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Wednesday, May 14, 2014
No. 29588
KSh60/00 TSh1,500/00 USh2,700/00
Up to 800 soldiers have deserted the
Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) since their
deployment in Somalia.
This startling revelation to the Court
of Appeal in Malindi came from State
counsel for Defence Cabinet Secretary
Raychelle Omamo and KDF’s top brass
in a case where 26 ex-soldiers face court
martial for deserting the force.
The counsel said growing
indiscipline in KDF’s ranks forced the
command to tighten rules so as to keep
soldiers in service.
But the appellate judges
reprimanded the KDF command for
ignoring a court order to release the
soldiers from the Mtongwe Navy base
in Mombasa.
News of 800 KDF deserters stuns Malindi court
SEE STORY ON PAGE 7 Raychelle Omamo
Why you will
lose six per cent
of your salary
Payslips salaried
employees will get
this month will be
different from next
month’s as NSSF
effects new rates
From next month, it will cost more for
both workers and employers to contribute
to the National Social Security Fund
(NSSF) as the NSSF Act 2013 comes into
In the proposed law, an employer will
be required to contribute six per cent of
an employee’s earnings to the fund. This
is in addition to an employee contributing
six per cent of his or her earnings, bringing
8 pages on National Land Commission interviews
New NSSF rates will take up 6 per
cent of your salary
Those without NSSF Card will be
barred from employment
Companies can’t transact business
without Certificate of Compliance.
Workers earning Sh3,000 will pay
discounted rate of Sh180 and employer
tops up with same amount.
Workers earning Sh10,000 will have
to pay NSSF dues of Sh360 and the
employer same amount.
A person earning Sh18,000 and above
as gross pay will contribute a total of
Sh1,080 while the employer puts in
same amount, bringing total to Sh2,160.
The same rate applies to
individuals earning up to half a
million and above.
Kidero loses seat
as Wambora hit
again by Senators
Appellate judges reversed a High Court ruling upholding Evans
Kidero as Nairobi Governor on the grounds that his rival, Ferdinand
Waititu, was not given a fair chance to challenge his defeat.
This effectively means Nairobians may yet again have to decide
through the ballot who between Dr Kidero and Mr Waititu, who is
the former Embakasi MP, will be their chief executive. If it goes to
fresh polls, assuming Kidero fails at the Supreme Court, which he
Public universities’ staff unions
have threatened to down their tools if
the Government and university man-
agement fail to honour the Sh 3.9 bil-
lion pay deal.
Universities Academic Staff Union
(Uasu), Kenya Universities Academic
Staff Union (Kusu) and Kenya Union
of Domestic, Hotels, Educational In-
stitutions, Hospitals and Allied Work-
ers (Kudheiha) told university chiefs
to honour the deal, failure to which
they would go on strike next month.
Kusu Secretary General Charles
Mukhwaya said some universities
have not started making payments as
agreed but warned that they would
not take anything less if they were not
paid their dues by May 30.
“It will be unfortunate and unwar-
ranted to inconvenience our students
and their dear parents to cause uni-
versities to close, if the Government
does not honour the deal,” said Mukh-
The unions want vice chancellors
to pay their new basic salaries, house
allowances and arrears as agreed and
signed in the Return to Work Formula
that ended the industrial action in
According to the deal struck, the
university chiefs should pay 27.8 per
cent for basic salary, 10.9 per cent in-
crease in house allowance for the
members of staff in job groups one to
15. Already, Egerton, Masinde Muliro
University of Science and Technology,
Technical University of Kenya and
Technical University of Mombasa
have implemented the return to work
The three university unions have
consistently accused the Inter Public
Universities Councils Consultative
Forum (IPUCCF) headed by Jomo Ke-
nyatta University of Agriculture and
Technology Vice Chancellor Mabel
Imbuga of lacking transparency in the
management of workers’ pay.
IPUCCF and the unions negotiate
new basic salaries and house allow-
ances under a Collective Bargaining
Agreement (CBA) every two years.
“The Unions therefore demand all
the funds released by the Government
to implement the 2010-2013 CBA,”
said Mukhwaya.
salary average increases.
“Revision of NSSF rates will have a
direct effect on people’s pay slips and
the effect varies across the divide. The
new rate raises the deductible amount
by between 80 per cent on the lower
category and 440 per cent on the up-
per category. This will significantly af-
fect the personal expenditure list and
we expect behavioural change in the
basket on disposable income,” said
Securities Market Consultants Limit-
ed Chief Executive John Mwaniki.
Similarly, while the lower limit is
on those earning Sh6,000, this will al-
so be reviewed annually to Sh7,000,
Sh8,000 and Sh9,000 in second, third
and fourth years respectively. In the
fifth year, the lower earnings limit will
be determined by the average mini-
mum monthly basic wage as gazetted
by the Labour Cabinet Secretary.
The new member contributions
are expected to push NSSF collections
up and reach a staggering Sh15 billion
monthly in the sixth year of imple-
mentation of the Act.
This will amount to Sh180 billion
annually in members’ contributions.
While the clock is ticking to the
June deadline for the new pension
law, there are fears over the fund’s ca-
pacity to take up more contributions.
Employees to surrender 6pc of pay
Employees will from June be required to contribute 6 per cent of their pay to-
wards the National Social Security Fund as new Act takes force. [PHOTO: FILE/
The Chairman of the House Com-
mittee on Administration and Nation-
al Security, Asman Kamama (pic-
tured) can now breathe easy. Kamama
survived an attempt to remove him
from the chair of the powerful com-
mittee after most of the team mem-
bers withdrew charges of incompe-
tence they had filed against him.
Members who had planned to pass
a vote of no confidence in his leader-
ship backed down following reconcil-
iation efforts spearheaded by House
Majority leader Adan Duale.
Kamama was staring at an immi-
nent exit from the helm of the com-
mittee before an urgent meeting to re-
solve the differences that had emerged
between him and some of the mem-
bers was convened.
Last week, the members had
vowed to remove Kamama on grounds
of incompetence, key among them his
handling of the Westgate report,
which was defeated on the floor of the
House. Several members had present-
ed a petition to the clerk of the House
seeking Kamama’s removal, arguing
that he had failed to offer leadership.
Yesterday, however, over 20 mem-
bers of the committee voted to sup-
port Kamama and withdrew their pe-
tition. Duale confirmed that he had
spearheaded the reconciliation ef-
forts that led to the withdrawal of the
vote. He said members had agreed to
withdraw the no-confidence vote
against Kamama.
Relief as Kamama survives ouster bid by House team
the total to 12 per cent.
Under the new Act, a worker will
not be able to secure employment if
he or she does not have an NSSF
It is now compulsory for all organ-
isations to insist on a Certificate of
Compliance before undertaking any
business with suppliers, meaning you
cannot do business with Government
or private sector without being com-
For instance, an employee earning
Sh10,000 will have to pay NSSF Sh360,
an amount that will be matched by
the employer, bringing the total pen-
sion contribution to Sh720.
This is up from the flat rate of
Sh200 that employees and employers
However, workers earning Sh3,000
will pay a discounted rate of Sh180 to
the fund, while the employer forks out
the same amount, bringing the total
to Sh360 (originally, this deduction
would have amounted to Sh400).
A person earning Sh18,000 and
above will contribute Sh1,080 to the
new National Social Security Fund
(NSSF) coffers. With the employer
putting in a similar amount, the total
becomes Sh2,160.
The same rate will apply to indi-
viduals earning up to half a million
shillings and above.
While the maximum pay that is
subject to deductions is only Sh18,000,
this amount is bound to change and
will be reviewed annually. The current
upper earnings limit of Sh18,000 is
about 50 per cent of the national av-
erage wage, now standing at
In the next three years, this nation-
al average wage will increase and so
will the deduction rate.
For instance, in 2016, the national
average wage is expected to be re-
viewed to Sh72,000 while in 2017, this
average wage will climb to Sh144,000
with a subsequent increase in the de-
duction rate. However, the 6 per cent
deduction remains constant as the
Revision of NSSF rates
will have a direct effect
on people’s pay slips, and
the effect varies across the
The fund is known as an outfit with a
past littered with corporate gover-
nance problems, a string of corporate
raiders meddling in its investment
projects and political interference in
management of the fund.
Addressing a stakeholders’ meet-
ing in Nairobi yesterday, Retirement
Benefits Authority Supervision Man-
ager Charles Machira said from June,
employers are likely to feel a squeeze
in their balance sheets as a result of
the new deduction. He said once the
Act is in place, there would be contri-
butions to NSSF and also to the pri-
vate schemes, which is likely to see
employers pay twice to workers’ re-
tirement benefits.
“If you are an employer, it has im-
plications and it is likely that you will
pay more to employees,” he said.
Besides, the new Act requires that
there be separate accounts for every
member and employers.
“From where I am and the way I
see it, it requires a robust administra-
tive system and this would be a chal-
lenge,” he said.
Machira however defended the
new Act, saying: “Forget the past and
let us focus on the future and move
on. According to the Constitution, ev-
ery Kenyan is supposed to have social
security in old age.”
He said saving for retirement and
social security goes beyond this and
most of the vulnerable population.
“We cannot provide your retire-
ment income with an income of
Sh400 for those have multiple income
sources and the current regime is val-
id,” he said.
For example, he said the current
deductions are based on the basic sal-
ary but if effected, the payments
would be pegged on the gross salary.
“There are those who earn a basic
salary of Sh10,000 but their gross sal-
ary is Sh500,000 and the current es-
tablishment cannot work,” he said.
“We cannot provide your retire-
ment income by saving Sh400 with an
income that is multiple of the earn-
ings and to address the current re-
gime is very valid,” he stated.
Machira said the ceiling at NSSF is
favourable for various economic im-
plications such as inflationary issues.
The new regulations will address ad-
ministrative issues by reducing the
fees to 2 per cent and subsequently
1.5 per cent within the first six
In 2001, for example, Machira said
administrative costs of about 82 per
cent of the total savings deflated the
entire retirement earnings.
“Though there have been issues
on the management of the Govern-
ment scheme, let us start from a clean
slate and forget about the past by fix-
ing the problems and move on,” he
said. The motivation behind this new
legislation is driven to reduce the de-
pendency syndrome and eliminate
reliance on the working population.
Under the new system, all benefits
are paid in form of a pension rather
than a lump sum to ensure that pen-
sioners have a regular income.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
• Members are eligible for re-
tired beneft when they reach 55
years or when a member retires
for regular paid employment
• Members are eligible for with-
drawal from beneft if they are
at least 50 years old and they
have retired from regular paid
• A funeral grant of Sh10,000 is
payable to a dependant of a de-
ceased member
Varsities’ staff
unions issue
strike threat
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July, 2014
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Watch out, Kisumu
rogue mechanics
on the prowl!
NATIONAL NEWS / Page 3 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
They lie in wait as hungry lions
do for unsuspecting prey. Once they
spot their kill, they make quick and
well-calculated moves and before
you know it, you are ‘dead meat’.
Their swift and well-choreo-
graphed actions have left many puz-
Many vehicles, especially pri-
vate cars, have been left without es-
sential components after the owners
fell victim to the the wiles of these
sham mechanics plying their scam
in the lakeside city of Kisumu.
A car glides into a garage and, in
a matter of seconds, it has been di-
vested of its most expensive parts,
leaving nothing but bitter memo-
And the thugs masquerading as
mechanics along Otieno Oyoo Road
in the city’s Central Business Dis-
trict (CBD) have a flair for luring un-
suspecting motorists into their
Investigations by The Standard
have revealed that the rogue me-
chanics chose this stretch because
it – strategically – has more than
three filling stations.
Other than the petrol stations,
the road is also dotted with jua kali
sheds and a genuine garage, chris-
tened Kamas/Uganda garage,where
bona fide mechanics ply their
About twenty metres from the
garage is Obote Road, which leads
to the Kisumu International Air-
Along both sides of the road are
men in blue overalls who, once they
spot a potential victim, run towards
the car and make the driver believe
that the tyres of his car are wobbling
and almost coming off.
And once the driver slows down,
he or she is directed to Makasembo
Road where the ‘mechanics’ remove
the tyre as soon as the car stops.
Mechanics at
work in a
Kisumu city
use the following day. The fake me-
chanics told him the car was defec-
tive,” he said. “My boss called and
asked why I had given him a car with
mechanical problems. He threat-
ened me with disciplinary action.
But I told him to proceed with the
journey and in case of any trouble,
I would take responsibility. The car
was okay,” he added.
The fake mechanics are said to
milk more money from people who
cannot speak Dholuo. Once they
convince you that your car has a
problem, the minimum you will pay
is Sh15,000.
If you refuse, they become rowdy
and threaten to beat you up. Some
of them will even take whatever they
can lay their hands on and within
minutes, disappear.
Kisumu OCPD Joe Lekuta said
the police are aware of the activities
of the ‘mechanics’.
“We have received complaints
from members of the public and ar-
rested six suspects. They are in cus-
tody awaiting arraignment in court,”
Mr Lekuta said.
He added: “We have intensified
night and day patrols in the affected
areas. I urge motorists to repair their
vehicles at designated garages to
avoid falling prey to the goons.”
The driver is then courteously
directed to a seat as they work on
the car. It is here that the nightmare
Gilbert Wesonga, an employee of
the Jomo Kenyatta International
Airport ( JKIA) recounts the ordeal
he went through at the hands of the
“I was with my family when I
pulled up at one of the petrol sta-
tions to refuel. When we left the sta-
tion, a group of men rushed to my
car, indicating that one of the tyres
was coming off,” recounted Mr
“They directed me to a makeshift
garage. When I got out of the car,
one of them was already holding the
‘faulty’ tyre. I was given a seat and
three of them opened the car bon-
Before he knew it, one ‘mechan-
ic’ had already pulled out some
parts of the engine, which he said he
would take to a specific workshop,
where there supposedly was an ex-
pert in that make of engines.
“I was shocked when he came
back and demanded that I pay
Sh30,000 for the service. I had to go
to the bank to withdraw the money
because they were threatening to
detain my car. I was embarrassed in
front of my family,” Wesonga narrat-
ed. A Briton doing research with a
non-governmental organisation in
Kisumu also fell prey to the thugs.
He underwent the same experi-
ence as Wesonga and given that he
could not speak Kiswahili, he was
an easy victim as he could not un-
derstand what the thugs were say-
“They stopped and directed me
to a shed. Then they yanked my
doors open and said my car had
many mechanical problems and ad-
vised I wait as they worked on it,” he
He had to wait for four hours as
one of them had left with the carbu-
retor, saying it was defective and
had to be fixed elsewhere.
“He returned after four hours
and demanded that I pay Sh20,000.
To my surprise, I also learnt that my
laptop, Ipad, two mobile phones
and 500 US Dollars were missing. All
the mechanics had mysteriously
disappeared,” the researcher said.
A driver with the Kenya Revenue
Authority at Customs House in
Kisumu almost lost his job when he
handed over his designated car to
his boss to use.
“I took the car to a garage a day
earlier and handed it to my boss to
They convince motorists their cars
are faulty before robbing them of at
least Sh20,000 and if you defy their
‘advice’, they threaten to beat you up
me to a
When I got
out of the
car, one of
them was
holding the
‘faulty’ tyre
— Gilbert
Wesonga, a
Court of Appeal nullifes Kidero’s
election as Nairobi governor
said yesterday he would turn to, then
the race will be open to fresh candi-
This could again upset the balance
of power in the city between Kidero
and Waititu, who was the petitioner in
this case.
Kidero’s change in fortunes comes
hot on the heels of the Senate’s confir-
mation yesterday of former Embu
Governor Martin Wambora’s impeach-
ment by the Embu County Assembly
(see other story on page 6).
Senators upheld the decision they
had made in February to sack Mr
Wambora, a move that had been nul-
lified by the High Court, handing
Wambora temporary relief.
The Court of Appeal nullified Ki-
dero’s election alongside that of his
deputy Jonathan Mweke after two
judges overturned a High Court deci-
sion that had upheld their election
last year.
Judges GBM Kariuki and Patrick
Kiage ruled that the High Court had
denied Waititui a fair chance to chal-
lenge the outcome of the gubernato-
rial election. However, a third judge,
Mohamed Warsame, who actually
presided over the hearing, dissented
and upheld the decision of the High
Court as sound.
The majority decision has sent Ki-
dero out of office only days after he
lost his position as the vice chairman
of the Governors’ Council.
But his lawyer, Tom Ojiambo, said
they would appeal the decision in the
Supreme Court. The Supreme Court
will have the final say on whether Nai-
robi residents will go back to the polls
to elect a new governor.
If Kidero goes to the Supreme
Court, it will be the fourth such case
affecting governors to be referred to
the country’s highest court, which is
already hearing appeals by Peter Mu-
nya (Meru), Okoth Obado (Migori)
and Nathif Jama (Garissa).
Kidero had objected to the appeal
on technicalities, arguing that it was
incompetent as it had been filed out-
side the 30-day window allowed by
the Elections Act. The law requires
one to file an appeal within 30 days af-
ter the judgement of the High Court
and the same must be determined
within six months.
However, Waititu delayed filing the
appeal as he waited for the High Court
to prepare the typed proceedings.
The High Court judgement was de-
livered on September 9 last year but
the proceedings were only made avail-
able to the petitioner on October 9. He
filed the appeal on November 23.
Mr Ojiambo had argued that the
petitioner had one day in which he
could have filed the appeal to beat the
deadline. The position had been sup-
ported by the Independent Electoral
and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).
However, judges Kariuki and Kiage
ruled that the petition was proper,
holding that the elections law was not
intended to bar a litigant from access-
ing justice over faults that were not of
his or her making. The judges agreed
that the time taken by the High Court
to prepare the proceedings should be
deducted from the 30-day time
Justice Kariuki said although the
six months within which to determine
the petition was cast in stone, the re-
quirement for the 30-day period to file
an appeal was not.
“Parliament did not intend to prej-
udice a litigant who intends to access
justice,” he said, adding that the court
must target the intention of the Leg-
islature when making a statute.
The judges wrote individual judge-
ments, each about 90 pages long. War-
same, who gave graphic descriptions
to contrast the political ideologies of
Waititu and Kidero, ruled that the pe-
tition was not incompetent having
been filed out of time.
He said Section 85 of the Elections
Act was clear that the appeal must be
Nominated MP Oburu Oginga is
today expected to record a statement
with the police over claims that his
brother, Raila Odinga, is targeted for
Dr Oburu sensationally accused
some East African Community Heads
of State of plotting to assassinate the
former Prime Minister.
He was supposed to record the
statement yesterday at CID headquar-
ters but failed to do so saying CID Di-
rector Ndegwa Muhoro had informed
him to do so today.
“I will be there tomorrow (today)
at about 11am to record the state-
ment. I was to do so today (yesterday)
but the officers advised me to be there
tomorrow (today),” said Oburu.
His supporters had also arrived at
the headquarters to receive him, only
to be informed of the changes.
The nominated MP insisted that
his claims were valid amid dismissal
from some of his colleagues. Raila is
currently on an extended tour of the
Oburu last Friday claimed without
naming names that some of the pres-
idents of the EAC countries have a
personal agenda in the region, which
they fear can’t be achieved with his
brother, the ODM leader, around.
“I am reliably informed that a pres-
ident of a neighbouring country al-
leges that the many problems Kenya
is currently faced with are caused by
Raila Odinga,” said Oburu, adding
that the allegations could not be tak-
en lightly.
He said the plan was to assassinate
the former PM on his return from the
US trip. State House spokesman
Manoah Esipisu later termed the
claims as cheap, unfounded and de-
meaning to the integrity and the agen-
da of EAC leaders.
Police have not talked on the issue
since the allegations were made. Some
of the leaders have since demanded
that Raila’s security be enhanced in
the wake of the claims.
It is the second time in two years
that an ODM MP has raised allega-
tions about a plot to assassinate the
former PM. In 2012, Gem MP Jakoyo
Midiwo claimed that some senior of-
ficials in Government at the time had
planned to kill Raila, allegations that
were denied by the Government. He
was later questioned and nothing
Other sources said CORD leaders
plan to welcome Raila in style when
he finally arrives in the country from
the US.
Oburu to record
statement over
Raila assassination
Dr Evans Kidero and Ferdinand Waititu follow the court proceedings yesterday. [PHOTO: FIDELIS KABUNYI/STANDARD]
filed within 30 days. He said nullifica-
tion had grave consequences for mil-
lions of Kenyans as well as financial
After deciding on the competence
of the appeal, the judges went on to
determine the merits of the petition,
pointing out the numerous irregular-
ities that the High Court judge had ig-
Judges Kariuki and Kiage took is-
sue with the High Court judge for ex-
pressing a biased view when deter-
mining the petition and denying the
petitioner an opportunity to cross ex-
amine witnesses.
The judges faulted High Court
judge Richard Mwongo for dismissing
the petition in strong words, saying he
risked exhibiting open biases.
Justice Kariuki said an election can
be an emotive exercise and a judge
should avoid appearing biased and
The two judges concurred that by
declining to grant an order for scruti-
ny of votes, which was critical, the
High Court judge had failed to accord
Waititu a fair hearing.
They said he blocked crucial evi-
dence and had no evidential basis on
which to make the findings on the
electoral irregularities. The judge also
denied Waititu an order to get elector-
al documents from IEBC.
The two judges pointed out the
numerous irregularities of bribery,
discrepancy between registered vot-
ers and votes cast, and filling of the
electoral forms – all of which they said
warranted investigation by the High
Page 4 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Justice Kiage ruled that the allega-
tions went to the heart of the interro-
gation regarding whether the election
was held in accordance with the law.
“Justice should not be sacrificed
on the altar of technicalities,” he
Justice Kariuki observed that the
election was a matter of public inter-
est and Mwongo should have paid at-
tention to this when hearing and de-
ciding the case.
The judges held that the High
Court made irrelevant considerations
that impaired fair hearing.
“We must settle disputes but we
must also protect the Constitution as
a whole,” Kariku observed.
The judges, however, faulted Wait-
itu for filing a voluminous appeal with
unnecessary material rather than re-
stricting himself to the specific griev-
ances. In his dissenting judgement,
Warsame gave a clean bill of health to
the High Court’s decision, saying there
was no evidence that Waititu’s 70,000
votes had been stolen.
In a hilarious quip, the judge de-
scribed Waititu as a heavyweight in
Nairobi politics whose rights could
not be easily trampled on.
This was the second high profile
petition after the Presidential petition
filed by Coalition for Reforms and De-
mocracy leader Raila Odinga against
the election of President Uhuru Ke-
nyatta and his deputy William Ruto.
Kidero and Waititu sat together in
the courtroom throughout the four-
hour reading of the judgment. They
were joined by CORD senators Moses
Wentang’ula, James Orengo, Anyang’
Nyong’o and Johnstone Muthama
among other leaders.
Kenya’s Leading Banks
Customer Satisfaction
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Corporate Banking
Internet Banking
Efficiency Growth
Mortgage Financing
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Product Marketing
Retail Banking
SME Banking
a Special Supplement on
Tomorrow in



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We must settle
disputes but we must also
protect the Constitution as
a whole
Page 5 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Page 6 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Wambora out of offce after
Senate backs his ouster, again
simple majority of the elected sena-
tors, the governor is removed from of-
fice. “Consequently, at 1.30pm on this
day May 13, Wambora ceases to hold
the office of Embu governor as stipu-
lated in the law,” declared Ethuro.
All the senators who had contrib-
uted in the debate of the motion,
moved by Kakamega Senator Boni
Khalwale as the chairman of the Spe-
cial Committee, supported the rec-
ommendation to remove Wambora
from office, saying the grounds of im-
peachment cited by the County As-
sembly of Embu had been substanti-
The senators found Wambora
guilty of the three charges brought
against him; gross violation of the
Public Procurement and Disposal Act,
violation of the Public Finance Man-
Senators voted to send home em-
battled Embu Governor Martin Wam-
bora after confirming his impeach-
ment by the Embu County Assembly,
They upheld the same decision
they had made in February to sack
him but which was nullified by the
High Court, handing Wambora tem-
porary relief.
And by a declaration made by Sen-
ate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro after the
near unanimous vote, Wambora
ceased being the Governor of Embu
yesterday at 1.30pm, in accordance
with the law.
Now the impeached governor is re-
stricted by law from holding any pub-
lic office, for a period of 10 years, as a
result of his removal from office
through impeachment.
Of the 47 elected senators, who are
the only ones whose vote is empow-
ered to impeach, 35 agreed with the
recommendations of the Special
Committee that was probing the alle-
gations made against him on three
counts of irregularities, including
“gross violation of the Constitution”.
Only Baringo Senator Gideon Moi,
who strongly punched holes on the
committee’s report, opposed the vote
to impeach Wambora, while Embu
Senator Lenny Maxwell Kivuti ab-
stained even after supporting the Mo-
tion during its debate.
Ethuro invoked Section 68(5) of
the County Government Act to seal
Wambora’s fate, declaring that from
the time the motion was carried by a
Hesbon Nyagah, a resident of Embu County, reacts to news of Governor Martin
Wambora’s removal from office, yesterday evening. There were mixed reac-
tions among residents. [PHOTO: KIBATA KIHU/STANDARD]
House fnds him
guilty of irregularities
in procurement,
misuse of funds and
gross violation of
Ousted Embu Governor Martin
Wambora defended himself even
as the Senate confirmed his im-
peachment, effectively sending
him home.
Wambora, who was elected on
TNA ticket, blamed his woes on
political and tribal scheming by ri-
vals in Alliance Party of Kenya
(APK), and his move to block pay-
ments approved by Embu Mem-
bers of County Assembly (MCAs).
In an interview with The Stan-
dard a day before his removal he
insisted the accusations of pro-
curement irregularities were base-
less and that he fell out with MCAs
after blocking hefty allowances.
He said the county procure-
ment committee conducted com-
petitive tendering for the maize
seeds that cost approximately
Sh3.5 million.
Minutes of a Tender Committee
show that Tekagro General Stores,
Farmers Agrovet, Ukulima Agrovet
Services, Farmlink Enterprise and
Murimi Mwaro Agrovet took part
in the tendering.
According to the minutes, M/S
Ukulima Agrovet won the tender
for being the lowest evaluated bid-
ders and for being the only ap-
pointed dealers of DK8031 maize
seeds, recommended for planting
season by agriculture experts.
“The seeds were required as a
matter of urgency and the county
secretary set up a team of officers
to ensure fair distribution to tar-
geted farmers on time,” Wambora
said in reference to the depart-
mental committee findings.
On tendering of motor vehicles
he argued: “I am the only governor
who tendered the motor vehicle
purchase in the country. A recom-
mendation had been given by the
national government to purchase
from certain firms but we opted to
follow the constitutional require-
Baringo Senator Gideon Moi was the
only one who defended ousted Embu
Governor Martin Wambora during im-
peachment proceedings at the Senate.
Gideon (pictured) strongly defended
Wambora from the recommendations of
the Special Committee that he shoulders
blame and be held responsible for pro-
curement improprieties, with the Barin-
go governor arguing that he saw no strong
reason to warrant his being kicked out.
The senator pleaded with his col-
leagues to take into account the serious
ramifications of impeaching Wambora,
saying the move would condemn Wam-
bora from holding any public office for 10
“With all due respect to the members
of the Special Committee, I do not see
anything in this report to justify his being
impeached,” argued Gideon as he went
‘Political rivals
to blame for
my downfall’
Only Gideon voted against impeachment
• Wetang’ula criticised Wam-
bora for failing to personally
appear before the Special
• Kindiki said senators must
live to their duty of protect-
ing counties
• Kiraitu and Kivuti denied
claims they plotted Wambo-
ra’s ouster
agement Act and the gross violation
of the Constitution.
The charges were in relation to the
governors’ procurement of maize
seeds, which he distributed to the res-
idents of the county but either failed
to germinate or had “at best” a germi-
nation rate of only 20 per cent; impro-
prieties in procurement for facelift of
Embu Stadium and irregularities in
procurement for renovation of county
Another allegation, which the Sen-
ate found substantiated related to the
purchase of a Toyota Prado by the gov-
ernor, but which was allegedly regis-
tered as a private vehicle and which
was recorded as having been under
the use of “the First Lady of Embu”.
The committee found that the car
had among the highest fuel consump-
tion rates, bought through the county
revenues, yet the governor had never
used it for his official functions.
“Senate must speak so that devo-
lution is not perceived by the people
of Embu as the element that occa-
sioned them the catastrophe of famine
and deaths by starvation because of
their governor’s mistake,” said Khal-
wale while moving the Motion.
Senate Majority Leader Kithure
Kindiki said senators must live to their
duty of protecting counties. “We must
continue disciplining the Executive
both at the national and county levels,
so that they realise that they need to
be servants of their electorate and not
lords,” he said.
House Minority Leader Moses
Wetang’ula criticised Wambora for
failing to personally appear before the
Special Committee, saying the “arro-
gance” was not helpful to him.
Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi and
Kivuti distanced themselves from ac-
cusations by the governor that they
were the architects of his woes, for
quitting their “Bus” party.
Debate on removal
from office GOVERNOR’S WOES
into the Hansard as the only senator to op-
pose the impeachment Motion moved by
Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale.
He said it was apparent that Wambora
did not directly benefit from any proceeds
accrued from the dealings of the particulars
that constituted his charges, arguing that it
would be harsh to punish him for the
mistakes of others. “We must realise
that if we remove him from office, for
ten years he will not be able to hold
any public position, including that of
chairing a village cattle dip meeting,”
said Gideon.
During the public vote, he op-
posed the recommendations in re-
spect to the three charges, returning
the only negative vote. Embu Senator
Lenny Maxwell Kivuti abstained as 35
other senators supported the im-
peachment, effectively sending Wam-
bora home.
Nominated Senator Naisula Le-
suuda argued that the Senate must
not watch as devolution is compro-
mised, faulting those claiming that it
was too early to start the impeach-
ment of governors.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard NATIONAL NEWS / Page 7
The Kenya Defence Forces has lost
800 soldiers since 2011, a State lawyer
has disclosed.
This comes as the military warns
that desertions will be severely pun-
ished to deter those stationed in So-
malia and other missions from leav-
The shocking disclosure, which is
said to have raised concerns among
top military officers, was made at the
Court of Appeal in Malindi last eve-
The State is attempting to overturn
a High Court ruling issued last week
by Justice Edward Mureithi in Mom-
basa that suspended three court mar-
tials trying 26 former naval service-
men for deserting the military in 2007
and 2008.
Last evening, the Court of Appeal
rejected an application by State law-
yer Mwangi Njoroge who is represent-
ing Defence Cabinet Secretary Rachel
Omamo seeking the immediate rever-
sal of Justice Muriithi’s suspension of
the military trials.
The Appellate Court instead or-
dered State lawyers to return to the
800 have deserted KDF since 2011
Military warns
desertions will be
harshly punished to
discourage others from
leaving the service
High Court in Mombasa to convince
Justice Muriithi to give them a stay
State lawyer Alex Muteti who is
representing the military courts, the
Commander of the Mtongwe naval
base and Chief of Defence Forces Gen
Julius Karangi, disclosed the deser-
tions as the Appeal Court rejected an
application to reverse Justice
Muriithi’s April 30 verdict.
Muteti, who was flanked by sev-
eral top military officials, did not
provide details or reasons for the de-
sertions but indicated that punishing
the 26 ex-servicemen will deter future
desertions and stem negative influ-
ences on serving soldiers.
He insisted that Kenya is at war
after the Kenya Defence Forces en-
tered Somalia in October 2011 to fight
Al-Shabaab militants as the Court of
Appeal judges questioned why the
military authorities had refused to
obey a court order setting the 26 sus-
pects free on bail.
The soldiers have sued Karangi,
Omamo and Navy Commander Maj
Gen Ngewa Mukala. Muteti told the
Court of Appeal in Malindi that if the
trend was left to continue, KDF sol-
diers in Somali will be demoralised.
“We have lost 800 soldiers since
Kenya went to war with Somali and
that is why these soldiers must be
tried in the court martial so that those
serving the country’s interest in So-
mali are not demoralised,” said Mu-
Police have been ordered to im-
pound all public service vehicles
(PSVs) with tinted windows.
Inspector General of Police David
Kimaiyo said the removal of the tinted
windows was part of the war on terror
in the country.
“All public service vehicles with
tinted windows be impounded with
immediate effect,” said Kimaiyo in a
statement read by his spokesperson
Ziporah Mboroki.
Mboroki told The Standard the
order on tinted windows will only af-
fect PSVs, including taxis. He also or-
dered thorough screening of luggage
and passengers of PSVs, asking opera-
tors to avoid overloading.
The police boss said the move had
been necessitated by the recent spate
of terror attacks, citing the Thika Road
incidents in which three people were
killed in twin explosions on two bus-
“I want to add that vehicle opera-
tors need to be cautious on the safety
of their passengers to avoid death or
injury while passengers are under
their charge,” he said.
He said the recently launched Op-
eration Usalama Watch has so far seen
some 289 people deported while 158
are waiting deportation.
Police to seize
PSVs with
tinted windows
Please resettle us!
Internally Displaced Persons from Momui camp in Subukia, Nakuru County,
camp outside the office of County Commissioner Mohamed Birik after a 40km
walk. They called upon the Government to resettle them saying they were suf-
fering in the camp. [PHOTO: BONIFACE THUKU/STANDARD]
Page 8 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
The Jubilee government is facing a
backlash from a section of United
Republican Party (URP) MPs follow-
ing the removal of Kiplimo Rugut as
director general of the National Youth
Service (NYS).
Former State House comptroller
Nelson Githinji was appointed to
head NYS, a move that has sparked
disquiet among the MPs, mainly from
the Rift Valley.
The MPs want Devolution Cabinet
Secretary Anne Waiguru to reinstate
Mr Rugut with immediate effect.
The MPs, led by the National As-
sembly’s Leader of Majority Aden
Duale, have reportedly raised the
matter with President Uhuru Kenyat-
ta and his deputy William Ruto.
Yesterday, MPs Alfred Keter (Nandi
Hills), William Cheptumo (Baringo
North), Julius Melly (Tinderet), Elisha
Busienei (Turbo) and Samuel Moroto
(Kapenguria) claimed Dr Githinji’s
appointment was illegal.
They said NYS is a disciplined ser-
vice that needs to be headed by some-
one with training in security.
Return Rugut to NYS, URP demands
MPs claim former
director was removed
from office unfairly
and that CS Waiguru
did not follow the law
State House spokesman Manoah
Esipisu, however, sought to downplay
the controversy, saying Githinji’s ap-
pointment was well within the man-
date of CS Waiguru and the Head of
Civil Service.
“The Head of Civil Service and the
line minister have powers to make the
changes, which are normal. There was
nothing unprocedural in the reshuf-
fles. Since Rugut is a civil servant, he
will be given a new posting just like he
was moved to NYS,” Mr Esipisu said.
Addressing a Press conference at
Parliament buildings last evening, Mr
Keter sensationally claimed that Ru-
gut was informed of his removal
through a text message to his phone
on Saturday.
“We know that Rugut’s sacking was
initiated by those who want to steal
billions of shillings brought in by the
Chinese government. They knew that
Rugut could not be compromised,
therefore, the best option was to send
him packing,” Keter claimed.
“We thought the DP was being
shortchanged by TNA but with the
turn of events and especially the fact
that he has remained silent even after
the sacking of Rugut, it is clear that
somebody was compromised. This
coalition deal is no longer 50-50,”
Keter added.
Sources in Government said the
changes at NYS are part of the restruc-
turing as the organisation is posi-
tioned to help the Jubilee government
meet its pledge to the youth.
NYS plans to raise recruitment
MPs Samuel Moroto and Alfred Keter at a Press conference yesterday during
which they questioned the transfer of NYS Director Kiplimo Rugut. [PHOTO: BON-
Police yesterday evening arrested
a casual member of staff at the Minis-
try of Lands as she tried to sneak a
title deed out of Ardhi House.
Another woman was arrested on
Friday last week after she was also
found sneaking files out of the Lands
The ongoing 10-day audit has so
far discovered some 10,000 files,
which have been considered missing
for many years.
The woman arrested yesterday
had in her possession a title deed be-
longing to Malindi Municipal Coun-
Lang’ata Deputy OCPD Mwangi
Kuria said the woman was locked up
at the Capitol Hill Police Station for
interrogation and would be arraigned
in court today.
He said they were also interrogat-
ing another ministry employee who
was found with 10 title deeds in his
bag as he left Ardhi House on Mon-
The central registry at Ardhi House
is currently closed as the ministry
plans to digitalise its operations to
promote efficiency and effectiveness
in service delivery.
Some officers, apprehensive that
they could be arrested due to their
involvement in corrupt deals, are said
to be in possession of title deeds sus-
pected to be illegally signed.
Woman arrested
while sneaking
title deed out
from the current 2,500 per year to
21,780 and progressively to 60,000 in
2019. The 21,780 recruits are to train
227,670 youths in different skills in
the 47 counties every year.
A Sh1 billion fund has been set
aside to provide start-up loans for
trained youths.
New recruits will be deployed to
build 1,100 dams every year, collect
revenue in counties and provide secu-
rity in non-strategic Government in-
Mr Cheptumo said, “Rugut is a
diligent officer who has served Ke-
nyans but the manner in which he has
been removed raises serious ques-
Keiyo South MP Jackson Kiptanui,
however, defended Uhuru and Ruto.
“The DP has not been short-
changed. The President and his dep-
uty have the prerogative to hire and
fire,” Mr Kiptanui said.
The Geothermal Development Company Ltd (GDC) invites sealed tenders from eligible candidates for the
following service:
GDC/HQS/OT/070/2013-2014 Tender for Provision of Catering Services
at Menengai geothermal project
5/06/14 at 2.00pm (1400HRS)
Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the tender document from the ofce of
Manager, Supply Chain at Riverside Ofce, along Riverside Drive between 9.00am and 4.00pm during week days.
A complete set of the tender document may be obtained by interested firms upon payment of a non-refundable
fee of Kshs.1000 each payable to our accounts ofce in cash or by banker’s cheque.
The document can also be viewed and downloaded from the website for free of charge. Bidders
who download the tender document from the website must forward their particulars immediately for records
and any further tender clarifications and addenda
Tenders must be accompanied by an original bid security of Ksh 200,000 in the form specified in the tender
The completed tenders in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with Tender No. and Tender reference name;
shall be addressed to:
The Managing Director & CEO,
Geothermal Development Company
P.O Box 100746-00101
and deposited in the tender box at the GDC Riverside Ofce 2
Floor located along Riverside Drive, on or before
the dates specified above.
Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers’ or their representatives who
choose to attend at GDC Riverside Board Room.
Late tenders will not be accepted.
May 2014. Prospective bidders
are requested to assemble at the GDC Nakuru Polo ofce 2
floor situated along Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru at
10.00 a.m.
Page 9 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard Page 10 / NATIONAL NEWS

The House RoundUp
NAIROBI: Two accused of possessing ivory
Two men appeared before the Kibera law courts in
Nairobi accused of being in possession of wildlife trophies,
contrary to the law. Chris Alex and Junnia Ochenge were
allegedly arrested on May 9 with ivory valued at Sh1 million.
The suspects were arrested along Mbagathi Road in Karen
within Nairobi County upon being found in possession of
seven pieces of elephant
tusks weighing 17kg. The
prosecution said the accused
were aboard a silver Toyota
Probox without a permit.
Officers from the special crime
unit carried out a brief search,
recovering seven pieces of
elephant tusks placed in a box.
Ruling will be made on May 15.
NAIROBI: Teens charged with robbing parents
Two teenagers were yesterday charged at Kibera law courts
with stealing from their parents. Maureen Wanjiru and Don
Shammah Nyasero were accused that on May 6 at Jamhuri
phase two estate in Dagoretti within Nairobi, jointly stole
a mobile phone valued at Sh8,000 and Sh30,000 in cash.
The property alleged stolen belongs to Sarah Nyambura.
The accused are students and denied the charges before
acting Senior Principal Magistrate Brian Ochoi. They have
been in custody at Kilimani Police Station. The case will be
mentioned today.
KERICHO: State told to
step up war on terror
The Government has been
asked to step up the war on
terror by coming up with a
more coordinated intelligence
sharing system between the
National Intelligence Service
(NIS), police and other security
agencies. Soin/Sigowet MP Justice Kemei said the recent spate
of bomb explosions had left many Kenyans wondering whether
security agencies were working in tandem.
“Kenyans are wondering whether NIS has done enough and
shared the intelligence with the police and other security
agencies so that they can be in a position to act before terror
suspects strike,” he said.
The National Aids Control
Council (NACC) has appointed
Nduku Kilonzo as its new di-
Dr Kilonzo takes over from
Prof Alloys Orago who served
in the same position from 2007
to 2013.
Prior to joining the NACC,
Nduku was the Executive Di-
rector of Liverpool VCT Care
and Treatment where she has
served for the last six years.
Kilonzo holds a Doctor of
Philosophy in Tropical Medi-
cine Gender and Health from
the University of Liverpool’s
School of Tropical Medicine.
She has also been involved
in development of innovative,
quality-assured HIV testing
and counselling programmes
in Kenya, Malawi, Botswana
and Ivory Coast. Kilonzo has
over 20 peer-reviewed publica-
tions and book chapters.
Aids agency
new director
One of the suspects who
had been deported from Kenya
over drug trafficking is back in
Komani Camara, alias Boss
Kamara, was reportedly de-
ported to Guinea last year but
his lawyer argues he never left
the country as he was in police
Other reports indicate he
was arrested after he returned
to the country but was released
under unclear circumstances.
He had been deported last
June alongside more than 90
other suspects, including Ni-
gerian Anthony Chinedu, in a
campaign aimed at getting rid
of narcotic trafficking and con-
Camara was spotted in one
of the popular coffee joints
along Mama Ngina Street in
Nairobi on Monday boasting
that Kenyan authorities had no
case against him and he was
here to stay.
“I came to this country in
1982 and people cannot come
now to purport to deport me
Suspect deported over drugs back in Kenya
when the new Constitution
protects me,” he told other
patrons at the joint.
Camara, who is thought to
be a Benin national, was ar-
rested in February upon re-
It is not clear how he man-
aged to come back because if
one is deported he is deemed
persona non grata in a country
and his or her passport is
stamped to indicate that.
Director of Criminal Inves-
tigations Department Ndegwa
Muhoro said he had been in-
formed Camara was in the
country but had not received
thorities to hand her Uhuru’s wealth
list, which she hopes will support
charges that he bankrolled ethnic vio-
lence six years ago.
Speaking to The Standard yester-
day, Githu described the meeting as
“top confidential” and declined to
disclose the date and venue.
“There have been complaints that
confidential information is leaking to
the media. That information is top
confidential and I can’t confirm it for
you,” Githu responded to our inqui-
Both the Government and the
prosecution were initially scheduled
to update the Chamber by April 30 but
it was deferred to May 15 before being
finally pushed to May 23, following
requests by the Prosecution.
“The prosecution submitted that
in light of the information received by
it from the Kenyan Government, the
proposed meeting between them
would not now take place within the
time frame originally anticipated, but
the new dates acceptable to both have
been identified,” the judges noted.
The judges, Kuniko Ozaki (presid-
ing), Robert Fremr and Geoffrey Hen-
derson had directed the two parties to
update the Chamber after every two
months ahead of a status conference
on July 9.
President Kenyatta is set to go on
trial on October 7.
Meanwhile, the trial of Ruto and
his co-accused Joshua Sang is set to
resume today.
Ruto’s Secretary of Communica-
tion David Mugonyi confirmed that
the DP was set to leave the country by
10pm yesterday.
This follows the judges’ ruling that
the DP must attend all hearings dur-
ing the first five days of court sessions
following a judicial recess.
The court had gone on annual
spring judicial recess from April 18 to
The 17th prosecution witness is
expected to take to the stand today.
Githu, Bensouda set to meet
on Uhuru’s wealth next week
Highly confdential
meeting is set to
unlock the deadlock
over Uhuru’s assets
which ICC prosecutor
wants revealed
A private meeting between Attor-
ney General Githu Muigai and The
Hague prosecutors regarding the fi-
nancial records of President Uhuru
Kenyatta is scheduled before the end
of next week, The Standard can re-
The new development comes even
as Deputy President William Ruto flew
to the International Criminal Court
(ICC) last evening for his trial that
resumes today.
The consultation between the
Government and the prosecution is
meant to unlock the standoff over the
assets of President Kenyatta, which
ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda wants
After the meeting, the AG and Ben-
souda’s office are separately required
by ICC judges to update the Chamber
on the status of execution of the order
by, latest, Friday next week.
“Consequently and pursuant to
Regulation 35(2) of the Regulations,
the Chamber orders that the first up-
date due from the prosecution and
the Kenyan Government be submit-
ted no later than Friday, May 23,” the
three-judge panel ruled on Monday.
Bensouda wants the Kenyan au-
Nigerian Anthony Chinedu
have been
is leaking to
the media.
It is top
and I can’t
it for you.
— Attorney
General Githu
Githu: He describes meeting
as greatly confidential
Uhuru: He is accused of
funding post-poll chaos
Bensouda: She wants Uhu-
ru’s wealth list disclosed
details under what circum-
“Someone told me he is
here but I am yet to know more
on the case. We will take ac-
tion,” he said.
However, Camara’s lawyer
Cliff Ombeta said the Govern-
ment had failed to prove his
client had been deported after
police arrested him and took
him to court.
“He has been in remand for
almost three months and we
went to court and argued be-
fore he was set free. The Gov-
ernment could not show he
was deported,” said Ombeta.
Other sources said dishon-
est immigration officials and
police chose to send Camara
away without deporting him
It is thought that Camara
was put on an aircraft as a pas-
senger and told to go away to
allow things cool. He flew to
Addis Ababa then to his coun-
try before coming back nine
months later.
Most of the foreigners de-
ported then have since re-
turned to the country, posing
as businessmen.
Kenyatta National Hospital invites Bidders who are technically and financially
capable to supply the following under mentioned items as listed below.
No. Tender No. Item Description Closing Date
1. KNH/T/100/2013-2014 Supply, Delivery, Installation,
Testing and Commissioning of
Various Medical Equipment.

Tenderers should submit a two-envelope bid marked “ORIGINAL” and “COPY”
respectively as specified in the tender documents.
Tender documents with detailed Specifications and Conditions are obtainable
from the ofce of the Supply Chain Manager located at the Hospital’s Main
Administration Block Room 6 from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. to
4.00 p.m. upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1,000.00 per tender
document in the form of Cash, Bankers Cheque or Money order made payable to
Kenyatta National Hospital.
Tenderers are required to provide a Tender Security in the form and amount
specified in the Tender Documents.
Completed Tender Documents must be received by the Hospital at the address
below not later than 10.00 a.m. on the respective closing dates indicated against
each tender in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with Tender Number of the
respective Tender addressed to:
P.O. BOX 20723 - 00202,
Prices shall be inclusive of all taxes and applicable duties, transport and other
incidental expenses and MUST remain valid for 120 days from the date of opening.
NATIONAL NEWS / Page 11 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Sh20b from
railway levy
to finance
SGR project.
Key regional meeting to
debate court expansion
The stage is set for a crucial meet-
ing between justice ministers and at-
torney generals of the African Union
to consider an expansion of the Afri-
can Court.
The officials from AU member
countries are scheduled to meet in
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, tomorrow and
Friday to consider a draft protocol to
expand the authority of the African
Court to include criminal jurisdiction,
similar to the International Criminal
Court (ICC).
If adopted, the African Court on
Justice and Human Rights would have
jurisdiction over genocide, war crimes
and crimes against humanity.
But ahead of the meeting, civil so-
ciety organisations have raised the
red flag over a proposal providing im-
munity for heads of State and senior
government officials from prosecu-
A joint letter signed by about 30
civil society organisations warned
that the proposal to give immunity to
sitting government leaders would be
a major setback for justice for grave
“We are writing this letter because
we are gravely alarmed by the provi-
sion of any immunity for serious
The Office of the Director of Pub-
lic Prosecutions (ODPP) wants an al-
location of Sh7.4 billion in the next fi-
nancial year to offer quality services.
Of the Sh7.4 billion, the office says
it intends to construct county and
sub-county offices in all the 47 coun-
ties at a cost Sh280 million per an-
num. If this wish is granted, the Gov-
ernment will have to part with a total
of Sh1.4 billion in phases over the next
five years.
The office aims to open 112 sub-
county prosecution offices in every
area with a magistrate court station,
with key expenditure areas under de-
centralisation receiving furniture and
office equipment worth Sh224 mil-
DPP Keriako Tobiko, in his budget
proposal to the Parliamentary Budget
and Appropriation Committee, pro-
poses professionalisation of prosecu-
tion services, which includes staff
training and capacity building at a
cost of Sh82.09 million.
“With the ongoing massive recruit-
ment, there will be need for intensive
training of new staff to enhance the
quality of prosecution,” he said.
ODDP also intends to establish re-
source centres in all county offices at
a cost of Sh302 million. Tobiko also
wants to establish a Prosecutors Train-
ing Institute at a cost of 167.5 million.
ODDP wants
Sh7b to upgrade
justice system
Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko when he appeared before the
Justice and Legal Affairs Committee yesterday. Tobiko was urged to help de-
velop a law that addresses concerns that terrorism suspects have been getting
away with light bail terms. [PHOTO: JOHN MUCHUCHA/STANDARD]
crimes committed in violation of in-
ternational law. We respectfully ask
your government to oppose such im-
munity in this draft protocol,” the let-
ter sent to the AU member states
reads in part.
The organisations cautioned that
the move would create an incentive
for perpetrators of mass crimes to
hold on to power indefinitely.
The consideration of the draft pro-
tocol comes at a time of intense op-
position to the ICC by some African
leaders, particularly in the face of pro-
ceedings against President Uhuru Ke-
nyatta and his deputy William Ruto.
Speaking to The Standard yester-
day, AG Githu Muigai did not confirm
whether Kenya would be represented
at the meeting.
Attorney General Githu Muigai.
Bid to toughen
bail terms amid
terrorist attacks
A House committee wants the Di-
rector of Public Prosecutions (DPP),
Keriako Tobiko to support the devel-
opment of a road map that would reg-
ulate the granting of bail terms to
‘dangerous’ suspects.
The Committee on Justice and Le-
gal Affairs has asked the DPP to sup-
port the development of legislation
that will, among other things, address
concerns that terrorism suspects have
been getting away with light bail
terms as well as jumping bail.
It wants Mr Tobiko to push for in-
dependent legal principles that would
deal with the existing weaknesses in
the context of the increasing terror-
ism threats in the country. The com-
mittee expressed concern that the
current legislation is contradictory
and opens a window for capital of-
fenders to escape justice.
“In our view, there needs to be a
stand-alone legislation. As it is now, a
person can easily jump bail. The issue
has acquired great concern in the face
House team wants
Tobiko to back crafting
of law that would deny
dangerous suspects
easy walk to freedom
of the threats facing our county,” said
committee chairman Samuel Chep-
konga (Ainabkoi).
According to the committee, the
current legislation on bail terms is not
strong enough to deter criminals,
some of whom commit similar crimes
once they are granted bail.
Tobiko, who appeared before the
committee to defend his department’s
2014/2015 budget, explained that
there is currently a task force headed
by the Chief Justice that is developing
guidelines that would address the is-
“The task force is developing
guidelines. However, I understand the
debate is centred on whether we
should have mere guidelines or an in-
dependent Act,” Tobiko said.
Similar sentiments were expressed
by Priscilla Nyokabi (Nyeri) who ques-
tioned Tobiko on what his office was
doing to ensure that criminals charged
with capital offences faced tougher
bail terms.
“The bail terms have come under
scrutiny in the context of terrorist at-
tacks. How is your office addressing
this issue?” she asked.
The committee last week revealed
it is already working on a Bill that
would close existing gaps and deny
terror suspects an easy walk to free-
dom. The Bill is in response to com-
plaints against the Judiciary that it
was not supporting the war on terror-
Mutunga appoints judge to hear
CBK boss Sh1.2b tender case
Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has
appointed a new judge to hear a peti-
tion filed by Central Bank of Kenya
Governor Njuguna Ndung’u seeking
to stop his prosecution over a Sh1.2
billion tender.
The case will be handled by High
Court judge George Odunga of the
Judicial Review Division.
The case was filed at the Constitu-
tional and Human Rights Division,
but all the three judges assigned the
case disqualified themselves a week
The judge heading the Division,
This comes after a
three-judge Bench
set to hear the case
disqualifed itself over
adverse publicity
Hundreds of former employees of
Telkom Kenya have moved to court to
demand Sh2 billion in early retire-
ment dues after the firm laid off work-
ers in 2006.
About 943 retirees obtained orders
from the Industrial Court blocking the
sale of company assets, pending hear-
ing and determination of the case in
which they are seeking retirement
Judge Monica Mbaru gave the or-
ders yesterday, stopping the sale of
the company or any of its assets until
the dispute is resolved.
In the Government restructuring,
about 2,500 staff faced compulsory
exit and were supposed to receive the
Among the properties they stopped
from being sold is a multi-storey
building sitting on 0.632 acres along
Haile Selassie Avenue.
Industrial Court judge Njagi
Marete issued a separate order a week
ago to yet another group of 997 retir-
ees who moved to court and won an
award of Sh3.2 billion.
“Pending the inter-parties hearing
of this case, I hereby issue a tempo-
rary injunction restraining the re-
spondent, their servants, agents, as-
signs ... from entering into sale
agreement for the sale of Telkom Ke-
nya Limited to a third party,” ordered
Justice Mbaru.
The court injunction has also
stopped the sale of a transmission sta-
tion siting on a 19-acre parcel com-
prising of a sports club and 22 resi-
dential units along Ngong Road.
They also stopped the sale of the
Kitale telephone exchange along
Mumias highway within Kitale town
on 0.5 acres of land. The Eldoret tele-
phone house on a 0.487 acre plot is
also part of the suit.
They have sued that the Kisumu
municipality- Block 7/334, compris-
ing of a general post office and tele-
phone house on Oginga Odinga Road
town centre on a 0.462-acre land,
should not be sold, among other
Telkom Kenya carried out massive
retrenchment in two phases in 2006,
which affected more than 11,000 em-
ployees who would be compensated.
Ex-Telkom staff
seek Sh2b in
retirement dues
A magistrate in Nakuru has dis-
qualified herself from proceeding
with the hearing of a child custody
case involving a Kenyan father and a
Zimbabwean mother residing in
South Africa.
Nakuru Resident Magistrate Judi-
caster Nthuku yesterday pulled out
of the proceedings of the cross-bor-
der child custody case after the de-
fence counsel applied the court to
do so.
Harry Gakinya, the defendant’s
lawyer, made the application last
week, citing the court’s bias in han-
dling the matter. Gakinya, represent-
ing the Kenyan father while making
the application claimed the court
did not give him enough time to re-
spond to matters of Constitution
and make submissions.
While making the ruling yester-
day, Nthuku said Gakinya’s intention
was to delay the matter or stall the
Nthuku said the defendant does
not want the case to be determined
within two months, the reason he
was opposed to going for the main
“I therefore feel that disqualifying
myself from handling the matter will
hasten justice for the minor who
needs to know whether he will settle
in South Africa with his mother or in
Kenya with his father,” she con-
The Zimbabwean woman, the
mother of a four-year-old son whose
custody is in dispute, travelled to
Kenya on April 17, alleging that the
Kenyan businessman and father of
the minor abducted him and left the
boy under the care of his grand-
mother. The mother had filed a suit
at the children’s court seeking full
custody and orders to have the fa-
ther pay for the minor’s travel ex-
penses back to South Africa.
A senior military officer wants the
High Court to quash all proceedings
instituted against him in a court mar-
tial, arguing they were not properly
introduced last year.
Phinhas Mugo also wants the tri-
bunal restrained from hearing accu-
sations of desertion against him.
Mugo, who appeared before High
Court judge George Odunga is chal-
lenging the presence of the Director
of Military Prosecution Brig K O
Odindi, saying he is not competent to
litigate the matters in the disciplined
“Section 236(6) of the Kenya De-
fense Forces Act is clear that the Di-
rector of Military Prosecution shall be
a separate office from that of the de-
fence forces or military and therefore
there is no way that the court martial
can allow a person holding two offices
to prosecute in that court.
“Failure to adhere to the provisions
my prosecution illegal and the court
martial is aiding an illegality by allow-
ing an unqualified person to prosecute
cases before it,” said Mugo.
Top military officer wants court
to revoke proceedings
Magistrate pulls out of child custody suit
Njuguna Ndung’u
Environmental hazard
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Isaac Lenaola, sent the file to the CJ
requesting him to appoint a judge
from a different division to hear the
Lenaola said the judges in the divi-
sion could not handle the case be-
cause of the adverse publicity it had
He forwarded the file to Mutunga
to appoint a judge outside the Consti-
tutional and Human Rights Division
to hear the case.
Justice David Majanja was the first
to decline to handle the matter. Judge
Ngugi, who was scheduled to hear the
petition yesterday, said she could not
proceed because Prof Ndung’u filed
the application on Friday against the
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commis-
Justice Odunga directed the par-
ties yesterday to appear in court for
the hearing on June 3.
Ndung’u is challenging a decision
by Director of Public Prosecutions
Keriako Tobiko giving the Ethics and
Anti-Corruption Commission the go
ahead to charge him over irregulari-
ties in a Sh1.2 billion security systems
tender awarded to Horsebridge Lim-
He accuses the DPP of infringing
on his fundamental rights.
He argues in his petition that he
was not involved in the tendering
process and that it was awarded by an
authorised body.
Ndung’u, who became CBK Gov-
ernor in 2007, argues that he is the
chief executive officer and is not in-
volved in the tendering process.
The CBK boss maintains that the
award of the tender to Horsebridge
Ltd is outside his jurisdiction and he
cannot be held culpable for it.
In his response to Ndung’u’s case,
the DPP says that he sanctioned the
prosecution of the Governor because
he found satisfactory evidence that he
conferred a benefit to a company that
won Sh1.2 billion security systems
Tobiko says there is sufficient evi-
dence establishing criminal culpabil-
ity on Ndung’u’s part.
The DPP argues that the governor
conferred a benefit to Horsebridge
Limited due to his deliberate refusal
to accept a unanimous and well-rea-
soned advice given to him by the CBK
external lawyer.
A car being
washed at
Lwang’ni beach in
Lake Victoria,
Kisumu. Car
washing along
lakes in Kenya is
said to deposit a
amount of
harmful used oil
in water.[PHOTO:
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Namanga and Loitokitok borders
may be the gateway through which
chemicals used to manufacture killer
brews are smuggled into the country,
Kajiado County Commissioner Kobia
Wakamau has revealed.
Kobia spoke shortly after meeting
Namanga Border Kenya Revenue Au-
thority’s representatives and the
county’s security committee. He said
relevant authorities must deal with
the problem.
Pointing an accusing finger at KRA
officials, the county commissioner
said two tanks carrying ethanol were
recently intercepted on Namanga
Road with KRA official seals yet inves-
tigations revealed that the importers
had not only evaded tax, but had also
ignored due process while crossing
the border.
“We want to be told the cartel be-
hind the importation of these prod-
ucts. It is illegal to transport such
products without being taxed,” said
the county commissioner.
The administrator said the county
security committee was following up
‘Namanga used to sneak in ethanol’
County commissioner
says police recently
intercepted trucks
ferrying the lethal
the matter. “This is unacceptable be-
cause the Government is losing mil-
lions of shillings in terms of revenues
when such products cross the border
without paying tax,” said Kobia.
He said after police intercepted
the ethanol tanks, preliminary inves-
tigations showed that the country lost
between Sh6 million and Sh7 million
per truck.
He said to establish why such
products are getting into the country,
the relevant police department and
KRA officials must investigate simul-
taneously and uncover the truth. Ko-
bia said the county security commit-
tee had declared that it was not going
to release one of the trucks after a
court ruled so but instead were seek-
ing to appeal over the matter.
“The recent judgment by the court
that one of the trucks be released is
completely against the interest of
Kenyans. We are asking the court to
exercise its judicial authority in the
interest of all Kenyans on the matter
at hand,” he said.
The Kajiado county commissioner
said it is important that the case of the
first container goes to full hearing. He
said it is important to uncover the
owners of the containers and estab-
lish why they evade taxes.
One of the containers on a truck
with Tanzanian number plate
T325AZN/T270 BAT was recently
found parked after crossing the Na-
manga border from Tanzania on April
19, 2014.
One person has died and two oth-
ers hospitalised after consuming il-
licit brew in Kawangware, Nairobi.
The incident, which occurred at
Kaberia village in Satellite, left resi-
dents in shock, as those who had
consumed the brew were believed to
be relatives. Area police boss Bernard
Ngeny said the trio was digging a
grave in preparation for the burial of
one of their relatives before going to a
nearby bar for a drink.
“Soon after taking the drink the
three lost their consciousness and
were rushed to Kivuli Centre for
check-up before being transferred to
Kenyatta National Hospital,” he said.
However, the OCS was quick to
note that the cause of death was yet
to be established, adding that they are
waiting for an autopsy report.
According to another witness, the
three went to drink at 11am, which is
outside the stipulated hours, raising
the question on whether the bar had
the approval to be in operation after
the Government suspended the li-
cences of all alcoholic drink manufac-
turers last week.
The villagers also questioned the
number released by police noting that
other victims not identified had been
spotted in the bar.
One dies after
illicit brew
A police officer displays containers filled with ethanol, used to manufacture il-
licit brew. Kajiado County Commissioner Kobia Wakamau believes the Naman-
ga and Loitokitok borders are used to sneak the chemicals into the country.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Teach, but nurture
talent as well
The Standard is printed and published by the proprietors,
Newsdesk: 3222111
Fax: 2213108
Group Managing Editor (Print): Kipkoech Tanui
Registered at the GPO as a newspaper.
Let Nema explain cause of air pollution in city
he third annual Journalism Excellence awards
saw the Standard Group scoop almost 40
awards, effectively making it one of the
highest winners and confirming it as an undisputed
talent powerhouse that identifies, utilises and strives to
retain the best.
No doubt, talent abounds in Kenya, but it saddens
that those in authority deliberately fail to recognise
and nurture it. Bureaucracy has its sights trained on
academic excellence. At the end of the day the system
churns out more graduates than the job market can
absorb. Without relevant survival skills, that education
eventually goes to waste. There is no quarrel with
academics and every parent must endeavour to give
their children the best education they can possibly
afford. Education opens doors, is an equaliser, and
gives options to people. But talent is also key.
Successive Kenyan governments have failed to
nurture talent. In Europe and the US, academies exist
that scout for talent and sharpen skills. They appreci-
ate that not everybody has the mental ability to
assimilate the same concepts and that government
institutions cannot absorb everybody into their work
force. Kenyan athletes have become world-famous
from personal effort and external support. The govern-
ment’s attention to them has been perfunctory yet it
enjoys taxing their earnings. The government should
endeavour to set up institutions specifically charged
with nurturing talent. With the right incentives and
back-up, this could go a long way in alleviating the
burden of joblessness when, say, running or football
could put more than just food on the table. Some of the
world’s top earners have made their money from their
talent. Think of David Beckham and Lionel Messi in
football, The Williams sisters in tennis, David Rudisha
and Paul Tergat in athletics, Angelina Jolie and Lupita
Nyong’o in the film industry, Michael Jackson and
Madonna in music, to name but a few.

