FROM YHVH’S WORD; “…..Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you even at mother’s breast. From birth I was cast upon you; from my mother’s womb you have been my GOD. Psalm 22:9-10. Before we have a developed intellect with which to reason and interpret experiences with our mind; we already have a SPIRIT WITHIN US. As we begin to form within the womb, the breath from YHVH which is the CORE of our essence begins to respond sensitively to the world and things around us and things the mother do. Thus, we are able to be wounded and to sin in response to hurts we received (not yet born) in the womb of our mother. We have to understand that we are really A GOD-GIVEN LIFE, PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL, within the womb. Research show that unborn children are invested with a personal spirit at conception and are able to sense and understand the nature of the world around them, and thus are capable of sin. 2. WE CAN SIN FROM WITHIN THE WOMB.

· Even from birth we read it in Psalm 58: 3 “….the womb they are wayward and speak lies.” · “… will called a rebel from birth.” Isaiah 48:8 b. · “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me…”Psalm 51:5-6. · We have understanding in our spirit. Job 32: 8 ; Luke 1: 41, 44 · Our spirits are ETERNAL. · In the Scripstures we read of Elizabeth fostered her child in the womb during first 3 months. · Modern research confirm active life in the womb for the following: unborn babies hear, taste, feel and learn in the womb. Womb experiences shape a child’s attitudes/expectations about themselves. Deep persistent patterns of feelings in the mother, affect the child. Father’s feelings about the wife and unborn child also affect pregnancy. IF THE WOMB IS FRIENDLY, a baby may be predisposed to good health, happiness and normal development, unfriendliness, causes predisposed to ill health, nervousness, irritability, and arrested development. · Because of awareness of mother’s feelings ambivalent emotions can be also feel by the child: like wanting child or not/disliking pregnancy. ~worrying over money/having faith god will provide, fearing of delivery. · Sound make a impact in the womb, quarrelling, yelling, screaming, loud noises. Music – works by Vivaldi and Mozart are calming, rock music cause kicking, violent motions. · Abortion attempt can bring wounds and later sin : one psychiatric study revealed correlation between time of year when the mother tried to abort/time of year when teenager attempted suicide. Also correlation between methods tried in abortion attempt /methods employed in teen’s at suicide, i.e. sharp instruments, or chemicals. · Evidence of remembered womb experiences ~ actual memories of birth trauma, induced labour, breech birth. Dreams representing womb experiences. Behaviours in infancy, childhood and adulthood which correspond directly to womb experiences i.e. reports infants refusing to bond with mother who rejected while expecting baby. · The sin of abortion ~ research tells us that even the planning of an abortion does harm to the child. Those who do choose it also suffer from the

consequences of sin(Murder). Guilt and shame ~ loss and loneliness ~ inability to feel hardened heart. 3. 1. 2. FOUR VERY COMMON PRENATAL EXPERIENCES. I Ilegitimacy. Being born “at the wrong time” - for the family, husband/wife (problems)

3. acts. 4. 4.



Being an adopted child / real parents values / not knowing sinful

SEXUAL WOUNDS/PRENATAL. can have a very negative influence when done in sin, the male organ or similar looking objects./ remember sex is “unclean” /feel guilt or shame. be transferred to unborn baby in the womb.

· Sex during pregnancy lust or in violence. · An abnormal fear for later in life. · Can experienced that · A spirit of lust can BABY

· Discovers genitals and overreacts about/with it · Believes the body is dirty/shame. · Both fascinated and repulsed by sexual things – feels only the negative. · Mother and father/ influence how you handle the baby / with irritation or roughly/ baby can think sexual parts are unclean and might also anticipate pain. · If the child is conceived out of wedlock the child may experiences feelings of shame, fear and insecurity. There will be a death wish/feels he/she should never been there. This can causes accident proneness ,diseases, and constant feeling of wanting to die. · Performance orientation like / feels must win, needing compliments all the time, may be defensive or somehow feeling a lot insecure. · Anger/ towards parents for their sin and working hard to earn the right to live. · Shame/ it is like wearing a mantle / covering. 5. CHILDREN BORN AT THE WRONG TIME AND THEIR FRUIT/SYMPTOMS

