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... through Bertha Dudde

The earths last hour ....
And the last hour of the worlds cloc co!es constantl" closer ....
These Words dont !ean !uch to "ou hu!ans for "ou dont
#el$e%e that "ou are so close to the end ....
And for "our sae & cannot g$%e "ou co!'ell$ng e%$dence of th$s
for "our fear would render "ou $nca'a#le of fulf$ll$ng "our earthl"
tas. And thus "ou !a" or !a" not #el$e%e $t( and "our nature
w$ll #e $n accordance w$th th$s un#el$ef when the hour has co!e.
For )" 'lan has #een deter!$ned for etern$t"( and 'rofound love
for )" l$%$ng creat$ons !ade )e dec$de on th$s 'lan $n all
wisdom and w$ll also deter!$ne )e to #r$ng $t to fru$t$on
#ecause the t$!e $s fulf$lled.
)" *ature $s fore%er unchang$ng( and what & once foresaw as
#e$ng necessar" and successful for the #e$ngs wh$ch are st$ll
se'arated fro! )e & w$ll also carr" out and not allow 'eo'le to
!ae )e change )" 'lan( s$nce $t was #ased on hu!an$t"s w$ll
wh$ch & ha%e eternall" foreseen as no longer ca'a#le of change
on th$s earth.
& do not 'lan and act ar#$trar$l" #ut $!!easura#le lo%e and
w$sdo! deter!$ne )e $n e%er"th$ng that ha''ens. +ence there $s
no reason wh" & should refra$n fro! $!'le!ent$ng )" eternal
'lan of ,al%at$on( for & can see e%er" s$tuat$on clearl" and
therefore now that noth$ng w$ll #e ga$ned #" chang$ng or
deferr$ng )" 'lan of ,al%at$on.
-ou hu!ans !ust #ear $n !$nd that "ou trul" ha%e had enough
t$!e at "our d$s'osal and "et those of "ou who do not #el$e%e $n
)e ha%e not changed ......%en $f "ou had far !ore t$!e at "our
d$s'osal "ou would st$ll not change( hence a 'ost'one!ent of the
end would #e co!'letel" $neffect$%e and 'o$ntless and would
e%en 'ut )" Own at r$s of fall$ng 're" to )" ad%ersar" as well $f
& do not constra$n h$! as $t $s $ntended ....
-ou reall" ought to grant )e su're!e w$sdo! and 'rofoundest
lo%e( then "ou w$ll no longer a''eal to )e for 're%ent$ng the end
of th$s earth( then "ou w$ll e/'ect the co!$ng t$!e w$th co!'lete
trust $n )" love wh$ch shall 'rotect e%er"one who wants to
#elong to Me and wh$ch w$ll trul" also use $ts !$ght when )"
Own need hel' $n an" ad%ers$t".
.%en $f "ou hu!ans dont want to #el$e%e that "our t$!e $s
near$ng $ts end "ou should at least cons$der the 'oss$#$l$t" that
"ou suddenl" w$ll #e recalled fro! earth0 for "ou now that "ou
cannot 'rolong "our own l$fe and that "ou dont now when "our
last da" w$ll co!e.
1ust cons$der that "ou cannot sto' death and th$n what w$ll
ha''en to "our soul( wh$ch $s $!!ortal( wh$ch $s "our real ,elf
whose fate "ou dec$de "ourself dur$ng "our earthl" l$fe ....
But "ou do not e%en #el$e%e $n "our souls cont$nu$ng e/$stence(
and as a result of "our un#el$ef "ou are $n ser$ous trou#le for $t
w$ll not sto' )e fro! carr"$ng out what $s 'rocla$!ed $n Word
and ,cr$'ture .... For the t$!e $s fulf$lled and e%er"da" $s st$ll a
#less$ng wh$ch "ou can use $f onl" "ou are of good w$ll.
However, dont put your hope in false prophets who deny
an end( who #el$e%e that the" can change )" !$nd( for the" do
not s'ea $n )" na!e #ut are the $nstru!ents of the one who
wants to ee' "ou $n s'$r$tual darness and who therefore wants
'eo'le to #el$e%e that the" ha%e unl$!$ted t$!e ....