Kenyu's BoId Newspuper 1hursday, becember 20, 2012
No. 29227
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counIIng IfomDecembef 4.
ThIs meuns DepuIy PfIme MInIsIefs
Uhufu KenyuIIu und MusuIIu MuduvudI huve
mofe IIme Io compfomIse on wheIhef one
oI IhemwIII be pIcked üug-beufef by wuy oI
consensus of deIeguIe sysIem.
II wus dIsugfeemenI beIween Ihe Iwo ovef
Ihe Iwo sysIems IhuI Ihfew Ihe uIIIunce InIo
conIusIon und deIuyed numIng oI u üug-
beufef IhIs week.
BuI even us Ihe pefIod Iof negoIIuIIons
wIdened, MuduvudI`s cIosesI uIIIes
muInIuInedIhuI whuIevef Ihe ouIcome, IheIf
cundIduIe wouId funInIhe Mufch4 eIecIIon.
MuduvudI`s nuIIonuI cumpuIgn coofdInuIof
Df MukhIsu KIIuyI feveuIed Ihe pufIy wus
expIofIng uII uvenues Io uddfess Ihe Impusse.
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MPs Io use Ihe House`s poIenIIuI
Io fudIcuIIy IfunsIofm peopIe`s
The PfesIdenI, who wus show-
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÷some oI whom huve been hIs
bIIIef cfIIIcs ÷, couId noI hoId
buck hIs |oy us he gfuceIuIIy ex-
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The PfesIdenI femInIscedovef
Ihe gfeuI uchIevemenIs oI Ihe
10Ih PufIIumenI, und sIngIed ouI
Ihe enucImenI oI Ihe new Con-
sIIIuIIon uIIef un eIusIve 20-yeuf
seufch us sIundIng ouI.
GIvIng hIs hnuI uddfess Io Ihe
House, Ihe Heud oI SIuIe ÷who
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oI PufIIumenI ÷ uppeufed Io
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oI seven IuxI dfIvefs In Kuwungwufe, NuIfobI, In 2010. SEE FULL STORY 17
1oB t£W1R£
Your daily page on
employment news
and views, PAGE 12
he air in Nairobi is polluted. Not
as bad in some China cities, says
the World Health Organisation,
but all indications are that it could get
worse as more people move to the city and
more industries are set up and the middle
class buys more cars. Most of the pollution
is from vehicular exhaust fumes and
industrial production. It is uncommon for
one to smell foul air in some parts of the
city especially around Industrial Area,
Lang’ata, South B, Mombasa Road and
parts of Embakasi.
The nausea-causing, putrid-smelling
air hits your face almost every day of the
Dirty air causes lung damage as well as
heart disease, stroke and cancer. The WHO
estimates that one in eight deaths world-
wide resulted from air pollution in 2013.
And that is why the launch of the
National Guidelines for Strategic Environ-
mental Assessment by the Environment
Cabinet Secretary, Judi Wakhungu,
yesterday was important.
The Strategic Environmental Assess-
ment is a management tool to which
adherence will help keep the environment
Strategic Environment Assessment will
help identify environmental impacts and
measures that could mitigate certain
conditions that pose a threat to a clean
Industrialisation and urbanisation have
taken place in Nairobi and other towns
posing a serious threat to the environment
as the number of trees and green spaces
continue to be squeezed.
The advent of industrialisation and
rural-urban migration in search of jobs
have seen an abnormal rise in slums and
other informal settlements. Add to this the
race to own a car by the ballooning class
and you have the ingredients of a polluted
And therein lies the problem of bad air
in and around Nairobi.
The report fingers the slum areas as the
biggest culprits in air pollution.
These informal settlements have to
contend with poor dusty roads, lack of
toilets, lack of enough supplies of water,
poor waste disposal, heavy usage of wood,
charcoal and kerosene in cooking, poor
drainage and the burning of waste
material. Huge heaps of uncollected
garbage also contribute significantly to air
Whereas a few of these could be blamed
on laxity by national and local authorities,
through acts of omission and commission,
Nema must be made to account for the
bad state of things in the city.
Companies and individuals continue to
empty domestic and industrial waste into
rivers, posing serious threats to the people
and animals that use the waters down-
stream. Uninspected incinerators spew
toxic smoke into the city’s skyline.
There are reports of officers looking the
other way as factories pollute the environ-
ment especially in the night with great
abandon. Or of vehicles spewing exhaust
fumes beyond what is acceptable.
Polluted air, it has been proven,
exacerbates asthmatic conditions and lung
Those who fall ill are constantly on sick
leave, resulting in slackened economic
Nema, in conjunction with the national
and county governments must therefore
address pollution especially in the city and
other urban centres.
Its mission, namely safeguarding and
enhancing the quality of the environment,
must be enhanced.
Ukraine needs Russia and the West
Violence in Ukraine is spreading. The
Ukrainian military and police are splitting
apart, a reflection of the fissures in that deeply
divided country. Pro-Russian separatists are
taking over government buildings and police
stations in eastern Ukraine. Pro-government
mobs have burned protesters alive. The
referenda on self-rule cobbled together by
pro-Russian movements in the Donetsk and
Luhansk regions deepens the divisions. Zealots
on both sides could drive the country into a
bloody and destructive civil war. The United
States has no direct national security interests
at stake in Ukraine, but we do have an interest
in a united and functional Ukraine that has
stable relations with its EU neighbors to the
west and with Russia to the east.
Is it time to boycott Gary Barlow?
In 1969 John Lennon returned his MBE “in
protest against Britain’s involvement in the
Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of
America in Vietnam, and against ‘Cold Turkey’
slipping down the charts”. If tax-avoiding Gary
Barlow answered calls to return his honour (an
OBE), he would become the second most famous
musician to do so, and it would be less a case of
cold turkey than humble pie. Barlow has quite a
reputation to defend. As one-fifth of Take That,
he was part of a music phenomenon that were
in some ways the Beatles of the early 1990s. In
1969 John Lennon returned his MBE “in protest
against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-
Biafra thing, against our support of America
in Vietnam, and against ‘Cold Turkey’ slipping
down the charts”.
Ideas for building a better Chicago
For months, we’ve heard from legions of
readers about their brightest ideas to solve the
problems that confront Chicago. Mid-Monday,
we put faces to some of those voices. We invited
10 readers to join us for lunch at the Tribune
Editorial Board. A second group of guests came
to the Tribune for dinner. These two were among
hundreds of Monday mealtime conversations
involving thousands of Chicagoans, under the
auspices of The Chicago Community Trust’s On
The Table event.The trust spearheaded these
breakfasts, lunches and dinners with a single
goal: “... to inspire a movement to strengthen and
sustain the Chicago region long after (Monday).
We want residents to come together and do
more: More charity, more volunteerism, more
OPINION / Page 15
Who is the stronger one? The
security detail of the Chinese
premier discovered just how
mean our “mboys” are when
they tried to use the wrong
entrance to reach their man
who was with our main man at
State House. UK is a protected
Property of State, no crowding
him. And the Chinese would
have been disadvantaged had
things gotten juicer and gone
Talking about the Chinese.
What irony
that the Father
of the Nation
and father of
UK fought so
much the Com-
munist arch
that stretched
from Russia to
China by immobilising Jaramogi
Oginga Odinga? The older man
embraced the West, fully. The
younger man is all out on a
charm offensive of the Chinese
including a collabo opinion from
his message handlers at State
House serenading the Chinese.
When the deal is too good,
think twice. Going East is not
bad, not bad at all. If they give
us all that cash and see things
through, well and good, but
caution is advised. We can
thump our noses at the West
but the Swahili have a saying:
usitupe mbachao kwa msala
upitao. By the way, do the
Chinese need the World Bank
in New York?
Some Kenyans are so hopeless
they will rough you up, especially
when you try to save them from
certain death and blindness.
Hundreds have died, but that is
not a deterrent; their days had
simply come, hadn’t they? A chief
in Elburgon is nursing wounds
for trying to stop residents from
possibly committing suicide
through imbibing a killer brew.
This chief merits promotion!
Careful now. A misspelling of
some English words could give
a totally different meaning
from the intended one. A wom-
an suffering from some mental
disorders needed hospitalisa-
tion. She had to be taken to a
therapist. When her turn to
be attended came, she looked
at the door and bolted! On it
were the words THE RAPIST AT
WORK. Can you blame her?
And finally...
Sex. Violence. Elections.
Oops. Officials in Denmark
have retracted a controversial
animated cartoon that was
intended to inspire young people
to vote in upcoming elections
for the European Parliament.
The 90-second video featured a
mustachioed, muscular man ag-
gressively interrupting a couple
having their private moments
and punching people into a poll-
ing station.
sequences of a misguided Western
policy are becoming more appar-
ent. The US cannot successfully iso-
late Russia for not adhering to inter-
national law and seizing another
state’s territory.
While other major emerging
countries may not be rallying be-
hind Russia, they are not subscrib-
ing to the US approach. Pushing for
tougher sanctions will lead to a rift
with Europe, while pushing Russia
further toward China economical-
Meanwhile, the Ukrainian gov-
ernment is at risk. It lacks the mili-
tary capacity to halt the separatist
forces in the south and east but will
face mounting domestic pressure
and illegitimacy if it does not act.
The best path forward for the US
is to offer more carrots for Ukraine,
rather than more sticks for Russia.
Thus far, the US has put up $1 bil-
lion in loan guarantees, which is far
too little.
The fledgling pro-Western gov-
ernment is losing ground to Russia
on a daily basis; the West should fo-
cus on supporting it.
Obama and Merkel’s press con-
ference was symbolically useful in
establishing a united front toward
Russia, despite the two leaders’ evi-
dent disagreement about how – and
how much – to punish the Kremlin.
But rallying around the Ukrainian
government and putting their mon-
ey where their mouths are – even
when Ukraine fades from the head-
lines and new crises erupt – is more
important for US and European in-
terests, and represents a more via-
ble path forward for both sides.
Mr Bremmer is President of
Eurasia Group and the author of
Every Nation for Itself: Winners
and Losers in a G-Zero World
(c) Project Syndicate 2014
ith escalating violence
in southern and east-
ern Ukraine and no
solution in sight, the Ukraine crisis
has become the world’s most turbu-
lent geopolitical conflict since that
triggered by the terrorist attacks
against the United States in 2001.
The US-led sanctions strategy will
neither deescalate the tensions be-
tween the West and Russia nor bol-
ster the imperiled pro-Western
Ukrainian government.
But, even with tightening sanc-
tions against Russia and growing vi-
olence in Ukraine, there is little
chance that Cold War II is about to
The US approach has been to
ratchet up sanctions in response to
Russian aggression, while ensuring
that America’s allies remain united.
At a recent joint press confer-
ence, President Barack Obama and
German Chancellor Angela Merkel
announced a new, lower threshold
for additional sanctions.
Previously, that threshold was a
direct Russian military invasion;
now, as Merkel explained, if Russia
disrupts Ukraine’s May 25 elections,
“further sanctions will be unavoid-
But Merkel and Obama also low-
ered the bar for what those “further
sanctions” would be. Instead of
launching sweeping sectoral mea-
sures that would target vast swaths
of the Russian economy – a big step
toward “Iran-like” sanctions against
Russia – it now seems that the next
round will be only incremental.
The elections threshold makes
another round of sanctions virtual-
ly certain, but allows the tightening
to be more modest and gradual.
Why slow down the sanctions
response? The Americans under-
stand that if they go too far too fast,
Europe will publicly break with the
US approach, because the Europe-
ans have a lot more at stake eco-
nomically. Whereas the US and Rus-
sia have a very limited trade
relationship – worth around $40 bil-
lion last year, or roughly 1 per cent
of America’s total trade – Europe’s fi-
nancial exposure to Russia, as well
as its reliance on Russian natural
gas, make it far more hesitant to tor-
pedo the economic relationship.
More important, dependence
on Russia varies immensely across
the European Union, impeding
substantial coordination – and lim-
iting the EU’s alignment with the
That is why, when the latest
sanctions were announced, the Eu-
ropeans issued a modest expansion
of their existing list – primarily fo-
cusing on military and political of-
ficials – while the US went further,
adding several Russian institu-
When the sanctions were an-
nounced, Russian markets rallied, a
clear indication that the West’s re-
sponse fell far short of expecta-
Indeed, though the sanctions
are having a real economic impact
on Russia (particularly in spurring
capital flight), tightening the screws
further will not materially change
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s
decision-making. Putin’s Russia has
too much at stake in Ukraine, and
his actions have been overwhelm-
ingly popular at home.
But, even as tensions escalate,
with no hope of Russia backing
down, the world is not headed to-
ward anything resembling a new
Cold War.
For starters, America’s interests
in Ukraine do not justify putting
troops on the ground, while Europe
has been dragging its feet in sup-
porting America’s diplomatic posi-
Moreover, Russia is in long-term
decline. The economy and the gov-
ernment budget have become in-
creasingly reliant on oil and gas; the
wealthiest 110 Russians control
more than one-third of the coun-
try’s wealth; and Russia is far less ca-
pable militarily than it was in the So-
viet era, with a defense budget
roughly one-eighth that of the US.
The demographic picture is
bleak, with an aging population and
a low fertility rate.
In order to form a coherent bloc
that could oppose the US-led global
order, Russia would need powerful
friends, which it sorely lacks.
When the United Nations Gen-
eral Assembly voted on the legiti-
macy of the Crimea annexation, on-
ly ten countries – neighbours in
Russia’s orbit (Armenia and Belar-
us), traditionally sympathetic Latin
American countries (Bolivia, Nica-
ragua, and Venezuela), and rogue
states (Cuba, North Korea, Zimba-
bwe, Sudan, and Syria) – sided with
the Russians.
The one country that could tilt
the balance and establish a Cold
War dynamic is China.
But the Chinese have proved
completely unwilling to pick one
camp or the other, as they stand to
benefit from more purchases of
Russian energy exports and new op-
portunities as Western firms be-
come more squeamish about doing
business in Russia.
China can reap those rewards
without angering its largest trade
partners, the EU and the US. And
China is hesitant to support a Rus-
sian effort to create turmoil within
Ukraine’s borders, given that its own
restive provinces, such as Xinjiang
and Tibet, could learn the wrong
lesson from the Ukraine prece-
So the good news is that we are
not heading toward any kind of
global war, cold or hot. But the con-
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Ukraine: Cold war or cool calculation?
“For start-
ers, Ameri-
ca’s interests
in Ukraine
do not jus-
tify putting
troops on the
ground, while
Europe has
been drag-
ging its feet
in support-
ing America’s
position ”
resident Kenyatta and
Chinese PM Li Keqiang
stamped a mark on the
future prosperity of East Africa. The
deal signed to deliver Railways &
Electricity infrastructure bodes well
to trade, investment and job cre-
It was refreshing for Kenya’s pri-
vate sector to join Government at
bilateral talks with China and as
witnesses at the historical signing
ceremonies. Private sector bakes
the national cake. Government dis-
tributes the national cake. Partner-
ship between bakers and distribu-
tors of the national cake was out in
full display during the Chinese Pre-
miere’s visit to Kenya at the week-
Kenya’s “cost to live” and “cost
to produce” has been inhibited for
far too long by mistrust and inad-
equate infrastructure that is, trans-
port, electricity and security. Con-
sequently, the capacity to create
jobs in Kenya diminished as we
hurtled into a supermarket of im-
ported goods with high levels of un-
Then come the weekend of May
10, 2014 where Government dem-
onstrated real seriousness in right-
sizing the “cost to live” and “cost to
produce” in Kenya. Deals signed
with the Chinese delegation at State
House to fund railway, electricity
and security infrastructure should
kick-start the long-awaited journey
to prosperity.
The missing ingredient now is
TRUST. Trust between Govern-
ment on the one hand and private
sector, civil society and media on
the other.
Mediocre narratives and deeply
ingrained negative attitudes con-
tinue on display from significant
actors in Kenya’s private sector, civ-
il society and the media. The ‘disas-
ter myopia’ seems to engulf the so-
called bakers of the national cake.
We seem perpetually stuck to the
rear view mirror. Past scars, make
media, private sector and civil soci-
ety actors paranoid and distrustful
of government and its intentions.
This distrust and paranoia to-
wards Government initiatives by
citizens, the private sector, media
and civil society is exhausting en-
ergy and dissipating focus.
We cannot fish by draining the
pond. It is evident that Govern-
ment is finally putting the best foot
forward. The least the rest can do is
grant GoK deserved cheerful sup-
port to accelerate delivery of the
last mile on infrastructure.
And may we begin by support-
ing removal of all barriers towards
realisation and issuance of the sov-
ereign bond. Kenya’s statement of
net worth can accommodate debt
to speed up delivery of infrastruc-
Mute the political noise and
proceed to pay the Sh1.4 billion.
But at the end of day, allow Kenya’s
National Treasury to tap interna-
tional money to fund security,
counties, health, education, sports,
youth and women.
The success of the Eurobond
should drop the cost of borrowing
It is time to support Govern-
ment proposals without of course,
giving up necessary oversight and
vigilance. Well done Mr President
and Well done Mr Deputy Presi-
dent. So far so good on infrastruc-
Mr Igathe is Chairman PIEA &
Director, Kenya Private Sector As-
sociation (Kepsa)
scars, make
media, pri-
vate sector
and civil so-
ciety actors
paranoid and
distrustful of
and its inten-
POLYCARP IGATHE} Let’s support Jubilee, they are on the right track
Follow us!
Government must put monies from
China deal to good use
Much has been said about the growing
China-Kenya relations and how it will
affect the lives of ordinary Kenyans.
China is pumping billions of shillings into
our economy, most of which are loans.
This is meant to strengthen our economy
and create employment, thereby
improving the lives of many. However,
all this will be a mirage if corruption
continues to haunt us. Some officials are
now planning to make a killing out of
these deals as taxpayers will be weighed
down by the burden of repaying the
loans. Let us get good value for that
money. - Philip Mbindyo
Ministry of Transport can help
avert future deaths at Salgaa
The number of people losing their lives at
the notorious Salgaa black spot continues
to surge. Hardly a week goes by without
a life being lost at this spot. This is mostly
caused by long-distance truck drivers
who tend to engage in free wheeling,
making it hard for them to control their
vehicles in case of an emergency. The
only way this senseless loss of innocent
lives can be halted is if the Ministry of
Transport diverts long distance trucks to
use the Molo-Njoro-Nakuru route, which
has less traffic. - Seth Mwangani
We need to be responsible in our
use of all social media forums
Many have criticised social media
platforms, saying that people are
misusing them. Youtube, for example,
has been criticised for having no
restriction on its content. Facebook has
become a platform for defamation and
plagiarism. Twitter has been used to
communicate information that causes
grief to others. For example, when the
then Minister for Internal Security and
his deputy perished in a plane crash,
Kenyans on social media made the news
public before the affected families were
notified. We cannot continue this way; let
use social media in ways that don’t cause
harm to others. - Camilus Kipkor
Develop strong social programmes
to counter excessive drinking
Kenya lacks strong social programmes
that can be used to compete with and
eventually topple the current 24/7
drinking culture. Estates lack playing
fields with most having been grabbed by
a few greedy individual. We do not have
sports centres for indoor games, cultural
centres or music schools and theatres are
expensive. We need to find alternatives
that will rid the nation of its drinking
culture. The speed at which bars fill up
once they are open is replicated all over
the country. - Joe Musyoki
Match university fee increase
with improved resources
Even as the Government focuses
on increasing the number of stu-
dents joining universities, equal
zeal should be placed on improving
the standards of these institutions
that offer the highest education lev-
el in the land.
The current state of affairs in
public universities is really want-
ing, courtesy of increased enrol-
ment over the years.
The challenges range from ac-
commodation crises to inadequate
lecture halls; students joining pub-
lic universities currently face ago-
nising experiences in their quest to
acquire higher education.
The Government has done noth-
ing concrete in the past 10 years to
ensure that the ever-increasing
number of students matches avail-
able resources.
Lecture halls are normally full to
the brim, with students occasion-
ally having to listen to lectures from
outside the halls.
Accommodation is another
nightmare as most students lose
out on campus accommodation
and end up suffering in a bid to en-
sure they remain in school. Most
students have had to defer their
studies because of this.
Living in a rented house at a cost
of Sh3,000 a month and with limit-
ed resources such as electricity and
water cannot compare to living on
campus at the same cost for three
to four months and with these re-
sources always available.
Added to this nightmare is the
uncertainty of semester dates. In
some universities, students stay out
sometime for year-long holidays.
In addition, loans given to stu-
dents through the Higher Educa-
tion Loans Board (Helb) are inade-
quate given the current rate of
How do you justify a situation
where the amount of money stu-
dents received when a two-kilo-
gramme tin of maize was Sh30 is
the same amount received when
the maize has gone up by more
than four times?
To make matters worse, this
meagre amount does not even get
to students on time! Most students
report at the start of their academic
year only to find that the money has
not been disbursed, yet the univer-
sity expects them to pay for accom-
modation and fees in full.
It is a mess that only good plan-
ning by the Government can help
sort out. This can be done through
sticking to a cut-off grade that en-
ables available spaces in the uni-
versities match the number of stu-
dents enrolled.
Doing away with parallel
programmes is another option so
that those who opt for them and
can afford to pay the higher fees at-
tend private, not public, universi-
ties. This would help a great deal in
easing congestion.
Alternatively, those who are on
parallel programmes should be re-
quired to sponsor themselves fully
and pay for their accommodation;
after all, those who opt for the pro-
gramme do so because they are
able to pay for it.
Doing this would ensure that
available resources go to those who
really deserve and need it.
{Vincent Ogaya, Nairobi}
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Ngilu deserves support at Ardhi House
I strongly commend the radical
surgery Lands Cabinet Secretary
Charity Ngilu is undertaking at Ar-
dhi house.
If two weeks of halting opera-
tions can bring sanity to land man-
agement, then let it even take lon-
ger than two months.
What is two weeks compared to
years of rot, grand scandals, frustra-
tions, injustice and macho rob-
If two weeks can unravel the
mystery of lost or misplaced files,
then let Ngilu go ahead and do
what needs to be done.
The few who feel that they will
lose millions due to delayed land
deals are neither indispensable nor
untouchable. Their millions are
not worth the pain and agony mil-
lion of Kenyans are forced to en-
dure while undertaking land trans-
Let the politicians bark like
toothless dogs; let the land com-
missioners stare from the windows;
as a Kenyan, I will cheer on the uni-
versity students as they work day
and night to update files at the
Land ministry.
As they burn the midnight oil,
they are revealing what Kenyans
have known all along – land files
were never lost! This has always
been a well-orchestrated manoeu-
vre aimed at turning land transac-
tions into cash cows.
I am fully behind Ngilu in this.
In fact, other ministries and depart-
ments – the police, the Judiciary,
health, education, agriculture and
all the rest should follow suit.
We need to speed up and exe-
cute efficient and effective services
aimed at stamping out corruption
in the Lands office.
We also need a network of infor-
mation that can be accessed at the
touch of a button; that would make
life easier for those seeking services
at the Land’s office.
{Nickson Magak, Kisumu}
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Registration of ECDE
teachers welcome
The move by the Teachers
Service Commission to register
qualified nursery school
teachers is welcome and should
be supported by every right
thinking person.
This is something that teachers
have been waiting for a very
long time. It is a promise
made on several occasions by
previous regimes but that has
never been fulfilled.
It is a right that these people
have been denied for so long
but they can now breathe a sigh
of relief as their cry has finally
been heard and their prayer
Nursery school teachers, just
like primary and secondary
school teachers, are people who
have gone through post-high
school training to acquire an
Early Childhood Development
Education certificate.
They have invested a lot in their
education and also need to be
recognised by society.
The current conditions of these
teachers do not match the
efforts they put into educating
If I were asked, I would say they
are the people who deserve to
be paid handsomely owing to
the tasks they perform.
Parents take their children
to them when the little ones
know nothing. Step by step,
they learn from teachers’ skills
that will stay with them for a
After doing all this, these
hardworking people get a
monthly salary of less than
Sh10,000. What can this
money do for such a person?
There is need to motivate these
teachers to ensure that they
take good care of the delicate
creatures left in their hands.
{David Mwaura, Maseno}
Deaths due to
bad road design
It is a sad fact that we have lost 10
people on the 12km Salgaa Road
stretch that has become synonymous
with horrific road accidents.
To evade blame, the Ministry of
Transport has marked the place as a
black spot yet has done nothing to mit-
igate the menace. No speed bumps
have been erected or a new plan
The Salgaa stretch is a black spot
due to a faulty engineering design. Our
civil engineers bear the blame for not
making practical recommendations
like putting up a dual carriageway that
would ensure vehicles do not ap-
proach each other directly on the nar-
row road.
To achieve safety assurance on our
roads, the National Transport and
Safety Authority should delete the
words “black spot” and replace them
with “poor design” on certain road sec-
Once this is done, the Ministry of
Transport can embark on finding solu-
tions aimed at transforming the poor-
ly designed sections into safer roads.
At the end of the day, eloquent ex-
planations on the cause of an accident
do nothing to reverse the loss of lives
or property.
Let us mitigate catastrophes by us-
ing available resources.
{Kamichore Mutindira, Nairobi}
Sex workers
have rights too
It has been hailed as the world’s
oldest trade yet it has been shunned by
the constitutions of most states in the
hope that it will one day go away.
Many Kenyans do not even know
that June 2 is World Sex Workers’ Day
or of the existence of International Day
to End Violence against Sex Workers.
When those in the know had a pro-
cession in Nairobi, the more ignorant
citizens called it a strike yet it was an
internationally celebrated event just
like any other international day.
Sex workers are the most enduring
lot as they suffer in silence just to earn
a living. Their services are popular
even among married people. We
should let them be; it is a choice just
like any other and that should be re-
spected as long as it is done within the
right parameters.
Any trade without regulations is
prone to violations and when the au-
thorities insist that any discussion
about prostitution is anathema then
we are exposing our brothers and sis-
ters in the business to poor treat-
Maybe someone in authority who
really understands what these Kenyans
go through should raise this matter
with Parliament, although they will
have to face serious resistance from re-
ligious zealots.
Ultimately, the life of every Kenyan
is sacred and we should protect it by
all means. In the same vein, sex work-
ers are only human and their lot de-
serves protection as well.
{Titus Pala, Kisumu}
Village where 20 strokes
of cane are used to fght
illicit beer menace
You risk being whipped 20
lashes if you are caught selling or
partaking illicit brew at villages
in Kuresoi Sub-County.
Elders in the region have en-
dorsed public flogging as a sanc-
tion to stamp out illicit liquor
menace. This comes in the wake
of rising death toll from the con-
sumption of illicit brew in five
counties during the last few
The elders have appointed a
disciplinary committee that
prosecutes misconduct com-
plaints among the locals.
The villagers passed a verdict
of 20 strokes of the cane for men
who defied the disciplinary com-
mittee orders.
Cheptobon is a little known
village in Nakuru County, but the
determination of its residents to
deal with their socio-economic
problems has drawn much atten-
tion from without its borders.
Despite the poverty that is ev-
ident as one visits the region, the
residents are determined to live
in dignity.
“We have come together to
seek solutions to our many prob-
lems,” says Peter Rotich, a village
He discloses that the village
NATIONAL: FEATURE / Page 17 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
had for long been associated with
chang’aa brewing, drunkenness
and that violence against women
has been the norm.
Worse still, children have not
been left behind. Most of them
have continued to drop out of
school in large numbers to en-
gage in petty theft. Others have
been moving to the neighbour-
ing districts in search of jobs so
as to fend for their families and
Rotich said something had to
be done to reverse the situation
because the Provincial Adminis-
tration in the area was colluding
with the brewers in the manufac-
ture of the illicit brew.
“We brought our people to-
gether to talk about how we could
redeem ourselves,” says Rotich.
They identified chang’aa
drinking and domestic violence
as their key enemies to deal with
the problem of families breaking
up and children dropping out of
The first step, he said, was to
try and stamp out the consump-
tion of the illicit liquor by form-
ing a disciplinary committee that
would oversee the implementa-
tion of the orders set out by the
One striking feature of the vil-
lage now is that no idler can be
seen loitering aimlessly in the vil-
lage. A man who fails to provide
for his family or share domestic
responsibilities with his wife is
brought before the disciplinary
committee appointed by the vil-
lagers and if the offender defies
problems. Education is the main
agenda for the Cheptobon Com-
munity Welfare Association.
Needy children are helped to at-
tain formal education in second-
ary schools and technical institu-
Every household contributes
Sh300 monthly to the associa-
tion, which goes towards school
fees, purchasing uniforms and
lunch for those in day schools.
“There is no single child in
the village who has a good reason
to be out of school as the com-
munity caters for all their aca-
demic needs,” said Alfred Koros,
the patron of the association.
He said they do not allow any
child to stay at home as those
with financial difficulties are as-
sisted through the association.
With all these initiatives, it is
no wonder that the people of
Cheptobon are today an optimis-
tic lot.
“We have finally found an-
swers to our problems and we are
laying a firm foundation for our
children,” says David Chepk-
wony, a resident.
We have
fnally found
answers to
our problems
and we are
laying a frm
foundation for
our children —
David Chepkwony, a
In Kuresoi, elders have appointed
a disciplinary committee that
punishes those caught selling and
drinking illegal liqour
• Despite the poverty that is
evident in Cheptobon village,
the residents are determined
to live in dignity
• Elders in the region have
endorsed public fogging as
a sanction to stamp out illicit
liquor menace
• One striking feature of the
village now is that no idler can
be seen loitering aimlessly in
the village
A youth removes drums of illicit brew
recovered from a lorry after an early
morning raid by police. INSET: A
drunkard is helped by an officer. BELOW:
Patients of illicit brew in a hospital.
the orders, the 20 strokes of the
cane are administered.
In addition to the corporal
punishment, the offender is
made to lie on prickly wild leaves
commonly known as Isyek, that
causes serious skin irritation.
“Now our women are fully
protected and our children have
ample time to do their home-
work in a peaceful environment
unlike in the past,” says Philip
Korir, a teacher from the village.
The villagers have gone a step
further to form an association
that addresses their common
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard Page 18 / NATIONAL NEWS
Former Cabinet minister Nicholas
Biwott has denied knowledge of a deal
in which his father reportedly sold
land to a provincial intelligence offi-
cer but later repossessed it.
Kigen Maina, who was a provincial
intelligence officer and a long-serving
civil servant, has accused Joshua
Cheserem (Biwott’s father) of reneg-
ing on a land deal leading to his evic-
tion 24 years ago. Mr Biwott said he
was not in the country when the said
deal was done and that he was not
party to the dispute.
“The allegations made against my
late father are factually incorrect and
misleading,” said Biwott in a state-
ment. Maina alleges that he bought a
one and-a-half acre piece from the
late Cheserem for Sh700 in 1963.
Nearly 30 years later after he had
moved into the land, he got into
trouble with the former minister’s fa-
ther over documentation of the land.
Maina said trouble began in 1987
when he persisted in his demand for
Cheserem to hand him the title deed
for the land. But instead of Biwott’s
Biwott disowns father’s land deal
Joshua Cheserem
allegedly sold the
land to an intelligence
offcial in 1963 but
later repossessed it
father giving Maina the title, he told
him he was going to refund Sh700, the
purchase price of the land in 1963,
despite the money having been paid
almost three decades earlier.
“Mr Maina alleges that my father
sold him land in 1963. At that time I
was a student in Australia and there-
fore had and have no knowledge of
any such transaction. The allegations
are based on the word of Mr Maina
against that of my father, now de-
ceased (2009),” said Biwott.
“It appears, however, that there
was a dispute between Maina and my
father. I was not party to this dispute,”
said Biwott.
Biwott argues that the dispute was
referred to the courts for adjudication
and the High Courts in Eldoret and
Nairobi determined the dispute in his
father’s favour, resulting in the evic-
tion of Maina.
“The parties’ rights to the disputed
land were determined by a court of
law and not myself. At no time during
the legal process was I approached by
anyone, nor did I approach anyone
else in respect of this matter,” said the
Biwott said Maina was not landless
and that had he been landless, then
he could have been allocated land
within the constituency under the
resettlement scheme that was alleg-
edly administered by Maina’s brother-
in-law, who was a senior chief.
“I was not obligated to provide
land for Maina,” said Biwott.
Kenya is among 21 countries in
Africa still practising the worst forms
of torture, an international human
rights lobby group has said.
According to a report launched
yesterday by Amnesty International
(AI), a whopping 84 per cent of Ke-
nyans believe there are no clear-cut
rules in place to combat human rights
violations, including torture. AI point-
ed to several crude methods used by
authorities to extract information
from victims, mainly detainees.
“Detainees are beaten, tied up in
painful positions, held in extreme
weather conditions, suspended from
ceilings and sexually abused; includ-
ing use of electric shocks,” AI said.
The human rights lobby group
regretted that only 10 Africa countries
have adopted domestic legislations
outlawing torture despite the ratifica-
tion of the Africa Charter on Human
and People’s Rights that expressly
prohibits the practice.
“African governments are yet to
acknowledge the problem, let alone
begin to rectify it. There is lack of
strong national laws prohibiting tor-
ture in the majority of the African
countries, allowing torture not just to
survive, but to thrive,” said AI Re-
search and Advocacy for Africa Direc-
tor, Netsanet Belay.
Lobby: Kenya
still practising
Former Cabinet minister Nicholas Biwott has distanced himself from a land
tussle involving a provincial intelligence officer, who had allegedly bought
land from his father in 1963. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
Unaitas is a Sacco society incorporated in the Sacco societies Kenya under the cooperative societies
Act (Cap 490).Our core mandate is providing friendly and afordable saving, credit and insurance
services to the members.
We are seeking proposals from eligible firms for the following services:
Supply, installation , Commissioning maintenance of CCTV& Access
Control Works
Supply, installation ,Commissioning &maintenance of Air conditioners
and fire detection system
Supply, installation of UPS’s UN/T/OO5/2014
RFP for Digitalization of Unaitas record system UN/T/OO6/2014
RFP For Development & Implementation Of Ofcial Emails For Unaitas
Eligible suppliers are invited to submit their proposals based on the detailed tender document
available at Procurement ofce -Unaitas HQ ofces located on the 2
floor of cardinal Otunga plaza
or download from the website, .The proposals must be delivered by hand, clearly
marked with the respective tender No. UN/T/…/2014 and accompanied by an original receipt of
Kshs.1000 (Non-refundable) payable in any Unaitas Branches in Kenya and should be addressed to:
Chief Executive Ofcer, Unaitas Sacco
P.O Box 38721-00100, Nairobi-Kenya.
Telephone: 020-2015599/0721-244139
and deposited in the tender box, located at Cardinal Otunga Plaza, 2nd floor, Kaunda Street, Nairobi
to reach us not later than 2.00 p.m, 4th June, 2014, late proposals will be rejected.
Women, Youths and Special groups are encouraged to bid.
Unaitas reserves the right to accept or reject any proposals without giving reasons for its decision.
NOTICES / Page 19 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
The County Government of Marsabit hereby invites sealed bids from the interested bidders for the following works.
S/NO Tender No. Project Name Length(km) Pre-tender site visit, venue,
date and time
1. MBT/COU/ROADS/62/2013-14 Opening of Arosa-Odda(old) Road 8 KM 21st May 2014.public works
2. MBT/COU/ROADS/66/2013-14 Improvement of Log logo-Gudas
18KM 21st May 2014, Log logo town,
3. MBT/COU/TRADE/64/2013-14 Erection and completion of Marsabit
Market Block A

