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Preservation of Isparta Ylan Krkan (Ylan Kran) Fountain within the Scope of Sustainability

Sustainable architecture is an approach which accepts the climatic and tomographic data as a
necessary preliminary data package by favoring the relationship between human and nature
and which strives to use the sources economically. The reflection of sustainable architecture
approach to preservation - restoration discipline is including the architectural inheritance to daily
life with its unique or new function by restoring it.
The restoration decisions of Ylan Krkan ountain in !sparta province of Turkey is a good
e"ample of the works of sustainable architecture and the preservation of architectural
inheritance. !t is aimed that Ylan Krkan ountain# which is desolate nowadays with no function#
to be restored by the local authorities and university# included in the daily life and continue its
Masouleh: !ity" #istory
$uman always tried to create a suitable situation for their life according to environmental
conditions. !n fact# geography has an important role in the shape of our living area. !ran also as
a four-season country has different climate type% hot and humid# hot and dry# mid and humid#
and cold& therefore# we can find different architecture styles in !ran. 'ilan-s traditional
architecture is a suitable sample of sustainable construction in !ran. (ecause the main factors of
every dwelling are the climatic# social# economic and cultural effects which demonstrate the
interaction between environment and people settlement. This paper was determined the
interaction between environmental factors and the rural dwellings in the 'ilan province. )lso#
traditional village *city+ of ,asouleh as a rare sample of rural and sustainable architecture was
!ultural spects nalyses in Sustainable rchitecture
Social ideology# cultural values and principles shaping environment are inferred by environment
and structural characteristics of construction site. !n other words# this inference manifestation
also indicates ideology and culture of its foundation and also applies its principles and values
and somehow plays an important role in -ultural .evolution. )ll human behaviors and artifacts
are affected and being influenced by culture. -ulture is not abstract concept# it is a spiritual
domain that an individual and society grow and develop in it. Social behaviors are affected by
environmental comprehension# so the architecture work influences on its audience and it is the
environment that fosters social behaviors. !ndeed# sustainable architecture should be
considered as background of culture for establishing optimal sustainable culture. Since
unidentified architecture roots in cultural non identity and abnormalities# so the society
possesses identity characteristics and life and as a consequence# the society and architecture
are changed by transformation of life style. This article aims to investigate the interaction of
architecture# society# environment and sustainable architecture formation in its cultural basis
and analy/es the results approaching behavior and sustainable culture in recent era.