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Nailaniel A. Riveis ! Saini Louis Univeisiiy ! ENGL 6q¸ ! Summei :oii !

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ENGL 693: Rhetoric, Technology, and Culture
!"#$%&&#"' Di. Nailaniel A. Riveis
)#*+,-#.' Des Peies Hall :o6 /-0%' MW i:oo:oo pm - (:¸o:oo pm

Course Introduction
Tle ubiquiiy of eleciionic communicaiion and ile evoluiion
of new media ieclnologies (e.g., Facebool, Wilipedia, and
online games) need no iniioduciion. Oui public and piivaie
lives aie incieasingly lived acioss eleciionic neiwoils. We
woil, play, buy, leain, and cieaie in digiially-mediaied social
neiwoils consiiucied of woids, sounds, and images. Wiieless
ieclnologies and poiiable smaii devices lave only
acceleiaied ilis migiaiion. Tle move iowaid neiwoils of
new media, wlicl las been sciuiinized fiom any numbei of
ciiiical peispeciives, las been deeply feli in ile aieas of
ileioiic and wiiiing. Boil fields lave devoied significani
inielleciual eneigy exploiing ile implicaiions and piomises of
ieclnology: wlai is iis impaci on ile composiiion and
disiiibuiion of iexis, on ile woil of peisuasion and
ideniificaiion, and on ile culiivaiion of !"#$% and ideniiiy?

Course Methodology
Tlis couise and iis undeisianding of ieclnology is giounded in ile ciiiical meilodology of ileioiic,
wlicl siudenis will lopefully come io value as a pioduciive meilod foi slaping and negoiiaiing ileii
peisonal, piofessional, and ieclnological lives. 12%,#"-*, biiefly and bioadly defined, is ile use of
symbols io pioduce an effeci (e.g., a veibal command io "Siop," a ied iiaffic ligli, a }ouiney song
imploiing us "Don'i' Siop Believing," oi a flooi plan ilai males ii laidei io eniei one ioom ovei anoilei).
Tlougl ileioiic las become a negaiive woid wiilin poliiical ciicles and coniempoiaiy media, ii las a
iicl lisioiy as one of ile oldesi inielleciual puisuiis in ile wesiein woild. Wiil a focus on audience,
coniexi, and ile peisuasion inleieni io all luman endeavois, ileioiic gieaily infoims
ile puipose of ilis couise. New ieclnologies piovide new ways of undeisianding ile
ancieni aii of ileioiic, wlicl ilis couise, boiiowing fiom Geoige Kennedy, lilewise
defines as "ile eneigy inleieni in emoiion and ilougli, iiansmiiied iliougl a sysiem
of signs, including language, io oileis io influence ileii decisions oi aciions." Tlis
definiiion will lilely evolve ovei ile couise of ilis semesiei.

Tlis couise envisions iliee disiinci ways of aiiiculaiing ileioiic and ieclnology:

technology is a function of rhetorical action

technology functions as a rhetorical agent

rhetoric is a technology

Course Assignments
Tleie aie iliee ley assignmenis in ilis couise. Tle fiisi iwo papeis, eacl io be wiiiien on one S.¸xi(
sleei of papei (legal size), synilesize ieadings ilai fall wiilin a paiiiculai plase. Siudenis slould addiess
as many of ile ieadings as possible (iailei ilan simply doing a close ieading of one iexi): &$''!&"($'% *+!
,!-. I expeci ilai composing and fiiiing ilis synilesis onio on sleei of legal-sized papei will be difficuli.
Tlese papeis aie ilen slaied wiil ile class on "papei day." Tlai is, siudenis iead aloud ileii papeis. I
cannoi siiess enougl ile .!+/$+0*"(1! naiuie of ilis assignmeni: papeis slould be wiiiien io be iead
"New communica-
iion and infoima-
iion ieclnologies do
noi simply piovide
us wiil new siies of
ileioiical piaciice;
insiead, iley
clallenge us io
ieconceive ileioiic

-Collin Bioole
Rleioiic is "ile eneigy inleieni in
emoiion and ilougli, iiansmiiied
iliougl a sysiem of signs, including
language, io oileis io influence ileii
decisions oi aciions."
-Geoige A. Kennedy
Nailaniel A. Riveis ! Saini Louis Univeisiiy ! ENGL 6q¸ ! Summei :oii ! Page :
aloud and io engage oilei siudenis. Railei ilan simply demonsiiaiing masieiy of ile maieiial, ilese
papeis slould peifoim ile couise ieadings in ways ilai male ilem salieni foi an audience of peeis.