4. MBT/COU/TRADE/65/2013-14 Erection and completion of Marsabit
market block B
Tenders are invited for the supply, provision and delivery of the under listed goods and services to Kaiboi Technical Training Institute
for the period 1
July 2014 to 30
June 2015
1. KTTI/01/2014/2015 Meat Open
2. KTTI/02/2014/2015 Fresh vegetables Youth, Women & PWD
3. KTTI/03/2014/2015 Fruits Youth, Women & PWD
4. KTTI/04/2014/2015 Firewood Youth, Women & PWD
5. KTTI/05/2014/2015 Dry food stuff Youth Women & PWD
6. KTTI/06/2014/2015 General stationery Open
7. KTTI/07/2014/2015 Provision of printing and binding services Open
8. KTTI/08/2014/2015 Mechanical engineering materials and general hardware Open
9. KTTI/09/2014/2015 Automotive spares and lubricants Open
10. KTTI/010/2014/2015 Electrical and electronic materials Open
11. KTTI/011/2014/2015 Computers and computer accessories Open
12. KTTI/012/2014/2015 Sports gear and games equipment Open
13. KTTI/013/2014/2015 Staff uniforms Youth, Women & PWD
14. KTTI/014/2014/2015 Plumbing Materials, paints and glasses Open
15. KTTI/015/2014/2015 Farm inputs and Animals feeds Open
16. KTTI/016/2014/2015 Human and veterinary medicine Open
17. KTTI/017/2014/2015 Tyres , tubes and vehicle batteries Open
18. KTTI/018/2014/2015 Disinfectant and detergents Youth, Women & PWD
19. KTTI/019/2014/2015 Provision of comprehensive Insurance for Institute vehicles Open
20. KTTI/020/2014/2015 Provision of Students’ Group Personal Insurance (Life Policy) Open
Special groups who include the youth, women and persons living with disabilities must attach proof of registration.
Tender documents may be collected from Principal’s office during normal working hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of
Ksh.1,000. per document at the Finance office in cash or bankers Cheque. Prices quoted must be NET (inclusive of VAT and other
Government taxes) and must remain valid for period of 90 days from the closing date of tender notice.
Completed tender documents enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with TENDER NAME and NUMBER and bearing no identity
of the tenderer to be addressed to:
The Secretary BOG,
Kaiboi Technical Training Institute,
P.O. Box 937-30100, ELDORET.
And to be deposited in the tender box situated at the entrance of the administration block on or before 30
May 2014 at 10.00
Opening will be done immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.
The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any tender either in part or whole and does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid
or give reasons thereof.
ISO 9001: 2008 Certified TVET Institution
P.O. Box 937 - 30100 ELDORET, Kenya.
FAX: 0202029886 Tel:- 0734- 937937, 0727- 937937, 0733- 659780,
Government generates Sh20bn from
railway levy to fnance SGR project
The Government has realised Sh20
billion through the railway develop-
ment levy, which will be used to fund
the construction of the standard
gauge railway (SGR).
Transport and Infrastructure Cab-
inet Secretary Michael Kamau said
this signaled a healthy revenue stream
for successful implementation of
This emerged during discussions
between Kamau and the President of
China Communications and Con-
struction Company Chen Fen Jian in
The CS said it is clear Kenya will be
able to finance a portion of the railway
development as agreed with China.
He told Chen that there are no excus-
Kenya and China
agreed the former will
fnance a portion of the
multi-billion shilling
infrastructure project
es to delay the implementation of the
project now that the financing agree-
ment was concluded during the visit
by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.
“Our two countries and indeed our
two leaders have made a statement
that as implementers, we should hit
the road running and ensure the proj-
ect is implemented as per the agree-
ment,” said Kamau in a statement.
The Cabinet Secretary said the
project is intended to not only trans-
form transportation in the region, but
also play a significant role in training
and technology transfer, which will be
crucial in future.
“As instructed by the leaderships
of our two countries and stated in the
agreement, we intend to develop
these important projects through
maximum use of local labour, materi-
als and available expertise to ensure
Kenyans reap the desired benefits
from the project,” he said.
Chen said his company is deter-
mined to make the SGR project a
model for future railway development
in the region. He assured Kenyans
that the project will be completed on
To revamp the tea sector, the Min-
istry of Agriculture will collaborate
with county governments in tea grow-
ing areas and other industry stake-
holders to formulate a national tea
policy. Agriculture principal secretary
Sicily Kariuki said the industry is fac-
ing numerous challenges despite its
contribution to economic growth. She
said the tea industry earns the coun-
try about Sh114.5 billion in exports.
“The policy will address a wide
range of concerns and issues that in-
clude sustainable production, high
quality teas, cost of production, pro-
cessing, marketing and trade and val-
ue addition among others,” said Ms
Speaking during the prize award
ceremony for victors in the Tea Board
of Kenya (TBK) Tea for Health Inter-
national Marathon at Moi gardens in
Kericho County, Kariuki said the pol-
icy recognises the role of county gov-
ernments in view of the devolved
functions in agriculture.
“The success of the policy will be
realised through collaboration be-
tween the national and county gov-
ernments, tea industry stakeholders
and development partners,” she said.
She said the Government will collab-
orate with foreign missions in key
strategic markets as well as access to
emerging markets, to promote Ke-
nyan tea abroad.
Some 12 looters were on Monday
night arrested when a fire razed Nai-
robi’s Gikomba Market, destroying
property worth millions of shillings.
Some suspects were trying to break
into stalls, while others were busy
stealing some of the salvaged proper-
ty when police spotted them. The fire
that broke out in one of the stalls,
spread fast to other stalls in the busy
fish section. Nairobi police boss Ben-
son Kibue said the cause of the infer-
no is yet to be established.
“There were no casualties in the
incident that took long to contain be-
cause of its location,” said Kibue.
Several stalls were brought down
in the incident, which is the latest in
a series that have been experienced in
the area.
A number of fire engines from
County Government, NYS, Kenya De-
fence Forces and Kenya Airports Au-
thority helped contain the fire.
Cases of fire outbreak in the area
have occurred in the recent past amid
sabotage claims.
“We do not know if this is another
case of arson to create space for a road
or construction of buildings,” said Jo-
seph Mwaniki whose stall was razed.
Several stall owners rushed to the
scene upon hearing of the outbreak
but could do little as the fire was vi-
cious. Police were left guarding sal-
vaged property from looters who were
hovering nearby.
Nairobi is incapacitated in terms
of containing fire incidents because
most of the county engines have been
The city mostly relies on private
fire engines and those from the mili-
tary and police to contain some of the
Tea sector
will soon get
national policy
Police nab 12 looters as fire razes Gikomba market
Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau yesterday
met the President of China Communications and Construction Company
Chen Fen Jian in his office where he revealed the row surrounding the four-
kilometre section of the Southern Bypass is almost sorted out. [PHOTO: FILE/
time without compromising on qual-
ity. The two agreed on the need to en-
sure there is proper information flow
to inform the public about SGR’s im-
plementation. Meanwhile, Kamau as-
sured Chen that the issue surround-
Page 20 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
ing the four-kilometre section of the
Southern Bypass between Langata
Road and Ole Serian Hotel is almost
sorted out to allow for the completion
of the bypass. The section borders
Nairobi National Park.
A pilot was killed and 14 Kenya De-
fence Forces officers injured when a
military plane they were travelling in
crashed at Elwak, Mandera County.
Officials said the Harbin Y12 was
from Mandera Military Base and
made a stop at Elwak before trying to
take off when it crash landed on a hut.
Military spokesman Bogita Ongeri
said they are investigating the inci-
dent. The injured were flown to the
Forces Memorial Hospital on Mbag-
athi Road, Nairobi.
The high wing twin-engine is said
to have been carrying unknown num-
ber of personnel at the time of the in-
cident. It usually carries up to 20 per-
12 soldiers
injured in crash
• Kenya and China recently
signed deal that will see com-
mencement of works on SGR
• Transport Ministry announced
that the country made Sh20
billion though the railway de-
velopment levy
• Cabinet Secretary Michael
Kamau met the President of
China Communications and
Construction Company Chen
Fen Jian in Nairobi
As instructed by
the leaderships of our
two countries and stated
in the agreement, we
intend to develop these
important projects through
maximum use of local
– Managing Director, Kenya Reinsurance Corporation
A Captain of Industry in Reinsurance
We are firmly on course of making Kenya Re a truly Pan African reinsurance brand of choice
based on “Wisdom Beyond Borders.”
I am Jadiah Mwarania, OGW
NOTICES / Page 21 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
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Advertise in and get real value!
Call: 3222508/12
Call: 3222508/12
Page 22 / ADVERTISER’S ANNOUNCEMENT Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
ADVERTISER’S ANNOUNCEMENT / Page 23 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
1. Bomet
2. Bondo
3. Bungoma
4. Eldoret
5. Embu
6. Garissa
7. Homabay
8. Kabarnet
9. Kakamega
10. Kapkatet
11. Karen
12. Karuri
13. Kilif
14. Kitale
15. Kisii
16. Kisumu
17. Kitui
18. Lake Victoria
19. Lodwar
20. Loitoktok
21. Machakos
22. Manza
23. Mathare
24. Makueni
25. Meru
26. Migori
27. Mombasa
28. Msambweni
29. Murang’a
30. Nairobi
31. Nakuru
32. Nyamira
33. Nyeri
34. Port Reitz
35. Siaya
36. Thika
37. Vihiga
38. Webuye
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Students and workers at the Kenya
Medical Training College (KMTC)
turn the spotlight on themselves to-
day with candid discussions on high
levels of drug abuse, anxiety and il-
licit sexual activities.
From today till Friday, the KMTC
is to detail prevalent cases of sex for
money, abuse of alcohol, tobacco,
KMTC to hold talks on social ills in campuses
A building at the Kenya Medical Training College in Nairobi. The institution will
be holding a three-day scientific conference to be opened today by Health Cab-
inet Secretary James Macharia at their head offices next to Kenyatta National
Medical workers are worried over
the high number of married women
in the rural areas going for backstreet
abortions and then ending up in hos-
pital sometimes when it is too late.
Details of how prevalent abortion
has become in rural areas are to be
presented tomorrow during a three-
day scientific conference at the Kenya
Medical Training College (KMTC) in
Nairobi, which starts today.
In a case study, a team from the
college’s Department of Health Edu-
cation Promotion said one-third of
patients admitted at the gynaecology
ward in Kangundo sub-county hospi-
tal, Machakos are because of abortion
related complications.
The team, seeking to establish why
such a big number of women is turn-
ing to abortion, interviewed 30 wom-
en attending a post-abortion care
clinic at the hospital.
Majority of the women were aged
15 and 35 years with about half of
them being married while almost all
were Christians.
A national study published by the
Ministry of Health last year estimated
that 465,000 abortions were procured
in Kenya in 2012, virtually all of them
being clandestine and unsafe proce-
dures. The study showed that 64 per
cent of women seeking post-abortion
care were married, 59 per cent are
from rural areas and at least nine out
of 10 had some education.
Majority of those seeking the clan-
destine operations, the study had
shown, are housewives mostly in the
rural areas.
Others most likely to visit back-
street operators are divorced women,
those with little education or employ-
able skills including school children,
some of them as young as 10 years.
The national report just like the
KMTC one shows poverty as major
driver of backstreet abortions.
According to the Guttmacher In-
stitute, backstreet abortion providers
in the country charge from Sh1,000 to
Sh10,000 depending on gestation and
sometimes on what the woman can
afford. But in some cases it can be as
little as Sh150.
“The main reasons given for in-
ducing abortions were the need to
provide for the existing children, fear
of disruption of employment, lack of
social support from partners and pov-
erty,” shows the KMTC report.
Among the main tools being used
by the Kangundo women to force an
abortion include sharp objects, drugs
and herbal medicine.
bhang, cocaine and other hard drug
within their community.
The college will be holding a three-
day scientific conference to be opened
today by the Health Cabinet Secretary
James Macharia at their head offices
next to Kenyatta National Hospital.
The college, which yesterday ad-
vised those wishing to apply for di-
ploma training to do so through the
Kenya Universities and Colleges Cen-
tral Placement Service, has prepared
30 scientific papers for discussions.
In one case a team of researchers
and lecturers studied the institution’s
3,107 first and second year diploma
students from Nairobi, Nakuru,
Kisumu, Mombasa, Port Reitz,
Murang’a and Meru colleges and
found more than eight types of drugs
being abused.
These substances included alco-
hol, amphetamine, cocaine, cannabis,
opioids, sedatives, inhalants and hal-
Amphetamines are a group of
drugs used to treat a chronic brain
disorder that affects the sleep-wake
cycles as well as the condition called
Attention Deficit Disorder.
Hallucinogens are drugs that cause
hallucinations—distortions in a per-
son’s perceptions of reality, including
delusions and false notions while
opioids are a type of pain killers. They
can have serious side effects if used
The study led by Dr S K Muriungi,
found one-third of the students to be
suffering from severe anxiety with
many abusing a mixture of drugs si-
Dr Muriungi will be presenting a
detailed report of his findings on Fri-
day later to be followed by another
report which show reasons why stu-
dents at the Kisumu KMTC campus
are abusing drugs.
At the Kisumu campus more than
half of the students sampled were
found to be abusing alcohol, a third
was smoking while 11 per cent were
abusing cannabis. The students, both
male and female were found to start
abusing the drugs between the ages of
15 and 20 years with the usage in-
creasing with age.
The drugs, the study adds, are eas-
ily available mainly from social places
in the city, friends as well as family
members. “Students are able to visit
social places frequently because the
campus is within Kisumu city,” reads
the report.
The lecturers recommend that
professional guidance and counsel-
ling services be established at the
Kisumu campus which among other
things should provide education on
substance abuse and stress manage-
Another team led by Alice Wa-
gunda will late on Friday present
findings on the use of condoms
among the staff and students in nine
out of the 28 KMTC colleges. The
study sampled 1,287 people.
Study: Most abortions
procured in rural areas
College to discuss
moral issues CONFERENCE
Conference on drug
abuse, illicit sex among
students and staff
in medical training
colleges starts today
The main reasons
given for inducing
abortions were the need
to provide for the existing
children, fear of disruption
of jobs— KMTC REPORT
31 DECEMBER 2013
Gross written premium 903,980,632 67,643,215 971,623,847 -
Outward reinsurance premium (81,758,690) (10,146,482) (91,905,172) -
Net written premium 822,221,942 57,496,733 879,718,675 -
Movement in unearned premium (268,594,080) - (268,594,080)
Net earned premium 553,627,862 57,496,733 611,124,595 -
Investment income 43,331,725 18,048,167 61,379,892 73,027,107
Acquistion costs earned - - - -
Other income 167,865 50,878 218,743 -
Total income 597,127,452 75,595,778 672,723,230 73,027,107
Claims and Policyholder benefits 217,873,096 41,605,682 259,478,778 -
Less: Reinsurer’s share of claims (2,683,351) (3,285,068) (5,968,419) -
Net claims and Policyholder benefits 215,189,745 38,320,614 253,510,359 -
Acquistion costs payable 244,801,520 11,930,146 256,731,666 -
Operating and other expenses 82,235,539 6,729,634 88,965,173 16,856,365
Total outgo 542,226,804 56,980,394 599,207,198 16,856,365
Profit before taxation 54,900,648 18,615,384 73,516,032 56,170,742
Taxation charge (21,986,598) - (21,986,598) (14,373,255)
Profit for the year 32,914,050 18,615,384 51,529,434 41,797,487
Fair value gain on available for sale financial assets 822,170 1,195,276 2,017,446 -
Total profit and other comprehensive income 33,736,220 19,810,660 53,546,880 41,797,487
Proposed Dividend 32,474,424 20,740,754
Earnings Per Share 6.08 3.83
31 DECEMBER 2013
Share capital 391,240,400 150,000,000 541,240,400 541,240,400
Statutory reserve - 39,672,117 39,672,117 21,056,733
Fair value reserve 822,170 1,195,276 2,017,446 -
Retained earnings 53,654,804 - 53,654,804 20,740,754
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 445,717,374 190,867,393 636,584,767 583,037,887
Property and equipment 33,042,185 - 33,042,185 16,468,428
Investments in equity 6,064,559 6,031,247 12,095,806 -
Mortgage loans 4,717,112 4,717,112 -
Receivables arising out of reinsurance arrangements 353,317,395 30,321,778 383,639,173 -
Retrocessionaires share of reinsurance liabilities 41,310,749 3,285,067 44,595,816 -
Deferred acquistion costs 121,502,088 - 121,502,088 -
Deferred tax asset - - - 3,384
Other receivables 3,622,027 1,307,009 4,929,036 28,743,257
Tax recoverable - 353,640 353,640 -
Corporate bonds 8,705,863 5,838,049 14,543,912 14,559,085
Government securities 75,085,241 54,325,299 129,410,540 110,369,329
Deposits in financial institutions 361,644,277 128,893,784 490,538,061 483,942,196
Cash and bank balances 26,076,267 12,673,374 38,749,641 2,701,858
TOTAL ASSETS 1,035,087,763 243,029,247 1,278,117,010 656,787,537
Reinsurance contract liabilities 48,976,474 38,173,969 87,150,443 -
Provision for unearned premium 428,723,566 - 428,723,566 -
Payables arising out of retrocession arrangements 81,758,690 10,146,482 91,905,172 -
Deferred tax liability 3,994,561 - 3,994,561 -
Tax payable 1,400,110 - 1,400,110 13,072,716
Other payables 24,516,988 3,841,403 28,358,391 60,676,934
TOTAL LIABILITIES 589,370,389 52,161,854 641,532,243 73,749,650
NET ASSETS 445,717,374 190,867,393 636,584,767 583,037,887
Capital adequacy ratio 112% 100% 108% 108%
Solvency ratio 4457% 1909% 3183% 2915%
Claims ratio 24% 62% 27% -
Expense ratio 36% 28% 36% -
The financial statements were approved by the Board of Directors on 10 February 2014 and signed on its behalf by:
Chairman: Director: Principal officer:
Punit Vadgama Dr. Olufemi Oyetunji Calisto Ogaye
By order of the Board
Joe Okwach
Company Secretary
Efforts to block Nyamira
Speaker impeachment fail
Elders pleaded with
governor to stop
impeachment while
some residents sought
court’s intervention
Nyamira County Governor John
Nyagarama has distanced himself
from accusations that he played a
role in the impeachment of assem-
bly Speaker Mong’are King’oina,
Elders who visited Nyagarama at
his home a few hours before
King’oina was impeached by
members of the county assembly
accused Nyagarama of having a
hand in the Speaker’s predicament
and urged him to stop MCAs from
sacking him.
The more than 60 elders, led by
former MPs Benson Kegoro and
Godfrey Masanya, said the Speaker’s
sacking would destabilise the county
and hurt development. The delega-
tion comprised former civic leaders
drawn from the county’s four
Nyamira ODM treasurer Charles
Sagwe said, “We have been told you
are behind what is happening to
King’oina. We humbly request you to
intervene and stop this from
happening. If the Speaker commit-
ted an offence, investigating bodies
like the Ethics and Anti Corruption
Commission can take up the matter
but he must continue to hold office
until proved guilty.”
Kegoro urged Nyagarama to use
his position and influence to
convince MCAs to stop any hurried
move that would have political
implications on the governor.
Nyagarama denied playing any
role in King’oina’s predicament,
saying the fight was between the
Speaker and the MCAs.
“I enjoy a cordial relationship
with the Speaker and have no reason
at all to want him removed,” he said.
The governor said he did not
have the power to stop MCAs from
impeaching King’oina.
On Monday evening, 31 MCAs
out of 33 voted to remove the
Speaker from office.
Earlier, MCAs were unable to
start the session after the mace
disappeared. Rowdy members
stormed the county headquarters
and caused a commotion then broke
into the Speaker’s office after he
failed to turn up.
The move to halt the Speaker’s
impeachment took another twist
after residents, led by Nicolas Obare
acting as the petitioner, took the
matter to court.
ALCOBLOW: Lawyer charged
with drunk driving
A Kisumu-based lawyer was among
eight people charged in a magistrate’s
court after being nabbed by police
during a drunk driving crackdown
effected using the Alcoblow
Lawyer Gilbert Oguso appeared
before Resident Magistrate Nobert
Okumu and was charged with driving
on a public road while under the
influence of alcohol.
The particulars of the charge were
that he exceeded the standard 0.35
milligrams per litre alcoholic content
by 0.20 milligrams per litre.
Mr Oguso, through his lawyer
Pascal Odhiambo, pleaded not guilty
to the offence allegedly committed
along Mambo Leo Road. Mr Odhiambo
asked the court to release his client
on bond.
“Being an officer of the court, there
are no chances that he will abscond
from court proceedings,” he said.
There was no objection from the
prosecution and Oguso was released
on a personal bond of Sh30,000.
FORD KENYA: No visionary
leadership at national level
Kisumu County Ford Kenya vice
chair Felix Minda has accused elected
party members of not committing
themselves fully to the party that
sponsored them to Parliament.
Minda said the party is facing the
challenge of having their elected
leaders push their demands at
national level.
He said MPs John Olago of Kisumu
West (pictured above) and Jared
Kopiyo (Awendo) ought to do more to
strengthen the party.
“These leaders appear not to be
100 per cent Ford Kenya because their
hearts are elsewhere,” he said.
Minda said Ford Kenya has the
capacity to rival major parties like the
Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
but there are efforts to curtail its
influence in the region.
He said Ford Kenya is going to be
among the best alternative parties in
Page 25
Monday, March 24, 2014
cil locks out public
sport from
city C
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
The Municipal Council of Kisumu
in conjunction with the traffic police
department has successfully locked
public transport out of the town’s
Thanks to the combined forces,
no 14-seater matatu and boda boda
operates in the central business
district now.
And residents have praised the
effort, arguing sanity has been
restored in the CBD and traffic flow
was now smooth.
No matatus or boda bodas are
allowed to pick or drop passengers
at the CBD. The ban also applies to
tricycles and it has been in effect for
the past one week, though amid
Distances shortened
The authorities have also blocked
Oginga Odinga Avenue up to
Standard Chartered Bank junction to
ease traffic flow.
Passengers are now being
dropped at Jomo Kenyatta Highway
and trek to town.
The move follows successful
negotiations between the authority
and matatu operators whose
distances have now been cut short.
“We are happy because the plans
have reduced our distance by
one-and-a-half kilometres,” said a
matatu operator George Onyango.
According to the town authorities
the plan aims to decongest the city
and will remain in force until 2013.
Thereafter the council will
develop fresh plans to accommodate
the increased number of private cars
in town, a source from the council
Already, the number of private
cars streaming in the town has
peaked and the traffic department
anticipates the figure will rise.
The council’s enforcement officer
in charge of the traffic order Adrian
Ouma said they would not back
down on the move.
WIN-win situation
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
“It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
council,” he said, as he asked them
to co-operate.
Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello
thanked the residents for allowing
them to bring sanity within the CBD.
There have been complaints of
matatu disorder within the CBD,
which have been disrupting smooth
operations of businesses.
With the new measures in force
people can now go about their
business easily without disruptions
by blaring sounds.
Nyanza PPO Njue Njagi promised
to support the council to restore
sanity and warned that those who
resist change would be arrested and
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
“It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
Traffic Police officer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed traffic from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
· when the Council announced
the plan to re·route public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
· Pesidents welcomed it, say·
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
· At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they re·grouped to
protest the directive
· however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
The County News is bigger, Bo|der,
Fresh and c|oser to your region
Coast Edition Western Edition and Nairobi Edition
g Tod
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Nyanza, Western, Coast, Nairobi & Central
This advertisement board is in the middle of the road at Roysambu off the Thika superhighway. While most drivers
plying this road are aware of the potential danger, one shudders to think what would happen if a driver new to the
route were to speed toward it, unaware of its existence. [PHOTO: BEVERLYNE MUSILI/STANDARD]
An accident waiting to happen
However, the High Court sitting
in Kisii declined to issue conservato-
ry orders restraining King’oina’s
impeachment, hours after MCAs
sent him packing over claims of
fraud involving a Sh30 million
High Court judge Ruth Sitati
declined the plea by lawyer Gideon
Nyambati representing Obare, saying
she would deliver her ruling on the
application on May 30.
In the case, Obare named clerk of
the County Assembly, the Speaker,
the County Assembly, the County
Assembly Service Board and Jackson
Mogusu as respondents.
Mr Mogusu’s lawyer Edward
Obegi said the application has no
grounds since the County Assembly
has the power to hire and fire its
“This is abuse of the court
process and this matter should have
been resolved in the Industrial
Court. This is the work of busy
bodies trying to jeopardise the work
of the County Assembly. The
aggrieved person should fight for his
own rights and not through another
resident,” Obegi said.
However, Nyambati argued that
the powers bestowed on MCAs are
Page 26 / NYANZA NEWS Wednesday May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Some of the highrise buildings in Kisii town. Rent rates in the town have gone
up due to increasing demand for residential and commercial space. [PHOTO:
The increase in business opportu-
nities in Kisii County has seen rent
and land rates go up significantly.
Currently, office space rent stands
at Sh58-65 per square foot within the
Central Business District (CBD), a big
shift from Sh40 to 50 that was charged
in 2012.
Purchase of prime residential and
commercial plots have gone up by 70
per cent since 2013. Despite the high
rates, investors have flocked the town,
buying virtually all the idle land.
A 60-by-100-feet plot within the
CBD costs an average of Sh 50 million,
from Sh15 million in 2010.
Most of the old buildings have
been demolished to pave way for sto-
reyed ones but the demand for office
and business space remains high.
Clare Omanga, a private developer
in the area, said they are constrained
by lack of land and are now forced to
do with small portions for highrise
“There is no actual value of land in
Kisii and the current population is
higher than the available land. It is
clear that there is no consistency in
land prices in the town,” Ms Omanga
Rent shoots through roof as
business blossoms in Kisii
said. Omanga said the county govern-
ment has to go an extra mile to create
an enabling environment for real es-
tate development in Kisii.
“The county government has the
Sh20,000 in Nyanchwa, Milimani and
As part of its 1990 towns’ project
intervention, the National Housing
Corporation has put up 40 (two bed-
room) units to help alleviate the hous-
ing shortage in Kisii town.
To achieve this, NHC demolished
six rental bungalows to pave way for
modern units.
The entry of universities and col-
leges in Kisii is one of the major fac-
tors in the rising rent rates. Nearly ev-
ery high-rise building in the town
hosts a satellite university campus or
a college.
“Universities can offer good rates
unlike subdividing a building for of-
fice space. One could prefer to have
minimal tenants who can make pay-
ment for up to more than 10 years for
the same space,” said Boniface Ntabo,
a private developer in the town.
Kisii Governor James Ongwae said
the increasing rates are “occasioned
by the booming business opportuni-
ties win the town”.
“The county government, through
its integrated plan, will provide an
ample business environment for in-
vestors. We will improve and provide
all essential services,” said Ongwae.
obligation of finding a way of expand-
ing the town,” said Ms Omanga.
House rents have also gone up in
the last few months with a two-bed-
roomed house going for up to
Kisumu County Police Comman-
dant David Ng’etich has dismissed a
report touching on security in the ar-
The police boss said the report
prepared by the county assembly’s se-
curity and administration committee
made generalised allegations instead
of raising specific security-related is-
The report, tabled before the as-
sembly by West Seme ward represen-
tative James Omolo, cited various in-
security hotspots within the county.
The report highlighted various in-
security causes such as rampant rob-
beries and carjackings.
“The report lacks truth and specif-
ic security issues of who, how, when,
and where the said criminal activities
took place,” said Ng’etich.
He lashed at the MCAs saying se-
curity is a very sensitive issue and
they ought not to imagine things.
“The MCAs, just like other politi-
cians, can say anything. They ought to
know however that security is a very
sensitive area,” Ng’etich said.
The assembly report had indicated
the various crime spots in the coun-
Police have impounded narcotics
valued at Sh10milion in two different
incidents along the Migori-Kisii high-
The narcotics were netted after a
dramatic chase between suspected
peddlers and police officers from
Rongo and Awendo.
One suspected trafficker, with
about 600 kilos of bhang, is being held
at Kamagambo Police Station.
The haul was recovered in a Toyo-
ta D-Max with two different registra-
tion number plates
Other suspected dealers traced
along the Migori – Awendo road es-
caped after a two-hour chase by the
Officer in charge of Awendo Dis-
trict Administration Police Julius Ki-
mai said police officers intercepted
the vehicle near Awendo town before
the driver diverted into a village
A chase ensued that lasted for
close to two hours before they were
cornered at Nyatambe area.
The police officers shot four times
before deflating the tyres of the sus-
pects’ vehicle.
“It was only when the officers de-
flated the tyres that the driver jumped
out and escaped into a nearby sugar
plantation,” said Kimai.
Police boss
assembly report
Police impound Sh10m worth
of marijuana in 2-hour chase
Boda boda operators in Kisumu
city could, yet again, be kicked out of
the Central Business District.
The county assembly is set to seal
the fate of the riders through a report
on administration and security ta-
bled recently.
Kenneth Onani, a boda boda op-
erator in the town, said this will not
be the first time for the riders to be
kicked out of the CBD.
“We were rescued by governor
Jack Ranguma following several
pleas when we felt the county gov-
ernment was cutting short our only
source of income,” said Onani.
The development follows recom-
mendations by the security and ad-
ministration committee recently ta-
bled by West Nyakach ward
representative James Omolo.
The report sought to investigate
all matters relating to security in the
county as well as make recommen-
dations for proposed legislations on
administration and security.
“Security in the county needs to
be enhanced as this will ensure safe-
ty of residents and encourage inves-
tors,” said Omolo, who is also the
vice chairman of the committee.
The committee is comprised of
10 members and is chaired by
Ombeyi ward representative Joshua
“The motorcycle/tuk tuk trans-
port system causes a lot of insecurity
within the CBD. The county should
apply the defunct municipal by-laws
to control traffic in the town,” read
part of the recommendations in the
Wawidhi ward representative Mo-
ses Ochele said boda boda operators
within the city do not adhere to ba-
sic traffic rules, adding that they
cause traffic snarl-ups that pose a
great security threat to pedestrians
and motorists alike.
“Tuk tuk drivers and cyclists are a
major cause of insecurity in the
county. They disobey traffic rules
within the city centre, hence causing
traffic jams where petty thieves ha-
rass pedestrians and steal from driv-
ers,” said Ochele.
Nyalenda B MCA James Were
however said the operators should
be relocated to specific spots.
Boda bodas to be ejected from CBD, again
– Vice Chancellor, CEO KCA University, and Professor of Defense and Foreign Policy
“In a meaningful relationship,you are either learning or teaching”
Prof. Noah O. Midamba,
Leadership is changing the world for the better
NOTICES / Page 27 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) invites applications for Pre-Qualification of
suppliers and Tenders from interested and eligible bidders for the following goods, services and works for
the financial year 2014/2015.
INSPECTION GEAR. (reserved for youth, women and people with disability)
AND FITTINGS (reserved for youth, women and people with disability)
(reserved for youth, women and people with disability)
youth, women and people with disability)
(reserved for youth, women and people with disability)
NEMA/T/18/2014-2015 SUPPLY OF FRESH FLOWERS. (reserved for youth, women and people
with disability)
youth, women and people with disability)
Detailed Category of Pre-qualification document should STRICLY be downloaded from our website www. free of charge and a non refundable fee of Kshs 1,000 for all other category of Tenders
Documents from NEMA Procurement section at NEMA Headquarters situated along Popo Road, Off
Mombasa Road. Tender fee should be in Bankers Cheque or deposit the cash in the NEMA Revenue
Account, KCB – KICC Branch, Account Number 1102298158, and submit the deposit slip, at the
cash office on Ground Floor. Kindly note that cash will not be accepted. At the time of submitting the
completed bid documents such Tenderers shall be required to enclose a copy of the receipt of payment.
Complete Pre-qualification and Tender documents in plain sealed envelopes and clearly marked with the
The Director General
National Environment Management Authority
Eland House, Popo Road, Off Mombasa Road
P.O. Box 67839 – 00200
And placed in the Tender Box provided at the NEMA Reception area, Eland House, Popo Road, Off
Mombasa Road so as to be received on or before 28
May 2014 at 11:00 AM Documents submitted
after this time will not be accepted.
The Pre-qualification and Tender documents will be opened immediately at NEMA headquarters,
Tenderers or their representatives are welcome to attend.
NEMA reserves the right to accept or reject any tender without giving any reasons thereof
YEAR 2014/2015
The County Government of Siaya invites application for prequalification from interested, competent
and eligible suppliers for the Supply, Delivery and provision of goods and services listed below for
the financial year 2014/2015.
1 CGS/PREQ/1/2014-15 Supply of General Office supplies
2 CGS/PREQ/2/2014-15 Supply of computers, servers, laptops, UPS,
Accessories and ICT related consumables
3 CGS/PREQ/3/2014-15 Supply and maintenance of office furniture
and fittings
Special Group
4 CGS/PREQ/4/2014-15 Security document printing services Open
5 CGS/PREQ/5/2014-15 Supply and delivery of foodstuffs (cereals,
fruit vegetables)
Special Group
6 CGS/PREQ/6/2014-15 Supply and delivery of meat, chicken, fish
and fresh mi l k.
Special Group
7 CGS/PREQ/7/2014-15 Supply and delivery of petrol, diesel, oils,
lubricants and cooking gas
8 CGS/PREQ/7/2014-15 Supply and delivery of mineral water
dispensers and soft drinks
Special Group
9 CGS/PREQ/8/2014-15 Supply of hardware material Open
10 CGS/PREQ/10/2014-15 Supply of laboratory chemicals, detergents
laboratory equipments and maintenance
11 CGS/PREQ/11/2014-15 Supply of motor vehicles spare parts tyres
tubes and batteries
12 CGS/PREQ/I2/2014-15 Provision of Air travel and courier services Open
13 CGS/PREQ/13/2014-15 Provision of fumigants and pest control
Special Group
14 CGS/PREQ/14/2014-15 Provision of office cleaning and its environ Special Group
15 CGS/PREQ/15/2014-15 Provisions of Building and construction
16 CGS/PREQ/16/2014-15 Provision of motor vehicles repair services Open
17 CGS/PREQ/17/2014-15 Provision of garbage collection and solid
waste management
Special Group
18 CGS/PREQ/18/2014-15 Provision for general medical insurance and
motor vehicle insurance
19 CGS/PREQ/19/2014-15 Provision of events managements,
promotion materials and publicity
20 CGS/PREQ/20/2014-15 Provision of training management
consultancy services
21 CGS/PREQ/21/2014-15 Provision of roadwork, bridges and foot
22 CGS/PREQ/22/2014-15 Provision of drilling of boreholes and
construction of dams and water pans
Interest bidders MUST attach copies of the following:
Valid single Business Permits, PIN certificates, Business registration (i)
Registration certificate from National Construction Authority (NCA) (ii)
Complete and attach any other document as stated in th4 Tender Document (iii)
Registration certificate from National Treasury(Director of Public Procurement) or from office (iv)
of the county secretary- Siaya for special cases
N\B: Special cases refer to women, Youth and the Physical challenges. Prequalification document
may be obtained from the office of the supply chain management, County Assembly building
between 9.00 a.m to 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm during working hours.
Duly completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with the relevant
category number and description should be addressed to:
The County Secretary,
County Government Of Siaya
P.O. Box 803
Be deposited in the tender box located at the main entrance of IFAD HALL, Siaya, so as to reach the
office on or before 22
May, 2014 at noon.
Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter at the IFAD HALL, SIAYA in the presence of tenders
or their representative who choose to attend.
Late applications will not be accepted.
Director, Supply Chain Management
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard Page 28 / NYANZA / WESTERN NEWS
CRIME: County boss lauds
harsh sentence for robbers
Bungoma County Commissioner
Maalim Mohamed has lauded a
decision by a court in the area
to sentence six people to life
imprisonment for hacking a woman
with machetes.
Bungoma Principal Resident
Magistrate Peter Ireri last week
handed the harshest sentence
to the six for hacking Rukia
Naskanda of Bumula Constituency
and stealing Sh5,000 from her.
Mohamed said the punishment will
act as a deterrent to marauding
gangs that have terrorised and
maimed Bungoma residents.
“This is good news. The ruling is
a strong message to other people
who intend to commit crimes,” he
SAFETY: County forms unit
to deal with power issues
The Busia County government will
form a special unit to respond to
power emergencies. ‘‘We shall form
a team of electricians to work on
emergencies related to power in
the county,’’ Governor Sospeter
Ojaamong said in a message read
on his behalf by Teso South MP
Mary Emaase during the burial of
Philip Otauti who died after being
electrocuted. Ms Emaase warned
workers charged with maintaining
electricity supply in the county
that they risked being transferred
if they did not improve. The MP
cautioned the Rural Electrification
Authority to ensure that those
contracted to carry out duties
related to electricity were qualified
engineers in order to avoid further
loss of life. Otauti, 24, who was due
to join university in September died
after stepping on a live electric
wire which had left unattended
for over 10 hours. The deceased’s
father Noah Otauti said Busia
County is leading in deaths arising
from electrocution.
The Government is investigating
the alleged embezzlement of over
Sh13 million meant for secondary
schools in Kakamega County.
The immediate former principal
of Mugai Secondary School in Kaka-
mega County, Laban Sikolia, is one of
the teachers facing an audit over
claims that more than Sh10 million
cannot be accounted for.
The principal, who was trans-
ferred to Mugunga Secondary School
in Lugari district, is alleged to have
failed to account for the money meant
for salaries, suppliers and Free Day
Secondary Education funds.
The Ministry of Education has or-
dered an audit whose report is ex-
pected in two weeks’ time.
Tombo Secondary School in Lu-
gari district is also facing a similar
probe following claims that millions
Schools under probe
for loss of Sh13m
Busia awaits
earlier given
to Bungoma
Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaa-
mong has welcomed the directive by
the Commission for Revenue Alloca-
tion that money erroneously allocat-
ed to Bungoma County be re-allo-
cated to his county.
Ojaamong was reacting to a letter
addressed to Phyllis Makau, Director
and Parliamentary Budget Officer,
by CRA chairman Micah Cheserem
to the effect that Sh1.2 billion erro-
neously allocated to Bungoma be re-
“We welcome the move by CRA
and hope the funds will be chan-
nelled soon to the rightful county,”
Ojaamong said.
In a letter dated May 9, 2014, Mr
Cheserem said Busia’s county reve-
nue allocation based on population
and poverty indices was understated
when a total of 255,871 people who
belong to Busia were wrongly count-
ed – in the last census – as belonging
to Bungoma.
“I am optimistic that the error
will be rectified as the matter has
been pending for the past two finan-
cial years,” Ojaamong said.
He said the county has earmarked
a number of projects that are ready
to benefit from the funds.
“Busia County will allocate the
funds to water. Each of the 35 wards
will dig a borehole in an effort to al-
leviate water shortages,” he ex-
Busia Senator Amos Wako said
following the anomaly, county reve-
nue allocation had been understat-
ed by over Sh700m, which he prom-
ised to pursue with a view to having
it corrected.
of shillings cannot be accounted for.
Commenting on the matter, Kaka-
mega County Director of Education
Tom Majani said they received the
complaints and revealed that the gov-
ernment was conducting an audit to
unearth what transpired.
“Yes we have received the com-
plaints based on which we are carry-
ing out an audit. The ministry will act
on the findings of the audit report,”
said Majani.
Auditors are investigating the loss
of receipt books and the possible mis-
appropriation of Sh1.8 million dis-
bursed by the Government for Free
Day Secondary Education in Mugai
Secondary School. The school also
owes its workers over Sh1.3 million in
salary arrears over eight months.
Mugai Secondary School has failed
to pay debtors up to Sh11 million. The
school owes Kenya Power Sh27,022 in
bills for over two years and has also
failed to remit over Sh157,000 to the
‘We declare this website officially open’
Homa Bay
Cyprian Awiti
(holding mic),
sipul MP
Sylvance Osele
and his Mbita
Millie Odhiambo
cut cake to
officially launch
a website for
the Kabondo
Women’s Sacco.
(See story on Pg
National Social Security Fund and
Sh197,000 to the National Hospital
Insurance Fund.
“For now, it’s still a claim. Until
the audit is finalised, I cannot com-
ment, reveal or explain anything
that may jeopardise the investiga-
tions,” said Majani.
The auditors were finding it dif-
ficult to work for lack of co-opera-
tion from a section of key employ-
Mr Sikolia, who comes from Mu-
gai village, however, denied any loss
of funds at the school.
“There is no money lost at Mu-
gai. I know there is an audit going
on; let’s wait for the results,” said
Sikolia referred us to the auditors
when asked to explain what exactly
happened during his tenure at the
The county education boss re-
vealed that there are other schools
being investigated but did not name
NIRISH SHAH - Director Chigwell Holdings Ltd
A Captain of Industry in the Property Sector
I provide better quality of life through excellence passion and a proven
track record in delivering superior value in design and finishes
to my customers.
RETURN: Court reinstates
sacked county executive
The Industrial Court has allowed
one of four Vihiga County executive
committee members, axed by the
county assembly last month, to stay
in office until the case is heard and
In the ruling, Justice Helen
Wasilwa said Johnstone Khejeri
(Public Service) should continue
serving as a county minister, pending
hearing of his case.
The ruling comes even as
Governor Moses Akaranga already
issued letters terminating the
appointment of the four executives.
Others axed were Evans
Kaiga (Treasury), Elmanos Vodoti
(Education) and Newton Okwiya
In his defence, Khejeri said he was
not allowed to defend himself.
The case will be heard on June 23.
PROJECT: Defilement, early
pregnancy cases among
school girls reduced
Action Aid has said efforts by
a programme it runs at Khwisero
in Kakamega County, has led to
reduction of defilement cases and
early pregnancies among school girls.
The programme dubbed “Girls
Forum Clubs” targets girls from class
four to eight.
Action Aid area co-ordinator,
Constance Ashilaka said through the
programme girls are taught to say
‘No’ to boys who try to seduce them
in a bid to curb early pregnancies and
sexually transmitted diseases.
“The girls have been taught their
rights and how to stand up for them.
This will keep them in school and
hopefully increase the number of girls
pursuing higher education,” she said.
VACCINE: Misconceptions
hamper anti-polio campaign
The ongoing polio vaccination
campaign may not meet its expected
target in Homa Bay County due to
resistance by parents.
County Director of Health Hesborn
Oluoch said the exercise is being met
by obstacles due to religious beliefs.
“Some parents are saying their
religious practices negate vaccination
hence refusing to allow their children
be vaccinated,” Oluoch said.
He said there was another category
of parents who were rejecting the
vaccine based on their belief that it
increases their children’s vulnerability
to contract other diseases.
“Some parents refuse the vaccine
saying it makes children more sick.
This is an unfortunate misconception
because a single child with polio can
infect numerous others,” he said.
Kisumu County Assembly
Speaker Anne Adul and Kakamega
Governor Wycliffe Oparanya have
said lack of funds is to blame for
poor public participation in
assemblies within their regions.
The two said without this
essential participation, the formula-
tion and passing of county legisla-
tions is greatly hampered.
Adul said many Bills require
public participation yet lack of
resources has made them unable to
hold proper forums.
She said they have resorted to
advertising in newspapers, to invite
the public to central places where
they can bring their input instead of
the assembly going to sub-counties.
Adul said the assembly is also
experiencing delays from the
Government Printer, leading to time
consumption before the gazetted
Bills go to the public for their input.
“Drafted Bills must be gazetted
before they can be tabled at the
County Assembly and before the
public. Delays at the Government
Printer affects how fast legislations
can be made,” she said.
The speaker said the printer used
to handle legislation from the
Leaders: Locals not involved in
legislation due to lack of funds
National Assembly only and now
have to deal with the Senate and 47
county governments all manufactur-
ing Bills.
She said this has led to a backlog
at the gazettment agency and called
for devolution of the gazettment and
printing services to the county level.
“Even these services were
brought to the county level, we
would not have to contend with
these delay. Kisumu county
currently has eight Bills awaiting
gazettement,” she said.
The speaker called on non-gov-
ernmental organisations to support
public participation in some Bills so
that information reaches a wider
On his part, Governor Oparanya
said the expenses involved in public
participation are too much and this
is weighing heavily on governors.
“As a county, we have used close
to Sh200 million in public participa-
tion and this is really overwhelm-
ing,” he said.
The governor said sometimes
people travel from far and wide to
come to a central place then after
the forum they expect not only a
refund but also to be fed.
Oparanya said when they cannot
provide this, the people get rowdy
and end up veering off the forum’s
intended purpose.
Oparanya said there is need to
Police in Nyanza have been
urged to stop using official vehicles
for their personal use.
Speaking in Kisumu during a
police competition on first aid
services organised by St John
Ambulance, Nyanza Police Regional
Co-ordinator, Charles Narangwi,
asked police to use vehicles for
their intended purposes.
‘‘The Government is using a lot
of resources to equip police with
vehicles. We want our officers to
use these vehicles to conduct
patrols and beef up security in the
region,’’ Narangwi said.
He, however, refuted claims that
criminals appear better equipped
than the police.
“Our officer are fully equipped
and have everything they need.
They say our rifles are inferior to
the criminals, but there is no better
weapon than a G3 rifle,’’ he said.
Narangwi told police to main-
tain high levels of discipline while
undertaking their duties in order to
win the people’s confidence.
More than 1, 600 business
women from Homa Bay’s Kasipul
Kabondo constituency are set to
benefit from a Sacco launched last
week by area MP Silvance Osele.
The Kasipul Kabondo Women
Savings and Credit Co-operative
Society is expected to fund women
individually or through the more
than 200 different women groups
found in the constituency.
Speaking during the launch,
Osele said most business women
from the area cannot acquire loans
from financial institutions due to
lack of securities.
Chairperson Susan Abudho, said
the Sacco is established as the
financial services and capacity
building provider for women
groups involved in Community
Based Informal Savings and Loan
“We have to change the way we
have been conducting business as
women. By giving members access
to soft loans, we believe this
initiative will take us a notch
higher,” Abudho said.
Sh22m solar lamp project for KCSE candidates
Police cars meant to serve locals MP launches women’s Sacco
The Siaya County Government
has set aside Sh22 million to
purchase solar powered latent
lamps for use by 13,000 secondary
school candidates.
County governor Cornel
Rasanga said the move is aimed at
saving students the high cost
incurred in purchasing paraffin and
reduce health risks associated with
the use of tin lamp, in a bid to boost
education standards.
“We will ensure that all day
scholars set to sit for the end of
year examinations are properly
facilitated to help them post
exemplary results,” he said.
Rasanga said for the project’s
future sustainability, the lamps will
remain in the school management’s
custody so that subsequent
students can also benefit from the
The governor said there are
plans to roll out a similar project
targeting class eight candidates.
Meanwhile, the Siaya County
Government has been challenged
to give priority to purchase of
healthcare equipment at the
County Referral hospital in a bid to
enhance effective service delivery.
The county assembly Imple-
mentation and Oversight Commit-
tee chairman, Leonard Oriaro,
decried poor service provision at
the referral hospital and attributed
it to lack of proper medical
The ward representative for
Central Alego said the hospital
cannot offer quality healthcare
services due to lack of equipment
such X-ray and scanning machines.
The MCA asked the County’s
leadership to ensure they set aside
adequate funds to facilitate
purchase of such equipment.
Oriaro said it is unfortunate that
even accessing ambulances, that
were recently acquired by the
county government, is not easy
especially for the poor residents
given the levies being charged.
profile stakeholders such as religious
leaders, teachers, farmers and
professionals so that various
interests are represented.
“We need proper legislation on
public participation so that we know
who is expected to lead these
forums. Is it the county executive,
governor or MCAs,” he said.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard WESTERN & NYANZA NEWS / Page 29
This dilapidated building is what houses the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
office in Nyamasaria Kisumu. The office, however, does not serve its intended
purpose as it has been closed for a long time. [PHOTO: COLLINS ODUOR/STANDARD]
What a shame!
Page 30 / COAST NEWS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
A flooded area at Mishomoroni in
Kisauni Constituency, Mombasa
County. The heavy rains currently
being experienced have wreaked
havoc in the area. [PHOTO: GIDEON
ROW: Contested school is in
our county, leaders insist
Leaders in Taita-Taveta have
declared that a primary school at
the centre of border row is in their
The long-standing boundary
dispute over the location of the
school pits Taita-Taveta County
against the neighbouring Kwale
Yesterday, a delegation from
Taita-Taveta County led by
Governor John Mruttu, Senator
Dan Mwazo and MPs Jones Mlolwa
and Andrew Mwadime visited the
school and declared the institution
is in their county and not in Kwale.
Mr Mruttu donated a 5,000
litre tank while Mwazo gave out
Sh50,000 and promised to help the
institution cultivate its farm.
BREW DEATHS: Cleric faults
sacking of State officers
An evangelical cleric in Kwale
has said Government officials
should not be victimised over
consumption of lethal brews.
Bishop Wilber Gogo of the
Coast Gospel Revival Church said
yesterday that previous events
have demonstrated that Kenyans
do not learn from past tragedies,
adding that State officials should
not be used as sacrificial lambs
following the recent illicit brew
“Some of the chiefs and
Government officers sacked are not
to blame for the killer brews that
claimed the lives of several people
in various parts of the country,”
said Gogo.
bid to protect water sources
The County Government of Taita-
Taveta has set aside more than
Sh10 million for tree planting and
rehabilitation of water catchment
Governor John Mruttu said
widespread environmental
degradation is to blame for the
drying up of Tsavo and Voi river
“The region continues to grapple
with persistent water shortages
due to widespread environmental
degradation,” said the governor
Mruttu’s remarks come at
a time when researchers and
conservationists from Taita-Taveta
and Kajiado counties have formed
a partnership to save the degraded
Tsavo and Voi river ecosystems.
The heavy rains that have been
pounding parts of Coast region have
destroyed roads, swept away crops
and raised fears of water-borne
The downpour has been
experienced in Mombasa, Kwale,
Kilifi,Tana River, Lamu and Taita-
Taveta for the past one week,
causing floods.
Health officials said although
there have been cases of malaria and
dengue fever in the region, the heavy
rains may exacerbate the problem.
Mombasa County Director of
Medical Services Khadija Shikelly
advised residents, especially those
living in slum areas, to observe
hygiene to avert cases of diarrhoea,
malaria and dengue fever.
“Cases of dengue fever, which is
caused by mosquitoes, are not new
to the county and may worsen with
the rains. Residents should take
precautions because the heavy rains
provide breeding grounds for
mosquitoes,” Dr Shikelly warned.
A youth leader in Bamburi,
Mombasa county, Philip Baya
expressed fear that dump sites and
Downpour destroys roads,
raises disease outbreak fears
poor drainage in the area could lead
to outbreak of diseases following the
rains. “Drinking water could be
contaminated due to the poor
drainage system,” Baya said.
In Kisauni constituency, the most
affected areas include Mishomoro-
ni’s Kale Ndeve where tenants have
had to vacate their homes after they
got submerged.
Mr Baraka Saibolo, a resident,
said they have to relocate every time
the area experiences heavy rains.
“Many houses have been built on
waterways and block storm waters
whenever there is heavy rain,
leading to massive flooding,’’ Saibolo
In Kilifi County, the rains have
paralysed transport and the works
on the Kaloleni-Mavueni road.
Motorists plying the route had a
rough time navigating the muddy
road and tourist vans going to Tsavo
East National Park had to turn back.
Kilifi County Commissioner
Erastus Ekidor said the rains have
made the road, which is undergoing
rehabilitation, impassable.
“Tarmacking works on the
Kaloleni-Mavueni road has been
suspended due to the ongoing heavy
rains that have also affected
transport along the route,” said Mr
He advised families on low-lying
areas to move to higher grounds.
In Taita-Taveta County, the rains
Authorities in Kilifi County have
admitted that the cause of the
sudden death of 230 head of cattle
in a local village last week is not
known because laboratory tests on
the carcasses have not been done.
Dozens of families in Vuma
village were in shock after waking
up on Wednesday last week to find
their cattle dead.
It is suspected the cows died
after taking contaminated storm
Yesterday, Kilifi County Com-
missioner Erastus Ekidor said
specialists and pathologists from
the veterinary department had
taken samples from the dead
animals for analysis to establish the
cause of death.
Mr Ekidor further said the
carcasses will be exhumed and
buried afresh under the supervision
of the officers from the department
of public health and veterinary

The port of Mombasa is a
national asset and should not be
shared with devolved governments,
the chairman of the Kenya Ports
Authority Danson Mungatana said
“We are not at loggerheads with
the Mombasa County government
and have dutifully paid what is due
to them in the form of taxes,’’
Mungatana said during a tour of
the Mombasa Agricultural Society
of Kenya (ASK) International Show.

Mungatana reiterated KPA’s
continued support for ASK
activities and announced they have
allocated Sh17 million to facilitate
shows Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu
and Nakuru.
Mombasa ASK International
Show Chairman Anthony Mrima
received Mungatana.
Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar
earlier in the year filed a motion in
the Senate seeking devolution of
the port and ferry services.
County launches Sh27 million water project
Cause of livestock deaths yet to be known
Mungatana says Mombasa port not county asset
Mombasa Governor Hassan
Joho yesterday launched a Sh27mil-
lion water pipeline extension
project in Likoni funded by the
World Bank and the British
Joho said the World Bank had
pledged to give Sh15 million while
UK’s Department for International
Development (DFID) will donate
Sh12 million.
Joho said they expect to make
more than eight million litres of
fresh water available to residents in
the next three months through the
project as part of the ten million
litres’ target the county has set for
“Every Mombasa resident
deserves clean piped water and by
the end of next year every family in
Mombasa will have piped water in
their homes,” he said.
Joho said a total of 5km of water
distribution pipes would be laid to
enhance water access in Bofu,
Landi, Mwana Nguvuze, Mrima
and Ujamaa settlements.
He said the initiative is part of
efforts to improve water supply to
the informal settlements, adding
that Likoni Sub-county,which is
categorised as a low-income area is
set to be among the biggest
beneficiaries. “I stand by my pledge
that every household in Mombasa
will have water connection by the
end of 2016,” said Joho.
County executive committee
member for Water and Environ-
ment Fatma Awale said the project
was the first initiative of its kind to
ensure that every homestead in
Mombasa has access to fresh water.
“The current water supply
system is obsolete and cannot meet
the water needs of the current
population,” said Fatma.
Fatma said the project targets
more than 1400 domestic connec-
tions and establishment of six new
public water kiosks.
are reported to have rendered feeder
roads leading to agricultural areas d
Wundanyi Assistant Deputy
County Commissioner David Boen
said a bridge connecting Werugha
and Kishushe locations had been
washed away by the raging floods
that have also paralysed public
transport in the area.
Boen noted that horticulture and
dairy farmers were unable to
transport their produce to the
markets. “Public transport has been
paralyzed in some areas and farmers
cannot access markets for their farm
produce. We fear that if the rains
continue it will leave a trail of
destruction in the region prone to
floods,” said Mr Boen.
Government officials said the
poor state of roads in the region’s
bread basket was hurting the local
Additional reports by Renson
Mnyamwezi and Joseph Masha
NOTICES / Page 31 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
The County Government of Migori hereby invites eligible construction companies, under
Categories NCA 2 and above.
TENDER NO A. : MC/275/2013-2014
Location of proposed project B.
The project road lies on road E1005 and is located in Migori County. The road forms
a link between the Kisii-Isebania (A1) road and Migori County Government Offices
and Ombo hospital which are busy centres. The road sections comprising the contract
comprise approximately 4km access to the Migori County Government Offices.
Description of Works C.
The works specified in this contract is to comprise of:
Provision and maintenance of offices and transport for the engineer (a)
Clearance of site including removal of hedges, bushes, trees, vegetation and (b)
any other objectionable items
Earth works. (c)
Construction of pipe culverts (d)
Passage of traffic through the works. (e)
Road Furniture Works (f)
Construction of cement stabilized gravel sub base. (g)
Construction of cement stabilized gravel base. (h)
Application of double seal surface dressing with 14/20mm and 6/10mm pre- (i)
coated chippings on shoulders and carriageway.
Operations ancillary to the main works. (j)
Maintenance of the works. The defects liability period shall be 24 months. (k)
Qualification for Tendering D.
The requirements for bidding are as follows:-
Certified copy of certificate of incorporation. a)
Certified copy of Registration with the NCA in category ‘2’ and above. b)
Thresholds specified in the tender documents covering the following: c)
Similar previous experience i)
Equipment holding (Certified copies of log books in company name) ii)
Professional and Technical Personnel iii)
Turnover and liquid assets supported by Audited Accounts for previous iv)
three years consecutive years
Current work load v)
Litigation history vi)
VAT registration vii)
PIN registration viii)
Certified copy of Tax compliance certificate ix)
Proof of owning a bank account in the Contractor’s name x)
Bid documents will be available with effect from 2
May 2014 at the County Procurement
offices, Migori upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs 1,000 (one thousand only).
The date for pretender site visit will be 8
May 2014. Bidders will converge at the KeRRA
Regional office / Migori County Roads office at 10.00 am and thereafter drive to the site
for a mandatory site visit.
Completed Bid documents should be submitted to:-
The County Secretary
P.O. Box 195
Suna, Migori.
Or deposited in the tender box at the County Government office to be received on or
before 15
May 2014 at 12.00 noon.
Opening of the Bids will take place immediately thereafter at the County Government
Office, Migori, in the presence of Tenderers/Representatives who wish to attend.
TENDER NO: MC/275/2013-2014
31 March 2013 31 December 2013 31 March 2014
Shs. ‘000’ Shs. ‘000’ Shs. ‘000’
A ASSETS Un-audited Audited Un-audited
1 Cash ( both Local & Foreign) 124,732 135,964 134,934
2 Balances due from Central Bank of Kenya 193,834 431,318 314,687
3 Kenya Government and other securities held for dealing purposes
4 Financial Assets at fair value through profit and loss
5 Investment Securities:
a) Held to Maturity: 1,585,047 1,524,937 1,471,735
a. Kenya Government securities 1,585,047 1,524,937 1,471,735
b. Other securities
b) Available for sale: 383,932 269,187 262,294
a. Kenya Government securities 305,517 197,730 192,416
b. Other securities 78,415 71,457 69,878
6 Deposits and balances due from local banking institutions 519,593 71,924 410,672
7 Deposits and balances due from banking institutions abroad 51,834 67,125 290,055
8 Tax recoverable 6,829 - -
9 Loans and advances to customers (net) 3,021,427 4,328,080 4,450,326
10 Balances due from banking institutions in the group
11 Investments in associates
12 Investments in subsidiary companies
13 Investments in joint ventures
14 Investment properties
15 Property and equipment 159,626 197,334 190,260
16 Prepaid lease rentals
17 Intangible assets 149,941 163,266 154,400
18 Deferred tax asset 23,504 26,096 26,096
19 Retirement benefit asset
20 Other assets 188,861 93,623 231,164
21 TOTAL ASSETS 6,409,159 7,308,855 7,936,623
22 Balances due to Central Bank of Kenya
23 Customer deposits 4,954,127 5,511,795 6,158,289
24 Deposits and balances due to local banking institutions 115,802 422,339 317,531
25 Deposits and balances due to foreign banking institutions
26 Other money market deposits
27 Borrowed funds
28 Balances due to banking institutions in the group
29 Tax payable 15,933 15,933
30 Dividends payable
31 Deferred tax liability
32 Retirement benefit liability
33 Other liabilities 135,434 121,135 170,538
34 TOTAL LIABILITIES 5,205,363 6,071,202 6,662,291
35 Paid up /Assigned capital 1,150,000 1,150,000 1,150,000
36 Share premium/(discount)
37 Revaluation reserves
38 Retained earnings/Accumulated losses 61,946 48,654 58,023
39 Statutory loan loss reserves 15,512 57,597 68,967
40 Other Reserves (23,661) (18,597) (2,658)
41 Proposed dividends
42 Capital grants
43 TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS’ FUNDS 1,203,796 1,237,653 1,274,332
44 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND SHAREHOLDERS’ FUNDS 6,409,159 7,308,855 7,936,623


1.1 Loans and advances 161,334 733,824 209,495
1.2 Government securities 36,299 131,807 31,316
1.3 Deposits and placements with banking institutions 5,558 31,185 3,899
1.4 Other Interest Income 2,386 9,446 4,079
1.5 Total interest income 205,578 906,263 248,789
2.1 Customer deposits 88,265 384,730 105,092
2.2 Deposits and placement from banking institutions 557 2,148 2,019
2.3 Other interest expenses
2.4 Total interest expenses 88,822 386,878 107,111
3.0 NET INTEREST INCOME/(LOSS) 116,755 519,385 141,679
4.1 Fees and commissions on loans and advances 10,736 52,786 9,008
4.2 Other fees and commissions 10,002 47,017 8,384
4.3 Foreign exchange trading income/(Loss) 4,622 13,406 4,362
4.4 Dividend Income
4.5 Other income 209 17,702 1,751
4.6 Total Non-interest income 25,570 130,910 23,506
5.0 TOTAL OPERATING INCOME 142,326 650,296 165,184
6.1 Loan loss provision 3,541 45,222 2,079
6.2 Staff costs 49,307 221,330 62,967
6.3 Directors’ emoluments 7,536 31,055 8,361
6.4 Rental charges 11,375 49,728 14,405
6.5 Depreciation charge on property and equipment 9,396 41,637 11,267
6.6 Amortisation charges 8,710 35,708 9,569
6.7 Other operating expenses 28,449 153,170 35,796
6.8 Total Other Operating Expenses 118,314 577,850 144,443
7.0 Profit/(loss) before tax and exceptional items 24,011 72,445 20,741
8.0 Exceptional items
9.0 Profit/(loss) after exceptional items 24,011 72,445 20,741
10.0 Current tax 24,838
11.0 Deferred tax (5,189)
12.0 Profit/(loss) after tax and
exceptional items 24,011 52,796 20,741
13.0 Other Comprehensive Income
13.1 Gains/(Losses) from translating
the financial statements of foreign
13.2 Fair value changes in available for
sale financial assets 1,421 8,655 22,771
13.3 Revaluation surplus on Property, plant and equipment
13.4 Share of other comprehensive income of associates
13.5 Income tax relating to components of other comprehensive income (426) (2,597) (6,831)
14.0 Other Comprehensive Income for the year net of tax 995 6,058 15,939
15.0 Total comprehensive income for the year 25,006 58,854 36,680


(a) Gross Non-performing loans and advances 394,679 344,829 404,611
(b) Less: Interest in Suspense 103,638 95,530 102,913
(c) Total Non-Performing Loans and Advances (a-b) 291,041 249,298 301,698
(d) Less: Loan Loss Provision 135,914 108,637 108,637
(e) Net Non-Performing Loans and Advances(c-d) 155,127 140,661 193,061
(f) Discounted Value of Securities 155,127 140,661 193,061
(g) Net NPLs Exposure (e-f) - - -
(a) Directors, Shareholders and Associates 204,754 212,320 261,812
(b) Employees 204,401 202,327 296,470
(c) Total Insider Loans and Advances and other facilities 409,155 414,647 558,283
(a) Letters of credit,guarantees, acceptances 671,526 439,330 400,901
(b) Forwards, swaps and options
(c) Other contingent liabilities 174,500 - 36
(d) Total Contingent Liabilities 846,026 439,330 400,937
(a) Core capital 1,199,941 1,198,654 1,197,653
(b) Minimum Statutory Capital 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
(c) Excess/(Dificiency)(a-b) 199,941 198,654 197,653
(d) Supplementary Capital 15,512 57,597 68,967
(e) Total Capital (a+d) 1,215,453 1,256,251 1,266,620
(f) Total risk weighted assets 3,984,905 4,718,695 6,165,964
(g) Core Capital/Total deposits Liabilities 23.7% 21.3% 19.1%
(h) Minimum statutory Ratio 8.0% 8.0% 8.0%
(I) Excess/(Deficiency) (g-h) 15.7% 13.3% 11.1%
(j) Core Capital / total risk weighted assets 30.1% 25.4% 19.4%
(k) Minimum Statutory Ratio 8.0% 8.0% 8.0%
(l) Excess (Deficiency) (j-k) 22.1% 17.4% 11.4%
(m) Total Capital/total risk weighted assets 30.5% 26.6% 20.5%
(n) Minimum statutory Ratio 12.0% 12.0% 12.0%
(o) Excess/(Deficiency) (m-n) 18.5% 14.6% 8.5%
14.1 (a) Liquidity Ratio 52.7% 36.7% 40.4%
14.2 (b) Minimum Statutory Ratio 20.0% 20.0% 20.0%
14.3 (c) Excess (Deficiency) (a-b) 32.7% 16.7% 20.4%
These financial statements are extracts from the books of the institution. The complete set of quarterly financial statements, statutory
and qualitative disclosures can be accessed on the intitutions website : They may also be accessed at the
institutions head office located at Mercantile House Koinange Street - Nairobi