-People may be experience difficulties through economical problems or not enough income. They might have poor health / mother / and or father / or parents absent. Parents lost a child through miscarriages the womb becomes like a graveyard and a curse have to be break. The new surviving child experiences deep grief as will as the sense of being “second best” FRUITS. · Death wish/ child wish he/she hasn’t been born.(feel not welcome) · Performance orientation along with feelings of being utterly worthless. · Extreme anger/replacement child. Does not feel welcome. · May be feel that there will never be enough/money or love/especially large families. · Sometimes child think not right sex/ death wish/performance orientation “never please them” · Rebellion/ why should I try.

· Confusion / in terms of sex “she is a tomboy/ or his a mommy’s child. Shame /mistake. · Detached /extremely private, secretive/ fear of people or open space etc. · The adopted child – death wish – performance orientation – anger –fear rejection. · Pathological lies/they have been lied to and have judged their parents/God · Kleptomania/ they were stolen from. · Identity crisis – “Who am I?” INFANTS’RIGHTS; A GENTLE WELCOME TO THE WORLD.

There are countless books on natural, “painless” or fulfilling childbirth for mothers. But what about the baby? How traumatic is the experience of birth for the infant? Very traumatic according to French obstetrician Frederick Leboyer his book “BIRTH WITHOUT VIOLENCE (1975)” he explain circumstances of delivery in a modern hospital, the glaring lights, the sudden harsh voices the swift cutting of the umbilical cord, and the bad traditional slap of doctor on the bottom of The baby In the Leboyer method the delivery room is kept dim people must be silent, to avoid Shocking the baby, he place the baby gently on the mothers stomach she and he gently massaged the baby.One study of 50 Leboyer’s manner of delivery have shown that the babies were more content and more adaptive than others. the 6. DEVELOPMENT CHART. Morris – RESOURCE “PSYCHOLOGY “an Introduction 6th edition by

100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Neural system 80---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------60---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Body 40---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sexual characteristics 0----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 Age in Years Patterns of growth of various parts of the body. The neural system develops very early, while sexual characteristics later. But there are a lot of things form already in the womb like hear feel, this is human life with a Spirit.

“(adapted from C.W. Jackson, some Aspects of Form and Growth.)” 7. HEALING PRENATAL WOUNDS/SINS

· Recognition – get in touch with feelings; aborted child –ask person to write a letter to child · Ask person to name the child – ask person to petition the Lord to reveal. Examine the fruit. · Lead counselee to ask YHVH’S forgiveness for the sin of murder or whatever revealed. · Assure person he/she is forgiven and that Jesus loves him/her · Lead counselee in prayer to release (aborted child) into YHVH’S care. · Healing Prayer: *ask YHVH/ God to speak to the child within (inside womb) · You are not an accident/burden/mistake/ You are a gift a joy. · Ask God/YHVH to remove shame, there are no illegitimate children, only sinful parents (Deut.23:2) · Pray to God/YHVH to bring performance orientation to death and also death wish. · Pray to empower person to forgive parents, and confessing aloud and receiving forgiveness for bitterness Formed in the womb. · Ask the YHVH/GOD to cleanse the person’s heart of unconscious or hidden resentments and to be set free. We have to remember it is not what happens to a child inside or outside of the womb, but how a child Responds to the experiences of life. Not all children with similar womb experiences react in the same Manner or way. God-given temperament and grace can intervene He is a God/ELOHIM of wonders. 8. CONCLUSION.

There is hope in the Lord, He knows the conditions of our birth, and difficulties we will go through. Bible verses: Ps. 126:5,6 ; Ps.139:13-16 ; Matt. 16:19 ; Matt. 18:18 ; Romans 2:1 ; Eph. 1:3 ; Ps. 27:10 ; Deut.23:2 (NAS) . “Search me, O God and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts; And see if there be any hurtful way in me, And lead me in the everlasting way” Psalm 139 23-24 NAS

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