A human being is part consciousness (Atma - soul) wrapped in 5 layers known

as Panchkosha in Vedanta. The layers are Physical Body (Annmaya Kosha), Energy
Body (Pranamaya Kosha), Mind Body (Manomaya Kosha), Intuition Body (Vigyanmaya
Kosha), and Joy Body (Anandmaya Kosha).
Anandmaya Kosha is part consciousness (Atma) carrying the core desire with a
purpose to manifest and experience joy. This innermost core body of one's being has
a pure part of Universal Consciousness (Parma Atma) experienced as eternal j oy or
bliss. Other functions of this Kosha (body) are co-creation like the Creator himself,
peak experiences of super consciousness and sexual ecstasy (beyond normal sexual
Vigyanmaya Kosha is the second innermost layer which is responsible for all the new
knowledge and intuitive functioning of human beings. The other functions
of Vigyanamaya Kosha are ordinary awareness for day to day intuitive working,
which facilitates you in deciding what to do next and how to do it. Only from
thisKosha do you get intuitive solutions in intense situations when the logical mind is
not able to answer your questions. The natural function of healing inside the human
body is also governed by this Kosha.
Manomaya Kosha is the domain of functions of the human mind. This is the central
layer among the 5Kosha. The function of this Kosha is primarily to receive
information through 5 senses and process that information for manifestation of core
purpose. Manomaya Kosha has 3 layers as recognized by contemporary psychology.
They are conscious mind, sub-conscious and super conscious state of mind. In
Medical Science these states are studied in brain wave theory and known as Beta,
Alpha, Theta and Delta states of brain activity. Through Yogic or Tantric meditations,
awareness is expanded to Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave patterns, where an
ordinary human being falls asleep, that's when Alpha waves are activated in the
In an experiment EEG tests (Electro Encephalogram - an instrument used to record
brain waves) were done while meditators were in meditative state. These EEG
actually showed Alpha to Delta brain wave patterns even while those meditators
were in fully aware state.
The conscious state of mind is responsible for perception through the 5 sense organs
and then taking action via the physical body to perform day to day functions.
The sub-conscious mind receives information from the conscious mind and stores the
complete information. In acute cases of emergency or through regular meditative
practices the sub-conscious mind receives knowledge from Vigayanamaya
Kosha which is called sixth sense or intuition. The deeper sub-conscious or super
conscious state of mind is when a person is aware at Theta and Delta brain waves. In
this state of mind person gives instant healing or give some innovative outputs.
The Pranamaya Kosha is energy body depicted by Kundalini, sun and moon channels
and 7 Chakras along the spinal column. Each one of the 7 Chakras is responsible for
controlling different organs in the human body at conscious and sub-conscious levels
of mind. When awareness is extended to the super conscious state then
these Chakras open up to perceive the new realities of universe and start
illuminating by healing all the body functions. In Yogic literature the level of
illumination and opening of these Chakras is the basis for measuring the evolution of
an individual's mind and soul.
Annmaya Kosha is the outer most and physical form of a human being- that is the
human body. TheAnnmaya Kosha is made up of 5 elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Space
and Water). It is nurtured and sustained by food ( Ann), that’s why this is
called Annmaya Kosha. In Ayurveda disease is recognised as imbalance oftridosha -
Vata (Air + Space), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water + Earth)]. Through physical body
the part consciousness (Atma) manifests the core desire to experience the absolute
joy. But due to the conditioning of social and academic environments a person gets
programmed at the different levels of different Koshas. Thus making him experience
pain and miseries. To manifest one's purpose on this planet, human beings create the
structures in the form of buildings to perform certain functions. And these structures
become the living or working environment for human beings.
In the Hindu Alchemy of Space; pain, misery and blockages of mind are due to the
deviation from the core desire of one's Anadamaya Kosha or soul. The living
environments are either supportive to Manomaya Kosha and Pranmaya Kosha or the
living environment also becomes responsible for negative conditioning and
programming and thus, cause problems in one's life. In MahaVastu™ the points of
blockages are recognised at the different layers of existence thus creating a way for
human consciousness to manifest its core purpose.