Sunil Sahdev Moses Mwendwa
Managing Director Director
Page 32 / APPOINTMENTS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
‘To serve the public by providing quality, impartial and timely prosecution services anchored
on the values and principles enshrined in the Constitution’
The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions invited in the print media on 24
January, 2014 applications from candidates wishing to be considered for appointment to various
positions. A total of One Hundred and Fifty Three (153) applications were received at the close of the advertisement on 14
February, 2014 out of which Ninety Five (95) candidates
have been shortlisted.
The interviews for the shortlisted candidates will be conducted from 26
– 30
FLOOR EASTERN WING as shown below:-
MAY, 2014
1. SUSAN JUMA NYANG FEMALE 10025152 8.00 a.m.
2. KIPSANG LANG’AT RICHARD MALE 10507684 8.45 a.m.
4. JOHN WALTER WANYONYI MALE 10454924 10.15 a.m.
5. ORINDA CHARLES OTIENO MALE 1502113 11.30 a.m.
6. OKELLO EDWIN OBUYA MALE 10131395 12.15 p.m.
7. NDERITU DAVID NJAGI MALE 9199347 2.00 p.m.
8. WARUI JAMES MUNGAI MALE 10709938 2.45 p.m.
9. MAINA PAUL NDEMO MALE 11223826 3.15 p.m.
10. MWITI PETER KIMATHI MALE 10381171 4.00 p.m.
MAY, 2014
2. AKUMA JOHN BORORIO MALE 7274983 9.00 a.m.
MALE 8350660 9.30 a.m.
4. OBIRI GEOFFREY MATOYA MALE 10927744 10.00 a.m.
5. IMBALI TOM PETER MALE 13862159 11.00 a.m.
6. OKARA CHARLES KINARA MALE 9969203 11.30 a.m.
FEMALE 8468740 12.00 p.m.
8. RIUNGU JOSEPH GITONGA MALE 22935186 12.30 p.m.
9. NJERU SOLOMON KIMATHI MALE 13869556 2.00 p.m.
10. NDERITU DAVID NJAGI MALE 9199347 2.30 a.m.
11. NYAMANGA ERIC ACHOKI MALE 5298652 3.00 p.m.
12. MARORO JEREMIAH MOKUA FEMALE 5293802 3.30 p.m.
MAY, 2014
2. MENGE CLIFF NYAMBANE MALE 12796072 9.00 a.m.
3. ABUGA GEORGE MONGARE FEMALE 9911203 9.30 a.m.
4. INGONGA RENSON MULELE MALE 11469976 10.00 a.m.
5. AYODO BRIAN PRATT MALE 13235364 11.00 a.m.
6. MWAJAMBIA KEVIN DZUMO MALE 21612925 11.30 a.m.
7. REGINA TUMAINI WAFULA FEMALE 11182225 12.00 p.m.
MAY, 2014
1. BOSIRE KENNETH KIBAGENDI MALE 10626506 12.30 p.m.
2. AKUMA JOHN BORORIO MALE 7274983 2.00 p.m.
MALE 12798086 2.30 a.m.
4. OGWORA LILIAN MORAA FEMALE 13341648 3.00 p.m.
FEMALE 14450052 3.30 p.m.
MAY, 2014
1. ARISI EVERLYN FEMALE 22161448 8.30 a.m.
2. MURITHI GEORGE HENRY MALE 21979828 9.00 a.m.
3. OKARA CHARLES KINARA MALE 9969203 9.30 a.m.
4. AYODO BRIAN PRATT MALE 13235364 10.00 a.m.
5. OWENGA MONICAH AKOTH FEMALE 21644964 11.00 a.m.
6. ONGAGA ANDREW J. MANDI MALE 8795809 11.30 a.m.
MALE 8468740 12.00 p.m.
8. RIUNGU JOSEPH GITONGA MALE 22935186 12.30 p.m.
10. MARORO JEREMIAH MOKUA MALE 5293802 2.30 a.m.
12. OKEYO CHARLES ONG’ANG’A MALE 9547205 3.30 p.m.
MAY, 2014
1. GICHUI GIKUI WANGUI FEMALE 22380598 8.30 a.m.
2. KEFA RUTH CHEBESIO FEMALE 22008280 9.00 a.m.
4. INGONGA RENSON MULELE MALE 11469976 10.00 a.m.
5. MAINA IRENE WANJIRU FEMALE 22493505 11.00 a.m.
6. MWAJAMBIA KEVIN DZUMO MALE 21612995 11.30 a.m.
7. TANUI LUCAS KIPKOGEI MALE 22313100 12.00 p.m.
MALE 21715565 12.30 p.m.
9. KABAKA VICTOR INYANJE MALE 20070716 2.00 p.m.
MAY, 2014
1. NGENGI ALLAN WANJOHI MALE 22530956 8.30 a.m.
2. AKUMA JOHN BORORIO MALE 7274983 9.00 a.m.
3. OMARI JOEL AMENYA MALE 23465274 9.30 a.m.
4. OKOTH RUBY AKINYI FEMALE 21150975 10.00 a.m.
5. MUTUKU FAITH MUENI FEMALE 22623429 11.00 a.m.
MALE 12798086 11.30 a.m.
7. KIBUI BARNABAS GIOCHE MALE 24015187 12.00 p.m.
8. KESSE MAUREEN CHERONOH FEMALE 22268730 12.30 p.m.
9. KEFA MOEGI MOTENDE MALE 11689505 2.00 p.m.
FEMALE 24542741 2.30 a.m.
APPOINTMENTS / Page 33 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Find us on
Office of the Director of
Public Prosecutions Kenya
Follow us on
12. OKARA CHARLES KINARA MALE 9969203 3.30 p.m.
MAY, 2014
1. MUCHIRI ESTHER NJOKI FEMALE 24164624 8.30 a.m.
2. MUTUNGI OLIVER MUTUA MALE 8822945 9.00 a.m.
3. MURITHI GEORGE HENRY MALE 21979828 9.30 a.m.
4. NJOGU JAMES MURIITHI MALE 22865897 10.00 a.m.
7. NTURIBI PETER MWENDA MALE 21710048 12.00 p.m.
8. KHAEMBA EDNA SUDI FEMALE 22482176 12.30 p.m.
9. MASAKI STEPHEN NYAGAKA MALE 22275434 2.00 p.m.
10. OTIENO NORA ACHIENG FEMALE 21972706 2.30 a.m.
11. OMOL JACKLINE OTIENO FEMALE 24013918 3.00 p.m.
12. MARORO JEREMIAH MOKUA MALE 5293802 3.30 p.m.
MAY, 2014
2. BATI CHEBWOGEN WINNY FEMALE 23210521 9.00 a.m.
3. MAUNDU LUCY MINOO FEMALE 24207085 9.30 a.m.
4. ONUNGA EVELYNE ACHIENG FEMALE 20497709 10.00 a.m.
6. FUCHAKA ANGELA LILA FEMALE 23840560 11.30 a.m.
7. RIECHI JONAH MEROKA MALE 22598313 12.00 p.m.
8. MUNGAI MOSES KAHIGA MALE 22619349 12.30 p.m.
11. SIRTUY LAZARUS KIPKOSGEI MALE 21469718 3.00 p.m.
12. RUGUT DORCAS CHELANGAT FEMALE 22056950 3.30 p.m.
MAY, 2014
1. STEPHEN KANGETHE KARUGA MALE 22841169 8.30 a.m.
2. CHETALAM JAMES MALE 10376677 9.00 a.m.
3. OLOO LINDA EUNICE FEMALE 24443221 9.30 a.m.
The candidates should be at the venue half an hour (30 minutes) before the
starting time. The candidates should bring with them ORIGINALS of the following
· National Identity Card
· Academic and Professional Certificates and Transcripts
· Any supporting documents and testimonials
· Detailed Curriculum Vitae
· Letter of appointment to their current substantive post
· Letter of appointment to their previous post
· Clearance certificate from the following bodies :-
i. Law Society of Kenya for Lawyers
ii. Higher Education Loans Board
iii. Kenya Revenue Authority
iv. Criminal Investigation Department
v. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
vi. Any Professional bodies to which the candidate is a member
Only successful candidates will be contacted.
Members of the public with any adverse information on any shortlisted candidate
are requested to submit the information under CONFIDENTIAL COVER before 26

May, 2014 to:-
The Director of Public Prosecutions
NSSF Building, Block ‘A’, 19
P.O. Box 30701 – 00100,
JKUAT IS ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED Setting Trends in Higher Education, Research and Innovation
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) is a public University which aspires to be a
University of global excellence in Training, Research and Innovation for Development.
For the last two decades, the University that now hosts the Pan African University Institute of Basic Sciences,
Technology and Innovation, a Graduate School aimed at promoting integration among African states through
higher education and research, has made tremendous progress in training, research and technology transfer
not only in Kenya but also in Africa.
To strengthen its administrative arm, JKUAT wishes to recruit qualified individuals to fill the following position:
The position of Principal is a senior post in the University created to give leadership to a college of JKUAT.
A Principal is appointed to hold of ce for a term of five years that may be renewed once depending on
Must possess an earned PhD and be professor/Associate professor in medical field from a recognized
Must have at least ten (10) years experience in senior academic, research or management position.
Must have held senior administrative posts such as Director/Dean of a Faculty, School, or Institute/ Campus
in a recognized University.
Applicants who have held positions equivalent to the advertised position and whose background is in core
programmes areas of the college will have an added advantage.
Applicants are expected to be familiar with national, regional and global trends in higher education and
demonstrate potential to plan, develop and implement academic programmes, institutional linkages and
managerial ability including strategic planning.
Must have excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills, highest ethical standards,
integrity and professionalism.
Experience in networking, fundraising and resource mobilization will be an added advantage.
Working under the general direction of the Vice Chancellor, the successful applicant shall:
Be the academic and administrative head of the College.
Have overall responsibility of the direction, organization, administration and programmes of the College.
Coordinate development and implementation of the academic and administrative policies of the college.
Maintain ef ciency and good order of the college and ensure proper enforcement of the statutes and
Provide innovative and creative leadership in the areas of planning and development.
All applicants should:
i. Submit three (3) copies of letters of application, certificates, testimonials and updated curriculum vitae
to include full details of education and professional qualifications, experience, present salary, names and
addresses of three referees.
ii. Applicants should request their referees to forward reports on their suitability to the undersigned directly
iii. Forward clearance certificates from the following Institutions
a) Higher Education Loans Board
b) Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission
c) Kenya Revenue Authority
d) Certificate of Good Conduct
e) Credit Reference Bureau Certificate
iv. Indicate clearly the position on the application letter and on the envelope which should be addressed to:
The Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor,
Administration, Planning and Development (APD),
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology
P.O Box 62000-00200
Application for the above position should be received on or before , 3rd June, 2014
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
TELEPHONE: (067) - 52181-4, 52711, FAX: (067)-52197
Page 34 / NOTICES Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
21/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM D.C’s PODIUM BOMENI TAVETA
21/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM CHUMVINI CHALLA TAVETA
21/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM MATA MATA TAVETA
21/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM DANIDA HALL MAHOO TAVETA
21/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM DAN MWAZO HALL MBOLOLO VOI
21/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM MLANGONYI NGOLIA VOI
21/05/2014 2:00 – 6:00PM KANYANGA SAGALLA VOI
P.O. Box 1066-80304,
Pursuant to Article 196(1)(b) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, the Taita Taveta County Assembly wishes to notify
members of the public of Public Participation Forums on the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) and
County Fiscal Strategy Paper( CFSP) as per the schedule below.
19/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM D.C’s PODIUM BOMENI TAVETA
19/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM CHUMVINI CHALLA TAVETA
19/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM MATA MATA TAVETA
19/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM DANIDA HALL MAHOO TAVETA
19/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM HEART BEAT CHURCH/
19/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM DAN MWAZO HALL MBOLOLO VOI
19/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM MLANGONYI NGOLIA VOI
19/05/2014 2:00 – 6:00PM KANYANGA SAGALLA VOI
20/05/2014 9:00 – 1:00PM OUR LADY OF PEACE CATHOLIC
21/05/2014 2:00 – 6:00PM MGHAMBONYI CENTER WUMINGU/

Michael B. Ngala
Clerk - Taita Taveta County Assembly
(A Constituent College of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology)
The Principal and Staf of Taita Taveta University College has the pleasure to invite you to the
Date: 15
May 2014
Time : 08.30 AM-04.00 PM
Venue: Taita Taveta University College
Theme: Providing a Holistic Environment for Training, Research and Outreach
CHIEF GUEST: Dr Bellio Kipsang, Principal Secretary, State Department of Education, Ministry of
Education, Science and Technology
Other Guests:
All Political Leaders of Taita Taveta County
Other Senior Public Of cers from the County
The General Public
Students and School leavers
What will be on ofer?
Academic Programs at TTUC (Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate)
A view of ongoing Projects at TTUC
Facilities and Services for Students at TTUC
Other activities
Launch of the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan for TTUC
Laying the foundation stone for the Mining, Fuels and Mineral Processing Centre,
which also includes the Gemology Centre Intake 2014
May Intake for Certificate, Diploma, MBA and MSc courses is ongoing!
September intake for all programs is ongoing
More details can be seen at
Kutana na watangazaji wa
Radio Maisha kila Jumatano
6pm hadi che!
Nairobi…102.7 | Nakuru...104.5 | Mombasa…105.1 | Eldoret...91.1 | Kisumu…105.3
| Kitui…93.8 | Kisii…91.3 | Meru...105.1 | Kericho...90.5 | Nyeri…105.7
Jalas na Alex
Friday October 21, 2008 / The Standard Friday October 21, 2008 / The Standard
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
A select committee inves-
tigating the conduct of sacked
Nairobi County executive for
Roads, Transport and Public
Works Evans Ondieki has ta-
bled the report, clearing him of
all the accusations raised.
The County Assembly, still
in recess held a special sitting
yesterday, two weeks after the
House censured him last
month over graft allegations.
The committee chair Mau-
rice Akuk tabled the report
yesterday afternoon, amid dis-
approvals from the members
of the Assembly, who felt dis-
“Pursuant to Section 40 (5)
(a) of the County Government
Act, 2012, and County Assem-
bly Standing Order 62 (6), the
Select Committee finds the al-
legations as contained in the
Motion for censure and re-
moval of the County Executive
Evans Ondieki from office as
unsubstantiated,” stated
The move allows Ondieki to
resume office, and will be con-
stitutionally bound to execute
his official duties.
The House did not discuss
the report as law provides, but
the members held a private
session and purportedly de-
clared to pursue more alleged
“shady” activities in the execu-
tive’s office.
“He is not yet out of the
woods. He has a reprieve for
Committee clears
Nairobi Roads
boss over graft
now but when we resume from
recess in June, we will table
other more documented evi-
dence,” a member told The
The Assembly committee
for Roads and Public Works has
also been tasked to investigate
on whether money has been
paid to any public and state of-
ficer of the county government,
by a Gullied Kunow Mursal, in
regard to the planned Nairobi
Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Sys-
The committee, chaired by
Diana Kapeen (South C) will
seek to know whether there is
an agreement, or memoran-
dum of understanding between
the county authority and Dia-
mond Coaches Limited.
Last month, Ondieki told
the probe committee that the
Diamond Coaches Ltd wrote to
Governor Evans Kidero over
the planned PSV bus system,
and the governor sought his
opinion on the matter.
“This was a mere proposal
by Diamond Coaches and I
gave my opinion in good faith,”
he stated.
He also said, “Besides Fo-
ton, we have requests from Vol-
vo, Leyland and others but we
cannot proceed until policies
are developed,” he told the
committee last Friday.
The probe team, however
questioned why Ondieki wrote
to Diamond Coaches, but left
the other companies out.
In the next four weeks, the
Kapeen-led committee will al-
so inquire into the interested
partners in the BRT system.
Governor calls for caution when
drafting impeachment laws
Mandera Governor Ali Roba has called for
caution in developing a new legislation to
benchmark grounds under, which county as-
semblies can initiate an impeachment pro-
The governor urged Parliament to legislate
on County Bills in good faith by forging a mu-
tual working relationship, devoid of suspicion
and blame games.
Captain Roba emphasised that drafted
Bills on counties should be intended for the
greater good of supporting devolution.
“As the Council of Governors (CoG) we are
focused in ensuring we develop a good work-
ing relationship of good will, to ensure devo-
lution becomes a reality,” he said.
Roba’s concerns come at a time a section
of MPs, led by Adan Keynan (Eldas) an-
nounced that they would come up with a leg-
islation that will involve public participation
and the input of Parliament, in the process to
remove a county executive member, governor,
chief officer or County Public Service Board
members from office.
The Mandera County boss expressed con-
cern that due to the “impeachment fever”,
various county Assemblies would derail ser-
vice delivery at the grassroots, and undermine
“The lawmakers must critically analyse the
Bills they develop to conform with the de-
volved units of governance. This will ensure
they are not in bad faith,” he urged.
Nairobi County govern-
ment officer in-charge of
medical stores Joseph Sam-
ich risks dismissal from of-
fice over corruption cases in
his docket.
Auditors established that
Sh3.2 million could not be
accounted for in the medical
stores last year because of
the alteration of the original
A probe team that visited
the central stores situated
along Haile Selassie avenue
in Nairobi found evidence of
doctored drugs supply re-
They discovered that gov-
ernment drugs were being
diverted to private clinics,
while in some cases, not all
drugs procured were re-
The officers from the pro-
curement department have,
however, said Samich will be
answerable for the discrep-
ancies unearthed in the
“He was in charge of all
the six medical stores around
Nairobi so he knew what was
happening,” said Solomon
Obiero, the county director
of procurement.
He also accused Samich
of objecting to the deploy-
ment of a procurement offi-
cer to the stores.
Last month, the Public ac-
counts Committee toured
the facility on fact-finding
mission and unearthed sev-
eral discrepancies.
The PAC chair Robert
Mbatia claimed that the
workers at the stores were
forced to sign supplies docu-
ment under duress.
“We established that some
receipts looked suspiciously
blurred. Some records pur-
ported that drugs were sup-
plied although they never ar-
rived,” said Mbatia.
He said some drugs were
purportedly supplied to non-
existent facilities, like the
Highridge Health Centre,
that was pulled down, while
others received less quanti-
ties contrary to what records
indicate at the stores.
Though Samich had
blamed the hitch on poor
quality of receipts, he could
not explain why the receipts
were blank.
An officer from Pumwani
Maternity Hospital has been
dispatched to take his place,
pending conclusion of inves-
County medical stores officer risks dismissal
Nairobi County executive for Roads Evans Ondieki with his sup-
porters after a session with PAC team. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
He was in
charge of all the
six medical stores
around Nairobi so he
knew everything
— Solomon Obiero
1. MAWASCO/T001/14/15 Tender for Provision of General Insurance (Both Motor & Non-motor)
2. MAWASCO/T002/14/15 Tender for Provision of Security Services and Alarm.
3. MAWASCO/T003/14/15 Tender for Supply and delivery of water meters and accessories
4. MAWASCO/T004/14/15 Tender for supply of Fuel and Lubricants
1. MAWASCO/001/14/15 Supply & Repair of Telecommunication Equipment & Spares
2. MAWASCO/002/14/15 Supply & delivery of Pipes & fittings,
3. MAWASCO/003/14/15 Supply of Furniture & Internal Decorations
4. MAWASCO/004/14/15 Supply & Service of Electrical & Air conditioning Equipment
5. MAWASCO/005/14/15 Fire Safety Equipment Supply & Servicing
6. MAWASCO/006/14/15 Prequalification for Civil & Electro-Mechanical Construction Works
7. MAWASCO/007/14/15 Prequalification for Motor Vehicle / Motor Cycle Repair and Servicing
8. MAWASCO/008/14/15 Supply & Delivery of Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle Tyres & Tubes
9. MAWASCO/009/14/15 Servicing of Pumps, Generators & Dewatering Pumps
10. MAWASCO/010/14/15 Supply & delivery of Water Quality laboratory Equipments & Reagents
11. MAWASCO/011/14/15 Provision of Consultancy Services
12 MAWASCO/012/14/15 Provision of Courier Services
13 MAWASCO/013/14/15 Supply & delivery of Staf Uniforms & Boots
14 MAWASCO/014/14/15 Air ticketing and Car hire
15 MAWASCO/015/14/15 Provision of Fumigation, Pest Control & Septic tank emptying
16 MAWASCO/016/14/15 Supply, Maintenance of Computers & Accessories
17 MAWASCO/017/14/15 Supply & delivery of Building Materials (Sand, Ballast, Building Blocks, Cement) etc
18 MAWASCO/018/14/15 Provision of Training Services
19 MAWASCO/019/14/15 Provision of Legal Services
20 MAWASCO/020/14/15 Supply and delivery of General hardware and workshop tools.
1. MAWASCO/DG/001/14/15 Provision of repair services for ofce equipments and machines
2. MAWASCO/DG/002/14/15 Supply and delivery of ofce stationery
3. MAWASCO/DG/003/14/15 Supply of stationery printing
4. MAWASCO/DG/004/14/15 Supply and delivery of mobile phone airtime
5. MAWASCO/DG/005/14/15 Supply and delivery of cleaning equipments and detergents
Malindi Water and Sewerage Company Ltd (MAWASCO) is in the process of Tender/Pre-qualifying Suppliers for various goods,
services and works for the financial year 2014/2015.
Interested eligible bidders and tenderers may obtain further information and inspect the documents at Malindi Water and
Sewerage Company Ltd ofces (Behind former Malindi Municipal Council Ofces, next to Kilifi County Assembly Ofces) or
through website.
Tender documents with detailed specifications and conditions may be obtained from the Procurement Ofcer at Malindi Water
and Sewerage Company Ltd Ofces during normal working hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs 1,000.00 in cash
or bankers cheque for each set. Payment for Tender documents should be made at our cash ofce, Malindi behind the former
Municipal Council Ofces. Prequalification documents may be obtained at no cost through our website.
Completed prequalification documents in plain sealed envelopes and bearing no indication of the name of the tenderer, but
clearly marked “Tender/Prequalification No.________ for Supply and delivery of _______” should be deposited in the tender box at the
main entrance of MAWASCO or posted to:
The Managing Director
Malindi Water & Sewerage Company Ltd
P.O. BOX 410
80200 – MALINDI.
so as to be received on or before 10:00 am on Friday 30th May 2014.
Tender/Pre-qualification documents will be opened immediately thereafter in the Company Boardroom in the presence of
bidders or their representatives who wish to attend.
Page 36 / CENTRAL NEWS Wednesday May 14, 2014 / The Standard
INFERNO: School closed
following dormitory fire
Siakago Boys High School in
Mbeere North was yesterday
closed indefinitely after a fire burnt
down a dormitory that houseS 150
Property of unknown value
was reduced to ashes during the
early Tuesday morning inferno,
whose cause was not immediately
The school’s principal, Peterson
Mugo said investigations are on to
ascertain whether the cause was
electrical or arson by students.
“There were no injuries as the
fire started when students were
conducting their morning preps in
the classrooms. Experts have been
called to investigate the cause,”
said Mugo.
BREW: Cartons of liquor
found dumped near stream
Residents of a village in Murang’a
woke up to find cartons of illicit
liquor dumped near a stream,
following an intensified crackdown
on suppliers and brewers in the
People living near Itheru stream
in Maragwa stumbled upon the
neatly arranged cartons containing
hundreds of bottles of assorted
brands of the alcoholic drinks, just
days after eight people died in
Kirere area in the nearby Kigumo
Members of public assisted the
police to retrieve the cartons from
the stream. The drinks contained
high alcoholic content, similar to
the ones seized in last week’s raid.
LAND: Governor promises
to resettle squatters
Governor Joseph Ndathi has told
the Kirinyaga Central MP Gachoki
Gitari to stop being an alarmist
on the fate of the 3,000 settlers at
the controversial South Ngariama
Ranching Scheme.
Ndathi hit out at Gitari for
claiming plans were afoot to kick out
the settlers who have been on the
vast land since 2009.
The governor claimed his
administration was being frustrated
by a surveying company said to
be closely associated with the
“The company has declined to
furnish my office with the list of the
beneficiaries of the scheme land
after it subdivided and allocated it
to the squatters. I want this matter
settled,” Ndathi said.
A High Court judge has disquali-
fied himself from handling a case in
which more than 600 villagers have
sued the Catholic Church over 2,761
acres of land, allegedly stolen during
the country’s state of emergency.
Justice Anthony Ombwayo of the
Environment and Land Division of
the Nyeri High Court disqualified
himself from the case he previously
handled while an advocate for a party
in the suit.
The judge directed that the case be
transferred to the Kerugoya High
Court to prevent the likelihood of any
of the parties crying foul after conclu-
Mr Ombwayo told the court yes-
terday that he had previously repre-
sented the Attorney General in a suit
relating to the same land dispute, and
this warranted his excusal from han-
dling the matter.
“Although no record shows I had
signed any court papers in the suit, a
right-thinking man would see the
likelihood of bias,” said Ombwayo.
In the suit, the villagers claim they
represent a generation of more than
4,000 people whose ancestral land
was allegedly grabbed by Italian mis-
sionaries, working in cahoots with the
Judge disqualifes himself
from controversial land case
colonial government during the state
of emergency.
The excusal of the judge came af-
ter he consolidated the Nyeri case
with another from the Nairobi High
Court, in which he had previously
represented the AG.
Lawyer Gikandi Ngibuini, repre-
senting petitioners in the Nairobi suit
told the court that ‘no person should
be a judge in his own case’, so Omb-
wayo was obligated to excuse himself
from the case.
The church’s lawyer Simon Weke-
sa, while rooting for the consolidation
of the two cases despite the involve-
ment of the judge, said there is need
for all disputes in both suits to be
heard conclusively.
The judge’s directive to transfer the
case to Kerugoya, nearly 50 kilometres
away, caused immediate displeasure
among the villagers in the courtroom
who feared they may not keep track of
its progress. Their Lawyer, Wanyiri Ki-
horo said the village folk wanted the
case to be heard at a place where they
are present in court.
“Right now we are being sent to
Kerugoya. Next will probably be Meru
or Isiolo. How many of these elderly
people will even afford fare to travel
there?” he posed.
The parties resolved to schedule a
mention date for the case at the
Kerugoya Court, to persuade the judge
to travel to Nyeri and hear the matter
A suspected arsonist yesterday
gutted down a school dormitory and
destroyed property of unkown value
in Meru County.
The fire, which started as pupils
at Bishop Lawi Imathiu Boarding Pri-
mary School were asleep burnt 24
beds, 30 mattresses, boxes and per-
sonal effects belonging to the pupils.
This is the second time an unknown
arsonist has started a fire at the
Area OCPD Tom Mboya said they
received a call at around 3am and
rushed to the school with fire-fight-
ing equipment. They managed to put
out the fire before it spread to other
“No pupil was injured in the in-
ferno but they lost most of their be-
longings,” said the OCPD.
On Saturday night, an attempt by
unknown people to burn the school
was thwarted by pupils, who were in
for the evening preps.
A director with a land-buying
company in Makuyu was gunned
down in mysterious circumstances
on Monday night.
Wilfred Mwangi, 62, a director
with the trouble-ridden Kihiu Mwiri
Company was sprayed with bullets
by unknown persons as he waited for
his son to pick him after transacting
a land deal.
Last year, Mwangi’s wife was held
hostage by a gang and released after
a month.
Residents associated the incident
with land disputes at the company
located in Mitumbiri area of Makuyu
Yesterday, Murang’a county po-
lice commander Ms Naomi Ichami
said seven spent cartridges were
found at the scene of the incident by
police officers.
“Police have launched investiga-
tions into the incident but we also
appeal to members of the public to
help us with information,” he said.
County executives fail to appear before probe team
Pupils escape death in school fire attack
Company director killed after land deal
Attempts by two committees of
the Nyeri County Assembly to grill
two county executive members
flopped after they failed to turn up
as expected.
The joint committee on Agricul-
ture and Trade had summoned Stan-
ley Miano of Trade and his Agricul-
ture counterpart Shadrack Mubea, to
shed light on the county govern-
ment’s Coffee Pool Marketing initia-
When the two arrived for the grill-
ing yesterday morning, they pleaded
with the committees to be allowed to
attend a meeting convened by Nyeri
Governor Nderitu Gachagua and
coffee farmers.
“We pleaded to be given time to
prepare for the meeting with the gov-
ernor, as he is set to meet coffee
farmers over the same issue that you
want addressed. We will show up in
the afternoon,” Mubea said.
However, the two failed to turn up
at 2pm as they had earlier promised,
but instead sent short message ser-
vice (SMS) texts to the Agriculture
team chairman Kibira Ngunyi, say-
ing they are tied up at Wambugu
Farmers Training Centre, the venue
of the meeting.
Speaking on the phone separate-
ly, the two said they could not hon-
our their promises as the meeting
between farmers and the governor
extended longer than anticipated.
“I was the master of ceremonies
at the meeting and there is no way I
would have left the farmers and the
governor on their own,” Mubea ex-
Miano said they agreed to re-
schedule the meeting after a talk he
was to present to farmers extended
beyond the time limit.
“We decided to have another date
for the meeting. It was not our fault
as we had not expected the meeting
to go beyond 2pm,” Miano said.
The two promised to cooperate
with the two committees for the in-
terest of coffee farmers.
Clean city
Sifa Cleaners and Bins Service youths clean up Ngara. The youth, from the
street families, have partnered with the Nairobi County Government to help in
cleaning Nairobi city. [PHOTO: COLLINS KWEYU/STANDARD]
CENTRAL NEWS / Page 37 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Traders fault order restricting
use of roads in Thika town
The business community in
Kiambu town has opposed the
move by the Kiambu County
government to close several roads
to ease traffic jams in the urban
In the new directive, all vehicles
entering Thika town are supposed
to use Gatitu Road while those
leaving the town are required to
drive on Blue Post Road.
Motorists, however, claim that
this has aggravated the situation as
some of the them are now taking up
to an hour to get into the town.
On the other hand, traders in the
town are accusing the government
of making the decision – which they
say has cost them heavily – without
consulting them.
Although Kiambu Governor
Directive issued by
county government
is aimed at easing
perennial traffc jams in
the busy urban centre
William Kabogo has on several
occasions reiterated his administra-
tion’s commitment to attracting
more investors to the county, the
traders say the directive is likely to
scare away those wishing to start
businesses in the town.
Thika Central District Business
Association Secretary General
Alfred Wanyoike said closing the
roads may lead to some of them
moving to towns that offer a more
conducive environment for doing
“Our members are suffering
huge losses as a result of the roads
closure. We are appealing to the
county government to call a
meeting of all stakeholders to
discuss the way forward,” said
Gatitu Road in Thika town. Motorists leaving the town have been barred from
using the road to ease congestion in the urban centre. [PHOTO: KAMAU MAI-
The Nyandarua County govern-
ment has launched a drive to
promote the cultivation of drought-
resistant crops in Ndaragwa.
County executive committee
member for Agriculture Agatha
Thuo said the move is aimed at
encouraging cultivation of crops
that are suited for the area’s climate.
The lower part of Ndaragwa has
over the years relied on relief food,
especially during the dry season.
New crops proposed for growing
in the area include sweet potato,
some maize varieties, yam and
Farmers in the area have in the
past grown potatoes and maize
varieties that dry up immediately
the dry season sets in.
Thuo was speaking in Gwakion-
go, Milangine, during the presenta-
tion of a tractor to Mboiman
Farmers Self Help Group.
The tractor, which is expected to
help farmers transport milk to
cooling and processing centres, was
obtained on credit from Wananchi
Agatha praised the co-operation
between the group and the Sacco,
noting that it would help farmers
realise their full potential.
Drive to promote
crops unveiled
Stephen Mwangi, a manager at a
fuel station in one the affected areas,
said their sales have reduced by 60
per cent and they may be forced to
lay off some of their staff as a result.
“Vehicles stop here to fill up as
they leave town and the closed road
has affected us severely,” he said.
Tuskys Supermarket Manager
Andrew Ndung’u said their business
was also facing the same predica-
ment because their customers have
been forced to use a longer route to
access the store.
“Our sales have gone down by
Sh500,000 daily since the directive
was issued. The county government
can find other alternatives to ease
congestion, like expanding the road,”
he said.
He said they have also been
forced to cut down their orders for
perishable goods due to the low
customer flow.
Other businesses along the roads
such as hotels, banks hardware and
general supply shops also com-
plained of low sales due to the
closing of the roads.
A spot check by The Standard
established that motorists were
finding it hard to enter or leave the
town due to a traffic gridlock.
Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a
has also faulted the county govern-
ment for effecting the move without
consulting the business community.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard Page 38 / COUNTY NEWS
Belgium’s ambassador to Kenya,
Bart Ourvy, has said his government
will continue to partner with Kenya
in her development agenda.
The ambassador described the
long-standing relationship between
the two countries as a win-win
He spoke at the Machakos
University College where he had a
guided tour of the institution’s
newly built Hospitality Management
Training unit.
He was taken round by the
university’s council members led by
the chairman, Charles Maranga, and
college principal Francis Mathooko.
Mr Ourvy promised to find a
hospitality school back home to
work with the college’s new facility.
“There is potential in Machakos
and there is need for an exchange
programme so students can learn
from one another,” he said.
The ambassador said Machakos
stands a good chance of attracting
investors due to its proximity to the
port of Mombasa and Nairobi’s
Jomo Kenyatta International
The new facility was built at a
cost Sh140 million.
The hotel has a 62-bed capacity
with additional presidential suites.
The hotel, Le-Technish, has
amenities intended to generate
income for the university and cater
for students’ training needs.
Dr Maranga told the ambassador
that the university is looking
forward to enhanced economic and
social interactions between the two
The council chairman an-
nounced plans to open campuses in
Kitengela, Kajiado and Namanga.
“The Machakos University
College is fast growing and we must
embark on serious staff develop-
ment and training,” added the
The principal said the college
appreciates the helping hand the
Belgium government has extended.
Prof Mathooko said the universi-
ty has technical equipment not
found in any other in the country
and urged residents to send their
children to study there.
We’re partners in development, declares Belgium envoy
The head teacher of Mbilini Primary School, Doris Muindi, addresses stakeholders during the commissioning of a
CDF-funded new school complex last weekend. [PHOTO: ERASTUS MULWA/STANDARD]
Machakos University College Principal Francis Mathooko (in red tie) explains
a point to Belgium’s ambassador to Kenya, Bart Ourvy, during a tour of a new
training facility at the campus. [PHOTO: DANIEL NZIA/STANDARD]
“From ruins to grace,” is how
Doris Muindi, the head teacher of
Mbilini Primary School in Kangundo
Sub-county, Machakos, describes
the status of the institution, which
could pass for a model learning
facility in the 21st century.
The glory that comes with the
new structure is reminiscent of the
biblical narration of the long,
difficult journey the Israelites
embarked on from slavery in Egypt
to Canaan, the land of milk and
Constructed in 1966, the
dilapidated structure of the school’s
old complex had never known
repairs until things literally began to
fall apart in the mid-1990s. Tales of
collapsing walls, falling roofs and
lack of sanitary facilities reigned
until a few years ago when light
finally appeared at the end of the
Thanks to the Constituency
Development Fund (CDF) propelled
by the area MP at the time, John-
stone Muthama, the school now
boasts the best physical infrastruc-
ture in the constituency.
According to Mrs Muindi, 2009
marked the turning point for the
school’s fortunes, when an initial
Sh2 million was put into the
construction of the new complex.
Several other CDF allocations
were made in subsequent years until
2012, when half of the tuition and
administration blocks were complet-
Last week, Mr Muthama,
Kangundo MP Kyengo Maweu and
Member of the County Assembly
Francis Matheka led parents,
teachers, pupils and hundreds of
education stakeholders in commis-
sioning the fully completed new
complex that sits on approximately
two acres.
The new complex is impressive
and welcoming. The beautifully
From falling walls to towering
complex, thanks to CDF
finished tuition blocks and land-
scaping complemented by the cool
breeze from the nearby Kanzalu Hills
create a perfect atmosphere for
academic excellence.
During an interview with The
Standard yesterday, Mrs Muindi said
the school’s academic performance
has soared in the past few years.
“Through the support of parents
and committed teaching staff, the
school has managed to move from
the bottom to an impressive eighth
out of 70 schools in last year’s KCPE
exam ranking,” she says.
The head teacher said plans are
now underway to turn the old
structure into an ICT centre.
“We will be seeking the help of
board for a job well done so far.
Muthama said contrary to
common belief, the CDF kitty, if
managed well, is capable of bringing
transformative development to the
grassroots level.
“What we have done at Mbilini
and in many other places is a living
testimony of what the CDF kitty can
do, and we are asking MPs to learn
from these good examples,” he said.
Last month, MPs from Sierra
Leone toured Kangundo and
Matungulu constituencies to learn
from their CDF projects. Among the
CDF-developed institutions they
visited were Mbilini, Kakuyuni
Health Centre and Matungulu
District Hospital.
the Ministry of Education, well
wishers and development partners
to establish a state of the art
computer lab in order to integrate
ICT in our curriculum in line with
Kenya Vision 2030,” she noted.
The school has also done well in
co-curricular activities. Learners
have represented the school at coun-
ty and national levels of the Kenya
National Music and Drama festivals.
But the school continues to face
numerous challenges that require
urgent intervention. The compound
lacks a gate and fence, and there is
no kitchen or dining hall.
However, speaking during the
commissioning ceremony, Muthama
hailed the school’s management
A member of the Kitui County
Assembly who intends to table a
motion to impeach Speaker George
Ndotto says he will not abandon the
The Chuluni Ward Representa-
tive, Francis Mwalili, said he would
move to court if the assembly delays
the matter.
Mwalili accused the Speaker of
hurriedly adjourning the House until
May 20 in an eattempt to defeat the
impending motion.
“There are other bodies watch-
ing. If we don’t perform our duties,
someone else will and we will lose
our credibility as an assembly,”
Mwalili said.
He said the impending motion of
impeachment was based on a
breach of procedure and Constitu-
tion on deadlines.
The MCA accused Ndotto of
being misled by his allies, adding,
“No amount of intimidation will
deter my course. The law must be
followed to punish those who act
outside it.”
Barely a day after Mwalili
announced his move, a group of
MCAs distanced themselves from
the impeachment motion.
They accused the mover of the
motion of engaging in subversive
schemes to demean the Speaker’s
character and by extension the
Leader of Majority in the House,
Kilonzi Maundu, who led the group,
called on Mwalili to abandon his
pursuit and publicly apologise to the
assembly. Ndotto urged residents to
ignore leaders bent on derailing the
government’s effort to fulfil its
mandate to the electorate.
Mwalili is accusing the Speaker of
being unable to interpret the
Constitution, laws and standing
orders. He says as a result, the
Speaker has failed to guide the
assembly accordingly, leading to the
assembly missing crucial legal
Kitui MCA vows
to move on with
ouster motion
APPOINTMENTS / Page 39 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
REF: TUR/CPSB/007/2014 1.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
A Masters degree in any branch of Medicine. Advanced training in Leadership and management §
is a requirement i.e. Hospital Management and Administration, Strategic Management,
Organizational management, financial management and human resource development and
At least 3years experience in similar or related position §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: Kshs. 89,748 – 120,000 pm House Allowance: Kshs. 40,000 Other
allowances: Kshs. 14,000 Commuter Allowance: Ksh 14,000
Terms of service: Contract
REF: TUR/CPSB/008/2014 2.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Be a holder of a Masters Degree in Medicine (Orthopedic Surgery) §
Be registered by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board (MPDB) and have a valid §
practicing license
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: Kshs. 89,748 – 120,000 pm House Allowance: Kshs. 40,000 Other
allowances: Kshs. 14,000 Commuter Allowance: Ksh 14,000
Terms of service: contract
REF: TUR/CPSB/009/2014 3.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
A holder of Masters in Medicine (Pediatrics) §
Be registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board §
Demonstrate a good understanding of the County Government’s mandate, health policies, vision, §
mission as well as Vision 2030.
Have capacity to undertake multitasks within strict timelines. §
Be proficient in computer skills. §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: Kshs. 89,748 – 120,000 pm House Allowance: Kshs. 40,000 Other
allowances: Kshs. 14,000 Commuter Allowance: Ksh 14,000
Terms of service: contract
REF: TUR/CPSB/010/2014 4.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant and approved specialization from a University recognized in §
Be registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board (MPDB). §
Demonstrate a good understanding of the County Government’s mandate, health policies, vision, §
mission as well as Vision 2030.
Have capacity to undertake multitasks within strict timelines. §
Be proficient in computer skills. §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: Kshs. 89,748 – 120,000 pm House Allowance: Kshs. 40,000 Other
allowances: Kshs. 14,000 Commuter Allowance: Ksh 14,000
Terms of service: contract
REF: TUR/CPSB/011/2014 5.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Have a Bachelors’ Degree in Medicine and Surgery §
Be registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board §
Demonstrate a good understanding of the County Government’s mandate, health policies, §
policies, vision, mission as well as vision 2013.
Have capacity to undertake multitask within strict timelines §
Be proficient in computer skills §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary 48, 190 – 65,290 pm. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.24, 000;
Other Allowance: Kshs.8, 000
Terms: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/012/2014 6.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Bachelors’ degree in Dental Surgery from a recognized university §
Be registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board §
At least one year post-training experience §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary 48, 190 – 65,290 pm. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.24, 000;
Other Allowance: Kshs.8, 000
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/013/2014 7.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Have a Higher National Diploma in Pharmacy from a recognized college and those with a �
Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy will be preferred
Be registered with the Pharmacy & Poisons Board �
Be a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya �
At least 3 years of experience in the relevant field �
Demonstrate a good understanding of the county government’s mandate, health policies, vision, �
mission as well as vision 2030
Have capacity to undertake multitasks within strict timelines �
Be proficient in computer skills �
SALARY SCALE: Kshs.41,590 p.m -55,840 p.m , House allowance Kshs 20,000p., Other allowance
Kshs 6,000 p.m
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/014/2014 8.

Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Higher National Diploma in medical laboratory sciences §
Minimum five years working experience in a busy medical laboratory. §
Excellent knowledge of laboratory operations and experience in hematology, serology, and §
quality control.
Ability to write and review SOP’s §
Registration with the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists’ Board with a §
current practice license.
Excellent computer skills §
SALARY SCALE: Kshs.41,590 p.m -55,840 p.m , House allowance Kshs 20,000p., Other allowance
Kshs 6,000p.m
Terms of service; permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/015/2014 9.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
A Kenyan citizen �
Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Specialization in a specific area such as pediatric, �
cardiac, neonatology, oncology will be an added advantage
At least 3 years of experience in the relevant field �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 35, 910 - 45,880 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.10, 000;
commuter: Kshs.6, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
The Turkana County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following positions in the Health Sector;
Page 40 / APPOINTMENTS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
REF: TUR/CPSB/016/2014 10.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Be a holder of a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and surgery and a higher Diploma in Pediatrics §
Have a valid registration with the Clinical Officers Council §
Must have a valid practice license §
At least 3 years of post- training work experience §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 31, 020 - 41,590 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.5,000;
commuter: Kshs.5, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/017/2014 11.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Be a holder of a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and surgery and a higher Diploma in anesthesia §
Have a valid registration with the Clinical Officers’ Council §
Must have a valid practice license §
Must have served for at least 3 years in grade of Clinical Officer §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 31, 020 - 41,590 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.5,000;
commuter: Kshs.5, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/018/2014 12.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Diploma in Clinical Medicine & Surgery. Specialist training (Higher National Diploma) in Ear, Nose �
& Throat Medicine is mandatory.
At least three years of post training work experience �
Be registered with Clinical Officers’ Council �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 31, 020 - 41,590 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.5,000;
commuter: Kshs.5, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/019/2014 13.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Be a holder of a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and surgery from a recognized medical training §
Possession of a higher Diploma in any of the disciplines in clinical Medicine will be an added §
Be registered by the Clinical Officers Council §
Must have served for at least 3 years in the relevant field §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/020/2014 14.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Diploma in medical laboratory sciences §
Minimum five years working experience in a busy medical laboratory. §
Excellent knowledge of laboratory operations and experience in hematology, serology, and §
quality control.
Ability to write and review SOP’s §
Registration with the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists’ Board with a §
current practice license.
Proficient computer skills §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/021/2014 15.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Must have a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology from a recognized institution. �
Three (3) years of experience in the relevant field is a requirement. �
Must be a registered Member of Pharmacy and Poisons Board and have a current valid practice �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/022/2014 16.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Diploma in any of the following: Diagnostic Radiography/Medical Imaging Sciences, Ultrasound, �
Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine,
Radiation Therapy and Digital Medical imaging equipment or its equivalent from a recognized
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade C (plain) with grade C (plain) �
in English/Kiswahili, Biology/Biological Sciences or Physics/Physical Sciences and C- in
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/023/2014 17.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Diploma in Orthopedic Technology or an equivalent approved qualification from a recognized �
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education -K.C.S.E., Grade C or above or or Kenya Certificate of �
Education (KCE) Division II with at least passes in relevant subjects.
Must be registered with the National Professional Association. �
Have valid practicing license �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/024/2014 18.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Diploma in Nursing �
Be in possession of at least the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade C �
with at least a C in Biology, English or Kiswahili and a C- in any other two (2) Science subjects;
Must be registered with Kenya Registered Nurse or Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse �
Certificate by the Nursing Council of Kenya
Must possess a valid practice license �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/025/2014 19.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Diploma in Community Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from a recognized institution �
Ability to work in flexible shifts �
Strong commitment to patient care �
Registered as a nutritionist or Dietician by the Kenya Nutritionist and Dietitians Institute �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/026/2014 20.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Diploma in Health Records & Information from a recognized institution. §
Be a holder of a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), mean grade C or equivalent §
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of Service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/027/2014 21.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be Kenyan citizen §
Diploma in Medical Engineering from a recognized institution §
Be a holder of a Kenya Certificate Of Secondary School Education (KCSE), a Mean grade C or its §
Be registered with the association of medical engineers of Kenya §
APPOINTMENTS / Page 41 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of Service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/028/2014 22.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Diploma in Public Health and/or Epidemiology from a recognized institution §
Higher diploma is an added advantage §
Be registered with the relevant regulatory body §
Have a valid practicing license §
Have capacity to undertake multitasks within strict timelines §
Be proficient in computer skills §
Demonstrate a good understanding of the county government’s mandate, health policies, vision, §
mission as well as vision 2030
SALARY SCALE: JG J: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance:
Kshs.3, 000; commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/029/2014 23.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade D+, or its equivalent qualification �
Certificate/ Diploma in Orthopedic Technology from Kenya Medical Training College or any other �
recognized institution and awarded a Plaster Technicians Certificate.
Have registration Certificate with Clinical Officers’ Board �
Have a valid practice license �
SALARY SCALE: JG J: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance:
Kshs.3, 000; commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
SALARY SCALE FOR JG H: Basic Salary: 19,323-24,662 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance:
Kshs.2, 300; commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/030/2014 24.
Certificate Holders (35POSTS)
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
Certificate/Diploma in Community Health and Development §
Must be ready to work in the field §
Have capacity to undertake multitask within strict timelines §
Be proficient in computer skills §
SALARY SCALE: JG J: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance:
Kshs.3, 000; commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
SALARY SCALE FOR JG H: Basic Salary: 19,323-24,662 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance:
Kshs.2, 300; commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/031/2014 25.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Diploma in Occupational Therapy or its equivalent from a recognized Institution �
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade C (plain) with at least grade C �
(plain) in English/Kiswahili, and C (plain) in Physics/Physical Sciences or Mathematics and C
(plain) in Biology/Biological Sciences
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of Service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/032/2014 26.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Diploma in Dental Technology from Kenya Medical Training College or its equivalent qualification �
from a recognized institution.
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade C or Kenya Certificate of Education �
(KCE) Division II with at least passes in relevant subjects.
Certificate of registration from Dental Technologists’ Board (KDTB). �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/033/2014 27.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences �
Minimum three years working experience in a busy medical laboratory �
Excellent knowledge of laboratory operations and procedures �
Knowledge and experience in hematology, serology and quality control �
Ability to write and review SOP’s �
Registration with the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists’ Board with a �
current practice license
Proficient computer skills �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 24, 662 - 29,918 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.3, 000;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/034/2014 28.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Certificate in Nursing from a recognized Medical Training College. �
Be in possession of a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). �
Must be registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya. �
Must have a valid practice license �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 19,323-24,662 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.2, 300;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/035/2014 29.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Certificate in Nutrition/and Dietetics from a recognized institution or its approved equivalent. . �
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education -K.C.S.E. (O level), grade D+ passes in Biology, �
Mathematic, Home Science and English/ Kiswahili
Must be registered with Kenya Nutritionist and Dietitians’ Institute. �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 19,323-24,662 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.2, 300;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/036/2014 30.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen �
Be a holder of a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), mean grade C- or equivalent �
Be a holder of a Certificate in Health Records & Information from a recognized institutions �
SALARY SCALE: Basic Salary: 19,323-24,662 P.M. Allowances: House Allowance: Kshs.2, 300;
commuter: Kshs.4, 000; Hardship Kshs. 1200
Terms of service: Permanent
REF: TUR/CPSB/037/2014 31.
Requirements and competencies for appointment:-
Be a Kenyan citizen §
certificate in Medical Engineering from a recognized institution §
Be a holder of a Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE), mean grade C or its §
Knowledge of good clinical laboratory practice (GCLP) §
Be registered with the Association of Medical Engineers of Kenya §
Note: Medical officers who are already in service are encouraged to apply and that their work
experience will be considered in determining their entry into the job group. All other applicants
should note that County government will use the current schemes of service including the
current allowances payable to Medical staff.
How to Apply
Written applications, CV’s, copies of certificates, testimonials and Identity Card should be
submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the left side the position being applied for and
addressed to:
The Secretary,
County Public Service Board
Turkana County
P.O. Box 05-30500
OR delivered by hand at the reception desk at Turkana County Public Service Board Offices located
along Nawoitorong road Opposite Lodwar Club located off Kitale-Lodwar highway.
To reach the office before the close of business on 27
May, 2014.
Important information to all candidates;
Applicants are advised to apply for only one position �
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted �
Any form of canvassing or lobbying will lead to automatic disqualification �
Women and the physically challenged are encouraged to apply
Page 42 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS Wednesday May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Dr Joseph Lenai confers with Hans Docter from the Royal Embassy of the
Netherlands in Kenya at a past function. Human Rights Network wants his ap-
pointment stopped over integrity issues. [PHOTO: ANTONY GITONGA/STANDARD]
A Nakuru-based human rights or-
ganisation has moved to court to stop
the appointment of Dr Joseph Lenai
as the County Executive Committee
(CEC) member for Health Services,
claiming he is not fit to hold public of-
The petition, filed at the High
Court in Nakuru under certificate of
urgency through lawyer Charles Mu-
nene for Nakuru County Human
Rights Network comes days after Gov-
ernor Kinuthia Mbugua declined to
announce the appointment of 13 di-
rectors presented to him by the Coun-
ty Public Service Board.
The Governor rejected the names
and directed the board to thoroughly
NGO moves to
court to stop
verify the academic credential pre-
sented by the applicants, before pre-
senting the list to him.
The county has in the recent past
come under heavy criticism after it
emerged that some senior official
serving in the executive had dubious
academic qualifications, or were be-
ing investigated over issues related to
integrity in their previous jobs.
In the suit, the NGO claims that Dr
Lenai’s appointment would violate
Chapter Six of the constitution, that
deals with integrity of public officers.
The organisation claimed in their
petition scheduled to be heard today
that by appointing Dr Lenai to the po-
sition, the county was setting a prec-
edent for misuse and plundering of
public resources.
ment of Lenai.
Dr Lenai is accused of abuse of of-
fice when he was the Naivasha Dis-
trict Medical Officer of Health.
The petitioner claimed that the
board failed to put into consideration
accusations that Dr Lenai allegedly
stole a motor vehicle and the engine
of an official car that was assigned to
him. The NGO also claimed that Dr
Lenai has a case in court for assault-
ing a lady at a public place.
“The Nakuru County Government
is in the process of appointing an in-
terested party as the Director of Med-
ical Services and/or Chief Executive
Committee Member for Health Ser-
vices in total disregard of some integ-
rity issues raised by the petitioner,”
reads the petition filed in court on
April 30, 2014
Copies of the suit made available
to The Standard indicate that the
County Public Service Board disre-
garded public input in the recruit-
The government has ruled out lifting the annu-
al fishing ban in Lake Naivasha despite a sharp in-
crease in fish production.
With the three-month fishing ban expected to
kick off in two weeks, the department of fishing
has said the ban would continue.
The move has left the fisherfolk, who were an-
ticipating booming business, disappointed.
Naivasha sub-county fisheries officer Mathew
Ngila said the ban, which is meant to restock the
lake, would start on June 1 and end on August 31,
this year.
Mr Ngila noted that the lake was still under
high pressure and that lifting the annual fishing
ban could affect fish production adversely.
“Some stakeholders had called for the lifting of
the annual fishing ban but this is not possible as
the lake is yet to hit its full potential in terms of
fish production,” he said.
On restocking, Ngila said the Nakuru County
government had allocated some funds in the next
financial year for the exercise.
He added that all legalised fishermen and
women had agreed to contribute Sh10,000 each,
which would go towards restocking.
“We have already increased the number of fish-
ers to 100 and opened a new landing beach at
Karagita,” he said in Naivasha.
Mr Ngila at the same time expressed the de-
partment’s concern over the lenient laws targeting
poachers in Lake Naivasha.
He noted that they wanted the fines imposed
on poachers increased from the current maximum
of Sh20,000 to Sh100,000. “We are arresting at least
seven poachers per week but many return after
paying the fines,” he said.
Government extends Lake Naivasha fishing ban
TENDERS: Women, youth to
get 30 per cent of tenders
Mosop MP Stephen Kirwa Bitok
has assured Nandi residents that 30
per cent of government tenders for
various projects will be awarded to
women and the youth.
Bitok promised to ensure that
key projects in the constituency
benefit the locals.
“The trend where tenders used
to be given to well-connected
individuals at the expense of
deserving people will be a thing of
the past in my area. I will ensure
tenders for rehabilitation of roads,
bridges and schools are given to the
youth and women,” said the MP.
He called on the county and
national governments to streamline
procurement processes to save on
time during payment.
TRAGEDY: Boy drowns
during fishing expedition
A fishing expedition in Lake
Naivasha ended tragically after a
teenager drowned as his colleagues
A witness said the victim had
accompanied his friends to the lake
for a swim and to fish.
“Youths have in the last couple
of months been fishing at the
shores of the lake but today there
was an accident after one of them
drowned,” said the witness.
Last month an illegal fisherman
was attacked and killed by a hippo
a few metres away from the scene
of the latest incident.
Naivasha OCPD Charles Kortok
said the body had been recovered.
To get a copy, call:
Geraldine - 0738 144 091
APPOINTMENTS / Page 43 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
1 Caroline Kalunda Malusi F Kitui Central Kyangwithya East 19-May-14 8:00 AM
2 Hilary Musyoka Ndetemi M Kitui Central Kyangwithya East 19-May-14 8:30 AM
3 Michael Mbua Mbuvi M Kitui Central Kyangwithya East 19-May-14 9:00 AM

1 Jacob Muema Kasyula M Kitui Central Kyangwithya West 19-May-14 9:30 AM
2 Patrick Kyalo Mutua M Kitui Central Kyangwithya West 19-May-14 10:00 AM
3 Sebestian Muli Sausi M Kitui Central Kyangwithya West 19-May-14 10:30 AM

1 Flavian Peter Makuthu M Kitui Central Miambani 19-May-14 11:00 AM
2 Muimi Kaseve Boniface M Kitui Central Miambani 19-May-14 11:30 AM
3 Titus Sivali John M Kitui Central Miambani 19-May-14 12:00 PM

1 Anna Wambui Ndambuki F Kitui Central Mulango 19-May-14 12:30 PM
2 Justus Musyoki Mutuvi M Kitui Central Mulango 19-May-14 2:00 PM
3 Stephen Ukumu Ngesu M Kitui Central Mulango 19-May-14 2:30 PM

1 Juvnaris Gibson Kathoka M Kitui Central Township 19-May-14 3:00 PM
2 Natariana Syombwii Kilonzo F Kitui Central Township 19-May-14 3:30 PM
3 Prisca Kalee Timothy F Kitui Central Township 19-May-14 4:00 PM

1 Johnson Uvale Mutinda M Kitui East Chuluni 19-May-14 4:30 PM
2 Mathew Ngovi Vuthi M Kitui East Chuluni 19-May-14 5:00 PM
3 Stella Kithome F Kitui East Chuluni 19-May-14 5:30 PM

1 Emmah Tabitha Mweu F Kitui East Endau/Malalani 20-May-14 8:00 AM
2 Geofrey Mulandi Kituku M Kitui East Endau/Malalani 20-May-14 8:30 AM
3 Mary Vivi Mbuuko F Kitui East Endau/Malalani 20-May-14 9:00 AM

1 Eunice Annah Mutuku F Kitui East Mutito/Kaliku 20-May-14 9:30 AM
2 Jemmimah Kavata Kivaa F Kitui East Mutito/Kaliku 20-May-14 10:00 AM
3 Peter Mulyungi Mwendwa M Kitui East Mutito/Kaliku 20-May-14 10:30 AM

1 Benson Kikwatha Kitoo M Kitui East Nzambani 20-May-14 11:00 AM
2 Mary Kanini Musyoka F Kitui East Nzambani 20-May-14 11:30 AM
3 Peter kithome Mutunga M Kitui East Nzambani 20-May-14 12:00 PM

1 Christopher Mutei katee M Kitui East Voo/Kyamatu 20-May-14 12:30 PM
2 Cosmas Kisangau Maiyuku M Kitui East Voo/Kyamatu 20-May-14 2:00 PM
3 Patrick Musyoka Kimanthi M kitui East Voo/Kyamatu 20-May-14 2:30 PM

1 Kilonzo Boniface Kiema M Kitui East Zombe/Mwitika 20-May-14 3:00 PM
2 Michael Mulaah Kimanzi M Kitui East Zombe/Mwitika 20-May-14 3:30 PM
3 Mutie Mwamuli Justus M Kitui East Zombe/Mwitika 20-May-14 4:00 PM

1 Francisca Mueni Musyoka F Kitui Rural Kanyangi 20-May-14 4:30 PM
2 Joshua Muoki Makali M Kitui Rural Kanyangi 20-May-14 5:00 PM
3 Philip Kitili Michael M Kitui Rural Kanyangi 20-May-14 5:30 PM

1 Alfred Kinyalili Miw’a M Kitui Rural Kisasi 22-May-14 8:00 AM
2 Esther Kavivi Muthoka F Kitui Rural Kisasi 22-May-14 8:30 AM
3 Philip Musyoka Sembe M Kitui Rural Kisasi 22-May-14 9:00 AM

1 Alice Mumbua Kimeu F Kitui Rural Kwa Vonza/yatta 22-May-14 9:30 AM
2 Douglas Mutiso Musyoka M Kitui Rural Kwa Vonza/yatta 22-May-14 10:00 AM
3 Evalyne Mwikali Mwongela F Kitui Rural Kwa Vonza/yatta 22-May-14 10:30 AM

1 Eunice Ndulu Ndambuki F Kitui Rural Mbitini 22-May-14 11:00 AM
2 Philip Nzui Mutua M Kitui Rural Mbitini 22-May-14 11:30 AM
3 Sebastian Makau Kalungu M Kitui Rural Mbitini 22-May-14 12:00 PM

1 Festus Ndunda Kilonzo M Kitui South Athi 22-May-14 12:30 PM
2 James Musyoki M Kitui South Athi 22-May-14 2:00 PM
3 John Mwamisi M Kitui South Athi 22-May-14 2:30 PM

1 Beatrice Mbite Nzuki F Kitui South Ikanga/Kyatune 22-May-14 3:00 PM
2 Joseph Ngomo Komu M Kitui South Ikanga/Kyatune 22-May-14 3:30 PM
3 Joycaster Syombua Mumina F Kitui South Ikanga/Kyatune 22-May-14 4:00 PM

1 Kamwila Muthoka Geofrey M Kitui South Ikutha 22-May-14 4:30 PM
2 Kyalo Matuku M Kitui South Ikutha 22-May-14 5:00 PM
3 Noryene Katheu Musyoka F Kitui South Ikutha 22-May-14 5:30 PM

1 Job Kimanthi Daniel M Kitui South Kanziko 23-May-14 8:00 AM
2 Ndungo Kimweli M Kitui South Kanziko 23-May-14 8:30 AM
3 Robert Kamba Mue M Kitui South Kanziko 23-May-14 9:00 AM

1 Johnester Mwambua M Kitui South Mutha 23-May-14 9:30 AM
2 Musingi Mary Thina F Kitui South Mutha 23-May-14 10:00 AM
3 Steve Mwangu Muema M Kitui South Mutha 23-May-14 10:30 AM

1 David Munyao M Kitui South Mutomo/Kibwea 23-May-14 11:00 AM
2 Festus Mbuthi Thomas M Kitui South Mutomo/Kibwea 23-May-14 11:30 AM
3 Kisengese Davidson Kiko F Kitui South Mutomo/Kibwea 23-May-14 12:00 PM
Kitui County Public Service Board Opposite KEFRI
P.O BOX 33 – 90200
Tel: 0719182172
The following persons shortlisted hereunder for the position of Ward Administrator are invited for interviews at the County Public Service Board of ces situated opposite KEFRI/JICA in Kitui Town.

