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Shekel M.

Licensed Teacher; Licensed Physical Therapist
Purok Mantinabangon Magugpon North
Tagum City, Philippines
cell: 0922870777
email: shekel ! sheki nah"gmai l ! com
#kype $ %: shekel 7977
Max Mirafuentes Academy
Purok Bulaklak IV, Magugpo North,
Tagum City, Philippines
Assistant Principal
2011 present
Details of Duties
Prepare, implement, and evaluate the annual curriculum for all the subects of the school!
"nsure the alignment of the curriculum to the mission, vision, and goals of the school!
"nsure the coherence of all the subects in the curriculum to ma#imi$e the learning of the
Coach teachers so that they %ill be able develop their respective talents and skills so that they
%ill be able to implement the curriculum efficiently and effectively
Provide instructional supervision to teachers through classroom visitation, post & evaluation
Provide in'service training to teachers to update then on the current trends and best practices in
the field of teaching and education
Chair the (uarterly evaluation of teachers and students achievements
Chemistry Teacher
2009 - present
Details of Duties
Prepare lesson plans that %ould encourage students their chemical %orld using the scientific
method and the scientific process of in(uiry
Teach students the core concepts of Chemistry and ho% it relates to ones daily e#perience
)acilitate student initiated e#ploratory chemistry proects using the scientific method and the
process of scientific in(uiry
*ssist students as they use mathematical concepts and relationship as they process the data
that they have gathered in their respective e#periments
*ssist students as they prepare their reports about their respective e#periments using different
multimedia tools
+pdate parents and other stakeholders about the progress of their students and asked for their
support in motivating our students to be better chemistry student
Oratorical Contest Coach, Speech Choir Coach, and Speech Writer
2005 present
Details of Duties
%rite a contest piece speech based on the theme of a specific contest and on the criteria of the
train the school,s contestant or team to ensure their e#cellent performance during the contest
Shekel M. Sibala 2
%on -econd place during the Tagum City .ater /istrict 0ratorical Contest 1223
%on )irst place for Choral 4eading contest during the /ivision 5evel -cience and
Communication arts contest 1223
National 6igh%ay, Tagum City
&REE$ANCE #ome Care P#'"ICA$ T#ERAPI"T(
)**+ , -resent
Details of Duties
serve the physical therapy patients of Tagum /octors 6ospital %ho needs home care and those
%ho prefer to be treated at their respective homes
evaluate the patients, assess their needs, and plan the progress of the physical therapy care
coordinate %ith their respective attending physicians %ith regards to the patients progress
keep a comprehensive records of the patients physical evaluation and subse(uent progress
)*00 , )*01
Details of Duties
conduct lessons to 7apanese students online using -kype! Most of the times the students are the
ones %ho choose the lessons they %ant to take but sometimes I have to suggest the lessons that
are best suited for their skill level
evaluate the "nglish skill level of each of my students and give them the appropriate feedback
prepare students %ho are planning to take the I"5T- and provide them %ith feedback %hether they
are ready for the e#ams or not
Instructional and Curricular Excellence in "chool $eadershi- for "outheast Asia )*01
-"*M"0 INN0T"C6 8%%%!seameo'innotech!org9
Common%ealth *venue, +niversity of the Philippines
/iliman, :ue$on City ;;2;, Philippines
Earned nits in Masters of Education in Instructional $eadershi-
+niversity of -outheastern Philippines, /avao City
/achelor of "cience in "econdary Education )**3
Northern /avao Colleges, Panabo City
/achelor of "cience in Physical Thera-y )***
Mindanao -anitarium and 6ospital & College of Medical *rts )oundation
Shekel M. Sibala 3
Most 0utstanding Intern
7ournalism *%ard for being the "ditor'in'Chief of the maiden issue of the campus ournal <Clone=
)**) $ICEN"RE EXAM" &!R P#'"ICA$ T#ERAPI"T 4*%15
)**+ $ICEN"RE EXAM" &!R PR!&E""I!NA$ TEAC#ER" Ma6or in Physical "ciences 41%+5
En7lish Tests
)*0) T!E&$ i/T 4eading & 1>?@2
5istening & @2?@2
-peaking & 1>?@2
.riting & 13?@2
Total , 00890)*
5*NA+*A"- B Cebuano
B "nglish
-0)T.*4"- B Microsoft 0ffice
B 0pen 0ffice
B 0-C +buntu 5inu#, Microsoft
&amily /ac;7round <
I am married to -hekinah Buscato & -ibala, %e have t%o kids D *doni$edek ;1 years old, -hanley 3 years old!