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There could not have been a better beginning of this series except with President Obama who has been
steadily converting colorful white house into black and white. He is a President who, in the language of
cricket, a late cut player.

We can not call an American President a liar. In fact, we can not call a thief a thief, or a whore a whore,
if we want to talk to either of them. Everyone, regardless of his or her profession, has self respect and
esteem, and it is our duty to respect them. We can call him (Obama) at the most Lawyer and Senator.

Can we brand President Bush Jr. a liar for the following?

• He attacked Iraq in the name of Weapons of Mass Destruction that were found nowhere in spite
of 140,000 American soldiers searching every nook and corner.
• He deposed the President Saddam Hussein in the name of establishing democracy and finally
hanged him. Can we call it “coup de tat” from overseas?
• He killed over 1 Million Iraqis and destroyed 10 million homes in the name of giving them
democracy, but can we call him a killer, murderer or a war criminal on par with Robert Mugabe
of Zimbabwe, for mass genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan?
• Has he committed an act of contempt of American constitution so as to indict him for
impeachment? Certainly not, for he was misguided by CIA and FBI and all those surrounding
him. He was the leader not at fault. Only the subordinates are responsible. This is why Political
leaders are here for – not take responsibility but to pass on the buck to those working under

But President Clinton was considered "liar" and there was a motion to impeach him. How could he flirt
with Monica and still say "No" to the congress. He was the Best President of the United States, and yet
he was desecrated like Jesus Christ.

Now comes President Obama who always speaks with punctuated sentences. His head is nodding from
one end to other like a swinging pendulum. Often he gives the impression whether he is speaking to the
nation or congress or watching some Tennis Final at Grass Meadow in New York.
He is the President with weird logic and artificial intelligence. Is he a robot? No, he is not. He is human
after all. He is a great deflector. In cricket, a top opening batsman uses "late cut" to send the ball to the
boundary in the slip or gully by gently deflecting ball with the inner edge of the bat. Obama practices
same skill with greater vigor. We are citing a few instances over here just to illustrate the inner mind of
President Obama.

Saying of Lama OBAMA

Let us see some of the vital utterances of Lama Obama alias President Obama..

1. He promised to save/create 3 to 5 millions jobs by 2010 with the help of $787 billions stimulus
package. Wait a minute. What is the difference between Save and Create. Are they same?
a. He does not count how many people LOST their jobs. Instead, he is counting saving the jobs
as equivalent to creating the job. In other words, if 70 million Americans are still employed,
their jobs are treated as “saved” or in other word “created”. Hey, there is no unemployment.
2. He does not distinguish between jobs lost and claims filed for jobless benefits.
a. For instance, the jobs lost in October were only 192,000 but the jobless claims filed were of
the order of 512,000. How come? Even previous month, the jobs actually lost were equally
3. He says that the economy is on recovery mod and that the pace of fall has slowed down. The
economy lost fewer jobs in October than in previous month, so there is a recovery. Wow!
a. Say, you lost 200,000 in September, but lost only 120,000 in October, does it mean that you
made profit of 80,000? Would you use this opportunity to take your family to expensive
dinner or holiday in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia because you made huge sum of 80,000?
4. He passes over $ 1 Trillion “Health Care Bill” under which every American will be brought into the
Health Insurance program. Wow! What a caring Obama government?
a. Under this scheme, even if one is healthy, he is required to be insured (not free) and will be
forced out to pay premium. That is, it is his crime for being healthy.
b. What he intends is to tax the healthy Americans to pay for the insurance (with no claim
because they are healthy) and use this premium to finance the health care cost of the person
who is not healthy.
c. In other words, Barack Obama is a “Robinhood” of 21st century. “Robbing the Reach or
Healthy and Paying/financing the Poor or Unhealthy persons. It is sort of “Indirect Income
Tax” for remaining healthy.
5. He is reported to have praised the security at Fort Hood where a Muslim terrorist gunned down 13
American soldiers and wounded over 31.
a. But for the solid security system at Fort Hood, he claims, the loss of life would have been
much higher. (more than 13, it means). It means that tight security caused less damage and
saved unspecified American lives. Bravo!

So, what do we call him? President Obama or Lama Obama. Can we call him the Champion of Peace
and Friend of the Poor & Sick? (that is, enemy of Rich, Wealthy and Healthy). He is considered “savior”
not destroyer, when he continues to kill thousands of healthy Iraqi and Afghans and saving sick
Americans back home at the cost of healthy Americans.

The Nobel Foundation rewarded him with the “Nobel Peace Prize” for his extra ordinary efforts and
cooperation. Are they joking? Are they applying utterly butterly “Amul Butter”?
President Bush Jr. not to be outdone met Dalai Lama, the Tibet’s (China) spiritual leader. See his picture

This reminds me of Jim Carrey’s extra ordinary movie “Liar and Liar”. Barack Obama, also a
lawyer similar to Jim Carrey in that movie, looks at the world through the inverted glass. It is Lama
Obama’s World of Wonders.
There is a saying in India – BHOOT GAYA TAU PALIT AAYA. Baut gayaa tao pilat Aayaa
That is, “They succeeded in driving out the Witch (= George Bush, Junior) but brought in the Devil
(Barack Obama) instead.

In the language of stock market, one bad stock is replaced by even worst stock. Do you call it
“Rebalancing of Portfolio as advised by this Author – Kalidas?

It is time to present the Award on this most auspicious occasion. The Award
DUMB - goes to – President Barack Obama alias Lama Obama
DEAF - goes to – Media, Newspapers, Business TV Channels, Economists, Analysts, Brokers
DUFFER - goes to – American People and whole community of Investors

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Hong Kong, 11th November, 2009
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