Tle final piojeci is a summaiy exploiaiion of one of ile iopics coveied duiing ile couise, wlicl slould
be iead iliougl ile ieadings fiom ile final plase of ile couise. Tlai is, siudenis slould ievisii ileii fiisi
iwo papeis in ligli of ile lasi iwo weels' ieadings. Complemeniing ile summaiy papei in ligli of boil
peifoimaiiviiy and new media, siudenis will cieaie a iiailei (¸o seconds io i minuie long), wlicl slould
capiuie in some combinaiion of iexi, voice,
music, image, and]oi video boil ile ilesis of
ile summaiy papei and iis significance. A
sample iiailei will be scieened.

In-class discussions will be laigely siudeni-
diiven. To ilis end, eacl siudeni is asled io
come io eacl class wiil ile following:

i. Two quesiions foi eacl day's sei of ieadings
:. A biief siaiemeni ilai ideniifies a %('234*+ +#-"#0 wiilin ilai day's sei of ieadings

Tle concepi of ile %('234*+ +#-"#0 is boiiowed fiom }oln Muclelbauei's 5#! 63"3+! $/ 7'1!'"($'. Tle
singulai ilyilm is a mode of engagemeni ilai seels, in sloii, affiimaiive and pioduciive ieadings of
iexis. Affiimaiive ieadings aie an alieinaiive io common, ciiiical engagemenis wiil iexis ilai opeiaie in
ile negaiive iegisiei (e.g., wlai ilis iexi leaves oui, oveilools, oi oileiwise excludes,
simplifies, oi glosses?). Tlis is noi io say ilai sucl ieadings aie unpioduciive oi
unnecessaiy (as sucl ieadings aie ofien boil pioduciive and necessaiy). Ii is io suggesi
oilei ways of ieading ilai mine eacl and eveiy iexi foi someiling ilai can be "ialen
away," "augmenied," "adopied," oi "uiilized." Ii is a way of ieading ilai leaves ile ieadei
open io peisuasion÷io appioacl a iexi peifecily willing io be "conveiied io ile enemy's
camp." Affiimaiive ieadings geneiaie new quesiions, new ideas, and new ways of
ilinling. A singulai ilyilm, ilen, is a conneciive iliead in and beiween iexis. Railei
ilan piivileging ceiiain ieadings, ianling ilem, oi ieplacing ilem wiil one anoilei, ile
singulai ilyilm allows us io see eacl ieading as coniiibuiing io oui undeisianding of
paiiiculai issues oi ilemes. Tlis mode of engagemeni lilewise infoims ile longei
couise papeis.

Course Policies
Technology Expectations
Compuiei pioblems aie noi valid excuses foi incompleie woil. Piaciice ile coie piinciple of digiial daia
woil: iedundani baclup. 8(2("*4 "!&#'$4$2- 9(44 /*(4: ;! .+!.*+!< /$+ "#*" !1!'"3*4("-. Addiiionally,
siudenis aie io expecied io lave ile following:

• access io woid piocessing
• a suiiable email accouni clecled iegulaily foi couise-ielaied business
• abiliiy io inieiaci wiil websiies
• a Flasl diive oi oilei means io baclup couisewoil

Personal Technology Devices in the Classroom
Siudenis may use lapiops, cell plones, and oilei digiial devices duiing class, piovided ilai iley do noi
disiupi oilei siudenis' leaining. 5#(% (% '$" * "+(&,. Tlis couise is siiuaied in an incieasingly connecied
muliimedia enviionmeni. Eacl siudeni is iesponsible foi lis oi lei own engagemeni wiil class meeiings,
and ilus lis oi lei iesuliani success oi failuie.

Late Work
Laie woil is noi accepied.

