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Private Investigator News and Information

Private Investigator News and

● Links 7/28/2006
❍ Background Checks
❍ Business Background Checks Roy Black Says Palm
❍ Business Identification Investigations Beach Police Department
❍ Certified Fraud Investigators Report on Jeffrey Epstein
❍ Child Support Investigations Inaccurately Describes
❍ Computer Forensic Investigations the Actions of Private
❍ Corporate Investigations
❍ Employee Screening Investigator William Riley
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❍ Hiring a PI
❍ Infidelity Investigations
Press Release
❍ Infidelity Private Investigators
Thursday July 27, 9:15 pm ET
❍ Locating People
MIAMI, July 27 /PRNewswire/ –
Responding to inquiries from the media,
❍ PI Magazine
attorney Roy Black said today that a Palm
❍ PI Resources
Beach Police Department report alleging
❍ PI Store
private investigator William Riley
represented himself as a police officer
❍ Undercover Investigations
while interviewing a witnesses is
❍ WordPress inaccurate.

● Categories: “We provided the Palm Beach Police

❍ General Department with Mr. Riley’s notes made
on the day of the interview that show
● Search: beyond a doubt that the witness made a
false statement to the police about how
Search Mr. Riley represented himself,” Mr. Black
said. “We suspect that it was a police
oversight in not correcting the report.
● Archives:
November 2007
“Mr. Riley and his partner, Mr. Kiraly, are

❍ July 2007
seasoned investigators who adhere to the
❍ June 2007
highest professional standards and I have
❍ May 2007
every confidence that they conducted
❍ April 2007 themselves appropriately when they
❍ March 2007 interviewed this witness,” Mr. Black
❍ February 2007 added.
❍ January 2007
❍ December 2006 Along with his statement, Mr. Black
❍ November 2006 released the notes (redacted below) taken
❍ October 2006 by Mr. Riley on November 21, 2005 after (1 of 4) [12/22/2007 3:33:43 PM]

Private Investigator News and Information

❍ September 2006
❍ August 2006 the witness was interviewed.
❍ July 2006
❍ May 2006 —————————————————-
❍ February 2006
❍ January 2006 Yesterday, 11.21.2005, my partner, Steve
❍ December 2005
Kiraly, and I traveled to Orange Park
(Jacksonville), Florida, in order to attempt
❍ November 2005
to interview [redacted]. [redacted].
❍ October 2005
❍ July 2005
The purpose of having two people present
❍ June 2005
was to act as witnesses as to whatever
❍ May 2005
might have been said by [redacted] during
❍ April 2005
the course of our interview.
❍ March 2005
❍ February 2005
[redacted] lives with her 18 year old
❍ January 2005
boyfriend, [redacted], and his mother and
❍ December 2004
boyfriend at [redacted].

● July 2006 Upon our arrival at her house we noticed

S M T W T F S her Jeep Wrangler gone. We then began
« May Aug »
the process of waiting for her. At about
2:00 PM we observed her boyfriend,
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
[redacted], arrive at the house. We
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 approached him and asked if [redacted]
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 was there. He told us that she had just
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 started a new job at a debt collection
agency, that he did not know the name of
it or their telephone number, and that she
would be home around 6:30 PM. We did
● Other: not advise him of why we wanted to meet
❍ Login with [redacted]. [redacted] said we were
❍ Register welcome to come back after she got off of
work. He also provided her cell telephone
● Meta: number of [redacted]. [redacted] was very
❍ RSS 2.0 cordial and friendly.
❍ Comments RSS 2.0
❍ Valid XHTML We decided not to call her but to wait for
❍ WP her to come home.

At approximately 6:30 PM [redacted]

arrived home. We waited about 10
minutes and approached the residence.

I knocked on the door and a woman, who

I now know as [redacted], answered the
door. I told her that we would like to
speak with [redacted]. She said there was
no [redacted] there. I said there must be
because her Jeep was parked out front.
She then said, “I’m sorry, you mean
[redacted]” and I said yes. (2 of 4) [12/22/2007 3:33:43 PM]

Private Investigator News and Information

[redacted] then came to the door. The

following conversation took place.

[Riley] [redacted], my name is Bill Riley

(as I handed her my business card) and
this is my partner Steve Kiraly. We are
investigators from Miami working on
behalf of Jeff Epstein

[redacted] I don’t talk to f*cking cops and

I’m not talking to you

[Riley] [redacted], we’re not cops

[redacted] You need to leave. Get the f*ck

off my property, leave now

[Riley] [redacted], there is no need to be

hostile. We are not cops. We are just
trying to learn the truth

[redacted] Get the f*ck off my property,

What, you’re still standing here

[Riley] We’re leaving but we don’t

understand why you’re so hostile

[redacted] You have no right to be here. I

moved. All that sh*t is behind me in
another world so get the f*ck out of here

[redacted] goes back inside the house and

[redacted] came outside on the porch.

[Riley] Ma’am we’re not being hostile.

We’re here just to learn the truth.

[redacted] Look, [redacted] is a good girl

and she left down there. We’re trying to
sort things out now and hire her an

[Riley] I understand but we’re not the bad

guys and we’re not cops

[redacted] Okay, but she doesn’t want to

talk with you and you really have no right
being here on my property this time of
night (3 of 4) [12/22/2007 3:33:43 PM]

Private Investigator News and Information

[Riley] I’m sorry we’re here at 6:45 PM

but your son, [redacted], told us we could
come back

[redacted] He doesn’t own this property

[Riley] I don’t know that do I

[redacted] came back outside

[redacted] You’re still here, get the f*ck

out. I’m calling the cops if you do not

[Riley] [redacted], we’re talking with

[redacted] and yes we’re leaving but all
we wanted was to learn the truth from you
about what knowledge you may or may
not have

We then left the premises and I

immediately made my notes of our short

Source: Black, Srebnick, Kornspan &


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