1 Eric Ndemange Mbiti M Kitui West Kauwi 23-May-14 12:30 PM
2 Eunice Wambua Mbithe F Kitui West Kauwi 23-May-14 2:00 PM
3 Martin Maluki M Kitui West Kauwi 23-May-14 2:30 PM

1 Jane Mwende Mbuvi F Kitui west
23-May-14 3:00 PM
2 Kennedy Musyoka Mbithi M Kitui West
23-May-14 3:30 PM
3 Solomon Munyoki M Kitui west
23-May-14 4:00 PM

1 Janefer Kavisa Komu F Kitui West Matinyani 23-May-14 4:30 PM
2 Lenah Kaya Mwanzia F Kitui West Matinyani 23-May-14 5:00 PM
3 Peter Muimi Yaninga M Kitui West Matinyani 23-May-14 5:30 PM

1 Charles Kyalo Ndomboi M Kitui West Mutonguni 26-May-14 8:00 AM
2 Georgina Kalunda Muthami F Kitui West Mutonguni 26-May-14 8:30 AM
3 Peninah Kamene Kalwe F Kitui West Mutonguni 26-May-14 9:00 AM

1 Cyril Mwasya Mwinzi M Mwingi Central Central 26-May-14 9:30 AM
2 Kalisa Ngumbi F Mwingi Central Central 26-May-14 10:00 AM
3 Samuel Katwei Kiteme M Mwingi central Central 26-May-14 10:30 AM

1 Elizabeth Koki Kilonzi F Mwingi Central Kivou 26-May-14 11:00 AM
2 Esther Katui Ngui F Mwingi Central Kivou 26-May-14 11:30 AM
3 Nichodemus Munyoki Mwasa M Mwingi Central Kivou 26-May-14 12:00 PM

2 Eunice Kekili Wambua F Mwingi Central Mui 26-May-14 12:30 PM
3 Joshua Muasya Nzuva M Mwingi Central Mui 26-May-14 2:00 PM
5 Justus Kivuvo Mwendwa M Mwingi Central Mui 26-May-14 2:30 PM

1 Benjamin Mbuvi Kithuka M Mwingi Central Nguni 26-May-14 3:00 PM
2 Dinah Wambua F Mwingi Central Nguni 26-May-14 3:30 PM
3 Mark Ngui Mukuli M Mwingi Central Nguni 26-May-14 4:00 PM

1 Dorcas Mbuli Kyalo F Mwingi Central Nuu 26-May-14 4:30 PM
2 James Mwendwa Mbutu M Mwingi Central Nuu 26-May-14 5:00 PM
3 Melchisedek Kavyu Muluka M Mwingi Central Nuu 26-May-14 5:30 PM

1 Richard Musili Kimanzi M Mwingi Central Waita 27-May-14 8:00 AM
2 Rofee Nzwii Mulwa F Mwingi Central Waita 27-May-14 8:30 AM
3 Sharon Mbatha Mwendwa F Mwingi Central Waita 27-May-14 9:00 AM

1 Christine Ngina Muvea F Mwingi North Kyuso 27-May-14 9:30 AM
2 Jacob Musyoki Nzoka M Mwingi North Kyuso 27-May-14 10:00 AM
3 Joshua Muimi Kitundu M Mwingi North Kyuso 27-May-14 10:30 AM

1 Daniel Muthui Mutemi M Mwingi North Mumoni 27-May-14 11:00 AM
2 David Kyalo Mutemi M Mwingi North Mumoni 27-May-14 11:30 AM
3 Richard kilonzo M Mwingi North Mumoni 27-May-14 12:00 PM

1 Diana Katanu Samuel F Mwingi North Ngomeni 27-May-14 12:30 PM
2 Jane Ndanu Ndusya F Mwingi North Ngomeni 27-May-14 2:00 PM
3 Joseph Kavali Manzi M Mwingi North Ngomeni 27-May-14 2:30 PM

1 Japheth Kabari Mukulu M Mwingi North Tharaka 27-May-14 3:00 PM
2 Nkari Juliet Karambu F Mwingi North Tharaka 27-May-14 3:30 PM
3 Peter Kinuthia Njeru M Mwingi North Tharaka 27-May-14 4:00 PM

1 Gideon Mwasya Mutunga M Mwingi North Tseikuru 27-May-14 4:30 PM
2 Jane Mutuo Nyamu F Mwingi North Tseikuru 27-May-14 5:00 PM
3 John Mutemi Musili M Mwingi North Tseikuru 27-May-14 5:30 PM

1 Catherine Masai Munyasya F Mwingi West Kiomo/Kyethani 28-May-14 8:00 AM
2 Agnes Nduku Mwilu F Mwingi west Kiomo/Kyethani 28-May-14 8:30 AM
3 Peter Kavava M Mwingi West Kiomo/Kyethani 28-May-14 9:00 AM

1 Esther Mutwa Ngeta F Mwingi West Kyome/Thaana 28-May-14 9:30 AM
2 Jane Kakai Mwanziu F Mwingi West Kyome/Thaana 28-May-14 10:00 AM
3 Panafrick Sammy Kitheka M Mwingi West Kyome/Thaana 28-May-14 10:30 AM

1 Benard Musili Mulungi M Mwingi West Migwani 28-May-14 11:00 AM
2 Esther Ngalyuka Kamwaki F Mwingi West Migwani 28-May-14 11:30 AM
3 lucia Koki Munuve F Mwingi West Migwani 28-May-14 12:00 PM

1 Justus Musyimi Ngau M Mwingi West Nguutani 28-May-14 12:30 PM
2 Phyllis Masaa Ndothya F Mwingi West Nguutani 28-May-14 2:00 PM
3 Pius Ilava Katyaka M Mwingi West Nguutani 28-May-14 2:30 PM
Kitui County Public Service Board
Page 44 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
COMMUNITY: Priest tells
the two Rutos to reconcile
Deputy President William Ruto and
Governors Council chairman Isaac
Ruto have been asked to reconcile
and end their political feuds.
Fr Ambrose Kimutai of Segemik
Catholic Parish in Bomet County
said the supremacy wars have the
potential of dividing South and
North Rift regions.
“The supremacy wars between the
two prominent Kalenjin leaders
risk dividing the community down
the middle as other communities
unite and move forward,” said
Fr Ambrose. Speaking in Kericho
town, the priest said the constant
blame games between the two
leaders and their allies was making
the Kalenjin a laughingstock among
other communities in the country.
BREWS: Policeman taken ill
after consuming bad drink
An Administration Police officer
is admitted at Nyahururu district
hospital in critical condition after
allegedly consuming an illegal
The corporal attached to Ol
Jororok AP post was taken ill after
he consumed the brew at the local
trading centre
Nyandarua County boss Wilson
Njega said the officer collapsed
on Monday evening at a drinking
den within the area where he was
enjoying a drink with friends.
He said his colleagues rushed
him to the hospital.
“The victim is one of our officers
and he might have consumed a
contaminated drink,” Njega said.
FAMINE: MP pleads to State
for supply of relief food
Baringo Central MP William
Cheptumo wants State to supply
relief food in famine prone parts
of Baringo County. Cheptumo
says over 10,000 residents of his
constituency are facing starvation
following a long spell of drought.
The MP says the situation
was compounded by spates of
insecurity due to rampant cattle
rustling in the area and called for
action to avert a humanitarian
“I am appealing to the
Government to immediately
dispatch relief food to save these
Kenyans from starvation,” he said.
Speaking in Nairobi, the MP
said most of his constituents had
lost their livestock due to cattle
Nyandarua County Government
has entered into an agreement with
the Tana and Athi Rivers Develop-
ment Authority (Tarda) for the
construction of a multi-million
shillings dam in the Aberdares.
The dam will supply water to the
drier parts of the county, especially
Ndaragwa constituency, which is
The agreement was signed
yesterday by Governor Daniel
Waithaka, who led a six-member
delegation of his cabinet on a tour of
Machakos County, and Tarda
officials led by chairman Abdul
Bahari Ali and Managing Director
Stephen Githaiga.
The deal will see thousands of
Nyandarua residents access water as
well as start practicing irrigation.
“Tarda will work with the county
government of Nyandarua not only
in developing water projects but also
in rehabilitating water catchment
areas to ensure the protection of
environment,” Ali said.
“We are glad to partner with the
county so that we can help in
improving the livelihoods of its
people,” he added.
County signs pact for mega
water project with Tarda
The exact cost of the dam project
will be known at a later date
Ali said Nyandarua is an impor-
tant water catchment area and a
source of water supply to many
other counties hence the need to
invest in its protection.
He urged the relevant depart-
ment to invest more in tree-planting
in the water catchment areas.
“Nyandarua County is one of the
important water catchment areas in
this country and we would like to
fully partner with them so that the
communities living there are assured
of adequate water supply for
domestic and commercial use,” the
chairman said.
Earlier, governor Waithaka
expressed concern that Nyandarua
had been shredded into many
segments and its different regions
were aligned with different water
bodies, hence making it impossible
for the county to fully benefit from
national resources.
He noted that some regions were
under Tarda, while others were
catered for by Uaso Ngiro South
Development Authority and Rift
Valley Water Service Board.
“We need to work under one
umbrella body, preferably Tarda so
that our water needs may be
addressed fully,” Waithaka said.
Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)
has raised a red flag over the
harvesting and trafficking of sandal
wood in Narok.
Huge demand of the endan-
gered acacia tree in East and
Central Africa has renewed its
harvesting in the area.
“The demand is a threat to its
conservation. We had succeeded in
ending its harvest and trafficking
five years ago but the speed at
which it is being done is worrying,”
said William Sang, the Narok KWS
Senior Warden.
KWS officers on Friday last week
seized a consignment of sandal
wood worth about Sh2.4 million
that was being transported from
Narok to Nairobi along the
Naroosura-Ewaso Ngiro road.
In the operation, the lorry driver
and two other occupants who are
believed to be its owners were
“We caught them after we were
informed the cargo was being
moved to the market,” Sang said.
An 18-year-old boy who was
among the best students in last
year’s Kenya Certificate of Second-
ary Education (KCSE) exams is
admitted in hospital and in dire
need of help.
Perminus Nyakundi scored
straight As in last year’s KCSE
despite being away from school for
over five months while receiving
Nyakundi has leukemia and is in
urgent need of Sh4.5 million for
treatment in India.
He was admitted at the Moi
Teaching and Referral Hospital in
Eldoret four weeks ago.
Nyakundi was forced to
discontinue school after the doctor
diagnosed him with leukemia in
January 2012. He had to undergo a
chemotherapy that began in
January to May.
The son of a single mother
scored an A plain of 81 points in the
2013 exam.
His dream is to become a
Locals protest hiring process by road construction firm
KWS raises red flag on sandalwood theft
Top KCSE boy needs Sh5m for urgent treatment
A row is raging between
residents of Rumuruti area and a
road construction company
building the Rumuruti-Mararal
road over employment.
The residents are against the
mode of hiring employed by the
firm, and accuse the management
of leaving out the locals.
Yesterday, hundreds of youths,
led by Laikipia Woman Representa-
tive Jane Apollos and Sossian Ward
Representative Jacob Edung,
stormed the company’s premises
demanding to be addressed by the
They said that despite agree-
ments between the local communi-
ties and the firm that persons from
all the communities get jobs, some
influential individuals have
manipulated the lists and replaced
them with others.
Joseph Ekiru, a resident, said it
was regrettable that people from
outside the region were being
employed as casual labourers while
locals were being locked out.
“We are shocked that people
from other parts of the country and
from only one tribe are being given
these jobs. This is a disgrace,” said
Apollos alleged that persons
seeking job opportunities at the
firm were being asked to “buy”
their way in despite being from
poor families.
“These are poor people who
cannot afford even to bribe. We
demand fairness,” Apollos said.
However, project manager Gao
Bingshen defended the company
saying the firm was looking for
qualified personnel to man various
sectors of its operation but many
youths from the region lacked the
necessary skills.
“Some machines are too
technical forcing the company to
look for interested individuals from
other regions,” said Bingshen.
Kajiado Governor David Nkedianye (centre) admires a bed made by inmates
at Athi River GK Prison yesterday. With him are Officer-in-Charge Difon
Mandegwa (left) and his deputy Patrick Naibei. [PHOTO: PETERSON GITHAIGA]
Good work!
RIFT VALLEY NEWS/ Page 45 Wednesday May 14, 2014 / The Standard
A maize plantation wastes away due to rain failure. Government has started
an assessment of Uasin Gishu County. [PHOTO: FILE]
The ministry of Agriculture is
now assessing the impact of the
recent drought that hit parts of the
North Rift region.
Agricultural staff in Uasin Gishu
County moved to the ground from
Monday to assess the germination
rate of maize that was planted in
Joseph Cheboi, the Uasin Gishu
County director of agriculture,
yesterday said they will come up
with a report by the end of next
This comes as farmers in the
region count losses due to crop
failure following a long dry spell.
Most farmers planted in March but it
failed to rain.
Cheboi said 80 per cent of maize
farmers planted soon after the initial
State begins to
assess effects
of drought
rain in the region from mid-March
before it subsided.
“We are assessing the farms to
establish the germination rates and
also to find out the number of
farmers who have decided to plant
alternative crops, mainly wheat,”
Cheboi said.
He said following the current rain
that started last week, more maize
farmers have continued to plant and
it is expected that the germination
percentage will rise from 80 to
between 85 and 90 per cent.
“We are doing the ground work
assessment through our offices in
Turbo, Outspan, Ziwa and Ainabkoi
among others,” he stated.
He added that the county
government is also interested in the
findings to see if it can extend its
“The county government is
interested in the report to see if it
can assist through subsidies to those
affected by the drought,” said
bare portions of their farms where
maize seeds planted from March
failed to sprout.
“There is now a ray of hope after
rains started from last week.
Although it is still scanty in some
areas, it is better than the dry spell
that had persisted for several weeks,”
said Ruth Kemboi, the Kenya
National Farmers Federation
(KENAFF) treasurer Uasin Gishu
He said the region normally
produces up to 50 bags of maize per
hectare but that might drop due to
the dry spell in the region.
Cereal farmers are already
counting on losses due to poor
germination of maize seeds.
Some are contemplating planting
short season crops to fill up gaps on
Rongai MP Raymond Moi now
wants the National Transport and
Safety Authority (NTSA) to urgently
implement its earlier proposal to
construct road diversions specifical-
ly for trucks from Kibunja in Molo to
Salgaa as a way to curb accidents
along the stretch marked as black
Speaking at Salgaa town yester-
day while condoling with families
who lost their kin in the Sunday
evening accident, Moi called on the
authority to stop paperwork and
start practicals on the ground.
The lawmaker said the number of
lives lost on the Salgaa-Sachangwan
black spot is disturbing and called
on those concerned to act fast.
“Hardly a week passes without
losing lives along this stretch. This is
very unfortunate and action has to
be taken,” he said.
Moi said he was negotiating with
the Kenya National Highways
Authority (KenHA) to construct a
parking lot for trucks in Salgaa town
to boost road safety.
“We will soon construct parking
yards here,” he said.
Moi roots for
diversions at
deadly Salgaa
Naivasha Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Company (NAIVAWASS) is a water service provider based in Naivasha
town that has been mandated by Rift Valley Water Service Board and the County Government of Nakuru to
provide water and sanitation services to the residents of Naivasha and its environs. In order to improve services, it
is currently getting support from Vitens Evides International and SNV in form of funding from the Embassy of the
United Kingdom of Netherlands.
As part of this support, VEI and SNV are in the process of supporting NAIVAWASS to recruit for the following vacant
Projects Engineer 1.
Electrician 2.
Accounts Clerk 3.
GIS Systems Administrator / ICT Officer 4.
Enforcement Officer 5.
Laboratory Technologist 6.
Details of the positions can be found in the company’s website, .
The positions will be based at NAIVAWASS, and will be incorporated within the company’s organizational structure.
A competitive remuneration package commensurate with the responsibilities will be negotiated with the right
If you believe that you possess the attributes for any of the above positions, please submit your written application,
CV, copies of certificates & testimonials, your remuneration expectations, day and evening telephone numbers
The Managing Director,
Naivasha Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Company Limited,
P.O. Box 321-20117,
To reach him not later than Wednesday, 27
May 2014.
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
April 2014
Notice is hereby given to all land rates, plot rent defaulters and other user charges fee (purchase
price of plots, ground rent, graduated area rates) within the County area of jurisdiction to pay
their outstanding dues within 14 days from the date of this notice. Failure to which the county
government will reposes the same as provided by the law.
All payment should be deposited to Taita Taveta County revenue collection account
All land /plots owners in the following areas should visit the sub counties revenue offices to
make payments and update their records during normal working hours.
1. Taveta Sub County
Taveta new town plots, Taveta old town plots, Kitobo, kitoghoto, Chala Timbila, chumvini,
njukini among others.
2. Mwatate sub county.
Mwatate Township, Bura, mwaktau, rong’e, all ranches among others.
3. Wundanyi/Taita sub county
Wundanyi Township, kese kiteghe, kungu, mghamboni, mwanda, kishushe and all ranches.
4. Voi sub county
Voi CBD, mwakingali zone, kariakor zone, east zone, maweni zone, mwamunga primary area,
upper CBD, lower CBD, voi sisal zone, kaloleni zone and ikanga plot owners

In case of any queries please contact the undersigned on telephone number 0704303888
Hon. Flora mtuweta
Telephone: 0788186436/0718988717
P.O. Box 1066-80304
Page 46
tions to make sure the landscape is
right for doing business, and they are
opening doors to fix issues.
“What we need is to focus as a
ministry in the context of what our
colleagues are doing,” he said, sin-
gling out current efforts by Lands
Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu as
some of the reforms being undertak-
en to improve the ease of doing busi-
ness in the country.
He regretted that attracting for-
eign investment to the country has
been bogged down by corruption
and the high cost of doing business.
The Government has identified
three key areas to receive a substan-
tial amount of investment to unlock
the country’s manufacturing poten-
Industrialisation and Enterprise
Development Cabinet Secretary
Adan Mohamed identified the tex-
tile, leather and agro-processing sec-
tors that the country has as a com-
petitive edge but that remain
“There are raw materials, labour
and skills, and markets for the thre.
This could be used to assist the econ-
omy to grow,” he said.
He said although the country pro-
duces a significant amount of leath-
er, about 90 per cent of it is exported.
“We are saying this should not be al-
lowed to happen since majority of
the shoes are imported from Ethio-
pia,” he said.
Addressing the media in Nairobi
yesterday, he said about seven per
cent of international trade is in man-
ufacturing, adding, “If we cannot fix
the issues, we cannot achieve the tar-
Mr Mohamed said the ministry
has carried out mapping of the key
areas that need improving and will
focus on them in the near future.
“We have all the issues put togeth-
er to achieve the deliverables mostly
Cabinet Secretary Adan
Mohamed has identifed
textile, leather and agro-
processing as key sectors
for investment
to be achieved by the parastatals,” he
said. The CS argued that he has been
working on new ways to improve the
ministry’s participation in the coun-
try’s overall economic growth since
the new government was formed.
“We have been meeting as a gov-
ernment and looking at the sectors
that can drive growth. We have had
conversations and are getting some-
where,” he noted.
Mohamed said they have spent a
lot of time having those conversa-
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Blogs, archives, reader
forums and more:
The Government has started the
process of implementing a series of
international trade facilitation agree-
ments, so far signed by the country.
At the Ninth Ministerial Confer-
ence held in Bali, Indonesia, from De-
cember 3 to 7, 2013, ministers adopt-
ed the Bali Package, a series of
decisions aimed at streamlining trade,
allowing developing countries more
options for providing food security,
boosting least-developed countries’
trade and helping development more
They also adopted a number of
more routine decisions and accepted
Yemen as a new member of the World
Trade Organisation (WTO).
The Ministry of Trade has set up a
meeting in Nyeri to discuss the imple-
mentation road map.
This comes at a time when Kenya
has automated its Customs Depart-
ment through an electronic cargo
clearance system, established a one-
stop border post and automated the
cargo-tracking and single-window
systems. At the meeting, Kenya is ex-
pected to identify her trade facilita-
tion needs and priorities, which will
be used in the implementation of the
trade agreements.
An earlier four-day seminar on the
WTO trade facilitation agreement and
national implementation plan had
been attended by Trade Principal Sec-
retary Karanja Kibicho and Govern-
ment officials from various ministries
who were briefed on the implementa-
tion requirements of the agreement.
Representatives from United Na-
tions Conference on Trade and Devel-
opment (Unctad) and Kenya Revenue
Authority customs officers also at-
tended the seminar, which was held
at a Nyeri hotel.
In a speech read on his behalf, by
Ambassador Nelson Ndirangu,
Kibicho said the workshop was meant
to develop an action and implemen-
tation plan for WTO trade facilitation
Rupa Cotton Mills (EPZ) Ltd has
been placed under receivership after
it failed to clear a debt owed to Devel-
opment Bank of Kenya Limited.
The company has been under
strain following the entry of cheaper
clothing from East Asia, making it dif-
ficult for it to settle with creditors.
“I am not able to discuss the finan-
cial status of Rupa Cotton Mills, in-
cluding how much they owe the bank
due to a confidentiality clause,” said
Cyrille Nabutola, the Export Process-
ing Zone chief executive.
Development Bank of Kenya has
placed the financially troubled Rupa
under receivership. Engineer Martin
Odero and Kipngetich Arap Korir Bett
have subsequently been appointed
joint receivers and managers.
This is according to a notice dated
April 30, 2014. The debt has been out-
standing since August 27, 2008.
Efforts to obtain details from the
bank on how much it is owed by Rupa
were fruitless as our calls were trans-
ferred from one office to the other. A
promise by the bank’s company sec-
retary to call us back was unfulfilled
by the time of going to press.
Rupa joins a long list of textile
firms that have shut down or are
struggling to survive stiff competition
from cheaper apparel and textile from
China and South East Asia.
“Trouble for the local textile indus-
try can be traced back to liberalisa-
tion, which occurred across all world
markets, removing the quota system
and allowing more competitive coun-
tries like China to flood markets,” said
Other firms that have been shut
down include Rivatex, Kicomi, Ray-
mond Woollen Mills and Mountex.
Kenya moves to implement WTO trade facilitation rules
Bank debt sees
mill put under
Government identifes major
areas to drive industrialisation
Industrialisation and Enterprise Development Cabinet Secretary Adan
Mohamed says efforts are being made to improve business environment.
Diamond Trust Bank
pretax profit up 20pc
Kenyan lender Diamond Trust
Bank’s pretax profit rose 20
per cent to Sh2.07 billion
($23.78m) in the first quarter
compared to the same period
in 2013, helped by growth in
net interest income.
The bank’s net interest income
– total interest minus interest
expenses – rose to Sh3.01
billion from Sh2.48 billion,
helped by increased lending
to customers. Net loans and
advances to customers rose
27 per cent to Sh114.97 billion.
Diamond Trust Bank’s first-
quarter earnings per share
increased to Sh5.48 from
Sh5.22 in the same period last
Government to roll out
e-procurement training
The Government is set to roll
out electronic procurement
training in July this year as
part of efforts to automate
and streamline its financial
management processes
and procedures. National
Treasury Cabinet Secretary,
Henry Rotich, says electronic
procurement (e-procurement),
which is being implemented
under the Integrated Financial
Management Information
System (Ifmis), will provide
an efficient and streamlined
purchasing and payment
system by fully automating
the process. “This will increase
control and visibility over
the entire life-cycle of a
procurement transaction
from procurement planning
to payment,” Mr Rotich
said during the opening of
the supplier training and
sensitisation forum in Nairobi.
“Electronic procurement will
therefore play a key role in
prudent Government financial
management and resource
allocation,” he added.
HNA Group to make entry
into local aviation sector
HNA Group will make a huge
entry into the Kenyan aviation
market after Saturday’s
signing of an MoU with one of
Kenya’s aviation companies
at State House, Nairobi.
HNA, a Chinese company,
entered into an agreement
with Astral Aviation Limited
based in Kenya in a deal that
will see it invest over $50
million. The memorandum
signing was between Chen
Feng, chairman of HNA
Group, and Anwar Hussein,
chairman of Astral Aviation,
after the bilateral agreements
with Kenya and China. The
company was among the 17
that signed Memorandums
of Understanding with the
Kenyan government and
private sector in an event that
publicly welcomed the East to
invest in the country.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
said. Tax revenues have lagged as
economic growth has been slower
than expected this fiscal year al-
though the IMF said the economy
was still solid.
“Despite a slowdown in agricul-
ture and unrest in South Sudan,
growth continues to be robust,” it
said. Neighbouring South Sudan has
been experiencing violence since last
December, disrupting trade between
the two nations.
Ugandan exports to South Sudan
include food, plastics, beverages and
construction materials.
The IMF said Uganda needed to
curtail its public spending to relieve
pressure on credit markets and spur
lending to the private sector.
“Restrained public consumption
in the upcoming year ... would create
room for improved credit conditions,
laying the ground for a rebound in
private sector activity,” it said.
The IMF’s projections for eco-
nomic growth of 6.1 per cent in the
2014/15 fiscal year, and 5.7 per cent
in the current fiscal year, broadly
match those of the Ugandan central
bank, which predicts growth will
reach 6.0-6.5 per cent in 2014/15.
The bank this month cut its forecast
for growth this fiscal year to 5.7 per
cent from 6 per cent.
Boosting tax collections and curb-
ing public spending, the IMF said,
would help limit government bor-
rowing in the domestic market, keep-
ing a lid on interest rates.
Interest rates have been on hold
since the central bank unexpectedly
cut its benchmark rate by 50 basis
points in December to 11.50 per cent,
saying economic growth was below
IMF predicts 6pc
economic growth
for Uganda
Uganda’s economic growth should
accelerate to just above 6 per cent in
the next fiscal year through June 2015
despite the risk of reduced foreign
aid and unrest in the key export mar-
ket of South Sudan, the International
Monetary Fund (IMF) said yester-
Western donors have halted or re-
directed about $118 million in aid to
Uganda since President Yoweri Mu-
seveni signed a law in February that
toughened existing rules against
same-sex relationships.
President Museveni signed into
law a Bill that toughens penalties
against gay people and defines some
homosexual acts as crimes punish-
able by life in prison early this year.
Homosexual acts are already ille-
gal in Uganda, and Museveni had
gone back and forth about whether
he would sign the controversial Bill
in the face of vocal opposition from
the West.
At the public signing of the Bill, a
defiant Museveni declared that he
would not allow the West to impose
its values on Uganda.
The Government has been cautioned against exclusion of
women in development, with the Kenya Association of Wom-
en Business Owners (Kawbo) saying such an approach would
stagnate the economy.
Jennifer Riria, the group chief executive officer for Kenya
Women Holding, expressed concern that ‘women-friendly’
Government policies normally come under threat and their
implementation is slow.
“Kenyans should be working towards enabling the growth
and development of small and medium enterprises, which
already contribute to more than 40 per cent of Kenya’s Gross
Domestic Product (GDP),” she stated.
These concerns were the highlights at a meeting of China
Europe International Business School (CIEBS) and Kawbo
held in Nairobi yesterday. The meeting launched a project-
based programme that would enhance entrepreneurial,
management and leadership skills for Kenyan women.
The programme named The Women Entrepreneurship
and Leadership for Africa (Wela) comes to Kenya for the first
time. It is specifically designed for women entrepreneurs with
the aim of enabling them identify business opportunities and
maintain visible and sustainable enterprises.
This is also the third time the programme has been
launched in Africa, after a long presence in both Ghana and
Nigeria.The meeting participants noted that empowerment
of women is the new radical shift in championing global eco-
nomic growth.
This realisation, the delegates noted, is the reason why
leading business schools across the globe have partnered
with local organisations to empower Kenyan women eco-
Key speakers at the event attended by various women
trailblazers in business, career and politics debated on the
opportunities, challenges and way forward in the local and
international business environment.
Mathew Tsemenyi who is a CEIBS professor and the di-
rector of programmes said Kenya is growing in terms of fi-
nance and industrial market, which necessitated the launch
of the programme in the country.
He acknowledged that Africa’s business environment was
dynamic, but reckoned that there was need for more innova-
tive managers to support women’s initiatives.
It says the growth will
occur despite the risk
of reduced foreign
aid and unrest in key
export market of South
“We have been disappointed for a
long time by the conduct of the West,
the way you conduct yourselves
there,” he told the media. “Our dis-
appointment is now exacerbated be-
cause we are sorry to see that you live
the way you live, but we keep quiet
about it. Now you say, ‘You must also
live like us’ – that’s where we say
Analysts have said that the East
African economy has become less
dependent on aid for budget support
in recent years, but the IMF said re-
duced foreign aid made it even more
important for the country to expand
its tax base.
“Following the recent large short-
fall in tax revenue and the risk of re-
ductions in foreign aid, broadening
the tax base and improving efficien-
cy in tax administration are more
critical than ever,” an IMF statement
Despite a
slowdown in
agriculture and
unrest in South
Sudan, growth
continues to be
robust,” — International
Monetary Fund statement.

