Gregg Pavlak

4441 Pinebrook Ct. Centerville, OH 45458
Phone: (937)-620-0298  E-Mail:

Looking for entry-level opportunity in Fuzing and Ordnance Engineering. Seeking opportunity to learn
specialized skills and grow professionally. Interested in utilizing laboratory procedures, circuit design
and analysis, as well as quality assurance techniques. My skills include a strong knowledge of
electronics, engineering tools, and team leadership.

Petco (June, 2011 – May, 2014)
 My title started as Sales Associate, before being promoted to Shift Manager.
 I was an employee trainer and trained many of my superiors.
 Volunteered for extra job assignments in Middletown during the transition from
Complete Petmart to Petco.

Complete Petmart (August, 2008 – June, 2011)
 The value I got out of this retail pet store position was responsibility, timeliness, and
customer service.
 Asked to learn a new job every chance I got.
 I worked at 3 different locations as a result of volunteering when locations were short

Gregg’s Lawn Care (March, 2007 – October, 2012)
 I started out as a kid with a 3-wheeled lawn mower.
 Closed business with two trucks, a trailer, and thousands of dollars in commercial
equipment all paid for.
 I learned sales, accounting, customer service, small-engine maintenance, and how to
take personal responsibility for my actions.

PRD Corporation (2007- Present)
 I progressed from General Labor to Division Owner, Jobsite Foreman, and Equipment
Operator in this multi-faceted contracting business.
 Matured throughout the experience
 Learned to problem solve and trouble-shoot issues.
Miami University Regionals (August, 2012 – Present)
I have declared the following degree majors and am currently seeking my:
 Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology
Concentration: Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
 Associates of Applied Science in Engineering Technology
Concentration: Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
 Associates in Applied Science in Criminal Justice

ECOT Ohio - Online High School (February, 2011 – March, 2012)

 When Oklahoma University Online closed their doors to post-secondary high school
students I was forced to finish high school at ECOT Ohio.

Bellbrook High School (August, 2008 – October, 2010)

 I attended Bellbrook/Sugarcreek Schools Pre-K – 11
 My freshman year I joined JROTC and attained the rank of Cadet Airman First Class.
 I was tasked with being the community service coordinator.
 I left Bellbrook for an online post-secondary school.
Specialized Skills

PADI Certified Open Water Diver (SCUBA) (March, 2012 – Present)
 ISO 24801-2 Qualified: Diver Level 2 – Autonomous Diver Standard
 Diver No. 12030N0547
 Nitrox diving and ship wreck diving experience
May 13, 2014

Human Resource Director
L-3: Fuzing and Ordnance Systems
3975 McMann Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45245-2395

Dear Human Resources Director:

I am writing this to express my interest in the Fuzing and Ordnance Systems position. I became familiar with the position
while attending Miami University Regional’s Middletown Campus and seeking a position working with ordnance for a
career. I believe that I meet the requirements set by the L-3.

The attached resume provides the leadership and educational experiences from my time at Miami University. It also
encompasses my work and community service achievements that lead me to venture into a double major at Miami
University’s Middletown Campus. My interest in military and law enforcement guided me towards choosing a technical
bachelors degree program, as well as an associate degree in criminal justice. I aspire to start building a career
specializing in Ordnance Engineering.

I would be happy to discuss my more specialized qualifications in an interview at your convenience. Please contact me by
phone at (937)-620-0298 or by email at

Thank You For Your Time and Consideration,

Gregg J. Pavlak
4441 Pinebrook Ct.
Centerville, OH 45458
See Attached: Resume

**** A note for ENG 215 Professor:

This document was two documents. The margins of the first document were adjusted to reduce the resume to two
pages for brevity while including relevant qualifications. The employment letter should have standard margins. In the
instructions it states to submit both in one document.

To remedy the problem I highlighted the text of the letter, selected “Format”, and then clicked the “Document”
heading. In the “Document” window I set my margins and selected “Highlighted text only” in a drop down box. This
function works but changes the heading format and messes up the resume. Leaving the margins how they appear was
the lesser of two evils in this case.

I have exhausted all methods to prevent this problem. I hope that by acknowledging these shortcomings I won’t be hurt by
them during the grading process.

Thank You,
Gregg Pavlak
ENG 215 H B