Installer Version 5.10
Flying the simulator with a high degree of realism requires that the navigation data are up-to-
date. The provided world package is based on the latest AIPs and J eppesen information; it
includes a collection of modified BGL files (build from default FSX/P3D files) that will update
VORs and NDBs, affecting instrument readings as well as map and GPS displays. A
dedicated installer is provided so as to select the regions to be updated, move the necessary
files to their FSX/P3D locations, backup the original files and restore them if needed.
Optionally, ILSs data and runway changes can also be corrected in the Europe region
(corresponding to FSX/P3D zones 0501; 0502, 0601 and 0602). As a general rule, a few
NDBs (those that are contained in airport APX*.BGL files) may not be corrected and, except
for the Europe update if ILS update is selected, airport BGLs (APX* BGL files) are
All changes were performed by decompiling, correcting and recompiling stock BGL files that
contain the navaids data.
After decompressing the FSXP3D_WorldNavaids package (.zip) in the folder of your choice,
check that the following files have been extracted:
A) In the root directory
FSXP3DNavaids_Installer.exe: the program that will automate the install/uninstall process,
FSXP3DNavaidsUpdate.pdf: this file,
World_Regions.jpg: an image file detailing the geographical delimitation of the selectable
B) FSXP3DFiles subfolder: this folder contains all the new BGL files, as well as a small text
file indicating the current Navaids cycle and an internal list the program makes use of (text
The FSXP3DNavaids_Installer.exe program automatically checks the available simulator
versions (a choice will be proposed if several are detected), then installs or uninstalls the
necessary BGL files for it. When installing, only more recent BGL files than the current ones
are replaced in the regions that have been selected. All default files are saved with a [.raxini]
(FSX) or [p3dini] (P3D) extension. These backup files are necessary for uninstalling the
package with the program. So, do not delete them. Note that update will not be possible if
FSX/P3D is installed in a protected folder (e.g. Program Files (x86)) unless user account has
full administrative rights and UAC is fully disabled (Vista & Windows 7; for Windows 8 see
here). In some cases, you may have to launch the installer using the “Run as administrator”

Optional update of the default magnetic variation BGL file is also proposed (will be grayed if
you already updated it). You may also wish to discard all airport file updates by selecting the
corresponding option (in such a case ILS & runway Ids will not be updated).
The FSXP3DNavaids_Installer executable is a VB6 program that is compatible with Windows
XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, for Vista and above, you will have a pop up
warning message if you didn’t disable the Program Compatibility Assistant feature.

J ust select “This program installed correctly” and you will not be warned the next time you
launch the installer. Alternatively, you may turn off the Program Compatibility Assistant by
stopping or disabling the associated service.
Replacing BGL files within the simulator cannot be done if the simulator is active. The
installation program will look at that and warn you accordingly.
The program automatically detects FSX/P3D installation directories. In some cases, this
process may fail. In such a case, it is recommended you repair the Windows registry data. A
registry repair tool is available on the Flight1 software site.
The update will replace “stock” BGL files. Therefore, any additional scenery will have the
same priority as it had before by reference to the default scenery files.
Replacement of stock navaids BGL files has known side effects on generated flight plans,
map display and AI traffic.
Due to the fact the simulator also uses BGLs that contain airway definitions (not updated by
this project) and that some airport BGL files may still contain invalid references to
nonexistent VORs or NDBs, flight planning usually fail and may result in crashing the
simulator. Loading a sim-generated saved PLN file may have similar effects as well as
switching to map view may in some areas. GPS display is not affected.
Even if default flight planning is often impossible after updating navigational aids, you must
be aware that many airways, navaids and intersections have changed (FSX and P3D
information date back several years) and that default flight planning is anyway unreliable.
Indeed, most serious simmers are more searching for an up-to-date definition of radioaids so
as to use conventional radio navigation instruments and/or GPS information from current
AIPs; they also perform flight planning either from charts or using 3
party tools that already
include up-to-date aeronautical information. They do not use the integrated flight planner and
seldom make use of map viewing. Loading PLN files that have been generated by any other
mean than the simulator itself is not a problem as far you do not intend to view or edit it.
Such users will not have any problem with the provided package.
For those who still wish to use the integrated flight planner editor and/or map screen or
encounter problems when loading a flight plan, avoiding simulator crash can usually be
achieved by deactivating airway depiction and intersections on the flight planner and map
1 – Before loading a flight plan, disable the drawing of Victor and J et airways in the Edit
menu (the V and J buttons should now be red in FSX or disabled in P3D; the below flight
plan and map pictures refer to FSX settings; P3D settings are similar). In some areas you will
also have to deactivate the drawing of intersections (the triangle),

2 – Also deactivate airways drawing (and possibly intersections) in the Map view

If you cannot open the flight planner and/or map screens because of a crash, you could try to
modify the following lines of the FSX.cfg (FSX) or UISettings.xml (P3D) file before
launching the simulator:
In the [MAPVIEW_MAP] section In all sections
SHOW_VICTOR=0 <VictorAirway>false</VictorAirway>
SHOW_J ET=0 <J etAirway>false</J etAirway>
SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=0 <AirwayIntersection>false</AirwayIntersection>
In the [FlightPlanMap] section No change appears to be possible here for P3D
3 – If you are still unable to load an already existing flight plan without crashing the simulator,
first locate your aircraft in another area, load your flight plan and then relocate your aircraft at
the intended departing airport.
If you think that, after applying the Navaids Update, some data are erroneous or not properly
corrected, please carry out the following checks:
1 – In the World / Scenery Library menu, first disable all third party sceneries as well as
the Addon Scenery area. Click on the OK button and relaunch the simulator,

2 – Then check again the “dysfunctional” navaid.
Know that most problems come from installed 3
party add-on sceneries. Also be
aware that a few NDBs may not be corrected by the present update (those that are contained
in untouched airport BGL files). Please feel free to email me in case you detect an error so
as I correct it as soon as possible.
In case the program is unable to install or uninstall some of the provided BGL files for
whatever reason, a message will warn you and a Navaids_Installer.log file will be created in
the application directory. In such a case, close the program without performing any further
action and provide me the following information: Operating system, version of the simulator
and install folder, installer program version, user privileges (standard user or administrator),
User Account Control settings (for Vista and above) and attach to your message the
Navaids_Installer log file.
1 – Usage and distribution
This package and the accompanying installer software are released as freeware. As so,
permission is granted to distribute it unchanged on any free media and on any mailbox or
network that does not have a per-file download charge. If you want to include parts of it to
your own program, package or web site, please ask me.
2 – Limitation of warranty
This software and package are provided "as-is" without any express or implied warranty. In
no event shall the author be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary
or consequential damages (including but not limited to loss of data or profits) arising from the
use of this software even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

Hervé Sors
9-J an-2014
Documentation version 5.10