Course Assignments Points
Papei Day Papei (x:) :¸ (¸o)
Summaiy Papei Tiailei io
Summaiy Papei i¸
Paiiicipaiion (aiiendance, quesiions, ilyilms) :¸
Total 100
"Tle siudeni of
media soon comes io
expeci ile new
media of any peiiod
wlaievei io be
classed as pseudo by
ilose wlo acquiied
ile paiieins of
eailiei media,
wlaievei iley may
lappen io be."

-Maislall McLulan
Nailaniel A. Riveis ! Saini Louis Univeisiiy ! ENGL 6q¸ ! Summei :oii ! Page ¸
Attendance & Student Conduct
As a giaduaie level seminai diiven by siudeni discussion, aiiendance and paiiicipaiion in all faceis of ile
couise is esseniial. Given ile viial impoiiance of siudeni paiiicipaiion, I expeci eveiy siudeni io aiiend
eveiy class. If an absence is unavoidable, siudenis aie asled io discuss ii wiil me befoieland so ilai
alieinaiive aiiangemenis can be made. Addiiionally, insulis, sluis, oi aiiacls of any lind aie noi allowed
in ilis class. Siudenis wlo engage in ilis belavioi will be peimanenily iemoved fiom ile class. In oidei
io lave an effeciive ieacling and leaining enviionmeni we musi piaciice boil iespeci and ioleiance.

Course Reading List
Tlis lisi oiganizes ile couise ieadings inio iliee plases. Tlese iliee plases aiiiculaie ielaied ieadings
and oiganize oui ilinling aiound specific issues oi ilyilms in ileioiical ileoiy. Tlese plases aie noi
muiually exclusive; iley necessaiily bleed inio one anoilei. Siudenis may find many of ilese ieadings
difficuli. Tle densiiy of ile piose, ile absiiaciness of ile concepis, and ile confioniaiion of diveigeni
viewpoinis and values male ilis ieading lisi equal paiis clallenging and iewaiding. I fully expeci,
lowevei, ilai genuine and geneious engagemeni wiil ilese iexis will see siudenis iliougl ile semesiei.

Phase One: Introducing Rhetoric and Technology
Baion, Dennis. "Fiom Pencils io Pixels."
Buile, Kenneil. "Teiminisiic Scieens."
}olnson, Robeii. Seleciions fiom =%!+>?!'"!+!< 5!&#'$4$2-.
Kelly, Kevin. @#*" 5!&#'$4$2- @*'"%.
Lanlam, Riclaid. "Tle 'Q' Quesiion."
Ong, Waliei. "Wiiiing as a Teclnology Tlai Resiiuciuies Tlougli."
Plaio. A#*!<+3%.
Rleingold, Howaid. Seleciions fiom B0*+" C$;%.

Phase Two: Manifesting Pedagogy
Anson, Cliis. "Disiani Voices: Teacling and Wiiiing in a Culiuie of Teclnology."
Beinlaidi, Sieplen. ¨Tle Slape of Texi io Come."
Blaclmon, Samanila. "(Cybei)Conspiiacy Tleoiies?"
Bioole, Collin. D('23* 6+*&"*E 5$9*+< * F#!"$+(& $/ G!9 C!<(*.
Colby, Rebelal Sluliz 8 Riclaid Colby. "A Pedagogy of Play."
Gee, }ames. "Games and Leaining."
}olnson-Eilola, }olndan, and Siuaii Selbei. "Plagiaiism, Oiiginaliiy, Assemblage."
McGonigal, }ane. "Tlis is Noi a Game."
Rice, }ennifei Edbauei. "Rleioiic's Meclanics."
Salvo, Miclael. "Ciiiical Engagemeni wiil Teclnology in ile Compuiei Classioom."
Sleppaid, }ennifei. "Tle Rleioiical Woil of Muliimedia Pioduciion Piaciices."
Yancey, Kailleen Blale, "Re-Designing Giaduaie Educaiion in Composiiion and

