Srinivas Chava

Mob # - 9966178371
Career Objective:
Seein! challen!in! environmen"s "ha" enco#ra!e con"in#o#s learnin! an$ crea"ivi"y "ha"
%rovi$es e&%os#re "o ne' i$eas an$ s"im#la"es %ersonal an$ %ro(essional !ro'"h an$ "o
'or in "ha" environmen" "o %rovi$e )#ali"y service* c#s"omer sa"is(ac"ion an$
commi"men" "o e&cellence.

Professional Experience:
+orin! 'i"h Bank of America Continuum Inia Pvt! "t. ,- non banin! s#bsi$iary
o( .an o( -merica/ as a 0eam 1evelo%er since 2c"ober 6* 3448
#ob Profile:
5ro$#c" 1a"a Services
- %ro$#c" $a"a service is a %ar" o( 6lobal Mare" o%era"ion 7 Mi$$le o((ice 'here 8 se"
#% "he sec#ri"ies on "he sys"ems so "ha" "hey are "ra$able. 0hese sec#ri"ies are se" #% on
"he sys"em on "he basis o( i$en"i(iers* c#rrency an$ 9o#n"ry o( re!is"er 'hich are
available 'i"h $i((eren" ven$ors. Every i$en"i(ier has a $i((eren" ven$or. .loomber! is "he
one o( "he ma:or ven$ors "ha" 'e loo o#" (or.
;oles an$ ;es%onsibili"ies:
1 Se""in! #% o( common s"oc* ri!h"s line* 'arran"s* $e%osi"ory recei%"s* cer"i(ica"es
an$ M0<s ,m#l"i "ra$in! (#n$s/.
3 9hecin! on "he s"a"ic an$ "ra$e (lo' o( sec#ri"ies.
3 +orin! on "he 1aily =#ali"y re%or"s.
> Se""in! #% o( sec#ri"ies (or 852s 'hich are ye" "o be lis"e$ on s"oc e&chan!es.
5 ?an$les cor%ora"e ac"ions.
6 1ecisions on a%%roval or $isa%%roval o( mer!es.
7 ?an$lin! $i((eren" e&ce%"ion moni"ors.
8 ;esolvin! "he 9lien"@s )#ery "hro#!h E-mails.
9 <li%%in! o( sec#ri"ies so "ha" "he "ra$es are %asse$.
14 1irec" in"erac"ion 'i"h "he clien" an$ 'i"h "he A2..
11 ?an$les ASE re%or".
13 +ors on "he se""lemen" calen$ar.
Aitional $esponsibilities:
13 0ae@s care o( 'eely call 'i"h A2..
1> 5re%arin! o( $aily ac"ivi"y shee" basin! on $aily vol#me.
15 ;esolves "he )#eries o( "he "eam ma"es.
16 6ivin! "rainin! "o "he ne' associa"es.
17 ;es%onsible (or "he "eam in "he absence o( 0eam Aea$er.
18 ?ave been a'ar$e$ as )#ali"y cham% (or 1
an$ 3
"he )#ar"er.
19 -'ar$e$ B %er(ormer (or $is"in!#ishe$ all ro#n$ con"rib#"ion "o "he %rocess.
34 ?ave been a'ar$e$ 'i"h "he S%iri" 6ol$ a'ar$ (or 9#s"omer (oc#s.
31 ;eceive$ a%%recia"ion (rom A2. %ar"ner (or servin! "he clien" be""er.
33 ;eceive$ 5;81E a'ar$ "'ice (or main"ainin! !oo$ )#ali"y.
33 ?ave been a'ar$e$ (or "ain! ini"ia"ive in %rocess im%rovemen".
3> +en" "o 1#blin (or 2C0.
Acaemic %ualifications:
35 M.- (rom 2smania Dniversi"y* ?y$eraba$ in 3447.
36 ..9om (rom 2smania Dniversi"y* ?y$eraba$ in 3445.
37 8n"erme$ia"e (rom Ei!nan C#nior 9olle!e* ?y$eraba$ in 3443
38 S.S.9 (rom Ei!nan ?i!h School* ?y$eraba$ in 3444.
39 .asics o( 9
34 ?ar$ 'orin! an$ !oo$ comm#nica"ion sills.
31 =#ic Aearner.
33 Sel( mo"iva"in! an$ 5osi"ive "hinin!.
Personal (etails:
<a"her Fame : Manohara ;ao. 9h
1a"e o( .ir"h : 34--%ril-1985
Mari"al S"a"#s : Sin!le
Aan!#a!e Bno'n : En!lish* ?in$i 7 0el#!#
Fa"ionali"y : 8n$ian
?obbies : Ais"enin! "o m#sic* %layin! crice" an$ 0able 0ennis.
1a"e: Srinivas Ch!
5lace: ?y$eraba$

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