2eo'le would rather #el$e%e these false 'ro'hets and onl" e%er
see fulf$l!ent #" en3o"$ng a good l$fe #ut fa$l to cons$der the$r
souls whose e/$stence the" dou#t or den".
And it will come to pass as it was foretold .... & )"self w$ll
co!e $n the clouds $n order to fetch )" Own #efore the wor of
destruct$on of the old earth #eg$ns .... *ot one stone w$ll re!a$n
on the other( for the earth w$ll ha%e to #e renewed.
A new earth w$ll ar$se( a 'arad$se4l$e creat$on wh$ch w$ll acce't
all $!!ature s'$r$tual #e$ngs aga$n wh$ch were released at the
destruct$on of the old earth and re5u$re new for!s once !ore $n
order to cont$nue to !ature full".
And th$s new earth w$ll #e $nha#$ted #" those who had re!a$ned
true to )e unt$l the end .... For the" w$ll ha%e reached the degree
of !atur$t" wh$ch allows the! to enter the s'here of l$ght and
therefore the" w$ll also #e allowed to $nha#$t the 'arad$se wh$ch
w$ll trul" #e the sa!e state of #eat$tude for the! as $f the" had
entered )" s'$r$tual $ngdo! w$thout the$r 'h"s$cal shell. -et
the" shall ser%e )e as the root of the new hu!an race ....
A new 'er$od of ,al%at$on can onl" start w$th s'$r$tuall" !ature
hu!an #e$ngs who w$ll also hel' all st$ll constra$ned s'$r$ts w$th$n
the$r en%$ron!ent to s'eed$l" ach$e%e !atur$t"( who ha%e such a
heartfelt #ond w$th )e that the" w$ll also teach lo%e to the$r
ch$ldren and ch$ldrens ch$ldren and #ear w$tness to the$r God and
6reators glor"( and thus the release fro! the for! can 'rogress
5u$cl" #ecause & w$ll dwell a!ongst the! $n the l$%$ng 1esus ....
Because all 'eo'le who w$ll then $nha#$t the new earth w$ll also
entrust the!sel%es to the$r d$%$ne ,a%$our and Redee!er 1esus
6hr$st and $n awareness of the or$g$nal s$n also consc$ousl" tae
the 'ath to +$! and therefore all res$stance w$ll ha%e #een
#roen( for then e%er" 'erson w$ll consc$ousl" tae the 'ath of
return to )e so that & )"self can #e 'resent to h$! s$nce h$s
great lo%e for )e w$ll allow $t.
+ence th$s w$ll #e the thousand4"ear $ngdo! $n wh$ch the
%$ctor" o%er ,atan w$ll #e e%$dent( for he cannot and w$ll not
o''ress an"one an"!ore s$nce all ha%e ent$rel" freed the!sel%es
fro! h$! and ach$e%ed the return to )e( lea%$ng h$! una#le to
enter My $ngdo! unt$l e%en th$s #l$ssful t$!e w$ll graduall"
change aga$n .... unt$l 'eo'le once aga$n show an $ncl$nat$on
towards !atter and there#" release the cha$ns of )"
ad%ersar" .... who $s lord o%er !atter .... and h$s $nfluence
!aredl" !an$fests $tself aga$n ....
-et #efore th$s t$!e co!es to 'ass !an" souls w$ll ha%e entered
)" $ngdo! $n a co!'letel" redee!ed state .... & w$ll ha%e #een
a#le to rea' a good har%est( and then the #attle w$th )"
ad%ersar" for the souls w$ll start aga$n ....
-et & w$ll #e %$ctor$ous and t$!e and aga$n wrest souls fro! h$!
and reduce h$s follows who re'resent h$s 'ower. And t$!e and
aga$n he w$ll contr$#ute towards the fact that the rede!'t$on of
the fallen s'$r$tual w$ll cont$nue. For & w$ll ne%er surrender what $s
)$ne( e%en $f $t taes etern$t$es .... one da" $t w$ll return to )e
and then re!a$n un$ted w$th )e fore%er ....
2u#l$shed #" fr$ends of new re%elat$ons of God 7&nfor!at$on(
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