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CH 8 Political Parties Practice MC Questions

U.S. politics is dominated by a __________.
a. multiparty system
b. strong candidate system
c. sense of doom
d. single party system
e. two party system

According to democratic theory, the primary means by which citizens control their __________ is
voting in free elections.
a. parties
b. politics
c. government
d. policy
e. environment

When asked if Ross Perot should run for president in 1996 as "head of a third party which would also
run candidates in state and local races" or "by himself as an independent candidate," __________
percent of a national sample favored his running without a party.
a. 40
b. 70
c. 30
d. 50
e. 60

The Democratic Party was formed in __________.
a. 1828
b. 1908
c. 1800
d. 1856
CH 8 Political Parties Practice MC Questions

e. 1900

How many American political parties existed when the Constitution was written?
a. 1
b. 5
c. 0
d. 2
e. 3

Groups pursuing some common political interest are __________.
a. a polity
b. factions
c. interest groups
d. the electorate
e. ethnic groups

The label __________ applied to John Quincy Adams's faction of the former Democratic Republican
a. National Federalists
b. National Socialists
c. National Republicans
d. National Democrats
e. National Communists

8. Socialist candidates for president have won how many states?
a. Three
b. Twenty
c. Zero
d. Six
CH 8 Political Parties Practice MC Questions

e. Nine

Which of the following is NOT one of the four principles of responsible party government?
a. The winning party should carry out its program once in office.
b. Voters should be proud to vote for the party.
c. Parties should present clear and coherent programs to voters.
d. Voters should choose candidates on the basis of party programs.
e. Voters should hold the governing party responsible at the next election for executing its

According to the majoritarian model of democracy, parties are essential to making the government
responsive to __________.
a. gerrymandering
b. role of parties
c. public opinion
d. responsible party government
e. private enterprise

11. What term is used to describe a person's psychological attachment to a party, or state of mind about a
a. party identification
b. party platform
c. party alignment
d. party ideology

12. In the early days of the nation, members of political parties met in a small, secret meeting called a(n)
________ to decide questions of policy and propose candidates for office.
a. caucus
b. convention
c. initiative
d. referendum

CH 8 Political Parties Practice MC Questions

13. At the time the Constitution was written, groups that pursued some common political position were
called ________, and they were considered ________.
a. caucuses; frivolous
b. political parties; patriotic
c. factions; dangerous
d. electorates; necessary

14. At one time, both major parties were closely aligned with ________, the centralized organizations that
dominated local politics by controlling elections and providing jobs and services in return for votes.
a. party machines
b. minor parties
c. single-issue parties
d. party conferences

15. What criteria can be used to classify President George Washington as a Federalist?
a. He supported the Constitution.
b. He was a factional leader.
c. He was narrowly elected after a bitter fight with Antifederalists.
d. He was the head of his political party.

16. Which type of minor party, formed by disgruntled leaders, has had no impact on presidential politics,
other than the Progressive Party and possibly the American Independent Party?
a. farm-labor party
b. single-issue party
c. bolter party
d. ideological protest party

17. The Democratic Party has a strong claim to being
CH 8 Political Parties Practice MC Questions

a. the only minor party to ever have evolved into a major political party.
b. the world's fastest growing political party.
c. the first political party to establish a national convention.
d. the oldest political party in existence

18. Which type of organization sponsors candidates for political office, specifically under the
organization's name?
a. super PAC
b. focus group
c. special interest group
d. political party

19. Some elections stand out in history due to a sharp change in the existing party voting patterns. What
situation then occurs that persists for subsequent elections?
a. critical party system
b. electoral dealignment
c. electoral realignment
d. party activism

20. Probably the most important function of minor parties is that they
a. maintain the status quo.
b. act as safety valves.
c. provide patronage.
d. eliminate factions

21. The most distinguishing characteristic of American political parties has always been the
CH 8 Political Parties Practice MC Questions

a. separation of powers.
b. nomination process.
c. responsible party government.
d. decentralization of power.

22. Democratic theory says the primary means by which citizens control their government is through
a. voting in free elections.
b. volunteering for campaigns.
c. protesting and demonstrating.
d. writing to their representatives.

23. What factors represent the two most convincing reasons why the United States has only two political
a. national conventions and national committees
b. electoral system and political socialization
c. party preference and party loyalty
d. majority representation and proportional representation

24. Based on the four principles of "responsible party government," the winning party is expected to
a. carry out its program once in office.
b. go well beyond its platform and promises to advance its ideology.
c. re-explain its positions and policies to voters.
d. adapt parts of the opposition's platform in a display of unity.

25. A(n) ________ is a set of interrelated institutions that link people with government.
a. political system
b. electoral college
c. social welfare organization
d. national committee

CH 8 Political Parties Practice MC Questions

26. In analyzing the platforms expressed by the two parties at their 2008 conventions, it was found that
Republicans mentioned the words ________ more than twice as often as Democrats, and Democrats
mentioned the words ________ more than twice as often as Republicans.
a. welfare or assistance; defense or the military/military leaders
b. poverty or the poor; spending or taxes/tax cuts
c. free or freedom; equal or equality/inequality
d. health care or insurance; order or crime/criminals

27. One key difference between the two parties is that Republicans tend to approve of ________, while
Democrats tend to approve of ________.
a. national defense spending; social welfare spending
b. procedural reforms; organizational reforms
c. party activists; party voters
d. a free market economy; a planned or socialist economy

28. As the American population grew and the electorate expanded by the 1820s, political parties invented
a new way to nominate presidential candidates, the first of which was held in 1831?
a. the national convention
b. the open primary
c. the critical election
d. the electoral college

29. The most long-lasting single-issue party is the ________, which was founded for one reason, but has
recently shifted its platform toward other conservative positions.
a. Progressive Party
b. Libertarian Party
c. Prohibition Party
d. Tea Party

30. The RNC and the DNC do not really direct presidential campaigns, do not control members of
Congress, and may at times seem powerless. Nevertheless, they are the ________ of the nation's two major
CH 8 Political Parties Practice MC Questions

a. congressional party conferences
b. national committees
c. national conventions
d. congressional campaign committees