GM Holden Ltd in its published sales literature, and GM Holden Ltd does not accept any liability for any such unauthorised
action. GM Holden Ltd has authorised Dealers in many parts of Australia for the sale of service parts and the provision of service to owners of Holden’s products. Every endeavour is
made to ensure that such Dealers carry adequate stocks of service parts, but GM Holden Ltd doesn’t make any promise other than that contained in the New Vehicle Warranty given
by GM Holden Ltd that such parts or service facilities will be available at any specifc location or at any particular time. Express warranties offered for Holden products are subject to
the conditions set out in all vehicle handbooks. Details also available from GM Holden Ltd on request. Copyright GM Holden Ltd, October 2007 emerystudio TELEM1106 AD12273
Feature How it works

Security Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery The Holden Assist Centre can track your vehicle’s movements and, after
instruction from the police, disable its engine remotely when safe to do so.
Unauthorised entry alert The Holden Assist Centre is alerted if your vehicle’s alarm triggers.
An operator will take the necessary steps to identify the vehicle
occupant(s) and/or contact you. A security patrol will be despatched
or the police contacted if required.
Battery disconnect alert The Holden Assist Centre is alerted if your vehicle’s battery
is disconnected. An operator will take the necessary steps to identify
the vehicle occupant(s) and/or contact you. A security patrol will
be despatched or the police contacted if required.
Safety SOS Emergency services Press the emergency button on the rear vision mirror and you will
be connected to an operator who can contact the police. If required,
the police can then contact fre or ambulance services. Only Holden Assist
can disconnect emergency calls.
Roadside Assistance referral Press the assist button on the rear vision mirror if you require Holden
Roadside Assistance (or an alternative Roadside Assistance provider
nominated by you) to attend to your location. An operator will confrm
your identity, and can despatch a roadside patrol vehicle.
Airbag/Accident monitoring The Holden Assist Centre is alerted if your airbags or seatbelt pretensioners
deploy. An operator will attempt to contact you via the in-vehicle
communication system. If you do not respond, the police will be called.
Remote door unlock Phone Holden Assist on 1300 880 088. Once your identity is confrmed,
an operator will unlock your vehicle remotely.
Where am I? Press the assist button on the rear vision mirror if you are lost and
an operator can pinpoint your location.
Convenience Vehicle locator If you cannot fnd your vehicle – in a car park, for example – phone Holden
Assist on 1300 880 088. Once your identity is confrmed, an operator will
activate your vehicle’s horn and lights.
Web portal Keep your contact details up to date, send text messages to your vehicle,
or locate your vehicle by fashing its lights and sounding its horn.
Text messaging Send text messages from the Holden Assist web portal
to your vehicle for display on its centre console screen.
Lowbattery alert If your vehicle’s battery falls belowa preset charge level, you will
automatically be emailed or a text message sent to your mobile phone.

Designed for businesses with on-the-road employees, GM FleetViewhas
the ability to record vehicle activity, including trip duration, departure and
arrival locations, and vehicle status data, such as fuel usage, odometer
reading and driver behaviour.
Its intended purpose is to increase driver and feet manager productivity,
while encouraging better driver behaviour and greater adherence to
occupational health and safety practices. For more information, call
GM Fleet Customer Assistance on 1300 559 696.


SS SS V-Series Berlina

Calais Calais V-Series Statesman





O Factory Fit Option
A Genuine Holden Accessory
Holden Assist features at a glance
Holden Assist Ultra
Holden Assist availability
What if…

75%of vehicle theft is committed
using stolen car keys, allowing alarm
systems to be disabled.
So imagine coming home one day
to fnd your home broken into, your
spare car keys and new Holden gone.
Without Holden Assist, you contact
the police and hope. With it, you contact
a Holden Assist operator who pinpoints
the location of your vehicle via GPS and,
liaising with the police, safely
immobilises its engine remotely.
Or say you lock your keys in the car…
at night… If you’re a Holden Assist Ultra
subscriber, you simply pick up your mobile
phone and call 1300 880 088. The Holden
Assist operator will verify your identity
then unlock your car remotely.
With Holden Assist Ultra, your vehicle’s on
board systems will also alert an operator
automatically if you’re involved in an
accident in which one of your vehicle’s
airbags deploy. The operator will attempt
to speak with you in the car and, if there
is no response, immediately despatch
emergency services to your exact location.
And if that’s not reason enough to
subscribe, take a look at the table on the
reverse of this fyer, which details all the
safety and security features offered by
Holden Assist Ultra plus those provided
by GMFleetView, a Holden Assist service
designed specifcally for feet owners
and operators.
No Holden owner wants their car stolen. No parent wants a family
member involved in a car accident. And no one plans to lock their
keys in the car, or forget where they’ve parked. But these things happen,
and if they do, Holden Assist is there to help. Using integrated in-vehicle
GSM mobile phone network and global positioning satellite technology,
it can provide immediate on board assistance or initiate remedial action
remotely. If you own a current model Commodore, Berlina, Calais,
Statesman or Caprice, you can install and subscribe to Holden Assist
at your local Holden Dealer.
For everyday use, not just
Holden Assist Ultra can help you every
day, not just when things go awry.
Want to send a text message to
a family member who’s driving your
car? Or give yourself a ‘to do’ reminder
for the drive home from work? Login
to your secure Holden Assist web portal
and use the Holden Messaging Service
(HMS). The text you send will appear on
your vehicle’s centre console display and
can be saved or deleted, just like email.
You can even save on car insurance, with
some insurers now offering discounts
to Holden Assist subscribers.

Installation includes three
years’ subscription
As you would expect, Holden Assist
integrates seamlessly with your
vehicle’s centre console display and
controls. The system unit can be
installed by any authorised Holden
Service Centre. Installation of Holden
Assist Ultra includes your frst three
years’ subscription.
When you select Holden Assist Ultra
your vehicle’s standard rear vision
mirror will be replaced with a dedicated
Holden Assist unit, complete with assist,
end call and emergency buttons, plus
a built-in microphone.
In the future, you have the option
to transfer your Holden Assist
telematics hardware to a compatible
vehicle. Should you wish to sell your
vehicle with the systeminstalled, the
balance of service will be completely
transferable to a subsequent owner,
potentially adding to the resale value
of your vehicle.
For more information about Holden
Assist, visit your Holden Dealer,
call Holden Customer Assistance on
1800 033 349 or visit holden.com.au
Source: National Motor Vehicle Theft
Reduction Council 2005
Please note that Holden will not be involved
in insurance discount negotiation between
the insurer and the customer. Insurance
conditions vary. Please contact your vehicle
insurer for details
From frst date of activation. A subscription
fee applies thereafter
Your initial subscription to Holden
Assist Ultra includes installation
of a special rear vision mirror,
complete with inbuilt microphone.
Depending upon your needs or
situation, simply press the Holden
Assist or SOS button and you will
be directly connected to a Holden
Assist Centre operator.
Holden Assist Ultra gives you access
to a secure web portal and a host
of extra features. From any computer
with an internet connection, you can
viewvehicle data, use the‘Where is
my car?’ function which activates
your vehicle’s lights and horn, send
a message to your car and keep your
contact details up to date.
Need to contact someone in your car
immediately? Want to give yourself or
a family member a‘to do’ reminder?
The Holden Messaging Service (HMS)
makes it easy. Available to Holden
Assist Ultra subscribers, HMS allows
you to send email-like text messages
directly from your Holden Assist web
portal and have them appear on
your vehicle’s centre console display.
The help you need at the touch of a button
Access services and information online
Get your message through