Africa needs to embrace a num-
ber of reform measures if it is to
benefit from tourism, Africa Union
Commission chairperson Dlamini-
Zuma has said.
She identified the elimination of
complex visa processes, liberalising
air routes and eliminating poach-
ing as some of the issues that re-
quire urgent attention if Africa is to
get a fair share of global tourism
She made the remarks at Africa’s
largest tourism trade fair – Indaba
– that ended on Sunday in the port
city of Durban in the Kwa Zulu Na-
tal province of South Africa.
Kenya Tourism Board (KTB)
Managing Director Mureithi Nde-
gwa led a delegation of 20 Kenyan
firms in showcasing the country’s
diverse tourism attractions at the
Mr Ndegwa explained that the
participation was proof of the fact
that Destination Kenya is open for
business as usual despite the chal-
lenges currently being encountered
ranging from security concerns to
dwindling international arrivals.
Dlamini-Zuma said tourists
wanted to visit Africa but were fear-
ful of administrative hurdles.
“We must work on a simplified
visa and joint visas,” she said, add-
ing that this would make travelling
between countries easier for tour-
The AU Commission chairper-
son also warned that the “scourge
of poaching” posed a major threat
to growth of the tourism sector on
the continent.
AU Commission
rallies region on
tourism reforms
Lobby: Women’s inclusion critical
to Kenya’s development agenda
IMF Managing Director Christine LaGarde. Analysts say Uganda has become
less dependent on aid for budget support in recent years. PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
In an advertisement published in the Standard and Star Newspapers
yesterday, names of candidates shortlisted under Religious groups for
the Homa Bay County Policing Authority membership were inadvertently
omitted from the list due to a technical error.
Subsequently, those whose names appear below should attend
interviews at Hill Breeze Hotel in Oyugis town on May 19, 2014 during
the slotted times.
1. HARRISON OKUKU 11215144 K.C.P.E Religious Org. 2.00p.m
Religious Org 2.30pm
22725377 Diploma
Religious Org 3.00p.m
25068924 Diploma Religious Org 3.30p.m.
Board Secretary/CEO
Homa Bay County PSB
P. O. Box 95, 40300
P.O. BOX 95 – 40300, HOMA BAY
AB C 87.00 87.20 0.20 119.69 119.99 0.30
EQUITY 87.00 87.20 0.20 119.69 120.00 0.31
I & M 87.00 87.20 0.20 119.79 120.07 0.28
DIAMONDTRUST 87.00 87.20 0.20 119.69 120.00 0.31
NI C 87.00 87.20 0.20 119.69 119.99 0.30
ECOBANK 87.00 87.15 0.15 119.75 119.92 0.17
1ST COMMUNITY 86.80 87.10 0.30 119.69 120.00 0.31
PRIME 87.00 87.20 0.20 119.79 120.07 0.28
MIDDLEEAST 87.05 87.25 0.20 119.79 120.07 0.28
CFC STANBIC 87.05 87.25 0.20 119.75 120.06 0.31
CITIBANK 87.05 87.25 0.20 119.80 120.18 0.38
C B A 87.00 87.20 0.20 119.64 120.04 0.40
NB K 87.00 87.15 0.15 119.75 119.92 0.17
BARCLAYS 87.00 87.20 0.20 119.69 120.00 0.31
STANDARD 86.90 87.10 0.20 119.56 119.85 0.29
KC B 87.05 87.15 0.10 119.76 119.92 0.16
BOA 87.05 87.15 0.10 119.75 119.93 0.18
CO-OP 87.05 87.15 0.10 119.85 120.01 0.16
USDOLLAR 87.0917
STGPOUND 146.9978
EURO 119.8604
SARAND 8.3532
KES/ USHS 28.9811
KES/ TSHS 18.9342
KES/ RWF 7.7850
KES/ BIF 17.7977
AEDIRHAM 23.7110
CAN$ 79.8423
SFRANC 98.3003
JPY(100) 85.2609
SW KRONER 13.3921
NOR KRONER 14.6603
IND RUPEE 1.4534
Source: Central Bank
NSE All Share Index.Down 0.40 points to close at 152.27.
NSE 20-share Index. Down 2.82 points to close at 4975.39.
Alpha Forex BureauLtd 86.80 88.00 1.20 119.00 121.50 2.50
Amal Express Forex Bureau 86.80 87.50 0.70 116.00 120.00 4.00
Amana Forex BureauLtd 86.50 87.80 1.30 119.00 120.90 1.90
Arcade Forex BureauLtd 86.50 87.50 1.00 120.00 122.00 2.00
Aristocrats Forex Bureau 86.00 88.00 2.00 118.00 121.00 3.00
Bamburi Forex BureauLtd 86.00 88.00 2.00 119.00 122.00 3.00
Bay Forex Bureau(NBI) Ltd 87.00 87.40 0.40 119.70 122.00 2.30
Bogani Forex BureauLtd 85.10 89.20 4.10 117.10 122.40 5.30
Capital Hill Forex Bureau 86.50 87.80 1.30 118.00 121.50 3.50
Cashline Forex BureauLtd 86.50 88.50 2.00 118.00 123.00 5.00
Central Forex BureauLtd 86.90 88.10 1.20 118.80 120.50 1.70
City Centre Forex Bureau 86.90 88.00 1.10 118.40 122.00 3.60
Classic Forex BureauLtd 86.30 87.80 1.50 118.30 121.90 3.60
Commercial Forex Bureau 87.00 87.70 0.70 119.50 122.00 2.50
Continental Forex Bureau 87.10 87.40 0.30 119.40 121.00 1.60
Cosmos Forex BureauLtd 87.00 87.70 0.70 119.40 121.50 2.10
Crater Forex BureauLtd 86.20 88.20 2.00 119.00 122.00 3.00
Crown BureauDe Change 86.00 87.50 1.50 119.00 122.00 3.00
Dalmar Exchange Bureau 86.80 87.30 0.50 117.00 121.00 4.00
Forex BureauAfroLtd 87.00 87.50 0.50 119.00 122.50 3.50
Gateway Forex BureauLtd 87.10 87.50 0.40 119.50 122.00 2.50
Giant Forex BureauLtd 85.50 87.50 2.00 116.00 123.00 7.00
Give andTake Forex Bureau 86.70 87.10 0.40 119.00 121.00 2.00
Global Forex BureauLtd 86.50 87.30 0.80 120.00 122.00 2.00
GNK Forex BureauLtd 85.50 87.80 2.30 117.00 121.00 4.00
Hodan Global Forex Bureau 87.10 87.80 0.70 119.00 121.00 2.00
HurlinghamForex Bureau 85.90 87.40 1.50 116.50 120.50 4.00
Industrial Area Forex Ltd 85.00 88.00 3.00 114.00 122.00 8.00
IslandForex BureauLtd 86.70 87.20 0.50 119.20 120.00 0.80
Junction Forex BureauLtd 86.00 87.50 1.50 118.00 121.50 3.50
Kaah Forex BureauLtd 86.60 87.20 0.60 115.00 120.00 5.00
Kenza Exchange BureauLtd 86.00 88.00 2.00 119.00 121.00 2.00
LeoForex BureauLtd 86.50 87.60 1.10 118.80 120.20 1.40
Link Forex BureauLtd 87.00 87.80 0.80 119.50 121.50 2.00
Loki Forex BureauLtd 86.50 87.50 1.00 117.00 122.00 5.00
Maritime Forex BureauLtd 86.70 87.60 0.90 118.80 120.70 1.90
Metropolitan BureauLtd 85.50 89.00 3.50 117.00 123.00 6.00
Mona BureauDe Change 86.50 87.80 1.30 118.00 122.00 4.00
Moneypoint Forex Bureau 86.00 87.00 1.00 115.00 122.00 7.00
Morgan Forex BureauLtd 86.90 87.40 0.50 119.50 120.50 1.00
Nairobi BureauDe Change 86.00 88.50 2.50 119.00 123.00 4.00
Namanga Forex BureauLtd 83.00 88.00 5.00 115.00 125.00 10.00
Nawal Forex BureauLtd 86.00 87.50 1.50 118.50 122.00 3.50
Net Forex BureauLtd 86.90 87.50 0.60 119.50 120.50 1.00
Offshore Forex BureauLtd 86.90 87.50 0.60 119.50 121.50 2.00
Pacific Forex BureauLtd 87.00 87.50 0.50 119.40 121.50 2.10
PeakTop Exchange Bureau 87.10 87.50 0.40 119.60 121.50 1.90
UNIT TRUSTS 12/05/14
Kenya beats China to host global hospitality congress
Kenya Utalii College has been chosen to host the 55th International
Association of Hotel Schools (EUHOFA) Congress in 2016. The Principal of
the College, Kenneth Ombongi said the decision to award Kenya the host
status was made during the EUHOFA International Board Meeting held
in The Hague, Netherlands over the weekend. “This international body
has 218 members. Of these, 153 are full members; 34 Fellow Associate
Members and 21 honorary members,’’ Dr Ombongi said in an email
interview with The Standard from The Hague. EUHOFA, Ombongi added,
supports networking among top hotel schools in the world, introducing
members to innovative training programmes and presents possibilities for
student and staff exchange. The choice for the 2016 Congress was between
China and Kenya. The board solidly voted for Kenya.—PHILIP MWAKIO
31.00 21.00 Eaagads Ltd Ord 1.25 AIMS 29.50 29.50 10,300
124.00 80.00 Kakuzi Ltd Ord.5.00 120.00 116.00 1,000
167.00 110.00 Kapchorua Tea Co. Ltd Ord Ord 5.00 AIMS 143.00 -
625.00 450.00 The Limuru Tea Co. Ltd Ord 20.00 AIMS 620.00 -
30.00 19.40 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ltd Ord 5.00 27.50 -
19.95 11.25 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 17.30 16.75 20,500
350.00 210.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 287.00 -
50.00 21.00 Car & General (K) Ltd Ord 5.00 33.25 33.25 700
- - CMC Holdings Ltd Ord 0.50 13.50 -
13.50 9.00 Marshalls (E.A.) Ltd Ord 5.00 9.20 -
9.40 4.50 Sameer Africa Ltd Ord 5.00 9.10 9.00 232,200
19.15 15.00 Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 0.50 16.95 17.00 1,418,300
150.00 54.00 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ltd ord.5.00 148.00 138.00 105,600
248.00 141.00 Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd Ord 4.00 231.00 233.00 31,300
42.25 29.50 Equity Bank Ltd Ord 0.50 40.75 40.75 11,083,100
39.00 22.00 Housing Finance Co.Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 36.00 36.50 163,100
145.00 85.00 I&M Holdings Ltd Ord 1.00 128.00 128.00 7,700
51.00 35.50 Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd Ord 1.00 47.00 49.00 650,500
39.25 18.50 National Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 31.50 30.25 142,100
68.00 48.50 NIC Bank Ltd Ord 5.00 60.00 59.50 292,800
340.00 271.00 Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ord 5.00 307.00 306.00 42,100
25.00 14.50 The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ord 1.00 24.00 24.00 588,900
5.10 3.40 Express Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 4.75 4.95 6,100
- - Hutchings Biemer Ltd Ord 5.00 20.25 -
14.70 8.30 Kenya Airways Ltd Ord 5.00 12.45 12.40 270,700
16.50 5.00 Longhorn Kenya Ltd Ord 1.00 AIMS 12.90 12.85 14,700
400.00 271.00 Nation Media Group Ltd Ord. 2.50 317.00 316.00 2,500
247.00 44.00 Scangroup Ltd Ord 1.00 48.75 47.00 8,100
39.00 24.50 Standard Group Ltd Ord 5.00 34.25 34.75 16,100
56.50 40.00 TPS Eastern Africa Ltd Ord 1.00 40.75 40.75 16,600
24.00 13.55 Uchumi Supermarket Ltd Ord 5.00 13.65 14.00 65,900
98.50 60.00 ARM Cement Ltd Ord 1.00 84.50 84.50 489,700
225.00 170.00 Bamburi Cement Ltd Ord 5.00 175.00 175.00 172,800
96.00 75.00 Crown Paints Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 95.00 95.50 200
18.00 13.80 E.A.Cables Ltd Ord 0.50 14.80 14.95 7,100
110.00 56.50 E.A.Portland Cement Co. Ltd Ord 5.00 95.50 -
17.90 10.00 KenGen Co. Ltd Ord. 2.50 11.15 11.35 120,500
11.80 7.90 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 8.75 8.90 2,189,700
20.75 13.50 Kenya Power & Lighting Co Ltd Ord 2.50 14.85 14.80 206,900
- - Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd 4% Pref 20.00 8.00
5.50 5.50 Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd 7% Pref 20.00 5.50
28.75 12.65 Total Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 25.00 25.50 54,300
13.00 13.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.50 13.00
20.00 7.30 British-American Investments Co Ord 0.10 17.70 17.70 479,800
12.20 4.20 CIC Insurance Group Ltd Ord.1.00 11.35 11.40 1,454,000
325.00 217.00 Jubilee Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 312.00 312.00 1,000
21.00 13.10 Kenya Re Insurance Corporation Ord 2.50 20.00 20.00 2,068,400
23.00 9.20 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ltd Ord.1.00 20.75 21.75 89,300
145.00 51.50 Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 130.00 134.00 31,900
41.00 17.05 Centum Investment Co Ltd Ord 0.50 38.50 38.50 602,200
6.00 3.50 Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 4.75 4.70 35,700
37.75 20.00 Trans-Century Ltd Ord 0.50 AIMS 24.25 24.25 13,500
- - A.Baumann & Co Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 11.10 -
190.00 100.00 B.O.C Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 140.00 140.00 32,100
635.00 521.00 British American Tobacco Kenya Ord 10.00 600.00 600.00 115,200
67.50 30.50 Carbacid Investments Ltd Ord 1.00 33.00 33.00 13,200
426.00 212.00 East African Breweries Ltd Ord 2.00 302.00 303.00 262,300
3.90 1.90 Eveready East Africa Ltd Ord.1.00 3.70 3.60 16,700
8.60 4.40 Kenya Orchards Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 8.60 7.90 400
5.05 2.85 Mumias Sugar Co. Ltd Ord 2.00 3.10 3.15 511,300
27.50 14.00 Unga Group Ltd Ord 5.00 25.25 26.00 5,600
13.40 6.15 Safaricom Ltd Ord 0.05 12.85 12.90 11,946,100
25.00 4.40 Home Afrika Ltd Ord 1.00 5.20 5.15 1,015,900
Page 48 / TODAY IN BUSINESS Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
MONEY FUNDS Daily Yield E. A. Rate
British-American MoneyMarket Fund 9.09% 9.51%
Madison Asset MoneyMarket Fund 9.19% 9.59%
Old Mutual MoneyMarket Fund 6.36% 6.55%
CBA MoneyMarket Fund 5.91% 6.09%
STANLIB MoneyMarket Fund 7.06% 7.29%
British-American EquityFund 203.45 209.92
British-American Balanced Fund 192.79 198.42
British-American Bond Plus Fund 145.35 148.32
British-American Managed Retirement Fund 134.65 135.79
ICEA BONDFUND 99.58 100.59
ICEA EQUITY FUND 140.14 147.52
ICEA GROWTH FUND 140.44 147.83
Madison Asset Balanced Fund 70.45 74.34
Madison Asset EquityFund 56.56 60.36
Old Mutual EquityFund 379.94 407.09
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa 155.53 165.61
Old Mutual East Africa Fund 150.89 159.69
Old Mutual Bond Fund 102.36 104.79
Commercial Bank of Africa EquityFund 156.97 166.63
STANLIB Balanced fund 129.76 129.76
STANLIB EquityFund 168.02 168.02
STANLIB Bond Fund B1 105.70 105.70
STANLIB Bond Fund A 105.25 105.25
Nairobi bourse gears
up to sell 38pc stake
Funds from the Initial Public Offer
set to open before end of June will
be used to bankroll new products
such as derivatives and indexes
The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) will
sell up to a 38 per cent stake in an Initial Public
Offer (IPO) by the end of next month to raise
funds for new products and enhance transpar-
ency, its chief executive said.
Chief Executive Officer Peter Mwangi said the
owners of the bourse, a mutual company held by
brokers, will offer up to 81 million shares of Sh4
($0.05) each, amounting to 38 per cent of its to-
tal capitalisation, subject to requisite regulatory
However, the IPO advisers are to set the actu-
al offer price at a later date. “We want to list
through an IPO on the main market. We need to
open this listing before June 30,” he told Reuters.
“That conversion from a private to a public com-
pany will position us to be a very effective play-
er,” he added.
Sub-Saharan Africa capital markets have
been attracting rising investment from outside
the continent as investors chase higher returns.
“We are playing in a sweet spot where the
frontier funds think Africa is rising. East Africa is
a hot spot on the African map and we are the
gateway into that east African region,” Mr Mwan-
gi stated.
Regional integration has been driving expan-
sion among locally listed firms and the discovery
of oil and gas across east Africa in recent years
has also bolstered investor confidence. NSE’s
pretax profit more than doubled to Sh379 mil-
lion last year from 2012, lifted by a surge in trad-
ing turnover after the country’s presidential
election passed off peacefully in March.
Mwangi said part of the funds raised in the
offer would be used to bankroll new products
like derivatives, exchange-traded funds and Sh-
aria-compliant indexes.
Plans to offer currency and interest rates fu-
tures and options are at an advanced stage with
the regulator Capital Markets Authority perus-
ing them for a final approval.
“We are seeing more and more internation-
al investors who might want to invest in Kenya
and they might want to hedge the currency
risk,” the chief executive said.
Kenyan banks offer foreign exchange for-
ward contracts, which are negotiated directly
with buyers, but they cannot be traded.The NSE
futures market will offer standardised contracts
for currency futures that will be traded.
Mwangi said they wanted to attract more
listings on the NSE’s Growth Enterprise Market
(GEMS), which targets small firms wishing to
list their shares.—Reuters
Lack of good markets for agricultural pro-
duce immediately after harvesting has denied
farmers in the North Rift an opportunity reap
better profits from agri-business.
Stakeholders in the sector have raised con-
cern that middlemen have for some time now
taken advantage to exploit farmers who toil to
achieve good harvests.
They also want county governments in po-
tato-producing regions of the country to en-
force a legal notice requiring limitation of pack-
aging the produce in 110 kgs to shield
producers from exploitation.
They noted that brokers and traders rule the
market by demanding packaging of potatoes in
extended bags, thus exploiting farmers.
In a presentation during a Kenya National
Farmers Federation (Kenaff ) and Kenya Agri-
cultural Value Chain Enterprise Project (KAVES)
stakeholders’ forum, Grace Rono said there is
still a major challenge in potato packaging in
the North Rift region.
Ms Rono, who is an official of Kenaff, said
the federation has helped Irish potato farmers
to embrace new production techniques, in-
cluding use of certified seeds and better farm-
ing methods to achieve good yields, but traders
still exploit them.
“The extended bags can carry potatoes that
could be packaged in up to three bags of the
standard 110 kgs, which could enable farmers
reap better returns,” said Rono.
Kenaff Uasin Gishu branch Chairman Musa
Barno, Treasurer Ruth Kemboi, United States
Agency for International Development (USaid)
representatives and Kenya Horticultural Com-
petitiveness Project (KHCP) officials also at-
tended the forum in Eldoret.
The participants urged county governments
to enforce the legal notice from the sub-county
level by imposing penalties on those who use
extended bags in packaging potatoes.
They claimed some traders who export po-
tatoes to neighbouring countries often repack-
age the products into smaller bags and get more
profits after exploiting farmers.
They also advised farmers not to single-
source the market for their produce but instead
aggregate their products, make standard pack-
aging and sell in groups to avoid exploitation.
Rono also urged farmers to venture into pro-
duction of Irish potato seeds.
Lack of market leaves farmers
in North Rift stuck in the middle
We are playing in a
sweet spot where the frontier
funds think Africa is rising.
East Africa is a hot spot on the
African map and we are the
gateway into that region.”
NOTICE / Page 49 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Do you feel helpless
about your w
To participate, send us your full size photo including your age, weight and how much you want to lose.
Email your applications to OR SMS your details to 22151 starting with the word ‘weightloss’
coming soon
Page 50 / NOTICES Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
1. This Invitation for Bids follows the General Procurement Notice for this Project that appeared in online in UNDB on 26
March, 2012.
2. The Government of Kenya has applied for a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) toward the cost of Water and
Sanitation Service Improvement Project Additional Financing (WaSSIP-AF) and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit
to payments under the Contract for Construction of Plinths, Installation of Gutters and erection of Plastic Water Tanks 10,000lts
capacity for Lake Victoria North, Lake Victoria South and Rift Valley Water Service Boards; Contract No. LVNWSB/WaSSIP-AF/DM/
3. The Lake Victoria North Water Services Board, a state corporation in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (MEWNR), now
invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the above mentioned works as below:
Lot Identification No. Description No. of Sites
Construction of Plinths, Installation of Gutters and erection of Plastic Water
Tanks 10,000lts capacity for Lake Victoria North Water Services Board – Elgeyo
Marakwet, Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Bungoma, Busia, Kakamega and
Vihiga Counties
LOT 2(a)
Construction of Plinths, Installation of Gutters and erection of Plastic Water Tanks
10,000lts capacity for Rift Valley Water Services Board – Turkana County
Construction of Plinths, Installation of Gutters and erection of Plastic Water Tanks
10,000lts capacity for Rift Valley Water Services Board – West Pokot and Narok
LOT 2(c)
Construction of Plinths, Installation of Gutters and erection of Plastic Water Tanks
10,000lts capacity for Rift Valley Water Services Board – Baringo County
Construction of Plinths, Installation of Gutters and erection of for Plastic Water
Tanks 10,000lts capacity for Lake Victoria South Water Services Board – Homa
Bay, Migori, Siaya, Kisumu, Nyamira, Kisii, Bomet, Nandi, Kericho and Narok
4. Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures specified in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement
under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants published by the Bank in January 2011, and is open to all bidders from Eligible Source Countries
as defined in the Bidding Documents.
5. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from:
Chief Executive Officer
Lake Victoria North Water Services Board
Former KEFINCO Offices, Off Kakamega-Kisumu Road, opposite Barclays Bank
P.O.Box 673 - 50100, KAKAMEGA
TEL: 056-2031552, Fax 056-2031506, Email: info@lvnwsb
and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from 0800 hours to 1700 hours local time from Monday to Friday, except
during lunch hour (1300 hours to 1400 hours), during weekends and public holidays.
6. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English language may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application
to the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of KShs.1,000 (or equivalent in freely convertible currency). The method of
payment will be cash (deposit to KCB Account no. 243673724) or banker’s cheque from a reputable bank in Kenya. The Bidding Documents
will be collected from the address below upon production of a purchase receipt.
7. Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 1200 hours East Africa time on 16
June 2014. Electronic bidding shall not be
permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened physically in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend in
person at the address below at 12:05 hours East Africa time on 16
June 2014
8. All bids shall be accompanied by a Bid Security in form of a Bank Guarantee of:
Lot 1: 150,000 Kenya Shillings
Lot 2(a): 150,000 Kenya Shillings
Lot 2(b): 100,000 Kenya Shillings
Lot 2(c): 100,000 Kenya Shillings
Lot 3: 150,000 Kenya Shillings
or equivalent amount in freely convertible currency.
9. The address referred to above is:
Chief Executive Officer
Lake Victoria North Water Services Board
Former KEFINCO Offices,
Off Kakamega-Kisumu Road, opposite Barclays Bank
P.O.Box 673 - 50100, KAKAMEGA
P.O. BOX 673 – 50100, KAKAMEGA
TEL: 056 – 2030795 FAX: 056 - 2031506
Country: Kenya
Credit No.: 5103 – KE
Invitation for Bids (IFB)
NCB Title: Construction of Plinths, Installation of Gutters and Erection of Plastic Water
Tanks 10,000lts Capacity for Lake Victoria North, Lake Victoria South and Rift Valley
Water Service Boards
Every Wednesday
& Thursday Night
Ior 8reaking News updates
Sms 1he word N£wS 1o 2284u
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forums and more:
Page 59
US surveillance aircraft join
hunt for abducted Nigerian girls
A Nigerian woman cries as she takes part in a protest in Spain, called by Malaga’s Nigerian Women’s Association, for
the release of the abducted secondary school girls from the remote village of Chibok in Nigeria. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
ABUJA, Tuesday
US surveillance aircraft were fly-
ing over remote areas of north-east
Nigeria as part of an international
hunt for about 200 girls kidnapped a
month ago by Boko Haram militants
who stormed their school.
Thousands of Nigerian troops
have been sent to the region. The US
and Britain also have teams on the
ground to help with the search.
The kidnap of the girls from their
boarding school in Chibok has
caused global outrage and Nigerian
President Goodluck Jonathan’s gov-
ernment has faced criticism from
parents for its slow response.
It has also cast a spotlight on
Boko Haram, which has killed thou-
sands of Nigerians since it took up
arms in 2009 to fight for an Islamist
state. The group had initially threat-
ened to sell the girls into slavery but
on Monday offered to trade them for
detained militants.
The US State Department said
Washington had sent military, law-
enforcement and development ex-
perts to Nigeria to help search for the
missing girls.
“We have shared commercial sat-
ellite imagery with the Nigerians and
are flying manned ISR (intelligence,
surveillance and reconnaissance) as-
sets over Nigeria,” a US official said.
US State Department spokes-
woman Jen Psaki said US teams on
the ground “are digging in on the
search and co-ordinating closely
with the Nigerian government, inter-
national partners and allies”.
The girls’ exact whereabouts and
The chief prosecutor in the mur-
der trial of Oscar Pistorius asked that
the double-amputee runner be placed
under psychiatric evaluation after an
expert witness testified that he had an
anxiety disorder.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel noted that a
psychiatrist for the defence had testi-
fied that the disorder she diagnosed
in Pistorius may have played a role in
his fatal shooting of girlfriend Reeva
Steenkamp in his home on February
14, 2013. The prosecutor has acknowl-
edged that an evaluation of Pistorius’
state of mind at a government facility
could mean the trial, which began
March 3, will be delayed.
Judge Thokozile Masipa is sched-
uled to rule on Nel’s request today.
Nel questioned why the defence
decided to ask Dr Merryll Vorster, a
psychiatrist, to testify on behalf of the
Olympic runner. He said the trial is
not going well for Pistorius and that
his lawyers are floating the idea that a
disorder led to Steenkamp’s shooting
and that therefore Pistorius bears less
responsibility for her death.
Pistorius says he mistook Steen-
kamp for an intruder when he shot
her through the closed door of a toilet
cubicle. Prosecutors say he killed her
in anger after an argument.
In asking for another professional
evaluation of Pistorius’ mental state,
Nel appeared to be trying to ward off
any attempt by the defence to say Pis-
torius should be treated favourably by
the court because of a mental condi-
tion linked to his disability.
Pistorius’ chief lawyer, Barry Roux,
had said at the start of a defence-led
testimony that the double amputee’s
vulnerability and disability was at the
centre of his case of a mistaken killing.
He said Pistorius should not be sent
for 30 days of psychiatric evaluation
and that he wanted to call another
witness to continue testimony.
The psychiatrist, Vorster, met Pis-
torius this month, prompting the
prosecutor to question whether the
timing of her late entry to the stable
of defence witnesses signified a
change in tactics by the defence,
which has said Pistorius fired out of
fear he was about to be attacked.
Prosecutor wants Pistorius checked for mental stability
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Kidnap of the girls from
their boarding school
has caused global
outrage and a stinging
criticism of President
KINSHASA: Conservationists
receive threats over Congo oil
Two employees of WWF have received
death threats in Democratic Republic
of Congo because of the conservation
group’s opposition to plans by British
company Soco International to search
for oil in a national park, WWF said.
Soco’s plans have drawn criticism
from the British government and from
environmentalists who fear they could
damage Virunga National Park, the oldest
and most bio-diverse in Africa. Emmanuel
De Merode, the park’s Belgian director
who was also publicly critical of Soco’s
plans, was shot and seriously wounded
last month by unknown gunmen. Soco has
denied any link to that attack and said on
Tuesday it condemned the latest threats.
The firm says it can operate in the World
Heritage Site using environmentally
sensitive techniques. Switzerland-based
WWF, which has been critical of the oil
exploration, said that members of staff
who had spoken publicly against the oil
project received threatening phone calls.
MARIKANA: SA police sent to
platinum belt as strike breaks
South Africa sent more police to the
strike-hit platinum belt on Tuesday to
protect miners returning to work this
week as producers pushed ahead with
plans to end the sector’s longest and
most costly bout of industrial action. The
four-month strike has halted 40 per cent
of normal global platinum production
and dented already sluggish growth in
Africa’s most advanced economy. Thulani
Ngubane, the police spokesman in the
platinum mining town of Rustenburg,
north-west of Johannesburg, said police
had set up park-and-ride facilities around
the platinum mines to handle the arrivals.
It is unclear how many workers will be
coming back but the three big platinum
firms say most of the 70,000 strikers
want to end the strike.
AMMAN: Jordanian envoy to
Libya freed in prisoner swap
Kidnappers freed Jordan’s ambassador to
Libya and he said on his arrival home on
Tuesday that in exchange his government
had sent back to Tripoli a Libyan Islamist
militant who had been serving a life
sentence for a bombing plot. Jordan’s
foreign minister said the envoy’s release
was arranged in contacts with Libyan
authorities, not with the kidnappers.
But some Jordanian officials voiced
concern at the precedent the handover
of the militant could set for Amman, an
important US ally in the fight against
al Qaeda. A Libyan foreign ministry
spokesman told al-Nabaa television
channel that militant Mohammed Dersi
was back in Libya. Asked repeatedly
whether Dersi was in prison or free, he
said only: “Dersi is in Libya and he is fine.”
PARIS: France to start training
Libyan police in coming weeks
France said it would begin training Libyan
policemen in the coming weeks, more
than a year after pledging to do so as part
of efforts to help restore security in the
North African state. Paris is worried by
the situation in energy producing Libya
which, more than two-and-a-half years
after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, is
struggling to contain violence between
militias and Islamist militants who are
gaining ground in the south. Paris agreed
in February 2013 to initially train 1,000
Libyan police in counter-terrorism, and
another 1,500 after that. —Agencies
whether they are being held in one
or more groups is not known. Chibok
is close to Nigeria’s border with Cam-
eroon, Niger and Chad in a sparsely
populated area of the Sahel region.
Boko Haram leader Abubakar
Shekau posted a video on Monday
offering to release the girls in ex-
change for prisoners held by the gov-
ernment – the first visual evidence of
them in captivity. The government
said in response that it was exploring
all options.
The video showed more than 110
girls sitting on the ground in a rural
location chanting, singing and wear-
ing veils. It was not clear when it was
filmed or whether Shekau, who sat in
front of a green backdrop holding an
AK-47 during part of the video, was
in the same location as the girls.
A mother of one of the girls said
had watched the video on television
on Monday evening and spotted her
daughter among the girls sitting on
the ground, said Dumoma Mpur,
parent-teachers association chair-
man at Government Girls Secondary
School in Chibok.
“The video got parents apprehen-
sive after watching it but the various
steps taken by the governments and
the coming of the foreign troops is
boosting our spirit,” Mpur said.
Mpur said he was yet to see a sol-
dier involved in the hunt in Chibok,
though he said what looked like a
surveillance jet and two helicopters
were visible over the area.
A Nigerian soldier with an artil-
lery unit said rebels at the weekend
ambushed his unit in Sambisa For-
est, which is a Boko Haram strong-
hold, using mines and rocket-pro-
pelled grenades.
They killed eight soldiers and
wounded four more, said the soldier,
who spoke by telephone on condi-
tion of anonymity. There was no im-
mediate response from Nigerian De-
fence Headquarters.
Jonathan was due to return to
Abuja on Tuesday from the Congo
Republic, where he held talks with
President Denis Sassou before a re-
gional security summit in Paris on
Saturday to discuss Boko Haram.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard NEWS OF THE WORLD / Page 53
ARK FUTURA: Syria ‘must
give up chemical weapons’
Denmark’s Foreign minister is
urging Syria to give up the last of
its chemical weapon agents within
days to meet a June 30 deadline
for completely ridding the war-torn
country of its lethal stockpile. Foreign
minister Martin Lidegaard says there
are “serious security problems”
concerning the last 16 containers,
some of which have agents used to
create deadly VX and Sarin nerve
gases. A Danish-Norwegian flotilla
consisting of two warships and two
cargo vessels has been moving the
chemicals out of Syria for eventual
destruction since January.
BANGKOK: Thai protest
leader renews ouster call
The leader of Thailand’s anti-
government movement has pressed
calls for the appointment of an
unelected prime minister. Suthep
Thaugsuban called on the Senate to
name a new prime minister, arguing
that the caretaker, Niwattumrong
Boonsongpaisan, has no legitimacy.
Niwattumrong took over after
Thailand’s Constitutional Court
removed Yingluck Shinawatra
for nepotism in a case that many
viewed as politically motivated.
The government wants elections in
July but Suthep says an unelected
prime minister must implement anti-
corruption reforms first.
DUBAI: Lady Gaga show
faces censor over ‘culture’
A Lady Gaga concert in Dubai in
September will be censored to respect
cultural traditions, the United Arab
Emirates daily Gulf News reported on
Tuesday. Lady Gaga, who is known for
her outrageous stunts and provocative
costumes, cancelled a concert in
Indonesia in 2012 because of security
concerns over objections by Islamic
groups to her style. The Gulf News
quoted Marco Rios, the CEO of AMI
Live, one of the three firms involved
in bringing Gaga to Dubai, as saying:
“There will be some edits for Dubai.
It can’t be the full show, because it
wouldn’t be allowed. The UAE, where
expatriates make up most of the
population, has had to contend with
controversy surrounding international
pop artists’ shows in the Muslim state.
In 2012, many Emiratis were enraged
by a concert Madonna held in Abu
Dhabi. —Agencies
Former Israeli PM Olmert
jailed 6 years for corruption
TEL AVIV, Tuesday
Israel’s ex-prime minister Ehud
Olmert was sentenced to six years in
jail for taking bribes, a crime the
judge said was akin to treason.
The first criminal conviction of a
former Israeli head of government all
but ended speculation that Olmert –
a centrist credited internationally
with working towards a peace settle-
ment with the Palestinians – might
return to political life.
He had denied any wrongdoing in
the property deal, approved when he
served as Jerusalem’s mayor, that led
to the construction of the hilltop Ho-
lyland apartment towers, a hulking
stone complex widely seen as one of
the city’s worst eyesores.
“A public servant who takes bribes
is akin to a traitor,” said Judge David
Rozen in the Tel Aviv District Court,
as he handed down a six-year prison
term sought by prosecutors and
fined Olmert $289,500.
Rozen found Olmert guilty on
March 31 of two bribery charges,
saying the former premier had ac-
cepted $144, 927 from developers of
the Holyland project and $17,391 in
a separate real estate deal.
Olmert, the judge said, devoted
most of his time to “praise-worthy”
public service – but “also lined his
own pockets”.
“The accused served as the prime
minister of Israel. From this high and
honourable post, he reached the po-
sition of having been convicted of
the most despicable and grave
crimes,” Rozen said.
Rozen ordered Olmert, 68, to re-
port to prison on September 1. This
gives his lawyers time to take the
case to a higher court and request
that he remain free until it rules.
Known as one of the country’s
most gregarious politicians, Olmert
sat largely stony-faced during the
court session, and made no com-
ment afterwards.
“He did not take a bribe. He did
He denied wrongdoing
in the property deal
approved when he was
Jerusalem mayor
BAGHDAD, Tuesday
A wave of car bombings in Shiite areas of
Baghdad killed 28 people.
The attacks came as Iraqi Shiites were cel-
ebrating the birthday of Imam Ali, the cousin
and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad and
Shiite Islam’s most sacred martyr.
In the Baghdad neighbourhood of Sadr City,
a car bomb went off in the morning, killing four
people and wounding six. Another car bomb in
Sadr City exploded near a cluster of homes, kill-
ing two people and wounding seven.
AP footage from one of the Sadr City attacks
showed a thick cloud of smoke rising from the
blast area where several cars were on fire.
A short while later, a car bomb exploded in
a commercial street in Baghdad’s eastern dis-
trict of Jamila, killing three people and wound-
ing 10. Police said a fourth car bomb went off
near a traffic police office in eastern Baghdad,
killing four people, including a traffic police-
man. Seven people were wounded in that at-
Haithem Kadhum, owner of a juice shop in
Jamila who was wounded in the attack there,
said he was in his store when he heard a big ex-
He was told the blast was in his home neigh-
bourhood of Sadr City so he rushed to his car
to go check on his family. But as he was driving
through Jamila, another explosion went off,
this one near him. The flying shrapnel wound-
ed him in the shoulder.
“I was wounded in my right shoulder. I went
out of the car and I saw dead and wounded
people on the ground. Everybody was in pan-
ic,” said Kadhum, after receiving treatment in
a nearby hospital.
BEIJING, Tuesday
China hit back at the US over the
disputed South China Sea, after US
Secretary of State John Kerry said re-
cent Chinese moves in the waters
were “provocative”.
Tensions rose in the resource-
rich sea last week after China moved
a giant oil rig into an area claimed by
Vietnam. Each country accused the
other of ramming its ships near the
disputed Paracel Islands.
China claims the entire South
China Sea, rejecting rival claims to
parts of it from Vietnam, Philippines,
Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.
“China’s introduction of an oil rig
and numerous government vessels
in waters disputed with Vietnam was
provocative,” Kerry said through US
State Department official.
He urged both sides to de-esca-
late tensions, ensure safe conduct by
their vessels at sea, and resolve the
dispute through peaceful means in
accordance with international law.
China’s Foreign ministry said
there certainly had been provocative
moves in the South China Sea, but
that China was not the guilty party
and repeated that it was the US’s
fault for encouraging such behav-
“We hope the US side can reflect,
if they really hope for the Pacific
Ocean to be peaceful, what kind of
role do they actually want to play?”
spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a
daily news briefing.
“Kerry should objectively and
fairly look at the South China Sea is-
sue, and act and speak cautiously.”
China says the South China Sea
issue should be resolved via direct
talks between the parties concerned,
and has bristled at what it sees as un-
warranted US interference.
China has also looked askance at
the US “pivot” back to Asia, their ef-
forts to boost existing military links
with Tokyo and Manila.
In separate remarks to visiting
Singapore Foreign minister K Shan-
mugam, Kerry said the US was con-
cerned by China’s “aggressive act”.
“We are concerned - all nations
that are engaged in navigation and
traffic within the South China Sea,
the East China Sea, are deeply con-
cerned about this aggressive act,”
Kerry said in the Monday meeting.
Car bomb attacks kill 28 in Baghdad
US, Beijing spar
on South China
Seas dispute
not receive a bribe. He sees himself as
innocent, and it is with those feelings
that he will be going to the Supreme
Court to appeal,” Olmert lawyer Eli
Zohar told reporters.
Two years ago, Olmert was acquit-
ted of most of the major charges
brought against him in separate cas-
es involving his links to a US busi-
nessman. Those corruption allega-
tions forced Olmert’s resignation as
prime minister in 2008, and his ac-
quittal had appeared to position him
for a possible political comeback.
Olmert has made several criti-
cisms of Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu’s policies toward the Pal-
estinians, fuelling talk about his fu-
ture political ambitions.
But the judge said Olmert’s crimes
entailed “moral turpitude”, which un-
der Israeli law would preclude him
from running for public office for sev-
en years after finishing his jail term.
A lawyer, Olmert began his career
in the 1970s as a lawmaker who tar-
geted organised crime in Israel.
He was mayor of Jerusalem from
1993 to 2003 and premier from 2006
to 2009, staying in office until after an
election that brought right-winger
Netanyahu to power.
As Israel’s leader, Olmert waged
war against militants in Lebanon in
2006 and the Gaza Strip in 2008.
Former Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert had been charged in Tel Aviv for taking
bribes and asking for favours on behalf of his brother. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
60 / NEWS OF THE WORLD Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard NEWS OF THE WORLD / Page 61
JAKARTA: Indonesia bans
video sharing site for nudity
Indonesia has banned a popular video
sharing site Vimeo, saying it contains
what it calls “pornographic material
in form of nudity.” ICT Minister Tiffatul
Sembiring said in a statement that
his ministry found nearly 15,000
videos tagged with words related to
nudity on the site. Vimeo said on its
Twitter account, “It seems Vimeo is
blocked for some Indonesian users,
but it’s on the Indonesian side and we
can’t unblock it.” Its video guidelines
prohibit sexually explicit material or
pornography, but allow artistic and
non-sexual nudity. Sembiring says
that Vimeo has been added to a list
of 119 sites banned for such content.
The ban has triggered many negative
comments on social media.
ISTANBUL: Turkey ignores
order on reparations
Turkey has no plans to pay $124
million to Cyprus as ordered by the
European Court of Human Rights,
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu
said. The money was ordered in
compensation for Turkey’s invasion
of the island 40 years ago. The
Mediterranean island has been split
since 1974 — when Turkey sent in
troops after a brief Greek Cypriot coup
staged by supporters of unification
with Greece. It comprises a southern
Greek Cypriot state recognised
worldwide and a breakaway Turkish
Cypriot entity in the north recognised
only by Ankara. —Agencies
North Korea threatens to
attack South over remarks
of slurs by North Korea against the
leaders of South Korea and the US.
North Korea’s media likened Park to
an “old prostitute” and President Ba-
rack Obama to a “monkey”.
South Korea’s Defence Ministry
said North Korea’s military said they
are always ready to repel any provo-
cation by the North.
South Korea has been highly crit-
ical of North Korea’s nuclear and
missile programmes, including re-
cent rocket and missile launches and
apparent preparations for a fourth
nuclear test. But the comments from
Seoul on Monday are stronger than
usual. South Korea avoids publicly
talking about anything that could be
interpreted as a collapse of the North
Korea because of worries that the
North would raise tensions.
During his meeting with Park in
Seoul last month, Obama said he
may consider further sanctions
against North Korea and that the US
will use its military might to defend
its allies. South Korea has called the
North’s verbal insults against Park
immoral and unacceptable.
SEOUL, Tuesday
North Korea threatened to “wipe
out” South Korea’s government in a
furious response a day after a Seoul
official said the North “must disap-
pear soon,” in an escalation of rhet-
oric between the rivals.
The North’s powerful National
Defense Commission called the
South Korean comments an “intoler-
able” provocation that showed the
South wants to take over the North.
It said in a statement carried by
state media that North Korea will
launch “all-out ... merciless” strikes
to “wipe out every last person” in
South Korean President Park Geun-
hye’s government.
South Korean Defense Ministry
spokesman Kim Min-seok said North
Korea wasn’t a real country and ex-
isted for the benefit of only one per-
son — a reference to its leader, Kim
Jong-Un. He said the North has no
human rights or public freedoms.
Kim’s comments followed a series
South Korean army soldiers patrol along the barbed-wire fence at the demili-
tarized zone (DMZ) in Cheorwon, South Korea. [PHOTO: AP]
But a South Korean
offcial dismissed the
North as existing for
the beneft of one man
France demands
action on Russia
PARIS, Tuesday
France’s foreign minister has said
other countries must share the bur-
den in imposing sanctions on Russia
and that any measures should also
include the energy and financial sec-
tors as well as defence.
Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius,
speaking in an interview with CNN
on Monday night, also suggested
France had not ruled out reviewing
the sale of warships to Russia — a
contract agreed before the crisis in
Ukriane broke out.
The United States has been press-
ing France, Germany and Britain to
take a tougher line against Russia to
punish Moscow for its annexation of
Crimea and to dissuade it from inter-
vening in east Ukraine.
Asked if France was on the same
page as the United States, Fabius
said: “I think so, provided that every-
body makes the same sacrifices” — a
reference to other nations.
“It’s not sanctions against Europe,
but Russia. Let’s not forget that,” Fa-
bius said.
The European Union imposed
sanctions on Monday on a senior
aide to Russian President Vladimir
Putin and the commander of Rus-
sian paratroopers, as well as two
confiscated Crimean energy compa-
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Call: 3222508/12
TEHRAN: Iran won’t bow to
pressure in nuke talks
Iran’s top leader says his nation will “not
bow” to pressure from world powers in
nuclear talks. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was
quoted by Iran’s state television as saying
the world powers “should know” this.
He says the Iranian nation will follow the
“correct” path. The remarks, which came
ahead of the start of a new round of high-
level negotiations between Tehran and six
world powers in Vienna, set a high task for
the Iranian negotiators. The negotiations are
aimed at limiting Iran’s ability to produce
nuclear weapons before a July 20 deadline.
SANAA: Yemeni jet hits 3 trucks
carrying weapons in south
Yemeni military and local officials say a
Yemeni military jet hit three trucks packed
with weapons in a restive southern region,
killing eight people including suspected
Al-Qaeda militants. The trucks were moving
arms and ammunition, including artillery
equipment, from Shabwa to Marib, where
al-Qaida militants have been retreating
after the military drove it from its nearby
strongholds. The military believes three of
those killed are the drivers of the trucks,
while the rest are thought to be al-Qaida
fighters, they said.
BUCHAREST: Romanian leader
teaches govt over Russia
Romania’s president has invited the
government for a lesson on foreign policy
after the prime minister said he had
personally closed national airspace to a
senior Russian official. President Traian
Basescu called Prime Minister Victor Ponta
and key ministers to a meeting Tuesday
to “clarify ... queries about foreign policy,
security and defense.” As president, Basescu
is the nation’s supreme commander and is
responsible for foreign policy. Ponta said
he had prevented Deputy Russian Prime
Minister Dmitry Rogozin from entering
Romanian airspace over the weekend while
Basescu was busy campaigning.
AMSTERDAM: Court rules Google
must yield on personal info
People should have a say over the results
that pop up when they search for their
own name online, Europe’s highest court
said. EU’s Court of Justice said Google must
listen and comply when individuals ask the
Internet search giant to remove links to
newspaper articles or websites containing
their personal information. Campaigners
say the ruling backs individual privacy rights
over the freedom of information. In a ruling
that will impact all search engines, including
Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing, the court said
a search on a person’s name yields a results
page that amounts to an individual profile.
BEIRUT: Group says Syria used
chemical weapons in April
An international human rights group said
Tuesday it has evidence that the Syrian army
used chlorine gas on three rebel-held towns
last month. The statement by the New-York
based Human Rights Watch adds to concerns
that chemical weapons are still being used
in Syria, months after a chemical attack
killed hundreds of civilians last August. The
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical
Weapons, which monitors implementation
of the Chemical Weapons Convention, said in
April that it would investigate the chlorine
claims but hasn’t commented further.
LONDON: Group sues UK spy
agency over hacking
A rights group is suing Britain’s GCHQ
eavesdropping agency over cyber-attacks
revealed by former intelligence worker
Edward Snowden. The lawsuit by Privacy
International, joins a slew of legal challenges
spawned by Snowden’s disclosures. Other
rights groups have filed lawsuits against
the agency for its mass intercept of data
flooding back and forth across the world’s
fibre optic cables and satellites. Unusually,
Privacy’s lawsuit challenges GCHQ’s ability
to hack into smartphones and computers,
which it calls “potentially intrusive.”
RIYADH: Saudi foreign minister
invites Iranian counterpart
Saudi Arabia has invited Iran’s foreign
minister to visit, Riyadh’s counterpart
said, hinting at a cautious thaw between
the Gulf’s two biggest rivals since Tehran
reached an interim nuclear deal with
world powers. Iranian Foreign Minister
Mohammad Javad Zarif has visited most
of Saudi Arabia’s Gulf Arab allies including
Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab
Emirates since the nuclear pact, which eased
some Gulf Arab worries. —Agencies
Western executives shun
Russian economic forum
MOSCOW, Tuesday
A dozen chief executives and
chairmen of US and European firms
have pulled out of an economic fo-
rum in St Petersburg as pressure be-
tween Russia and the West grows
over the crisis in Ukraine.
Eleven business leaders who were
listed in late March as scheduled to
attend the St Petersburg Internation-
al Economic Forum from May 22-24
are no longer on the programme on
the forum’s website.
Only one company said their
chief’s decision to stay away was due
to political tensions with most refus-
ing to give a reason. The cancella-
tions come as the US and Europe
mull further sanctions on Moscow in
relation to violence in Eastern
Ukraine, which western govern-
ments blamed in part on Russia.
Sanctions have already been im-
posed in reaction to Russia’s annexa-
tion of Crimea.
The chief executives of oil pro-
ducer ConocoPhillips, jet maker Air-
bus Group, Visa Inc, Aluminium
group Alcoa, Siemens, Citigroup,
Morgan Stanley, International Paper
Company, Pepsi , Italian oil group
Eni and the chairman of Bain & Com-
pany are among those no longer
scheduled to attend the event.
Over a dozen Western business
leaders, including Goldman Sachs
Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein, re-
main on the programme but sources
close to some of the companies said,
other bosses planned to pull out.
White House spokesman Jay Car-
ney said earlier this month that US
officials had been discussing the
event, Russia’s answer to the Davos
World Economic Forum, with busi-
ness leaders, and had made it clear
that attending would not be appro-
priate given “violations of a sover-
Cancellations come as
US and EU mull fresh
sanctions on Moscow
over Ukraine crisis
ROME, Tuesday
Italy threatened to allow refugees
to cross its borders into neighbour-
ing countries unless the EU takes
charge of a sea operation to manage
the flow of migrants crossing in boats
from North Africa.
Interior Minister Angelino Alfano
demanded more help after the Ital-
ian navy task force “Mare Nostrum”
rescued more than 200 migrants and
recovered 17 bodies when the boat
carrying them sank off the Libyan
“The EU has two options: either
it comes to the Mediterranean to put
the EU flag on Mare Nostrum or we
will let migrants with right of asylum
leave for other countries,” Alfano
wrote on messaging site Twitter.
The European Commissioner for
Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom,
did not immediately respond to a re-
quest for comment.
With less than two weeks before
European parliamentary elections,
immigration has become a hot po-
litical topic.
Italian politicians have long de-
manded more help from the rest of
the European Union to deal with the
crisis, which disproportionately af-
fects the bloc’s southernmost coun-
They have called for a change to
rules which oblige asylum seekers to
remain in the country in which they
first arrive.
Many migrants hope to travel on-
wards into European countries with
stronger economies than Italy, which
has grown little in a decade and
where unemployment is near 40-
year highs.
At least 34,800 people have made
the treacherous crossing from North
Africa to Europe so far this year,
compared to 43,000 in all of 2013.
This puts the annual total on
track to surpass the 60,000 who made
the trip in 2011 when the Arab Spring
revolutions loosened border con-
trols, according to the UN refugee
agency UNHCR.
Hundreds of people have died af-
ter their flimsy and overcrowded
boats sank on the route.
OSLO, Tuesday
Norway wants to let oil and gas
companies drill in Arctic seas that
were frozen as recently as the 1980s
even though some climate experts say
it is too early to trust global warming
to keep the ice away.
Russia is also showing new inter-
est in the Arctic despite high costs in
a region where governments are strug-
gling to set safety rules after BP’s 2010
blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, the
worst offshore spill in US history.
Many firms, including Conoco-
Phillips and Idemitsu, are applauding
a plan by Norway to open the South
East Barents Sea - about 1,800km
from the North Pole - to exploration
as climate change thaws the Arctic.
“For Norway to continue to be a
reliable supplier of oil and gas it is im-
portant to explore for, and develop”
expected large resources in the Bar-
ents, deputy oil and energy minister
Kåre Fostervold told Reuters.
Environmentalists and scientists
say the South East Barents, the first
new area opened off Norway since
1994, is risky even though it has been
ice-free year-round for a decade.
The state-funded Norwegian Polar
Institute is advising the Conservative-
led government against opening some
blocks, saying sea ice smothered parts
of the area in winter as recently as the
1980s and could strike back despite
climate change.
“In accordance with international
standards we’ve chosen 30 years” as
the benchmark to judge global warm-
ing trends, Jan-Gunnar Winther, head
of the Institute, told Reuters.
Greenpeace and the WWF say an
oil spill near ice would be almost im-
possible to clean up and could dam-
age fish stocks.
Norway, the world’s number seven
oil exporter which pumps about 1.5
million barrels per day, will make a fi-
nal decision on which blocks to open
later this year.
The chill between many European
countries and Moscow over Ukraine
may make Norway’s gas attractive as
an alternative to Russian supplies.
Fostervold said it would take until the
mid-2020s to develop any big fields.
Italy warns EU
over flow of
Norway warms
up to Arctic oil
and gas drive
62 / NEWS OF THE WORLD Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
eign nation’s territorial integrity.”
Business sources said the with-
drawal of CEOs from the forum,
which is held “under the auspices” of
the president, according to its web-
site, could be seen as a sleight by Pu-
tin and could damage their compa-
nies’ businesses in Russia.
“I am sure the forum will be held
in a friendly atmosphere and that
any withdrawals will not spoil the at-
mosphere,” said Deputy Minister of
Economic Development Sergey Be-
lyakov in a video interview posted on
the St Petersburg forum’s website.
“Many companies confirmed
their participation and we have no
problems with the quality of our par-
ticipants or of the number. Around
6,000 participants confirmed - many
top managers of Russian and foreign
companies that are in Forbes and
Fortune ratings,” he said.
“I am surprised at the pressure
from the White House administra-
tion. The only parties which will suf-
fer will be American companies.”
Belyakov said Russia understands
the atmosphere in which American
firms are making their decisions and
said there would be no risks for those
companies in Russia who cancel.
Pepsi, Citigroup and Siemens
confirmed their bosses had pulled
out and blamed scheduling clashes.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has in the recent past moved to allay fears
that he is readying to annex more parts of eastern Ukraine. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
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265/ 75R16 - 15, 950/ =,
LT265/75R16 - 17, 312/=,
225/ 45R17 - 12, 122, / =
215/55R17 - 11,803, 225/65R17
- 12,760/=, 265/65R18- 20,416,
LT225/ 75R16- 15, 312/ =,
225/45ZR18-13,717/=, free
change, free balancing and
f ree al i gnment. Contact
020-2177244, 0716825276
& 0734347336 Email:info@
SINCE 1962: Made i n
Taiwan,185/70R13 - 4,785/=,
185/70R14 - 5,104/=,195/65R15
- 5,742/=, 205/65R15- 6,380/=,
LT235/75R15 - 12, 441/=,
LT31*10. 5R15- 14, 993/ =,
2 0 5 / 5 5 R 1 6 - 7 , 9 7 5 / = ,
P225/ 70R16- 9, 889/ = P,
265/65R17-14,036/=, free
change, free balancing and
f ree al i gnment. Contact
020-2177244, 0716825276
& 0734347336 Email:info@
diesel Jyde new 22 hp trailer
and all accessories Contact
bhatt electro machinery &
tools limited dunga close
off dunga road industrial
area, next to roy parcel
services. tel: 0733-785137,
2013/4 WD 4200cc air con
winch diesel manual 5 speed
1 owner local from Toyota
Kenya, front and rear tjm bar,
dual, spare tyre, long range fuel
tank, also L/Cruiser box tours
vans, Hilux D/cabin, LN166
2003, jeep Grand Cherokee
2006. 0722786555
Japan 2007 KBY extremely
clean asking 2.9m also crown
Athelete 1.6m, Nissan Fuga
1.3m, Nissan Skyline 1.5m.
year: 2009/ 2008/ 2007/ 2006,
Ex.Japan/UK, Petrol and Diesel,
price from: 5.5M. Also
available: Toyota Prado, year:
2014/ 2010/ 2009/ 2008/ 2007/
2006, Petrol/Diesel, Ex.Japan
& UK, price from 3.3M.
Contact: 0720 290 396.
CLASSIFIEDS/ PLOTS/LAND FOR SALE / CELEBRATING LIFE / Page 65 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
NEPTUNE: Kileleshwa, 5br t/hse,
sq, 45m. 4451131/2,
NEPTUNE: Lavington, new 3br apt,
sq, 14m-18m.
NEPTUNE: Lavington, new 5br t/
hse, sq, 55m.
NEPTUNE: Nairobi CBD, commer-
cial bld, 200m.
NEPTUNE: Ngong Rd, 4br hse,
sq, 35m.
NEPTUNE: Runda, new 5br, ds, ½
acre, 170m.
NEPTUNE: South B, bedsitters
(85k), 11m.
NEPTUNE: Southlands, 3br hse +
flats, 15m.
NEPTUNE: Uthiru 87, 2/3br apt,
PARKLANDS, 2bdrm grd. 0735-
PAY, deposit in two years – move in
the third year loan arranged for 15
years, very afordable, Lavington
– Buy a 3 bedroomed all ensuites
apartment with sq, in the best areas
of Nairobi-under construction – will
be ready by Dec 2015. A golden op-
portunity for investment and a gift
for the family – prestigious resi-
dential project with all features of
a modern project with beautiful in-
teriors with architectural integrity
and high construction standards
style and elegance – close to schools,
shpping centres and hospitals – for
booking and viewing plans contact
Tel-0735-130413 or 0723-502051 or
W/LANDS, 5br, 36m. 0733-712064.
YAYA, exc apt 3bd. 0721-846422.
2 BEDRM apartment, Sunset, Athi
River. Call 0722-890287.
AKILA 2, Mbagathi, 3 bdrm. 0706-
AT SOUTH B, 1br studios & bedsit-
ters. 0714-538594, 0720-451423.
BURU, 1 & 2br, secure. 0707-537670.
HIGHRISE, 2b/r flat. Tel. 0720-
HYRIDGE, 7br twnhse, 150k. 0722-
JACARANDA, 2br, Kamiti Rd. 0711-
KAREN, 5br, 200k. 0733-712064.
KAREN, 2br guestwing, vacant, 20k.
L/TON, 3br (furnished) apt. 0736-
LAKEVIEW Nairobi, 4 bedroomed
bungalow, ½ ac plot + sq 2 + garage.
Further details Tel. 0733-622226.
LVNTON, 2bdr, sq, un/furn, new,
75k/125, George. 0721-419221,
N/WEST, 3br + sq, 45k. 0733-712064.
RUIRU 3brbglw wtr,0722781522
SERVICED apts. Free wifi. No water/
elec outages. 0722-344778. www.
SOUTH B 4 br mai st 45k
SOUTH C, bungalows to let, 4br
+ sq @ 60k pm & 2br @ 45k pm.
TENA, 2brm opp Naivas. 0706-
V/ACADE, 2br + sq apt, 70k. 0703-
W/LANDS, 3br executive apt. 0736-
WESTLANDS, (3) three-bedroomed
(master ensuite) spacious flat, am-
ple water/electric fencing/good
security/only 16 in compound/two
parkings, 75,000. 0712-985981/020-
WESTLANDS, 3br apt, 65k. 0707-
WESTLANDS, 4br furnished,all ens
300k. 0734-883614.
YAYA, apt 3bd large. 0721-846422.
UMOJA flats wanted @ 15m. 0716-
BABA Dogo,2NO plot fully serviced,
800k. 0722-297773.
CITY Stadium, prime 2 acre. 0711-
K/SUKARI, prime ¼ acre, 7m. 0722-
KILELESHWA, Othaya Rd, near
Valley Arcade, 0.8 acre, sewered.
KISAJU, 3 and 4 acre plots, 1km of
tarmac. 0722-361727.
KITENGELA, 100, 10, 5, 2 ac. 0722-
KITENGELA, CBD, 50 x 100, tar-
mac, approved shops/offs/apts.
LAVI, 1.1 ac, 160m. 0733-712064.
MEMBLY Park, prime ¼ a, 6m.
NGONG Matasia, 3/4ac, clean title,
5m. 0756-908194.
ONGATA Rongai, 1/2ac commercial
plot, 31m. 0722-297773.
PRIME LAND, Old Nyali (Mama Ngi-
na Rd) - 1 ac, boundary wall. Ideal for
personal/residential or investment.
Asking 100m. Contact 0715 825 796.
RIVERSIDE, 1 acre, old hse. 0711-
THIKA H.Way, prime 1 acre. 0711-
WESTLANDS, 50 metres from
Waiyaki Way, 1.2 acres, 470m. 0733-
WESTLANDS, prime 1.2 acre. 0711-
GODOWNS, 5-10000 s.f. Msa Rd.
L/TON, 6br, d/s, 1 acre, 500k. 0736-
WESTLANDS Nr Sankara Hotel, self-
contained ofce suite, partitioned,
1200 sq. ft @ 100/- parking available.
BANDARI VILLA. Bombolulu .3 brm
msntte @ 9.5m 0722-888660/0774-
KAMALAKI LTD. Koru, 50 ac @
600k per ac. Call 0722-401918 or

“All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort.” 2 Corinthians 1:3
If roses grow in heaven
Lord, please pick a bunch for me,
Place them in my mother’s arms
And tell her they’re from me.
Tell her I love her and miss her,
And when she turns to smile,
Place a kiss upon her cheek,
And hold her for awhile.
Because remembering her is easy,
I do it every day.
But there’s an ache deep within my heart,
It gets worse in the month of May.
And so my Lord I humbly pray,
If roses grow in heaven,
Lord, please pick a bunch for me.

Ngoro yakwa nirakena,
Ngoro yakwa igatumatuma,
Ngoro yakwa ikaigua wega ikaigua wega.
Ni tondu wa Mwathi Jesu.
Four years ago, a unique purple rose was plucked from our midst. Mum, we thank God
for the time we shared here on earth. We cherish the memories of our time together.
Dearly missed by your family, children, grandchildren and many friends.
Sunrise 3rd February 1945
Sunset 14th May 2010
“A great soul serves everyone
all the time.
A great soul never dies.
It brings us together
again and again.”
- Maya Angelou
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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Blogs, archives, reader
forums and more:
GOLF: Kaymer wins by
looking at big picture
Martin Kaymer reached the
top of golf and wondered
how he got there. He won his
first major at the 2010 PGA
Championship. He reached No.
1 in the world six months later.
And then he realized his game
would not be good enough
to stay there. Kaymer wasn’t
much different from Tiger
Woods, who overhauled his
swing not long after a record-
setting performance in the 1997
Masters. Kaymer was concerned
about being a one-dimensional
player — his primary shot was a
fade — especially if he wanted to
contend at Augusta National and
other majors. —AP
CRICKET: Carberry gets
England recall
Michael Carberry was recalled
to limited overs duty by England
on Tuesday after being named
in both the Twenty20 and one-
day international squads to play
Sri Lanka. England’s 13-man
Twenty20 squad, captained
by Middlesex batsman Eoin
Morgan in the absence of the
injured Stuart Broad for a lone
match against World Twenty20
champions Sri Lanka at The
Oval next week, also sees
experienced stroke-player Ian
Bell return to the format while
the big-hitting Michael Lumb
has been dropped.
scores 49, Heat take lead
LeBron James equaled his playoff
career high with 49 points and
Chris Bosh made the tiebreaking
3-pointer with 57 seconds left as
the Miami Heat beat the Brooklyn
Nets 102-96 on Monday for a 3-1
lead in the Eastern Conference
semifinals. Later, Damian Lillard
scored 25 points as the Portland
Trail Blazers staved off elimination
in the Western Conference
semifinals with a 103-92 victory
over the San Antonio Spurs.
James carried the Heat nearly the
entire way until Bosh hit the shot
that put Miami ahead for good.
Ray Allen followed with four free
throws and James finished it off
with one more, putting the Heat
in position to wrap it up at home
Wednesday in Game 5.
Athletes in action during
the Kenya Defence Forces
Athletics Championships
at Safaricom Kasarani
Stadium, yesterday.
World half marathon win-
ner Gladys Cherono and for-
mer world cross-country sil-
ver medalist Vincent Chepkok
yesterday produced brilliant
shows at the 35th Kenya De-
fence Forces Athletics Cham-
The three-day showpiece,
which ends tomorrow, saw
the KDF various barracks of-
fer mouth-watering clashes
at Kenya’s sporting cathedral,
the Safaricom Stadium Kasa-
The 30-year-old runner
stuck with the leading pack
that had four-time KDF cross-
country champion Linet
Chepkurui, former world
cross-country junior runner
Gladys Chemweno and Iness
The lithe athlete, who is
the reigning Africa 5,000m
and 10,000m champion, pro-
duced a sudden burst of
speed that reduced the field
to shreds on the penultimate
circuit, winning in 16:49.8.
Chepkuri, who has been
in the national cross-country
many times, finished second
in 16:52.1 as Moi Airbase
(Mab) Chemweno (17:52.0)
wound up third. Chenonge
(17:21.5), who competes for
(Mab), Susan Muthoni
(17:26.1) of Isiolo followed.
Cherono dictated the slow
pace in the initial stages be-
fore Chenonge fell back as
Chemweno and Chepkurui
stuck in tow.
She exchanged the lead
with the two and then charged
back with a super-finish to go
past the flagging Chemweno,
who drifted back to third.
Cherono, a first born in a
family of two, said she was
well prepared.
“I could study the race due
to its slow start. I will not
compete in any race, I’m fo-
cussing on the Common-
wealth Games’ 10,000m,” said
Cherono, a mother of one.
“I have no plans to defend
my titles at the Africa cham-
pionship. If I make team, I
will not double,” she added.
In the men’s front, Chep-
kok marshaled strong forces
with colleague Wilson Too
that saw his Kahawa barracks
squad sweep 1-2, leaving
2009 world half marathon
runner Kiplimo Kimutai set-
tled for third spot.
Chepkok, who hails from
Kamwosor Village in Keiyo
South, left Kimutai to do the
pace making for 22 laps be-
fore producing a sudden
surge to win in 29:04.6.
Newcomer Too (29:06.4)
and Kimutai (29:10.5) and
Kiprop Menjo (29:41.7), both
of Laikipia Airbase, followed.
Nairobi’s Arita Omiso
(29:43.5) and Patrick Nywato
(29:45.0) followed.
The KDF action also prom-
ises a cocktail of battles with
Olympic 3,000m steeplechase
bronze medalist Abel Mutai
expected to headline the wa-
ter and barriers race this
Former Africa 1,500m sil-
ver medalist Gideon Gathim-
ba, competing for Laikipia
Airbase (LAB), will line up in
semi final today.
Jackson Kivuva, the for-
mer Africa 800m bronze med-
alist, will line up in the two-
lap race show slugging it out
with a handful of newcom-
Thika-based John Kip-
koech Chepkwony, who has
posted a brilliant 12:45 last
season, will team up with
team mate and former world
cross-country champion Jo-
seph Ebuya against former
world cross-country bronze
medalist in the 5,000m duel.
Former world junior 800m
silver medalist Winnie Che-
bet of Thika will be up against
2008 Olympic 1,500m cham-
pion Nancy Jebet Lagat and
Africa bronze medalist Jane
Chelagat in the two-lap race.
She will compete in the
1,500m race and needs to be
at her best to counter World
Indoor 1,500m champion
Hellen Obiri of Lab and for-
mer World Youth 1,500m
champion Sheila Chepkurui
in the metric mile. —jko-
Cherono, Chepkok produce brilliant
shows as KDF championships begin
FEVERPITCH / Page 67 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Muhoroni Youth reap fruits
of hiring new coach
Gor land Sh15m annual medical cover
to host
‘Metro’ TTC
Kenyan Premier League
(KPL) champions Gor Mahia
have launched an ambitious
recruitment drive to raise
funds that will help fill the gap
left after their shirt sponsor
pulled out.
The club has at the same
time also landed a lucrative
Sh15 million a year medical
sponsorship from Chase
This comes at a time when
the club is faced with a Sh118
million tax demand from Ke-
nya Revenue Authority.
It is a move that has almost
crippled the club’s finances
and Gor has been forced to
launch an appeal to raise
money from their fans.
But this could be all over
soon if the demanding fans
take up membership which
cost Sh1,000 per year.
Speaking at City Stadium
during the launch, the club’s
first vice-chairman John Pesa
said they have about three
million fans and should each
one of them take up member-
ship, it will change their des-
The club will raise Sh3 bil-
lion if all their members take
up the offer. All over the world,
successful clubs are support-
ed by their members. We are
asking our fans to become
members so that they can
help us become financially
stable,” said Pesa.
Pesa also urged the fans to
support the club by paying
the required gate charges.
“We still have a problem at
the gates where some fans are
not willing to pay. Without a
sponsor, we need every penny
we can put our hands on and
urge our fans to support us in
this way,” said the official.
He said medical insurance
scheme will help take care of
a big expense the club was
“This is a historical mo-
ment for the club and will go
a long way to take care of our
players so that they can have
the peace of mind to perform
on the pitch,” he said.
At the beginning of the
season, a number of seasoned
teams in the Kenyan Premier
League (KPL) started badly,
forcing them to change coach-
However, the decision to
fire coaches and bring others
on board has not worked out
for all the teams.
Muhoroni Youth is among
the only two teams who have
benefitted from the decision to
bring in a new tactician and are
reaping the fruits of their deci-
Former Western Stima
coach Francis Barasa seems to
have gone to Muhoroni Youth
with a magic band.
Since he took over, the team
has lost only once after going
down 3-0 to Gor Mahia and are
enjoying sixth position on the
log after collecting 18 points
from 12 matches.
Barasa explains that player
motivation played a big role in
helping them improve in their
“When I got here, the morale
was at rock-bottom because of
the many losses the team had
suffered. My work was cut out
and one of the things we did
was to give the players self-be-
lief. Since then, we have never
looked back,” he explained.
Muhoroni Youth chair-
man Moses Adagala says he is
impressed by what they have
achieved in the last two years
and their aim is to be a top con-
tender in the next few years.
“We formed this club in
2012 with the aim of addressing
problems affecting residents of
Muhoroni through football.
Our aim is to use football to
eradicate poverty in our com-
munity,” he said.
Apart from a consistent
performance in the KPL, Ada-
gala said they have nurtured
talented youths into becoming
professional footballers.
“Over the years, more than
10 players have made it to the
national team Harambee Stars
and we continue to encour-
age more and more of them to
compete at the highest level.”
Apart from playing foot-
ball, the club is also engaged
in various community ac-
tivities like planting trees
and promoting HIV/Aids
Adagala thanked
Muhoroni Sugar compa-
ny for their financial sup-
port to the team which he
says has gone a long way
to help them run.
“We are grateful for their
support as this has enabled us
run our activities by paying
players and honouring match-
es. It is unfortunate that the
company cannot fully sponsor
us due to the fact that they are
under receivership,” Adagala
pointed out.
He appealed to other cor-
porate sponsors to come on
board and support the team.
Adagala revealed their de-
sire to move the team’s home
matches to Moi Stadium in
Kisumu and appealed to the
county government to expe-
dite the process of making it
ready to host KPL fixtures.
Kisumu is a big county but
it does not have a KPL team. We
are pleading with the county
government to ensure Kisumu
Stadium is ready to host such
fixtures,” he said.
Gor Mahia FC players.
The stage is set for Metro-
politan Region Teachers Train-
ing Colleges that will be staged
at Thogoto from tomorrow.
Nine colleges — Macha-
kos, Kitui, Kise, Narok, Motito,
Eastern Centre Integrated Col-
lege, MIDS, Regional and hosts
Thogoto — will parade their
best athletes during the two-
day event.
Speaking on behalf of Met-
ropolitan chairman Stephen
Nareria, the zone’s treasurer
George Mwaura said that the
games will involve athletics
and rugby 15s.
“Athletics participants will
be competing in the all track
and field events,” he said.
“We expect stiff competi-
tion in the events considering
athletes are chasing tickets
to the forthcoming National
Games in Kagumo next week,”
he said.
Thogoto principal Naomi
Kimotho is certain that her
college will utilise the home
ground advantage to defend
the overall title.
Kimotho said: “On behalf
of the Metropolitan Zone, I call
upon athletics and rugby fans
to turn out in large numbers to
watch what our colleges have
to showcase in terms of talent,”
Kimotho said.
All zones are expected to
complete their games this
week ahead of the forthcoming
Nationals at Kagumo.
Kenya Teachers Colleges
Sports Association secretary
general Paul Okwaro con-
firmed that plans are complete
for the Nationals.
Meanwhile, Tambach TTC
won her first two rugby Sevens
games as Nakuru Region TTC
Games kicked off in Kericho
Teachers Training College yes-
Tambach defeated Moso-
riot 12-0 in the first match be-
fore whipping Baraton Castelo
by the same margin in the next
Hosts Kericho TTC lost her
opening match 5-10 to Mosori-
ot as Baraton Castello fell 25-0
and later lost 17-0 to Mosoriot
in the men’s matches.
Okwaro said: “We are deter-
mined to select a formidable
team ahead of the national
In the women’s rugby sev-
ens, Mosoriot beat Moi TTC,
Baringo 5-0 in the first match.
Baringo, however made a come
back a to dismiss Kericho TTC
On their part, Kericho re-
taliated by thrashing Tambach
12-0 and Moi TTC, Baringo
In athletics, Alsebah
Cheruiyot of Tambach won
the women’s 3000m steeple-
chase in13:04.00 followed by
Maureen Mwema of Moso-
riot (13:36.00). Sylvia Kurere of
Baraton Castelo was third in
The medical insurance
scheme will cover 30 players
and seven members of the
technical bench, including
their spouses and three chil-
For one to become a mem-
ber, they will need to pay
Sh1,000 annual fee. Gor Ma-
hia Secretary General Chris
Omondi said it is time for fans
to show their true allegiance
by registering in large num-
Muhoroni Youth captain
Daniel Waweru (right)
outpaces Thika United’s
Jackson Macharia during
their KPL match at City
Stadium on April 4, 2014.
INSET: Coach Francis Barasa.
Page 68 / FEVERPITCH Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Eto’o in Cameroon
World Cup squad
Cameroon coach Volker
Finke included veteran strik-
er Samuel Eto’o and rising
star Vincent Aboubakar in a
provisional 28-man squad
on Monday for next month’s
World Cup in Brazil.
The German coach’s
squad contained no surpris-
es, with England-based de-
fender Benoit Assou-Ekotto,
Barcelona midfielder Alex
Song and Rennes’ Jean Mak-
oun also making the cut.
Cameroon was the first
African team to reach the
World Cup quarterfinals in
Italy in 1990 but has disap-
pointed at the showpiece
since then. Cameroon lost all
three of its games in South
Africa four years ago.
The 22-year-old striker
Aboubakar had a standout
season for Lorient in the
French league, while captain
Eto’o is set to play at his
fourth World Cup.
Only two of Finke’s initial
28 play in Cameroon — goal-
keeper Loic Feudjou and de-
fender Cedric Djeugoue —
with the majority of the
squad at Turkish, French,
German or Spanish clubs.
Cameroon is in Group A
with Mexico, Croatia and
host Brazil. The squad will be
cut to 23 for the tourna-
Perhaps no team has done
more to shake up percep-
tions of African football. The
Indomitable Lions exited
Spain 1982 at the group
stage, undefeated. Eight
years later, Cameroon beat
holders Argentina in the
opening match and becom-
ing the first African side to
reach the quarter-finals,
powered by Roger Milla.
That breakthrough per-
formance remains their fin-
est showing, group-stage ex-
its having followed in 1994,
1998, 2002 and 2010. — AP
Goalkeepers: Charles Itandje
(Konyaspor), Ndy Assembe (Guingamp),
Sammy Ndjock (Fetihespor), Loic Feudjou
(Coton Sport). Defenders: Allan Nyom
(Granada), Dany Nounkeu (Besiktas),
Cedric Djeugoue (Coton Sport), Aurelien
Chedjou (Galatasaray), Nicolas Nkoulou
(Marseille), Armel Kana-Biyik (Rennes),
Henri Bedimo (Lyon), Benoit Assou-Ekotto
(Queens Park Rangers), Gaetang Bong
(Olympiakos). Midfielders: Eyong Enoh
(Antalyaspor), Jean Makoun (Rennes),
Joel Matip (Schalke), Stephane Mbia
(Sevilla), Landry Nguemo (Bordeaux), Alex
Song (Barcelona), Cedric Loe (Osasuna),
Edgar Sally (Lens). Forwards: Samuel
Eto’o (Chelsea), Eric Choupo Moting
(Mainz), Benjamin Moukandjo (Nancy),
Vincent Aboubakar (Lorient), Achille
Webo (Fenerbahce), Mohamadou Idrissou
(Kaiserslautern), Fabrice Olinga (Zulte-
Goalkeepers: Boubacar Barry (Lokeren),
Sayouba Mande (Stabaek), Sylvain Gbohouo
(Sewe San Pedro), Ali Badra Sangare
(ASEC Mimosas). Defenders: Kolo Toure
(Liverpool), Arthur Boka (Stuttgart), Jean-
Daniel Akpa Akpro (Toulouse), Serge Aurier
(Toulouse), Ousmane Viera Diarrassouba
(Caykur Rizespor), Didier Zokora
(Trabzonspor), Constant Djakpa (Frankfurt),
Brice Dja Djedje (Marseille), Benjamin
Angoua Brou (Valenciennes), Bamba
Souleymane (Trabzonspor). Midfielders:
Ismael Diomande (St Etienne), Max Gradel
(St Etienne), Yaya Toure (Man City), Ismael
Cheick Tiote (Newcastle), Geoffroy Serey
Die (Basel), Didier Ya Konan (Hanover).
Forwards: Didier Drogba (Galatasaray),
Gervinho (Roma), Salomon Kalou (Lille),
Wilfried Bony (Swansea), Giovanni Sio
(Basel), Mathis Bolly (Duesseldorf), Seydou
Doumbia (CSKA Moscow), Lacina Traore
Ivory Coast’s players Didier Drogba (right), Salomon Kalou (left) and Gervinho celebrate a goal
during the World Cup 2014 African zone qualifying match against Senegal in Abidjan in October.
Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o (left) celebrates with team mate
Achille Emana during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
Ivory Coast national team pose for a photograph before their
2012 African Cup of Nations football tournament.
Ivory Coast icon Didier
Drogba hopes to exit the
international football
stage in a blaze of glory at
the 2014 World Cup.
That would mean the
“Elephants” claiming at least
a top-two finish in a Group C
with no clear favourite and
reaching the knockout stage
for the first time.
Unlucky 2006 and 2010
group draws condemned the
West Africans to finishing third
behind Argentina and the
Netherlands in Germany and
third behind Brazil and Portu-
gal in South Africa.
But fixtures against Colom-
bia, Japan and Greece present
36-year-old Drogba with an
excellent opportunity to retire
on a high.
The Ivorians have been
branded Africa Cup of Nations
‘chokers’, having failed to jus-
tify being title favourites at five
consecutive tournaments.
However, they proved stub-
born World Cup opponents,
holding Cristiano Ronaldo-in-
spired Portugal 0-0 in 2010 and
going down by one-goal mar-
gins to Argentina and the
“Competing at the previous
two tournaments was very dif-
ficult,” Drogba, who now plays
for Galatasaray in Turkey, ad-
mitted to Ivorian reporters.
“We have a realistic chance
to do better in Brazil and get
past the first round,” added
the 99-cap star, who has scored
63 goals for the ‘Elephants’.
Sabri Lamouchi had never
coached at senior level when
put in charge of the country
that has topped the Africa
rankings for many years de-
spite winning no titles.
He took charge in 2012 af-
ter Francois Zahoui paid the
price for losing a Cup of Na-
tions final shootout to outsid-
ers Zambia.
A year later the former
France midfielder did the once
unthinkable by dropping
Drogba for a Nations Cup
group game and later for two
World Cup qualifiers but it had
a positive effect on the player.
There were no tantrums
from the former Chelsea star,
who left China for a higher lev-
el of football in Turkey and im-
proved his form and fitness.
Lamouchi is convinced
Drogba — whose greatest mo-
ment came when he scored the
equaliser and then the win-
ning penalty for Chelsea in a
shootout against Bayern Mu-
nich in the 2012 Champions
League final — can play a piv-
otal role in a group with no
clear favourites.
“Didier is a great footballer
who contributes so much to
the team and he can be a ma-
jor factor in Brazil,” said the
coach. Ivory Coast have never
reached the second round and
should we do so in Brazil,
there is a sense that nothing is
Ivory Coast
aims to exit
World Cup
with success
Neutrals are divided over
the ‘Elephants’. Former Liver-
pool and England midfielder
John Barnes optimistic and ex-
Ivory Coast coach Philippe
Troussier pessimistic.
“I believe Ivory Coast will
go furthest of the five African
teams,” said Barnes, an analyst
for the Johannesburg-based
SuperSport channel.
Troussier tips Colombia
and Japan to advance, adding:
“The Ivorians are less hungry
for success now and physically
the team is getting very old.”
FEVERPITCH / Page 69 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard

