Jackson Rising and the International Decade of

The International Decade of Cooperatives was
established by the International Co-operative Alliance
(ICA) in 2010, to address the decade spannin 2011
thro!h 2020" In 2012, the ICA prod!ced the #l!eprint
for a Co-op Decade, to !ide the activities of the decade
and serve as a strateic plan for the lobal co-operative
The basic ai$s of the #l!eprint are to%
1) &levate participation within $e$bership and overnance to a new level"
2) 'osition co-operatives as b!ilders of s!stainability"
() #!ild the co-operative $essae and sec!re the co-operative identity"
)) &ns!re s!pportive leal fra$ewor*s for co-operative rowth"
+) ,ec!re reliable co-operative capital while !aranteein $e$ber control"
At the heart of this bl!eprint is the -2020 challene- which intends to ta*e the co-
operative way of doin b!siness to a new level" The intention is that by 2020, co-
operatives will be ac*nowleded as a leader in econo$ic, social and environ$ental
s!stainability, and will beco$e the preferred b!siness $odel by people thro!ho!t
the world, and lastly, beco$e the fastest rowin for$ of econo$ic enterprise and
/ac*son, 0ississippi has the opport!nity of playin a $a1or role in f!lfillin this
bl!eprint" ,ocial $ove$ents in /ac*son are beco$in deeply enaed in str!les to
transfor$ how the econo$y f!nctions, chanin whose interests it serves, and
whose rihts its !pholds and protects" Cooperation /ac*son, the 0alcol$ 2
3rassroots 0ove$ent, and the /ac*son 'eople4s Asse$bly and their allies in the
,o!thern 3rassroots &cono$ies 'ro1ect to create econo$ic de$ocracy and a
solidarity econo$y are developin a lon-ter$ stratey of coordinated social action
led by wor*in people by developin an e.tensive networ* of cooperative
enterprises in the city of /ac*son by 2020"
The /ac*son 5isin% 6ew &cono$ies Conference honors the Decade and is pro!d to
be to serve as a vehicle towards its f!lfill$ent"