Phase Three: Revisiting Rhetorical Technology, Ecology, and Agency
Bay, }ennifei 8 Tlomas Ricleii. "New Media and ile Fouifold."
Blyile, Siuaii. "Agencies, Ecologies, and ile Mundane Aiiifacis in Oui Midsi."
Bioole, Collin. "Foigeiiing io be (Posi)Human."
Clail, Andy. Seleciions fiom G*"3+*4>H$+' ?-;$+2%.
Haiaway, Donna. "A Manifesio foi Cyboigs."
Longo, Beinadeiie. "Human + Macline Culiuie."
Muclelbauei, }oln 8 Debia Hawlee. "Posiluman Rleioiics: "Ii's ile Fuiuie, Pilul."
Ricleii, Tlomas. "In ile House of Doing."
Riveis, Nailaniel 8 }eiemy Tiiiell. "Pioduciive Siiife: Clail's Cogniiive Science and Rleioiical Agonism."
Tuille, Sleiiy. "Iniioduciion: Tle Tlings Tlai Maiiei."

"All ieclnology |.j aie
fundamenially naiuial."

-Kevin Kelly
Nailaniel A. Riveis ! Saini Louis Univeisiiy ! ENGL 6q¸ ! Summei :oii ! Page (
Course Calendar

Week One
Reading Assignment (94 pages)

Wed., }uly 6


! Buile, "Teiminisiic Scieens"
! Lanlam, "Tle 'Q' Quesiion"
! Ong, "Wiiiing is a Teclnology Tlai Resiiuciuies Tlougli"
! Plaio, A#*!<+3%
Week Two
Reading Assignments (56) (416)
Phase One: Introducing Rhetoric and Technology

Mon., }uly ii

! Baion, "Fiom Pencils io Pixels"
! }olnson, "Useis, Teclnology, and ile Complex(iiy) of ile
Mundane" 8 "Refiguiing ile End of Teclnology"
! Rleingold, "Tle Evoluiion of Repuiaiion" 8 "Smaii Mobs: Tle
Powei of ile Mobile Many"
Wed., }uly i¸ Discussion ! Kelly, @#*" 5!&#'$4$2- @*'"%
Week Three
Reading Assignments (53) (222)

Mon., }uly iS

!+3%" 4+5 67
! Edbauei Rice, "Rleioiic's Meclanics"
! Salvo, "Ciiiical Engagemeni wiil Teclnology in ile Compuiei
! Sleppaid, "Tle Rleioiical Woil of Muliimedia Pioduciion
Phase Two: Manifesting Pedagogy
Wed., }uly :o Discussion ! Bioole, D('23* 6+*&"*
Week Four
Reading Assignments (46) (95)

Mon., }uly :¸
Heniy }enlins

! Colby 8 Colby, "A Pedagogy of Play"
! Gee, "Games and Leaining"
! McGonigal, "Tlis is Noi a Game"

Wed., }uly :y

}ames Gee

! Anson, "Disiani Voices"
! Beinlaidi, "Tle Slape of Texi io Come"
! Blaclmon, "(Cybei)Conspiiacy Tleoiies?"
! }olnson-Eilola 8 Selbei, "Plagiaiism, Oiiginaliiy, Assemblage"
! Yancey, "Re-Designing Giaduaie Educaiion"
Week Five
Reading Assignments (47) (71)

Mon., Aug. i

!+3%" 4+5 68
! Bay 8 Ricleii, "New Media and ile Fouifold"
! Blyile, "Agencies, Ecologies, and ile Mundane Aiiifacis in
Oui Midsi"
! Bioole, "Foigeiiing io be (Posi)Human"
! Muclelbauei 8 Hawlee, "Posiluman Rleioiics"
Phase Three: Revisiting Rhetorical Technology, Ecology, and Agency

Wed., Aug. ¸
and Sample

! Clail, "Wlai Aie We?"
! Ricleii, "In ile House of Doing"
! Riveis 8 Tiiiell, "Pioduciive Siiife"
Week Six
Reading Assignment (57)

Mon., Aug. S

! Haiaway, "Cyboig Manifesio"
! Longo, "Human + Macline Culiuie"
! Tuilel, "Tle Tlings ilai Maiiei"

Wed., Aug. io
Papei Tiaileis

9:00+"5 !+3%"& 4:%' ;"-<+5= >:?:&, 78