NEW YORK: Chandler,
Brooks make US roster
In a sign that Jurgen
Klinsmann is unsettled on
his defence a month before
the World Cup, the US coach
selected the mostly untested
trio of John Brooks, Timmy
Chandler and DeAndre Yedlin
on Monday for his 30-man
preliminary squad for Brazil
2014. Chandler, a speedy
right back with Nuremberg
in Germany, made his US
debut in 2011 and balked at
playing in 2012 qualifiers.
He has not played for the US
since February 2013, when
he made his first competitive
appearance at Honduras in
the opening match of the final
round of qualifying. — AP
ZURICH: Shaqiri to head
young Switzerland squad
Bayern Munich winger Xherdan
Shaqiri is the star player in a
youthful 23-man Switzerland
squad selected for the World
Cup. The oldest player picked
by Ottmar Hitzfeld on Tuesday
is central defender Steve von
Bergen, who turns 31 five days
before the Swiss open play
on June 15 against Ecuador
in Group E. The Swiss also
play France on June 20 and
Honduras on June 25. Forward
Josip Drmic was picked the day
after joining Bayer Leverkusen
on a five-year contract from
Nuremberg of the Bundesliga.
Forward Eren Derdiyok, and
Fulham midfielder Pajtim
Kasami are on stand-by list.
SAN JOSE: Costa Rica
pick same team for WC
Goalkeeper Keylor Navas
and forwards Bryan Ruiz,
Joel Campbell and Alvaro
Saborio head the list of players
named Monday to Costa Rica’s
preliminary 30-man squad
for next month’s World Cup in
Brazil. Coach Jorge Luis Pinto
resisted naming any major
surprises in the lineup and is
using the same core of players
who helped Costa Rica to
qualify as the top team from
the CONCACAF region. Pinto
said he was happy to stick with
his proven players and valued
continuity in the team. — AP
Spain football
team. [PHOTO:
Colombia prays for Falcao
miracle to lead campaign
Spain manager Vicente del
Bosque on Tuesday named
the uncapped David de Gea,
Dani Carvajal and Ander Itur-
raspe in his provisional list of
30 players for the World Cup
in Brazil next month.
Del Bosque will announce
his final squad of 23 players to
defend the trophy they won
for the first time four years
ago on May 25, a day after
Real Madrid and Atletico Ma-
drid have disputed the Cham-
pions League final in Lisbon.
Manchester United’s De
Gea replaces the injured Vic-
tor Valdes as the third-choice
goalkeeper, whilst Carvajal
and Iturraspe are rewarded
for their excellent seasons
with Real Madrid and Athletic
Bilbao respectively by offering
cover in defence and mid-
Nationalised Brazilian
striker Diego Costa is includ-
ed after scoring 36 goals this
season to propel Atletico to
the brink of a Champions
League and La Liga double.
Costa is one of four Atleti-
co players included along
with right-back Juanfran,
midfielder Koke and Spain’s
all-time leading goalscorer at
international level David Vil-
la. Chelsea’s Fernando Torres
is also included despite an-
other difficult season at club
level as are Juventus’ Fernan-
do Llorente and Alvaro Negre-
do of Manchester City with
only one likely to make the fi-
nal cut.
Barcelona remain the most
represented club with seven
players, including Andres Ini-
esta who scored the winner in
the 2010 World Cup final.
Kenyan Origi, Januzaj in Belgian World Cup team
Belgium coach Marc
Wilmots yesterday named
Divock Origi, a Kenyan-Bel-
gian in his 24-strong World
Cup squad, which also in-
cluded Man United’s Adnan
Wilmots called up 20 out-
field players and four goal-
keepers given the injury to
Hoffenheim stop-shotter
Koen Casteels.
Casteels sustained a frac-
tured tibia but could be fit
for the June 12 to July 13
tournament in Brazil, with
Anderlecht’s Silvio Proto
lined up as the number three
goalkeeper should the for-
mer not make it.
Uncapped Lille striker Di-
vock Origi, 19, is the surprise
call-up by Wilmots, who said
the teenager would be best
to replace the injured Chris-
tian Benteke, while Man-
chester United’s Januzaj is
also included.
Origi is the son of former
Harambee Stars striker Mike
The most notable absen-
tees are Bruges’ Timmy Si-
mons and Roma midfielder
Radja Nainggolan, although
the latter is included on a
six-strong stand-by list.
Belgium have been drawn
in Group H along with Alge-
ria, Russia and South Korea,
and kick off their World Cup
campaign in Belo Horizonte
on June 17 against the north
Africans. — AFP
Lille’s striker Divock Origi was named in Belgium team. He is
the son of former Kenyan international Mike Okoth.
De Gea to
Valdez in
Spain team
Radamel Falcao.
Colombia is praying that
talismanic striker Radamel
Falcao can recover from a se-
rious knee injury to lead their
return to the World Cup after
a 16-year absence.
Monaco forward Falcao
was tipped to become a star of
the World Cup after scoring
nine goals in 13 games in Co-
lombia’s campaign to reach
the finals for the first time
since 1998.
His exploits included two
penalties in a dramatic 3-3
draw with Chile which sealed
Los Cafeteros’ World Cup
berth, when they fought back
from 3-0 down to clinch a cru-
cial point.
The surgeon who operated
on Falcao, who suffered knee
ligament damage in a clumsy
tackle by an amateur oppo-
nent during a French Cup
match in January, said in April
that he thought he would
make the finals but he would
not be 100 percent fit.
If he doesn’t make it atall
then coach Jose Pekerman
will have to juggle his attack-
ing resources although he is
fortunate that Colombia do
not have the toughest draw.
They are in Group C
against a talented but ageing
Ivory Coast, Japan and a goal-
shy Greece side. The omens
are not good. In the three
qualifying games Colombia
played without Falcao, Peker-
man’s side lost one and drew
one before beating an already
eliminated Paraguay in the fi-
nal round of games. — AFP
Goalkeepers: Thibaut Courtois (Atletico
Madrid), Simon Mignolet (Liverpool/),
Koen Casteels (Hoffenheim), Silvio Proto
(Anderlecht). Defenders: Toby Alderweireld
(Atletico Madrid), Anthony Vanden Borre
(Anderlecht), Daniel Van Buyten (Bayern
Munich), Vincent Kompany (Manchester
City), Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham), Thomas
Vermaelen (Arsenal), Nicolas Lombaerts
(Zenit St-Petersburg), Laurent Ciman
(Standard). Midfielders: Axel Witsel
(Zenit St-Petersburg), Marouane Fellaini
(Manchester United), Steven Defour (Porto),
Moussa Dembele (Tottenham), Nacer Chadli
(Tottenham), Kevin De Bruyne (Wolfsburg)
Forwards: Romelu Lukaku (Everton),
Divock Origi (Lille), Eden Hazard (Chelsea),
Kevin Mirallas (Everton), Dries Mertens
(Napoli), Adnan Januzaj (Man United).
Stand-by: Sebastien Pocognoli (Hanover),
Thorgan Hazard (Zulte Waregem), Michy
Batshuayi (Standard Liege), Guillaume Gillet
(Anderlecht), Jelle Van Damme (Standard
Liege), Radja Nainggolan (Roma).
The rusty iron buildings
that shelter the Safari Simbaz
cycling team in a village out-
side the Kenyan capital Nai-
robi may not immediately
catch the eye.
But inside and around the
simple dwellings an ambi-
tious plot is being hatched: to
challenge the Europeans for
places in some of the world’s
most prestigious and lucra-
tive races, including the Tour
de France.
Inspired by one-time local
boy Chris Froome and confi-
dent that Kenya’s legendary
prowess in endurance sports
can translate to the bicycle,
Safari Simbaz founder David
Kinjah says it is only a matter
of time before an all-African
team will bring some fresh
colour to the peloton.
“Froome’s success in the
Tour de France has inspired
many boys who want to take
up cycling as a sport. We have
also had a lot of interest from
all over Kenya,” said Kinjah,
42, who mentored the Ke-
nyan-born Froome when he
was a boy.
“Right now we have 20
boys in full-time training with
us. Two of these boys might
even go on to compete in the
Tour of France in the next
three years if they stay fo-
cused,” he told AFP.
For Kinjah, the main stum-
bling block is funding, and
not raw talent.
A basic racing bike costs
upwards of $700 (500 euros),
PAGE 70 / FEVERPITCH Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Leicester City FC players
celebrate after being promoted
to English Premier League.
Winner of the Tour de
Romandie cycling race
Christopher Froome of
Great Britain com-
petes during the final
stage, a 185km
individual time-trial
race from Neuchatel
to Neuchatel on May
4, 2014, in Neuchatel.
Newly promoted Leicester
eye top five EPL finish
The Thai owners of newly
promoted Leicester City are
willing to spend $300 million
to achieve their goal of finish-
ing in the top five of the Eng-
lish Premier League within the
next three seasons.
Leicester sealed a place
in the lucrative top flight of
English football by winning
the Championship title last
month, ending a decade-long
absence from the Premier
Like all promoted clubs,
survival is the initial goal for
Leicester but billionaire chair-
man Vichai Srivaddhanaprab-
ha has grander notions in the
years ahead.
“We want to stay in the EPL
as long as possible,” Vichai told
reporters in Bangkok on Mon-
day after the team enjoyed a
three-day stay in the Thai holi-
day destination of Phuket.
“But we won’t take the huge
leap to challenge the league’s
top five clubs immediately.
“Do we have a chance to
beat them? Yes, we have, but I
think we need to establish our
foothold in the league first and
then we think about our next
“It will take a huge amount
of money, possibly 10 billion
Thai Baht ($306.56 million), to
get there. But that doesn’t put
us off. I am asking for three
years, and we’ll be there.”
Leicester, three-times
League Cup winners, were
relegated from the Premier
League in 2004 and then fell to
the third tier in 2008.
Manager Nigel Pearson
took them back to the Cham-
pionship at the first attempt
before leaving for Hull City,
only to return in 2011 and lead
them up to the top flight.
The former Sheffield
Wednesday and Middles-
brough defender shared Virat’s
“We have to be adaptable
when we play big teams. But,
the important thing is we’re
going with a belief that we can
achieve,” he said after showing
off the Championship trophy
to fans in the Thai capital.
through old
training base
and a race-ready model many
times more that — a small
fortune in a country where
the average income is around
$1,800 a year. Add to that the
cost of clothing, shoes, hel-
mets, mountain bikes for
training on the trails and it’s
easy to see why the sport re-
mains inaccessible to many
“A lot of people were hop-
ing that because we have
great runners and marathon-
ers, winning races around the
world, we should start seeing
great cyclists from Kenya. But
cycling does not necessarily
compare to running,” Kinjah
To address the equipment
issue, hand-me-down bicy-
cles are being sought from
donors including the British
charity Re-Cycle, while
Froome is also in the process
of setting up a foundation to
come to the aid of young Ke-
nyan riders, and has also do-
nated kit to the Safari Simbaz
Kinjah also plans several
promotional tours of Europe
and South Africa later this
year to raise money from po-
tential sponsors, and will ride
a 12,000 kilometre race from
Cairo to Capetown in Sep-
tember for fund-raising.
“Cycling is a sport that is
growing very fast in Kenya
and in East Africa. The sport
is very educative, there is a lot
to teach the youngsters. It is
bound to grow more and we
will keep on pushing until we
achieve that goal,” he said.
“I would love to see lots of
kids from poor families join
cycling and elevate their lives.
There is a lot of joblessness
among Kenyan youth with
lack of formal employment.
They can use the bicycle to
work as mechanics, tour
guides or even as profession-
Kinjah believes it won’t be
too long before African riders
are competing in the Tour de
France — noting that there
are already a number of Eri-
treans, Ethiopians, Rwandans
and South Africans compet-
ing in Europe.
One team member dream-
ing big is 18-year-old Ken-
neth Karanja, a youngster
who was offered training with
the team after Kinjah spotted
him hammering his way to
school on a bicycle along the
red dirt trails of the Kenyan
Karanja is already using
racing to help pay his school
fees, but says it won’t stop
“The bike has changed my
life. Cycling has changed me
to be a better person as I have
been able to use the sport to
pay my school fees and help
my family,” he said, adding:
“My dream is to become a
professional rider like Chris
FEVERPITCH / Page 71 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Sevens rugby team players arrive from London after competing in
the finals of IRB World Series. [PHOTO: ELVIS OGINA/STANDARD]
just that.
There are so many positives
to pick from the just concluded
season. One of them being the
fact we pushed most of our op-
ponents to the wire and lost
with small margins.
“Furthermore, there are
so many new players coming
around and the exposure can
only be good for them and the
team. Now we need to build
on this for a better season next
year,” he said.
Injera said the focus should
now be on the Commonwealth
Games, which will be held in
Glasgow, Scotland in July and
challenged his fellow players
to reflect on the just concluded
season to see where they need
to improve.
“In my opinion we are going
in the right direction. What we
need to do is to reflect on what
has been done and how we can
make it better. The focus is cer-
tainly on the Commonwealth
Kenya Rugby Union chair-
man Mwangi Muthee said the
technical bench is on the right
track but admitted that the
management needs to focus
on technology in improving the
team’s performance.
“The IRB World Series is
evolving everyday. The top
teams are now using technology
to help them analyse their play-
ers ability to get better results.
Some of this technology is very
expensive but we have to invest
in it if we want to catch up with
the best teams,” he said.
Muthee at the same time
said the team’s technical bench,
led by South African Paul Treu,
has been keeping data on the
performances of all the nation-
al team players and they will
use it to evaluate their players
and those found wanting will
be dropped.
“All these players have been
analysed since they joined
the team and we are going to
evaluate this data after which
some will be removed and
others retained. It will not be
about how the coaches feel
about them but rather their
He pointed out that the gap
between Kenya and the top
teams in the world is narrowing
and they will catch up soon.
Winnie Onyach from Ke-
nya Airways, the sponsors of
the team, said they are satis-
fied with the performance and
promised more support to the
“We want to congratulate
the team for a successful sea-
son where they finished in
seventh position. Kenya and
South Africa are the only Afri-
can countries in the top ten in
the IRB rankings. This means
they can upstage any team in
the world. We pledge our sup-
port to the team and challenge
them to improve on the current
rankings,” she said.

Continued From P72
Saudi based Ochieng’ reports
to camp, relishes task ahead
Harambee Stars defender
David “Cheche” Ochieng’ is
relishing his new challenge
after moving to top Saudi Ara-
bian side Al Taawoun.
The former Tusker de-
fender was heavily criticised
for making the move to Saudi
Arabia but he insists it has
worked out for him.
Ochieng’ has already joined
the Harambee Stars training
camp, at Kasarani, in readi-
ness for Sunday’s Africa Cup
of Nations qualifier against
Comoros at Nyayo Stadium.
“The difference between Al
Taawuon and Tusker is mas-
sive. The club has more mon-
ey due to interest by sponsors
and so can afford to give you
the best facilities.
“It is a totally different ex-
perience and gives one that
professional outlook, which
has in turn raised my game,”
he explained.
Ochieng’ said as a profes-
sional player, all he is required
to buy are his playing boots.
“I don’t concern myself
with anything else. When I get
to the training ground, I find
my training kit ready for use.
It is a different environment
and one that gives you peace
of mind so that you can per-
form on the pitch.”
Ochieng’s two-year deal,
came with huge incentives
including a car and a house.
That was a serious raise for the
player and the culture shock
initially affected his efforts to
break into the first team.
“At first it was difficult
because of the shock. Every-
thing was new, but I’m happy
my coach believed in me and
gave me time to adapt.
“It was only after seven
matches that I was able to
cement my place in the first
team. From there on, there
was no looking back.”
He admits to feeling home
sick most of the time but
makes up for it by keeping
in touch with friends back
“It is difficult when you
don’t find people who can
speak your language. Every-
thing is so foreign but I am
learning to get used to it,” he
Ochieng’ helped his club
finish in fifth position in the
league, which was their best
performance ever and he
looks forward to bigger things
next season.
“Last season, we had a
great performance. I am re-
maining with one year in my
contract. After that we will
see what happens. This is
football and there are always
opportunities coming up. If
something better comes up,
it will be worth considering,”
he said.
Regarding Sunday’s match
against Comoros, Ochieng’
said it a great opportunity for
Stars to start their 2015 Africa
Cup of Nations campaign on a
positive note.
“It is a long time since we
played in the Africa Cup of Na-
tions and another opportunity
is here with us. We must seize
it by doing well against Co-
moros,” he said. Comoros are
expected in Nairobi tomorrow
from their training camp in
France. — gwandera@stan-

DEBUT: Kansa City’s
Olum happy on call up
Kansas City defender Lawrence
Olum is excited with his call up
to the Harambee Stars ahead of
their Africa Nations Cup qualifier
against Comoros this Sunday. The
US-based 30-year-old was called
up for the 2012 Cecafa Senior
Challenge Cup camp, but is yet
to make his Stars debut. Olum
won the Major Soccer League
Cup where he played a crucial
part. “Finally, I hope it is all now
coming together for me. I am
excited and I can’t wait to link
up with the team in Nairobi,”
Olum told FeverPitch by phone.
— Robin Toskin
BACK: Nandwa joins
Harambee Stars camp
Harambee Stars assistant
coach James Nandwa has
joined the team in camp and
insisted there is no bad blood
between him and head coach
Adel Amrouche. Nandwa said
they have always worked
well with the Belgian and are
determined to pick positive
results when the team takes
on Comoros in an Africa Cup
of Nations qualifier on Sunday.
“We have a good relationship
with Amrouche and he never
fired me from the team. He is
a good coach who has changed
the team,” said Nandwa. Kenya
will play Comoros on Sunday at
the Nyayo National Stadium.
— Gilbert Wandera
SUPPORT: Local football
needs die hard fans
Local football needs fans of steel
for the game to develop. Gillette
Kenya brand manager Mutune
Kilonzo said after watching the
final day of English Premier
League, that local fans should
stand up for their teams. “As
Gillette, we are ready to walk
along with soccer fans. We
want fans of steel to support
their teams,” Mutune said at K1
Club, Parklands, Nairobi, after
Manchester City pipped Liverpool
to the EPL title. The Kenyan
Premier League is on its 12th
round matches with champs Gor
leading with 26 points. Gor Mahia
and AFC Leopards boast huge
fan-base. — Gilbert Wandera
Sevens team to emerge stronger next season - Injera
Harambee Stars player
David Ochieng’ controls the
ball playing against Uganda
in Cecafa Senior Challenge
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
David Ochieng relishes life on fast lane in Saudi Arabia and Stars hunt in ACN, P.71
Drogba seeks to bow out with success at Brazil World Cup, P.68
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(|i]e| cl ||e ]ei| iwi|a, |a|
(a|||c|] c||||c|ºea ||e aec|º|cr
|c ºe|| |e] (|i]e|º |rc|aa|r¸
ci(|i|r ira |eia|r¸ ºcc|e|
Keº|r Nc|ir. 8i||cr |e(ei|ea|]
e\(|eººea ||º a|ººi||ºlic||cr cr
!w|||e| ira |elaºea |c º|¸r i rew
ccr||ic|, (|cm(||r¸ ||e c|a| |c
irrcarce ]eº|e|ai] ||i| || wiº
(i|||r¸ w||| cre cl ||e le|ceº|
ccm(e|||c|º |r ||e l|em|e|
lei¸ae.¨ll l wir|ea |c |eiºe, l'a
jaº| ccme ca| ira ºi] ¨l wir| |c
|eiºe' !||r¸º reea iaa|eºº|r¸ iº
im rc| (|e(i|ea |c ¸c |||ca¸|
i |e|e¸i||cr i¸i|r,' |e w|c|e
cr :arai]. !|e è8·]ei|·c|a
8i||cr |ia ºi|a |e wca|a mi|e
ir irrcarcemer| |e¸i|a|r¸ ||º
la|a|e cr !w|||e|, |a| ||e c|a|
(|e·em(|ea ||º rewº. -AÞ
S££ You A1 NYAYo: 6er Mahia feIIewers. |lnO¹O: S¹lllOlL
8y IKMfä wKl80l
On Muy 22, Tuskef wefe uI home uguInsI Gof Mu-
hIu, buI InsIeud oI pIuyIng Ihe hxIufe In NuIfobI, de-
cIded Io Iuke Ihe muIch Io MumIus Io uvoId Ihe In-
IImIduIIng 'Gfeen Afmy` us Ihey hunIed Iof muxImum
poInIs Ifom Ihe muIch.
The pIoI dId noI wofk, us Ihe 'Gfeen Afmy` some-
how Iound IIs wuy InIo Ihe MumIus CompIex In u
muIch IhuI ended In u buffen dfuw.
ThIs IIme, Ihe bfewefs huve no opIIon us Ihey
come Iuce-Io-Iuce wIIh Ihe ufmy us Ihe Iwo sIdes
meeI In mIdweek Ieugue cIush uI Nyuyo SIudIum Io-
moffow evenIng.
The hxIufe Is cfucIuI Iof boIh sIdes, whIch seek Io
keep up Ihe chuse on Ieudefs Bungefs.
Gof MuhIu skIppef JefIm Onyungo hud no kInd
Saturday 8arcede
Suuday 8arcede
Saturday 8arcede
Suuday 8arcede
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Kenya Sevens team captain Collins
Injera leads other players out of
the Jomo Kenyatta International
Airport upon arrival from London.
Kenya Sevens rugby
team returns home
National Sevens team returned home yesterday
and pledged to build on lessons learnt from the just
concluded International Rugby Board (IRB) World
Series for the next season campaign.
The team finished the season in seventh posi-
tion with officials and players insisting it was a good
performance. However, they both agreed the team
needs to improve next year.
Team captain Collins Injera said they had
achieved their target of finishing on a high after the
last competition in London at the weekend where
the team reached the Main Cup quarter-finals before
losing in the Plate final to South Africa.
The performance in London, like was the case in
Scotland a week ago where Kenya lost to Fiji in the
Plate Final, earned the team 12 points.
“We are making head way. We wanted to finish on
a high in London and by all accounts I believe we did
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
My daily triumph
over alcohol
When my brother died, I wondered
why God had kept me alive and
resolved to stay away from alcohol
and spend my life helping others
A l l A b o u t Y o u r W o r l d
Gone without
a trace
Two years after a night car
accident, the driver’s family
continues to hope against the odds
that they will find him soon, P.3

Wednesday Life
Page 2
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Crime of ourtime
—With Boniface Gikandi
Rasta’s widow:
My life is lonely
and I miss him
When ‘Most Wanted’ gangster Rasta was
gunned down 16 years ago, many were relieved
but his wife faced the darkest day of her life
rom a distance, the build-
ings look like a thriving
empire that is raking in
millions of shillings annu-
ally. Their lustre is betrayed by
the rusty roofs, which tell the sto-
ry of a derelict investment that
has been fighting a losing battle
against the elements.
Sixteen years ago, the 15 iden-
tical houses were the talk of the
sleepy Kaganjo village in
Murang’a County, as village wags
bragged about one of their own
who had mysteriously struck it
But even as the villagers talk-
ed about the windfall, crime-
busters visited the area unan-
nounced and in pursuit of the
homegrown Robin Hood, Benard
Matheri, son of Thuo, the man
the country knew as Rasta.
The passage of time and the
change of fortunes for the gang-
ster’s family have not dissolved
the mystique that surrounded
the iconic thug whose exploits
still send shivers down the spines
of many. His name still elicits
stern looks from villagers who
fear repercussions from Govern-
ment agents.
The three-acre compound
where the incomplete housing
estate started by the “enterpris-
ing” Rasta sits continues to gath-
er cobwebs as little activity goes
on. Government security opera-
tives declared Rasta Kenya’s most
wanted and dreaded outlaw and
placed a price tag on his head.
In their dramatic chases,
punctuated by a liberal exchange
of fire, the police combed the
length and breadth of Murang’a,
Nairobi and other neighbouring
Many villagers’ lives were
turned upside down as the police
sought their prey.
Despite the collective sigh of
Rasta’s widow,
talks about
life after his
death. INSET:
The incom-
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Group Managing Editor
(Print): Kipkoech Tanui,
Deputy Managing Editor: Peter
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What you say
Tips for passing exams
Gutz Morennah: How I wish you could have written this
article like 15 years ago; it would have helped me.
Zaki Adan Mahat: Pass in life, not school.
Olivia Ouko: Just sit down and concentrate on your
books only. The rest is history.
My three
wives and I
David Katana:
I think this will
encourage poverty
and poor upbringing
of children. I believe
in one wife.
Kamish Mohamed:
That’s great. Having
many children is a
blessing and those
saying it will increase
poverty should know
that God is the Provider!
Bryson Forester: I still believe that
true family unity is found in monogamous unions to which I
swore my allegiance.
Jeremiah Nyamwaya: Happiness is not about what we see
outside but the peace within somebody; you can dress well, eat
well, live a luxurious lifestyle but be going through hell. Let this
man enjoy himself. Don’t judge other people.
Life begins at 40
Elizabeth Colleta Moraa:
Biblically, life begins at 40! God
called Moses at 40; God called
me to His service at 40. So it is
the age of maturity. Anything
you do at 40 and above,
God holds you accountable.
Therefore, your youth ends
at 39!
Eric Kigen: It’s not that
literally life begins at 40,
but this is the time you begin
to appreciate who you are without
complaining. You know there is tomorrow and you take
life the way it comes without much ado.
Xam Xtrq: For a normal person, life begins at 40 but for
thieves it is vice versa.
as Wanugu – who were also felled
by police bullets.
The trio’s activities in the
1990s had led the police to form
a special squad to track down
and kill the dreaded gangsters
whose de facto leader was Ras-
It took more that 50 elite po-
lice officers many months and
misses to nail down the fearless
He was so ingenious that at
some point he was said to have
infiltrated the special squad, Al-
pha Romeo, to get intelligence on
the progress of his hunt.
Today, Rasta’s incomplete es-
tate is leased to a church.
“I had to lease it to get rid of
the silence in this compound
that once attracted many visitors
and relatives in the 1990s.”
Rasta’s reputation as a no-
nonsense gangster has in a way
served his family well as it has
safeguarded some of the proper-
ty he had acquired.
“I was left with this land by
Matheri as he had warned his rel-
atives that his children owned
the land and that is how I have
retained it. People fear going
against him even when he is in
his grave,” she said.
relief by security agents following
the dramatic elimination of Ras-
ta in September 1997, there are
some who miss the man who was
hunted down like a wild animal.
Dorcas Nyambura, a mother
of six, says she is yet to come to
terms with death of her beloved
husband Rasta.
We traced the widow to her
home, where she shared the
loneliness she has experienced
since her husband’s demise.
The 15 incomplete houses,
each with three self-contained
rooms, she explained, were sup-
posed to be a residential estate.
“Since my husband’s death, I
have lived without friends. Some-
times I went without even salt in
my house. I had no one to turn to
as I was branded a criminal. The
situation has since improved and
I am happier,” says Nyambura,
who now sells potatoes from a
shed at Kiriaini market as she
cannot afford to complete the
structures, which could have as-
sured her of rental income.
Rasta is alleged to have been
involved in major crimes in con-
junction with two other notori-
ous colleagues – Anthony Ngugi
Kanagi alias Wacucu and Gerald
Wambugu Munyeria also known
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
A l l A b o u t Y o u r W o r l d THE STANDARD
Lost without
a trace
It has been 13 years since Kiplagat
Kong’a left home after his parents
said they were unable to grant his
circumcision wish, P.3
Once my third wife is of cially here, I will go on to
get a fourth and fi f h before the end of this dec-
ade — Joseph Ogonyo, who has three wives,
My wives and
Folly of
for the
big 40
Life begins at 40
and magically you
will become rich?
Find out how you
can make this
magic happen
gradually no matter
your age, P.7
Tina Nyaga: Happy indeed! If this is
marriage, then let it be!
Joe Munene: I am a one-woman man.
Odhiambo Kasera: A total man.
Wednesday Life Personal Finance — with John Kariuki
Awaiting magical
40 to set financial
goals is folly
While many adhere to the belief that life starts at 40, majority ignore the notion and live one day at a time
amba Mapangala’s ever- green song, Vunja Mifu- pa, exhorts people to get a little life while the going is good. Vunja mifupa kama me- no bado iko, utakuja lia uk- ishapoteza muda wako (live life while opportunities abound or you may come to rue your wast- ed years)! The song implies living right by doing what pertains to each age set, like leisure, so that one does not do these things at the wrong time, for instance, in old age. But an oft quoted saying has it that life begins at 40. A literal belief in this saying continues to lead some younger people into financial reckless- ness as they wait to turn 40 and, magically, start organising their money goals. Older people with modest means continue getting de- pressed, thinking that they have made terrible money mistakes that are beyond redemption now that their time is up. Some be- come desperate and squander any little wealth they have to get in the groove of really living re- gardless of the consequences! But personal finance experts
say people can put their finances in order at any age; not necessar- ily after 40! In fact, like Samba Mapangala’s advice, “life” begins at any age and does not end un- til one dies, or moves on to lead another life for those who believe in the hereafter. One can always renew his or her waning spirits and host a party after reaping from his or her investments. The dream of a well-paying job at age 40 is an il- lusion unless one works for it. Without firm commitment and a financial plan, age 40 does not
guarantee one a good company car, a luxurious apartment and plenty of young women (and men) to pass the time with!
FINANCIAL JOURNEYS Doreen Katana, a 55-year-old human resource practitioner, says she believes life begins at 40. She says that before 40, many people spend their time looking for meaning in their lives. But by 40, she adds, most of them get the idea that the only place to look for inspiration is within themselves. “Many people stabilise in their careers, education and fam- ily in their late 30s and early 40s,” she says. “Their financial journeys are set and life falls into a pattern of less and less expenditure as their children start leaving the nest,” she adds. According to Katana, the trick
to enjoying life after 40 is to start raising a family and saving for re- tirement early. “I had my two children by the age of 22 and by the time my hus- band and I were turning 40, our last born was a first-year student at university,” she says. She adds: “An investment we had jointly begun while in our 30s began to bear fruits as the ex- penses of our children dimin- ished.” Katana and her husband now have some cash to spare. They take vacations frequently and have even taken up photography as a hobby. “In fact, people say that we look more youthful with time and to me this is the famous life that begins at 40,” she says. But Geoffrey Kamatu, a teach- er, says that proponents of the idea that life starts at 40 are sim- ply chasing a myth. He says once
Quick Wins
What many do at 40 · 1he heiçht of foll, is to waste one's ñrst four decades and then tr, to çet a life at 40 without the ñnancial wherewithal of sustaininç it. · At açe 40, people are often more patient, tolerant and wiser with mone, and investments. 1he, ma, have learnt to work smarter, thus achievinç better results at what the, have been doinç all alonç. · 1he, ma, have learnt when to lead, follow, or just çet out of the wa, to attain their ñnancial çoals.
a persons clocks 40, it means the start of the donkey years for most working Kenyans. “When I turned 40, my birth- day present was a bank loan and children in both primary and secondary school,” he says. Kamatu says unless one in- herits property, it is difficult to start enjoying life at 40 under the current economic situation where parenting includes set- tling one’s graduate children in jobs and furnishing their hous- es!
“This notion was applicable in the last century for the sons of some Kenyan coffee and tea bar- ons who would inherit acres of the cash crops when they mar- ried and settled down presum- ably at this age,” says Kamatu.
EACH STAGE “It is impossible to have met all of one’s financial obligations by 40 and spend the rest of one’s days in the sun,” he adds. Life is truly what you make it, at any time. Each stage is impor- tant and can be the best or the worst depending on your finan- cial plans. A really happy and ful- filling life starts whenever you want it to. And you need not be mean so that you can die rich as some people continue doing. Conversely, you need not wait to turn magical 40 and go on a ro- mantic spree with mpango wa kando just to prove that you have arrived at life! After 40, many people are still energetic. This, along with their money experience and mistakes, always helps. Indeed, scores of people routinely turn around their financial destiny even in re- tirement and become icons of business.
Discard own boss syndrome to grow
CEO’S take— with Lilian Kiarie
la,mond Cherui,ot deñed the norm of settlinç in his well·pa,inç job as a software ençineer at HicroLAN Ken,a to fulñll his dream of beinç self·em· plo,ed. live ,ears down the line, the 34·,ear·old has created Accñn Last Africa Ltd, a local partner of Saçe ACClAC, which creates accountinç and manaçement software. he has emplo,ed over 20 people and has more than 30 clients across the Last African reçion. he confesses that his ñrst cheque was Sh20,000 back in 2009, but fate has seen him siçn cheques worth millions toda,. he shares with wednesda, Life tips in business that have seen him çrow and expand to be one of the most efñcient accountinç and manaçement software
providers. · 8e customer centric, let ever, bit of what ,ou plan be about customers. · Avoid own boss s,ndrome: when ,ou are self·emplo,ed there is nothinç like beinç ,our own boss. Customers are the bosses. · have an expert look at ,our business processes and çet professional advice. · Lmbrace technoloç,. Lver, sinçle business needs a professional accountinç s,stem for the simple reason that if ,ou are in business, there is bu,inç and sellinç. · 8uild a network for ,ourself that is hard to break, bond with ,our customers and reward them where and when necessar,.
Raymond Cheruiyot.
Jayee Janyakach: Life begins when you finally
discover God‘s favour.
Jeremiah Mathiu: Things have changed; it now
happens at 45 years.
Makira Jasan Gakere: The reality is at 40, your
should be settled in life — stable family, living in
your own home, educating your children and having
a number of investments. At 40, you accept you are
ageing and heading for the grave.
Melinda Mugure: This is when you care less about
what people say and more about what you believe
and live by it.
Rich Kip Bowen: You know, someone once said life
begins not the day you were born, but the day you
discover why.
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Night accident that left a mangled
car with driver nowhere to be seen
Crime Hot spots
Lost Without a Trace
— By Grace Wekesa
Be safe when
visiting new place
CLOCKWISE: Julius Juma Kong’a
(left), his wife Lesley Aroko, their
two children and the accident car at
the Mumias Police Station. [PHOTOS:
Two weeks ago, Peter Moki, a university
student, lost Sh30,000 and a mobile phone at
the Nakuru town bus terminus.
He had just alighted from a matatu from
Eldoret and decided to look for a pocket-friendly
eatery around the terminus. He didn’t want to go
far as it was his first time in the town. Just
minutes after stepping down from the vehicle,
three men approached him and he assumed they
were touting for passengers.
“I felt a hand rest heavily on my shoulder
while two men convinced me to board their bus
but when I told them I had just alighted, they all
left at once. Minutes later, I discovered that I had
been robbed in broad daylight” he said.
Well, this is one of the countless tricks
robbers use to rob passengers in various termini
around the country. They are quick to notice
those visiting for the first time. However, if you
are cautious, you can thwart their activities.
After alighting from a matatu or when visiting
a new place, do not move around before studying
your surroundings. Sit somewhere for a while
and observe the general behaviour of people.
Before you alight, you can ask the driver if
the terminus is safe enough for one to stroll
around while waiting for your next mode of
transport and the right places to eat if the need
Always keep your ticket safe in case you
forget your bag or other belongings inside the
vehicle; it will help you to trace them.
If unsure of where you are going, ask your
hosts early enough to direct you to the right and
safest place to wait for them; asking around
could tempt goons into misleading and robbing
you. Ask uniformed security guards for directions
if you get lost. Matatu drivers can come in handy
because most of them are familiar with many
places including termini.
In the late hours, be very cautious when
using a motorbike. Ask your host exactly where
to alight or even let them send you the mobile
number of the rider they usually use. Ensure that
your phone is charged and you have enough
airtime loaded.
Driver in mishap
says they talked for
a while but family’s
search is empty
When the deal is too good
Day TV ‘technician’
cleaned my room
The bug to join Pay-TV offers had
hit me. I was tired of following my
favourite television programmes
from food joints day after day
because analogue TV reception was
so poor where I lived in Bomet town.
The noise in the restaurant,
coupled with the uncertainty about
whether or not the owner would turn
on the channel I loved, made me
think of a way forward.
As I thought, I found myself
floating into another world, one in
which I sat on my sofa holding my
remote control and changing the
channels as I liked. I was happy with
this state of affairs and wanted to
make the dream a reality.
I couldn’t wait for the thrill of
watching TV on my own terms any
longer. Over lunch break from work,
I walked into an electronics outlet
and got myself a full accessory that
would allow reception of TV satellite
transmissions. The shopping cost me
about Sh10,000. “It is worth the
price,” I consoled myself as I once
again remembered my vision.
On my way home, a man who
looked to be in his 30s approached
me. After a handshake, he intro-
duced himself as Mark who deals
with fixing Pay-TV gadgets in and out
of Bomet. He asked if he could do it
for me as he had seen what I was
I was delighted as Moses, on
whom I was relying to do the job,
was out of town. What made matters even better
was that Mark quoted half the amount of money
Moses had asked for.
“I need only Sh1,000 and the job will be done,”
Mark assured me. I was pleasantly surprised and did
not bargain. The deal was good. We immediately
struck a rapport and a conversation on the rising
crime rate in the town ensued. Mark
lamented about theft in town, punctuat-
ing his talk with well-chosen Bible verses
while referring to me as a brother.
He expressed the vanity of people
attempting to reap where they never
sowed. “I think community policing will
help arrest the matter,” he opined.
I trusted Mark. I let him into my
house and let him fix the gadget as I
dashed back to work.
At around the time Mark was making
my TV ‘modern’, most of my neighbours
had moved out in protest over ‘hiked’
rent and the apartment block was
virtually empty.
Before I left for work, I locked my
bedroom and left Mark to operate from
my sitting room-cum-kitchen. We
exchanged phone numbers and I asked
him to come and pick his pay from my
office when he was done.
I sent my friend Joash a short text
message to come to my house and keep
an eye on the technician.
Back in the office, I, called Mark for
updates. “All is going well, nitamaliza
in about half an hour,” Mark
I was dismayed some minutes
later when calls to Mark were no
longer going through. Joash was also
out of reach. I jumped into a
motorbike and headed to my house.
I entered the compound hastily
and found the door to my house
open. I almost passed out when I
found that my TV, DVD, radio
system, the new transmission
gadget, woofers and gas cooker had
been stolen.
All the things I had painstakingly
bought, one by one, out of my
hard-earned salary, were gone. The
house was now a shell of its former
self. I discovered later that Joash
never got my message.
How could I not remember what
my grandfather used to sing to me
when I was growing up – “When the
deal is too good, think twice”?
I blame myself for being naive.
ow can a man just van-
ish from the face of the
earth and leave no foot-
prints to suggest he ever
On the evening of November
4, 2012, at around 7pm, Julius
Juma left his home in Eginga vil-
lage in Matungu for Kisumu and
unwittingly embarked on a jour-
ney that has since turned into
an unending nightmare for his
On reaching the bridge at the
Mayoni-Shibale section, Juma’s
car, a Mitsubishi Lancer, hit a
sugarcane-laden truck that had
stalled on the road.
Juma, a father of two girls
aged ten and six, was a graphic
designer with KTN based in
Kisumu. He was then aged 36.
His wife, Lesley Aroko, 35, re-
calls her last conversation with
her husband which lasted 20
minutes the previous day.
“The previous night, at
7.30pm, my husband called to
ask how we were doing in Nai-
robi. He said he was missing the
children and wanted to be with
us but he couldn’t make it. He
wired me some cash through the
phone and later called to con-
firm I had received it,’’ she
The following morning, be-
fore going to church, Aroko
called Juma but his three tele-
phones were off. She tried sev-
eral times but got no response.
Aroko added, “During our
conversation the previous night,
he told me he would spend the
night at his aunt’s place in
Mumias town. He had told his
aunt that he was hungry and
would be joining her family for
After a whole day with no
word from Juma, Aroko found out
from his aunt that her husband
had not visited as he had prom-
ised. She immediately left for Egin-
ja. Juma had spent the night there
with his father and left for Kisumu
on Sunday evening.
Efforts to find out if he had ar-
rived in Kisumu hit a snag. She
asked at his work place and resi-
dence in Kisumu but the response
was negative.
On Monday, a search among
friends and relatives bore no fruits.
Juma’s vehicle was later found at
Mumias Police Station but he was
nowhere. This marked the start of
an endless search for Juma in hos-
pitals and morgues, which is still
“It’s been tough for me. Juma
was part of me and the children.
Then suddenly he is not there. I am
not in a position to say if I am a
widow or a single mother because
we have never found his body. We
don’t know if he is alive or dead.
This is a mysterious incident that
we try to unravel each day. We have
questions but no answers.
“The children keep asking
about their dad and I am over-
whelmed when I say that he will be
back soon. They were fond of him.
We hope that one day we shall
know what happened; we have not
lost hope as a family.”
The driver of the sugarcane
truck, Zakias Okoth, who last saw
Juma at the accident scene, told
the family that he helped him get
out of the vehicle through the pas-
senger side and they talked for
some minutes before he went into
his car to wait for the police as it
was drizzling.
Says Juma’s father Athanas Ju-
ma: “We’ve really waited, searched
and prayed. I still hope one day I
will see my son.”
Wednesday Life
Page 4
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Your Environment
— with Lukas Ng’asike
Farmers receive
high value seeds and
technical expertise
to boost harvest
The women tend to their water melons. INSET: Achwa Ikwachiyo chews
cowpeas leaves believed to be medicine for poor eyesight. [PHOTOS:
In a Minute
WEATHER: Long rains
to wrap up in a week
The Kenya Meteorological
department has issued a
statement saying that the
long rains of April to June
will end within the week.
“The low amount of rain in
the country has resulted in
poor crop performance and
failure,” James Kongoti, the
head of meteorology, said in a
statement. He pointed out that
this year, compared to last year,
the rains were so poor that most
places received less than half the
long-term average for the month
of April. According to Kongoti,
after next week, only the western
region will continue to receive
alert causes panic
Kenya Farmers Association (KFA)
Director, Kipkorir Menjo, has
expressed concern that famine
has hit the North Rift and other
surrounding areas. KFA has
written to the national disaster
operations authority to release
emergency funds to affected
areas, which include Uasin Gishu,
Nandi, Trans-Nzoia, Elgeyo/
Marakwet and Nakuru. The
regions are considered high maize
producing and supply the bulk of
maize flour used in Kenya. A report
by the Uasin Gishu Department
of Agriculture indicates that
more than 192,742 acres of maize
have dried up, creating fears
of insufficient food supplies in
months to come.
fights for lake land
Members of a private club in
Naivasha have come out to oppose
the opening of a public corridor to
Lake Naivasha, claiming that the
block of land belongs to the club.
Fracas resulted last week after club
members thronged the place while
AP officers oversaw the opening
of the corridor that had been
hitherto closed for exclusive use
by Naivasha Golf Club members.
James Gichinga, the chairman of
the club, accused the officers of
colluding with an investor to grab a
section of the golf course.
— Compiled by Gardy Chacha
Environment Disasters
Staggering cost of cleaning up tsunami debris
On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earth-
quake off the north-eastern coast of Japan
triggered a tsunami that rose up to 30
metres high and washed up 5km into the
The scale of the disaster was devastating:
More than 13,000 people confirmed dead
and 14,600 still missing, making this the
worst disaster to hit Japan.
Along with the unresolved situation at the
Fukushima Daiichi power plant and pressing
humanitarian issues linked to the large
number of displaced and dispossessed, the
management of the massive amounts of
debris generated by the earthquake and
tsunami was identified by the Government of
Japan as an immediate challenge.
The total amount of waste has been
estimated to be between 80 and 200 million
tonnes — comparable in size to the waste
generated by Hurricane Katrina, which cost
more than Sh272 million to clean up.
The earthquake also caused the damage
of several nuclear power plants, leading to
serious risks of contamination from
radioactive isotopes.
Agriculturalists postulated that the soil
would be affected by the sea’s salinity
(hence agricultural productivity). There was
no clean water for human consumption as
water sources and channels were contami-
nated from the massive ocean overflow.
Damage to urban water supply and
sewage networks caused cross-contamina-
tion, leading to health impacts for the
— Compiled by Gardy Chacha
chwa Ikwachiyo, a widow
and mother of seven, re-
garded with a sense of
hopelessness the dusk
embracing her Lokitaung village
in Turkana North Sub-county.
Fate and weather had conspired
to hand her a tattered life.
A devastating drought wiped
out all her livestock, leaving her
impoverished. Left with nothing,
Achwa awaited a miracle.
That miracle came through her
decision to abandon traditional
livestock rearing for farming.
“My ambition is to turn my
life into success,” says a joyful
Achwa, “crop farming has always
been my dream. It’s a flourish-
ing and rewarding economic
activity in the region compared
to livestock, which perish during
Recently, church officials from
World Relief-Kenya visited her
and she took them to her farm,
5km from her home.
At the Lomareng farm in Loki-
taung, a group of women were
tilling, weeding and planting
along seasonal River Kachoda.
Achwa and 30 other pastoralist
women are showing the way to
those still sticking to cattle rear-
ing despite the devastating ef-
fects of drought that leave them
poorer as the years go by.
The women use drip irrigation
to water melon, onions, sukuma
wiki, tomatoes, maize and
“We earn a living from the farm.
These crops, especially the sweet
water melon, fetch us a good
income that gives us our daily
bread,” says Achwa.
She says cowpea leaves are me-
dicinal – people chew them to
sharpen their night vision.
“We have never gone to the
hospital because of eyesight
problems. In fact, we treat most
villagers with night blindness
when they visit our farm. It is a
miracle crop as it heals instant-
ly,” she says.
Chairman of the Lomareng farm
David Epuyo says the farm has
boosted the locals’ economic
livelihoods. “We want to remove
the over-dependence on relief
food. We can grow our own food
and feed the rest of Kenya. All we
need now is more water to suc-
ceed,” says Epuyo.
Epuyo says several pastoralists
are willing to farm since the
region has potential to produce
food through irrigation.
Farmers are reaping big from
water melons. A kilo of the sweet
fruit fetches Sh100 and a farmer
can harvest hundreds of kilo-
grammes at one go.
A similar farm in Manalong’oria
near Lokitaung town has also
been put under drip irrigation.
Several pastoralists continue to
enroll in the farm following bit-
ing drought in the region.
Lokitaung senior chief Paul
Lobolia says the farmers have
benefited from the crop farming
techniques that the church has
initiated in the region.
“We have a chunk of fertile land
that can be put under irrigation.
If more land is farmed, then
our farmers would help achieve
food security in the region. We
want to end the situation where
people die from hunger in the
region,” says Lobolia.
World Relief gives the farmers
high value seeds, constructs
green houses, digs shallow wells
and provides technical expertise.
Their input has borne fruit.
Paul Amodoi from the organi-
sation says more than 2,500
households have benefited from
the project and it is intending to
increase the number of ben-
eficiaries to ensure the region
becomes a food-secure zone.
Drought pushes Turkana
herders to farming
The tsunami that swept the coast of Japan in 2011 killed thousands.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Wednesday Life
Doctor’s desk— with Dr Kizito Lubano
Health Briefs
— with Jerry Odumbe
The World Family
Doctor Day will
recognise general
practitioners as
primary caregivers
The making of a doctor under pressure
Unsafe abortions still high in
According to a recent study by the African
Population and Health Research, nearly 40 per cent
of hospitalised patients in Kenya are women who
seek medical treatment for complications that arise
from abortion. Although the Constitution permits
a woman to terminate pregnancy if her life is in
critical danger, there are many who still carry out
risky abortions around the country. The report also
showed that there are nearly 50 abortions for every
1,000 women in the country, which puts Kenya
among the top countries in Africa with the highest
national abortion rates. The executive director
of Kisumu Medical and Education Trust charity
believes that men’s refusal to use contraceptives
contributes significantly to the increase in the
number of unsafe abortions in the country. A survey
carried out last year revealed that over 400,000
abortions were procured in Kenya.
Aerobic exercises improve
memory retention
A new small-scale study carried out by
Michigan State University has shown that
being physically active may help improve
one’s long-term memory. To reach this
conclusion, the researchers followed some
75 participants for two days and performed
a number of experiments on them. On the
first day, the researchers provided the
participants with associated word pairs
such as “high” and “school” which they were
required to study and remember. On the
following day, the participants were given
tests which helped researchers examine and
evaluate long term memory retention. Each
participant’s aerobic fitness levels were
measured using treadmill tests. It was seen
that those found to have the lowest fitness
levels had more difficult time retaining
Good sleep habits improve
memory function
Adequate and consistent sleep promotes good
health and now a new study reveals that it may
also be good for the memory. The study, which
was published in the journal of the American
Geriatrics Society, indicate that people who
sleep either too much or too little in their mid
life or later are more likely to have age related
memory problems as they become older.
Over 15,000 women aged 70 and above were
involved in the study.
Your Health —
with Brigid Chemweno
Kenya’s family doctors mark their day
Quick Wins
DEBUT: The family
• It will be commemorated on
May 19. A day before, the doctors
will hold free medical screening
at Kilimani School.
• The event is to recognise family
doctors as the front-line care
• In a hospital, the physician
provides outpatient and
emergency care.
• Kenya needs 8,000 primary
care providers but only has 80.
• In 1994,he WHO recognised
family physicians’ ability to
manage most medical problems.
amily physicians in Kenya
will, for the first time, mark
the World Family Doctor
Day on May 19. The day
underlines the significant role
played globally by the primary
care providers in meeting the
challenges underlined in the Mil-
lennium Development Goals.
Family physician Dr Gulnaz Mo-
hamoud of the Aga Khan Univer-
sity Hospital in Nairobi says the
doctors will offer free medical
screening at Kilimani Primary
School for students and the sur-
rounding community on May 18
to commemorate the day for the
first time in Kenya.
“Thr aim of the event is to recog-
nise general practitioners as
front-line primary care profes-
sionals,” says Mohamoud.
The increased training of family
physicians by Kenyan universi-
ties, she says, will provide the
best opportunities for the func-
tion of the family doctor to be ap-
preciated by other players in the
health care system.
In Kenya, Moi and Aga Khan uni-
versities offer training in Family
Medicine. The University of Nai-
robi, Maseno University and
Kabarak University are in the
process of rolling out their pro-
The family physician is a medical
doctor providing comprehensive
clinical care over a wide range of
patient conditions. They take in-
to account the patient’s physio-
logical, psychological, socio-eco-
nomic, cultural and spiritual
dimensions within the context of
their family and community.
“The family physician is distinct
from other specialists by being a
‘generalist’ with a ‘working
knowledge’ of other specialties,
working in the frontline of servic-
es and providing primary care for
the individual, the family and the
community at large. Hence he or
she can function at various levels
of the healthcare system,” says
In a hospital or health centre, a
physician provides out-patient
and emergency care. They may
also train and guide other prima-
ry care providers in the nearest
health facilities.
In Kenya, a family physician
should complete five years of un-
dergraduate training leading to a
bachelor’s degree in medicine
and a degree in surgery, one year
of internship and an additional
four years of specialised, post-
graduate training in family med-
In 1994, the World Health Organ-
isation (WHO) recognised the
importance of the family physi-
cian as well as the family doctor’s
ability to manage most medical
The WHO stated, “Given the need
to provide primary care services
My first Caesarean section, by default, in March
1993, just 20 days into my internship was
humbling, illuminating and terrifying.
My seniors could not be traced. So I was
encouraged and assisted by the midwives to
successfully carry out the operation. I could not
believe what I had just done.
I remained awake almost all night. For some
reason, I wasn’t fatigued. Medical school and a
six-year boot camp for doctors had trained me to
transcend sleep deprivation. I kept going to see
the mother and baby every two hours to make
sure they were okay. After review the following
day by my seniors, I was congratulated and
welcomed formally to the profession. Later that
day I went home and cried myself to sleep. I
couldn’t help but congratulate myself on my own
Somehow, every doctor knows upon entering
the profession that the job is never an eight-to-five
one; health services and medical treatment have
to be provided 24/7.
In comparison, while lawyers invariably gird
themselves against a worst-case scenario, doctors
are different creatures. We survive on hope and
optimism that we can do the best for our patients;
heal them; cure them; and make them happy.
Medical interns traditionally have brutal
introductions to their respective fields of profession.
Everyone is expected to know what they are getting
into. The punishing training and taxing schedules are
thought essential to teach rookies how to operate
under pressure and achieve quality.
Fact is, this pressure can be destructive. I am not
aware of a Kenyan study on experiences of young
doctors, but a study in Malaysia – A Being Frank
enquiry – showed dozens of primary care doctors,
mostly interns, had been assessed for mental health
issues in the preceding six months. The most common
mental illnesses included anxiety, emotional exhaus-
tion, clinical depression, sleep deprivation and
substance misuse.
to the entire population, as well
as the family doctor’s ability to
manage most medical problems,
it makes sense that a majority of
physicians should be trained to
practise as family doctors. This
may be even more important in
developing countries, where it
may be prudent to limit the utili-
sation of costly hospital-based
To bring family medicine close
enough to families, 8,000 well-
trained primary care providers
would be needed. But Kenya has
only 80 family physicians and not
more than 1,000 general practi-
tioners close enough to the com-
“The main obstacle seems to be
that despite its 35-year history,
family medicine is neither fully
understood by the general public
nor by health care professionals
and political decision makers,”
adds Mohamoud.
The executive committee of Kenya Association of Family Physicians.
SEATED FROM LEFT: Drs Linda Thorpe, Joshua Nderitu, Shem Musoke,
Franklin Ikunda, Ravi Sharma. STANDING: Drs Patrick Chege and
Gulnaz Mohamoud, Edith Kabure Ernest Tenambergen, Jacob Shabani
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Page 6
Personal Finance —
— with John Kariuki
Your attitude to
money can make
you rich or poor
Instead of squandering windfalls, it is wise to
invest for financial freedom
Make it simple
The process by which an idea or invention is translated
into a good or service for which people will pay, or
something that results from this process. To be called an
innovation, an idea must be replicable at an economical
cost and must satisfy a specific need. Innovation involves
deliberate application of information, imagination and
initiative in deriving greater or different value from
resources, and encompasses all processes by which new
ideas are generated and converted into useful products.
In business, innovation often results from the application
of a scientific or technical idea in decreasing the gap
between the needs or expectations of the customers and
the performance of a company’s products.
The act of obtaining or buying goods and services. The
process includes preparation and processing of a demand
as well as the end receipt and approval of payment. It often
involves purchase planning, standards determination,
specifications development, supplier research and
selection. It also involves value analysis, financing,
price negotiation, making the purchase, supply contract
administration, inventory control and stores as well as
disposals and other related functions.
The process of procurement is often part of a company’s
strategy because the ability to purchase certain materials
will determine if operations will continue. A business will
not be able to survive if its price of procurement is more
than the profit it makes on selling the actual product.
Net price
Net price is in the accounting and auditing, advertising,
marketing and sales, banking, commerce, credit and
finance as well as purchasing and procurement subjects.
It’s a final price after deducting all discounts and rebates.
Marketing Mix
A planned mix of the controllable elements of a product’s
marketing plan commonly termed as 4Ps — product, price,
place and promotion. These four elements are adjusted
until the right combination is found that serves the needs
of the product’s customers, while generating optimum
income. Sometimes the first ‘P’ (product) is substituted by
What those big business terms really mean
Quick Wins
spend it hastily
• Adopting a flashy lifestyle to
demonstrate your new status
is foolish.
• Do an honest soul search
and plan for a future when
your job and health will not be
• Dropping small change or
coins in a jar can help you save
money on an ongoing basis.
• You can realise great value
of your sudden and irregular
incomes by first taking a few
days to plan what to do with it
instead of rushing out to buy
things on impulse.
ezron Gakuya, a retired
civil servant in Nyan-
darua County, likes to
share his ‘heroic tale’
with anybody who cares to lis-
ten when he is in the right
mood. This man pulled off a bi-
zarre money antic in his youth
and it has been the talk in his
home area for decades.
Gakuya was awarded
Sh100,000 in compensation by
a court, painted a local town
red and, when he wanted to go
home, realised that the last
matatu to his rural home had
long gone. No problem. He
stopped a 62-seater bus along
the Nairobi-Nakuru highway
and negotiated with the crew
to take him home.
He offered them an irresist-
ible deal of Sh600, a fortune
then, and the crew ordered the
passengers to alight for refresh-
ments while they ‘checked’ the
brakes of the bus.
So Gakuya and his mistress
boarded and made a grand en-
try in his village. With the bus
headlights blazing and horn
blaring, Gakuyu set a first of
sorts, displaying to the awed
villagers what money can do!
Gakuya would later make
more but lower-key trips to
town and squander the court
“I rationalised that the mon-
ey was not factored in my life in
the first place and adopted a
clearing and forwarding men-
tality towards it,” he says, “but
now I see the immense oppor-
tunity of changing my life that
I missed by squandering all
that cash.”
There are many Gakuyas
among us; from employees
who abscond work every month
end ostensibly to reduce their
pay to a “manageable” amount,
to the housewife who sees all
savings in terms of the beauty
products she can buy.
These are the people who
have adopted the wrong atti-
tude towards money. But at the
end of the day, they repeatedly
confirm the old saying that a
fool and his or her money are
soon parted.
Witness the many strange
things that scores of Kenyans
do with any irregularly ac-
quired cash, like working out
how many bottles of beer it can
Others will haggle and get a
bargain but end up spending
the money so saved to buy un-
healthy foods to eat.
They do not see the tidy
sums that such little savings
alised that the new car and
mistress came with extra and
hidden costs that were derail-
ing him from servicing his
“But he would not give up on
the new acquisitions, claiming
that they announced his new
job status. This is a costly way
of proving a social point,” says
He says some people often
take unscheduled holidays
when they win lotteries, court
compensations or acquire un-
expected incomes instead of
investing such windfalls wise-
He advises people to plan
soberly for regular and irregu-
lar incomes if they want to gain
financial freedom.
“The beauty about financial
planning is that one can set it
and forget about it,” he says. He
gives the example of a fixed de-
posit account through which
people can save and enjoy the
fruits of their smart decisions
down the road with minimum
pain now.
“If you are employed and
have a regular salary, you can
deposit ten per cent of it into a
savings account each month,
even if you have to sign a stand-
ing order with your bank,” Ka-
mau says.
He says that people soon ad-
just to the ‘loss’ of such money
but they certainly live to enjoy
the tidy balance it amounts to
when they retire or come round
to investing it.
Any addition of other irreg-
ular or discovered money, from
haggling and other sources, to
such an account can only
quicken such a savings fund,
he adds.
But sadly, many people re-
gard such monies as manna
from heaven and squander it
without any thought of poster-
Those with the
wrong attitude
towards money
quickly realise
that a fool and
his money are
soon parted.
can amount to and help them
solve major debts or even in-
Indeed, the old farmers who
take most of their tea and cof-
fee bonuses to Mombasa and
squander it only secure a date
with fate. Others leave home
temporarily to enjoy meals in
star-rated hotels. And like
Gakuya, they may also hire
taxis to move around just to
prove that they have ‘arrived’.
But Festus Kamau, a per-
sonal finance banker, says put-
ting all of one’s extra income in
flashy cars, furniture, clothes
and electronic goods does not
guarantee financial freedom.
“This behaviour could be a
compensation for something
that such people missed in
their childhood,” he says. The
behaviour is bound to breed a
culture of non-saving and can
impoverish a person.
Kamau says he has seen
many mistakes that people
routinely make with extra and
sudden money.
“I had a client who despite
getting a promotion at work
could not pay his loans and I
personally intervened to sort
him out,” says Kamau.
According to Kamau, this
person went for a car, on loan,
and a mistress after the promo-
tion, which came with an extra
Sh10,000 pay.
“When we did the arithme-
tic together, my client and I re-
Wednesday Life
Personal Finance
— with Peter Kamuri
Prudent ways to
build wealth one
step at a time
Experts say financial
responsibility starts with the
ability to live within your means
ach one of us wants to cre-
ate and accumulate wealth.
and many believe short-
cuts are they way to achieve
this. However, this route is so lad-
en with innumerable risks and
uncertainties that it is not worth
The only way to create a stable fi-
nancial base and accumulate
wealth is by being financially re-
sponsible. Financial responsibili-
ty is all about prudently managing
the money that comes your way
to help you meet your obligations
and still have some to save.
Experts say that financial respon-
sibility starts with the ability to
live within your means. This is all
about making more than you
“Living within your means al-
lows you to save, and this is the
first step towards creating and ac-
cumulating wealth. Ability to save
is an indicator that you are finan-
cially responsible and people who
take saving seriously are surely on
the right track towards financial
independence in future,” says
Henry Gambo, a financial expert.
But Gambo cautions, “Estab-
lishing a saving routine is not easy.
You must come up with short and
long term goals that will help you
achieve what you want. Good
planning is key to saving even
when the cost of living is high.”
Experts say unless you have in-
herited some wealth, creating
wealth is about growing your in-
come or reducing your expenses.
However, the growth of your in-
come is not spontaneous as you
must overcome the challenges
that hold you back, which hap-
pens only when you are financial-
ly responsible.
“You should focus on outgrow-
ing the challenges that could be
holding you back. If you are work-
ing, get paid for what you do.
When what you are taking home is
not enough to take care of all your
needs, use it well by developing
good money-management skills
that will save you money,” says
It always takes a good deal of
commitment and sacrifice for you
to achieve financial indepen-
dence. But when you are finan-
cially responsible, many benefits
can come your way and may over-
shadow the short-term setbacks
you may have faced.
“Having a personal budget is
one of the critical ways to show
that you are financially responsi-
ble. An accurate budget allows you
to know where your money is go-
ing, which in turn will give you the
ability to calculate exactly how
much you can afford to set aside
for savings.”
“When setting your budget,
determine how long it is going to
cover. It could be daily, weekly,
monthly, quarterly or yearly. Most
people prefer to make a monthly
budget as this is when most bills
are paid,” he advises.
Experts say you need to work
out how much you make for the
period you are budgeting for. Your
income may include salary and
any other supplementary income
like part time jobs, investments
and other income sources.
When you establish how much
you are taking home, you will be
required to figure out how much
you are likely to spend over the pe-
riod you are budgeting for. How
much are you going to pay for
food, fuel, travel, entertainment,
rent and utility bills?
The ability to keep good re-
cords is another indicator that you
are financially responsible. For
many people, this is the hardest
part as they forget to keep track of
their income and expenditure for
an indication of whether or not
they are living within their bud-
Many financial experts advise
people to plan for the unexpected
as an important step towards fi-
nancial responsibility. Emergency
funds will cushion you against the
unforeseen, like an accident or
loss of your job.
Your financial worth is equiva-
lent to the number of months you
can stay without a regular in-
Financial responsibly also
means the ability to meet all your
financial obligations. You should
be capable of taking care of your
family and pay your bills on time.
Failure to meet some of these
obligations is an indicator that you
are also unlikely to have money to
save and create wealth, say the ex-
Says Gambo: “To realise this,
you need to have set clear goals.
Determine how much you will set
aside each week or month in order
to reach the goal in a reasonable
amount of time. The amount of
Quick Wins
Grow your wealth
• Be fnancially responsible. Do
this by taking care of your
expenses and save some.
• Live within your means. This
means you must make more
money than you spend.
• Outgrow challenges that hold
you back. For example, ensure
you get paid for work done.
• Draw up a personal budget.
• Set clear goals. Don’t save
more than you can make.
• Establish where to keep your
money such as investing in
money you save should be guided
by your financial goals. Be realistic
and save what you can afford.”
There is no way you can accu-
mulate wealth when you do not
know how and where to keep your
money. You may decide to invest
in land or stocks, or open a bank
account, which can help you man-
age finances.
A savings account can provide
you a safe and suitable place for
you to keep your money for later
use. Before opening the account,
determine the monthly fees and
charges. Also find out the interest
payable on your money.
To show financial responsibil-
ity, you must be able to keep debt
at bay. Debts can easily stop you
on your way to amassing wealth.
Avoid impulsive buying as this
can cause you to overshoot your
budget. Ensure you pay off your
credit card debts in time. By stick-
ing to your budget, you are likely
to be able to live within your
Financial responsibility is a
sure way to create and accumulate
wealth. However, you must know
that this does not always come
easy, even for the most responsi-
ble and intelligent people.
Many become weighed down
by other demands and find it dif-
ficult to remain on track.
Focus on your goals and never give up
CEO’S take— with Lilian Kiarie
Frankline Akoko had a tough childhood
after being orphaned at nine years and taken
in by an uncle who squandered all his father’s
benefts. As a result, he had no fees to join
secondary school. Frustrated, Akoko travelled
to Nyakach village in Western Kenya to live
with his grandmother.
The grandmother was so moved by Akoko’s
plight that she sold her only cow to take him to
high school. His good performance enabled
him get bursaries to go through Form Four. But
a day before he sat for his KCSE exams, his
grandmother died. Still, he went on to score an
impressive B-plus.
Today, the 24-year-old Akoko has risen to be
the CEO of a Sh80 million group of companies
with more than 30 employees, including some
of his classmates at the University of Nairobi.
Akoko is the brains behind Altime Manage-
ment Consultancy, which is an umbrella company
of Solartech Company that deals with solar
installations. He also owns Hydrotech Company,
which focuses on drilling boreholes and investi-
gating the science of water.
He attributes his success to these factors:
• Undying need to succeed. A burning desire
to be the best in whatever he set out to do has
pushed him to achieve. “The undying need to
succeed is what pushes me to keep developing
new ideas and delivering new products to my
clients out there.”
• Faithful employees. Without employees’
commitment and dedication, it is not possible to
• Clear goals and vision. “I know where I am
and where I need to be and I work towards that.”
To realise the goals, Akoko and his team track
their performance and adjust accordingly.
• Financial prudence. Financial indiscipline
can collapse a business. Track all the company’s
fnancial transactions and analyse them carefully
to avoid unnecessary spending.
• Persistence and endurance. There are
challenges along the way that can discourage
those with little faith. Focus on your journey’s
destination and never give up. Take criticism as a
learning point. Frankline Akoko, the Chief Executive Officer of
Altime Management Consultancy
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Creating wealth is about growing your income or reducing your expenses.
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Page 8
My brother’s death finally made me quit drinking
Alcoholics have three eventualities — jail,
rehab and/or death
Special Feature
— By Jonathan Komen
er striking physique and
youthful beauty point to
Brenda Ochieng’s for-
mer life as a classic fash-
ion model. She made it big in
modelling circles and even
formed her own modelling com-
pany through which she popu-
larised African clothing. Howev-
er, Brenda, 47, couldn’t really
enjoy the high moments on the
runway as long as she main-
tained a close relationship with
alcohol. Heavy drinking, she
says, ruined her huge poten-
Every time she suffered a set-
back due to her abuse of alco-
hol, Brenda would promise to
kick the bottle, but her resolve
never lasted and she was sacked
from 47 jobs for excessive drink-
ing. Every time she got a sober-
ing shock, say after a sacking,
she would vow never to touch
alcohol again, but she always
went back – for 17 years.
Like many people who abuse
alcohol, Brenda easily found
someone else to blame. She says
she was pushed into alcoholism
by her family and even believed
her parents hated her. So she
took up drinking to “find solace
from this personal challenge”.
Yet, Brenda was brought up
in a ‘normal’ family.
“I had the kind of life many
people envy. I never lacked any-
thing. My father, Jacob Ochieng,
was a lecturer at Kenya Institute
of Education (KIE) and my
mother, Grace Ochieng, worked
at the Income Tax Department
(now Kenya Revenue Authority).
They were good providers.”
In this model family, Brenda,
the fourth of five children, grew
up with low self-esteem. She al-
ways felt she was not as good as
her siblings. She picked up sig-
nals fast and could study the
mood of her parents, whom she
felt were always critical of her
every action.
For example, she took up her
first job as a banker because her
father insisted. If she had her
way, she would have picked
broadcast journalism, some-
thing she passionately wanted.
“I accepted it to please him. I
did the course and, luckily, got a
job with a bank in Mombasa,”
she says. After a few years at the
bank, her elder sister, Hellen,
encouraged her to quit banking
and take up a secretarial job.
She didn’t hesitate as she was
bored with banking. Brenda
joined Valley Business School to
study administration and there-
after secured a job at the Ger-
man Agency for Technical Cor-
poration (GTZ) in 1990.
“It was here that I started to
redefine my destiny: Banking
was my father’s idea while ad-
ministration was my sister’s. I
felt I should stop living in other
people’s shadows. I started to
look for my own passion through
the arts,” she says.
She auditioned at the French
Cultural Centre in Nairobi and
was successful. That marked the
start of her journey into the en-
tertainment world, which in-
cluded modelling for fashion
She became famous, got ad-
vertising jobs and featured in
newspapers as a top model.
Brenda was associated with
top modelling houses in the
country such as Surazuri, and
she enjoyed high society life.
Her commanding voice landed
her many jobs in advertising
campaigns. Indeed, one bank in
Nairobi even kept her voice on
their telephone system for a
long time.
With the fame came an ac-
quired taste for fine alcoholic
drinks. And it wasn’t long before
the abuse started to take its toll.
“I stopped drinking when I hit
rock bottom,” Brenda says.
Rock bottom was where she
found herself after being kicked
out of the Landmark Forum’s In-
ternational Leader’s Programme,
an opportunity she felt was
helping her build a good charac-
ter and pick up the pieces.
At the same time, she lost her
office in Chester House, where
she was running her
modelling agency,
Dancing Man-
nequins, be-
cause she
s t o p p e d
paying rent
after yet
another re-
lapse. She
was also
unable to
ma i nt a i n
her apart-
ment near
State House
and had to move
back to her par-
ents’ house in Kile-
leshwa. That was four
years ago, at age 43.
“My parents never knew I
had a drinking problem. I kept it
secret because I knew how much
it would hurt them,” she says.
She told her mother after mov-
ing back home.
Brenda, who later studied
psychological and addiction
counselling, says the most over-
powering reason for ending her
relationship with the bottle was
her brother’s death due to alco-
holism. He was taken to rehab
but it was too late.
“When my brother (the last
born) died in July 2007, I won-
dered why God had kept me
alive and resolved to
stay away from
alcohol and
spend my
life helping
others. I
seri ous
a b o u t
i n g
c o u n -
sel l i ng
as a ca-
H e r
b r o t h e r ’ s
death con-
firmed the three
eventualities for al-
coholics — jail, rehab institu-
tions and death.
After mourning her brother,
Brenda checked herself into re-
hab. For the second time.
The first time was between
April and July, 2006, when she
had gone to Asumbi Karen. But
rehab for her was not an instant
coffee fix. Once out of rehab, she
relapsed and continued to enjoy
her drink.
“I could not accept that I was
drinking too much because at
the end of the day, I was able to
drive home safely. As long as I
drove without incident, I was
fine with my drink. I wouldn’t al-
low anyone to criticise my driv-
ing under the influence of alco-
hol,” she says.
While she drank, her busi-
ness thrived. She wore African-
style clothes. The media looked
for her to offer tips on African
fashion. But alcohol would not
allow her to excel. Her excessive
drinking eventually exposed her
to tuberculosis (TB).
“I had no money for medica-
tion since I had misused what I
had. I could not raise the
Sh40,000 required for a private
hospital so I went to a public
clinic, which was free of charge.
I had lost control of my drinking
and I was afraid to tell anyone
that I had TB because it is per-
ceived to mean one also has HIV
and Aids,” she says.
narrates her
story during
the interview.
Her heydays as
a fashion
model. [PHOTO:
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Wednesday Life
My brother’s death finally made me quit drinking
When my brother
died, I wondered why
God had kept me alive and
resolved to keep away from
alcohol and help others —
Brenda Ochieng
Quick Wins
When to go to rehab
The American Psychological
Association developed a
questionnaire to determine if you
have an addiction. Here are seven
questions based on it:
1. Have you developed a tolerance
to the substance? Do you need to
use increasing amounts of it in
order to get the desired effect?
2. If you try to stop using, do you
experience symptoms of
withdrawal? If so, have you tried
to alleviate those symptoms by
using another substance?
3. Do you sometimes end up
using more of the substance than
you had intended?
4. Have you tried to curb or stop
your use, only to find that you
couldn’t do it?
5. Do you spend a lot of time
using, thinking about using, or
trying to recover from using?
6. Has your substance use caused
you to give up doing things that
were once important to you or
that you once enjoyed?
7. Do you keep using despite the
negative consequences (such as
problems at home) it’s causing in
your life?
Special Feature
Brenda, however, could not
stop drinking. “I swallowed my
medication with vodka and be-
came disillusioned. My sister
took me to a psychiatrist, who
diagnosed depression and acute
anxiety worsened by alcohol.
But I continued to drink a spirit
called Sapphire,” she says.
Despite her sister’s efforts,
Brenda kept drinking heavily.
The second time Brenda went
to rehab was January to April,
2007. This time, it was Asumbi
Ridgeways (now Asumbi Ken-
mere. Since some of the coun-
sellors had met her during her
first stint in rehab, they moni-
tored her progress keenly.
Gradually, she was able to
kick the bottle out of her life.
Now when she looks back, she
can clearly see the years she
wasted abusing alcohol.
On relapsing, Brenda says:
“There are certain people, plac-
es and things that remind you of
alcohol and make you want to
drink. That, and thinking you
are now fine, as I did after the
first time I went to rehab.” Then
you take ‘just one’ and you are
back to square one.
She names two specific fac-
tors that cause many addicts to
relapse following rehab – public
shame and guilt – and says ad-
dicts are supposed to make
amends in order to be free from
the guilt and shame.
“Addiction robs one’s feel-
ings. We don’t have friends, we
take hostages, manipulate peo-
ple to be with us. In rehabilita-
tion programmes and sobriety,
true affections begin to return
but we must go slow and are ad-
vised not to seek relationships
until a year or more has passed
after you stop drinking.
“The fashion industry teach-
es us to ‘strut your stuff’ – show
what you’re made of and in ef-
fect, show it off. I have talked
about my journey in the hope
that someone else will have
hope and see light at the end of
the tunnel,” says Brenda who
now works as a counsellor with
The Bridge Centre in Garden Es-
tate, Nairobi.
Since last week, nearly 100
people have died after drinking
illicit brews in Central, Rift Val-
ley, Western, Eastern and Nairo-
bi regions.
Most of them promised not
to go back to drinking the first
time, but found themselves still
holding onto the bottle.
National Agency for Cam-
paign against Alcohol and Drug
Abuse (Nacada) chairman John
Mututho said the reported fig-
ure was a fraction of those poi-
soned daily by the brews.
Many rehabilitation centres around the coun-
try are ill-equipped with manpower to handle
addicts who want to quit. Incompetence in
these facilities could also explain why many al-
cohol addicts relapse.
“Many rehab centres do not screen and assess
the patients properly, due to unqualified staff
and also sometimes they turn a blind eye be-
cause they are only after getting in as many cli-
ents as they can even when they know they
should not admit certain individuals,” said
Brenda Ochieng, a recovering alcoholic.
Now a counsellor, Brenda adds: “When screen-
ing is done, it is for the purpose of ensuring el-
igibility and appropriateness of the client seek-
ing to join the rehab programme.”
There are five levels of treatment professional-
ly required – early intervention, outpatient, in-
tensive outpatient, inpatient and sub-acute
residential and medically managed inpatient.
“Sometimes, a patient needs level one (outpa-
tient) but they admit him or her in level three.
Those who need level four are sometimes ad-
mitted in rehabilitation, where psychiatric
nurses pump the patient with psychotics and
make him a zombie, and at the end of six
months the patient is discharged, no better
than when he was admitted. Of course, with
this improper treatment, relapse will be the
norm,” she says.
Dr Lukoye Atwoli, a psychiatry lecturer at the
Moi University School of Medicine, says there
are a few professional rehab centres in the
country, which are poorly funded and thus do
not fetch optimal results.“Healthcare profes-
sionals can help to reduce absurd drinking de-
pending on the level of the problem,” he adds.
Rehab is no instant coffee fix
Wednesday Life
Page 10
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
Principal says there is no magic
formula behind the school’s
consistently good performance
— with Murimi Mwangi
TOP Mark
— With Gardy Chacha
Kagumo sets its sights on
dethroning KCSE giants
agumo High School’s list
of alumni reads like a
who’s who list. A quick
scan reveals several
prominent personalities, includ-
ing Nyeri Senator Mutahi Kagwe,
lawyer Gibson Kamau Kuria, for-
mer National Assembly Speaker
Kenneth Marende, Equity Bank
CEO James Mwangi and Secre-
tary to the Cabinet Francis
Kimemia to name a few.
Due to the school’s good per-
formance, many top Govern-
ment officers including former
President Moi enrolled their sons
in the school.
The school, which is located
along the busy Nanyuki-Marwa
highway in Nyeri County, was es-
VICTORY: Kagumo students
celebrate last year’s KCSE
results. LEFT: Plaques commemo-
rating the school’s 70th
anniversary in 2003, and the top
students since 1989. [PHOTOS:
Old boy Francis Kimemia, Secretary to the Cabinet.
tablished in 1933, and in the
eight decades of its existence, it
has consistently churned out
great leaders in different spheres
of life.
Last year, Kagumo ranked po-
sition 57 nationally with a mean
score of 9.4, an improvement
from 2012 when the school
ranked position 79 nationally
with a mean score of 9.2.
Of the 233 candidates that sat
their KCSE exams at the school
last year, more than 120 scooped
B+ and above – an improvement
from 2012 when 114 out of the
256 students who sat their KCSE
exams at the school attained
similar grades.
In last year’s exam, 120 stu-
dents scored straight As in math-
School principal Lawrence
Kiwara says there is no turning
back and the school is this year
eyeing a slot among the top 20
schools nationally.
Kagumo, which is located on
land donated by Chief Wambugu
wa Muigua on January 2, 1883,
was in 2012 upgraded from pro-
vincial to national school sta-
With the upgrade came the
anticipation of good grades and
the expectation of an improved
overall performance from the lo-
cal community.
Mr Kiwara recounts that he
had to encourage staff and stu-
dents to aim higher and work
harder as the new status ignited
“bloated public expectations”
that the school would ouster tra-
ditional national schools from
the top slot.
The 2012 and 2013 candidates
did not disappoint as the perfor-
mance improved and more stu-
dents attained the minimum
university entry grades.
The school’s alumni have
maintained close contact with
the institution by offering moti-
vational and infrastructural sup-
port geared towards uplifting the
For a student, planning
for time is of essence
There are several TV shows you
like and they’re all enticing to
watch. Three of your friends are
heading for ‘the guys’ corner’ or
‘the ladies’ cradle’ to engage in chit-
chat about the impending World
Cup or Alejandro and his crush
Juanita — and you just can’t miss
that kind of explosive conversation,
can you?
Does the above sound familiar?
Often times, students waste
precious time on things that don’t
and probably will never add value
to their lives. As a student, you tell
yourself: “It is just one hour and
then I can do my revision.”
What you don’t know is that you
can never recover that one-hour
and in most cases something you
think will take one hour takes
longer. By the time you settle at
your table to study, your head is
swirling with the conversation you
just had with your friends. Every
sentence you read is terminated
with images of the chat and
sometimes, wasting more valuable
time as the clock ticks.
So what if Ronaldo displayed a
spectacular hind kick in the 91st
minute? Young man, you need to be
thinking about how you will score a
goal in your life — not Ronaldo’s.
The point is, you are using your
time on something you can always
enjoy after completing your studies.
You will have so much time after
your exams that you will tire of
watching the games or soap operas.
That is why for now, you should
concentrate on your studies. The
soaps will always be there and the
World Cup will continue to be played
every four years.
Time is and will always be a
factor for any person who hopes to
accomplish anything.
So, draw your timetable well and
follow the tracks. Use the time to
siphon off as much knowledge as
you can. And always get enough
sleep – at least eight hours every
night. Denying yourself sleep is a
way of compromising your good
There is time for everything. Right now, a student’s time in school is for studying.
school’s educational standards.
Some have been refurbishing
old structures within the school.
Already, they have refurbished
two dormitories and repainted
the classes.
“They also occasionally come
here to give students motivation-
al talks and this has gone a long
way in instilling positivity among
the students,” said Kiwara.
Kiwara says there is no magic
or secret formula to the school’s
good performance, adding that
his teachers teach only during
the stipulated class time and
leave the rest for the students to
revise and have discussions.
“We have officially joined the
national schools’ league and are
now focused on better marks
and being among the top 20
schools this year,” says Kiwara.
The old boys identify their past ties with the
school by naming the dormitories they once
slept in. It is common to here one say, “I was an
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 / The Standard
teachers only teach
during the stipulated
class time while
leaving the rest of the
time to the students
to revise and hold
— with Kamuzu Banda
Making surplus fodder in days
Technology causes
grass to reach full
length in seven days
eople commonly quip
that if you improve Afri-
ca’s food production, you
will solve half of Africa’s
problems. That was what drove
Samuel Muchai and his friend
Wachira Mwangi, roommates at
the University of Nairobi and
classmates in the biochemistry
class, to start their company,
Grandeur Africa Limited, in July
last year.
In class, they had learnt about
hydroponics – a subset of hy-
droculture and a method of grow-
ing plants using mineral nutrient
solutions in water without soil.
“It is a basic idea that for a seed
to germinate, all you need is
warmth, water and oxygen. So as
long as a seed has the three, it will
germinate. We came up with the
perfect solution in an aluminium
plate and it has worked beyond
expectation,” explains Muchai,
The duo made hydroponic kits in
the form of rectangular alumini-
um trays that are about 4ft long,
1ft wide and 1½ inches high.
They chose aluminium because
it is durable and doesn’t rust so
there can be no contamination.
As long as you have a static me-
dium such as productive gravel,
the plant receives fundamental
mineral salts such as dead ions
centrating only on growing ani-
mal feeds such as fodder, barley
grass or fafa to benefit dairy farm-
The company provides you with
initial set-up and builds a shelter
on your farm at a cost of Sh25,000.
Each aluminium plate will then
aluminium trays
and plates, and
Samuel Muchai.
Tech World
— with Jerry Odumbe Otieno
The return of the
cassette tape
Sony has come up with a
cassette tape whose memory
storage surpasses that of current
storage devices by far. The
developers say the device has a
storage capacity of 185 terabytes
of data per cartridge and has a
recording density about 74 times
the capacity of the traditional
tapes (148 gigabytes per square inch),
breaking a record that was set in 2010.
The storage size of the device is
enough to hold up to 64 million songs
or store every single tweet on Twitter
since the social network began. The
device was, however, not intended for
everyday use but mainly for facilities
and companies that deal with huge
amounts of data such as Facebook
data centres and corporate archives,
according to

Soldier robots on the way
Due to technological advancements
and the improvement of artificial
intelligence, many tasks performed by
man have been taken over by robots,
resulting in massive job losses. A
recent study carried out by Oxford
University predicts that worldwide,
between the years 2040 and 2050,
most jobs carried out by man will have
been automated. Innovations have
led to job losses before, but econo-
mies have always managed to find
new roles for the replaced workers.
Researchers, however, warn that the
rate at which technology is changing
today has never been seen before,
resulting in uncertainty for econo-
mies about where future replaced
workers will find jobs. According to
the study, in ten years’ time nearly
half of the United States’ entire
workforce will be replaced by
automated robots. People likely to
be replaced include soldiers,
industry workers, astronauts, police
officers, lawyers, teachers, cab
drivers and even prostitutes.
SCiO: A portable
molecular scanner
Consumer Physics, a company in
Israel, has developed a pocket device
that they say is able to determine the
content of every single object on the
planet. Dubbed SCiO, the device is
a small molecular scanning gadget
that can tell the exact make up of
every single object including clothes,
cosmetics, foods and medicines.
SCiO can be used by dieters to
determine the sugar content in certain
foods or the concentration of water
in a particular fluid. So if you are
obsessed with getting the sweetest
mango without necessarily squeezing
every single one of them, this device
is for you. When using the device, one
simply scans an item for one or two
seconds. Scio then identifies the item’s
molecules by examining their unique
vibrations. Using the unique vibrations,
the device can determine the contents
of the item and after capturing the
data, the information is sent to an
accompanying iPhone app, which then
displays the molecular components.
For more information on this, you can
check out
that it needs to grow through wa-
ter. The environment is con-
trolled so there is warmth, made
possible through the use of shade
nets. No chemicals are used.
This process can also be used to
grow tomatoes and other crops
but at the moment they are con-
cost the farmer Sh400.
They estimate that 18 aluminium
trays will produce enough fodder
to feed five to seven cows. The
beauty is that the grass grows to
full length in just seven days,
reaching approximately nine
inches and fully packed with vital
minerals. This, therefore, means
that if you set aside space mea-
suring 20ft long and 10ft high,
you can harvest some 500kg of
hydroponics feed per day
throughout the year.
“We have trained more than 100
farmers for whom we have also
built the shelters and provided
the aluminium plates. The feed-
back has been that the farmers
are able to produce more feed for
their cows hence production of
dairy and meat products has in-
creased,” affirms Muchai, adding
that the farmers don’t have to
worry about drought.
It is an innovation using a known
technology but one that can have
a big impact on Kenya and the
rest of Africa if it were to receive
heavy funding from govern-
But Muchai and Wachira aren’t
waiting for that day; they say they
will continue to make a differ-
ence by empowering the farmers

F G E D 19
J H F B 18
B D C A 23
14 23 16 25
C A H G 18
Solution No. 1828
2 1 5 3 9 4 6 7 8
7 3 6 2 8 5 1 4 9
9 8 4 6 1 7 5 3 2
8 6 7 9 2 3 4 1 5
1 4 2 5 7 6 9 8 3
5 9 3 1 4 8 2 6 7
4 5 1 7 3 2 8 9 6
3 2 8 4 6 9 7 5 1
6 7 9 8 5 1 3 2 4
3 4 8 5 7
6 2 7 9 1
8 3 1 7 9
4 9 2
6 2 8 5
7 9 6 5
3 8 5
3 1 9 2 4
Using all the letters
of the alphabet,
fill in the grid. To
help you, there are
three cryptic cross-
word-style clues:
Top line: The
word’s toy I use
with repetition.(9)
Middle line: Large
group benefiting
from weight loss?
(8, 5)
Bottom line: Out-
standing plan that
reduces axiety?
(6, 3)
To start you off,
here is one of the
By Rosy Russell
All rows, columns and 3 by 3 grids
(defined by bold lines ) have the
numbers 1 to 9 appearing only once.
Some of the numbers have been en-
tered. Complete the whole table by
inserting the correct numbers.
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
You are at your most practical today.
Your own common sense will tell you
everything you need to know when it
comes to dealing and working with oth-
ers. You can act without haste.
Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
Pleasant attitudes are created this
wednesday in the home and in the
workplace. A need for emotional securi-
ty is accented; you should not pressure
a partner or co-worker into doing things
just to please you.
Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)
You are happiest when the goals for
each day are understood. Honest,
straightforward people have a special
place in your heart. It is easiest to work
under a boss with clear expectations.
Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
Your career can end up at right angles
to your own need for change. Emotion-
al material welling up from within you
may threaten the current path, causing
you to stop and consider it with care.
Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Careful; you may be very forceful in
what you say today. With all of this
emotional energy, you could speak or
communicate very well but perhaps a
little abruptly.
(June 22 - July 22)
This is the perfect time to take risks
and dare to be a little eccentric. You
will prosper through new insights, in-
ventions and an independent point of
view. You have good ideas and co-work-
ers and higher-ups will often stop what
they are doing to hear your input.
Codeword Puzzle
(Mar 21 - April 20)
You are apt to spend a great
deal of time communicating
with co-workers today. This is a
good time to take stock of your
work for more productive out-
The letters have a distinct
value between 1 to 9. The to-
tals vertically and horizontally
have been given. Solve all the
© NO 5189
NO 5188
4 7 3 8 6 9 5 2 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Keep up your pace in the business world–
attention to detail may keep you in demand.
Competition is high and your energies match
any challenges you come across now.
(Aug 23 - Sept 23)
Career choices, decisions that should be
made, may appear to go against or chal-
lenge your current sense of security and
home environment. The easy way out may
not be beneficial to your health and general
(Sept 24 - Oct 23)
You should take advantage of furthering
your professional aims now. You are at your
most appealing and can have the greatest
impact on the ones at work who pass out
the raises and promotions.
(Oct 24 - Nov 22)
You have a natural sense of what the public
wants and can easily sell items that most
people find hard to sell. The business world
is lucky to have you.
(Nov 23 - Dec 21)
Good eye-hand coordination and sustained
effort makes almost any task run well. By
midafernoon you will be pleased at your
progress. A problem at work that has gone
on for a long time is finally nearing its end.
Now, understandably, you may feel more
like ignoring responsibilities and doing some
social visiting.
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Page 12
1 Eraser (6)
7 Large passenger
plane (8)
8 Metallic element (4)
10 Private evening par-
ty (6)
11 Ingenious (6)
14 Place (3)
16 Stone worker (5)
17 Nearly all (4)
19 Jockey (5)
21 Bird (5)
22 Magic servant (5)
23 Price (4)
26 Girl¹s name (5)
28 Heavy-hearted (3)
29 Comes about (6)
30 Severe food short-
age (6)
31 Prayer ending (4)
32 News report (8)
33 Pointed tuftlike
beard (6)
1 Kidnapper¹s payment
2 Lebanese capital (6)
3 Run against others
4 Egg white (7)
5 Insects (5)
6 Clean feathers (5)
8 Fastening devices (4)
9 Ensnare (3)
12 Drinks counter (3)
13 Water lily (5)
15 Furious (5)
18 Happen (5)
19 Managed (3)
20 Scottish river (3)
21 Goes back on a
promise (7)
22 Household fuel (3)
23 Take photos with
this (6)
24 Norse god (4)
25 Threefold (6)
26 Brazilian dance (5)
27 Foolish (5)
28 Golf¹s Mr Torrance
30 Pointed tooth (4)
ACROSS: 1, 1, Marsh 6, Harsh 9, Lexicon 10, Arrow 11, Poach 12, Siren 13, Malaria 15, Ten
17, Eden 18, Future 19, Canal 20, Instil 22, Sect 24, Toe 25, Bemuses 26, Hates 27, Timid
28, Piste 29, Veteran 30, Rebel 31, Deter.
DOWN: 2, Abroad 3, Slogan 4, Hew 5, Tibia 6, Hopeful 7, Anon 8, Soccer 12, Sisal 13, Merit
14, Lease 15, Tunes 16, Newts 18, Fades 19, Citadel 21, Novice 22, Supine 23, Centre 25,
Beret 26, Hive 28,Pad.
Easy Puzzle
1 A tyrant is the chap to shoot (6)
7 Nowadays, a choice in family
planning (8)
8 To appear semi-nude for fify quid
is useless (4)
10 Acid complaint by the winner (6)
11 Going well, you can tell (2,4)
14 Looking ruddy angry! (3)
16 Her yacht needs a refit (5)
17 God of youth, originally? (4)
19 Being old-fashioned gets a troop
leader in dead trouble! (5)
21 More than one clanger? (5)
22 One of the elements taking
Jason¹s ship north (5)
23 Something to do with saintli-
ness (4)
26 She gets playback from cas-
settes (5)
28 Turn up at long last with a dog
29 In name, a link (6)
30 Maybe sails out East finding
passages (6)
31 He¹s more than a darling (4)
32 Make me a blend that could be
made better (8)
33 Remove a dunderhead unex-
pectedly due at court (6)
1 Go like an exploding petard (6)
2 Sulky looking bird? (6)
3 Powder used in dental clinics (4)
4 Can you hear him in the dispen-
sary? (7)
5 Something turned on (5)
6 The other side (5)
8 Alleged fiddler in a finer orches-
tra (4)
9 Cover with figures (3)
12 Noisy publicity in vogue (3)
13 One with a broken horn? (5)
15 Police district or man maybe (5)
18 It may go to pot, pet (5)
19 Fellow apt to cheat at golf? (3)
20 Time to raise the net (3)
21 Where many a caber has been
tossed (7)
22 A burning issue? (3)
23 Suddenly, the boys blew hard
24 Look round at a shapely leg? (4)
25 You can find trees at Land¹s End
rather than here (6)
26 A remarkable time in the gar-
den? (5)
27 Pass as money (5)
28 What the recipient has to eat (3)
30 Copied a letter to the Editor (4)
ACROSS: 1, Is-sue 6, A-do-pt. 9, Tax-able 10, Snoot 11, Tapir 12, Biker 13, Staines 15, Des 17, Ta-ta 18, Res-is-t
19, Mowed 20, Mellow 22, D-ill 24, Pa-L 25, Capital 26, Devil 27, An-no-y 28, Major 29, Wel-l out 30, Grand
31, M-err-y.
DOWN: 2, Sonata 3, Utopia 4, Eat 5, Par-is 6, Altered 7, Dear 8, Primes 12, Below 13, Stump 14, A-t all 15, Dig-
it 16, St-all 18, Regal 19, Mon.-eyed 21, Earner 22, Di-late 23, Labour 25, Cilla 26, Down 28, Mum.
Cryptic Puzzle
The tongue like a sharp knife...
Kills without drawing blood
— Buddha
Yunchang opened himself up
in front of an audience and cut
out one of his own ribs. He
carried out the ‘performance
art’ without any form of
He cut a metre-long gash from
his neck to his thigh after
stripping naked and lying on a
trolley before asking the
audience to vote on whether
he should carry on.
He is now one of China’s
leading performance artists,
known for performances
designed to test his strength
and endurance.
He has had himself cast inside
concrete for 24 hours and tried
to ‘cut a river in half’ with his
own blood while suspended
from a crane.
He said: “I feel China is a very
complex society, it is impor-
tant to use your body and
intellect to face its reality. By
putting pressure on an idea
about myself, my intellect,
and my own body, I can make
it into something much larger.”
— Mirror Online
Artist cuts out his rib in front of audience
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Wednesday Life
11.00am, 2 STATES (U16) At 2.30pm,
9.00pm, NON STOP (PG) 6.45PM,
3D (PG) At 11.00am, 1.45pm, 6.40pm,
9.15pm, THE OTHER WOMAN (U16) At
SCREEN I “RIO 2” (GE) At 11.30am,
1.30pm. NON STOP (PG 13) At 3.30pm,
THE OTHER WOMAN (16) At 6.00pm,
MITTY ” (PG) At 3.00pm, 6.00pm,
2 3D At 6.30pm, THE OTHER WOMAN
At 6.45pm, NON STOP At 9.00pm, THE
Cinema Guide
Nairobi 102.7 I Nyeri 105.7
Meru 105.1 I Kericho 90.5
Kisumu 105.3 I Mombasa 105.1
Nakuru 104.5 I Eldoret 91.1 Kitui:
93.8 I Kisii: 91.3

07:00 Diamond Divers
07:50 Fast N’ Loud
08:40 Car Vs Wild
09:30 Storage Hunters
09:55 Auction Kings
10:25 Baggage Battles
10:50 How Do They Do It?
11:20 How It’s Made
11:45 Gold Rush
12:40 Gold Fever
01:35 Ice Cold Gold
Nick Stone, ex-SAS, now working for British
Intelligence is tough, resourceful, ruthless,
highly trained – and desperately in need of
cash... Offered the lucrative freelance job of
kidnapping a mafia warlord and delivering
him to St Petersburg, seems to Stone that his
problems are over.
TV Quiz
02:30 Storage Hunters
03:00 Auction Kings
03:25 Baggage Battles
03:55 Diamond Divers
04:50 The Big Brain Theory
05:45 Fast N’ Loud
06:40 How Do They Do It?
07:05 How It’s Made
07:35 Sons Of Guns
08:30 Baggage Battles
09:00 Auction Kings
09:30 Manhunt
DStv Highlights
Today’s Schedule
5:00 pambazuka
6:00 Powerbreakfast
9:00 Afrosinema
11;30 Naswa
12:00 Gabriela
13:00 Live at 1
14:00 Cheche rpt
15:00 Afrosinema
16:00 Citizen alasiri
16:10 Mseto east africa
17:00 Pavitra rishta
18:00 Un refugio
19:00 Citizen nipashe
19:35 Kansiime
20:05 Wild at heart
21:00 Citizen business
22:00 The Tempest
23:00 Afrosinema
0.00 Citizen late night
1:00 Afro-sinema
4:30 BBC
4:55 Morning Prayer
5:00 Aerobics
5:30 Damka
8:00 Good Morning Kenya
9:00 Parliament Live
11:00 Daytime Movie
11:00 KBCc Lunch Time
1:30 Moving The Masses
1:30 Grapevine
2:30 Parliament Live
4:30 Spider Riders
5:00 Club 1
6:00 Spiders
7:00 Darubini Live
7:30 Road To Success
8:05 The Platform Live
9:00 Channel 1 News
9:45 National Cohesion
10:30 Bold & Beautiful
11:30 You Are The One
12:00 Club 1
12:45 BBC
5:00 Password Rpt
6:00 AM Live
9:00 Irrational Heart
10.00 Maid In
11:15 The Young & The
12:00 Rhythm City
12:30 Scandal
1:00 NTV at 1
1:30 Backstage
2:00 Golden Heart
3.00 Password
4:00 NTV at 4
4:15 Password
5:00 The Beat
6:00 Dyesebel
7:00 NTV Jioni
7:30 La Patrona
8:30 Baileys Wedding
9:00 NTV Tonight
10:00 Movie
12:00 NTV Late Night
12:15 CNN
5.00 Command Your
6:00 Morning Express
9.00 Tendereza
10:00 My Eternal
11.00 National Geographic
12.00 Tomorrow Today
12.30 Adema
1.00 Newsdesk
1.30 Road to Brasil
2:00 Afri-Screen
4.00 Mbiu Ya KTN
4.10 Batman Of The Future
4.30 Avengers Assemble
5.00 Baseline
6.00 Her Mother’s Daughter
7:00 KTN LEO
7:30 Real Househelps of
8.00 Los Rey
10.05 Jeff Koinange Live
11.00 The Diary
12:00 Road to Brasil
12.30 CNN
Pick Of The Day 7.30PM
5.00 Praiz
6.00 K24 alfairi
9.00 Lady of the rose rpt
10.00 Naijasinema
12.00 Al jazeera news
13.00 K24 newscut
13.30 Gumbaru school rpt
15.00 The couple’s show
16.00 Mchipuko wa alasiri
16.10 Team raha
17.30 The loop
18.30 K24 Mashinani
19.00 K24 saa moja
19.35 Gumbaru skool
20.05 The couple’s show
21.00 K24 evening edition
21.50 Kikwetu super chef
11.00 naijasinema rpt
1.30 Al jazeera
On this week’s episode: The weekend treat has turned chaotic. Njuguna has disappeared mysteri-
ously and an anonymous person is giving them hell in the park, how will they get themselves out
of this one?
4:00AM Safari na Antony Ndiema
6:00AM Maisha Asubuhi na Alex and Jalas
10:00AM Staarabika na Ann Njogu
1:00PM Konnect na Mwende and Clemo
4:00PM Maisha Jioni na Tina and Zuleka
7:00PM Rhumba Attencion na Mwashumbe
10:00PM Maji Makuu na Ali Hassan and Babu
12:00AM Hakuna Kulala
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 14, 2014/ The Standard
Wednesday Life
Social Media
— with Kenny Kaburu @Kennytoonz
Five-year-old boy banned from playgroup
for wearing dresses and high heels
Sunday was Mothers’ Day and Kenyans
on Twitter have continued to celebrate
their mothers through emotional
and moving childhood memories on
@AnittaBetty: I miss when I could sleep on the
couch watching TV and wake up in bed the next
@Qrxpn: You mistakenly pick the clothes meant for
church, put them on and go out to play. Get ready for a
real thrashing.
@VNjoro: Mum would tell me that she had
assigned a “bird” that would give her a report on all I
did. No wonder I threw stones at birds. And when there
was a kissing scene on TV, she stopped watching the
movie and instead watched me!
Social Media
Light Side

PLAY BY ALL MEANS: Children in an African village take time off to play football. The
goalkeeper ensures the ‘ball’ does not go beyond him by stretching his legs to cover the
goalposts, which are actually two rocks.
@Drizzylowe: When you know you have done
something wrong at home and you are okay camping
outside rather than face your mother.

@Teacher_Muthoni: Mum would give me a proper
beating and then be like “Pole kamum, sio wewe
nimepiga, ni makosa yako.”
@VNjoro: Mum looked at you when you misbe-
haved and you automatically knew that somebody was
going to get hurt real bad.
@wanjirukihusa: Doing something wrong and
wishing the visitors would never leave. Terrified to be
left alone with mom.
@C_NyaKundiH: When my mother thoroughly
whipped me and when I started crying she asked,
“Why are you crying?”
@Qristonl: I now know the name of the ‘mtoto
mwingine’ who always took my pens and books.
@bosobonyo: When your mum can’t find it, then it
is truly lost! She found lost items in less than two
minutes, while you searched for 30 minutes and
unearthed nothing.
Joab Ngereso: The father is never at home or
the mum is single with no male around for the boy
to learn from. He will outgrow this eventually.
Vin Bin Vin: This is not a big deal. The boy is
trying something he just thought and did. It is
upon the people around him to tell him it’s not
right and make him understand it’s a mistake.
Cabino Ian: That is a problem of being raised
by a single parent.
“Hey family, I strongly
need your help here. My
former page that was hacked
is ruining my reputation. The
hackers have been uploading
nude pictures and talking
nonsense, making people
believe I am the one doing
that. I need you to help me by
reporting the page so that it
can be taken down. Please
family, help me here. Don’t
ignore. Thank you and God
bless you. Love you all.”
This was a recent and
desperate post by a leading
gospel artist whose Facebook
account had been hacked.
Several celebrities and
ordinary Kenyans have lost
their accounts to hackers,
making them vulnerable and
putting their reputation and
careers at stake.
There are many reasons
people might target your
account. For celebrities,
rivalry in the business might
influence such malicious acts.
It could also be love gone sour
or unrequited love where
the jilted partner conspires
to ‘teach you a lesson’ by
embarrassing you on social
network platforms.
Whatever the motivation for
hacks, it is prudent to ensure
your account is safe. Develop
a habit of changing your
password regularly. Avoid
making your passwords too
obvious by not using any of
your names.
Use a combination of capital
letters and numbers to make
your password cryptic. Also
avoid saving passwords
on personal devices and
communal computers to
safeguard your privacy.
Facebook hacking
is on the rise
Teacher tries to woo two women
There was drama in an estate in Thika town
after a youthful teacher was caught red-handed by
his fiancée cheating on her with another woman.
The 30-year-old man had, the previous evening,
told his fiancee that he would be away that Sunday.
In actual fact, he had invited his new girlfriend to
his house that day.
The new woman arrived at about 9am and the
teacher switched off his phone and went on to play
host to his visitor. After a while, his neighbour
knocked on the door to borrow a chair for some
unexpected visitors.
Barely an hour had passed when there was
another knock on the door. Thinking it was his
neighbour returning the chair, the young man went
to answer the door.
There before him was his fiancée clutching a
paperbag with goods she had brought for him. His
dazed and confused look alerted her that
something was amiss.
She marched into the bedroom and started
beating up the strange woman she found there.
The man suddenly got a hold of himself and ran to
the room to stop the fight.
“Let me be free!” the fiancée shouted. “Is this
why you lied that you were away – so you could
cheat on me with another woman?”
The commotion attracted neighbours who came
to witness the drama.
To shield the new girlfriend from obvious
embarrassment, the man grabbed hold of his
fiancée and dragged her outside, allowing the
visitor to dash out of the house.
About 30 minutes later, the angry fiancée also
left the house grasping the shopping she had come
— Joseph Muchiri
Suspected thieves eat grass
Two suspected motorbike thieves were on May 2
spotted eating grass like goats at a trading centre
in Lanet, Nakuru County.
The early morning incident attracted a sizeable
crowd at the place known as Kawangware. The
Umoja II location chief, Francis Kariuki, an avid
social media administrator, tweeted about the
incident and his tweet was picked up and shared
among hundreds.
This in turn swelled the number of curious
onlookers who came to witness the rare spectacle.
The suspects are believed to have pounced on a
boda boda operator with knives the previous night,
causing him injuries. He is still admitted at a
Nakuru hospital where he is fighting for his life.
It is beyond understanding why the suspects
returned to the scene of the crime the next day
and went down on all fours to munch on grass.
Many believed magicians must have been behind
the incident.
Officers attached to the Lanet Police Post
arrived at the scene and whisked away the
grass-eating men in their Land Rover.
— Paul Kariuki